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Perry Farrell ousted out of Jane's Addiction.

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Perry Farrell Reportedly Ousted Out Of Jane's Addiction

Wednesday June 23, 2004 @ 04:00 PM

By: ChartAttack.com Staff

Jane's Addiction

Talk about adding insult to injury.

"No one in the universe could replace Perry Farrell and for anyone to try would be ridiculous," posted Steve Isaacs, the former frontman for a band called Skycycle, on his website. Now, why would we care about what some dude from some band has to say about Farrell or Jane’s Addiction? Oh, right, because he’s the one replacing him.

In the wake of the Lollapalooza cancellations, it seems a bit sad that Jane's Addiction should end in ugliness, and while nothing is finalized (hell, Jane's reformed in 2002 after a 10-year split), a statement on Dave Navarro’s website reads pretty grimly.

The posting, apparently presented by all of the members except for Farrell, leaves several questions unanswered, but while a U.K. spokesperson for the band was unable to confirm the authenticity of the statement to NME.com, it seems like fans of the band may have to go into rehab.

"We know we can’t avoid this anymore so we will give it our best shot," the statement reads. "What’s the deal? The deal is that it simply didn’t work out. Sometimes things don’t work out. In all honesty, we have broken up and rejoined roughly four times over the years. Perhaps that should shed some light as to where we are now."

Aw, but things seemed to be going so well. After on-again, off-again reunion tours, a marching parade of bassists and brief glimpses at new material, the Porno For Pyros stuff was left behind, the Red Hot Chili Peppers stuff was left behind and all of the solo stuff was left behind. Jane’s Addiction released a new album, Strays, in 2003 and with Lollapalooza back and just around the corner, things seemed brighter than they had in a long while for the band that gave us Ritual de lo Habitual way back in 1990.

While Farrell has been off performing with the String Cheese Incident, Navarro and the other Jane’s boys, Steve Perkins and Chris Chaney, were off jamming with Isaacs.

"Dave, Stephen and Chris are unbelievable musicians, and musicians want to play," Issacs wrote. "It's a warm wonderful summer in Los Angeles and we found that we like writing songs, so that's what we're going to do: be creative together."

Still avoiding the finite truth of the demise of Jane’s Addiction, Issacs tries to clarify his position with Farrell’s boys.

"I am not replacing Perry," Issacs writes. "Even writing that like it were possible is crazy to me. Dave, Stephen, and Chris and I are just taking some time to do what is the most fun thing in the world to do — make music and write songs."

So is Jane’s Addiction gone for good this time? Well, nobody involved is actually coming out and saying it, but Navarro’s camp comes awfully close.

"Why didn't it work out? So many reasons," Jane’s minus one posted. "Some of them over 15 years old, some of them new and none of them worth mentioning. Maybe we are just a volatile combination. Maybe that is why we were so great. The bottom line is that we are all extremely creative and motivated people and I know we will all continue to create and work on many different projects."

Don’t worry Perry, you have your DJ career to keep you going.

I feel so sorry for him. Things just haven't been going his way..

I dont understand how he could be kicked out though, because it is pretty much his band.

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Strays didn't really strike my fancy, it just didn't compare to some of Jane's older stuff. I don't think they can really function as Jane's Addiction without Perry, mainly because his vocals are what set their sound apart from a lot of others. I could see this taking more of a RATM/Audioslave path, where the three other guys form a new band with a new vocalist.

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