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Tend To My JPop Needs


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I have started listening to a few Japanese pop stars such as Utada Hikaru, Koda Kumi, and Faye Wong.

I love Utada Hikaru's two songs that I have and want more like them (Simple & Clean and Sanctuary).


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"Automatic", "Can You Keep A Secret", "Colors", "Deep River", "Distance", "First Love", "Hear Me Cry", "Tokyo Nights" and "Traveling" are all good songs by Utada. She also came out with an album titled Exodus (which I think just got released in the UK in September), that is an entirely English album. Has some good songs like "Easy Breezy", "Devil Inside" and "Animato".

Ayumi Hamasaki and BoA are also good.BoA and Koda Kumi did a song called "The Meaning of Peace" together which is good.

I'd think of more now, but eh, I think that shall be good for now.

EDIT: Oh, and the Japanese versions of Simple and Clean (track down the PlanitB remix too) Sanctuary are great too ("Hikari" and "Passion" respectively).

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