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Sega Dreamcast

Dr. Rated-R

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Alright. I've got a little spare cash and I'm considering buying a Dreamcast. I have a few questions.

About what's it worth, given its age? I'm talking in $USD.

What games are worth getting (I've already got the Sonic Adventure ports on Gamecube)?

Are there any "must have" accessories for it that I should look into?

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Honestly I'd say $20 to $30 at most. You should be able to pick it up second hand for that.

The Dreamcast was pretty decent for games, so off the top of my head of the games I had for it:

Soul Calibur (probably the best game on Dreamcast)

the NFL and NBA 2k series were probably the best on Dreamcast

Tony Hawks 2

Dead or Alive

Ultimate Fighting Championship (the best attempt at a UFC or MMA game on any system)

Crazy Taxi & Crazy Taxi 2

Resident Evil, II, III and Code Veronica

Skies of Arcadia

Virtua Tennis & Virtua Athlete

Sonic Adventure I & II

ChuChu Rocket

Sega Fishing

Jet Grind Radio

King of Fighters

Fatal Fury

Phantasy Star Online

Shenmue 2 (the first was lackluster IIRC)

Quake 3

That's all I can think of at the moment and most of those have been on other systems as well that you're likely to have played. For the price you can get them for though they'd probably be worth it.

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One interesting part about the Dreamcast is that the games are in CD-ROM format, so you can find a lot of burnt copies of games if you look around.

Plus, burnt Japanese games can play on it without modification. Fire Pro Wrestling on the DC is pretty sweet.

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Guest muddatrucker

I had one and I thought it was the bomb, I'm gonna find one on eBay, hopefully games are easy to come by, I had a boot disc with my last one so I could play copies.

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If you're a Godzilla fan, get Godzilla Generations. I remember seeing pics of it in EGM before the Dreamcast was released and was salivating over it. I got pissed when it wasn't released in the U.S., and am glad I didn't get a Dreamcast since the system didn't last long.

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Guest Zeokage

I post in order to agree with the two posters above me about the Shenmue series...

Also to plug Soul Calibur, PSO and Dead or Alive. What I played of Evolution (I think that was the name) wasn't too bad either IIRC.

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