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Pearl Jam


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There's actually a lot more range than one would probably expect. There are a few songs like WWS; Big Wave and Comatose come to mind. Contrastingly, Parachutes and Army Reserve are very slow and relaxing, so it's a very satisfying mixed bag for me. Though, I would say Vedder's voice sounds a bit off from previous PJ albums throughout, especially when he yells, but I like it. It's just different.

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I do have to say, Worldwide Suicide is probably the best Pearl Jam single since Do the Evolution. Fucking awesome chorus, that song has.

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My only other criticism is the order the songs are in if you're listening to the album all the way through. It has a lot more variety than other PJ albums and they failed to make it flow. The change in pace from song to song can be annoying.

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