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**Just a note, this game is already in progress, so I will be doing an extended backstory explaining the events and happenings between March 2008 and September 2008 with a monthly explanation with explanations of events leading to their culiminations**

On July 2, 2005, the True Professional Wrestling organization opened up with Shane McMahon at the helm. McMahon had ended up having a falling out with his father, Vince McMahon and opened up his own promotion which was fairly successful. Then, Eric Bischoff who had since purchased the rights to the name WCW purchased TPW and WCW came back and reared it's ugly head to the public. And the company remained successful. They had a credible champion in Christian Cage, and a top feud between Christian and his friend turned enemy, Matt Cage. It was a top feud, but the end result wasn't positive. After a year of building up the match, Christian retained his title, but dropped it the next night to Ric Flair in a horrible booking decision which was the beginning of the end of the company.

In early 2007, the WCW which was legitimately the #1 promotion in America and the World, went out of business. The WWE purchased the company back and some, but not all of the contracts were picked up. By 2008, the wrestling community wasn't booming. WWE lost most of it's Global fanbase, and TNA remained exactly where they had been for years. Through this all, Ted Turner decided to get back into the "rasslin" business, and got his backers and financial advisors to invest, once again, into a wrestling promotion. The Premier Wrestling Alliance. He picked up some of the hottest talent on the market, hired a great top booker who went by the name Matthew Hullum, and to head the company, he hired Shane McMahon who had tried to rekindle his relationship with his father, but the reconciliation failed miserably.

By February 2008, the development for the PWA had been finalized, and they set their sites on a March television launch on a regional network in Atlanta on Monday Nights. By this point, TNA's iMPACT television show had made it primetime and SpikeTV opted to move it to Monday Nights against WWE's Raw which continued to air on USA. WWE no longer had SmackDown as it was cancelled in early 2007. TNA, WWE and the new rising cult star, PWA all had events on Monday Nights, so it was sure to be an amazing battle. Shane McMahon, Matthew Hullum and Ted Turner had helped to create something special. However, would they be able to rise up against the competition? With only a cult internet fan base, PWA seemed doomed to remain just that. The same thing happened to TNA. But they were determined to rise to the top. This is their acension....

To Be Continued...

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Demonology Period - (March to April)

In the early shows, it was about establishment. Shane McMahon immediately had conflict with Jonathan Coachman who was the mouthpiece for Abyss. Abyss and Coach wanted domination, and immediately took out Shane McMahon. Edge called out Mick Foley who had since retired from the business, forcing him out of retirement and in the main event of the first episode of Monday Night Fight, Foley attempted to cost Edge a match against Bobby Lashley, but failed at his attempt. On April 6th, Bret Hart died before ever appearing on screen. Teddy Hart and Harry Smith teamed with their cousin, Nattie to form the New Hart Foundation in his honor and won the Tag Team Titles.

Brock Lesnar, who had aligned himself with Abyss and The Coach to form the Elite Alliance singled out Christian, and a massive blood feud had begun. Matt Hardy had become the #1 contender to Bobby Lashley's US Title, and Edge and Mick Foley were set to embark on a major match to crown the first PWA Champion. At Champions Showcase, the PWA's first major showcase to national TV, Edge hosted The Cutting Edge and tried to attack Mick Foley, but was put through a table. On this show, Shane McMahon faced The Coach and won the match, but afterwards was attacked by Abyss. The first stages of the Christian/Lesnar feud were settled, but the war wasn't complete when Christian picked up a victory by DQ.

IPB Image

PWA Presents...


April 27, 2008

World Heavyweight Championship

Hell in the Cell

Edge © def. Cactus Jack

Christian Cage def. Brock Lesnar

Last Man Standing Match

Abyss def. Shane McMahon

United States Championship

Matt Hardy def. Bobby Lashley

Carlito def. Ken Shamrock

World Tag Team Championship

MNM © def. The Hart Foundation

This was a major step and lead in to what would become a major month in the PWA and the wrestling industry as a whole.

To Be Continued...

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BattleBrawl Period - (April to May)

On Monday Night Fight, Cactus Jack took on Carlito, but the match went to a double disqualification. The Coach, surprisingly, figured a winner needed to be decided, so he booked this match. Cactus Jack is still feeling the effects of last month's Hell in the Cell, but can Carlito overcome the veteran and Hardcore Legend? The Redneck Messiah is on a hunt for gold, and that particular gold that he wants is TAKA's Crown Title. TAKA has had a stranglehold on his title, and has yet to lose. He's an undefeated champion, but Noble has promised victory, and so has TAKA. Who will prove that not only their skills are superior, but that their word is more than iron clad? This is sure to be a classic, so don't miss it.

At a PWA Live Event, MNM and The Canadian Express had an altercation which set this huge match up. MNM have never had a challenge like the Canadian Express, but with the challenge ahead of them, can they use their tag team experience to overcome the wily Canadian duo? Tune in to find out if we'll see new World Tag Team Champions crowned. Ever since Matt Hardy stuck his nose in Bobby Lashley's business, he has been a throrn in his side. Whether fighting, teaming or shaking hands, Matt Hardy is everywhere, and Lashley has not only had enough, but he wants Hardy's belt too! He'll get his second shot at the US Title at BattleBrawl, and you can damn sure bet that he'll make the most of it.

Abyss took out PWA CEO, Shane McMahon, allowing his associate and fellow Elite Alliance member, Coach to take over the PWA. The Coach booked Harry Smith's cousin, Teddy in a match with Edge where the loser would be fired. Edge won the match, and Teddy was gone, but the catch was that Harry was the guest referee. Feeling guilty that he may have caused the nervous breakdown of his cousin, he begged for Coach to rehire him. Coach agreed, but only if he could defeat Abyss!

Lesnar and Cage have been at each other's throats for weeks now, and we thought it all culminated at Champion's Showcase, but we were wrong. The issue continued, even going as far as Lensar and the Elite Alliance kidnapping Christian's wife, Denise and breaking her hand. Christian took care of Lesnar, or so he thought, and Lesnar came back fighting, costing Cage the #1 contenders match. Christian held interim CEO Coach hostage, and demanded that he take on Lesnar at BattleBrawl in a First Blood Match. With both men being busted open on Fight, they are going to have their skin ripped apart easily one would think. Who will win this blood feud?!

Ken Shamrock won a mini-tournament to become the #1 contender to Edge's title. On Monday Night Fight after being berated by Edge verbally, and not being able to get a word in edgewise, Shamrock snapped and took Edge out. Edge was heard complaining of a broken rib. With the champion softened up, can Shamrock overcome his arch rival to become the PWA Champion?

PWA BattleBrawl

May 25, 2008

- Brock Lesnar won the The 30 Man Battle Brawl Match

PWA World Championship

Edge © def. Ken Shamrock

First Blood Match

Christian def. Brock Lesnar

PWA World Tag Team Championship

The Canadian Express def. MNM ©

PWA United States Championship

Bobby Lashley def. Matt Hardy ©

Abyss def. Harry Smith

- If Smith Wins, Teddy Hart Returns

- If Abyss Wins, Harry Smith Is Fired

PWA Crown Championship

Jamie Noble def. TAKA Michinoku ©

Carlito def. Cactus Jack

To Be Continued...

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War To Settle The Score Period (May to June)

Big happenings and one of the more entertaining and shocking months. Harry Smith, who had since been fired, finally got a match against The Coach which would allow him to get his job back along with his cousin's. The final drops of sweat, blood and tears in the Lesnar/Christian feud was cpming as Christian was set to once again take on Lesnar. Austin Aries gained a huge fan following, hooked up with Nattie Neidhart and his career began to skyrocket. But the absolute most shocking happening was when Rob Van Dam made a surprise debut and on his first night, defeated Edge for the PWA Title. This was The War to Settle The Score, and things were never going to be the same.

IPB Image

War To Settle The Score

June 13, 2008

I Quit Match

#1 Contenders Shot On The Line

Christian def. Brock Lesnar

PWA World Championship

Rob Van Dam © vs. Edge

Harry Smith vs. The Coach

Harry and Teddy Hart's jobs on the line

Elite Alliance is banned from ringside

PWA United States Championship

Bobby Lashley © vs. Matt Hardy

PWA Hardcore Championship

Cactus Jack vs. Abyss vs. Carlito

Matt Striker, Austin Aries & Nattie vs. The Megastars & Traci

PWA Tag Team Championship

The Canadian Express © vs. MNM

To Be Continued...

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Okay, I decided to bring this diary back to EWB. Early months and shows all had copied and pasted results, but I've moved forth to writing them myself now that I actually have time to do so. I really don't want to Copy and Paste every show between Torch for Peace and my most recent show, seeing as I am nearing November and this is in July and there's been a LOT of shows between now and then. I'll cover some of the main info here post Torch For Peace.


Death Warrant Period - July to August

With Christian as the new World Champion, he was immediately thrusted into a program with his brother, Edge the former champion. However, two other pieces of the puzzle became involved as well, as Edge hired Titan (The Big Show) to be his backup, and Christian brought in his close friend, Chris Jericho. They went back and forth, taking each other on before locking up in a Tag Team Match for the World Title at Death Warrant which saw Christian pin Edge to come out on top.

Management also started a tournament called the Premier Cup which gave 16 men the great opportunity to not only win a tournament, but gain respect as well as the managerial services of, one, Mickie James. The finals came down to Brock Lesnar and the newly dubbed Scott Borders (Val Venis). However, Brock Lesnar was betrayed by his monster heel stable, The Elite Alliance and they quickly kicked him out of the group. Lesnar walked into the match cheered by the crowd, but ultimately lost and Borders took home the cup, and the girl.

The Teddy Hart/Harry Smith rivalry quickly picked up, and the two were eventually not given the opportunity to lock up at Death Warrant. However, tension picked up ten fold and Harry Smith was on the chase, 24/7 even stalking Teddy outside of his home, aching for the opportunity to smear him into the gravel, while the blackheart of the Hart family hid and avoided Harry at all costs.

Randy Orton made it a point to humiliate Mick Foley at every twist, and every turn on their way to being booked in a No Holds Barred match at Death Warrant. Each man, full of pride were looking to settle the score once and for all, but in the end, Randy Orton went over cleanly, nailing Foley with an RKO on a bed of barbed wire to pick up the win, and once again, silencing Foley for good and sending him back into retirement. Orton vowed to get in the title hunt, but time would tell whether or not that would happen.

Traci Brooks paid Phil Brooks (not related) a nice sum of money to take out Austin Aries for giving her a 450 Splash and breaking her ribs, however she disappeared from the PWA shortly thereafter. The rivalry did go on, and at every turn, Phil Brooks tried his best to take out Aries, but it wasn't until their match at Death Warrant that he finally got the opportunity to do so. During the match, Brooks low blowed Aries and rolled him up for the pin and grabbed the tights to get the victory. Aries was up though, and vowed revenge promising that he'd end Phil Brooks once and for all. This rivalry was far from over.

Death Warrant Results:

Phil Brooks def. Austin Aries... Randy Orton def. Mick Foley... Christopher Daniels def. Jamie Noble to retain the Crown Title... Carlito def. Chris Sabin to retain the United States Title... Scott Borders def. Brock Lesnar in the Premier Cup Finals... Christian & Chris Jericho def. Edge & Titan to retain the World Title


Vendetta Period - August to September

The financial backers of PWA purchased the Men of Steel Combat promotion and the contracts of their World Champion (Steve Corino), International Champion (Shelton Benjamin) and their Tag Team Champions (Balls Mahoney & Danny Doring) were picked up. The Coach was given on air credit for their purchase, and this set the tone for what would become a slow, and stale period in the PWA as a brand split had been set in stone with Coach running the Fight brand and Shane McMahon running Violation. Instantly, things were turned upside down. Tag Team Champions, Hardcore Inc repeatedly went against Tag Team Champions, Team Extreme and they traded the titles around a bit.

Rob Van Dam was given the option of choosing the brand of his choice, and eventually chose Fight, but only after Randy Orton gave him the RKO to help his decision be set in stone and the two went forth in a fierce rivalry which culminated at Vendetta when Van Dam pinned Orton after an amazing back and forth match with the Five Star Frog Splash ending it all for The Legend Killer. This would be the beginning of a tough time for Randy Orton, and the beginning of a change in Rob Van Dam.

The family rivalry of Harry Smith and Teddy Hart continued. Shane McMahon tried his best to play mediator, but his efforts went unnecessary and he was forced to book the two in a match to settle the score, and he did. The match went down at Vendetta, and it was a classic. However, tensions were running high and once they reached a boiling point, it was all she wrote as the two exploded and the referee was forced to call for a double disqualification.

Edge and Christian didn't focus much on the brand split, but further went into their feud and the two were booked in a TLC match for Vendetta. They had faced for the title on live TV and Edge defeated Christian, but by countout. Booking plans were scheduled to see Christian retain and continue the feud for another month, however Christian was busted with a bag of cocaine backstage, and management felt that since they were just two days away from the PPV, that there was no chance of them stripping him of the title, so he showed up, wrestled his brother and lost the title. Edge was given credit for a supposed injury that took Christian out of storylines, and he was immediately checked into rehab. At the moment, he's pushing for a January return.

Austin Aries kept true to his promise, and continued to seek revenge on Phil Brooks, and throughout the month, he continuously came close to finding it. However, when the two locked horns at Vendetta for their second ppv encounter, the result was the same. Phil Brooks, who had cheated the month before, did so once again, knocking Aries out with brass knucks, using the tights and feet on the ropes to pick up the victory. The battle had been won, but Aries made sure that everyone knew that the war was not over.

Carlito and Steve Corino were slated to have a match for the Heavyweight Championship at Vendetta, but due to time constraints, the match was removed with no explanation. But the shocking turn of events is that Steve Corino quit PWA after he found out that he was being bumped. Carlito is now feudless, again, and PWA has no idea where to lead him and he was none too happy about it either. Carlito was still the United States Champion however, so some sort of feud was to be given to him soon.

The fans didn't take to the brand split at all, and reactions were poor. Managment decided to end it immediately, proving it to be one of the most horrific booking decisions made within the company and a huge 5 v 5 Tag Team Match was set up for Vendetta. The match was epic, and in the end, Shane McMahon's team Violation came out on top. The representatives for the teams were: Team Violation (Shane McMahon, Bobby Roode, Jamie Noble, Titan & Chris Jericho) v. Team Fight (Bobby Lashley, Balls Mahoney, Danny Doring, Shelton Benjamin & Scott Borders). In the end of the match, Brock Lesnar got his revenge on The Coach for turning his back on him and nailed Scott Borders with a chair allowing Chris Jericho to get the pinfall and the victory.

Vendetta Results:

Matt Hardy pinned Shannon Moore... Phil Brooks pinned Austin Aries... Brock Lesnar pinned Abyss... Edge defeated Christian to become the PWA World Champion... Rob Van Dam pinned Randy Orton... Harry Smith and Teddy Hart fought to a double disqualification... Team Violation defeated Team Fight


Cry of the Souls Period - September to October

Edge was coming off a title victory against his brother Christian, but was without an opponent for Cry of the Souls. It was revealed that the winner of the Team Violation v Team Fight match was awarded with one special wish, and Jericho used that wish to give him a shot at the World Title. However, McMahon revealed that Brock Lesnar was awarded a wish as well since he assisted in the victory and a Triple Threat Title match was booked for the PPV. Over the course of the next few weeks, Chris Jericho would defeat Edge twice by Disqualification, and would show his dominance even taking out Brock Lesnar which kept him on the sidelines for 2 and a half weeks. On the final episode of Violation before the PPV, Lesnar returned and left everyone lying.

The Rock shockingly arrived in the PWA as The Coach promised that he had the solution to his Brock Lesnar problem. However, The Rock quickly revealed that he was not on Coach's side, and turned on him as quickly as he arrived. The next week, Rob Van Dam turned heel on The Rock and aligned himself with The Coach and his new monster who he dubbed, The New Big Thing, Bobby Lashley. They were set to take on each other in a Handicap Match at Cry of the Souls.

Austin Aries and Phil Brooks once again continued their rivalry and it was even revealed that Aries had impregnated his girlfriend, Nattie Neidhart. Brooks told the world that nothing would stop him from leaving Aries in the middle of the ring unable to get up, but the announcement of his girlfriend's pregnancy lit a fire under his ass, and Aries promised to decimate Brooks. Brooks found it disgusting that Nattie and Aries would conceive a child out of wedlock and promised to make them both pay.

The family rivalry between Teddy Hart and Harry Smith continued to escalate, and it reached an all time high with two events in particular. Teddy attempted to get under the skin of Harry, telling him that he pulled the plug on Bret Hart's life support, and spat on a picture of Harry's deceased father, Davey Boy Smith. By this point, Teddy had become Crown Champion, with Harry's assistance, and the title was on the line. Shane McMahon wanted this blood feud to end and made it a no disqualification match where there had to be a winner.

Jamie Noble and Christopher Daniels re-lit their rivalry, this time for the United States Title, Four Teams pined for the opportunity to become Tag Team Champions and Kaientai added a new member to their team. Matt Hardy turned heel on his friend, Shannon Moore and declared himself Version 2. Scott Borders and Mickie James seeked out Titan for a threesome, but it was revealed that he was a homosexual. Randy Orton began a losing streak at Vendetta and has yet to break it. All this helped to build one of the better events since Torch For Peace, and it all went down as easy and as entertaining as possible...

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Dark Matches:

#1 - Bobby Roode pinned Andy Douglas in 6:56 following the Northern Lariat.

#2 - Shelton Benjamin defeated Randy Orton in 14:32 to retain the International Title.

IPB Image

PWA Cry of the Souls: October 27, 2008


A video package highlighting the main events of all of tonight's featured matches is played to the tune of a solemn hymm. Pyro, and the whole shebang as Josh Matthews, Jerry Lawler and Roddy Piper welcome us to the show and hype all of the big matches that will go down tonight. We go to the ring for the first match of the night.

Singles Match

Matt Hardy v Shannon Moore

Backstory: These two former best friends grew up together, and broke into the business together. While they ended up going in different paths, their roads have recently once again crossed. Two months ago, Shannon Moore arrived in PWA and let everyone know that for a while now, Matt Hardy has been floundering and not living up to his full potential, and that he was going to make Matt Hardy realize he's worth more. Hardy obviously took offense, because he snapped and rather than looking at Moore's words as motivation, he saw them as an insult and turned his back on his friend and defeated him in a match of respect, followed by a post match shot to the face. Now, with the voltage turned up, Moore looks to gain a little ounce of revenge, while Hardy keeps true to his promise of destroying Shannon Moore. Last week on Fight, Shannon Moore cost Hardy a Hardcore Match against The Rock to further escalate things.

Fast paced, action packed contest with not a moment of rest. Moore dominated the early going, and took Hardy to school, wrestling him to the mat as the crowd easily got behind him. He hit Hardy with a huge standing vertical suplex, but Hardy kicked out of a pinfall attempt. About five minutes into the match, Hardy went to the top rope, but Moore went up top and hit him with a hurrican rana which almost took the win, but Hardy kicked out of the pinfall. Moore loaded Hardy back on the top rope, and went for a superplex, but Hardy grabbed him and hit him with the Side Effect from the top rope, and they both landed in a heap, but Hardy couldn't capitalize quick enough, and when he pinned him, he only got a two count. Disgruntled, he threw Moore into the referee, knocking him down. He grabbed a chair from ringside, and upon re-entering the ring, nailed Moore with the chair. However, the referee recovered quickly, and saw the shot and called for the bell, giving Hardy the disqualification victory at 9:23. Enraged, Hardy chucked the referee from the ring, and as Moore got to his feet, Hardy hooked him in and planted him face first with the Twist of Fate. "Live for the Moment" hit, and Hardy left the ring to a chorus of those pleasant "Hardy Sucks!" chants.

Shannon Moore defeated Matt Hardy by DQ in 9:34 (75.4% - 70.8% - 75.4%) ***

The announcers hyped how much Hardy has changed and warned us that this rivalry has probably yet to end.

Jericho's Gonna Climb The Mountain

Backstage, Chris Jericho is standing by in the interview area.

(Jericho) I want Edge and Brock Lesnar to know something. I came to PWA and I promised success. And thus far, I've been successful. In a mere month, I became the top man in the company. I single handedly destroyed Team Fight at Vendetta on my way to becoming the #1 contender, but just because Lesnar wanted to hog the spotlight, he got a shot too. Well, to protect my investment, I took him out. Love me for it, or hate me for it, it worked. He's a wounded man, and that only betters my chances tonight. Then look a the so called champion, Edge. I've beaten him twice. Twice he's tapped out to me, and tonight, I'll make it three. Bottom line, you're looking at the new Heavyweight Champion...

He looks to the sky.

(Jericho) ... OF THE WORLD!!

The fans began chanting his name as we fade to the otherside of the arena...

The Country Boy Will Bow Down

... where Christopher Daniels is sitting in his locker room watching the promo Jamie Noble cut this past week on Violation. He throws the remote down, and ejects the tape from the VCR.

(Daniels) You're happy, are you?

Daniels takes the tape and throws it across the room and watches it shatter against the wall.

(Daniels) Tonight, your happiness and dreams will become a bloody nightmare! You will bow down before the feet of the Fallen Angle, Noble!

Back at ringside...

PWA Unified Tag Team Championship

Hardcore, Inc. © v MNM v Samoan Gangstas v Team Extreme

Backstory: The Samoan Gangstas arrived on the scene looking to take the Tag Team Titles, while Team Extreme and Hardcore, Inc. competed multiple times to decide who was the superior team with Hardcore, Inc. eventually winning their series and becoming the Unified Tag Team Champions. MNM, who are former tag team champs as well have felt overlooked and underappreciated lately and have thrown their cards into the hat. They've butted heads with The Samoan Gangstas, and the past couple of weeks, these four teams have wound up in brawls around the country in an attempt to prove that each team, respectively, is the best that the business has to offer. Tonight, each team has the opportunity to do just that.

The match was a Four Corners match, where to be a participant in the match, you had to be tagged in. Jamal and Tom Howard opened the match, but Howard held his own against Jamal, even bodyslamming him on his way to a two count, but nothing more. Jamal almost got the win early on hitting Tom with a Samoan Drop, but Bob broke up the count. About 6 minutes into the match, Johnny Nitro got the tag and went to the top rope and went for a missile dropkick to Balls Mahoney, but Balls caught him and hit him with a Powerslam, which got a two count. Eventually, all the teams got into the ring, and a pier six brawl was on. Doring dropkicked Tom Howard out of the ring, Balls clotheslined Jamal over the top rope while Joey Mercury was splashed outside the ring. Inside the ring, Nitro and Bob Howard stood in the ring and Howard went for the Falcon Arrow, but Nitro reversed it into a reverse sit out bomb. He climbed to the top rope and hit the Nitro Burn (Shooting Star Press) and landed perfectly and pinned him for the win. Rosey and Jamal slid in the ring, but Nitro quickly rolled away, grabbed the titles and helped up his partner on the outside as they celebrated with their new Tag Team Titles on their way up the ramp.

MNM defeated Hardcore, Inc., Team Extreme and Samoan Gangstas by pinfall at 14:57 to become Unified Tag Team Champions (50.3% - 62.2% - 53.1%) **1/4

The announcers tell us that somehow the fans have gotten behind MNM and how much this title victory means to the team and how disappointed the other three teams have got to be.

Here Comes The Pain!

Backstage, Joy is standing by with Brock Lesnar.

(Joy) I'm sure you heard what Jericho had to say about you earlier in the night. What are your thoughts?

(Brock) Yeah, I did and I've gotta admit that everything he said was absolutely correct. I am an injured man. I've got two broken ribs, but that's what happens when an asshole Canadian attacks you with a tire iron for 5 minutes from behind and without warning. But make no mistake that even though I'm not 100%, I am a fighter and a survivor. I've spent the past two weeks coughing up blood, but nothing will stop me from taking this title tonight. And as for you, Edge... Well, I suggest you stop calling yourself the Lord of the Ring, because tonight, the ring and the night belongs to the King of Pain. And Edge... here it comes!

Titan Crossed The Borderline

In their locker room, Scott Borders and Mickie James are making out on their couch when Mickie runs her hands down towards his crotch and he slaps her hand away.

(Mickie) What?!

(Borders) Not tonight, Mickie. Titan crossed the line with what he did, and tonight, I am going to show him once and for all that you don't screw with Scott Borders.

(Mickie) You want me at ringside tonight.

(Borders) Actually, I do. I've got a little idea I wanna let you in on.

(Mickie) Oooh! What is it?

Before he can begin to speak, we fade to ringside for our next match.

PWA United States Championship

Jamie Noble © v Christopher Daniels

Backstory: These two men have had a rivalry based on pure talent here in the PWA, battling at Torch For Peace for Noble's Crown Title which he held at the time. Now, with that title around the waist of Teddy Hart, Noble is the holder of the United States Title, and Christopher Daniels won a #1 Contenders Match to gain the opportunity to face Daniels here at Cry of the Souls. However, the match and rivalry isn't based on respect and talent anymore. It's based on respect. Noble is looking to retain his happiness, while Daniels is looking to gain some gold, which he has yet to do in his PWA career thus far. If their previous encounters are any hint, this match is sure to be a classic.

This match gave the United States Title a completely new prestige. The match started out with a strong sequence of pure mat wrestling with Noble getting the better of Daniels. However, Daniels decided to take the cheap route, and thumbed Noble in the eye to take control. Daniels dominated early on, working the leg of lower back of Noble, hitting him with three backbreakers in a row, and hitting a Ghetto Stomp from the top rope to Noble's back, which caused him to scream out in pain. Noble tried to come back, and went for his Tiger Bomb after a Daniels screw up, but when he tried to lift Daniels up for the Bomb, he dropped him and fell to the match, clinching his back. Daniels hit him with a Tiger Bomb of his own and went to the top to hit the BME, successfully. However, Noble got his foot on the bottom rope. In the end, Noble found a way to gain back control, and showed Daniels his heart, and dropkicked him in the knee. Daniels fell forward into the ropes, but was met with a chop block which took him out of the ring. Noble, still in pain was stalled by his hurt back as Daniels leaned up against the stairs trying to rub the pain out of his knee. However, with his back turned, he was easy prey for Noble to dropkick the knee once again and it collided with the steps and Daniels screamed out "FUCK!" for the world to hear. Noble rolled him back into the ring, and with all of his might, lifted Daniels up for the Tiger Bomb and hit it successfully. He tried to lock on the Figure Four Leg Lock, but Daniels rolled him up into a small package, but Noble rolled out of it. They both got to their feet, but Daniels was met with a drop toe hold. Noble locked on the Trailer Hitch in the middle of the ring, and Daniels tapped out as the crowd erupted with cheers.

Jamie Noble defeated Christopher Daniels by submission at 19:05 to retain the United States Championship (61.0% - 86.0% - 73.7%) ****1/2

A video package for the upcoming Crown Title match between Harry Smith and Teddy Hart was aired.

No Disqualification Match for the PWA Crown Championship

Teddy Hart © v Harry Smith

Backstory: This feud has been brewing since April of this year when Bret Hart passed away. Teddy Hart, eventually snapped. Over the course of a few months, Teddy was fired as was his cousin, Harry. Harry gained back his contract, as well as Teddy's. The fans eventually began to cheer and support Harry more than they had prior to Bret's death. Teddy, however, was overlooked and he began feeling bitter and when The Elite Alliance took on Team McMahon at Torch For Peace, Teddy and Harry (who were representing Shane) exploded as Teddy nailed Harry with a sickening chair shot, officially ending their alliance as a team, and a family war had only just begun. Harry began his quest to destroy his cousin, and even went as far to not only get his blood, but get his gold, as he caused Teddy to win the Crown Title, but when he eventually got his hands on Teddy one month ago at Vendetta, the match ended in a double disqualification. Shane McMahon, wanting to see this family rivalry come to an end, made this match No Disqualification so that there MUST be a winner.

This match started out viciously. Harry came to the ring first, followed by Hart, but the cowardous Hart refused to step in the ring, so Smith came flying over the top rope with a flying clothesline. Teddy tried to run away, and ran up the ramp but Smith came up closely behind him and they disappeared behind the curtain but as Harry approached, Teddy nailed him with a hammer and knocked Harry down as blood began pouring from his skull, just a minute and a half into the match. Teddy took him through the backstage area, and threw him into the equipment as blood poured from his body. Teddy took a chair, and threw it and it nailed Harry directly in the head. He grabbed him as he keeled over, and hit him with a spinning neckbreaker on the concrete floor and pulled him back out to the ring, and went for a pin, but Harry kicked out. He grabbed a trash can from underneath the ring, a singapore cane, and a chair. However, he took too long and a bloodied Smith took the singapore cane and nailed Teddy in the head with it as he got on the ring apron, and knocked him back to the floor.

Harry slid out, grabbed Teddy and powerbombed him on the floor. The match continued, and Harry busted Teddy open with a chairshot. In the end, Teddy Hart went for the Hart Attack, but Harry reversed it and hit a HUGE STO. He slid out of the ring and grabbed a table from ringside and set it out on the floor. He climbed back in the ring, and Hart hit him with a quick DDT. He went to the top rope and nailed Harry with an elbow drop. He picked up the chair and waited for Harry to get to his feet. As he did, Teddy swung the chair, but Harry ducked and chopped Teddy to the ground. He went up to the top rope, but Teddy followed. Harry crotched him and then picked him up. Amazingly keeping his balance, he put him on his shoulders and hopped up the top rope to the table outside the ring, hitting an inverted running powerslam as they both landed in a heap. Harry landed with his arm over Teddy, and the ref counted to three. The crowd erupted and Harry was helped to his feet, and handed the Crown Title.

Harry Smith defeated Teddy Hart by pinfall at 22:53 to become the NEW Crown Champion (56.1% - 78.2% - 67.5%) ***3/4

Backstage, Rob Van Dam and Bobby Lashley were shown doing push ups together as The Coach stood above them smiling. As we fade, a video was shown to hype Austin Aries against Phil Brooks and their history against each other..

Cage Match

Austin Aries v Phil Brooks

Backstory: This rivalry originally began in July. Austin Aries had given Traci Brooks a 450 splash, breaking her ribs and she was never to be seen again. However, before she disappeared, she paid Phil Brooks a nice sum of money to permanently destroy Austin Aries, and thus far, he's been successful in doing so. In August at Death Warrant, Phil Brooks capitalized on one of Austin Aries' mistakes, and pinned him cleanly. However, Aries wanted more and at Vendetta in Sepetember, he once again lost, however it took brass knucks, feet on the ropes as well as pulled tights to keep Aries down. Over the course of the last month, each man has stuck it to the other, and even with a surprise and stunning announcement of Nattie's pregnancy, Austin has yet to take his mind off of the match. He's promised the destruction of Phil Brooks, but Brooks has done the same. Who will survive?

The match started out fast and vicious as they both had brutality on their mind. Brooks taunted Aries from outside of the Cage, but Aries dove through the door with a flipping somersault, knocking Brooks down. He hit him with the door and threw him in the cage. He bashed his head about the steel panels, and raked away. Aries nailed him with a bridging german suplex, but Brooks kicked out. Aries nailed Brooks with a huge spinning heel kick, which knocked Brooks from one side of the ring to the other. However, Brooks took control as Aries ran for a corner clothesline, but Brooks got the foot up. He hit Aries with a piledriver in the middle of the ring and tried to climb out, but Aries pulled him down by the tights. He springboarded off the ropes and hit Brooks with a moonsault, taking him down. The match continued with back and forth dominance from both men until Aries took a significant lead in control. Brooks went for the Pepsi Plunge, but Aries backdropped him to the mat. He looked down and then looked up, opting to climb out of the cage. However, as he got to the top, Brooks had followed him up and they fought at the top of the cage.

Brooks kicked Aries in the midsection and went for the Pepsi Plunge from the top, but Aries hit him with a couple of hard shots in the side of his ribs. Brooks swung with his other arm and went for a shot, but Aries grabbed him and kicked him right in the crotch. Brooks lost his balance and fell from the top of the cage. Aries pointed to Brooks below, and then turned his head and saw Nattie standing at the top of the stage applauding him. He turned his attention back to Brooks and jumped off the top for the 450 Splash, but at the last second, Brooks rolled out of the way, and Aries crashed and burned. Somehow, Brooks managed to roll over on Aries, and cover him for the win as a disappointed, and spent crowd booed. As the cage was raised, Brooks made it to his feet and continued to stomp away at Aries, but Nattie came down to the ring. She pulled Brooks away and slapped him in the face, but he nailed her right in the face with a right hand which drew even more boos from the crowd. Paramedics came down to ringside and helped both Nattie and Austin from the ring as the crowd gave him a standing ovation.

Phil Brooks defeated Austin Aries at 20:43 by pinfall (65.4% - 85.9% - 76.7%) ****1/2

The announcers tell us how much heart Austin Aries has, but believe that with all of his heart, he may not be good enough to defeat Phil Brooks because with three pay per view opportunities, he's failed on all three. They also hype how disgusted they are with Brooks' actions, striking a pregnant woman.

Orton's Quest Continues

Backstage, Randy Orton approaches Mick Foley who is talking to The Human Tornado. Orton pushes Tornado completely out of the picture and we hear a scream and crash off screen.

(Mick) What do you want, Orton? Another fight? I'm retired, so piss off, punk.

(Orton) Actually, Mick. I'm looking for help. Through all of our wars, I've got nothing but respect for you, and quite honestly, I need the help. Please, ditch the microphone and help me get back on track. I've lost my confidence and I don't know what to do.

(Mick) I know what you can do.

(Orton) What?


Orton frowns, but knows that every word just spoken was true. He turns his head and walks away as Foley seethes in the background.

Singles Match

Titan v Scott Borders (w/ Mickie James)

Backstory: Mickie James was on a mission to satisfy her needs. She wanted a side fling, and chose who she felt had the biggest pleasure stick in the locker room to participate. Skeptical at first, Titan denied Mickie's sexual advances, but eventually agreed to a threesome with her and her main squeeze, Scott. Titan finally accepted, and live on Fight, proceeded to show Scott Borders why they call him Titan. It was here where Titan was outed as a closet homosexual, and Borders went crazy, attacking him brutally. This match was signed, and recently, each man has vowed personal revenge.

Titan debuted his new ring attire consisting of white boots, kneepads and white tights with a heart on the back and the word Titan across it. The match started off slow, but with pure dominance on Titan's part. He threw Borders around the ring, and even walked across his chest. Borders took some control, hitting a series of stiff kicks to Titan's midsection, but was lifted up and dropped with a gorilla press slam. Titan picked up Borders and went for the Chokeslam, but Mickie James hopped on the apron. As he dove for her, she threw in a bag to Borders. Titan grabbed her by the hair, but she dropped down to the floor before he could do any damage, and at the same time, he ripped out some of her hair. She smiled, and dropped it in his tights. He turned around, and a colorful explosion was thrown directly into his face. Borders came off the ropes with a dropkick which took him down. He climbed to the top and hit the Money Shot for the three count, and the win. Upon a replay, it was shown that Borders threw sex oils in Titan's face. He slid out of the ring and quickly made his way up the ramp with Mickie at his side.

Scott Borders defeated Titan by pinfall at 6:51 (71.0% - 83.2% - 72.5%) ***

The announcers tell us that this was a tough break for Titan, but they know he'll be back in no time, kicking ass and taking names -- and other men's numbers!

The Champ's Proclamation!

Backstage, Edge was standing by with Mick Foley, who has seemingly calmed down.

(Mick) Edge, in just a bit, you take on Chris Jericho and Bro --

(Edge) I know what I am doing you fat, sloppy piece of crap. Has anyone told you that you looked like a permanently unmade bed? Anyway, you're not the reason I am here. You mean nothing anymore anyway. What matters is this title.

Points to title.

(Edge) This means the world to me, and I am not going to let it leave my grasp anytime soon. I am The Lord of the Ring, and whether you can bring the pain or you're an ayatollah, you can't defeat the greatest. And tonight, I am going to prove it. Bet your ass on it. And in your case, Foley, you'll be betting all day because that's a big, fat ass.

(Mick) And as always, your World Champion, Edge.

Foley slams the mic into Edge's chest, and walks away as we fade to ringside.

Handicap Match

The Rock v Rob Van Dam & Bobby Lashley

Backstory: The Coach promised to bring in a new client to help him in his quest to get back to the top of PWA, and he brought in The Rock. However, it was all a tease as The Rock quickly destroyed The Coach and Bobby Lashley. Meanwhile, Rob Van Dam told the world that he had signed with a new agent. While many assumed that it was his old agent, Bill Alphonso, it wasn't. after an awesome match against The Rock, Van Dam turned his back on Rock and the fans and aligned with The Elite Alliance.

Before the match began, the referee sent The Coach backstage to chants of "Na na na...". The match began electric as The Rock punched Bobby Lashley in the face. The Rock snap suplexed Bobby Lashley. The Rock clotheslined Lashley to the mat. The Rock clotheslined Lashley to the mat. Rob Van Dam sent The Rock down with a kick to the side of the head. The Rock hit Rob Van Dam with a punch. The Rock snap suplexed Rob Van Dam. With RVD grounded, The Rock applied a sleeper hold to weaken him. RVD was rocked by a The Rock clothesline off the ropes. The Rock dropped Lashley with a big punch. The Rock's dominance was ended abruptly with a running splash in the corner from Lashley. In the end, Lashley and RVD had kept their control of the match, but Rock somehow found a way to clothesline Lashley to the floor. Rob Van Dam came off the top rope with a clothesline, but Rock caught him in midair and nailed him with a Rock Bottom. He covered him quickly for the pinfall, but seconds later, Lashley dove in to break up the count, but was too late. After the match, The Rock began to celebrate his victory, but The Coach came down and led his boys in an attack on The People's Champion. Lashley hit Rock with a Dominator, followed by the FSFS from Van Dam. They stood over Rock's prone, lifeless body when a voice is heard over a set of dimmed lights.

(Voice) A man fights for justice and honor, and whether he wins or loses, he walks away with pride and dignity. There's no shame in going out and getting your ass kicked, but there is shame in not fighting at all. It's time to see who the phony tough are, and exactly who is the crazy brave. PWA, get ready. Souls will cry! And they will cry, right.... NOW!


The lights come back on, and standing behind the Elite Alliance is the one and only Phenom, The Undertaker!! The crowd goes APESHIT as Taker grabs Van Dam and throws him by the throat over the top rope. He takes Lashley and boots him in the face, sending him across the ring. He walks over and nails him with a series of huge punches to the midsection and about his body. He takes Lashley by the throat and nails him with the Chokeslam. Van Dam gets back in the ring, and nails Taker from behind, but Taker is unaffected. He grabs him by the throat, and turns him upside down and drops him on his head with the Tombstone as the crowd goes further nuts. The Rock pulls himself to his feet as Coach backs up and backs directly into Rock. He turns around and gets nailed with a right hand which sends him stumbling into Coach. He turns around and is booted in the gut. Taker lifts him up and drops him hard with the Last Ride. Rock throws off his elbow pad and hits Coach with the People's Elbow. Rock and Taker eyeball each other, and Taker leaves the ring, leaving Rock to get his chance to celebrate his victory, but they just stare each other down as Taker nods his head towards Rock.

The Rock defeated The Elite Alliance by pinfall at 17:30 (66.2% - 73.3% - 62.7%) ***1/2

The announcers proclaim how shocked they are that The Undertaker is now in PWA, and want to know not only what he's doing here, but why he saved The Rock. They demand answers for tommorow night on Fight.

A Sexual Rematch is Booked

Backstage, Shane McMahon walks into Scott Border's locker room as Mickie James is sitting on his lap, mounted, topless and making out with him. She quickly covers up and turns around.



(Shane) Well, I just wanted to let you know that I saw what happened out there, and I didn't like it. So, tommorrow night, I am booking a rematch. It'll be you and Titan once again, except it'll be the first ever Sexual Encounter Match. All of your little sex toys are legal weapons.

(Borders) Whatever you say, I don't care. But if you can get your silver spoon ass outta here, I am trying to have my celebratory sex...

Shane chuckles and walks out of the locker room as we fade back to ringside.

Six Man Tag Team Match

Kaientai v Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley & Chavo Guerrero

Backstory: Taka and Tajiri had been teaming together for months, but misguided and without direction, they took a hiatus. They returned (alongside Shinjiro Ohtani) with a vengeance, and singled out Chris Sabin for no reason at all. Expecting funny business, he enlisted the help of Alex Shelley to watch his back. When Shane McMahon made this match, he gave them the opportunity to choose a partner, and they selected Chavo Guerrero to bring in some experience. This match will either make or break Kaientai in their first outing as a trio.

The match started off with Tajiri and Chavo. This bout was full of excitement, and was a nonstop spotfest to be honest, however, it remained entertaining. Kaientai showed that they indeed could gel as a cohesive unit, but Sabin, Shelley and Guerrero didn't disappoint either. Sabin went to the top at one point and went to superplex Shinjiro, but Shelley joined him for the plex. Taka came underneath to try and powerbomb them as Chavo and Tajiri fought while standing on them all. As Taka brought them all down, all six men crashed and burned. In the end, Taka and Chavo were the legal men after he got a blind tag in on Sabin. He went for the Gory Bomb, but Shinjiro hit a swift kick to his face, and he dropped Taka. HE turned around and was dropped with the Michinoku Driver. Sabin and Shelley came in the ring to break it all up, but Tajiri and Shinjiro met them mid ring, and the ref came down to count the pinfall and the win. A disappointed Sabin and Shelley helped Guerrero to his feet as Kaientai celebrated with their Japanese flag while walking up the ramp.

Kaientai defeated Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley & Chavo Guerrero by pinfall at 13:21 (48.1% - 77.5% - 67.9%) ***1/4

Backstage in a triple split screen, Edge and his two challenges, Jericho and Lesnar, are all shown walking to the ring as we fade to a video was shown to hype tonight's main event.

PWA World Championship

Edge © v Brock Lesnar v Chris Jericho

Backstory: Chris Jericho was a representative of Team Violation last month at Vendetta and due to the victory he took, he was given a title shot against Edge this month. Brock Lesnar, however, helped Jericho's cause and was also granted a title shot, making this a Triple Threat. However, early on, Lesnar was sidelined by Chris Jericho, who brutally attacked his ribs, wanting to take this match by himself. Edge, trying to save his title at any cost, has been defeated twice by Jericho, two weeks in a row, both by submission. Lesnar, who has injured ribs, returned after a two and a half week absence from television this past week on Violation, brutally attacking both Edge and Jericho. Each man has a vendetta against another in this match, but only one can be champion!

Lesnar, Jericho and Edge came down and a three way staredown began the contest. Lesnar and Jericho attacked Edge, taking him out in the early going and kept this between the two. Edge tried to get back in, but was dropkicked out by Jericho and a second attempt resulted in a running headbutt from Lesnar. Edge sat propped up in the corner of the ringside for the first 13 minutes of the match as Lesnar and Jericho brutalized each other. Jericho singled out Lesnar's injured ribs, as Lesnar tried to use his power to slow down Jericho. Jericho early on almost one the match when he nailed Lesnar with the Breakdown at the 16 minute mark, but Edge broke up the count. He slid in and threw Jericho to the floor and began working on Lesnar. He stomped away the ribs and went for the Spear, but Lesnar moved, and Edge nailed the referee who was taken between the ropes to the floor with all of the momentum. Jericho rolled back in, and took Lesnar down with a facebuster and went for the Lionsault, but Lesnar got up knees. He went for the F-5, but Edge came in and Speared him. Jericho landed on both men, but there was no ref. Edge slid out of the ring and grabbed the title and slid it in the ring. He picked it up, but Jericho kicked it back in his face. Jericho threw Edge out of the ring and the title landed in the corner. In the end, Jericho was dominating, and had control of the match. However, he went for the Flashback, but Lesnar lifted him up and dropped him with the F-5. Lesnar climbed to the top rope, and went for the Shooting Star Press, but Edge crotched him.

He came off the top rope and hit the Edgecution from the top. Jericho got up and went for the Walls of Jericho, but Edge learned from his mistakes and quickly got to the ropes. Jericho turned and went to lock it on Lesnar, but Lesnar nipped up and clotheslined him to the mat. Edge crawled away as Lesnar picked up Jericho and dropped him with a powerbomb. From behind, Edge nailed Lesnar with the title belt though. The referee came to, to see Edge make the cover, but Lesnar STILL kicked out. Edge stood up, and went for the Spear as both Jericho and Lesnar made it to their feet. Lesnar stood up in front of Jericho, and Edge ran forward, Spearing him and Lesnar fell into Jericho and they all landed in a heap. Edge pinned Lesnar, but somehow Lesnar KICKED OUT AGAIN! Edge went to the corner, yet again and both men made it to their feet, albeit a little bit slower. Edge went for the same set up, as Lesnar stood in front of Jericho, but as he dove for the Spear, Lesnar collapsed in pain and Edge nailed Jericho and they landed at an insanely awkward position. Edge pinned Jericho this time, and got the win.

Edge defeated Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho by pinfall at 29:34 to retain the PWA World Championship (73.0% - 79.9% - 80.6%) ***3/4


Edge rolled out of the ring with his title belt, clutched to his chest. Jericho rolled over, clutching his ribs, and staring intensely at Edge as Lesnar rolled out the other side of the ring coughing up blood. The cameras cut back to Edge and the last shot of the night was Edge making out with the PWA Title at the top of the ramp, knowing he barely escaped with the title.


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Wrestling Observer:

- Many fans wondered what the deal with the Brock Lesnar situation was, but PWA and Lesnar worked out their contract issues and that's why he returned on Violation last week. It's strongly suggested that Lesnar was the favorite to win the World Title before this contract dispute came up, but his actions left many upset and it was erased from plans.

- Managment are praising Christopher Daniels and Jamie Noble for putting on the best pure wrestling match of the night. Their rivalry was set to end at the PPV, but the reaction that the match received and the great action inside of the ring that went down impressed everyone in management, and they feel that this rivalry can continue with much more focus.

- Another rivalry that's not nearing it's final stages anytime soon is the Aries/Brooks rivalry. This feud, which was initially come up with by Aries himself, has been pretty much booked by him and Brooks, who have pitched many ideas to management, and they've been run with. The fans have yet to get tired of the feud, and while it would be wise to end it while it's still hot and before it gets stale, PWA is milking this as much as possible.

- Undertaker's arrival in PWA was exciting and one of the highest rated moments of the evening last night. However, plans for his arrival had been switched multiple times before management settled on their final decision on where he'd debut. Early plans had him arriving after the main event and promptly laying down the challenge to Brock Lesnar, who was set to win the World Title, but when those plans changed, so did his. He was also rumored to debut during a Randy Orton rant and take the buck under his wing, but those plans changed as well.

- Bob Howard and Tom Howard, who have been pushed as brothers in recent months, do not get along backstage whatsoever. They had a good series of matches against Doring & Mahoney, but they were the ones who pitched dropping the Tag Titles to MNM because they want time away from each other. Management has yet to decide if they'll separate the team or repackage them as single stars, but for the time being, they'll be kept off the road until management figures out what they want to do with them.

- Teddy Hart was complaining of an injured back after taking that huge powerslam from the top rope to the floor last night, but doctors said that he'll be fine after a little bit of rest and time out of the ring.

- Fans are wondering what happened to Carlito after the Steve Corino incident, and rest assured, he's still under contract, but creative has yet to figure out how they want to repackage him, or if he's at all worth the trouble.

- MNM's now former manager, Melina was taken off the road without warning about a week ago. They feel that MNM can and will get over without her, and plan to pair her with someone else in recent weeks.

- Kim Nelson, who wrestled as Desire, was hired by PWA months ago, but quickly suffered an injury at a house show during a match with Mickie James. Now, she's recovered and is expected to be brought up to the main roster, probably as Brock Lesnar's new love interest.

- Matt Striker, who was released from his contract, has been contracted about a return, as has Perry Saturn who made a few appearances for PWA earlier this year. If both men agree to re-sign with PWA, they will be placed in a tag team to flesh out said division.

- Fans of Violation, here's a news update for you. The weekly Thursday night event is expected to begin an immediate change as of this week. All of your favorite midcard and lower midcard talent that don't exactly get the opportunity to shine on Fight will get their chance to do so on Violation. Some are comparing it to WWF's Sunday Night Heat circa 1998.

IPB Image

PWA Monday Night Fight: October 27, 2008

Cry of the Souls Fallout

24 hour removed from Cry of the Souls, and Fight rolls into Pittsburgh and with a huge rematch signed. It'll be the 7'2" asskicking homosexual, Titan taking on Scott Borders in what's billed as the first ever Sexual Encounter Match. Titan's cringing with the fact that Borders defeated him and is surely out for revenge. This match has never taken place, so it'll be interesting to see how it goes down.

Edge retained his precious World Title last night against Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho in an amazing Triple Threat Match, however, it's a new day and now that he's retained the title, one has got to wonder who will be the next to try and launch an arrow at the bullseye that Edge carries on his back at all times. Will Lesnar or Jericho be searching for Edge's blood, or will Edge find away to escape a challenge?

Plus, The Rock, Austin Aries and The Undertaker will all be in the house! Don't miss this, or anything else. Tune in to Monday Night Fight, LIVE on the USA Network on Monday Night at 9/8 pm Central!

Scheduled Matches:

Sexual Encounter Match: Titan v Scott Borders

Non Title Match: MNM v Kaientai

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IPB Image

PWA Monday Night Fight: October 27, 2008

Cry of the Souls Fallout

Opening The Show

A recap of Cry of the Souls hits, running down all of the matches and events that took place, ending with Edge making out with the PWA World Title at the top of the ramp as Jericho and Lesnar were helped from the ring. "Happy" by Mudvayne opens the show, as always followed by pyro and shots of the crowd as it has been for almost a year. Jerry Lawler and Josh Matthews open and greet us with the big event of the night, a Sexual Encounter Match between Titan and Scott Borders, and an International Title match between Shelton Benjamin and Christopher Daniels!

Who Gets The Shot?

"99 Problems" by Jay-Z hits, and The Rock makes his way down to the ring to a HUGE burst of cheers from his cherished people. He loads himself to the top turnbuckle, raises the arm and the whole shebang before grabbing a microphone from ringside.

The Rock: FINALLY....



Again, the crowd erupts for the cheap pop that the fans always cream themselves over.

The Rock: You know, The Rock proved last night that The Coach's boys just weren't good enough. You've got Rob Van Dam and Bobby Lashley. Rob Van Dam, the only thing you're good for is an ounce, and Bobby Lashley just isn't good, period. And now that The Rock has put you both down, it's time for him to move on to bigger and better things, which brings me to... Edge.

Upon mention of his name, the crowd boos.

The Rock: Edge, last night you were impressive. You barely walked away with that World Title, and The Rock was watching. The Rock wants that title, The Rock needs that title and damnit, The Rock will HAVE that title. That's why The Rock is wasting absolutely NO time in laying down the challenge. Edge, at Collision Course -- why don't you put the title on the line and go ONE ON ONE WITH THE GREAT ONE!!!


"Rollin" by Limp Bizkit hits, and The Undertaker walks out from behind the curtain. Again, the crowd gets moist as Big Evil makes his way down to the ring to an impressive ovation. He grabs a mic from ringside, before hopping in the ring and getting eye to eye with The Rock.

Undertaker: Damn, Rocky! I figured your ass could at LEAST, and I mean at the VERY least say thank you. I mean, I was kind enough to come down to the ring and save your ass from gettin' obliterated by those two "no talents" you were just talkin' about. You know, we go back a ways. I respect the hell outta ya and what you've done both in and out of the ring. But, I don't respect the fact that you can't even have the common courtesy to give the ole Deadman a little thank you because if it weren't for me, your ass would be implanted in the corner of the ring still.

The Rock: Oh... Oh, The Rock sees. The Rock sees what you're trying to say. You want The Rock to thank you for saving him from getting his ass beat? Well, The Rock would thank you, but nobody gives a damn what you want, especially The Rock.

Undertaker: You don't care what I think? Well, make no mistake, I care what you think. You think you deserve a chance to get a crack at the World Title, and that's fine. You're just as talented as anyone else on the roster, and who wouldn't want a world class athlete and a movie star as their World Champion? Hell, if I were Shane McMahon, I'd be all on your jock as quick as possible to get you in the title hunt, and had I not arrived on the scene, you'd probably already get the shot. But, I don't think you deserve anything that I don't. So, tonight, what I propose is that one more time, The Rock versus The Undertaker. The People's Champion versus The Big Red Devil and the winner takes on Edge in one month at Collision Course.

The Rock: You want The Rock tonight?

Undertaker: Your damn right I do.

The Rock: Do you people want to see The Undertaker and The Rock go one on one tonight?!

The people, of course, cheer as if there is no tommorrow.

The Rock: Alright, The Rock accepts your challenge. Tonight, you will bring that big tattooed ass to the ring and The Rock will put this size 13 boot, full of lube and turned slightly to the left directly up your roody poo candy ass! IF YA SMELLLLL....

Undertaker: NO... NO... NO... NO!!!

The Rock gives Taker the most befuddled look of all time, and drops the mic back to his side.

Undertaker: This ain't fun and games tonight, Rock. No eyebrows, no elbows, no witty catchphrases. Tonight, this is about the most important thing in the game today, The PWA World Title and who is going to get the fair crack at it. Tonight, the only thing going in an orifice is my fist when I knock your teeth down your throat on my way to becoming the #1 contender.

The Rock: Who in the blue hell are you to interrupt The Rock? You wanna interrupt The Rock, well why don't you do it a little bit closer.

Rock walks up and gets directly in Undertaker's face.

The Rock: whispering If ya smell... what The Rock....

Undertaker slaps the mic directly out of The Rock's hand, but is promptly met with a right hand to the face. The two begin brawling, but Undertaker quickly gets the better of The Rock, grabbing him by the throat for the goozle. He hits a couple of words of trash talk before slamming him with the Chokeslam. "Rollin" hits and Taker exits the ring as Rock rolls on the mat in pain.


PWA International Championship

Shelton Benjamin © v Christopher Daniels

Backstory: Daniels lost a United States Title match to Jamie Noble last night at Cry of the Souls, and earlier today before the show started, Daniels weasled his way into an International Title match against Benjamin, but throwing out a racial slur. Benjamin challenged him to a match, Daniels asked for the title shot, and McMahon booked the match, and here we are.

Fast paced, action packed match, dominated in the early going by Shelton Benjamin. The champ looked good, trying to keep Daniels grounded, but to no avail. In the end, Daniels used not only his experience, but his black heart to take the win. As Shelton came off the top rope looking for a cross body block, Daniels pulled the referee in the way. As they got to their feet, Daniels grabbed the title from ringside, and whacked Benjamin in the back of the knee with it. He looked at the camera, and yelled "This one's for you, Jamie!" and then locked on the Trailer Hitch. The referee came to just in time to see Shelton tapping out. Daniels grabbed the title, and fled the ring and up the ramp, jumping as if he had just won the lottery.

Christopher Daniels defeated Shelton Benjamin by submission in 13:56 to become the new PWA International Champion (60.1% - 84.4% - 71.1%)

#1 Contenders Match... Tonight!

Backstage, Shane McMahon walks into The Rock's dressing room where he is icing his back.

Shane: Rocky, I just wanted to let you know that your match is official. Tonight, you and Taker will lock up and the winner will face the Champ at Collision Course. How's the back?

The Rock: It hurts, how the hell do you think it feels? Let me tell you that simply put, you're looking at the next World Champion and The Rock's road to the title begins right now. Excuse The Rock...

Rock walks directly past Shane and out of the locker room as we fade to commercial.


Do We Deserve An Explanation?

"Cult of Personality" by Living Colour hits and Phil Brooks makes his way down to the ring, walking cockily as he does. He snatches the mic from ringside, and slides in the ring.

Brooks: Well, for three months, I have continued to prove that not only is Straight Edge better than all of you, but so am I. And Austin Aries, for the third straight pay per view encounter, I proved again that I am better than you. As a matter of fact, I've even gone as far as to create a little video package, highlighting the absolute greatness that is Phil Brooks dominating Austin Aries. Idiots in the truck, roll the footage!

We begin the video package which flashes the Death Warrant logo from August. It highlights some of the match, and then ends with Austin Aries going for a roll up, but Punk rolling through and grabbing the tights. Afterwards, Aries kicks the rope as Punk smiles at the bottom of the ramp. The Vendetta logo flashes and we're shown some of the action from the match, but ends with Brooks nailing Aries with brass knucks behind the referee's back and of course, pinning him with tights and feet on the ropes, just for humiliation. And finally, last night at Cry of the Souls. The logo flashes, and it shows some of the action, but ultimately ends with the same result, seeing Aries go for the 450 off the top of the cage, but landing in a heap and Brooks grabbing the win. We cut back to the arena where Brooks is smiling and leaning up against the ropes.

Brooks: I'm damn good, you know that? And defeating Aries last night was just the cake. It hadn't even had the icing dropped on it yet, because when that little slut Nattie came into the ring, she got a slap that her papa, Jim The Anvil should have given her years ago. That spoiled, ugly bitch deserved what she got. Besides, what kind of whore goes and gets pregnant outside of marriage? It's disgusting, and I have no remorse for what I did. And I have no remorse for what's going to go down, yet again. I got a text from Shane McMahon earlier and it said that Austin Aries hasn't had enough, and he's challenged me to yet ANOTHER match! You couldn't beat me three times, Aries. What makes you think that a fourth attempt will get you anywhere?

"Those Shoes" by The Eagles hits, and Jamie Noble comes out to the top of the stage to a tremendous ovation from the crowd. He adjusts the United States Title over his shoulder and chuckles.

Noble: You know, I sat back there through that entire tirade and couldn't believe how stupid you sounded. I've seen a lot in my day, but never before have I seen something as tasteless as a man putting his hands on a pregnant woman. You absolutely disgust me, Phil Brooks, and you obviously haven't been taken to the woodshed in your life, but I guarantee you that if you get off of that coward's streak you've got going on, and accept my challenge, I'll knock your block off so fast, you won't get a chance to figure out what hit you.

Brooks: You want me, tonight? I'm bruised, and I have multiple lacerations about my my body. I was in a Cage Match for Christ's sake!

Noble: Just as I thought. You and I both know it, and more importantly, these people know it. Phil Brooks isn't a "punk", he's a "pussy"!

The fans begin chanting "Pussy!" in Brooks' directly, and he rips off his jacket and throws it on the mat.

Brooks: I'm not even prepared for a match! I don't have on my boots, or ring gear or anything!

Noble: Does it look like I care? I'm Jamie Noble, Boy! I'm the United States Champion, and when you're a champion, you're ready for a fight at any time and anywhere! So I tell you what, accept my challenge and I'll give you the opportunity to be a champion. I'm willing to put the title on the line.

Brooks: Fine, I accept. Get a referee out here.

As Brooks finishes his sentence, Noble runs down to the ring and tackles Brooks to the mat and begins pounding away at him. A referee sprints down to the ring, and we've got an impromptu title match.

PWA United States Championship

Phil Brooks v Jamie Noble ©

Backstory: N/A

The match started out with Noble continuing his dominance from the brief brawl. The action stayed hot and the crowd was completely in to it. Brooks looked good, almost defeating Noble after a top rope hurricanrana. However, the finish came when Austin Aries set up Noble on the top rope for the Pepsi Plunge. Austin Aries ran down with a steel chair and nailed Brooks in the back and Noble and Brooks fell to the mat and landed in a heap. Aries ripped off his shirt to reveal his taped up ribs and pectorial muscles. Brooks tried to crawl away, but Aries nailed him with the chair again, this time knocking him out of the ring. Brooks started to run up the ramp, but Aries came in pursuit.

Phil Brooks defeated Jamie Noble by disqualification at 11:34 (60.4% - 80.8% - 72.0%)


Harry Looks Towards The Future

Backstage, we get a quick word with Harry Smith who is standing by with Mick Foley. Smith has the Crown Title over his shoulder, was bandaged but had a smile on his face.

Foley: Harry, first off, let me just congratulate you on your victory over your cousin, Teddy, last night at Cry of the Souls, and also congratulate you on becoming the Crown Champion.

Smith: It feels amazing, knowing that I beat him for this title, but it sickens me that he has a 90 day rematch clause from when he signed the contract for his title match.

Foley: Are you saying what I think you are?

Smith: Yeah, I guess I am. He's injured, but isn't injured enough to get his lawyers to talk to me and Shane McMahon and I am obligated to give him his rematch any time within the next 90 days, and whenever I am ready.

Foley: So have you picked a date?

Smith: Indeed I have, Mick. You see, I want to get him out of my life for good. I want him gone, and I never want to have to deal with him again. I would have given him his rematch tonight, but as I mentioned, he's injured. He's got bruised ribs, and a supposedly injured spinal cord, but I believe he's just milking. So, I'm giving him plenty of time to rest. Teddy, if you're watching, I've set the date. You and I will lock up one last time at Champion's Showcase!

Foley: Wow! That's a huge announcement, man. You confidant?

Smith: I am. And I am more confidant about the future. You see, I've been through a lot over the last few months, dealing with all of Teddy's BS. I am ready to look towards the future because as a wise man once said, my future is so bright, I need shades. And you can bet anything that Harry Smith will become a household name. This Thursday Night, I am laying down an open challenge for anyone who thinks they can dethrone me as Crown Champion.

Smith winks at the camera and walks away as Foley is left smiling.

Sexual Encounter Match

Scott Borders v Titan

Backstory: This match came about as a rematch to last night's encounter. Mickie James passed Borders an object and it was thrown into Titan's eyes. Later, upon viewing the replay, it was revealed that sex oils had been thrown into his eyes. Later on in the evening, Shane McMahon booked this rematch, where the only weapons legal are sex and bedroom toys.

Not as good as their match last night, but completely unique. All sex toys were legal, and everything was used. Titan repeatedly whipped Borders with a ninetails whip. Mickie James tried to interfere, but got Chokeslammed for her efforts. Scott Borders tried to handcuff Titan, but got chokeslammed as well. Titan grabbed some sex oils and poured it on the steel steps. He grabbed a lighter and set it on fire. Borders came out and nailed Titan with a chair, but a ref reprimanded him for using an illegal object. He turned around and got chokeslammed on the flamming stairs. Titan pinned Borders, and picked up the win.

Titan defeated Scott Borders by pinfall at 9:51 (69.8% - 77.6% - 75.8%)


The Chase Continues

Backstage, Phil Brooks was still running away from Austin Aries. He runs straight into the parking lot, and fumbles with his keys, trying to get into his car. He does, but barely as Austin Aries dives towards the car, wielding a pipe. He smashes the window open and tries to grab Brooks. He starts the car, and puts the pedal to the metal as Aries hangs on. Brooks speeds up, as Aries finally lets go and goes rolling off to the side and landing in a heap next to a trash can.

Getting Orton's Autograph

Elsewhere in the building, Randy Orton was seen standing at the bottom of a stairway next to some boxes and equipment when a young kid, looking no older than 15 years and his father approaches him.

Kid: Mr. Orton, Mr. Orton! You got a second?

Orton: Sure, kid. What's up?

Kid: You think I could like, get your autograph?

Orton: Sure. You got something to sign?

The kid pulls out a magazine from his backpack and hands him a marker. Orton signs it and hands it back to the kid, and goes to turn around.

Kid: Look dad, I got Randy Orton's autograph. Maybe when he finally wins a match, it'll actually be worth something.

Orton turns around, and grabs the kid by the shirt.

Orton: What the hell did you just say?! Do you know who I am? I am the Legend Killer, and you will not disrespect me like that!

The dad pushes Orton back and slaps him.

Father: Who the hell do YOU think you are, grabbing my kid like that. Just because you're a worthless piece of crap doesn't mean you have to take it out on my kid because he said the truth.

Orton's eyes bulge and he grabs the man and hits him with the RKO right off the side of the stairwell into the boxes and equipment. The kid cries for help as Orton piefaces him to the ground, and walks away.

Tag Team Match

MNM v Kaientai (Taka & Tajiri)

Backstory: Kaientai are looking to get back into the thick of things are far as the Tag Team Titles are concerned. This match is their opportunity to prove that they deserve to be contenders to MNM's newly won Tag Team Titles.

Amazing high flying contest, and all four men hit all of their signature spots, but the turning point of the match was Taka going to the top rope to hit a Superplex to Nitro. He slipped, and crashed and burned. From behind, Mercury loaded him up on his shoulders and walked to the corner. Nitro jumped off and hit a tornado DDT as they landed in a heap. Mercury made the pin, and got the win, even though seconds later, Tajiri jumped in the ring, but was too late to break up the count.

MNM defeated Kaientai by pinfall at 8:14 (48.3% - 73.0% - 55.7%)

Yet Another Challenge

"The Chronic" by Dr. Dre hits and The Samoan Gangstas come out to the top of the ramp, and Jamal has a mic in his hand. He signals for the music to be cut, and points to MNM standing in the ring.

Jamal: Yo, lemme make this real simple for you two punk asses. We want a shot at those Tag Titles and we want it at Champion's Showcase. Accept, or die!

In the ring, Nitro and Mercury look at each other and shake their heads yes. "The Chronic" hits once again as we fade to commercial.


The Showcase Gets Stacked

As we come back, we get a little but of hype for the upcoming Champion's Showcase II event which November 12 on the USA Network!

Champion's Showcase II: November 12, 2008
  • Chris Jericho v Brock Lesnar
  • Crown Championship: Harry Smith © v Teddy Hart
  • Unified Tag Team Championship: MNM © v Samoan Gangstas
Edge Comes To Give Color

You Think You Know Me...

"Metalingus" by Alter Bridge hits, and the World Champion, Edge makes his way down to the announcers table with the PWA Title in his hand, of course. Before he sits down, he kisses the title for good measure and taunts a fan with it. He sits down at the table as the main event gets underway.

#1 Contenders Match

The Rock v The Undertaker

Backstory: N/A

Awesome match and if you've ever seen any of their previous encounters, you'd know it as fact. The match started out early with some psyche outs, but once the action started, it was golden. Taker showed that he's built up his UFC shoot style, striking Rock and using multiple submissions, tied in with power, while Rock used his explosive power to take Taker down. Taker took a dominating lead after The Rock attempted The People's Elbow, but Taker quickly got up and nailed Rock with a Chokeslam. He kicked out of a pinfall, but Taker continued his dominance. Rock almost fell victim to the Last Ride, but reversed it. Taker went for a Big Boot, but Rock ducked, spun Taker around and nailed him with the Rock Bottom. Rock made the cover and the referee counted to three, but Taker had his foot underneath the ropes. Taker tried to plead with the referee, but Rock was declared the victor.

The Rock defeated The Undertaker by pinfall at 17:56 to become the #1 Contender to the World Championship at Collision Course (88.1% - 76.0% - 85.7%)

The Elite Ambush

As Rock celebrated, Rob Van Dam and Bobby Lashley, led by The Coach, run down to the ring and ambush both Rock and Taker from behind. As they stomp and pound away at the two icons, Coach sets up two tables outside the ring. Lashley and Van Dam throw Rock and Taker out to the floor. Rock almost gets the upper hand, trying to fight back, but to no avail. Coach kicks Rock in the nuts from behind as Lashley nails Taker with the Dominator through the table. Coach rolls Rock onto the table, and Van Dam hops back into the ring, and then to the top rope. He points his thumbs to himself, and then flips off The Rock before nailing him with the FSFS. The crowd continues their boos, as Coach raises the arms of Lashley and Van Dam. He chuckles, before asking for a mic to be handed to him.

Coach: Hey, better heal those ribs and back, boys. You think it was cool to ruin our fun last night? Well, last night was the beginning of the end for you two. I hate to break it to you, but your PWA careers will be cut short, because Rock, you'll never make it to Collision Course in one piece. At Champion's Showcase, you two will face my Elite Superstars in a Tag Team Tables Match! We don't play, and you just found that out first hand.

"We Don't Play" by Grits hits, and the three celebrate at the top of the ramp as the show fades to black.


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PWA Thursday Violation: October 30, 2008

Smith's Open Challenge

Shane McMahon made a proclamation that Violation would be the show that gives people the opportunity to showcase their skills. This marks the beginning of the new era, and it starts with a challenge made on PWA.com from Chris Sabin who has challenged Shinjiro Ohtani to a match. Ohtani has since accept the challenge, and we're sure to see an amazing contest.

Harry Smith has laid out an open challenge which we heard on Fight. At this point in time, nobody has accepted the challenge yet, but we know for a fact that Harry Smith WILL be in the house. The Stampede Powerhouse and new Crown Champion is looking for a challenge and will be in the ring, no matter what by the end of the night. Who will have the balls to accept? Tune in to find out!

Plus, Tom Howard has requested interview time, claiming he has big news. What is his news, and why isn't his brother Bob not going to be in the interview? Find out this, and everything else by tuning in to Violation, Thursday Night on the USA Network at 7/8 Central!

Scheduled Matches:

Chris Sabin v Shinjiro Ohtani

Crown Title: Harry Smith v ????

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PWA Violation: October 30, 2008

Smith's Open Challenge

Opening The Show

A recap of Fight with the #1 Contenders problems on Fight, followed by opening video, pyro and the shebang as per usual. Roddy Piper and Josh Matthews welcome us to Violation, and hype a couple of the currently announced matches such as Sabin v Shinjiro and Harry Smith's open challenge with the Crown Title on the line. They tell us it's a must see night, and we're taken to ringside for our opening match.

Singles Match

Chris Sabin v Shinjiro

Backstory: Chris Sabin laid out a challenge to Shinjiro on PWA.com after him and his team lost to Kaientai at Cry of the Souls. Shinjiro accepted, and here is the challenge in the ring. Shinjiro (as well as the rest of Kaientai) will each be known by their one names, thus he has dropped the Ohtani and Taka has dropped the Michinoku. Chris Sabin has Alex Shelley in his corner, and Shinjiro is accompanied by Taka and Tajiri.

The match was electric, and exciting but the crowd didn't seem to be into the match much. Taka and Tajiri were thrown from ringside early on as they Taka tripped Sabin, and as he tried to dive for him, Tajiri nailed him with a Buzzsaw kick. The referee sent them to the back, but Shinjiro had his advantage. He dominated Sabin, thrust kicking him and hitting him with five rolling German Suplex, but the sixth saw Sabin, somehow, muster the ability to kick out of the pinfall. In the end, Sabin fought back and regained some control, and after a missed clothesline, Sabin lifted up Shinjiro for the Cradle Shock and hit it. However, as the referee was about to count, Alex Shelley pulled him out of the ring. He tossed in Shinjiro's Japanese flag into the ring, and Sabin got to his feet wondering what was going on. From behind, Shinjiro nailed him in the back of the head with the flag, breaking it in half. He made the cover as Shelley threw the ref into the ring, and he counted the fall. Afterwards, Sabin got to his feet wondering what the hell Shelley was doing. Shelley nailed him with a swift kick between the legs and nailed him with the Shellshock.

Shinjiro defeated Chris Sabin by pinfall at 8:45 (28.8% - 78.6% - 42.2%)


I'll Put Money On It

"Personal Jesus" by Marilyn Manson hit, and Austin Aries came to the ring hand in hand with his fiancee, Nattie. She grabs a mic for him, and they both hop in the ring to chants of "Aries!" throughout the crowd.

Aries: You know, it's funny how things end up. For three and a half months, I've been coming out here and saying how I was going to defeat Phil Brooks, and I must seem like a hypocrite right now because with three pay per view attempts, I've yet to do it. I mean, last Sunday was the first time that he defeated me cleanly, but I still lost. And I don't get it. I've got plenty of motivation to kick his ass and put him away for good, but I just can't seem to do it. And then, it was just this past Monday that I was pulled by his car and thrown to the side of the parking garage and now, doctors say I've got a broken rib and a bruised sternum. But you know what, I've got against doctors orders before, and I'll do it again. Phil Brooks, bring your cheatin, woman beating ass down to this ring.

The fans begin chanting Aries name once again as "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour hits. The suit clad Phil Brooks keeps his distance, standing at the top of the stage, smiling down at Aries.

Brooks: You're a funny guy, you know that? What's it going to take to shut you the hell up and send you packing back home to the gutter you came from? I've beaten you three time. I've broken your ribs, and I've slapped the taste out of your little whore fiancee's mouth and you think I'll quit there?

Aries: No, I know that you know no limits, which is exactly why I want to end this thing with you once and for all, and I won't stop until I've ended you for good. What I am challenging you to is a 2 out of 3 falls match at Collision Course.

The fans erupt at a potentially amazing match for the next big event.

Brooks: A 2 out of 3 falls match, eh? I'll accept, but what's in it for me? I've got nothing more to gain by beating you yet again except bragging rights. I bet good money that you will never beat me. They say that the third time is the charm, and you lost that time too.

Aries: I'll tell you what. If you accept, I am willing to put my career on the line. But only if you stick true to what you just said. You're willing to bet good money?

Brooks: That's a figure of speech, I didn't mean it literally.

The crowd boos at Brooks and his cowardous ways.

Aries: Scared now? You shouldn't be, right? I mean, you beat me three times, why back down now.

Brooks: I'm not scared, but money is something I don't like bringing into my business. But you know what, it makes sense. Even if you do win, it's just money.

Aries: Then put up $100,000 against my career.

Brooks: $100,000?! You're on!

Aries: Good. Because after Collision Course, you'll be the one paying for my wedding and honeymoon, bitch.

"Personal Jesus" hits, and Aries hops on the top rope and points at Brooks, who points back and they both exchange an inaudible round of trash talk as we fade to commercial.


Singles Match

Balls Mahoney v Abyss

Backstory: This is Abyss' return to PWA for the first time since Vendetta back in September. He's got a completely new attire, new mask and shorter hair.

The match started off quick with Mahoney going straight for the attack on Abyss, bringing him down to the mat and stomping away at him. Abyss was up quick though, and threw Mahoney by the neck into the corner. From the opposite side, he began running and collided with Mahoney in a running splash. Mahoney collapsed to the mat. Abyss came off the top rope with a flying clothesline, and called for a Chokeslam. As Mahoney got up, Abyss goozled him, but Mahoney got an elbow up. He hit him with the Balls combo of punches, with crowd chants of course, but a bodyslam attempt was reversed. Abyss lifted Mahoney up and picked him up for the Torture Rack. That was reversed too, and Mahoney shot off the ropes, but Abyss caught him and dropped him with the Blackhole Slam for the win.

Abyss defeated Balls Mahoney by pinfall at 4:19 (50.4% - 71.8% - 52.8%)

A Shellshocking Explanation

Backstage, Joy Giovanni rus up to Alex Shelley as he's walking towards his car to get his attention.

Joy: Alex... ALEX?! Wait up, can I just get a qui --

Shelley turns around with a purpose, and drops his back on the ground.

Shelley: A quick word, is that what you want? Well, I'll give you my quick word. In the PWA, it seems that the only way you'll ever get to the top is if you look out for one person alone, and that's you yourself. Do you remember the last time I've had a title shot of any kind? Neither do I, do you know why? Because there hasn't been one. Do you remember the last time I was on TV prior to the day that I agreed to be Chris Sabin's backup against Kaientai? No. Because it had been months. Nobody gave a damn about Alex Shelley except Alex Shelley. So, I had to take matters into my own hands. Chris Sabin, I used your ass to get back to where I belong.

Some of the fans boo, and chant Sabin's name, but Shelley continues his tirade.

Shelley: I used your ass, and there's no denying it that now that my name is back on people's tongues, I will once again prove that I am the only real diamond in this business and this company, and as far as I am concerned, Chris Sabin can stick it. Now get out of my way you silicon stuffed slut!

Shelley picks up his bag and gets in his car and speeds out of the parking lot as we fade to a commercial with Joy looking on, pissed at Shelley's comment.


Kimmel is Jericho!

A video package runs hyping Chris Jericho's upcoming appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, on Tuesday, November 4th, the night after Fight. Piper and Matthews hype how big PWA has gotten since the inception in March and how the company is finally getting noticed by the big wigs in the world. Matthews jokes that soon, wrestlers from PWA will be getting invited to the White House.

Singles Match

Bobby Roode v Shelton Benjamin

Backstory: N/A

The match started off fierce with the Canadian powerhouse dominating Shelton and taking him down, repeatedly dropping elbows on Shelton's lowerback. He even hit him with a senton splash, but wasn't enough to keep him down for the three. He lifted him up for a gorilla press slam, but Shelton dropped down for a reversal and rolled Roode up from behind, but Roode quickly kicked out the pinfall. They both were up, and Shelton went to kick Roode. He caught his foot, but Shelton quickly countered with the Dragon Whip. Shelton came off the top looking for his patented drag down clothesline, but Roode caught him in mid air with his signature Spinebuster. He covered Shelton, but the ref noticed a foot on the ropes. Roode pleaded with the referee, but as he turned around, Shelton was up and Roode was on the receiving end of a Exploder Suplex, which was enough to get a three count for Shelton. Afterwards, Shelton got in the camera and yelled that he was coming to get his title back.

Shelton Benjamin defeated Bobby Roode by pinfall at 6:52 (49.4% - 75.1% - 60.5%)


Howard's Hardcore Gutcheck

Backstage, Tom Howard was standing by in the interview area with a chair in one hand and a trash can full of hardcore goodies in the other. He smiled a devious smile, before dropping the chair and the trashcan.

Howard: Tom Howard here, and you know me as the guy who was tied down with my brother, Bob. We did some good stuff in the PWA as a team, I thought. Four time Tag Team Champions, and we were the ones who unified the PWA and World Tag Team Titles. We did a lot here, but I made up my mind as soon as BOB lost the Titles to MNM at Cry of the Souls. He's always been the weak link in not only our team, but our family. For years, our parents have looked at him as the disappointment. I know you fans feel the same, but that's going to change. You've got a Howard who you can be proud of. If you liked the hardcore, hard hitting matches that we brought as a team, imagine what I can do one on one. That's why I am issuing what will be known as the Hardcore Gutcheck each and every week right here on Violation. Anyone who has the guts and the balls to step up can do so. And it all begins next week, right here on Violation. PWA, get ready to get HARDCORE!

Howard scowls in the camera as we fade to ringside.

PWA Crown Championship

Harry Smith © v ?????

Backstory: Smith laid out an open challenge on Fight, and it has yet to be accepted. He also has decided to put the Crown Title on the line.

"Follow Me" by Breaking Benjamin hits, and Harry Smith comes down to the ring with the Crown Title to a tremendous ovation from the fans. He throws the title in the ring, and slides in and grabs a title from ringside and stands in front of the title facing the titantron.

Smith: I laid down the challenge because I want to be a fighting champion and that's exactly what I'll be. So if there's anyone out there who wants a shot at the champion, the Crown Title and a chance to make a name for yourself, then come to the ring because opportunity is knocking, and time is marching on.

"This Fire Burns" by KSE quickly hits, and almost on cue, Randy Orton steps out from behind the curtain. He hits all the usual taunts on his way to the ring. He gets in and the bell rings. The match started off with Orton looking good, taking down Smith and stomping away at him. Orton even dropped Smith with the RKO early on, but the momentum sent Smith rolling out of the ring, leaving Orton with a tough break and unable to get a pin. He took the opportunity to ram his head into the announcers table at ringside, and into the stairs before rolling him back in for a pinfall, which was kicked out of. Orton went for another RKO, but Smith threw him across the ring. The 6'5" Crown Champ hit Orton with a huge clothesline and picked up momentum. In the end, Smith kept a stranglehold on control until he was thrown off the top rope in a superplex attempt. Orton came off with the cross body block, but Smith rolled through with a pinfall, but Orton kicked out. Orton got up and went for the RKO yet again, but Smith reversed it this time, lifting him up and dropping him with a Running Powerslam. He made the cover and picked up the win. Afterwards, he celebrated on the ramp with the title while Orton pulled himself in the corner and seemingly was crying to himself as he rammed his head backwards on the turnbuckle.

Harry Smith defeated Randy Orton by pinfall to retain the Crown Title at 12:57 (60.2% - 77.7% - 73.2%)

Closing The Show

Piper and Matthews wonder what's in store for both men in the future, and tell us to not miss Violation next week, and of course, not miss Fight this upcoming Monday. Randy Orton gets up and throws a mini temper tantrum in the ring as Piper closes the show letting us know that he just received word that someone has accepted Tom Howard's Hardcore Gutcheck Challenge and that person is none other than the man who has shared multiple wars against him, Danny Doring. Piper and Matthews wish us a good night, and a good weekend as the show officially goes off the air!


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PWA Monday Night Fight: November 3, 2008

Champions Collide!

Rolling into November, the Crown Champion, Harry Smith, has proclaimed that the title will gain a whole new prestige that it hasn't seen since the inception of PWA. And by doing so, he's challenged Edge to a Champion v Champion match. What will happen when the Crown Champion and the World Heavyweight Champion lock horns? Remember just a month ago, Harry Smith told Edge that the new breed was stepping up against him to take their rightful spot on top. This is Smith's opportunity to show that he is indeed a big time player.

Last week, The Rock and The Undertaker locked up in a #1 contenders match and The Rock came out victorious and will now face Edge for the World Title at Collision Course. However, following his victory, The Elite Alliance attacked both men and challenged them to a Tag Team Tables Match at Champion's Showcase II. Shane McMahon has signed a blockbuster contest for Fight, which will see The Undertaker go one on one with Bobby Lashley in a preview of what's to come at Champion's Showcase II.

Chris Jericho, just 24 hours before his anticipated appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, will be bringing back his now legendary Highlight Reel to a PWA ring and his special guest will be none other than Randy Orton. Jericho was interviewed by PWA.com earlier today and in the interview, he was quoted as saying, "I've got the perfect solution to all of Randy Orton's problems, and that solution will be presented to him on the Highlight Reel." What is Jericho's perfect solution, and will Brock Lesnar confront Jericho before their huge match at Champion's Showcase II?

Matt Hardy will be in action when he goes on one one with Jamie Noble for the United States Championship!

Plus, The Rock, Phil Brooks, and Austin Aries will all be in the house! Don't miss this, or anything else. Tune in to Monday Night Fight, LIVE on the USA Network on Monday Night at 9/8 pm Central!

Scheduled Matches:

Champion v Champion: Edge v Harry Smith

United States Championship: Jamie Noble © v Matt Hardy

The Undertaker v Bobby Lashley

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PWA Monday Night Fight: November 3, 2008

Champions Collide!

Opening The Show...

The show kicks off with Jerry Lawler and Josh Matthews hyping tonight's big main event, Harry Smith against Edge in a Champion v Champion match. They say that if Harry can win, he gets a shot at the World Title on Violation this Friday. They tell us that The Rock will be here and The Undertaker will take on Bobby Lashley as well. As they continue hyping the show, the lights in the arena shut off...

The Champ Kicks Things Off

You Think You Know Me...

... "Metalingus" by Alter Bridge hits, and the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge, makes his way down to the ring, cockily strutting and taunting the fans on his way. He grabs a microphone, slides in the ring, humps it a few times for good measure and loads up on the top rope to hold the title high, much to the delight of the Canadian fans in attendance. The music dies down, and Edge brings the mic to his mouth, and sets the title over his shoulder.

Edge: Boy, it's been YEARS since I've been in a ring right here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada! Back home, out of the United States and surrounded by fans who appreciate me!!

The fans cheer loudly, giving him a reception not seen in the States, and he leans back on the ropes and smiles.

Edge: But damn, you people have gotten UGLY since I upped and moved to Florida!

Cheers quickly turn to boos as an audible "ASSHOLE" chant breaks out, while some fans are seen crotch chopping in Edge's direction.

Edge: I mean, you probably were all like this before, but living here, I never realized it because I was so used to seeing it. Jesus Christ, people! They're called toothbrushes! I suggest you all go to the nearest drug store, and pick one up. They come in handy, but then again, they're not miracle workers. I don't think there's a toothbrush in the world that could remove the plaque buildup on all of your teeth, or get rid of the halitosis you all suffer from.

The insenced fans continue booing, but Edge continues ranting, changing his subject.

Edge: But enough about you, because Lord knows you don't deserve that much mention on national TV. I am out here for three reasons. The first reason is The Rock!

Quickly, the fans begin chanting The Rock's name, as the cocky champ looks on, chuckling.

Edge: Chant his name all you want, but he's not even in the building yet. Rock, you're the new #1 contender to my title, and for once, I am actually excited. Look back to the inception of this company, and I dare you to choose someone other than myself as the man who has been the backbone of the company. From day one, I have been the measuring stick. Three time PWA World Champion, and I have been tearing the house down, but who have I been doing it with? People like Christian, Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar. All of these wannabes who think they're great like I am. For once, I finally have someone who's greatness rivals mine. You truly are The Great One, and quite honestly, it'll be a pleasure to take you on at Collision Course. But first, you've got to roll through Champion's Showcase II, and attempt to walk out without injured ribs because Lashley and Van Dam don't play.

At mention of the Elite Alliance, the fans boo.

Edge: And speaking of Champions Showcase, I just want to let everyone know that if you're tuning in to watch me, once again, slaughter some second rate nobody while I defend this bad boy right here, well you'll be severely disappointed because I've got a doctors note that says due to a sty, I won't be able to compete in any match where the title is on the line, and out of sheer bravery, I am competitng against that jacked up retard, Harry Smith. He's another wannabe, a poser who thinks he's somebody. His dad was the biggest piece of crap who rode Bret Hart's coattails to get to the top, but where did that get him? Nowhere. And that is exactly where Harry Smith is going. Nowhere. Harry, do you think that you actually stand a chance? I've got not only my own skill, but the backup and support of The Elite Alliance AND my dear, sweet and my wife, Jenna. As a matter of fact, lemme bring her out. Jenna, why don't you come on out here.

"Metalingus" once again hits, and Jenna makes her way down to the ring to a chorus of boos, although some of the men hoot and hollar in her direction. She steps in the ring and grabs his hand and kisses him, and then takes away the mic from him.

Jenna: You know, seeing how unfairly my husband is treated here in the PWA has irked me to the highest degree. Don't you people know who he is?! He's the Lord of the Ring, and the Lord of my LIFE! He does NOT deserve to be treated with the disrespect that you idiot fans, and that retard CEO, Shane McMahon treat him with. So I told him that I'd come and help him out while he's on the road. Because I am not only the desire of all men everywhere, but I am a lawyer. I will make sure that he gets the money he deserves, and everything else that comes along with it.

She hands Edge the mic, and he pulls her in close to his side.

Edge: Jen, that's why I love you. You speak the truth, and to these people who aren't used to hearing it, the truth sure as hell hurts. And as for you Harry Smith, the truth will hurt even more when I kick your ass. I am the Lord of the Ring, and tonight, I will rule your ass!

He tosses the mic down as "Metalingus" hits as Edge and his wife vacate the ring, to the chants of "Edge Sucks!" as they make their way up the ramp, and behind the curtain taking us to a commercial break.


PWA United States Championship

Jamie Noble © v Matt Hardy

This contest started off fast paced with Hardy dominating which his current vicious cycle, going as far as to rake the eyes and use the dreaded low blow to keep Noble in peril. However, the champ fought hard to retain his title, and reversed a Side Effect off the top rope into a Downward Spiral, but Hardy didn't stay down. He went to grab the title, but the referee stopped him and this distraction proved enough for Noble to take a dominating lead as he leapt over the top rope successfully hitting a somersault plancha. With Hardy back in the ring, he was easy pickings for Noble to successfully nail the Tiger Bomb and pick up the win. Afterwards, Noble was handed his title and he rolled out of the ring and celebrated on his way up the ramp. Hardy made it to his feet, the stun faded away and grabbed the referee by the shirt and began to threaten him, begging for the decision to be reversed and throwing an all out tissy fit in the ring, kicking the ropes and tossing the referee to the mat.

Jamie Noble defeats Matt Hardy by pinfall at 13:36 to retain the United States Championship (69.5% - 67.6% - 70.6%)

The New Breed Steps Up

Backstage, Harry Smith is taping up his wrists and hands when the door opens and in walks Austin Aries and Nattie Neidhart. Austin pats him on the back and smiles, as Harry keeps his game face on.

Aries: You ready to go out there tonight, Harry?

Smith: Do I look ready to you, Austin? I'm gonna go out there tonight, and I am going to show and prove to Edge that it's time for this new breed of wrestling to take his spot, and I am going to show Edge that quite frankly, the only new breed he is, is a new breed of suck!

Aries: Damn right, Harry. I just wanna let you know that tonight, just to make sure everything goes down smoothly, I've got your back. I'll be in your corner, alright?

Smith: Great. I need a little alone time for the time being though, so I'll see you out there, okay?

Aries: Right. C'mon, Nattie.

Nattie: Good luck, Harry!

Aries grabs Nattie by the hand, and they walk out of the locker room as Harry pulls up one of his elbow pads and we fade to a commercial break.


Staying Put For Good

In the interview area, Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro were standing by with Joy Giovanni, and holding their tag team titles, as always, in their pants. Nitro takes off his shades, and blows a kiss at Joy.

Joy: Uhm, this Joy Giovanni standing by with MNM and I've got a couple of questions for you, boys. The first question is where has your manager Melina been, and what do you have to say about the Samoan Gangstas challenging you for the Tag Team Titles at Champion's Showcase?

Mercury: I'll answer the first question for you, Joy. Melina did her duty very well, and has been for the past couple of years. However, what did she do for us when we were being overlooked by makeshift teams like Hardcore Inc and Team Extreme. She didn't do a damn thing. There were no words of motivation, no "Sure, guys! I'll negotiate a match for you." Nothing. So, we got rid of her.

Joy: But Johnny, she's your girlfriend, correct?

Nitro: Plural, Joy. Past tense. She WAS my girlfriend, but I kicked that walking STD to the curb, and figured that it was about time that I got my head back in the game and out from between her legs. Melina is old news, and MNM goes on without her. But as far as The Samoan Gangstas are concerned, we accepted their challenge last week, and we're actually excited to take them on at Champions Showcase II.

Mercury: Boys, you came into the PWA looking for gold, but aside from that, you deserve to be thanked. You see, when you guys came into the PWA, we realized once and for all that we were overlooked and underappreciated and were being crossed in favor of people like you. You lit the fire under our asses, and now we've got the straps, and you don't.

Nitro: He's right. And at Champion's Showcase, you do all you want to. Bring your man boobs, bring your lame ass braids, and bring those bootleg Nikes, and we'll still come out on top. We are the best tag team in the business, and it's so cliche to say it, but I'll say it anyway -- at Champions Showcase, we'll prove it!

They walk out of the picture as Joy looks on.

Joy: Well, The Samoan Gangstas better watch out, because this is one team with deadly focus. Back to ringside...

Singles Match

Titan v Balls Mahoney

Titan dominated this match for the most part from the early going until the bitter end for Balls. Mahoney did get in his patended Balls punch combo, but on the final punch, Titan got in a huge headbutt that sent Mahoney across the ring. Titan signaled for a running bronco buster, but Mahoney quickly rolled out of the way, but rolled into a huge foot which knocked him out. Titan lifted his limp body up for the Chokeslam which got the easy win.

Titan defeats Balls Mahoney by pinfall at 4:39 (57.2% - 76.8% - 66.8%)

Abuse Of Power

Backstage, Shane McMahon is in his office when The Coach walks in, smiling.

McMahon: You might wanna knock that smirk off of your face, Coach. I called you in here for a reason. Tonight, it's Edge against Harry Smith. Now, one month ago they faced off on Violation, and it was a great match, but what happened? Interferance cost Smith a win he looked set to pick up. This time, I want to avoid that. And since Edge claims that your little team of misfits are going to be his backup, I am putting that to rest.

Coach: What the hell are you talking about, McMahon?

McMahon: Simply put, if the Elite Alliance is seen in the ring during the main event, they'll all be fire, and that includes you, Coach!


McMahon: Sue me. The ruling stands, and right now, I don't want you standing in my office, so get the hell out.

Coach: But --

McMahon: OUT!

Coach: Bastard.

He turns, but turns back around and knocks a stack of papers off of Shane's desk before exiting the office.


The Sinner Lays Down A Challenge

"Sinner" by Drowning Pool hits, and Scott Borders makes his way down to the ring with Mickie James, limping as he does. Mickie holds the ropes open for him, and even grabs his mic like a good bitch does.

Mickie: Ladies and gentlemen, sit down and shut up as I present to you, the one and only star here in the PWA! He is The Sinner, The Premier Player and the future Heavyweight Champion of the World! I give to you, SCOTT BORDERS!! YAAAAY!!!

Mickie claps rapidly and hands the microphone to Scott as the fans groan with hatred.

Borders: Mickie is right. I am the future Heavyweight Champion of the World, and if given the opportunity, I'd be the NEXT Heavyweight Champion of the World. But no, I am constantly overlooked in favor of washed up pieces of garbage like that giant decay, The Undertaker!

The fans cheer at mention of his name.

Borders: SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTHS!! The Undertaker comes in here, chokeslams a nobody and expects to get a fair crack at the title. And he actually gets it! I don't understand. What about me? I am the man who won the damn Premier Cup! I am the Premier Player! I am the one who went through Titan trying to... trying to... He tried to molest me in my own damn bed! I have gone through hell and back and I have NEVER!!! NEVER HAD A FAIR GODDAMN CRACK AT THE WORLD TITLE!! AND BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE THE UNDERTAKER WHO HAVE HAD THEIR SHAKE AT IT THEIR ENTIRE DAMN CAREER GET EVERYTHING HANDED TO THEM, DAMN IT ALL!!

The fans boo him, while an Undertaker chant breaks out, further upsetting him.

Borders: I will do anything to --


"Rollin" by Limp Bizkit hits, and and The Undertaker walks down to the ring. As he does, Borders and Mickie quickly hop out of the ring. They sat down on the announcers table, scurrying away from Taker and keeping their distance as Bobby Lashley made his way down to ringside for the next contest.

Singles Match

The Undertaker v Bobby Lashley

Surprisingly, this was a fast paced and exciting bout. Undertaker used his extensive shoot fighting technique and massive strikes, working and striking Lashley about the mid and upper body. Lashley gained an early advantage, yanking Taker off the top rope while he was preparing to execute his old school rope walk. Lashley pulled him directly into a bearhug which wore Taker out, and was easy to slam down with force. Lashley, acting cocky, lifted up Taker and went to drop him with a Tombstone, but Taker reversed and nailed him with a Big Boot. Taker went to the top and hit Lashley with the flying clothesline. He signaled for the chokeslam, but Lashley nailed Taker in the midsection and called for his Dominator, but Taker backdropped him out of it. As Lashley got up, he went up further as Taker nailed him with the Tombstone in the middle of the ring and that was enough to get the win. Afterwards, Borders stepped in the ring and tried to attack Taker, but he got a Big Boot for his efforts. Taker picked him up and nailed him with a Chokeslam. Mickie James began yelling at Taker, telling him to back off, but he yelled back which prompted a slap. Taker retaliated by turning her upside down and nailing her with the Tombstone as well, to the delight of the crowd who cheered his every move. He grabbed a mic from ringside, and stood over their lifeless bodies.

Undertaker: I guess everybodys gotta learn the hardway. This may be a new yard, but it's always been my yard and always will be. You wanna bitch about me getting a chance to have a title shot over you. I'll tell you why I got it, son. It's because I earned it, kickin ass and takin names while you were in the backseat of your daddy's Buick tryin' to get some off of Mary Jane Rottencrotch. I've got a reputation because of what I've done for the last 20 years, and if you step in my business again, you and your bitch will wind up the same way you are right now. Flat out, and unconscious. I'm warnin you, Borders. Stay out of my business.

The Undertaker defeated Bobby Lashley by pinfall at 8:23 (63.9% - 67.8% - 62.7%)

Howard's Hardcore Gutcheck

Backstage, Tom Howard was standing by in the interview area with a chair in one hand and a trash can full of hardcore goodies in the other. He smiled a devious smile, before dropping the chair and the trashcan.

Howard: Tom Howard here, and you know me as the guy who was tied down with my brother, Bob. We did some good stuff in the PWA as a team, I thought. Four time Tag Team Champions, and we were the ones who unified the PWA and World Tag Team Titles. We did a lot here, but I made up my mind as soon as BOB lost the Titles to MNM at Cry of the Souls. He's always been the weak link in not only our team, but our family. For years, our parents have looked at him as the disappointment. I know you fans feel the same, but that's going to change. You've got a Howard who you can be proud of. If you liked the hardcore, hard hitting matches that we brought as a team, imagine what I can do one on one. That's why I am issuing what will be known as the Hardcore Gutcheck each and every week right here on Violation. Anyone who has the guts and the balls to step up can do so. And it all begins next week, right here on Violation. PWA, get ready to get HARDCORE!

Howard scowls in the camera as we fade.


The Rock Shoots

Backstage, The Rock appears in the interview area with Joy and the crowd erupts, immediately chanting his name, yet again.

Joy: I am standing by with The People's Champion, The Rock. Now Rock, tonight you don't have a match, but you DO have a match at Champion's Showcase II against Bobby Lashley and Rob Van Dam, The Elite Alliance. Your partner is, The Undertaker. Your thoughts?

Rock: The Rock has plenty of thoughts, but what The Rock is thinking right now is, "Why in the blue hell does Miss Joy keep trying to sneak a peek at The People's Package?!"

The crowd chuckles, and Joy focuses her head directly at The Rock's eyes.

Rock: But basically, Joy, The Rock has no problems with the match, because The Rock beat them both single handedly at Cry of the Souls. And even though The Rock doesn't LIKE the Undertaker, he respects him. All he has to do is stay out of the team captain's way. You see, The Rock is the #1 contender to the World Title, and he is the man who DID beat the Elite Alliance, and the Undertaker is the man who just had trouble going through Bobby Lashley tonight, so Undertaker, The Rock says this; You come to the ring and you bring a table, and together, you and The Rock WHUP their candy asses like there's no tommorow. But if you get in The Rock's way, The Rock is going to take this hand, and swing bringing a force of wind that knocks your head off of your shoulders. I want you to catch your head, turn it side ways, lube it up with your own, personal KY jelly, and then proceed to shove your own head up your candy ass!

The fans chant, louder as laughter is heard, even from Joy herself.

Rock: Other than that, I think The Rock and Undertaker will be just fine. But as far as Edge is concerned, The Rock was told what you said earlier. The Rock feels the same way. The Rock IS The Great One. The Rock IS electrifying. But make no mistake, The Rock IS the next PWA Champion. Edge, you're good, but you're no People's Champion. These are YOUR people, yet they continuously chant The Rock's name. And it'll be no difference at Collison Course, because The Rock says, I will slap that gold belt right from around your monkey ass, and put you to rest... IF YA SMELLLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN!!!

Singles Match

Phil Brooks v Douglas Andrews

Phil Brooks easily dominated the rookie, Andrews. Within 40 seconds of the match, he had succcessfully hit the Pepsi Plunge off the top rope, but neglected and failed to make the pinfall, instead opting to dick it up and be an asshole and ruthless heel. However, in the course of his domination, "Personal Jesus" by Marilyn Manson hit and Austin Aries came to the top of the stage, mid match and distracted Brooks.

Aries: Hey, Phil! It's your old pal, Austin Aries. I just wanted to let you all know that the debut edition of the PWA magazine will feature myself, Harry Smith and Chris Jericho! There's a lot of kick ass features in here, and look! Here's a picture of me nailing you, Phil, with a chair. Man, that was a great time.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, Brooks struggled to maintain his composure, but climbed to the top to once again nail the Pepsi Plunge, but Andrews backdropped Brooks and he landed in a heap. Andrews jumped backwards and successfully nailed a moonsault as Aries smiled at the top of the ramp. The referee made the count, and shocked the fans by counting to three. The bell rang, and Brooks immediately jumped up, shocked. Andrews celebrated in the ring, climbing to the top rope as Brooks looked on in disbelief.

Aries: Thanks, Brooks. I needed a good laugh before I kick your ass at Collision Course.

Brooks hopped out of the ring and ran up the ramp to meet Aries with an attack, but easily spotted, Aries fought back, and quickly kicked Brooks in the midsection and dropped him on the ramp with a DDT. He picked up his magazine, and walked to the back as the crowd chanted his name. Road agents and paramedics came out to help Brooks to his feet, but he stormed past them and walked directly behind the curtain.

Douglas Andrews defeats Phil Brooks by pinfall at 3:41 (48.8% - 75.9% - 62.3%)


The Highlight Reel

As we came back from commercial, Chris Jericho was in the ring with his Highlight Reel set.

Jericho: WELCOME TO FIGHT IS JERICHO!! And this is the HIGHLIGHT REEL!! For those of you who have been living under a rock or just don't know, my guest tonight, Randy Orton, has been on a losing streak that's caused him to have an emotional breakdown of sorts. I feel bad for the kid. He's a rising star, and will eventually be PWA Champion, I'm sure. But I've promised that tonight, I'd help him get back on track. I've got the perfect solution, so Randy, come on down!!

"This Fire Burns" by KSE hits, and Randy Orton makes his way down to the ring to chants of "Loser". He brushes them off, and shows a look of anxiousness on his face as he steps in the ring and shakes hands with Jericho.

Jericho: Randy, welcome to the Highlight Reel.

Orton: Thanks for having me, Chris. And first off, I just want to thank you for taking the time to bring me the ultimate solution. I mean, this losing streak is ruining my life. Everywhere I go, I get the same treatement. I was driving to the arena last night and I stopped at a gas station to use the restroom. It was one of those gas stations with a locked door bathroom, so I asked for the key and the guy behind the counter recognized me, asked for my autograph and then told me to "not lose the key".

Jericho: What'd you do?

Orton: I hit him in the face, used the restroom and sped away when I was done.

Jericho: You didn't give him back the key?

Orton: ... that's the thing. I lost it when I dropped it in the toilet. The losing streak is like the plague. It's following me everywhere!

Jericho: Well, worry no further. I've got the perfect solution.

Orton: What is it?

Jericho: It's not an it, it's a person. You see, this guy will bring you a whole new set of motivation. He's got words of motivation that Tony Robbins couldn't even give to you. But you know what? Me telling you what he can do isn't like what he WILL do to help you. Randy Orton, I present to you your perfect solution... DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE!!!

The fans go apeshit as "Teen Spirit" by Nirvana hits and the one and only DDP steps out on the stage. He lifts up the self high five, followed by fireworks and he steps in the ring with Jericho and Orton and shakes hands with both.

DDP: Thanks, Chris. Randy, Jericho gave me a call and told me that you were in a bit of trouble. Now, I haven't been in the ring in years, and the last time I was seen on TV was about two years ago when WCW was still open and I was the color commentator. Lately, I've released a couple of books, and one is something that I'm going to have you read.. It's called self motivation, and something you seem to lack lately. Give me time to work with you, and I will make you a whole new man. What do you say?

Page extends his hand, and Orton stares at it briefly before shaking it.

Orton: Right now, I am down for anything that'll help me get my life back on track.

DDP: Good. We'll get right to work, and trust me. In no time, you'll have these people feeling the...

He lifts up the mic, followed by a "BAANG!" from the crowd. His music hits, and they leave the ring leaving Jericho easy prey for Brock Lesnar who slides in the ring and drops him with the F-5 as we fade backstage.

The Golden Confrontation

Backstage, the camera caught Edge walking. He turned a corner and walked right into Shane McMahon. They stared each other down, neither wanting to back down first. Edge looks down at his title, and then looks back at Shane and begins to walk away as Shane looks on.

McMahon: Good luck tonight, Edge! Trust me, you'll need it.

Edge continues walking as we fade to commercial break.


Champion v Champion

World Champion, Edge v Crown Champion, Harry Smith

The crowd was quite into this one, and it was non-title, but the referee stated that if Harry Smith could be victorious, he'd get a shot at Edge's title this Thursday on Violation. Early on, Austin Aries made his way to ringside as Jenna looked on from ringside, quite irked. Edge dominated early on, cheap shotting Smith before the bell rang, destroying him about the ring. A Spear attempt missed, and Edge went diving right to the ringside floor, where Smith proceeded to obliterate Edge, even nailing him with the Running Powerslam outside the ring before rolling him back in. Smith's streak of control continued, nailing a top rope leg drop, but only getting a two count. He picked up Edge and went for the Running Powerslam in the ring, but Jenna distracted the referee. Austin Aries tripped her off the apron, and yelled for her to move out of the way. Shane McMahon walked down to ringside, and demanded that she go back to the locker room. This was Edge's chance to turn the tide, and he did exposing the turnbuckle and nailing Smith with a low blow, which both actions went seen by McMahon and Aries saw. Aries slid in the ring, but the referee tried to stop him and McMahon tried to get him out, trying to push he and the referee apart. Edge pushed Harry into Shane, knocking him into the exposed turnbuckle. Edge went up and went for the Spear, but Smith leapfrogged, and Edge got Aries. Smith turned around and went for a gorilla press, but a now bloody Shane McMahon superkicked Harry in the face. Edge dropped down, nailed Smith with the Impaler and got the pinfall. Afterwards, Aries got to his feet and tried to get answers out of McMahon, but no explanation was good enough for Aries who yelled an inaudible "piece of shit" and he tried to help Smith to his feet. Edge spun McMahon around and gave him a hug, as McMahon looked with disdain.

Edge defeats Harry Smith by pinfall at 16:38 (69.8% - 84.8% - 79.0%)


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IPB Image

PWA Violation: November 6, 2008

The Hardcore Challenge!

On Violation last week, Tom Howard told us that he was leaving his brother to create his own legacy and prove he is the most hardcore wrestler in PWA. This week marks the first time we see his Hardcore Challenge, and anyone can accept. we haven't learned who his opponent will be yet, but we can assure you that in a Hardcore Challenge, there will be casulties. At the moment, nothing else is confirmed for Violation, but we do know that Alex Shelley has requested interview time, it just has yet to be given to him. Tune in to Violation to see your favorite PWA superstars! It airs Thursday, 7/8 Central on USA!

Scheduled Matches:

Hardcore Challenge: Tom Howard v ??????

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I have actually read a few of your shows on the other forum and i found it to be truley brilliant and with the fact that you have just brought in DDP, is fan-funkin-tastic. I look forward to reading more of the diary and i am sure it will be on top of the dome before long.
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OOC: Thanks, I appreciate it. It's nice to finally see some feedback being thrown my way. I am working my ass off, and feel like I am getting zero notice here. Anyway, here's violation.

IPB Image

PWA Violation: November 6, 2008

The Hardcore Challenge!

Opening The Show...

As per usual, we get the usual pyro and shots of the fans in the audience, creaming themselves. The show kicks off with Roddy Piper and Josh Matthews hyping tonight's big main event which will see Hardcore Howard in his Hardcore Challenge against anyone in the locker room.

A Rare Appearance

You Think You Know Me...

"Metalingus" by Alter Bridge hits, and Edge and his wife, Jenna make their way down to the ring. He slides in the ring with the title, and she grabs him a mic from ringside. They meet in the middle of the ring, and he hands her the title but before he can begin his tired, he's met with a chorus of boos.

Edge: I guess you people heard what I had to say about Toronto the other night on Fight, eh? Well everything I said about Toronto might as well be copied into a definition of Calgary because the only good thing to come out of this city was Stu Hart, and he's dead. Now the city is just an empty piece of crap! But I didn't come to this second rate TV show to moan about the lack of hygiene here in Calgary. I came here to talk about a couple of things. First of all, I want to send a big thanks out to Shane McMahon. I knew you'd eventually come to realize that I am the big bucks of PWA and that you'd help me win my match against that loser, Harry Smith on Monday. But I know you're not here tonight, so I'll just talk to you Monday Night on Fight. Secondly, I just wanna send a quick shout out to The Rock, my opponent for Collision Course.

Massive "Rocky!" chants break out, drowning out the rest of Edge's sentence.


Of course, they continue...

Edge: You see what I mean, baby? No respect at all. But that's okay, people. When Collision Course rolls around, you won't be cheering for him anymore. I will become the new Great one. I mean, I am already great, but after beating The Rock, I will be cemented as the absolute best ever!

Edge hands the mic off to Jenna, and she lets go of Edge's hand to face the hard camera.

Jenna: Rock, I know you're back there listening. And I know that before you get your shot at my baby's title, you're in a Tag Team Table match against Rob Van Dam and Bobby Lashley at Champion's Showcase. Well, we just want to let you know that when you take them on, I went through some paperwork, and I've decided that Edge should be the special guest referee, just to make sure you're kept safe and at 100% before the big clash at Collision Course. And since I doubt Shane McMahon is on our side now, you might as well just accept it.

The crowd boos, and begins chanting "Slut" in her direction, but Edge snatches the microphone away from her.

Edge: And Rock, I promise to be a fair and impartial referee at Champion's Show --

"Know Your Role" by Method Man hits and The Rock walks out to the top of the stage to a HUGE ovation from the crowd. He paces at the top of the stage before bringing the mic back to his mouth.


Cheap pop cheer from the crowd, as Edge cocks his head to one side with disgust.

Rock: Edge, you come out here, you run your mouth and make no sense, whatsoever. The Rock was in the back, and heard you say his name. Well make no mistake, The Rock could give a damn if you're the special referee or not because one way or another, The Rock is gonna kick somebody's candy ass. The Rock doesn't care if it's you, Rob Van Dam, Bobby Lashley, The Coach, or that 2 cent tramp with cheap ass implants that you call a wife. One way or another, someone is gonna get the smackdown laid on their candy ass!

Edge: Very funnk, Rock. But trust me, if you wanna stay at 100% before our match, then you're not gonna lay the smackdown on me or my wife's asses. Besides, I pose a good question to you. Something that my good friend Scott Borders asked The Undertaker on Fight. I respect you and all, but what the hell have you done here in the PWA to really deserve a shot at my title? Not a damn thing.

Rock: Ah, The Rock sees now. This is some sort of conspiracy between you two mother canuckers to keep The Rock and The Undertaker away from your title, right? Well, The Rock says this, Edge; If you don't think The Rock deserves a shot at that title, then maybe The Rock should just walk on down the People's ramp and layeth the smacketh down on your roody poo, candy ass right here, tonight in Edmonton.

Edge: You can try, Rock. But you're not going to get a fight. Did you not see the war I was in with Harry Smith on Fight? My injured ribs and my injured spleen... I'm not cleared to wrestle until Collision Course to be honest, and there's no chance in hell you're getting a fight from me tonight.

Rock: The Rock's not looking for a fight, Edge. The Rock just loves it when you piss and moan like the little BITCH that The Rock knows you are.

Edge: A little bitch? I wasn't the one that was crying after being slammed through a table. That was you. When was the last time you were cut open five times, wrestled for 40 minutes, went through 4 tables, got hit with a ladder and fell off of a cage. Huh? When was the last time that happened to you? Two, three years? I've got a right to piss and moan because --

Rock: Because you beat your roody poo brother, Christian to get the title? The Rock could give a a cockatoo's ass about what you did because the fact of the matter is that you've never had competition quite like The Rock. So you know what, The Rock is going to give you something else to bitch about whether you like it or not, Edge. You wanna call yourself the Lord of the Ring? Well The Rock is going to be the Ruler of your Ass!!

The Rock drops the mic and sprints down to the ring. Jenna backs away and Edge drops the title, preparing to strike The Rock and as he slides in the ring, Edge stomps away at him, as does Jenna. Edge picks up Rock and pushes him in the corner and begins slamming his fist down against The Rock's skull as the crowd boos insanely.

Edge mocks Rock by spitting on his hand, but Rock explodes with electric punches knocking Edge back into the middle of the ring. Edge stumbles and walks back towards Rock who locks him in for the Rock Bottom but before it can be executed, Jenna slams her forearm between The Rock's legs. Edge backs up and notices The Rock's weakened state. He shoots backwards off the ropes and Spears the hell out of The Rock in the middle of the ring. "Metalingus" hits and Jenna picks up Edge's title and they both slide out of the ring, pleased with their work as we fade to commercial break.


Singles Match

Abyss v Steven Chase

A basic squash match, and Chase couldn't even get out of the blocks and was easily dominated from the ring of the bell. Chase charged Abyss, but got a big boot for his efforts. Abyss threw him over the top rope and Chase landed in a crumbled heap. He picked him up by the legs and proceeded to swing him around before slamming him headfirst directly in the stairs, and then swung the other way, this time letting him go and collide with the ringside guardrails. To finish up his violent attack, he rolled him in the ring, whipped him into the rope and hit the Blackhole Slam to end it all.

Abyss defeated Steven Chase by pinfall at 3:34 (37.6% - 71.6% - 47.7%)

Matthews: Abyss definately restablishing his name here. You've got to wonder what his sites are set on.


Sabin Got Violated!

"Diamonds Are Forever" by Kanye West hits, and Alex Shelley makes his way down to the ring, quickly power walking and with a mic in his hand already, calls for the music to be cut as he steps between the ropes.

Shelley: Okay, enough of the music, I requested this time and it was DENIED to me! But you know what, I am taking it anyway. Shane McMahon, I dare you to bring security out here, or better yet, you come here yourself. Or even better than that.. BETTER than that, people. That little piece of crap, Chris Sabin can come out here, and seek his revenge on the shock of reality I gave him. Chris Sabin, how did it feel to have your very own testicles kicked all the way into your upper intestine? I bet it felt great, didn't it? Well guess what? The next time I see you, I'll do it again because...

"Smooth" by Santana hits and Chavo Guerrero runs down to the ring, sticking up for his friend, as Shelley backed away.

Shelley: Chavo... Chavo, wait! Chavo, I can't explain! Chavo, I can ARRGHH ---

Chavo spears Shelley to the mat and they roll around, trying to keep an advantage as a referee runs down to the ring and rings a bell.

Matthews: And we've got an impromptu match here!

Piper: That young punk has a chance to put up or shut up now!

Singles Match

Alex Shelley v Chavo Guerrero Jr.

The match was dominated by Chavo for the most part, taking out his frustrations and wanting to stick up for his friend. Shelley took control following an Enziguri and went for a Figure Four, but Chavo kicked him shoulder first into the ringpost. He rolled him back and set him up for the Gory Special but Shelley didn't tap out, so Chavo dropped him with the Gory Bomb instead, but when he pinned him, Shelley got his feet on the ropes. Chavo began to celebrate, but the referee told him the match was still on. When he turned around, Shelley nailed him with a superkick and made the cover and got the win.

Alex Shelley defeated Chavo Guerrero, Jr. by pinfall at 7:21 (54.1% - 81.6% - 67.5%)

Matthews: And Shelley steals one!!

Piper: This kid is smart. That's a Hot Rod move right there, HAHA!!


Getting To The Top

A video hyping Melina is shown, basically covering all of her classic moments, interfering in MNM's matches, random shots of her letting out her primal yell and of course, of her ring entrance. It ends with the text -- "To Get To The Top, You Need The Best... Melina"

Matthews: God, that girl is gorgeous.

Piper: Easy there, kiddo.

Matthews: Ahem. Backstage, we've got Simon Starr standing by. Simon?

Getting Positive, Take One

Backstage, Randy Orton and his new manager and motivation instructor, Diamond Dallas Page are standing by with Simon Starr, and Orton still looks a tad bit distraught here, but Page is all smiles.

Starr: Diamond Dallas Page and Randy Orton, you requested this time?

DDP: Yeah, we did. This past week, I got a phone call from Chris Jericho. Now everyone thinks that this is a cuthroat business and that nobody cares about anybody else, but that's not true. Being the good guy that he is, Jericho felt bad that Randy was going through a tough time lately, so he gave me a call to see if I could help out. Now seeing as I gave Randy words of wisdom when he was just starting out back in 2001, I saw no reason why I couldn't give him some assitance now.

Orton: These past few days have just been going back and looking at tapes of where I used to be, trying to pinpoint when my decline began.

DDP: And trust me, we'll find it. You see, I am gonna teach Randy a new way of life. I'm going to teach him everything that made me a success in my career. I started breaking into the business as a wrestler at 36 years old, and became a three time World Champion. Fans around the world chanted my name in whatever city we were, and I retired on my own terms, thankfully. I spent a few years as a color commentator for WCW when it returned in 2005, but now I am Randy's official instructor. I'm gonna teach him how to focus. Yoga, the proper training and believing in yourself because it's all about heart. I know you've got it, Randy. But I'll help you find it and remember that it still exists. And like I promised on Monday Night; Sooner or later, these people will once again be feeling your bang. Come on, let's get to work.

The duo walks away as we fade to ringside.

Piper: Good to see that kid getting back on his feet.

Matthews: DDP has got to be the most inspirational instructor out there, Rod. He's had a tough life.

Hardcore Challenge

Tom Howard v Balls Mahoney

Hardcore Howard came to the ring and paced, waiting to see if anyone would accept his challenge and it was indeed Balls Mahoney. He came down and the brawl was on. This match featured some hard hitting both in and out of the ring and it eventually made it to the top of the ramp. Balls hit Howard with a powerslam on the steel staging and proceeded to set up two tables at the foot of the ring apron. Howard made it up though, and hit Mahoney with a spinning heel kick. He grabbed a singapore cane and nailed Mahoney in the head with it and climbed to the rope. Mahoney made it up though and followed him to the top. The two brawled, and Howard shoved Mahoney off and he went backwards into the two tables. Howard looked down and followed up with an elbow drop followed by a cover which picked up the win

Tom Howard defeated Balls Mahoney by submission at 6:05 (39.1% - 80.4% - 48.9%)

Piper: I'm not a big fan of hardcore, but that was impressive.

Matthews: Tom Howard has won the first Hardcore Challenge, but who will accept it next week?!

Piper: We'll see you next Thursday! Goodnight, everbody!


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IPB Image

- Chris Jericho appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show on November 4th, and it was such a good appearance that Kimmel has requested another appearance of a PWA superstar. Jericho helped to not only hype Champion's Showcase II, but the upcoming pay per view event, Collision Course. Jericho attempted to show Kimmel the Walls of Jericho, and hyped his match with Brock Lesnar via a little trash talk and Kimmel's average rating jumped up, hence the request. We understand that The Rock will be appearing on Kimmel on November 18th.

- The Undertaker was originally set to feud with Chris Jericho regarding a title shot, but management felt that Jericho shouldn't be turned heel yet, so they're giving Borders the push. This is Border's biggest program to date, so this is his opportunity to prove if he's capable of being a part of a featured feud. Borders will be out selling injuries, but look for a return shortly after Champion's Showcase to set up the Collision Course match between the two.

- Many are praising the new direction of Violation. Ratings continue to impress the USA Network, however, there's currently a bit of frustration. PWA wants it to be a complete showcase of the midcard and lower midcard, but USA is demanding more familiar faces to fill up at least half of the show, hence the Rock/Edge promo that kicked off Violation last night.

- Christian was interviewed on a Tampa radio station last night, and when asked when he'd be making his return, he said that management had been asking him to come back at Collision Course, but he said he's eager to take the time to get back. Is this a swerve, or truth?

- PWA recently completed the signings of a few superstars. The list of superstars are; Perry Saturn, Matt Bloom, Brian Kendrick and they've also re-signed Matt Striker. Striker was released when original plans for him fell through, but he agreed to sign a new contract for less money than he originally signed for, but he signed nonetheless. Striker and Saturn are set to be called up as a tag team to help flesh out the currently weak tag team division.

- Kendrick was signed because ever since WCW went out of business, he's been floundering around the indies. Kendrick received a considerably successful push in the old WCW as 'BDK' Brian David Kendrick, colliding against his teacher and mentor, Shawn Michaels and his partner, Paul London, but the feud never hit a climax, and the company soon went out of business.

- PWA is currently averaging $19,000 in ticket sales for house shows, which is a good sign considering the three house show a week schedule. The current headlining match on the house show circuit is The Rock & The Undertaker v. Edge & Scott Borders.

- Tajiri has signed a one year contract extension.

- DDP only signed a 6 month contract with PWA, and may not even be used the entire duration of the contract. At the moment, there are no plans for him to be used as an in ring competitor, but strictly as Randy Orton's manager.

- The Shane McMahon angle that began on Fight is supposed to be the beginning of a huge new angle. Many backstage claim that it's unnecessary, but McMahon is adamant about it.

- The current booking team is pulling each other apart. Half believes that Edge should drop the title to The Rock at Collision Course, but others feel that he should retain it and drop it to Chris Jericho soon. Edge has been heard saying that he's going to prove to people that he deserves a long title reign.

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IPB Image

PWA Monday Night Fight: November 10, 2008

Getting An Explanation

The final stop before Champion's Showcase II will come from Dallas, Texas and many are expecting an explanation for Shane McMahon's actions last week during the match between Edge and Harry Smith. Shane nailed Smith with a superkick after accidently being knocked into an exposed turnbuckle. Edge capitalized on the move and hit Smith with a Spear to pick up the victory. However, after the match was over, Edge hugged Shane as Shane looked on with anger in his eyes. Is there a relationship between McMahon and Edge, or was it just the well known McMahon temper making it's way out from within the usually calm and cool CEO of PWA?

Last week, The Undertaker took on Bobby Lashley and defeated him. This week, The Coach has set down a challenge for The Undertaker to "warm him up" for the Tables Match at Champion's Showcase. Per his request, Shane McMahon has set up a Table Match between The Undertaker and Danny Doring. Can the legendary Undertaker destroy Doring, or can Doring pull off the upset, or the more logical question -- Does Coach have a trick up his sleeve that he will use to cost Undertaker the match?

Plus, Chris Jericho, Edge, Brock Lesnar and The Rock will all be in the house! Tune in to Monday Night Fight to see your favorite PWA superstars! Catch it LIVE on Monday Night, 9/8 Central on USA!

Scheduled Matches:

The Undertaker v Danny Doring in a Tables Match!

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IPB Image

PWA Monday Night Fight: November 10, 2008

Getting An Explanation

The usual opening video, music and pyro go through as usual, and we're taken to ringside at the announce booth where Josh Matthews and stale ass Jerry Lawler are at ringside.

Matthews: Hello everybody and welcome to Monday Night Fight! As always, I am Josh Matthews alongside Jerry The King Lawler, and we've got a big night planned as this is the last stop before Champion's Showcase II! The Undertaker will take one of The Coach's hand picked opponenets in a warm up Table Match, plus more!

Shane's Big Explanation

"Here Comes The Money" hits, and Shane McMahon makes his way down to the ring, dancing and jiving, but this time he has a man with his hair tied in a pony tail, a suit and a pair of sunglasses on. He rolls in the ring and grabs a microphone from ringside, and looks around the crowd, eyeballing a sign that reads "Why Shane Why?" The sunglass clad man stands behind Shane in the ring as Shane begins his tirade.

Shane: You know, I was perfectly content with staying out of people's business, but last week when Harry Smith took on Edge, I wanted to make sure that Harry Smith proved to the world that he was a big star. I wanted to make sure that Edge was exposed as trash and that he was nowhere in Harry Smith's league. And then during the match when Edge's wife got involved and I came down to straighten things out and got shoved into that turnbuckle, I thought that Harry pushed me intentially for no reason which is why I superkicked him.

The fans begin chanting Smith's name, as McMahon continues his speech.

Shane: I had no intentions of costing him the match. I have no alliance with Edge, and I don't want an alliance with Edge. I'd just as soon spit in his face as I would shake his hand. Personally, I feel that Edge is scum and for those who care, I am completely backing The Rock in his quest to become PWA Champion. I am all about the new breed stepping up to take down the trash that's trying to diminish my company. And I know that Harry Smith isn't here yet, but quite honestly, I know he's pissed off. I --

The chants intensify, going as far as stalling Shane mid sentence.

Shane: I am literally scared for my well being, and that's why I have this big man behind me. Some of you may recognize him, but let me formally introduce you to Terrance Richards, my new bodyguard. I realize that not many people like me right now in the audience, at home, or even the boys in the back. Everyone thinks that just because I am a McMahon, I am evil. Well you know what, if that's what you all believe, I will just have to prove you all wrong. And I'll start tonight when Harry Smith gets here. I know he's looking for my head on a stick, but that's not happening. Terrance here will make sure of that. No, Harry, tonight, I will offer you a face to face apology and one you rightfully deserve. Tonight, it's all about the new breed stepping up and getting their rightful spot and I'll make damn sure they get there. And for the fans the boys in the back that doubt my words, then I publicly apologize to all of you.

"Here Comes The Money" hits, and Shane goes to exit the ring, but the lights are switched off.

You Think You Know Me...

"Metalingus" by Alter Bridge hits, and the PWA World Champion, Edge and his wife, Jenna, make their way down to the ring. She holds the ropes open for him and even grabs him a mic as Edge stands face to face with McMahon before noticing Richards step up. Jenna hands him the mic and stands behind him, eyeballing McMahon.

Edge: Shane, there's absolutely no need to lie. Now last week, you helped me win my match, and I am eternally greatful that you helped me humiliate that piece of crap, Harry Smith. You and I both know that honestly, deep down in that black heart of yours, you NEED me as the champion. You want me as the champion, and will do everything in your power to keep me as your champion.

Shane: Are you deaf? Did you not heard a damn word I just said? You are SCUM. And as for you, Jenna, I heard what you said on Violation, and just because you're a lawyer doesn't mean you can just go around making decisions because YOU think it's a good idea. I'm still the law around here, damnit. But since it already stands, then I'll accept it. But what I won't accept is you two making a fool of me. You're trying to play mind games with me, and I don't appreciate it.

Edge: So I'm scum? After everything I've done for you and this whole damn company? I've carried this damn company on my back, single handedly, for 8 months. Since day one, and this is how you repay me? I don't know what you're up to McMahon, but I'm not buying it one bit. I know that you're really on my side.

Shane: Edge, I am not on your side, and you know what? Since you're the special referee at Champion's Showcase, then I am just gonna have to counter that.

Edge: What the hell does that mean?

Shane: You'll find out later tonight. In the meantime, go to the back and get your gear on because tonight, you're going to be in a match.

Edge: WHAT?!

Shane: Hey, you said you carried this company on your back, right? You're the champion, and by God, the champion will start wrestling a little bit more.

Edge: A title defense?! What the hell?! Is this a part of your game or something?!

Shane: Games, are fun, right? Well, it'll be fun tonight. Just get your gear on.

Edge steps forward and gets in Shane's face, but once again, Richards steps up in Edge's face, and backs him off.

Edge: FINE!

Edge storms to the back as McMahon smiles from inside the ring.


Singles Match

Brock Lesnar v Matt Hardy

Hardy tried early on to heel it up, immediately thumbing Lesnar in the eye, and stomping away at him. Hardy kept a dominating lead, nailing Lesnar with a DDT and quickly following up with a pinfall, which was quickly kicked out of. Hardy shoved Lesnar in the corner and chopped him multiple times, but at the same time, Lesnar regained his vision and exploded out of the corner, running across the ring with Hardy in his arms and slamming him into the other turnbuckle. Lesnar shoved his shoulder into Hardy's midsection 5 times, and then grabbed him and suplexed him, leaving him flat in the ring. The finish of the match came when Lesnar had a dominating lead, having nailed Hardy with a huge powerbomb in the middle of the ring. As he picked up Hardy to go for the F-5, "Nameless" by Fozzy hit, and Lesnar dropped Hardy and turned to the titantron to look for Chris Jericho as his pyro erupted, but seconds later, Jericho still hadn't come out, and from behind, Hardy dropkicked Lesnar into the ropes. Lesnar stumbled forward and tripped, his neck connecting with the top rope. He turned around to get booted in the midsection and dropped with a Twist of Fate, and covered for the win.

Matt Hardy defeats Brock Lesnar by pinfall at 8:04 (77.2% - 67.0% - 74.7%)

King: Chris Jericho playing games with Lesnar, Matthews! I love it!

The Mind Games Continue

Afterwards, Hardy rolled out of the ring and celebrated like there was no tommorrow, jumping up and down and smiling when once again, "Nameless" by Fozzy hit, and this time, Jericho came out to the top of the ramp, half the crowd cheering his outsmarting of Lesnar, and the other chanting "Fuck Him Up, Lesnar! Fuck Him Up!" Jericho gives Lesnar a mocking round of applause before pulling out a microphone from his pocket.

Jericho: Good job there, Lesnar. Rule #1 -- never turn your back on an opponent. You know, I never really had an actual problem with you, and when Shane McMahon signed this match, I didn't really want to go through with it. I know you're still hot that I laid you out before Cry of the Souls and took you out for two and a half weeks, but it's only business. That was to ensure my victory over Edge, which didn't go down as planned, but that's alright. I don't hate you, Brock. Now I know you're hot that I just cost you your match, but that was just a lesson. You see, I want our match at Champion's Showcase to be a classic match... for the fans. I don't want a cheap win. I don't want you to get distracted by anything. I want this straight up, one on one in a classic wrestling match. Can we do this, or does it have to be a slaughterfest?

Jericho looks in Lesnar's direction, obviously still pissed from his defeat, but he nods his head and Jericho exchanges with a smile. But Lesnar stops nodding and flips Jericho off.

Jericho: Okay then, if that's the way you want it, the fine. Let the best man win. Good luck, Brock. I'll see you at Champion's Showcase.

Brock points in Jericho's direction, inaudibly screaming as Jericho looks on, quite unhappy as we fade to commercial.


United States Championship

Jamie Noble © v Shinjiro

Shinjiro came to the ring with Taka, and before the match started, Taka nailed Noble in the lower back with the Japanese flag, and the referee sent him to the back. As the match got underway, Shinjiro immediately went for the quick win, hitting a german suplex to Noble, but instead, he kicked out. Shinjiro loaded Noble in the corner, back out, and hit a running dropkick, nailing him in the back with it. Noble stumbled backwards, directly into a school boy, but still kicked out. He loaded Noble on the top rope and went to superplex him, but Noble pushed him off and hit a picture perfect dropkick. In the end, Shinjiro went for a Northern Lights Suplex, but Noble landed on his feet and quickly hit Shinjiro with a neckbreaker. He shot off the ropes but Shinjiro jumped up, but got dropkicked in the knee. He collapsed, and Noble locked on the Trailer Hitch, and Shinjiro tapped out.

Jamie Noble defeats Shinjiro by pinfall at 9:42 to retain the United States Championship (46.1% - 78.2% - 58.8%)

Matthews: Noble made Shinjiro tap out and is STILL the United States Champion, King! Noble is probably the best pure athlete in the business today, and he deserves that title... HEY! WAIT A MINUTE!!

Payback Is A Bitch

After the match as Noble was celebrating, a man slid in the ring and quickly grabbed him by the neck and dropped him with a Lungblower. The man stood up, and removed his hat and hoodie to reveal none other than the man Noble defeated to become the US Champion, Carlito.


King: What the hell is he doing here?! We haven't seen him in weeks!

He put the boots to Noble, and mounted him and began punching away at him until Chris Daniels ran down to the ring and the fans booed unmercifully as he helped put the boots to the helpless Noble. Carlito picked Noble up and nailed him with the Lungblower once again, and Daniels came off the top rope with the Best Moonsault Ever. They continued their attack until Shelton Benjamin came running down the ramp with a chair. As he slid in the ring, Carlito and Daniels fled. Benjamin hung over the rope, yelling at Daniels and signaling that he wanted his rematch at the International Title, while Carlito did the same, though pointing at Noble.

Operation Ambush: Failed

Backstage, The Rock was in his locker room, laying down on his couch and watching Fight on his TV, which of course drew massive cheers from the crowd, when he noticed that Rob Van Dam was nearing his locker room. He stood up, and as RVD went to kick the door open, he opened himself and RVD went rolling into Rock's locker room prompting laughter from the crowd.

Rock: Have a nice trip, Rob?

RVD pulled himself up with the couch, and got in The Rock's face, obviously not happy.

Rock: What the hell are you doing about to burst in The Rock's locker room anyway?

RVD: Well, Rocky, I just wanted to wish you luck twice. I mean, you know and I know that at Champion's Showcase, you're definately gonna need it because me and Lashley are going to just gonna drop you like a bad habit.

Rock: And the second good luck wish?

RVD: For your match against Edge at Collision Course. He and I aren't exactly friends, and hell, I kicked his ass for the World Title a couple of months ago. But nothing would make me happier than to see Edge kick your ass.

Rock: Well make no mistake, Rob Van Dam, that neither of those things are going to happen. The Rock and The Undertaker will absolutely obliterate you two monkey asses at Champion's Showcase, and at Collision Course, The Rock is going to shove his boot up Edge's ass on his way to becoming the World Champion.

RVD: That's funny, Rock.

Rock: Laugh all you want, but The Rock speaks the truth. And both you, Lashley and that punk bitch Edge will all learn that the truth hurts. Now get the hell out of The Rock's locker room. And before he even thinks about it, tell that big milk dud Bobby Lashley to not even think about barging in this locker room. Or else The Rock might just have to make you smell what he's cookin.... candy ass jabroni.

RVD frowned, yet walked out of the locker room as we blacked out to a commercial.


Harry Wants Answers

As we came back from commercial, Shane McMahon was sitting in his office with Terrance Richards when the door busted open, and Harry Smith barged into the office, and immediately pulled Shane up from his chair, but is pushed back by Richards.

Shane: Calm down, Harry. Calm down!

Smith: I want answers, and I want them now, McMahon... and who the hell are you??

Shane: That's Terrance, my bodyguard. I knew you were gonna show up pissed tonight, and that you'd try and break my neck, and for good reason. But look, I've already given my side of the story, and I'll say it again. I had no ill will, and I thought you pushed me intentionally. I reviewed the tape and saw it was an accident. I'm sorry. I apologize again and again, but I can make it up to you.

Smith: Oh yeah? How.

Shane: Tonight, you and Austin Aries will be taking on Edge and Phil Brooks in a tag team match.

Smith: Me and Austin against Brooks and Edge? Alright, fine. But this time, why don't you do everyone a favor and stay the hell away from ringside.

Harry backs up and eyeballs Terrance, showing no fear, before walking out of the locker room as we fade to ringside where The Coach is standing in the ring.

Who Is Undertaker Facing?

Coach: Undertaker, you accepted my challenge for a warm up tables match for your match against Rob Van Dam and Bobby Lashley at Champion's Showcase, but you agreed before it could be stated who you were facing. So without further ado, let me do the honors of introducing you to a couple of good friends of mine and the #1 contenders to the Tag Team Titles, The Samoan Gangstas!

"3 Minutes" by 2 Skinnee J hits, and Rosey and Jamal make their way down to the ring, exchanging "dap" with Coach as Undertaker's music hits and the Deadman makes his way down to the ring.

Tag Team Tables Match

The Undertaker v Samoan Gangstas

In the beginning, Undertaker held his own, quickly hitting Rosey with a chokeslam, and rolling him out of the ring as Jamal was downed with a big boot. Taker pushed Jamal in the corner and nailed him with multiple lefts and rights, but from behind, Rosey hit Taker with a chair. Taker turned around, unaffected and nailed Rosey with a right hand. But as he did, Jamal headbutted him from behind. In the end, Jamal somehow threw the 310 pound Taker in the air and dropped him with the Elevated Samoan Drop. Rosey and Jamal sat up a table in the middle of the ring and picked up Taker. Rosey put Taker on his shoulders and nailed him with a picture perfect TKO, and then positioned him on the table. Jamal came off the top and went for a Splash, but Taker rolled off the table and Jamal crashed and burned. Rosey picked up the chair again and hit him in the head with it as Coach slid in yet another table. Rosey helped up Jamal, who set up the table and as Taker made it to his feet, he grabed both of them by the throat and went for a double chokeslam, but instead got a double lowblow. The Gangstas hit Taker with a double spinebuster through the table for the win. Outside the ring, Coach celebrated.

Samoan Gangstas defeat The Undertaker at 5:44 (76.3% - 60.4% - 74.0%)

Matthews: I don't know about you, King, but I am definately worried about The Undertaker's state rolling into Champion's Showcase.

King: Who cares, Matthews? I sure don't.


Getting To The Top

A video hyping Melina is shown, basically covering all of her classic moments, interfering in MNM's matches, random shots of her letting out her primal yell and of course, of her ring entrance. It ends with the text -- "To Get To The Top, You Need The Best... Melina"

Tag Team Match

Edge & Phil Brooks vs Harry Smith & Austin Aries

Edge and Brooks tried to use mind games to get in the heads of Smith and Aries, coming down to the ring and then walking back up the ramp and away from the match, but Smith and Aries went for the attack and took them back down to the ring. The match started off with Brooks and Smith and Smith chopped away at him in the corner, and rammed him into Aries' boot before tagging him in, and Aries continued the onslaught. In the middle of the match, Jenna tried to distract the ref, and succeeded as she jumped on the ring apron. However, he didn't catch her kick her high heel shoe into the ring. Edge grabbed it and nailed Aries in the face with it, but Harry noticed this and came in the ring and nailed Edge in the face with a running boot. All hell broke loose and in the midst of the mayhem, Austin Aries nailed Phil Brooks with the 450 splash, but Edge came in out of nowhere and Speared the holy hell out of him. Harry Smith tried to tag himself in, but Edge knocked him off the ring apron and took the fight to him outside the ring. In the end, Brooks somehow recovered and the referee restored order, and Aries tagged in Smith and Edge got tag. Edge had Smith in the top rope and hit a superplex. Edge tagged Brooks back in, and Brooks went for the pin, but Smith kicked out. Brooks dig in his tights and pulled out a pair of brass knucks, but the referee saw. As the ref disposed of them, Brooks pulled out another pair and nailed Smith in the face with them as he got to his feet. Aries went to break up the count, but Jenna tripped him off the apron and the referee counted the pinfall.

Edge & Phil Brooks defeated Austin Aries & Harry Smith by pinfall at 15:32 (63.0% - 86.2% - 78.5%)

Matthews: Damnit! Screwed again, and these two upstarts just can't seem to catch a break.

A Little Retribution

After the match, Edge and Phil Brooks exited the ring and tried to make their way up the ramp, but The Rock ran down to a huge ovation and clotheslined them both from behind. He picked up Edge and rolled him into the ring. Brooks spun The Rock around, but got a Rock Bottom on the foot of the ramp for his troubles. Back in the ring, Smith picked up Edge and nailed him with the Running Powerslam. The Rock slid in and shook his hand, and Smith left Edge for Rock, who shot off one rope to hit the People's Elbow, but Lashley who had come through the crowd and into the ring, obliterated The Rock with a clothesline which almost decapitated him and continued putting the boots to The Rock. Lashley held The Rock up and Edge stood up, catching his breath. Edge saw his opportunity and ran for a Spear, but Rock dropped, and Edge hit Lashley and they both went through the ropes to the floor.


Singles Match

Bobby Lashley v The Rock

As we came back from the commercial, it was told that a referee came down to officiate this impromptu match and Lashley was on the attack, stomping on Rock's ribs, trying to weaken them for the tables match at The Showcase. However, The Rock exploded out of the corner with a clothesline. Lashley made it up and went for a clothesline of his own, but Rock dropped him with a Pinebuster in the middle of the ring and went for a People's Elbow. He turned to the side and made eye contact with Edge who was at the top of the ramp, scouting. Rock did his usual schtick before going for the People's Elbow, but at the last second, Lashley rolled out of the ring. In the end, Lashley made it to his feet and went for the Dominated, but Rock dropped from behind and hit a Russian Legsweep, but a cover failed. He picked up Lashley and went for the Rock Bottom, but was elbowed away. Lashley went for a right hand, but Rock ducked, grabbed Lashley and hit the Rock Bottom for the cover and the win. After the match, The Rock got into an intense staredown with Edge as the show went off the air.

The Rock defeats Bobby Lashley by pinfall at 7:36 (74.4% - 67.4% - 77.3%)

King: What a night this has been, Josh! We're out of time, but we'll see you at Champion's Showcase!! Goodnight everybody!


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IPB Image

Premier Wrestling Alliance Presents...

Champion's Showcase II: November 11, 2008

The Champ Dons Stripes

On the big screen, Edge appears on the screen with his wife, Jenna sitting on his laugh.

Edge: Tonight, my dear friends on the home of scum, Las Vegas...

Of course, the cheap heat works, and the fans boo.

Edge: ... Thanks for that warm reception that only a champion of my caliber deserves. Tonight marks a night where I, Edge, will officiate an awesome main event. The Rock, my opponent and challenge at Collision Course will team with The Deadman and they will take on Rob Van Dam and Lashley in a Tables Match and yes, I will be the guest referee. And because I have been getting plenty of backlash on the matter, I am hereby GUARAN-DAMN-TEE-ING a clean, and impartial showcase of referee'ing goodness. I am the Lord of the Ring and tonight, I will further my rule because when I am the referee, it's my way or the highway, boys.

Edge flashes a cheesy smile before we fade to ringside with pyro, and music as per usual as Lawler, Matthews and Piper greet us at ringside and hype the show a bit.

PWA Tag Team Championship

MNM © v. The Samoan Gangstas

The match was dominated by The Gangstas. Jamal and Nitro started the match, and and Jamal bodyslammed him 5 times before hitting a huge splash, and even though he was hurt, Nitro still kicked out, but the damage to the ribs had been done. Mercury ended up getting the face in peril tag, and Rosey got a tag as well, and Mercury took Rosey down with a dropkick, and dominated a bit before Jamal got the tag back in and dropped Mercury with a running Samoan Spike which almost took the victory, but Nitro dove in for the save. Nitro pulled Mercury to his corner and made the tag. Jamal went for the same move, but Nitro dropkicked his knee. He grabbed Jamal and ran through the corner and hit a running Tornado DDT. Mercury gave Rosey a drop toe hold as Nitro hit the Shooting Star Press to Jamal to pick up the win.

MNM defeat The Samoan Gangstas by pinfall at 11:15

Afterwards, Nitro rolled out of the ring holding on to his ribs, gasping for air. Mercury rushed to his fallen partner's aid. Jamal and Rosey stood outside, looking on, trying to go for an attack, however, referees ran down and stopped them and sent them to the back. Paramedics came down to the ring as Nitro continued gasping for air. The camera panned close, and he wheezed out the words "I can't breathe" as we faded.


The Future Is Here

Backstage, Teddy Hart was standing by in the interview area, staring intently at the camera as it zooms in on his face.

Teddy: I've been out of action for weeks now, and nobody thinks enough to mention my name. I am in one of the biggest matches of my career, and all that's said is "Teddy Hart has a rematch clause"? Tonight, I am going to prove to each and every one of you pieces of desert bred pieces of crap, who have nothing better to do with your lives than sit at the blackjack table, wasting your welfare checks on a prize that will never come... Yeah, I'm going to prove to each and every one of you that I am not the forgotten superstar in PWA. This new breed... I AM THE NEW DAMN BREED! I AM GOING TAKE BACK MY DAMN CROWN TITLE AND YOU CAN BET YOUR ASS THAT I'VE GOT AN INSURANCE POLICY TO ENSURE MY VICTORY!! I AM TEDDY HART, AND DAMNIT, I AM THE FUTURE!!

Teddy spat directly at the camera, and as the saliva slid off the lens, Teddy walked away from the interview area as we faded to ringside.

Singles Match

Chris Jericho vs Brock Lesnar

Before the match, Jericho extended his hand to Lesnar, and Lesnar examined it, expecting a swerve, but excepted anyway, and Jericho inaudibly mouthed "good man" to him. They locked up, and a chain wrestling sequence began with Lesnar getting the better of it, overpowering Jericho. The tide turned as Jericho took Lesnar off the ring apron with a springboard dropkick, launching him to ringside. Jericho went for a springboard plancha, but Lesnar moved out of the way at the last second, and Jericho splattered on the mats. Lesnar rolled him in the ring and went for the pin, but Jericho got a foot on the ropes. In the end, Lesnar had a dominating lead on Jericho and had hit him with a massive powerbomb. Instead of going for the cover, he picked up Jericho and went for the F-5, but Jericho reversed it. He launched himself off the ropes, and hit a running Enziguri, which sent Lesnar out of the ring. The referee counted began his 10 count, but the stunned Lesnar barely made it to his feet, and he pulled himself up and slid in the ring, but was too late as the referee had just called for the bell.

Chris Jericho defeats Brock Lesnar by countout at 17:57

Jericho looked down at Lesnar, visibibly upset at the ending of the match, and called for a microphone. Lesnar pulled himself up, holding his head and looking distraught at the countout loss as Jericho extended his hand once again.

Jericho: It's alright, Brock. That's not the way I wanted it to go down. I told you that I wanted a clean, pure wrestling match, and that's what this was. But that isn't the way a real match should end.

Brock extends his hand, and shakes Jericho's as he continues his rant.

Jericho: As I said, I promised to wrestle a pure, clean wrestling match for the fans, and for us. Look at us, Brock. We're two magnificent athletes, in the prime of our careers, and are we consistantly headlining? No. And it's because we're not doing what we can to be noticed. I mean, sure he were in the main event of Cry of the Souls last month, but before that, when was the last time you headlined a pay per view? When was the last time you had a World Title shot? You and I need to open some eyes here in the PWA with our raw skill. Hell, look at me. I tried to take you out to ensure my spot, but it was wrong. I don't need to jump my opponents to get to the top. I can do it in the ring. Now I know I may have just knocked you loopy, and you knocked me senseless with that Powerbomb, but if you can, accept my challenge for another match at Collision Course. You and I, one more time and we can decide a real winner. What do you say?

Jericho hands the mic off to Brock who looks out at the crowd and they're on their feet, standing.

Brock: You want me one more time? Well, Chris... you're on!

Lesnar extends his hand to Jericho, and yet another handshake is exchanged and they raise each other's arms to the delight of the crowd who is anxious to see yet another classic.


Getting To The Top

A video hyping Melina is shown, basically covering all of her classic moments, interfering in MNM's matches, random shots of her letting out her primal yell and of course, of her ring entrance. It ends with the text -- "To Get To The Top, You Need The Best... Melina."

Tag Team Match

Chris Daniels & Carlito v. Jamie Noble & Shelton Benjamin

Daniels and Noble started the match, locking up but Daniels kept backing out before being clotheslined almost out of his boots. Daniels played the cowardly heel, alongside the now hated, Carlito. As they made their way up the ramp, Benjamin and Noble chased them up the ramp and got the attack before bringing them back down to the ring. Noble pulled Daniels in the corner and stomped a West Virginia mudhole in Daniels as the crowd counted along with every stomp. He tagged in Benjamin, which changed the pace of the match. The tide turned, as Carlito had gotten his second tag in the ring and behind the referee's back, low blowed Benjamin, but he stumbled backwards into his corner, and Noble tagged himself in and went for a clothesline on Carlito, but instead wrapped himself in a crucifix, and rolled up Carlito for the abrupt and shocking pinfall.

Jamie Noble & Shelton Benjamin defeat Chris Daniels & Carlito by pinfall at 13:37


A Bit of Bathroom Humor

As we come back from commercial, we're taken to some footage of what went down during the commercial break. Phil Brooks walks into a bathroom, and in a far corner, we see Austin Aries snooping. He creeps up towards the bathroom and walks in as well, and we notice that Brooks' feet are in the stall. Austin busted in the stall and Brooks tried to cover himself up, but Aries kicked him in the face and began pounding away at him screaming, "Hurry, Nattie!" His fiancee ran into the bathroom with a bucket as Brooks continued getting punched at. Aries moved out of the way as Nattie chucked the contents of the bucket in Brooks' direction, and a chunky brown substance splatters across his face and body.

Aries: And here I thought you were full of crap before, Brooks.

Aries and Nattie laugh as Brooks is left screaming in his pool of dung.

PWA Crown Championship

Harry Smith © v. Teddy Hart

Teddy Hart made the first strike, but before the match started. He attacked Harry as he was making his way to the ring for the match, and dropkicked him in the knee, causing him to collide face first with the ring steps which immediately busted him open. As the blood gushed from his face, he rolled him in the ring, but Hart kicked out. Hart made the most of his return and raked his cousin's face, and even bit it. Mid match, he loaded Harry on the top rope, both men completely vertical, and lifted him for a superplex, but Smith reversed it in mid air, changing the tide of the match, and landing in a pinning position, but Hart kicked out. In the end, Harry kept the match in his favor, nailing Hart with a tiltawhirl backbreaker and locking in a bearhug, which was easily escaped by Hart who elbowed Harry in the face. Harry went for a clothesline, but Teddy ducked and Harry nailed the referee. As Harry attempted to revive the referee, Teddy grabbed a chair from ringside. He slid in the ring and went to hit Harry, but it was blocked with a big boot. Shane McMahon came down to ringside and slid in the ring and picked up the chair and tossed it to ringside. In the end, Teddy Hart bitched out Shane for taking the chair, but Harry lifted him up from behind in a Torture Rack. Shane slid in the ring and went to revive the referee, but turned around and nailed Harry with the in the face. Harry fell backwards and Teddy landed. Shane instructed him to pin him, but Teddy locked on a Sharpshooter to rub in the pain, and as the referee came to, he dropped Harry's hand thrice and awarded Teddy the win.

Teddy Hart defeats Harry Smith by knockout at 15:04

Afterwards, Shane slammed the title into Teddy's chest and instructed him to leave the ring. The referee tried to pull Shane away, but was thrown over the top rope. The bloody Smith pulled himself to his feet, but was once again nailed with the chair, leaving him in the middle of the ring, lifeless. Shane climbed to the top rope, and dropped the huge elbow and made his exit to a massive, massive chorus of boos.


The Walk Of Shame

Backstage, Shane McMahon was powerwalking to his car when a group of superstars appear in his way. He eyeballs them and tries to make it past them, but they block him.

Shane: Are you going to move out of my way, or do you not want to keep your jobs?

The superstars move out of the way as Shane continues his walk, coming directly towards Austin Aries who gives him the absolute look of death.

Shane: What?

Aries: Where is your little backup, Terrance?

Shane: Let's not worry about that, because right now, I don't need him.

Aries: Oh really? Well what you just did out there just made me freaking nauseous.

Shane: Kinda like what you did to Phil Brooks earlier? Get out of my face, Aries.

Aries: No, I'm not gonna move. You listen to me, and make sure you hear it, because I am going to make it perfectly clear to you. What you did to Harry out there was wrong. We ALL gave you the benefit of the doubt last week, but...

Shane: But nothing. I did exactly what I needed to do to prove a point.

Aries: And what point is that, Shane? That you're an overbearing asshole?

Shane: You watch your mouth, Aries, or else I'll fire your ass.

Aries: Try me, McMahon. I'll sue you for wrongful termination. If Harry can't make it to the building on Monday, I want your ass on Fight.

Shane: Fine. You got it. I'll see your ass in the ring. But since you want to open your mouth, it's going to be you by yourself taking on me, my bodyguard Terrance Richards and your "best friend", Phil Brooks. Next time you open your mouth, you think about it before you let the words come out. Now get the hell out of my way before I kick your ass right now.

Aries looks Shane in the eye with disgust, but moves out of the way anyway as we fade back to ringside.

Tag Team Tables Match

The Rock & The Undertaker v. Bobby Lashley & Rob Van Dam

Special Referee: Edge

This was an all out brawl that went both in and out of the ring and wrestled under tornado rules. The Undertaker kept up with Lashley as RVD and Rock brawled in the ring. Taker threw Lashley into the crowd. Edge, surprisingly, stayed impartial. Mid match, The Rock nailed Van Dam with the Rock Bottom and went to set up a table at ringside, but Lashley came for the attack and pushed The Rock into the turnbuckle post, leaving The Undertaker ready for punishment. However, upon attack, Taker nailed Van Dam with a big boot and lifted Lashley up for the chokeslam, and drove him through the table. Taker slid yet another table in the ring, but RVD dropkicked him in the face. Van Dam set up the table, and loaded Taker up on it, but Rock revived, and shoved him off. He pushed Van Dam in the corner and nailed repeated right hands, but out of nowhere, Scott Borders slid in the ring. Taker saw this and went for him, but Borders dropped him throat first across the top rope, and as he spun around, Lashley hit him with a clothesline from hell. The Rock turned around and got a Spinebuster through the table, leaving them both lying. With Taker and Van Dam left, Lashley threw Rock out of the ring as Edge stood in the ring, smiling. Lashley lifted up Undertaker and hit the Dominator, and set up another table as RVD climbed to the top rope. Lashley set up the table, but Taker put up a fight. He grabbed Lashley by the throat, but Van Dam came off the top and Taker caught him too. A double low blow led to a double suplex through the table for the elimination.

Bobby Lashley & Rob Van Dam defeat The Rock & The Undertaker at 13:49

After the match, Lashley and Van Dam quickly rolled out of the ring as Rock made his way back in as Edge stood smiling at what had gone down. Taker rolled out of the ring and made his way through the crowd, where Scott Borders had ran through. Edge, left alone with The Rock, turned around and was quickly met with a Rock Bottom. The Rock threw off his elbow to the crowd, and shot off both sets of ropes before hitting the People's Elbow successfully and mounting the top rope, along with Edge's World Title, holding it high as the show fades.


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