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Pantera and Stone Temple Pilots

Turbo Yannis

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These are two bands that I've heard of but never actually given them a proper listen.

I've heard 3 Pantera songs, "Walk", "5 Minutes Alone" and "Cowboys From Hell" and with STP, I've heard "Sex Type Thing" and "Days Of The Week". I absolutely love all five songs I've heard but I was wondering if people who consider themselves fans of the bands could possibly help me.

Like which albums from both bands should I check out first and which should I avoid? Are there any songs that are so brilliant that I just have to hear?

Cheers in advance (Y)

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Pantera - Check out "This Love" and "Cemetery Gates". As for albums, "Vulgar Display Of Power" is the way to go.

STP: Seriously, I dig a lot of thier stuff. "Thank You" is the album to go for as a newbie, being their greatest hits and all, but I always heard "Core" was good (I think thats the name of it). Song wise, go for "Plush", "Vasoline", "Down", "Interstate Love Song" and the acoustic "Plush".

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STP was my favorite band in the early 90s. I stopped following them after their second album, I have no idea why, since I liked the singles I heard from their subsequent albums.

As HG said, Core was a good album with songs like Sex Type Thing, Wicked Garden, and my favorite non-Plush song from that album, Creep. Purple is my favorite album with songs like Lounge Fly, Army Ants, Big Empty(Made famous by The Crow), Pretty Penny, Vasoline and Interstate Lovesong. Though I haven't heard the album, the songs Big Bang Baby and Tripping On A Hole In A Paper Heart from Tiny Music...Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop were good.

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For STP, give "All in the Suit That You Wear" a listen. I love all STP, but that's probably my favorite track. I'm sure you must have heard "Interstate Love Song", that's probably the most played STP track out there. Great tune. If I were to chose three STP tracks, I'd take "All in the Suit That You Wear" followed by "Interstate Love Song" and "Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart".

As for Pantera, they do an amazing, vocally better version of Sabbath's "Planet Caravan". Phil's voice on synth sounds 100% better than Ozzy's, IMO. As said, "Cemetary Gates" is amazing, probably the best Pantera tune, to me at least. "I'm Broken" is pretty damn sexy too.

EDIT: For Planet Caravan, it's not so much a synth effect as it is some kinda echo effect, but whatever.

You're best deal would be to pick Pantera's greatest hits disc and STP's Thank You.

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I'm a huge STP fan, And listen to them all the time, Here's some of my suggestions.

Core and Purple are the two CD's I'd get first if I was you, As every track is great on that one. The rest of their stuff is good, But not in the league of Core and Purple.

The rest, I'll give you the songs I like most from them and my opinion on the album.

"Tiny music" is pretty good, My favorite tracks are "Lady Picture Show", "Seven Caged Tigers", "Big Bang Baby" and "Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart".

"No. 4" has some great stuff, I'd check out all of it, Here's some of my favorite tracks. "Down", "Church On Tuesday", "Glide", "I Got You" and "Atlanta". "Sour Girl" is also good.

I liked all of "Shangri-La Dee Da", With "Bi-Polar Bear", "Dumb Love", "Days Of The Week", "Hollywood Bitch", "Black Again", "Hello It's Late", "Transmissions From A Lonely Room" and "Long Way Home" being my favorite songs.

As for "Thank You", It's a collection of their best stuff, And it has a acoustic version of "Plush" and "All In The Suit That You Wear", Which is a great song.

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