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Low MB PC games?


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May sound like a strange request, but can I get some recommendations for PC games that are good, and have a relatively low MB? I'm acquiring some, but a lot of the bigger, newer games are all pretty large in file size. I was looking at stuff about 500mb, or maybe a bit more.

No worries if you can't help me.

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Depending on what kind of games you're into, The Underdogs has a great range of games, and most of them aren't very big in filesize. I'm pretty sure this doesn't break the board rules, as most of the games are legal to download and those that aren't supply links to where you can buy them.

One game off the top of my head that I can remember, is Beneath A Steel Sky. If you're into the whole point and click puzzle genre, it's definitely one of the best I've ever played and it's filesize is only around 70mb which considering how it looks and plays is pretty impressive.

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I've always wanted to play that game, because I was really into point-and-clicks at one point and the turn off on BASS for me was the time limit... or something like that in the game. On HOTU, there's actually a game called Gothic though, that I find to be really good. It's in the vein of Elder Scrolls\Fable type games.

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Dunno if it's your type of game or not but I've just downloaded Grand Prix Manager 2 off of The Underdogs. I owned it years ago and it's still as addicting now as it was back then.

EDIT ~ Also, another in the point and click genre, is Sanitarium. I remember playing that back in the day and loving it.

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UFO: Enemy Unknown.

It's a crime that I can't get it to run on my system - I'm telling my girlfriend I want a laptop to do uni work on when I move into her flat, but it's just so I can play that game.

Anyway, Transport Tycoon, Colonization and the Civilization series all low MB goodness. If you can find Sam and Max Hit The Road, you're in for a treat as well.

Also excellent is the Sim City series - I'd say that 2000 was best, although 3000 is a lot prettier, and larger. No Arcologies or newspapers, though.

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