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Broken Sword type games.


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What other games are there like Broken Sword 1 & 2? I love the first two, I have completed them both about 5 times, I just find them amazing and fun to play.

What other games are out there that are similar? I know of Monkey Island but haven't bought it yet, anything else?

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I'm not sure if this counts as as breaking the warez/file sharing rule, but Discworld 1&2 are available on The Underdogs...so seeing as they're readily available without breaking any rules (from what I can gather on the site) it should be ok. Other than that, the Monkey Island trilogy on the PC along with Escape on PS2 are also great games...I'd especially go after the first two, as despite the visuals compared to these days, the gameplay and story is still head and shoulders above a lot of crap being churned out.

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