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Danger and Violence Extreme

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Danger and Violence Extreme

A Brief History

“DAVE are now becoming nationally known, and have earned themselves the spot as the nation’s favourite underdog promotion. Unable to compete with ‘the big two’ in terms of finances, they offer a controversial hardcore style and use their creativity and wit to compete.”

- Mark Hatten, GRAPPLEfans.com


It all started back in 1992, when a small promotion calling themselves DAVE opened up in the tri-state area. Giving fans blood, scantily clad women and obscenities galore they quickly became one of the hottest promotions in the area, gaining a cult following amongst tape traders and fans disillusioned with the Supreme Wrestling Federation.

Despite the low-budget feel of their shows, DAVE were strongly considered by critics to be one of the top promotions on the planet, and their reputation continued to grow through 1993 and into ’94. However DAVE’s dominance, especially in the tri-state area was coming under threat, as Real Pro Wrestling issued a short statement in April 1994, stating that any RPW worker that appeared on any DAVE promoted shows from then on could consider themselves blacklisted from Real Pro Wrestling.

It was a move that would kick off the East Coast War, which saw workers and staff backstabbing promotions they had previously been loyal to as well as all the companies involved slogging it out in the gutter. Freddie Datsun, who had been a staple of the XFW roster and was seen as one of the most loyal workers in the company, shocked everyone when he turned up at the second night of DAVE’s Extreme Double Header, and defeated The Wolverine to capture the Danger and Violence Extreme Title.

By November 1997 the war was in full swing, with companies resorting to cheap and dirty tactics in an effort to come out on top. DAVE nearly found one of their biggest events of the year; WrestleRAVE nearly cancelled in October ’97, as the venue that was scheduled to hold the event pulled out just a week before the event was scheduled to take place, citing DAVE’s use of ‘flaming tables’ as a fire hazard. Whilst it was never confirmed, many people in the industry feel that this was down to a couple of XFW staff members convincing the venue’s landlord that DAVE was a dangerous promotion, and that their running at the venue would seriously damage its reputation. However, DAVE eventually held WrestleRAVE at the McGaw Arena, and the event was headlined by Nemesis defending his title against Johnny Martin. No flaming tables were used.

At this point four companies were left battling it out. DAVE, XFW, RPW and a relatively new promotion formed in early 1997 – PPPW Tri-State. PPPW had formed when two other promotions, Power Wrestling and Pro-Pain Wrestling joined forces, after both companies fell into financial difficulties towards the back end of ’96. Some wrestling journalists actually felt that PPPW would be the ones to win the war, as they had a dazzling array of talent at their disposal. However, 3PW closed in January of 1998, and became the first major victims of the war.

Over the next two months, the east coast war came to and end when two of the final three companies left, XFW and RPW closed down. XFW’s owner Rowland Darius was arrested on charges of possessing child pornography. Whilst he was eventually found innocent six months later, Darius was effectively cut off from the wrestling world as no company wanted to risk becoming associated with Darius.

This left RWP, and whilst they had a solid roster they simply couldn’t compete with DAVE, who because of their ever-growing reputation around the company could pick and choose the best of XFW and 3PW’s talent. In February 1998 RPW announced that their last event would be held with DAVE in March, and the East Coast war would officially be over. The event, entitled March into Battle saw the unification of all four companies’ major titles, becoming the Danger and Violence Extreme Unified Title. The man picked to take the tri-state area into the new, war-less era was Johnny Martin, who had won the DAVE title sixth months earlier from Nemesis.

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Danger and Violence Extreme

Christmas with the Devil 2005 Results

In the opening contest of the night, Acid defeated Tatsukichi using his Shining Wizard to finish the young brawler from the East off.

Honest Frank made his in-ring debut next, as he defeated “The Elation Sensation” Sammy Bach after hitting the youngster with a set of brass knuckles that had been concealed in his tights. After the match Frank claimed that he hadn’t cheated – because he’s not just honest by name, he’s honest by nature.

Matt Sparrow showed why he is becoming a favourite amongst the DAVE fans, as he defeated Hell’s Bouncer in impressive fashion. A Shooting Star Press known as Ravenholme gave “The Bird Man” a well deserved victory against another future star.

A new Brass Knuckles champion was crowned next, as “Constant Motion” Teddy Powell managed to pin Eddie Peak after hitting his KaPOWELL Superkick out of nowhere. However, Powell was unable to leave the ring under his own power after Doug Peak joined his brother in the ring and helped him assault Powell before hitting the Twin Peak’s – two vicious chair shots delivered to either side of the head at the same time.

The AnimalZ extended their impressive run as tag team champions when they defeated The New Wave (Guide and Scout) as The Wolverine pinned Scout. After the match there was a heated ‘discussion’ between The New Wave, but Scout left the ring before things could get out of hand.

The former DAVE Unified Champion Bryan Holmes was out next and was seemingly injury-free, and the straight edged star was booed to high heaven as he made his entrance, but this time it was because it has emerged that Bryan has been putting other promotions ahead of DAVE. Holmes made no attempt to deny it, and called DAVE, amongst other things, a pisshole that he had outgrown. Holmes left the ring having seemingly quit DAVE, and narrowly avoided starting a riot amongst the angry fans.

Two DAVE icons clashed next, as “The Hardcore American” Chris Caulfield defeated one of DAVE’s founding fathers Johnny Martin in what can only be described as an all out war. Tables, ladders, chairs and thumbtacks were all used as the two men went toe-to-toe in order to find out who was the better man, but eventually Caulfield got the better of Martin on his occasion following a Powerbomb from the top rope, putting Martin through a table covered with tacks. Once both men were on their feet they shook hands, drawing a massive ovation from the crowd.

The Main Event saw Nemesis successfully defend his DAVE Unified Title against Shawn Gonzalez in a 23 minute blood fest, which even went so far as to top the previous match. Nemesis, who despite taking on Richard Eisen’s SWF before getting fired has always been despised by DAVE crowds, earned a standing ovation after his first title defence. The reception he received seem to move Nemesis after he had beaten Gonzalez with his Tombstone Piledriver finisher, but the champion soon returned to his old ways as he tossed away any respect he might have earned by delivering one final Tombstone to Gonzalez, before spitting in the face of “The Lone Wolf’s” wife who had been sat at ringside. 2005 came to a close for DAVE with Nemesis raising his belt into the air, standing over the beaten Shawn Gonzalez.

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Danger and Violence Extreme Press Release

January 2006 – Tuesday, Week 1

Happy New Year to all of DAVE’s great fans!

We are pleased to announce that the results of GRAPPLEfans’ ‘Match of the Year’ awards have come in, and the winner was none other than Nemesis vs. Shawn Gonzalez from Christmas with the Devil 2005! We’re extremely proud to have presented the best match of 2005, but can assure everyone that there are many more to come in 2006!

However, on a completely different note we can announce that Danger Zone TV will no longer be shown on East Coast Today. DAVE and ECT reached the decision after a week or so of deliberation, after both parties were unhappy with the other. East Coast Today felt like the ratings DAVE was achieving weren’t high enough, whilst officials here at DAVE believe that East Coast Today’s lack of advertising made it difficult for us to increase ratings. However, fans will still be able to get their weekly dose of DAVE with a one-hour show that will available to download from our website; www.dangerandviolence.com!

We’re happy to announce that Joey Minnesota has signed a contract here at Danger and Violence Extreme. The youngster, who has been one of New York City Wrestling’s top workers for quite some time is looking to make a name for himself in DAVE – and has promised to show up at Danger Zone on Thursday Night!

Danger Zone will be available for download at approximately 10pm from the DAVE website, but be sure to check out all the other extras on the site; including an interview with Shawn Gonzalez’ wife from just minutes after the DAVE Unified Champion spat in her face!

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Guest H Effect

I like this, as i am a dave mark and i think you write the shows well. But i do dislike the fact that you have gone and hired the first guy everyone always hires in DaVE diaries...when he doesnt really suit DaVE that well anyway. hmmmm i guess ill wait to see how it goes before i judge too harshly, heres hoping for one hell of a gimmick.

Oh and the parallels to ECW are a bit strong too. But other than that....awesome =)

I enjoyed the Nemesis/Shawn Gonzalez continuation....the spitting in the face...so rude....GREAT!

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PRE-SHOW: Champagne Lover defeated Tim Westybrook in 7 minutes and 29 seconds, using his Champagne Buffet finishing manoeuvre.

Danger and Violence Extreme Presents;

Danger Zone on PPV!

January 2006 – Thursday, Week 1

After the fast-paced Danger Zone intro video, slightly altered to show the fact that it’s now available on the web, we’re taken to ringside where Phil Vibert and Mitch Naess welcome us to the show.

Mitch Naess: “Good evening there fans and first of all may I thank YOU, the DAVE fans for downloading what is sure to be another action-packed edition of Danger Zone! We may not be on TV anymore but you can be damn sure that the Danger Zone is still the place to come for the best wrestling action in the country!”

Phil Vibert: “We’re here at Plum Park just days after Christmas with the Devil, and what a show it was! Nemesis retained his DAVE Unified Title – in a match voted the best of 2005! Nemesis is the single best wrestler in the WORLD today Mitch, and he showed us why last Sunday!”

Mitch Naess: “Well he might be one of the top wrestlers in the world Phil, but what he did to Shawn’s wife was disgusting, plane and simple. It was completely uncalled for, and it’s a damn shame that our champion feels the need to behave that way!”

Phil Vibert: “Oh boo-hoo, grow up Naess. Maybe if she’d have stayed away from where she doesn’t belong then this wouldn’t have happened.”

Mitch Naess: “Stay away! She was supporting her husband in one of the biggest matches of his – you know what? Forget it, I’m not going to argue with you. Folks up first tonight we’ve got a good old-fashioned three-way dance, as Matt Sparrow takes on Tatsukichi and not-so Honest Frank!”

Three Way Dance

Honest Frank vs. Matt Sparrow vs. Tatsukichi

As Mitch and Phil began to debate just how honest Frank was, the match got underway to a flying start. Sparrow looked a little out of place at the start as Tatsukichi and Frank, both natural brawlers started slogging it out. However, Sparrow soon found his place in the match with an impressive somersault tope to the outside taking both of his opponents out. Sparrow can count himself extremely unlucky not to have scored the win after hitting the Bird Brain Buster on Tatsukichi, only for the pin to be broken up at the last second by Frank. The end of the match once again cast just how accurate Honest Frank’s name was, as he once again used a set of brass knuckles. This time he used them to knock Sparrow out, before rolling up Tatsukichi – with a fistful of tights. Frank was quick to exit the ring and make his way to the back, having gone 2 and 0 here in DAVE.

Honest Frank def. Matt Sparrow & Tatsukichi in 8:23

Mitch Naess: “Now come on Phil, how can you say THAT was honest?”

Phil Vibert: “I’ve got news for you Naess, this is Danger and Violence Extreme – anything goes! Using brass knuckles isn’t illegal like it is over in the ‘big two’!”

We cut back to ringside where Matt Sparrow has got to his feet and is holding his head after the shot with the brass knuckles from Honest Frank. He makes his way up the ramp, but an enraged Hell’s Bouncer comes charging out from the backstage area and knocks Sparrow down!

Mitch Naess: “Whoa, what the hell is this!? Get security out here and stop this!”

Mitch’s plea’s are in vain however as Bouncer picks Sparrow up and delivers a Damnation Drop – a Spinout Powerbomb - onto the stage! Bouncer gets to his feet and begins to laugh, but just as it looks like he’s done he pulls Sparrow up once more. He sets Sparrow up for another Damnation Drop – but this time Powerbombs him off the stage! We focus on Sparrow’s motionless body which is lying amidst a pile of broken tables and production equipment, as “Holy Shit!” chants ring through the arena. We see a replay of the Powerbomb, showing Sparrow fell at least 10 feet off the stage.

Phil Vibert: “Well ‘The Bird Man’ certainly lived up to his nickname, haha! Look how far he flew Naess!”

Hell’s Bouncer makes his way to the back – cautiously followed by referees, as we are shown the Powerbomb once again.

Britain is Best

After Sparrow has been carried out of the Danger Zone, “The Hardcore American” Chris Caulfield makes his way to the ring and sends to fans into a frenzy. A loud “Caul-FIELD, Caul-FIELD” spreads like wildfire through the crowd, as the DAVE icon – visibly suffering from his brutal match at Christmas with the Devil – steps into the ring.

Chris Caulfield: “Last Sunday at Christmas with the Devil, I proved to the entire world that “The Hardcore American” can still go! I have been with this company for 14 years – since day one! I was here when we first started. I was here throughout the East Coast war, through all the dirty tricks and the talent stealing – and I’ll be here when DAVE breaks through the glass ceiling, and shows the other two just what DAVE is all about!”

Caulfield smiles as the fans cheer.

Chris Caulfield: “Before I go on though, I just want to thank my opponent from last Sunday – a true legend not only in this company, but in this entire business – Johnny Martin!”

Caulfield nods as the fans begin to applaud and cheer once more.

Chris Caulfield: “If Johnny was here now I’d shake his hand again, because without him none of us would be here tonight.”

Before he can go on, Caulfield is cut off as “Room 409” by Bullet for my Valentine kicks in, heralding the arrival of British wrestler JD Morgan. Morgan is wearing a long, sparkling robe emblazoned with the St. George’s Cross, and is also carrying the flag over his shoulder. Morgan slowly climbs the steps and enters the ring, before taking a microphone.

JD Morgan: “Chris, did you ever stop to think that whilst you were out here in front of these morons, you were stopping people like me from getting the exposure that we deserve? I’m sick and bloody tired of you coming out here, and prattling on to these wankers about how you’re going to oversee DAVE’s rise to the top.”

Morgan pauses as the crowd boo, and a small “Shut the fuck up” chant can be heard.

JD Morgan: “Let’s face it Caulfield, with people like yourself and Johnny Martin flying the flag, DAVE is never going to be anything more than a glorified indy! People outside of this pack of animals don’t want to see two washed up bar fighters make each other bleed. They want to see people like ME, because I am a technical wrestling God! I should be the man with my name up in lights, main eventing all the Pay-Per Views! Instead I’m left to rot in the undercard, whilst people like you appeal to these idiots and their xenophobic nature! Everybody knows that the British are the best WRESTLERS on the planet, but because we refuse to use steel chairs and put everybody through tables we’re used ‘enhancement talent’. But not anymore, Caulfield! You are my stepping stone, Caulfield, and I --”

Morgan stops as Caulfield charges, but JD’s ready for it as he throws a white powder into the eyes of the Hardcore American! Caulfield can be heard shouting “shit, my eyes, I can’t see!” but this only serves to drive on Morgan, who takes off his robe and tosses it to the outside. He steps behind Caulfield and locks in a Rear Naked Choke, forcing Caulfield down to the mat! Caulfield struggles but eventually seems to pass out, although Morgan keeps the hold locked in for 30 seconds or so more before finally letting go. Morgan grabs the St. George’s Flag he had brought to the ring and drapes it across Caulfield, before heading to the back.

Mitch Naess: “This is unbelievable Phil, JD Morgan had absolutely no right to come out here and interrupt a TRUE legend!”

Phil Vibert: “Quit your moaning, like Morgan said he’s a TRUE athlete – Caulfield’s nothing more than a thug, and he got what was coming to him.”

Morgan pauses at the top of the ramp and looks back at Caulfield, who is starting to come around. Caulfield stares back at Morgan, who begins to laugh and disappears to the back.

Mitch Naess: “Well folks we’ve got another match coming up, as “The Natural” – a newcomer to DAVE takes on one half of one of DAVE’s most popular tag teams – Tank Bradley!”

Tank Bradley vs. Damian “The Natural” Carvill

Tank Bradley makes his entrance for a rare singles match dressed in his usual attire, a pair of black leather pants with “New Jersey” down one leg and “DEVILS” down the other. “The Natural” is out next, and despite being American he’s wearing a Canadian Hockey shirt, which immediately turns the fans against him. Carvill looks more concerned with insulting the fans at ringside than he does with Tank Bradley, and it proves to be a silly move as Bradley makes short work of the newcomer. Carvill got a little offence in and even tried to lock in his patented Figure Four Leglock, but was easily kicked away by Bradley who eventually wrapped up the match with a Dragon Suplex.

Tank Bradley def. Damian Carvill in 4:22

Mitch Naess: “Well Tank Bradley makes quick work of the cocky Damian Carvill, who never really looked like picking up the win – hey, wait a second Phil, that’s Joey Minnesota! What the hell’s he doing here in DAVE!?”

Minnesota is in the ring by the time we cut back, and he nails Tank across the head with a chair! The shot isn’t enough to knock Bradley out completely, but Joey’s Empire Salute – a Complete Shot – is! Minnesota quickly slides to the outside as he notices Alex Braun sprinting down to the ring, but it’s too late as the damage has already been done. Minnesota, who is wearing a “New York City Wrestling” t-shirt heads up the ramp as Braun tends to his fallen partners.

Mitch Naess: “Well this Joey Minnesota has certainly left his mark here in DAVE, leaving Tank Bradley down and out on the mat is no small feat Phil!”

Phil Vibert: “No it isn’t Naess, and I’ve seen this kid in action before – believe you me, he has all the tools needed to make a name for himself here in DAVE!”

“Pure Athlete” Art Reed vs. “The Elation Sensation” Sammy Bach

The action continues here as two DAVE staples go up against each other. As usual Reed is accompanied to the ring by an unnamed lady friend, whilst Bach comes bounding down to the ring and almost slides out the other side. The action is back and forth in the early going as Reed attempts to ground Bach using his technical ability, but Bach is able to break free of Reed and head up to the top rope. Bach began to dominate as his high energy, high impact style looked to have beaten Reed, and the three count almost came after Bach jumped from the top rope and caught the “Pure Athlete” with a Hurricanerana. Reed was able to kick out on two though, and this seemed to dishearten Bach and he began to lose control of the match. Reed picked up the win after putting Bach down on the mat with a stiff chair shot, before locking in his Dread Lock submission. Bach was in the middle of the ring and had no choice but to tap, giving Reed a hard fought victory.

Art Reed def. Sammy Bach in 7:03

Mitch Naess: “A big win for Art Reed there as he forces the Elation Sensation to submit to the Dread Lock, but don’t go anywhere folks because we’re heading straight back to the action! Last Sunday at Christmas with the Devil Teddy Powell captures the Brass Knuckles title from Eddie Peak in a hellacious match, and tonight he makes his first defence of the title against “The King of the Streets” Kurt Laramee!”

Phil Vibert: “And let’s face it Naess, Kurt Laramee has a huge opportunity here against a man who was on the end of a vicious beating from the Peak Brothers after his title ‘victory’. I tell ya’ Naess, Teddy Powell certainly didn’t look like a winner on Sunday! Haha!”

DAVE Brass Knuckles Title

Teddy Powell vs. “The King of the Streets” Kurt Laramee

Laramee is out first decked out in his usual ‘gangsta’ garb, and responds to the heckling he receives from the crowd with a simple “fuck you all.” Teddy Powell, as Vibert predicted doesn’t look 100% as a large band aid covers a cut on his forehead, whilst his left arm is wrapped in a bandage. The match, despite only lasting two minutes was a brawl, with Laramee looking to capitalize on Powell’s injured arm as he went after it at every available opportunity, including smashing it into a chair with a single arm DDT. However, just like he did on Sunday Powell ended the match out of nowhere, hitting Laramee with a Superkick seemingly out of nothing. Powell made the cover and got the 1-2-3, picking up the victory.

Teddy Powell def. Kurt Laramee in 2:43

Powell is handed his title and jumps up onto the second rope before raising it up into the air, then jumps back down into the ring – CRACK. Eddie Peak is now standing over Powell with a demented smile creeping across his face, as he stares at Powell’s Brass Knuckles Title. Peak drops the chair and leaves the ring, having left Powell unconscious for the second show in a row.

Mitch Naess: “Oh for crying out loud Phil, was that really called for!? Eddie Peak was beaten fair and square on Sunday and yet that’s the second time he’s assaulted Powell!”

Phil Vibert: “Well it’s perfectly obvious that Eddie Peak wants his title back, he’s got a bright future here in DAVE and he’s not gonna’ let someone like Teddy Powell get in the way!”

Main Event: 4 vs. 3 Elimination Match

Shawn Gonzalez, Chris Caulfield & Alex Braun vs. Nemesis, JD Morgan, Eddie Peak & Joey Minnesota

This match has come about after events that went down earlier in the night, after Morgan had attacked Caulfield whilst Joey Minnesota had made his debut and assaulted Braun’s partner Tank Bradley. Teddy Powell was also placed into the match, but DAVE officials deemed him in no condition to fight – however, Phil Vibert claimed that this was just an excuse from Powell as he didn’t want to have to step into the ring with Eddie Peak.

The match started out as a 4 on 3 handicap match and it soon began to show as Nemesis’ team quickly began to take control, distracting the referee and then double teaming the unfortunate wrestler that happened to be in the ring. The first elimination came when JD Morgan, who had attacked “The Hardcore American” earlier in the night did exactly what he said he’d do – and used Caulfield as his stepping stone, although it was mainly thanks to a Nemesis Arrow from the DAVE Unified Champion whilst the referee was distracted, before Morgan locked in his Rear Naked Choke on Caulfield for the second time tonight! This time Caulfield tapped, and it was now 4 vs. 2!

Elimination #1: Chris Caulfield

Morgan smiled as he watched Caulfield roll out of the ring, but there was immediately a second elimination as Morgan turned straight into a Dropkick from Shawn Gonzalez! “The Lone Wolf” quickly applied the Latino Crab on Morgan, who despite clawing his way towards the ropes couldn’t quite reach them – and was forced to tap!

Elimination #2: JD Morgan

It was now 3 versus 2, but the numbers were still in Team Nemesis’ favour. The situation got worse for Shawn Gonzalez when Alex Braun was eliminated by Joey Minnesota, Braun had attempted to hit his Braun Damage, but Minnesota managed to reverse with the aid of a low blow – and hit the Empire Spiral! Braun was eliminated, and it was now 3 on 1!

Elimination #3: Alex Braun

Gonzalez cautiously entered the ring and was faced by Nemesis, Minnesota and Eddie Peak; who were all slowly walking towards Gonzalez – sensing blood. Gonzalez readied himself for the attack, but suddenly Teddy Powell entered the ring after coming through the crowd – and started laying waste to Nemesis’ team! Steel chair in hand, Powell scrambled Joey Minnesota’s brains with a stiff shot to the skull, before hitting him with the Motion Censor! Powell covered Minnesota, and after looking confused for a couple of seconds the referee shrugged his shoulders and made the three count!

Elimination #4: Joey Minnesota

Another elimination was quick to follow, and for the first time in the match the odds were turned on their head. Eddie Peak’s brother Doug Peak came charging down to the ring – two chairs in hand, and gave one to Eddie. They lined Powell up for the Twin Peak’s, but Powell ducked and the two chairs clattered into each other. Doug Peak was sent to the outside by Gonzalez whilst Powell hit the Motion Censor on Eddie – and got the three count!

Elimination #5: Eddie Peak

Powell looked to be on fire, but his run was about to come to an end as he turned round – a was hit in the stomach by an iron pipe. Nemesis brought the pipe down across the back of Teddy’s head and then dragged Powell up – before hitting the Nemesis Arrow! He covered Powell and Gonzalez tried to make the save, but he was too late.

Elimination #6: Teddy Powell

It was now left down to Nemesis and Gonzalez, and the two men tore straight into each other. Gonzalez brought a table into the ring but ended up going through it himself, as Nemesis caught him coming off the ropes and hit a Spinebuster through the table. It wasn’t enough to put Gonzalez down for the three count, and Nemesis began to get frustrated as he was unable to beat Gonzalez. Clearly spurred on by what happened on Sunday, Gonzalez kept coming back for more and eventually pulled out the victory, reversing a Tombstone Piledriver attempt from Nemesis and hitting one of his own!

Shawn Gonzalez, Alex Braun, Chris Caulfield & Teddy Powell def. Nemesis, Joey Minnesota, Eddie Peak & JD Morgan in 17:11

Mitch Naess: “This is unbelievable, Phil! Somehow Shawn Gonzalez and his team have pulled out the victory!”

Phil Vibert: “No Naess, this is BULLSHIT and you know it! Teddy Powell wasn’t even supposed to be in this match, and I guarantee you that there will be hell to pay next week here on Danger Zone!”

Gonzalez is joined by the rest of his team in the ring as they celebrate a hard fought victory, as DAVE copyright info flashes up on the screen and the first show of 2006 comes to an end!

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Danger and Violence Extreme Press Release

January 2006 – Monday Week 2

After Danger Zone on PPV, dangerandviolence.net caught up with Shawn Gonzalez. Gonzalez said that last Thursday he showed that he’s deserving of another title shot, and is challenging Nemesis to a match for his Unified title at DAVE Back in Black. “The Lone Wolf” said that he would be at Danger Zone this Thursday – and is expecting an answer.

Another challenge was issued for Back in Black, this time by JD Morgan. Morgan, who attacked Chris Caulfield last week, has demanded a match against the Hardcore American, but wants a traditional wrestling match – no weapons will be allowed. Caulfield has promised to give Morgan his answer on Danger Zone!

The Peak Brothers will be in action this coming Thursday as wrestling’s most violent siblings team up to take on Adrenaline Rush – Sammy Bach and DAVE Brass Knuckles champion Teddy Powell. Powell and Eddie Peak have been at each others’ throats in recent weeks, and will clash in the ring on Danger Zone.

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Danger and Violence Extreme Presents;

Danger Zone on PPV!

January 2006 – Thursday, Week 2

We’re in Plum Park once again for Danger Zone, and after the opening video we’re taken to ringside where Phil Vibert and Mitch Naess are ready to welcome us to the show.

Mitch Naess: “Hello there once again DAVE fans, and thank you for downloading the latest episode of Danger Zone! What a show it’s going to be tonight Phil, a number of challenges were issued during the week and we’re going to get answers tonight, right here in Plum Park!”

Phil Vibert: “Well after the travesty of last week’s main event, when Nemesis was pinned by Shawn Gonzalez thanks to that moron Teddy Powell, I’m looking forward to seeing Powell get his ass kicked by Eddie Peak!”

Dallas McWade (w/ Dean McWade) vs. Tatsukichi

The McWade Brothers are both wearing their unbuttoned red and black flannel shirts and a pair of dark denim jeans. Tatsukichi’s get-up is ever so slightly on the bright side, with yellow and red wrestling trunks with the Japanese flag on either thigh. The McWade twin made easy work of the “uncontrollable” Tatsukichi, who didn’t even look like living up to his moniker. McWade finished him off with a Running Big Foot, followed by a casual cover for the three count.

Dallas McWade def. Tatsukichi via pinfall in 8:27

Mitch Naess: “An impressive victory for Dallas McWade, who we haven’t seen much of in DAVE over the past few weeks due to his commitments north of the border. This is another loss for Tatsukichi though, and the Japanese youngster isn’t having much luck here in DAVE.”

Phil Vibert: “Hopefully we’ll see more of the McWade Brothers here in DAVE from now on, they’ve got the ability to take the tag team titles away from those Neanderthals the AnimalZ.”

Five Minute Challenge

JD Morgan vs. Tim Westybrook

JD Morgan comes out wearing his long Union Jack robe, and is carrying the St. George’s Cross slung over his shoulder. Morgan enters the ring and says that earlier this week he issued a challenge to Chris Caulfield, for a one-on-one match at Back in Black. However, many people said that demanding the match be a traditional wrestling match was taking “the coward’s way out”, and was a way to avoid having to face the real Hardcore American. Morgan said that he’s a fair man, and if he couldn’t beat his opponent within five minutes then he’d change the stipulation to an all out street fight.

Westybrook came sprinting down to the ring, but Morgan twisted him inside out with a variety of holds and Suplexes. The youngster, making only his second appearance in DAVE didn’t stand a chance, and was soon finished off by the Rear Naked Choke. Westybrook tapped almost immediately, but Morgan kept the hold locked in having beaten his opponent within five minutes. Morgan didn’t look like he was going to let go – that was until Chris Caulfield came charging down the ring, Singapore Cane in hand, and chased Morgan off.

JD Morgan defeated Tim Westybrook via submission in 3:02

Caulfield checks on Westybrook before taking a microphone and addressing Morgan, who is now at the top of the ramp staring at the man he attacked last week. Caulfield says that despite “not being the best technical wrestler in the world”, a claim which upsets his fans, he accepts Morgan’s challenge… on one condition – the FIRST FALL is a traditional wrestling match! Caulfield says that he wants a two out of three falls match, with the second fall being what everyone wants to see – a street fight! Caulfield says that he’ll give Morgan a week to mull it over, and if he accepts, then they’ll let the fans decide on the third fall next week on Danger Zone!

Mitch Naess: “Haha, did you see Morgan’s face Phil!? He does not look happy, he wants Caulfield in an environment where he can actually be hurt!”

Phil Vibert: “I’m not surprised Naess, I wouldn’t be happy letting that nut job Chris Caulfield do what he wants – and I’m sure Morgan isn’t either!”

Mitch Naess: “Well that’s too bad Phil, this isn’t called Danger and Violence Extreme for nothing – it sounds to me like Morgan is scared!”

DAVE Tag Team Titles Match

The AnimalZ (‘Big Cat’ Brandon & The Wolverine) =0=vs. The New Wave (Guide & Scout)

The sound of a lion roaring was heard before the AnimalZ’ music kicked in, as the tag team champions made their way out to the ring, before The New Wave – Guide and Scout made their entrance. This was another chance for the New Wave to capture tag team gold after failing to do so at Christmas with the Devil – and they failed to do so again tonight. The Wolverine pinned Scout – just like he did at CwtD – after mayhem had broken out in and outside the ring! As Brandon laid Guide out on the outside with the Big Cat Pounce, Scout was put down on the canvas with the Wolverine’s Maul. After the match The New Wave were left arguing amongst themselves, and it seems as if their relationship is at breaking point.

The AnimalZ def. The New Wave in 12:07 via pinfall

Mitch Naess: “Well the New Wave do not look happy after another defeat here in DAVE! But up next we’ve got another tag team match for you, as The Peak Brothers take on Adrenaline Rush – Sammy Bach and the DAVE Brass Knuckles champion; Teddy Powell!”

The Peak Brothers vs. Adrenaline Rush

You had to feel sorry for the referee here, as right from the get go he was unable to control this two teams – especially Powell and Eddie. The two enemies tore into each other, and both of them were bloodied within minutes. Adrenaline Rush looked like they might score the win, but that was before Easy Emma made her way down to the ring! Wrestling’s hottest diva distracted Sammy Powell – allowing Doug and Eddie to handcuff him to the turnbuckle and then double teamed Sammy Bach, forcing Powell to watch. The Peak Brothers decimated the helpless Bach, hitting him with the Twin Peaks before putting him through a table on the outside with a Piledriver from the ring apron! Doug pushed a lifeless Sammy back into the ring and Eddie made the cover, before the inevitable three count followed.

The Peak Brothers def. Adrenaline Rush in 13:41 via pinfall

Easy Emma gets into the ring – microphone in hand, and steps in front of an enraged Powell. She informs him that whilst Bryan Holmes may be gone from DAVE, his house is still very much in order. She then delivers a stinging slap across the face of Powell before leading Doug and Eddie out of the ring, leaving Teddy Powell handcuffed to the apron.

Mitch Naess: “We need to get some out here, now! Sammy Bach could have a broken neck for all we know – those Peak Brothers are SICK, Phil!”

Phil Vibert: “Well I for one hope his neck is broken, Naess! Sammy Bach doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near a DAVE ring, and I think the Peak Brothers have done us all a massive favour here!”

Another Match of the Year Candidate?

DAVE Unified champion Nemesis made his way down to the ring, and is heavily jeered by the hostile Plum Park crowd. Nemesis arrogantly raises his title belt in the air for all to see, before taking a microphone. He says that there’s no point beating around the bush – he knows Shawn Gonzalez has challenged him a match at Back in Black, and he accepts! He says that he’ll be more than happy to kick the Lone Wolf’s ass all over pay-per view once again. This time though he tells Shawn’s wife to stay away, because if she’s at Back in Black then “a tiny bit of saliva” will be the least of her worries.

By this time Shawn Gonzalez had heard enough, and the Lone Wolf made his way to the ring! The fans were going crazy and expected to see the two men clash here on Danger Zone and not bother waiting for Back in Black – and they were right. The two men stared each other down, and it prompted a mass exodus of wrestlers from the lockeroom as they came to break to two up! Even then they struggled to keep the two titans from ripping each other apart, and as Danger Zone went off the air the ring was filled with DAVE superstars, referees and even Mitch Naess as they tried to keep Nemesis and Gonzalez from clashing.

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Guest H Effect

Hey man, this diary gets better and better with each show. And the ECW similarities arent quite as noticeable. Im not too sure if i like the over the top heel-ness of Phil Vibert but thats ok, the character works his part.

I loved the return of Easy-Emma, i automatically assumed (along with the rest of the fans obviously) that she left with Bryan Holmes for Japan. Good to see her still here in the tri-state. And good to see the house of tradition still in their ways. Handcuffing was brilliant.

Cant wait to see Shawn Gonzalez kick Nemesis overpayed ass! Then maybe you could use him to put over a younger talent or two and drop him down a bit.

PUSH Art Reed Damn You! And "King Of The Streets" Kurt Laramee, no one wants to see JD Moron ;)

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DAVE News, SWF Pay-Per View Buyrate & More!

January 2006: Wednesday, Week 3

- SWF ran “When Hell Freezes Over” at the H. Jones Building last Thursday, and got a close to 400,000 buyrate. The event was attended by 22,804 people and was headlined by Runaway Train defeating Jack Bruce to retain the SWF World Heavyweight Title.

- DAVE is apparently in negotiations with a number of well-known Japanese wrestlers. One of the names being thrown around is “Super Ninja” Fumihiro Ota, one of the former headliners of the ill-fated TCW Cruiserweight Division. There is talk of an all Japan stable being introduced to DAVE, although no definite decisions have been made.

- DAVE is looking to branch out of the Tri-State area, and that will start next week when they run outside of their home region for the first time in just over two years. They will run Danger Zone from the Oregon Gardens in the North West region, and are hoping to pull in a good crowd.

- It has been widely reported that DAVE has come to a ‘working agreement’ with New York City Wrestling. The just of the agreement is that both companies will share talent, but will not offer exclusive contracts to a member of the other’s roster. Joey Minnesota appearing in DAVE was said to be the first major deal to come out of this agreement.

- DAVE are said to be having second thoughts as to whether to look for a new TV deal. Many reports have indicated that holding episodes that are available for download – at a small cost – is more financially beneficial that running a television show.

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Danger and Violence Extreme Presents;

Danger Zone on PPV!

January 2006 – Thursday, Week 3

Danger Zone is emanating from the Oregon Gardens here tonight, with DAVE: Back in Black just four days away!

Mitch Naess: “Hello there once again fans, and we’re here in the North West for the first time in two years – and I could not be happier to be here, just four days away from the first DAVE pay-per view of 2006! Fans we open up with action between a DAVE newcomer Tim Westybrook, and a man who has been on a bit of a losing streak as of late – Tatsukichi!”

Tatsukichi vs. Tim Westybrook

Even after being on the end of a small losing streak, Tatsukichi was the favourite here against Westybrook, who was still yet to win in DAVE himself. However, all that changed here as “The Iron Man” managed to defeat Tatsukichi to claim his first win here in DAVE. Westybrook forced Tatsukichi to tap-out after 8 minutes and 19 seconds with a Keylock Armbar. Westybrook was visibly overjoyed with his first victory in DAVE, but the “Uncontrollable” Tatsukichi looked extremely unhappy, as he left the arena yelling something in Japanese.

Tim Westybrook def. Tatsukichi via submission in 8:19

Mitch Naess: “Tatsukichi loses again here on Danger Zone, and he doesn’t look happy about it Phil! I wonder what he was saying as he made his way backstage?”

Phil Vibert: “Hopefully that he quits.”

Easy Emma, who made her return last week is shown backstage – being closely shadowed by the humungous Hell’s Bouncer. Emma comes across the House of Holmes lockeroom, but leaves Bouncer on the door to “keep any unwelcome visitors out.”

Mitch Naess: “Easy Emma is obviously worried about repercussions from what herself and the Peak Brothers did last week to Teddy Powell, but do they really think anything is going to keep Powell from getting his revenge after what the House of Holmes did to Sammy Bach!?”

Phil Vibert: “Naess; as stupid as Teddy Powell is he knows that it would be suicide to try and get at Eddie Peak whilst he’s surrounded by Doug and now Hell’s Bouncer!”

Mitch Naess: “Surrounded? Don’t you mean protected?”

Phil Vibert: “No, I don’t. Eddie Peak is one of the finest wrestlers in DAVE, he doesn’t need ‘protection’ from Teddy Powell!”

Kurt Laramee vs. ‘Big Cat’ Brandon

One half of the tag team champions was in action here, as ‘Big Cat’ Brandon took on “The King of the Streets.” Brandon was favourite here, but that didn’t count for much when Honest Frank made his way down the ramp after 8 minutes! Brandon was distracted, and that was enough for Laramee to hit his Switchblade Powerslam for the victory! Frank entered the ring and shook hands with Laramee, before raising his hand in the air.

Kurt Laramee def. ‘Big Cat’ Brandon via pinfall in 8:42.

Laramee and Frank began putting the boots to Brandon, but they soon scattered out of the ring as The Wolverine charged down to ringside. Wolverine helped his tag team partner to his feet, and the champions stared down Laramee and Frank as they stood at the top of the ramp.

Mitch Naess: “Now what the hell was Frank doing out here!? Why on earth would he feel the need to cost Brandon the match?”

Phil Vibert: “I’ll tell you what he was doing Naess, he was ensuring that the best man came out on top!”

Mitch Naess: “But if he truly was the best man, would he have needed a distraction to beat Brandon?”

Phil Vibert: “Things don’t always go the way they should Naess, like Shawn Gonzalez getting another shot at the Unified title!”

Mitch Naess: “Well folks I’ve just been informed that later on tonight we’ll see Honest Frank in action, as he goes one on one with The Wolverine – and I hope the Wolverine teaches him a lesson Phil!”

Old Glory

JD Morgan makes his way out to the ring, and is once again dressed in his usual attire. Morgan enters the ring and takes a microphone, and says that last week Chris Caulfield challenged him to a two out of three falls match at Back in Black. Morgan says that this is because Caulfield knows he can’t beat him in a wrestling match because he’s not a wrestler – he’s a thug. However, Morgan says that he grew up in England – “the toughest country on the planet”, and isn’t afraid of a fight. He says that he accepts Caulfield’s challenge, but tells us not to worry about what the third fall will be because he’s going to win it in two.

“The Hardcore American” still graced the North West with his presence however, much to the delight of the Oregon Gardens’ crowd. Caulfield says that he’s glad Morgan decided to accept his offer, because it’ll give him the chance to “kick a limey ass.” Morgan doesn’t look happy and moves towards Caulfield, but gets cracked across the head with a Singapore Cain! Morgan goes down flat on the mat, and Caulfield picks up the mic once more. He tells Morgan that he’s glad he loves a fight, because the third fall will be a Cage Match! The crowd erupts at this announcement, as Caulfield brings the Stars and Stripes into the ring – and lays them across Morgan!

Mitch Naess: “Oh my god Phil – these two could clash inside a steel cage at Back in Black! Morgan better hope that he can somehow pull out the victory in the first two falls, because there is absolutely no way he’s going to beat Chris Caulfield inside a steel cage!”

Phil Vibert: “Were you not listening? JD Morgan said he’s going to beat Chris Caulfield in the first two falls – and I for one believe him. What Chris Caulfield has done here tonight has only served to make JD Morgan angry – and he’ll pay the price on Monday.”

Joey Minnesota vs. Tank Bradley

We’re reminded of what happened on Danger Zone a couple of weeks ago, when Joey Minnesota made his DAVE debut and attacked Tank Bradley. This match was requested by Bradley earlier in the week and Minnesota gladly accepted – but only after finding out Alex Braun was wrestling elsewhere tonight. The match lasted little over 10 minutes, as Bradley attempted to exert some revenge over Minnesota. However, Joey eventually came out on top following the Empire Spiral, and followed it up with the Minnesota Salute just for good measure.

Joey Minnesota def. Tank Bradley via pinfall in 10:02

Minnesota clambered onto the turnbuckle and raised his hand into the air, before jumping back down into the ring. He took a microphone and called Bradley pathetic, and a poor excuse for a wrestler. Minnesota then said that he wanted the “superior” member of the New Jersey Devils - Alex Braun at Back in Black! He tossed the microphone at Bradley, who was trying valiantly to get up to his feet. Bradley said that on behalf of his partner, he accepted Minnesota’s challenge! Joey seemed pleased – and then booted Bradley in the side of the head! Apparently knocked unconscious Bradley crumpled down to the mat and Minnesota left the ring, grinning from ear to ear.

Mitch Naess: “What’s Joey Minnesota’s problem Phil? He comes here to DAVE, and sets his sights on Tank Bradley for no reason!”

Phil Vibert: “There’s no problem with Joey Minnesota, the problem lies with Tank Bradley and Alex Braun! For some reason people like these morons standing behind me have embraced them as heroes – but they’re nothing more than frauds, and Joey Minnesota is going to expose them for what they are at Back in Black!”

The Bird Man Returns

Easy Emma made her way down to the ring, flanked by Hell’s Bouncer. Emma got into the ring with a microphone in her hand, and proceeded to address Teddy Powell. She said that last week was just the start, and unless he comes out and hands the title back to her and the House of Holmes, things are going to get much, much worse. She says that Teddy has a “loving” family and she wouldn’t want to see them get dragged into this – “but if it has to be done…”

She doesn’t finish her sentence as she simply looks at Hell’s Bouncer, who looks back and smiles callously. However, the smile is quickly wiped from his face as he’s spun around by “Constant Motion” and rocked by a series of hard right hands! Emma quickly slides out of the ring as Powell begins furiously punching Bouncer, but is soon attacked by the Peak Brothers! Doug and Eddie pull Powell away from Hell’s Bouncer and knock him down to the mat, and it isn’t long before all three are stomping and kicking away at the Brass Knuckles champion. Thins are looking bleak for Powell as Emma instructs Doug to get a table into the ring – but the four are sent scrambling as Matt Sparrow comes charging down to the ring, steel chair in hand! Eddie Peak narrowly avoids the chair and it comes bouncing off the ropes, and as the four quickly head to the top of the ramp Matt Sparrow gets a microphone.

“The Bird Man” says that three on one is a bit unfair, so how about they even things up a bit? At Back in Black, how about Matt Sparrow teams up with Teddy Powell to take on the Peak Brothers and Hell’s Bouncer! Emma says that she’ll give them the match on one condition – if Powell and Sparrow lose, then Sammy Powell will give Eddie a shot at the Brass Knuckles title! Teddy gets to his feet and takes the mic from Sparrow, and immediately tells Emma that she’s got herself a deal!

Mitch Naess: “Wow, another huge match has been added to the Back in Black card – as Matt Sparrow and Teddy Powell will team up to take on The Peak Brothers and Hell’s Bouncer!”

Phil Vibert: “I don’t know if that fall from the stage damaged Matt Sparrow’s brain, but surely he can’t be stupid enough to believe that they can take on the Peak Brothers and Hell’s Bouncer and NOT get killed.”

The Wolverine vs. Honest Frank

This match came about after Frank had cost Wolverine’s tag team partner ‘Big Cat’ Brandon his match earlier on tonight, but it only completed a miserable night for the tag team champions as Frank defeated The Wolverine. It didn’t look like it would end like that, as The Wolverine dominated Frank only to get rolled up into a schoolboy pin. Frank put his feet on the ropes for leverage – and appeared to have a handful of tights as the referee made the three count! Frank was quick to escape the ring as picked up his third victory here in DAVE, but Wolverine looked extremely pissed off as Frank celebrated.

Honest Frank def. The Wolverine via pinfall in 7:32

Mitch Naess: “And once again Frank cheats his way to victory here in DAVE, and Phil you know it’s only a matter of time before he gets found out. What goes around comes around, and I can’t wait for someone to kick his ass!”

Phil Vibert: “It’s not cheating Naess, it isn’t against the rules because there are no rules here in DAVE.”

Mitch Naess: “Well you can believe that all you want Phil but if you ask me it’s dishonest, it’s slimy and it’s a cheap way of winning the match!”

Phil Vibert: “But he’s won Naess, and that’s all that matters.”

Advantage Gonzalez

DAVE Unified Champion Nemesis makes his way down to the ring, just four days away from his rematch against Shawn Gonzalez. Nemesis says that last week he was stopped from tearing Shawn Gonzalez limb from limb, but this week it’s going to be different. He calls Gonzalez down to the ring, because he can’t wait for Back in Black. It isn’t long before “The Lone Wolf” is in the ring, and the two are nose-to-nose.

Nemesis takes a step back and then slaps Gonzalez across the face, only to get tackled down to the mat! The punches rain down on Nemesis, but the champion manages to turn it around. It looks like Nemesis is going to keep his word as he lines Gonzalez up with the belt, but Gonzalez managed to duck out of the way! He takes Nemesis’ legs out from underneath him and quickly locks in the Latino Crab! Nemesis writhes in agony but refuses to tap out, before eventually going limp. Gonzalez breaks the hold and picks up the DAVE Unified Title before hoisting it into the air. He lays the title belt next to Nemesis and exits the ring, and exits the ring as Danger Zone fades to black!

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Guest H Effect

Ok, that was a pretty decent show from where I was sitting.

I am really enjoying the House of Holmes vs Powell, Back and Sparrow story. Im really getting into it, except for the fact that you consistently refer to Sammy Powell (by what seems to be accident), when you type up the results try to remember that Sammy Bach and Teddy Powell are two different people. It becomes less confusing that way, lol. Other than that, AWESOME

The Tatsukichi thing is awesome, i wont pass total judgement until i see how it plays out in the end. But i can see this as a fairly decent way of bringing in the new japanese faces. I dont particularly like Ota too much, but maybe if you repackage him slightly it will be ok. The DaVE faithful will shit all over a ninja though, no matter how talented. I would absolutely MARK OUT to see some taped segments with tatsukichi "shooting" on american wrestling...shot IN Japan, complete with subtitles...that would be intense!

Get JD Morgan off my screen. If Caulfield loses to this twat i will start a riot!

Good to see Kurt Laramee, not too keen on honest Frank though, ill wait to see the situation pan out before i pass judgement, i just hope the Kurt I know and love is gonna come out of this.

I really dont like Gonzalez vs Nemesis though. I am a big fan of the new school of DaVE and these two going at it for the title just doesnt do it for me. As much as I loved Gonzalez back in the day he is stale now and needs to be dropped a little...Nemesis is ok though and he can definitely still go.

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IPB Image

Danger and Violence Extreme Presents;

Back in Black

Monday Week 4 – January 2006

The Line-Up

IPB Image vs. IPB Image

DAVE Unified Title Match

Nemesis =0= vs. “The Lone Wolf” Shawn Gonzalez

IPB Image vs. IPB Image

Two Out of Three Falls Match

“The Hardcore American” Chris Caulfield vs. JD Morgan

Fall #1: Standard Wrestling Match

Fall #2: Hardcore Match

Fall #3: Cage Match

IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image vs. IPB ImageIPB Image

Handicap Match

The Peak Brothers & Hell’s Bouncer vs. “The Bird Man” Matt Sparrow & “Constant Motion” Teddy Powell

IPB Image vs. IPB Image

Joey Minnesota vs. “Ice Man” Alex Braun

IPB Image vs. IPB Image vs. IPB Image

Three-Way War

Tatsukichi vs. Tim Westybrook vs. Damian “The Natural” Carvill

IPB ImageIPB Image vs. IPB ImageIPB Image vs. IPB ImageIPB Image

Tag Team Titles Match

The AnimalZ =0= vs. The New Wave vs. The McWade Brothers

Edited by Codename V
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IPB Image




DAVE’s back at home in the tri-state area, and Plum Park is all decked out in black to host the first DAVE pay-per view of 2006! Mitch Naess and Phil Vibert are your announcers, and we’re taken to ringside as the opening music video finishes. Naess introduces us to the show and promise us a night of typical DAVE action, and we’ll open things of with…

Triple Threat Match

Tatsukichi vs. Tim Westybrook vs. Damien “The Natural” Carvill

Tatsukichi’s losing streak is bought up by Vibert, who says that the Japanese wrestler isn’t cut out to be here in DAVE. However, the man known as “uncontrollable” in his homeland picked up the win, but he didn’t do it on his on. Two Japanese wrestlers, identified as Fumihiro Ota and Kazuma Narato came through the crowd, and set about attacking Tatsukichi’s opponents. Ota took care of Carvill on the outside whilst Narato helped Tatsukichi hit Westybrook with a Spike Piledriver, giving him his first win in DAVE in quite some time. After the match Tatsukichi bellowed something out on the mic in Japanese, and despite not being able to understand what he’d said the fans still booed Tatsukichi loudly.

Tatsukichi def. Tim Westybrook & “The Natural” in 9:01

An interview that was recorded earlier in the day is shown, as Mitch Naess sat down with Chris Caulfield. Caulfield warns JD Morgan to expect nothing less than a bloodbath, because he’s going to show the world why he’s the most Hardcore American on the planet. Phil Vibert calls Caulfield a fraud, and says he’d put money on Morgan winning convincingly here tonight.

2/3 Falls Match

“The Hardcore American” Chris Caulfield vs. JD Morgan

Fall #1: For five minutes JD Morgan showed off his technical skills, applying a variety of holds to Caulfield. Disappointingly for the fans Caulfield didn’t put up much of a fight, and tapped out to the Rear Naked Choke on 5:43. JD Morgan takes a 1-nil lead.

Fall #2: Morgan looked to wrap things up quickly as he went to the outside and got a chair, but the switch to Caulfield’s favoured environment quickly had the Brit on the receiving end of a beating. Caulfield looked set to tie the score at one apiece as he went for The Danger Drop, but was attacked by a huge man wearing a St. George’s flag t-shirt! Caulfield was on the receiving end of a Piledriver, a Spike DDT and a Burning Hammer from his attacker, before Morgan laid down and allowed himself to be pinned by an unconscious Morgan. The score was now tied a 1-1, and the Cage was lowered into place!

Fall #3: The man who had interfered stayed in the ring despite the referees best efforts, and what followed was nothing more than four minutes of assault. Caulfield was bloodied, battered and beaten by the two men, before being placed in the Rear Naked Choke by Morgan. The referee had no choice but to raise Caulfield’s hand three times, and when there was no resistance he called for the bell. Morgan celebrated like he’d just won the Unified Title, and as the cage was raised he made his way to the back on the shoulders of the behemoth that had attacked Caulfield.

JD Morgan def. Chris Caulfield 2 falls to 1 in 14:59

Teddy Powell is shown backstage, saying that The Peak Brother’s and Easy Emma will pay for what they did to Sammy Bach, whilst Matt Sparrow says that he’s been sat at home just waiting for a chance to make Hell’s Bouncer suffer for throwing him off the stage three weeks ago. The interview concludes with the two promising to come out on top, despite being a man short.

Another interview but this time it’s with the AnimalZ; the tag team champions. ‘Big Cat’ Brandon does most of the talking, and says that they’ve been the most dominant tag team champions in DAVE history. Tonight they’re going to continue their reign here in DAVE by beating two teams that aren’t deserving of a title shot.

One final bit of hype for the tag match, and it’s another pre-recorded segment this time with the McWade Brothers. They’re backstage with Phil Vibert, whose psyching up Dean and Dallas telling them that they’ve got the talent to take over the tag team world. Dallas says that tonight America’s going to find out why they’re the most revered team in Canada!

Tag Team Title Match

Fatal Three Way

The AnimalZ =0= vs. The New Wave vs. The McWade Brothers

The champions were hot favourites to retain their titles here tonight, and for most of the match they looked like doing so. Guide and Scout looked like they were more interested in fighting each other, and that almost lead to The Wolverine getting a pin on Guide. However, Dean McWade made the save and nearly went on to get the win himself following a Powerbomb, but ‘Big Cat’ broke up the pinfall just in time. The match came to an end at 13:23, as Phil Vibert left his commentary position and got up onto the apron – and pulled Brandon’s neck down across the ropes! Brandon turned around into a massive Boot to the face from Dallas, who quickly covered Brandon for the three count! The Wolverine slid into the ring but was too late to stop new tag team champions from being crowned, and the McWade’s made their way to the back as the referee handed them their new tag team titles!

The McWade Brothers def. The AnimalZ & The New Wave in 13:43 (Dallas p. ‘Big Cat’ Brandon)

Honest Frank made his way down to the ring next, much to the delight of Phil Vibert. Frank said that it was a travesty he hadn’t been booked to fight at Back in Black, so he was issuing an open challenge to anyone in the back! Frank looked confident, but that was until someone answered his challenge – and it was DAVE legend Johnny Martin! Frank froze in terror as Martin entered the ring, and said that he’d gladly teach Frank here a lesson tonight! Frank tried to back out of the match and ‘postpone’ it until Danger Zone, but when a referee entered the ring and the bell was rung there was no backing out!

Honest Frank vs. Johnny Martin

Frank spent the early stages off this match trying to avoid Martin, but eventually he was caught by the veteran and nearly lost on multiple occasions. He narrowly avoided defeated after a Brainbuster from Martin, and once weapons became involved Frank decided that he’d had enough! As Martin emptied the contents of a weapon filled garbage can into the ring, Frank rolled to the outside and quickly made his way to the back! There was all round confusion in the ring, especially from Johnny Martin with Frank having seemingly ‘quit’ the match!

Honest Frank and Johnny Martin went to a no contest

Joey Minnesota vs. “Ice Man” Alex Braun

Braun looked fired up going into this match, especially after a video was shown showing Joey Minnesota soccer-kicking Tank Bradley after he had accepted Minnesota’s challenge on behalf of Braun last week on Danger Zone. Naess complained about Minnesota’s cockiness throughout the match, but Vibert said that it didn’t matter because Joey had the talent to back it up – and he certainly did, as he defeated Alex Braun with the Minnesota Salute after just 7:50. After the match Joey complained, saying that Braun was supposed to be the “better” partner. He said that he’d come to DAVE for competition, but it looked like he was looking in the wrong place.

Joey Minnesota def. Alex Braun in 7:50

The Peak Brothers & Hell’s Bouncer vs. Matt Sparrow & Teddy Powell

Even thought they were a man down, Sparrow and Powell came out strong and managed to empty the ring soon after the start leaving Easy Emma having to rally the troops. Eventually though the extra man began to tell, as Matt Sparrow was picked apart by the three men and cut off from his partner. However, Sparrow managed to make the tag to Powell after dropping Doug Peak with an enziguri, and “Constant Motion” was a house on fire. He put Hell’s Bouncer down with a discus clothesline before turning his attentions to Eddie Peak; the man he had defeated for the Brass Knuckles title. Easy Emma got onto the apron and tried to distract Powell, but he avoided a charging Eddie who went straight into Emma! She fell down to the ground and crumpled up clutching her ribs, and the Peak Brothers quickly rolled to the outside to check on their manager. This left Teddy and Matt Sparrow in the ring with Hell’s Bouncer, and they picked up the win after Sparrow hit a beautiful Shooting Star Press on Bouncer!

Matt Sparrow & Teddy Powell def. The Peak Brothers & Hell’s Bouncer in 11:13

DAVE Unified Title Match

Nemesis =0= vs. Shawn Gonzalez

Fans hoping for a repeat of their Match of the Year weren’t disappointed, as both men tore into each other straight from the bell. The two went all around the arena and up into the bleachers, where Nemesis body pressed Gonzalez into the crowd! Eventually the match made it’s way back down to the ring, and Nemesis set a table up leaning against one of the corners. He looked for the Nemesis Arrow, an Outsider’s Edge Powerbomb, but Gonzalez was able to slip out! “The Lone Wolf” landed on his feet and ducked a Clothesline attempt from Nemesis, who then charged at Gonzalez – and was put through the table with a Spinebuster! Gonzalez had caught his second wind and quickly applied the Latino Crab, and despite fighting against it Nemesis had no choice but to tap! The fans erupted as Gonzalez released the hold and fell to the mat, before grabbing the title from the referee! As Back in Black went off the air Shawn Gonzalez raised the DAVE Unified Title high in the air over the fallen Nemesis, before attaching the strap around his waist!

Shawn Gonzalez def. Nemesis via pinfall in 16:14

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Back in Black Buyrate, Phil Vibert, Bryan Holmes & More!

- DAVE’s pay-per view Back in Black was purchased by roughly 15,800 homes. DAVE officials are said to be pleased with the figure, although the 10,743 live attendance was disappointing. The two previous episodes of Danger Zone pulled in around 3,500 more people to Plum Park, and DAVE were hoping for a full house.

- Phil Vibert is widely expected to be moved away from the commentary table. Vibert has adopted a more ‘heelish’ stance than usual, and at Back in Black helped the McWade Brothers win the tag team titles. Vibert is expected to be used as a manager for the McWade’s, although it isn’t clear whether he’ll be replaced at the commentary table. Mitch Naess has been Vibert’s ‘protégé’ since starting, and many feel that he is in a position to call the show on his own.

- As expected, Bryan Holmes has left DAVE. With commitments in Japan having limited him to just 1 appearance in the last two months, both parties agreed that it was best to go their separate ways.

- The man who attacked Chris Caulfield at Back in Black was the “Mountain Man” Larry Wood. Although being of Canadian decent, Wood is expected to be announced as being from Britain. Wood also works for Warrior Engine XXV in Japan.

- Johnny Martin should return to full-time action. Martin hadn’t been seen since Christmas With the Devil, but appeared at Back in Black for an impromptu match with Honest Frank. It is unknown as to whether it will lead to a program between the two.

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Danger and Violence Extreme Presents;

Danger Zone

January 2006 – Thursday, Week 4

The show started off with a match as Matt Sparrow took on Acid. Naess points out that Sparrow pinned Hell’s Bouncer at Back in Black, giving his team the win. Acid was impressive and almost picked up the win following a Hurricanerana from the top rope, but Sparrow was able to kick out. “The Bird Man” eventually got the win following the Bird Brain Buster, and followed it up with a beautiful Leg Drop from the top rope at 9:49. After the match Sparrow celebrated his win, but was attacked by Hell’s Bouncer! Bouncer nearly took Sparrow’s head off with a Clothesline, before picking him up and planting him with a double-handed Chokeslam!

Easy Emma and The Peak Brothers are shown arriving at the arena, and none of them are looking happy. Phil Vibert says that if it wasn’t for Teddy Powell attacking a helpless woman, his team would’ve lost – however, Naess says that it was Eddie Peak that ran into Emma, not Powell.

The second match of the night saw the “Uncontrollable” Tatsukichi, flanked by Fumihiro Ota and Kazumi Narato, take on Tank Bradley. Mitch Naess said that Alex Braun wasn’t here tonight, so this match was effectively a 3-on-1. Tatsukichi picked up the win at 7:51 following a Narato Stunner from Kazumi Narato on Tank Bradley, allowing Tatsukichi to pick up the pinfall. After the match Ota and Narato held Bradley up, before Tatsukichi slapped him around the face. The three Japanese wrestlers left the ring, with Phil Vibert saying that he “liked the new Tatsukichi.”

Easy Emma and Eddie Peak made their way down to the ring next, but Doug Peak was nowhere to be seen. Emma said that now Bryan Holmes has officially left DAVE, the House of Holmes must be falling down – right? Uh uh. In fact it’s stronger than ever, and she’s out here tonight to prove it. She challenged Teddy Powell to face Eddie Peak at Counter Culture, with the Brass Knuckles title on the line! Powell makes his way onto the ramp and says no, because Eddie’s had his chance and missed it. Emma says that’s to bad, and then says “put it up, fellas.” We’re shown footage from, presumably somewhere else in the arena – where Sammy Bach is tied to a chair, with Doug Peak standing besides him wearing a pair of knuckle dusters. Emma says that if Powell refuses once more, then she doesn’t need to tell him what’ll happen to his best friend. Could he really live with himself knowing what he’d condemned “poor, poor Sammy” to? Obviously not, as Teddy changes his mind and accepts the challenge! Doug looks almost disappointed as the screen fades, whilst Emma says that he’ll see Sammy again at Counter Culture!

The AnimalZ make their way down to the ring, and Phil Vibert looks extremely nervous – much to the delight of Mitch Naess. ‘Big Cat’ Brandon takes a microphone and says that Phil Vibert is going to suffer for what he did at Back in Black – after they beat the McWade Brothers to regain their tag team titles.

Dean and Dallas McWade made their way down to the ring to make the first defence of their tag team titles. It wasn’t looking good for the McWade Brothers as the former champions looked hell-bent on regaining their titles but once again Vibert got involved, this time getting chased around the ring by The Wolverine only for Dallas McWade to come out of nowhere and flatten Wolverine with a Big Boot! The McWade Brothers then went onto double team ‘Big Cat’, and picked up the victory after 10:45 as Dean Powerbombed Brandon through a table! Phil Vibert handed the McWade’s their titles and lead the two to the back, leaving Mitch Naess thoroughly bewildered and alone at the commentary table.

The new DAVE Unified Champion Shawn Gonzalez makes his way down to the ring, and is given a heroes welcome by the crowd. “The Lone Wolf” thanks fans for their support, and says that Back in Black was the start of a new era here in DAVE. Gonzalez is cut off by a familiar sound though, as Eric Tyler’s music begins to play! Gonzalez stares at the ramp, but Tyler is nowhere to be seen – until he attacks the champion from behind! Tyler knocks Gonzalez down with a forearm to the back before stomping away on the “Lone Wolf”, and completes the assault with the Tradition Lift! Eric Tyler grabs the microphone and warns Gonzalez not to become to attached to the Unified Title – because “The Tradionalist” wants a sixth title reign!

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PRE-SHOW: Acid def. “The Natural” in 6:43 via pinfall.

Danger and Violence Extreme Presents;

Danger Zone

February 2006 – Week 1

After being welcomed to the show by Mitch Naess, who was on his own tonight after Phil Vibert had seemingly ‘quit’ the commentary team, we kicked things off as Art Reed took on a newcomer to DAVE; “The Slick Pimp Daddy” Ernie Turner. Turner never really looked comfortable, and was even booed by the fans as he botched a couple of moves towards the end. “Pure Athlete” Art Reed eventually picked up the win after making Turner submit on 7:41 with the Dread Lock.

Easy Emma and Eddie Peak are in the ring, and Emma says that Sammy Bach is still well and good – and he’ll stay that way as long as Teddy Powell doesn’t drop out of the match at Counter Culture. The DAVE Brass Knuckles champion made his way to the ring and looked to start a brawl with Peak, apparently having had enough of everything he’d been put through. However, Mitch Naess hurriedly entered the ring and told the two that he’d been informed by DAVE management that if the two want to fight, they’ll wait until their match at Counter Culture – and if either one of them attacked the other until then they’d BOTH be suspended indefinitely. Realising this would mean he wouldn’t be able to compete at Counter Culture Powell backed off, much to the relief of Easy Emma.

JD Morgan made his way to the ring next, and was accompanied by the man who attacked Chris Caulfield at Back in Black. Morgan introduced him as “British Beef” George Saint, and tonight we’d see him in action for the first time! Tim Westybrook made his way down to the ring, but was torn apart by Saint who finished the youngster off in little over 1 minute. After the match Morgan said that if anyone in DAVE wants a piece of him, they’ll have to get through George first.

The New Jersey Devils were in action next as they took on Fumihiro Ota and Kazuma Narato, who were accompanied to the ring by Tatsukichi. Ota and Narato were a well oiled unit, and eventually disposed of Braun and Bradley after 8:05 following a Ninja Strike from Ota on Alex Braun. After the match the New Jersey Devils looked extremely fed-up and miserable as they slowly made their way to the back.

The McWade Brothers were shown backstage with Phil Vibert next, proudly carrying their newly won Tag Team Titles. Vibert says that tonight they get a chance to put the AnimalZ away for good, as Dean takes on Brandon whilst Dallas faces The Wolverine. Vibert says that Dean’s match is up next, and tells Dallas to stat backstage and get ready for his match.

Dean McWade made his way to the ring along with Phil Vibert, before ‘Big Cat’ Brandon came charging down the ramp. He immediately went after Vibert but the commentator-turned-manager was able to escape the ring, giving Dean McWade the upper hand. The match soon degenerated into a brawl on the outside, but Brandon was able to pick up the win after grabbing a chair from Phil Vibert and using it to knock Dean down. Brandon then hit the Big Cat Pounce at 4:39 for the victory. He made his way up the ramp and pointed back at Vibert, telling him to “watch his back.”

Johnny Martin makes his way to the ring to talk about what happened at Back in Back. Martin says that he wants Honest Frank to come down to this ring right now, and finish what they started. Frank seems to have declined Martin’s offer – but that’s until he low blows him from behind! ‘Honest’ Frank laid into the DAVE veteran before busting him open with a pair of brass knuckles. Frank then challenged Martin to a match at Counter Culture, so he could “properly prepare” and not be caught by surprise.

The final match of the night saw Dallas McWade and The Wolverine go one-on-one. Phil Vibert was nowhere to be seen after his scare in the previous match, but he made his way down to the ring and helped Dallas pick up the victory, jabbing a thumb in the eye of The Wolverine before Dallas hit him with a Running Big Foot. After the match Vibert told Dallas to pick Wolverine up and do some more damage, but ‘Big Cat’ Brandon made the save for his partner. Dean McWade then made his way down to the ring, but the AnimalZ were too good for the McWade’s on this occasion and they sent the champions scrambling to the back. Brandon and The Wolverine made a title motion around their wastes, and let the McWade Brothers know in no uncertain terms they wanted their titles back.

“The Tradionalist” Eric Tyler came down to the ring, to a massive amount of boos from the crowd after he attacked Shawn Gonzalez last week. Tyler says that he’s a five-time DAVE champion, but he’s been without the belt for too long – and when Shawn Gonzalez beat Nemesis at Back in Black, he drew a massive bull’s eye on his forehead. Tyler says that at Counter Culture, he wants to face Shawn Gonzalez for the DAVE Unified Title – and too prove he’s deserving, he’ll even let Shawn Gonzalez choose the stipulations! “The Lone Wolf” made his way out onto the ramp and said that he accepts Tyler’s challenge, and he’ll let everyone know what his stipulation is next week!

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Danger and Violence Extreme Presents;

Danger Zone

February 2006 – Thursday, Week 2

We kicked the final Danger Zone off before Counter Culture with Tim Westybrook defeating “The Tower of London” Danny Patterson in 8:16. It was a poor match that went on for a couple of minutes too long, but Westybrook eventually picked up the win with a Falcon Arrow Suplex.

JD Morgan made his way down to the ring accompanied by George Saint. Morgan said that Saint demolished Tim Westybrook last week, and was looking for someone to step up and face “British Beef” at Counter Culture! No one seemed to be willing to accept the challenge, until Chris Caulfield stormed the ring armed with a Singapore Cane! Morgan quickly scurried to the outside leaving Saint to try and fight off Caulfield, but fired-up “Hardcore American” was too much for Saint. Caulfield sent George packing with a couple of Cane shots to the head before agreeing to face Saint at Counter Culture!

In the second match of the night Kazuma Narato, accompanied by Tatsukichi, defeated Ernie Turner thanks to a Narato Stunner at 7:41. Turner was taunted and jeered by the fans, and another poor showing didn’t improve the fans’ opinions of the “Slick Pimp Daddy.” After picking up the win Narato calmly left the ring, as Tatsukichi continued his habit of bellowing something in Japanese.

“The Bird Man” Matt Sparrow made his way down to the ring and challenged Hell’s Bouncer to a match at Counter Culture. Sparrow said that he was sick and tired of being ambushed by Bouncer, who was soon in the ring as well. He accepted Sparrow’s challenge for a match and went to attack Matt again, but this time Sparrow was prepared! He managed to dodge Bouncer’s attack and managed to plant him with the Bird Brain Buster, before making his way to the back.

Two teams that had been on terrible runs clashed next, as The New Wave took on The New Jersey Devil’s. Whether either of the teams could end their poor streak we’ll never know, as Nemesis returned to DAVE after a short absence! The former DAVE Champion brutalized all four men, leaving the match in chaos after just 4:44.

Nemesis brought two tables into the ring, and once his assault was complete both Guide and Tank Bradley had been smashed through tables with Nemesis Arrows. Nemesis glanced at the carnage he’d created before making his way to the back, leaving Mitch Naess crying out for paramedics to get to the ring.

The AnimalZ made their way to the ring and in a short segment challenged The McWade Brothers to a match at Counter Culture. Phil Vibert made his way onto the ramp to boos from the crowd, but surprisingly the former DAVE commentator accepted the challenge – on the condition that when The AnimalZ lost, they wouldn’t be eligible for another shot at the Tag Team Titles for a one year! The AnimalZ accepted the challenge, saying that if they lost then the team would go their separate ways.

“The Traditionalist” Eric Tyler entered the ring and said that it was time for Shawn Gonzalez to tell everyone what stipulation he had chosen for Counter Culture. “The Lone Wolf” was soon in the ring, and told Tyler that the belt would be suspended 15 feet above the ring, and the only way to reach it would be with a ladder! Tyler began to smile – but it was soon wiped off his face by a shot to the face with the DAVE Unified title from Gonzalez, much to the delight of the crowd. Gonzalez went to the outside and pulled a ladder out from under the apron before setting it up in the ring over Tyler’s prone body. Gonzalez then scaled the ladder and hoisted the belt in the air – is this how it’ll end at Counter Culture?

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IPB Image

Danger and Violence Extreme Presents;

Counter Culture

February 2006 – Monday, Week 3

IPB Image vs. IPB Image

DAVE Unified Title Match

“The Lone Wolf” Shawn Gonzalez =0= vs. “The Tradionalist” Eric Tyler

IPB Image vs. IPB Image

DAVE Brass Knuckles Title Match

Teddy Powell =0= vs. Eddie Peak

IPB ImageIPB Image vs. IPB ImageIPB Image

DAVE Tag Team Titles Match

The McWade Brothers =0= =0= vs. The AnimalZ

IPB Image vs. IPB Image

Singles Match

Hell’s Bouncer vs. “The Bird Man” Matt Sparrow

IPB Image vs. IPB Image

Singles Match

Honest Frank vs. Johnny Martin

IPB Image vs. IPB Image

Singles Match

Chris Caulfield vs. “British Beef” George Saint

IPB Image vs. IPB Image

Singles Match

Fumihiro Ota vs. American Elemental

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I really enjoy reading this diary, your TV show format is easy to read and isn't long winded.

With that said, I really enjoyed the format of your earlier shows. Although longer (and probably more difficult/time consuming to write), I got a better handle on the motivation of the characters involved.

Otherwise, good stuff. Always glad to see someone doing something original in the Dome.

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IPB Image

Danger and Violence Extreme Presents;

DAVE: Counter Culture

February 2006 – Monday, Week 3

The second DAVE Pay-Per View of 2006 kicked off from Plum Park with action from Fumihiro Ota, and a ‘rising star’ on the independent scene American Elemental. Mitch Naess pointed out that Elemental’s name was a tribute to the Japanese legend, although the American youngster was yet to actually wrestle in Japan. However, he wrestled a Japanese star here but was unable to pick up the win, despite going close a number of times. In the end though Kazumi Narato’s distraction was enough to allow Ota to hit Elemental with the Ninja Strike and pick up the win at 10:44.

DAVE Unified Champion Shawn Gonzalez is backstage, with his title slung over his shoulder. “The Lone Wolf” says that Eric Tyler may be a legend in this business, but it’s time for the old guard to move aside. He promises that tonight he’ll climb the ladder and retrieve his title belt.

Another interview, this time with Teddy Powell. The DAVE Brass Knuckles champion said that he’d teach Eddie Peak why you don’t mess with “Constant Motion” or his friends. He said that once he beats Eddie tonight, he wants to hear no more about the “House of Holmes” and his title.

JD Morgan and “British Beef” George Saint make their way down to the ring to a loud chorus of boos and cheers from the crowd, mainly aimed at Morgan. Morgan says that everybody saw what Saint did do Chris Caulfield last month at Back in Black, and tonight’s going to be nothing more than a recap. Morgan said that Caulfield didn’t have a hope in hell of beating Saint here tonight.

“The Hardcore American” made his way down to the ring for his match, and was quickly attacked by Saint. Caulfield was able to fight back though with the aid of his Cane and almost grabbed a very quick victory after what looked like a botched DDT dropped “British Beef” square on his head. However, Saint was able to kick out and soon began to dominate as the fight spilled to the outside and busted Caulfield open after a vicious assault with numerous weapons scattered around the ring. Eventually the match headed back into the ring and Saint went up to the second rope looking for a double axe-handle, but Caulfield was able to cut him off with a Singapore Cane shot to the stomach! Caulfield then managed to hit the Danger Drop for the victory!

After the match JD Morgan tried to blindside the victorious Caulfield, but he was found wanting on this occasion as Caulfield managed to nail the Danger Drop on Morgan as well! A bloodied Caulfield raised his Cane into the air to a massive cheer from the crowd before making his way to the back.

Honest Frank made his way down to the ring with a microphone in hand. He said that now he’s had time to prepare he’ll beat Johnny Martin and continue his undefeated streak here in DAVE – because he was never pinned at Back in Black…

Johnny Martin made his entrance and the match gets underway, and it’s clear from the get-go that Martin, a two-time DAVE Unified Champion was looking to embarrass Frank and teach him a lesson. However, his need to make an example out of Frank lead to him neglecting a couple of opportunities that would have given him the win – and that ultimately cost him, as he went for a Twist on the Rocks only to get blasted with a set of Brass Knuckles that Frank had slipped on! With Martin out cold Frank managed to lay an arm across his chest and picked up the victory! Frank was booed as he made his way up the ramp having done exactly what he said he’d do - continue his undefeated streak in DAVE.

Matt Sparrow is shown in a pre-taped interview discussing his match with Hell’s Bouncer which is coming up next. “The Bird Man” says that tonight will end everything - the backstage attacks and the surprise assaults.

Before we go to the next match we’re taken to the lockeroom, where Phil Vibert is giving the tag team champions a last minute pep-talk. Vibert says that tonight’s there chance to end the AnimalZ’ career here in DAVE, because when they lose tonight they won’t be allowed another shot at the belts for a year! Vibert says that they’ve beaten them before, and they’ll do it again tonight.

Hell’s Bouncer and Matt Sparrow clashed next after two months of continuous assaults on one another. Naess reminded us that it started when Bouncer Powerbombed “The Bird Man” off the stage after losing to him back at Christmas with the Devil. The match itself was a rather mishmash of styles as the high-flying Matt Sparrow looked to fly through the air as much as possible whilst Bouncer’s offence was mostly power-based. It was Sparrow who eventually picked up the victory though after a Bird Brain Buster followed up by a Shooting Star Press which gave him the three count! After the match the fan-favourite made his way to the back whilst Hell’s Bouncer was left looking very unhappy having lost this match.

The McWade Brothers managed to defeat The AnimalZ in the next match, surprisingly without the help of Phil Vibert – who had been taken out by a Spear from ‘Big Cat’ Brandon. With Dean leaning against a table that was propped up in the corner Brandon charged in looking for another Spear, but the McWade twin was able to move out of the way at the very last second. With Brandon effectively out of the match it was down to The Wolverine, and despite nearly pulling off what would’ve been an amazing victory after hitting The Maul on Dallas he was eventually beaten by a Running Big Foot followed up by a Powerbomb from the McWade Brothers. As Dean and Dallas carried Phil Vibert back up the ramp The AnimalZ remained in the ring and realized that they were now effectively finished as a team, having given up any tag team title shots for the next year.

Eric Tyler is backstage and he reminds us all of the fact that he’s a five-time DAVE Unified Champion. Tyler says that Gonzalez will be nothing more than a traditional champion, and come tonight he’ll have had one of the shortest title reigns in DAVE’s history.

A video is shown highlighting all the key moments of the feud between Teddy Powell and Eddie Peak. We’re reminded of the fact that Teddy Powell only agreed to this match to save his tag team partner Sammy Bach.

Eddie Peak and the DAVE Brass Knuckles Champion Teddy Powell are in the ring and ready to start, but before things get underway Doug Peak emerges from the back dragging Sammy Bach behind him! Teddy Powell watches as Doug handcuffs Sammy to the bottom rope in the corner but is quickly jumped by Eddie. Powell did manage to fight back and take control but seeing things weren’t going their way Emma sent Doug Peak into the ring, and the double-team soon began to dominate the champion. Things were looking bleak for “Constant Motion”, but on the outside Emma strayed to close to Sammy Bach who managed to grab hold of her and steal the keys for the handcuffs! Bach quickly grabbed a chair from ringside and entered the ring, leading the Peak Brothers to head to the other side. Teddy Powell, now next to Bach, began to get to his knees, but Bach suddenly turns and drills Powell over the head! He drops the chair and pushes Powell towards the Peak’s before leaving the ring, allowing Eddie to hit the Peak of Perfect on Powell for the victory! Eddie Peak wins the Brass Knuckles title back from Sammy Powell, and celebrates with Easy Emma and Doug Peak as they head back up the ramp.

Meanwhile, Sammy Bach enters the ring once more and stands over the beaten Teddy Powell. He stomps on his former partner’s chest before picking him up and hitting the Adrenaline Shot. Bach is booed and jeered as he leaves the ring, having shocked everybody by turning on Teddy Powell!

The Main Event was up next, and the belt was suspended above the ring for the ladder match between “The Lone Wolf” Shawn Gonzalez and “The Tradionalist” Eric Tyler! Tyler pulled out a performance that surprised everybody as he almost defeated Gonzalez, scaling the ladder after dropping Gonzalez with the Tradition Lift – but at the 14 minute mark he was simply too tired to get to the top before The Lone Wolf could drag him back into the ring. Gonzalez was eventually able to retain his title after hitting a bulldog on Tyler from the top of the ladder! “The Lone Wolf” was able to get to his first and climb the ladder once more to retrieve his belt! Counter Culture ended with a shot of Shawn Gonzalez on top of the ladder raising the DAVE Unified Title into the air – with JD Morgan watching on from the top of the ramp!

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