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I've heard the pc and xbox version are awesome . The ps2 version is utter crap , bought it for $35 and only played it once , the controls are what bothered me very clunky. Story and graphics were ok though

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I had it on PS2, the load times were shit and the controls were a little iffy. I heard it was better on PC and XBOX as well. Just don't expect any high speed chases, speed and handling is VERY realistic for the era. The missions are very fun actually, but sometimes it comes down to the Splinter Cell syndrome, that is, being stuck on a part with little health and when you die you just go to a checkpoint with the same health and you have to perfect your next actions.

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Although I haven't played it for a while, I've got Mafia for the PC, and for 10$ thats a brilliant price... Haven't played the PS2 version, but PC is an excellent game, and it can get a bit... cumbersome - such as the race, but overall it's quality.... you're doing better than the 40£ i bought it for!

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