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Damn, why do I have to like Korn? It seems like bad taste, but I can't help loving the sound of the guitars and the lead singer's voice, and they seem to be fairly creative and good songwriters. Maybe it's just the emoish image of their past or the mainstreamness and catchyness but it seems bad to like Korn.

Their new album has the most of what I like about them in it. "Somebody, Someone", "Did My Time", "Here to Stay" were my favourite singles...

Do I suck? Are you also a closet Korn enjoyer? Or is liking Korn perfectly legitimate?

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Liking Korn is perfectly legit, in my opinion.

My favorite Korn songs in no particular order:

Make Me Bad (Used it as the entrance theme for one my e-fed wrestlers - and no, he wasn't a heel)

Alone I Break


Did My Time

Got The Life

Falling Away From Me

Word Up (Nowhere near as good as the original version by Cameo, but still good)

F Dying (with Ice Cube)

Unfortunately, F Dying was on either a movie soundtrack or an Ice Cube album, and wasn't released as a single.

I'd love to see them do more collaborations with rappers. A Korn and Snoop Dogg version of "Murder Was The Case" would be awesome.

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I think Korn haven't been that good since thier debut, and wish they weren't around further tarnishing the fact that they were once quite good, and are now far past thier best.

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