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SOAD on hiatus after Ozzfest


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Ooh cheers for this. Metal Hammer reported it, but I'm only getting the headline not the article.

I'm not against it. They've been phenominal since the inception and they're going out on a high with Hypnotize.

Saw them live, they were electric.

Great band. Yeah.

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When you have a song where the phrase "most loneliest" is in the chorus repeatedly, it might be a good idea to take a break and let those creative juices show up again. Maybe. Possibly?

Seriously, I fucking hate that song.

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Guest Jargon

Yea I cant stand to listen to that song because im always thinking about how their grammar sucks. Most Loneliest. Eh, that just annoys me. Not to mention that Hypnotize isnt very good. Mezmerize was half and half id say.

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