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WWE: The Saviour

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A 15 year old boy wakes up one morning to recieve a letter through the post, he opens it and yells as loud as he can, as it reads CONTRACT. The contract was for a WWE Tryout Match on Smackdown on 2nd June 2006. The boy could not refuse. He signed the contract immediately and sent it off to WWE HQ.

WWE: The Saviour

A 2006 Diary by Notorious K.E.V.

Chapter 1:

Vince McMahon reads a newspaper announcing that a lab mouse is changing the face of professional wrestling (When I started my EWR game, Pinky and The Brain had a discussion about wrestling and started up WDW, World Domination Wrestling) "The new promotion known as WDW has already meeting the top with WWE, TNA and ROH and owner "The Brain" has vowed to bring down each promotion one by one." Vince McMahon scratches his head in confusion and then opens a letter from a 15 year old boy. Vince McMahon smiles and mutters "This young man will soon change the world of professional wrestling"

WWE.com News

Vince McMahon has announced that due to loss in money he has had to abolish the RAW! TV show.

WWE have also released many of their developmental students aswell as Ashley Massaro, Al Snow, Beth Phoenix, Dusty Rhodes, Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Jillian Hall, Jerry Lawler, Johnny Parisi, The Coach, Kristal Marshall, Lita, Matt Capotelli, Maria, Melina, Mickie James, Momma Benjamin, Sharmell, Shelly, Steven Richards, Sylvan, Tatanka, The Boogeyman, The Great Khali, Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, Umaga, Val Venis, Victoria, Candice Michelle, Viscera, Vito

WWE released Carlito, Chris Masters, Daivari, Eugene, Finlay, Goldust, The Gymini, Matt Striker, Paul Heyman, Ric Flair, The Road Warrior, Simon Dean, Sonny Siaki, Stacy Keible and Snitsky.

WWE sign AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels

More of the Diary coming soon including the first show... Smackdown!

Edited by Notorious K.E.V.
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Main Event

Batista (Face)

Edge (Heel)

John Cena (Tweener)

Randy Orton (Heel)

Kurt Angle (Tweener)

Shawn Michaels (Face)

Triple H (Heel)

Upper Midcard

Rey Mysterio (Face)

Big Show (Heel)

Chris Benoit (Face)

Booker T (Heel)

Kane (Face)

Rob Van Dam (Tweener)


Chuck Palumbo (Heel)

AJ Styles (Heel)

Danny Basham (Heel)

Brian Kendrick (Face)

Doug Basham (Heel)

Charlie Haas (Face)

Gregory Helms (Heel)

Chavo Guerrero (Face)

Joey Mercury (Face)

Christopher Daniels (Heel)

Johnny Nitro (Face)

Funaki (Face)

Kenny (Heel)

Jamie Noble (Heel)

Kid Kash (Heel)

Lashley (Face)

Lance Cade (Heel)

Matt Hardy (Face)

Paul Burchill (Face)

Nunzio (Heel)

Paul London (Face)

Psicosis (Face)

Scotty 2 Hotty (Face)

Super Crazy (Face)

Test (Heel)

William Regal (Heel)

Billy Kidman (Heel)

Lower Midcard

Shannon Moore (Face)

Johnny (Heel)

Mikey (Heel)

Mitch (Heel)

Nicky (Heel)

Trevor Murdoch (Heel)

Akio (Heel)

Gunner Scott (Face)


David Saviour (Tweener)

Tag Teams

Jamie Noble & Kid Kash

Paul London & Brian Kendrick


Scotty 2 Hotty & Funaki

The Mexicools

The Spirit Squad

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore

Basham Brothers

Billy Kidman & Akio



WWE Undisputed Championship

Randy Orton

Image: 92

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Gregory Helms

Image: 64

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Rob Van Dam

Image: 81

WWE Tag Team Championship


Image: 72

Smackdown Preview!

2nd June 2006

With the brand split abolished all of the WWE superstars will now be on the Smackdown Roster.

Vince McMahon has a special announcement regarding the Cruiserweights on Smackdown. Plus, he will also be revealing the new face that is supposedly to be "changing the world of professional wrestling"

Plus, what could happen when the World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Champion step into the same ring?

Will the Spirit Squad have a cheer for their Smackdown debut? Find out, this Friday at 9pm

WWE.com News

2nd June 2006

WWE's top competitors WDW have advanced quickly and have signed Jerry Lynn, Kaos, Trent Acid, Ron Killings, EZ Money, El Hijo de Santo, Matt Bentley, Austin Aries, Amazing Red, Momoe Nakanishi and Chris Jericho

WWE have signed Sponorship deals with Playstation 2, Xbox, Sports Illustrated and Pizza Hut.

WWE have announced that the superstar who will change the face of Professional Wrestling will be on Smackdown.

Edited by Notorious K.E.V.
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2nd June 2006

Hosted by Michael Cole & Tazz


“Rise Up” by Drowning Pool hits the arena as the crowd go wild. But suddenly Smackdown’s theme tune is cut as the crowd look confused. “No Chance in Hell” hits the P.A. as the crowd boo and Vince McMahon makes his way to the Smackdown ring.

Michael Cole: Hello everybody and welcome to Smackdown, I’m Michael Cole and hes Tazz.

Tazz: Looks like Mr. McMahon is opening the show tonight.


Vince climbs through the ropes with a microphone and puts it to his lips.

Vince: Welcome to the debut of WWE RAWdown.

Crowd look confused.

Vince: From now on, the superstars of both Smackdown and RAW will be on one show and over the next few weeks we will have title unification matches.

Crowd cheer

Vince: Starting tonight there is going to be a King of the Ring Tournament, but not just any King of the Ring Tournament it is going to be a King of the Cruiserweights.

Crowd go wild.

Vince: Plus, I would like to introduce the young man who is changing the face of professional wrestling. DAVID SAVIOUR!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 46%

David Saviour vs Funaki

“No Chance in Hell” hits the P.A. as the crowd cheer and David Saviour walks out from the back. David Saviour jumps around a bit and then walks down the ramp and slides in, he climbs the turnbuckle and raises his arms as the crowd cheer.

Michael Cole: Now I understand what Vince meant when he said this man is the “Saviour” of professional wrestling.

Tazz: Yeah, his name is Saviour, Cole.

Michael Cole: Well let’s just see this man in action.

Funaki is standing across the ring from David Saviour. The bell rings and Funaki runs at Saviour but Saviour hit a huge Clothesline. Saviour waits for Funaki to get to his feet but Funaki fights back and throws Saviour off the ropes. Funaki hits a Dropkick and goes for the cover




Funaki picks Saviour back up and he starts fighting back as the crowd cheer, he stuns Funaki after a Kick to the Gut and springs off the ropes and hits a Flying Cross Body.

Michael Cole: Check out that athletisism

Tazz: This young man is 15 years old and weighs only 120lbs but is a greatly skilled athlete.

Saviour climbs to the top rope and hits an impressive 450 Shooting Star Press and pins…




Tazz: Wow Cole, did you see that?

Michael Cole: He executed that move perfectly.

“No Chance in Hell” gets played through the arena as Vince McMahon and David Saviour walk up the ramp and Vince raises Saviour’s arms.

Rating: 34%


The camera shows backstage with Jim Ross holding a microphone.

Jim Ross: I’m standing by with Smackdown’s Tag Team Champions Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro. Well, boys, how do you feel to have lost your manager who pretty much helps you win your matches.

Johnny Nitro: J.R. are you trying to mock MNM? We may have lost our manager but that will not affect our matches, we never needed Melina and now that she isn’t holding us back, MN will go all the way and will become Undisputed Tag Team Champions.

MNM walk off.

Jim Ross: Back to you Michael.

Rating: 66%


MNM vs The Spirit Squad

The camera goes back to the ring where Kenny & Mikey are standing in the ring and Nicky is on the outside.

Michael Cole: Thank you J.R., now it’s time for Tag Team action here on Smackdown.

MNM’s music hits and MNM come out from the back without the photographers and the red carpet.

Tony Chimel: And their opponents from Los Angeles, California, they are the WWE Tag Team Champions, Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro.

MNM climb into the ring and taunt to the crowd with the tag titles hanging from their crotches like always.

Tazz: Oh no, we don’t get to see the most electrifying entrance in WWE history anymore.

Michael Cole: And, without Melina all of MNM’s fame has disappeared.

Tazz: They’ll need a miracle to retain their Tag Team Championships.

The bell rings and Johnny Nitro and Mikey grapple up. The fans cheer and chant for MNM for the greater part of the match. Kenny almost gains the victory when Nicky and Mikey interfere and hit DDT’s on both Mercury & Nitro when they go for the Snap Shot. Kenny takes advantage and goes for a Leg Drop on Nitro but Nitro rolls out of the way as the crowd go wild. Mercury knocks Mikey off the apron onto Nicky and they hit The Snap Shot on Kenny and Nitro covers as the crowd go wild…




Michael Cole: There we have it folks, MNM gained the victory and are now the Undisputed Tag Team Champions.

Tony Chimel: Here are your winners and the Undisputed Tag Team Champions, Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro.

Rating: 65%

A commercial break takes place to signify the half way mark of the show.

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Nothing wrong with pushing yourself in my view, but why all the firings? I felt it was slightly harsh on Flair and Melina..and wouldn't you unify the titles at a PPV instead?

Edited by nihilist
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Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs Jamie Noble & Kid Kash

Paul London’s music hits as Paul London & Brian Kendrick walk out from the back and bounce about and run down the ramp.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown, its time for a Round 1 Match of the Cruiserweight Cup, Both round 1 matches will be Tag Team matches and then it will become Singles matches in the Semi-Final

Tony Chimel: The following is a Round 1 Match of the Cruiserweight Cup, introducing the first team, weighing at a combined total of 390lbs, Paul London & Brian Kendrick

Paul London & Brian Kendrick slide into the ring and climb the turnbuckles.

Tony Chimel: And their opponents, Kid Kash & Jamie Noble

Kid Kash & Jamie Noble attack Paul London & Brian Kendrick while they are on the turnbuckles for an early advantage. Noble & Kash go to whip London & Kendrick into each other but Kendrick ducks underneath London and hits a Clothesline on Noble in the corner while London hits a Dropsault in the corner on Kash. London & Kendrick dominate most of the match and eventually win after London dropsaults Noble out of the ring and Kendrick hits a Sliced Bread on Kash. London follows up with a 450 Splash and pins…




Michael Cole: London & Kendrick advance in the Cruiserweight Cup.

Tazz: That was one hell of a Cruiserweight match and better yet theres still one more to come.

Michael Cole: Don’t forget about the huge Title Unification Main Event.

Rating: 71%

A commercial is shown hyping the Smackdown vs RAW 2007 Videogame Live from E3!

Out November 2006


The Mexicools vs ??? & ???

Michael Cole: Well, THQ have definetley created a masterpiece in the form of Smackdown vs RAW 2007.

Tazz: I hope they put me in it this time Cole.

Michael Cole: Anyway now its time for the second bracket of the Cruiserweight Cup.

The Mexicools’ music hits as the crowd cheer. Super Crazy & Psicosis come out on lawnmowers and Super Crazy waves a Mexican flag as the crowd cheer.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is a Cruiserweight Cup match scheduled for one fall, introducing the first team, from Mexico, Super Crazy & Piscosis, The Mexicools.

The Mexicools drive down to the ring and get off their lawnmowers and enter the ring.

Michael Cole: Now it’s time for the mystery team to be revealed.

Suddenly, Akio’s music hits and the crowd go wild to see Akio back on Smackdown.

Tony Chimel: And their opponents, introducing first, from Japan, weighing 185lbs, Akio

Akio walks down the ramp and slaps fans hands on the way.

Michael Cole: Akio is back, and he’s part of the Cruiserweight Cup.

Tazz: Save your man admiring for later, Cole, it’s time to find out his partner.

Billy Kidman’s music hits the P.A. and the crowd go even wilder as Kidman walks out with a smurk on his face and claps his hands at the fans, he admires the building and makes his way down to the ring slapping fans hands on the way.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, also making his return to World Wrestling Entertainment, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing 210lbs, Billy Kidman

Billy Kidman & Akio enter the ring at the same time as the crowd go wild, the bell rings but Kidman & Akio spend a minute getting the fans on their side as The Mexicools just sit and watch Kidman & Akio. The match finally lifts off with Kidman and Psicosis starting off in the ring. The momentum changes a lot during the 15 minute long match. The ending comes when Kidman pulls Akio out of the way of Super Crazy’s Moonsault. Kidman tags himself in by hitting the chest of the lifeless body of Akio. Kidman gets lots of offence as the fresh man and hits a dropkick on each of the Mexicools, he baseball slides Psicosis out of the ring and then follows up with a BK Bomb on Super Crazy and pins…




Michael Cole: Wow! What a great return for Kidman & Akio, they have advanced in the Cruiserweight Cup.

Kidman helps Akio up and they walk away breathless with their arms raised. They exit the arena and suddenly Big Show appears from out of the crowd and drags Psicosis to his feet and throws him into the ringpost. He then enters the ring and raises Super Crazy to his feet and hits a Chokeslam as the crowd boo. Big Show raises his arm as his music hits and the scene cuts to backstage.

Rating: 68%


John Cena is seen walking backstage. He turns a corner and stops. His face suddenly changes from a cocky smile to a glare. The camera turns and shows Rey Mysterio as the crowd go wild. Rey Mysterio turns around and walks off as John Cena watches him before turning around and walking off himself.

Rating: 80%


John Cena vs Rey Mysterio

“My Time is Now” by John Cena plays through the arena as the crowd give mixed reactions.

Michael Cole: Well, here comes John Cena who the crowd isn’t fully behind. I’m joined at ringside by Good ol’ J.R.

J.R.: Well Michael, I wouldn’t miss this match for the world

Michael Cole: You’re an improvement from Tazz

J.R.: Why, yes and you’re an improvement from King, I’ll say that much.

Howard Finkle: The following contest is a Title Unification Match scheduled for one fall, introducing first from West Newbury, Massachusetts, he is the WWE Champion John Cena

Cena walks to the ring and his music stops and “Booyaka 619” is played through the arena as the crowd start going wild with the biggest pop of the night. Rey Mysterio pops up from the stage and the crowd scream even louder.

Howard Finkle: And his opponent, from San Diego, California, weighing 170lbs, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, Rey Mysterio

Mysterio walks down the ramp slapping fans hands on the way and takes his cap off and puts on a child fans head as the crowd go completely wild. Mysterio enters the ring as the bell rings. Mysterio and Cena grapple up and have equal momentum for the entire match and the crowd cheer for both superstars. Cena ducks a 619 and goes for an FU but Rey reverses it into a Head Scissors. Cena lands on the second rope and Rey hits a 619 as the crowd go wild. Rey goes for a Springboard Legdrop but Randy Orton appears out of nowhere wearing a shirt and trousers and hits an impressive RKO just as Rey jumps.

Jim Ross: By gawd! Randy Orton is back!

Michael Cole: I thought he broke his ankle

The crowd boo as the referee rings the bell and calls for the Disqualification. Triple H slides into the ring in his wrestling gear and starts beating down John Cena. Suddenly “No Chance in Hell” gets played over the arena as the crowd give mixed reactions. Vince McMahon walks out with David Saviour following him and a microphone in his hand.

Vince McMahon: Sorry for the interruption folks, but this match must continue, I must find an Undisputed Champion.

Crowd cheer

Vince McMahon: But this match will not continue tonight. I know the perfect match for a grudge this big, a Fatal 4-Way Unification at Bad Blood.

Crowd cheer

Vince McMahon: But I don’t want to feel that the Main Event is wasted, this match will continue as a Tag Team Match.

Crowd go wild as Vince and David walk off.

Rating: 77%


John Cena & Rey Mysterio vs Triple H & Randy Orton

Cena & Rey gain momentum while HHH & Orton are being distracted by Vince’s announcement. Rey dropkicks Orton to the second rope and hits a 619. Cena follows up with an FU. Cena goes for the pin…



HHH breaks it up

Triple H and Cena get into a brawl as Orton rolls to the outside. Cena goes to FU Triple H out of the ring but Triple H lands on the apron and suplexes Cena over. Triple H just dodges a baseball slide by Mysterio and goes back in the ring. Triple H picks Mysterio up and hits a Pedigree and pins…




The referee calls for the bell…

Howard Finkle: Here are your winners, Triple H & Randy Orton

Triple H taunts into the crowd and motions that he wants the Undisputed Championship.

Rating: 82%

Michael Cole: What an upsetting ending

Jim Ross: Triple H & Orton stole the victory from the already tired champions.

Michael Cole: Well that’s all, thanks for joining us everybody, good night, I’m Michael Cole

Jim Ross: And I’m J.R.

The program closes and the WWE symbol shows on screen.


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WWE.com News

3rd June 2006

Smackdown gained a 5.66 TV rating with UPN.

The bitches known as WDW have signed Simon Dean, Hector Garza, Mr. Aguila, Christian York, Elix Skipper, Frankie Kazarian, Johnny Kashmere, Ultimo Guerrero, Lance Storm, Ultimo Dragon and Juventud Guerrera to written contracts

WWE Power 10

3rd June 2006

10. Shane McMahon (-)

Still suffering from injuries on RAW, Shane starts at #10 on the new Power 10

9. Shawn Michaels (-)

Suffered an injury 2 weeks ago on RAW, No pain, no gain for HBK

8. Randy Orton (-)

Returned to Smackdown and sent a strong message to the World Champion, jobbed out main event a bit though which stops him from hitting the Top 5

7. John Cena (-)

The fans hate him even more now and with a rough loss to the team formerly known as Evolution this past week on Smackdown, the champ is here at #7

6. Vince McMahon (-)

As the new Chairman of Smackdown, Vinnie O'Mac definetley made some hella good decisions on Smackdown

5. Batista (-)

Batista is scheduled to return at the PPV and the fans are going wild

4. Edge (-)

The Rated R Superstar is slowly going to the top with his appearence on RAW last week, but of course Kurt Angle kicked his ass, will Smackdown be Rated R this week?

3. Rey Mysterio (-)

The Underdog World Champion definetley puts on one hella show

2. Triple H (-)

With an impressive victory over Kenny on RAW and an even more impressive pin on the World Champion on Smackdown, HHH hits the #2 spot.

1. Kurt Angle (-)

The Olympic Gold Medallist signed with ECW on RAW and this makes huge with the fans, what other unpredicatable activities are in store for Kurt Angle?

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Where to begin? Ok you fire half the roster and you are apparently randomly offered a job for the hell of it? So realism isn't your thing, fine! Next try and add some formatting to your shows to at least make it look readable even if that would be somewhat misleading. RAWdown? Are you serious? And combining all the titles just out of the blue? Doesn't that strike you as perhaps a little bit random? No build up, nothing? Who in their right mind would job to a 15 year old 120 lbs guy? Why in the hell are you even on the show, what did you put in that letter because unless you offered to suck him off on demand i have no idea why you'd be there. Perhaps you and McMahon should have a romance wrote in, hell at least that'd male this somewhat interesting.

And now your posting half the show and half later, have you ever read a diary before? Do you know how they work. You do a WHOLE show and then post it, you expecting people to post feedback on half a show? I consider posting in two parts post whoring with extreme annoyance.

Who in the hell cares about and wants to see a Cruiserweight cup and why is it taking up half your show, why on a show where the titles are starting to be unified haven't i seen Triple H, Mysterio or you know anyone i care about. Why is there no story lines and no promos bar McMahon. Wow the end to your show wasn't terrible, well done.

Seriously dude read some diaries and take the advice given and what you can get from them. Use formatting and make sure you can actually understand what point in your diary your starting from and what's been going on before you start booking so i can follow the action as i read. Also watch some WWE programming and try to stay somewhat realistic, ok fine have the title unified but don't just do it without any forewarning, hype it! Think what would McMahon do!

I sound like an ass and i'm sorry but this is the worse diary i've ever read and i only hope you heed what i say as advice and don't just ignore it.

Edited by Visionary
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