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New Reality TV Show

The Third Dukes

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NEW YORK (Reuters) - A new television reality show invites porn stars to test their serious acting abilities in London's theater district, raising the question: Debbie can do Dallas, but can she take on Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard?"

"My Bare Lady" will cast four leading ladies from U.S. porn studios in a classic piece of drama to be performed in London's West End. Their experiences undergoing a crash course in acting and appearing before a discerning British audience will air in three episodes on the Fox Reality cable and satellite channels this fall.

"It's a wonderful tale of redemption," said David Lyle, general manager of Fox Reality. "Do they want lines that are a little more challenging than 'Oh, here's the pool guy...'?"

"Debbie Does Dallas" was a 1978 porn film about the misadventures of a young woman who becomes a cheerleader for a Texas football team.

The show's concept is rooted in the bankable plot conflict of many television "reality" shows, taking people out of their accustomed element to see how they fare.

Like Eliza Doolittle learning to speak proper English in "My Fair Lady," these women must overcome a challenge formidable to any actor. "If they can move a London theater audience to applaud, they have done pretty well," said Lyle.

The show will be co-produced with the UK's Zig Zag Productions. Fox Reality is a division of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.

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This show, based on description alone, is more or less everything great and everything awful about reality TV condensed into one show. I honestly can't tell if I want to watch it or not.

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I hope they pick real pornstars. It says they are taking them from the lead US studios, but I don't think the whole show will have a big impact unless we know that each on of those women has taken it up the ass. I don't know why, but having that knowledge would just make it funnier when they attempt to act seriously.

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