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Extreme Championship Wrestling 2006


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It took just 5 years. 5 years for Vincent K. McMahon Jr. to realise he was sitting on a gold mine. It took him 5 years to get his act together, and realise, money isn't in new football promotions, or body building groups. He knows, oh boy does he know, that the real money is in Professional Wrestling. It took 5, long, hard years, for Paul Heyman to be back at the top. It took 5 grueling years of kissing the bosses ass to get to this one glorifying moment. It took 5 years of watching untalentess crap before Vincent K. McMahon Jr. would bring back Extreme... Extreme Championship Wrestling.

2005 was a spectacle in June, when One Night Stand came live on PPV. It started with a bang, and it ended with a bang. For a whole year, fans continously spoke of the next One Night Stand, they continuously spoke about the return of ECW to PPV. 2006 hit us with a big story, when rumours started circulating that the WWE were in talks about bringing Extreme Championship Wrestling back. Talk of One Night Stand grew again, but soon, rumours circulated about more. Could it be, could WWE really be bringing back ECW?

May of 2006, and the ball was rolling. ECW was announced as a new brand for the WWE Corporate machine, to make Vincent K. McMahon more money; And he knew who was to make him that money. In stepped Paul Heyman, the man who took Eastern Championship Wrestling, from a dirty bingo hall in New York, to live Pay-Per-View... in a dirty bingo hall in New York... But it was still Pay-Per-View. Paul Heyman created new stars, who still live on today. Paul Heyman introduced Lucha Libre. Paul Heyman brought over Japanese Juniors. Paul Heyman gave wrestling a swift kick in the balls. And those balls were bigger then Grapefruits.

Mr. McMahon gave Heyman the book. Mr. McMahon gave Heyman the cheques. Mr. McMahon gave Heyman the promotion. Now it was Heyman's job to make bucket loads of money for McMahon. Isn't that the aim of the game?

One Night Stand came along, and all eyes were on the Main Event... wait, backtrack that. All eyes were on the Semi-Main Event, as Mick Foley, fresh off of a great heel turn, teamed up with the 'Rated R Superstar' Edge, to take on the old and ailing Terry Funk, and the 'Innovator of Violence', the one man that embodies the spirit of ECW, Tommy Dreamer. The match was more streetfight then wrestling, with Foley and Funk playing with fire, Edge being brutalised by the Innovator of Violence, and the crowd loving every bit of it, until the finish. Funk was up top, executing a Moonsault onto Edge, but Foley broke the cover. Dreamer had set a table up on the outside, and lit it a-blaze.

Dreamer grabbed Foley, pulling him to the apron. Spicolli Driver off the apron? NO! Foley blocked. Double Arm DDT from the apron through the burning table. Dreamer and Foley were out of the equation. It came down to Funk and Edge, with Funk holding the upperhand. Amy Dumas, as called by Joey Styles, entered the ring, and hit the old man with a vicious low blow, setting up an Impaler DDT from Edge, something he hasen't utilised for a while. But he wasn't done. Another table was brought into the ring, by Foley, this one, wrapped in Barbed Wire. They placed Funk up top, as Foley lit the table. Impaler DDT from the top, through the table! Funk is out! Edge covers...1...2...3! The match is over.

And the fans let them have it. Foley and Edge were true heels in the minds of the ECW fans. A big Fuck You chant arose, as Edge, Foley and Amy Dumas headed to the back. Funk was stretchered out, with Dreamer by his side. But it wasn't over... Now was main event time.

John Cena was eaten alive by the ECW crowd, before they erupted to their feet, as 'Walk' came across the speakers. A typical 5 minute RVD entrance followed, setting the mood for a huge Main Event. It went across very well, as Cena adapted to the ECW style quite well. Back and forth the action went. Van Daminator from RVD setup the Five Star Frog Splash... But wait! Foley, Edge and Amy Dumas ran down to the ring! They knocked RVD off of the top, as Finnigan tried to stop them. Edge entered the ring, and waited for RVD to get up... Impaler DDT! He pulled Cena on top... Finnigan counted...1...2...3! No... It couldn't happen this way, Styles screamed as RVD was screwed out of the one prize that has eluded him, the World Heavyweight Title. The fans were irrate... but wait... HOLD ON ONE FUCKING MINUTE!

Paul Heyman stepped out onto the entrance way, ECW hat, daggy suit, pony tail, headset... typical Heyman. He said that this wasn't going down the Vince McMahon way. He said this isn't the green pastures of WWE. This is the daggy bingo hall of ECW. This was his fucking show, and an overweight has-been, a backstabbing loser, and a dirty slut weren't going to ruin his fucking show. Heyman said this is how the real guys do things. He said this is how the fucking Paul Heyman... ECW... Extreme guys do things!

The ECW locker room emptied, as they ran Edge, Foley and Amy Dumas off. Heyman told Finnigan to ring the fucking bell, because that wasn't the way HIS show was going to end. Cena stood there, belt by his side, flipping off Heyman, pointing to the title, saying it was his.

Heyman then said, turn around dickhead... Cena turns, RVD! Van Daminator into the belt, into the face of Cena. RVD up top... Rob Van...FUCKING... Dam! Five Star Frog Splash...1...2...3! The fans erupted, RVD clutched the belt! Heyman walked to the back; security grabbed Cena, and hauled him out of the arena. RVD stood tall, as he clutched the World Heavyweight Title to his chest. He posed for the fans, ending a memorable night of wrestling...

Skip forward one day. Mr. McMahon stepped out, into the WWE ring, with John Cena, it was Monday Night RAW. He said last night, Cena was screwed, but for once, it wasn't Vince doing the screwing. He said that what happened last night, needs to be fixed. Vince spoke about how Heyman tried to use power, he didn't have, Heyman cannot re-start a WWE sanctioned title match, not in ECW, not in WWE, never! He called out Rob Van Dam, who headed out to the ring, with Paul Heyman, the WWE Title wrapped securely around his waist. Heyman was carrying a briefcase. The two entered.

Vince said that RVD was not the WWE champion, just like he was never the ECW Heavyweight Champion. McMahon said that John Cena successfully defended the title last night at One Night Stand, and RVD was to hand the title over. The fans were not happy at all, as RVD looked into the crowd, thinking this through. Heyman scratched his nose, as Cena told RVD to give him his title. RVD took the microphone forcefully from Vincent McMahon.

RVD said that this was one big joke. He said he won the title, until Vince's boys decided to interrupt a great... Extreme... match. He told Vince, that if Cena wants the title, he could fight him for it, right here, tonight!

Vince said it doesn't work like that, because RVD is not the champion, John Cena is, and Cena is not cleared to wrestle tonight. RVD quickly spoke, saying that he didn't mean wrestling tonight. He meant fighting. He said if Cena wants the title... Come and get it.

RVD pushed Vince away, as Cena charged at him, RVD ducking a strike attempt, before hitting a Jumping Kick. RVD then hit several elbow smashes, before sending Cena off the ropes, and hit a modified Van Daminator, still with the belt around his waist. Cena rolled to the floor, as McMahon went over and pulled him back to his feet.

McMahon yelled for RVD to give the title back, or else he will be fired, not just from WWE, but from ECW. He said that their would be no ECW Revival if RVD doesn't give the title back.

RVD spoke, explaining how he didn't want this WWE title anyway. He took it off, and threw it outside, at the feet of McMahon and Cena. Heyman took the microphone, yelling into it, do you like that Vince! Do you like being humiliated on your own show! Heyman said that the WWE Title is not extreme enough for Mr. Monday Night. He said that the title means nothing to ECW... But this does!

Heyman opened the briefcase, and pulled out the ECW World Heavyweight Title. He placed it around the waist of Rob Van Dam, who posed with the belt, pointing to himself. Heyman then screamed, let me introduce you, to the NEW ECW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! ROB VAN FUCKING DAM!

Raw soon went off the air. Everything was in place for the return of ECW, being taped the tuesday night. Extreme TV on the Sci-Fi Channel was the next big issue for Paul Heyman... That's where the Extreme begins.

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IPB Image

Tonight, ECW Returns to National Television, as they host ECW Extreme TV on the Sci-Fi Network! Don't miss all the hardcore action from your favourite ECW Superstars.

Paul Heyman would only make one comment about the first show back, as he said that anything can happen, and anything will happen!

Only one match has been made for this evening, as Super Crazy and Psichosis, go one on one against the Full Blooded Italians, Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke.

Don't miss all the action, Live on the Sci-Fi Network!

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Whoa that was cool. I loved the Funk/Dreamer vs. Edge/Foley match and I also liked the way Vinny Mac tried to screw RVD and Heyman. Looking foward to Extreme TV

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Guest Coley

How can Crazy and Psicosis go one on one against the FBI, I believe the correct term is two on two.

And the Bingo hall is from Phili, not New York ;)

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I think you should give credit to the person who wrote the backstory (forgot who it was) since, well they wrote it.

Anyways, not much to comment on at the moment, but you should post a roster list, since no one knows who's signed up for ECW or not.

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I think you should give credit to the person who wrote the backstory (forgot who it was) since, well they wrote it.

Credit goes to Big Boss LU-K-IE for writing the backstory. God he is a sexual beast.

(I wrote it, Funky was going to use it... I decided too anyway.)

Anyways, not much to comment on at the moment, but you should post a roster list, since no one knows who's signed up for ECW or not.

I never liked the idea of a roster list. It is more fun to anticipate who is going to show up, then suddenly know everyone signed-up.

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IPB Image

ECW 6/13/06

'Extreme TV'

Pepsi Arena drawing 5000 fans

The show opens with Joey Styles standing in the ring, taking in the ECW chants from the crowd. A big grin is across his face, as he looks around the very big crowd, probably the biggest ever for an ECW event, and this is only their return show! Styles welcomes everyone to Extreme... Championship... WRESTLING! The crowd pops once again, as Styles talks about what it's like to have the promotion back, and how he is happy to be back in his role as, the voice of ECW. He spoke about how he can't just be there by himself, as he has had several great characters by his side before, from Joel 'Well, well, well' Gertner, to the sinister Cyrus. BUT! There is one man who he has always wanted to work with, in that booth, just one man to be by his side... TAZ!

With a great introduction, the Human Suplex Machine walked down to the ring, with a black towel over his head. He entered the ring, as a chorus of chants broke out from the crowd. Taz took the microphone from Styles, thanking him for such a warm introduction. Taz didn't really offer much, and just said... Let's... GET EXTREME!

The opening video kicked on, with the old ECW Theme in place, and old clips of the product with a nice, and new slick production.

Styles and Taz were up in the commentary box, as they welcomed everyone at home, Styles announcing the first match of the evening will be two Luchadores, Super Crazy and Psichosis, against the Full Blooded Italians, Tony Mamaluke and Nun... I mean, Little Guido!

Match 1: Super Crazy & Psichosis Vs The Full Blooded Italians, Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke

Styles spoke about how Crazy and Psichosis want to be referred together as, the Extreme Luchadores, as the match kicked off with Crazy and Mamaluke going one on one. The opening featured some quick matwork from both men, leading to a standoff. They took in some chants, before Mamaluke went for a takedown, but was knocked down, and then ate a low altitude Dropkick to the face from Crazy. Mamaluke rolled outside, as Guido entered the ring, flipping off Crazy, and pointing to Psichosis. Psichosis entered the ring, and Guido locked a side headlock on, the two going through some routine rope running, before Guido ate a low altitude Dropkick to the face from Psichosis. Guido headed outside, and he and Mamaluke regrouped, as Crazy and Psichosis came off the ropes and hit a pair of Tope Suicida's! Crazy then grabbed the guard rail, and pulled in inwards, before throwing Mamaluke over it. Crazy then headed up top, but was cut off with a forearm by Guido, knocking Crazy back into the ring. Guido then went after Crazy on the mat, working over his arm, as Psichosis, climbed over the guardrail, and ate a chairshot from Mamaluke. In the ring, Guido hit a guillotine drop, and then locked on a Fujiwara Armbar, controlling Crazy. Mamaluke entered the ring, and stomped away on Crazy, who managed to get a foot on the rope, breaking the hold. Mamaluke and Guido then double teamed Crazy for a bit, before Psichosis made the save. Psichosis and Mamaluke then had a sequence of reversals, before Psichosis ate a boot to the face, and then a Tornado DDT out of the corner...1...2... NEARLY! Crazy made a comeback of his own with a dropkick on Guido, knocking him outside. Mamaluke went after Crazy, but Crazy rammed him into the corner, before ascending... Uno... Dos... Tres... You get the idea! Crazy then pulled Mamaluke out of the corner, and drilled him with a Crazy Powerbomb...1...2...3, Crazy picking up the win at the 7:43, as Psichosis held his hand in the air.

[Rating: C-]

The celebrations didn't last long, as Guido entered the ring, and pushed Super Crazy. Psichosis then got into Guido's face, before, suddenly, a mass of wrestlers stormed the ring, and an impromptu battle royale took place.


As we returned, Styles tried to pick out the teams in there... Crazy, Psichosis; Guido and Mamaluke; Kash and Noble... with collars on?; and finally, Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney. The four teams brawled in the ring, before Crazy and Psichosis were able to throw them out, showing their dominance in the ring. What they didn't expect though, was Nova and Danny Doring entering the ring from behind, and knocking the two out, before the two men posed, in a similar fashion to the Impact Players...

Styles spoke about the dominant tag teams they had just witnessed, and said Heyman would be crazy NOT to bring the World Tag Team Titles back. Taz said that Extreme TV is going to hot up with some excellent tag team action over the next few weeks, something most other promotions don't even care about anymore!


We return back to Extreme TV, with Kurt Angle making his way down to the ring, wearing a tracksuit, as Stevie Richards, dressed in a nice suit, walked behind him with a briefcase. The two entered the ring, as Angle boxed the air, and jogged on the spot. Richards took the microphone, and said that everyone should be happy to be in the presence of such a pure and athletic speciman, a pure wrestling god, in Mr. Olympic, Kurt Angle. Richards told the fans that he has become Angle's 'ambassador' to ECW and the WWE, where he shall organise matches against the BEST wrestling talent in the companies and around the world. Richards said there aren't many men left who can live up to Mr. Olympic in the ring, but one man comes to mind, at being a very, very talented speciman himself. Stevie Richards then introduced the protege of Kurt Angle... CHARLIE HAAS! Haas jogged his way out from the back, wearing a similar tracksuit to Kurt Angle, as Richards ran down the stats of Charlie Haas, a wrestling machine. He gave Haas the nickname of Mr. Amateur, running in line with Angle's new nickname of Mr. Olympic. Richards then handed the microphone off to Kurt Angle.

Angle said there is only one reason he is in a hell hole like ECW, as he is here to find the best competition this place can offer. Angle degraded the promotion again, by stating that there is only one man here right now, who can offer Angle the competition he desires, and that one man is the current ECW World Heavyweight Champion... The crowd chanted Rob Van Dam! Angle told them all to shut their mouths, as he said yes... Rob Van Dam. Angle said he only wants to complete one thing here right now, and that is to defeat Rob Van Dam, claim the ECW World Heavyweight Title, and make the title a prestigious one, as he defends it against the pinnacle superstars of the pro-wrestling world. He said it's not about Sports-Entertainment anymore, it's about Pro-Wrestling. He told RVD to come out here and accept his challenge right now!


The crowd went nuts as WALK! hit the speakers, the fans chanting for RVD, as he milked the crowd by not coming out so quickly. Finally, the Extreme Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Tuesday Night, Mr. Pay-Per-View, Rob Van Dam stepped out down to the ring, pointing to himself, and holding up his valuable belt. RVD stepped into the ring, opposite Kurt Angle, as he took the microphone at ringside.

RVD held his belt up, and said that Angle shouldn't disregard it, as not being a prestigious title. RVD spoke of former champions, including, but not all, Jimmy Snuka, a 2-time champion, the original Rock, Don Muraco, another 2 time champion, Shane Douglas, a 5-time champion... Taz, Sandman, Awesome... and now himself... Rob... Van... Dam! Angle acknowledged the past wrestlers, but disagreed about one thing... RVD as champion. ECW needs a strong champion to lead it, and Kurt Angle, the wrestling machine, IS that man! RVD said he wasn't accepting Angle's challenge, as he needs to prove to him, that he does embody the spirit of EXTREME! Angle laughed at him, and said to throw anyone he wants at Angle, as all he needs to do is break their fucking ankle to prove how extreme he will be with RVD! The two stared each other down, before Team Angle headed to the back.


We come back to ECW, with Rob Van Dam being stomped down upon by Edge, Mick Foley and Amy Dumas! Styles spoke about how they came through the crowd during the break, and ambushed Mr. Tuesday Night! Edge and Foley placed RVD in the corner, and took turns slapping him, as Amy held the ECW Title around her waist, mocking RVD... ENTER SANDMAN! The crowd started going nuts, as a spotlight started searching through the massive crowd, everyone singing along to the theme, as it sighted The Sandman in the crowd! Edge is on the ropes, and yelling for Sandman to get his arse down to the ring, as Foley is punching away at RVD in the corner. Sandman takes his time as he drinks a few beers, spins his Singapore Cane around, and smashes the cans over his head! He finally makes it over the guardrail, and a referee enters the ring! WE HAVE OUR FIRST IMPROMPTU MATCH IN THE RETURN OF ECW!

Match 2: ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Rob Van Dam & The Sandman Vs 'The Rated R Superstar' Edge & Mick Foley (w/ Amy Dumas)

Sandman entered the ring, and smashed the Singapore Cane over the back of Edge, before smashing it over the head of Foley. Amy then backed off, as the Sandman grabbed her by the hair, but Edge low blowed him! He grabbed the singapore cane, and smashed it over the back of the Sandman, before throwing it outside. Amy Dumas exited the ring with the World Title, as Edge sent Sandman off the ropes and hit him with a back elbow. RVD was still down in the corner, as Foley picked him up, and threw him outside. This allowed Edge and Foley to double team the Sandman, hitting him with various strikes, and double team moves. They hit a double DDT on him, before Foley headed up the corner, and dropped an Elbow Drop down across his chest...1...2... Kickout! Edge slid outside, and looked under the ring, pulling a table out, before setting it up in the middle, between the ring, and the guardrails. RVD came over though, and attacked him from behind, before slamming him face first into the table. RVD then placed him over the guardrail, and climbed up top... Spinning Heel Kick to the back of Edge's head! In the ring, Foley had Sandman in the corner, and charged in with a running knee to the head. He then turned his attention to RVD on the floor, and grabbed the singapore cane, but RVD blocked a shot attempt, and pulled it off of Foley, slamming it over his head again. He then rolled Foley onto the table, as Sandman hit a Plancha from the ring, through the table! Edge rolled inside, as this was happening, and RVD entered also, with a chair. He was met with a low blow though, and Edge grabbed the chair. He swung it at RVD, but RVD ducked it... VAN DAMINATOR! RVD then headed up top... Rob... Van... THE LIGHTS WENT OUT!

The came back on, and Sabu was in the ring, standing between RVD and the fallen Edge! RVD pointed at Sabu, and told him to move. Amy Dumas got up onto the apron, and pushed RVD off, to the floor. The Sandman then entered the ring, and saw Sabu standing there. Edge was still down. Sandman covered Edge, but Sabu grabbed the chair... Arabian Facebuster on the back of Sandman's head! RVD saw what happened, and entered the ring, pushing Sabu... Sabu chairshot on RVD! Sabu then set up the chair, and came off the ropes... Triple Jump Moonsault on Rob Van Dam! RVD was rolled outside by Foley, who returned to the ring. Edge was back up, and grabbed The Sandman, before planting him head first into the chair with an Elevated DDT...1...2...3! Edge steals the win! After 14:45 of solid brawling, Edge comes out victorious!

[Rating: A+]

Joey Styles was livid on the mic, saying how Sabu had turned on ECW, and sided with the WWE Hardcore Whore, and Edge! Sabu grabbed a chair, and started slamming it into the back of Sandman, as Foley re-entered the ring. Suddenly, Tommy Dreamer hit the ring, with his own Singapore Cane, and smashed Foley again! 3rd time tonight for Foley. Sabu then knocked the cane out of Dreamers hands with a chair, and Edge speared him down. But it was CW Anderson! Styles was marking out as CW Anderson stormed the ring, screaming that CW was siding with the WWE boys... CW grabbed Edge... SPINEBUSTER! Thrust Kick on Sabu... Foley rolled outside.

CW Anderson had cleared the ring, leaving Tommy Dreamer slowly getting up, The Sandman out of it, and RVD rolling back inside! CW Anderson helped up Tommy Dreamer as RVD checked on the Sandman.

Edge, Foley, Sabu and Amy Dumas stood on the outside, as Amy took the ECW Title off of her waist, and threw it down, the four of them backing up the aisle.

WAIT ONE FUCKING MINUTE! It was Paul Heyman standing at the entrance, with a headset on, ECW hat, and sleazy jacket. Typical Heyman style. He berated the WWE boys, and really went at Sabu, calling him a Turncoat, something he has done before with ECW. Heyman said that this shit doesn't go on in his ECW! But Heyman doesn't have the time anymore to look after it all... Instead, I would like to introduce you to the new President of ECW relations! This is... The mic cut off... As behind him, holding a mic. of his own, and wearing a business suit, and dark sunglasses, was the massive Ken Kennedy. Edge pointed behind Heyman, who turned around, looking at Kennedy with a look of, 'What the Fuck are you doing here?'

'Just in case you people don't know who I am... Tonight, I weigh in at 246 pounds... I hail from GREENBAY, WISCONSIN!... which just happens to be, in the greatest country in the entire world... THE UNITED STATES OF FUCKING AMERIIICCCAAAA!!!!... *The crowd pops big*... MIIIISSST.... WAIT!... PRESSSIIIIDDDEEEEENNNNTTTT KKKKEEEEENNNNNEEEEDDDDDYYYYYYY'.

The camera zoomed in on Kennedy... 'Kennedy'.

The show fades to black.

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IPB Image

Heyman and fans were shocked, when Mr. Kennedy appeared at ECW Extreme TV, revealing himself to be the new President of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Was Heyman in on it, or was this a decision made by Mr. McMahon himself, to keep Paul Heyman and ECW in check?

Tune in to Extreme TV this Tuesday on the Sci-Fi Network to see what Paul Heyman will do about this new 'rogue' President.

On to President Kennedy. The new head of ECW spoke with ECW.Com and booked two matches for Extreme TV. First, Jamie Noble & Kid Kash, clash with two veteran's of ECW, Nova and Danny Doring. And in the Main Event of the show, Edge, Sabu & Mick Foley battle Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer & CW Anderson in a big 6 man battle.

Also, President Kennedy has said that he shall be making an announcement on the first challenger for Rob Van Dam's ECW World Heavyweight Title.

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You just know that these are bound to pop up here now that ECW is back, but allow me to say that you having one is about the most unexpected revelation to come to The Dome in quite some time. With that said, and seeing as I'm not a puro mark of any kind, I was unsure what kind of style you would implement to bring your vision of ECW Reborn to The Dome. To say that I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement of epic proportions. Mr Kennedy, Edge, Amy Dumas, and Foley in ECW full time? Intriguing, but well done. Angle as a full heel with Stevie Richards and Charlie Haas in his corner? Nice. RVD, CW Anderson, Sandman, and Tommy Dreamer as the Main Event Face Brigade standing tall and up for ECW? I like. This has unlimited potential, and I am digging the style uou've chosen to use. I shall be back when you post another show. Keep it up.

Grade so far is a B-.

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I love this diary, the first time I've been excited about reading the next installment of a diary quite like this in a very long time.

Kennedy would just be gold anywhere he goes, given the right air-time. And I love the whole faction thing with Edge, Foley, Amy Dumas , Sabu and CW Anderson representing the WWE in a sort of invasion/nwo-esque way of doing what? removing ECW off air? I don't know, all I know is that I'm loving this so far.

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Wow, I have to say, like others, I was surprised by how well put together this was, considering your usual type of diary. I like that the show had a pretty chatic feel to it, and that you're giving the show a reason for existing other than "We wanted to have a third brand". I've never been a big fan of not writing out promo's, but to each his own, and your style worked well overall for the show. And Angle/Richards/Haas would be a GREAT combo in real life, so I can see how it should work well in this diary. Good luck with this.

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Guest Camel Clutch

Awesome diary man....

Loving Angle and Edge and Foley in ECW. I like Kennedy as president makes alot of sence to me.

Having Sabu turn on ECW kinda bothers me though.

Looking forward to reading on.

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IPB Image

ECW 6/20/06

'Extreme TV'

Pepsi Arena drawing 4,095 fans

Extreme TV begins with Paul Heyman and President Kennedy talking backstage. Heyman tells Kennedy that this is Heyman's show, and he is in charge here. Kennedy is just there to help Heyman out. Kennedy responded, saying that certain WWE officials think that Heyman needs to be looked after, and so... PRESSSIIIDDDEEEENNNTTT KKKKEEEENNNEEEEDDDYYYY... Is here to help out. He told Heyman that he is going to make ECW stand out from everything else in the world, and garner it Worldwide recognition.

Rob Van Dam then stepped into camera view, as Kennedy looked him up and down, and Heyman smiled. RVD spoke to Kennedy, asking him who the first challenger for the ECW World Heavyweight Title is, but Kennedy told RVD that it's not as simple as saying a name. RVD then told Kennedy he would take matters into his own hands, and headed out towards the ring. Kennedy looked at Heyman, and said... Kennedy, before walking off.

<Opening Credits>

Joey Styles is standing in the ring, with Mr. Tuesday Night, as RVD talks into the mic, being held by Styles. He talks about how prestigious the ECW World Heavyweight Title is, and how Kurt Angle just doesn't cut it with ECW History. Edge then stepped out from the back, with Amy Dumas, as the crowd started chanting SLUT at her. Edge told RVD that the only reason he is here, in this dump known as ECW, was for that shiny belt around his waist. He told RVD to do the smart thing, and to give Edge the first shot at the title. RVD said there is one big problem, that is even facing Kurt Angle here. They are not EXTREME! RVD said that compared to ECW, Edge is not the Rated R Superstar, but the Rated G Super Geek... Amy Dumas grabbed the mic from Edge, and told them they can show him how RRRRRR they can be! She then proceeded to land a big pash on Edge. It was broken up, as Kurt Angle's theme hit, and he jogged out from the back with Charlie Haas, Stevie Richards, and what looked to be... Eugene? Joey Styles marked out, yelling how Nick Dinsmore can be himself again! Team Angle jogged down to the ring, and entered it, as Angle, Haas and Dinsmore jogged on the spot, and Richards, dressed up in his nice suit and tie, took the microphone off of RVD.

Richards outright challenged RVD, on behalf of Kurt Angle, for the ECW World Heavyweight Title. He ran down a list of achievements by Kurt Angle, and said how if Angle held the World Title, then ECW would actually have some solid credibility. RVD refused the challenge, and said that he would prefer Edge to have the shot... PRESSSIIIDDEEENNNTTT KKEEENNNEEEEDDDDYYYYY....

President Kennedy stepped out from the back, behind Edge and Amy Dumas.


The camera zoomed in on Kennedy's face... 'Kennedy'.

Kennedy said that this debacle needs to be settled, and he is the man to settle it. THUS! On Sunday, July 24th, at the Dow Event Centre, ECW Presents a special 2 hour event, titled Cyberslam! Kennedy said that the main event of this supershow has already been decided, as Kurt Angle, shall go one one one with... (Angle is pointing at the title) Edge, for a shot at the ECW World Heavyweight Title! Kennedy didn't even wait for a reaction, as he headed to the back.

<Advert Break>

We return to the Pepsi Arena, with a cleared ring, as everyone had returned to the back, except for Team Angle. Stevie Richards has the microphone again, and he says how another new addition has been made to the elite Team Angle. He introduces all of us to 'Mr. Wrestling' Nick Dinsmore. Dinsmore does some air boxing, and jumps up and down with jumping jacks. Richards then went on to make an open challenge for 'Mr. Amateur' Charlie Haas, who started to take off his jumpsuit, revealing his old Amateur Wrestling attire. The Extreme Luchadores then came out, as Crazy slid into the ring, and we have our first match of the evening!

Match 1: 'Mr. Amateur' Charlie Haas (w/ 'Mr. Wrestling' Nick Dinsmore & Stevie Richards) Vs Super Crazy (w/ Psichosis)

Angle headed to the back, as Haas attacked Crazy with clubbing blows to the back of his neck. He then hit him with a Double Arm Suplex, throwing him across the ring. Haas had quickly garnered control, as Dinsmore was on the outside, mocking Psichosis. Haas picked up Crazy, and placed him in the corner, before going up, laying in right hands; The crowd chanted Uno, Dos, Tres, but then Haas flipped them off, and climbed down, sending Crazy to the opposite side. Haas charged in, but was met with a boot to the face from Crazy, who then came off the ropes with a Flying Head Scissors. Haas slid to the outside, as the Insane Luchadore headed up top, and came off with a big plancha to the floor. Psichosis then went over to check on Crazy, and Dinsmore pushed him away. The two then came to blows on the outside, as Crazy rolled Haas back into the ring. Action was happening all around, in the ring, and outside the ring, as Crazy hit a Northern Lights Suplex Hold, and then hit a Springboard Moonsault for a 2 count. Crazy was soon distracted, as Dinsmore hit a Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex on the floor, on Psichosis. Haas then came from behind of Crazy, and drilled him with a German Suplex, before getting up and pulling his straps down ALA Kurt Angle. He then locked on the Haas of Pain, but Crazy was too close to the ropes, and was able to make the break. Haas continued to dominate the match, and soon enough, Psichosis made an effort to interfere, but the Referee stopped him, which allowed Dinsmore to enter. Dinsmore and Haas then both hit a Double Backdrop Suplex, dropping Crazy hard on his upper back. This lead to Haas garnering the pinfall at 7:46, a strong win for Team Angle.

[Rating: B-]

Psichosis entered the ring with a chair, and nailed Haas across the back with it. Dinsmore then entered with a chair also, and the two battled with the two chairs, before they both lost them. The two men then battled outside of the ring, and then to the back, before Haas grabbed a chair of his own, and smashed it over Crazy. He then left Crazy lying in the ring, as he and Stevie headed to the back in victory.

<Advert Break>

We return as Noble and Kash are standing in the ring, both wearing dog collars. Nova and Danny Doring, wearing fur coats, and looking quite pimped out, then appeared on the stage, with their new valet, Candice Michelle. They headed to the ring, for the second match of the night.

Match 2: Jamie Noble & Kid Kash Vs Super Nova & 'Double D' Danny Doring (w/ Candice Michelle)

Nova and Kash started off the match, with Super Nova, as he is going by now, bitch slapping Kash with the back of his hand. Kash wasn't taking any of it, as he tackled Nova down to the mat, and wrestled him around, before Nova got on top of him, and bitch slapped him again, with the back of his hand, before getting up, and brushing away at his shoulder. Nova then told Kash to get up, but Kash started walking around on his hands and knees barking, with a scowl on his face. This distracted Nova long enough, for Noble to enter the ring, and whip Nova in the back with a chain. This brought in Double D, and all hell broke loose, as the four men brawled to the outside. They ended up into the crowd, where they brawled through, smashing chairs, beer cups still filled with beer, Kash even using someone's handbag to hit Doring with. They battled over to a low balcony, where Kash knocked Doring down, and then setup a table. Noble and Nova were battling nearby, as Kash placed Doring on the table. He then climbed up to the top of the low balcony with ease. Doring was getting off the table, but Noble knocked him back on, and held him down, as Kash dove off the balcony with a Senton! Kash and Doring were pretty much down and out, making this a 1 on 1 match, as Nova and Noble battled back into the ring. The match broke down quite a bit, as Nova relied heavily on bitch slaps, for some strange reason, and Noble biting away at his head, when on offence. Nova finally put the pointless match away, when he hit the Kryptonite Krunch on Noble at 8:01. Styles named the move, the Super Pimptastic, as Kash battled Doring back into the ring.

[Rating: C-]

<Advert Break>

Nova and Doring are standing in the ring, with Candice Michelle, and what appears to be a returning Chris Chetti. They are leaving, and it seems that the advertisement break has meant that the fans at home have missed out on an important part of Extreme TV.

The cameras cut backstage, where Tommy Dreamer and the ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Rob Van Dam are talking about tonights match. They make mention of showing the 'WWE Boys' how extreme should be, and that Foley isn't really a hardcore legend, but a hardcore whore. At that moment, CW Anderson entered the dressing room, as the two men looked at him in wonderment. Dreamer put his hand out to Anderson, wanting to thank him for what he did last week. Anderson pushed it away, and told Dreamer that he wasn't here to make friends with anyone. He wasn't here to help Dreamer, or RVD, or ECW. He was here to make a name for himself, and to do that, he can't go around beating ECW has-beens like Dreamer, wait... He already did that once. Dreamer was ready to strike, but RVD grabbed him. Anderson continued, telling Dreamer that he isn't here to fight Dreamer again, he is here to beat these punk ass WWE boys, because once he does that, he would have made a name for himself, and he will be able to make it to the WWE, where the real competition is.

Suddenly, Edge, Foley and Sabu bust in, attacking the three men from behind. Foley had a chair, and laid out RVD and Dreamer with chair shots. Dumas then climbed on top of Anderson, who had been knocked down in the conflict. She screamed at him, while slapping him, that he doesn't call her man a punk ass! She was pulled off by Sabu, as Edge picked up Anderson, and dragged him from the locker room.

We cut back to the ringside area, as Edge, Foley and Sabu, with Amy Dumas, drag CW Anderson down to the ring.

Match 3: 'The Rated R Superstar' Edge, Mick Foley & Sabu (w/ Amy Dumas) Vs ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer & CW Anderson

Styles is screaming about how the WWE boys blindsided the ECW team, and how this match has already started off as unfair. Edge dragged CW Anderson in the ring, as the other two entered. They beat down on Anderson, before Edge sent him off the ropes, and hit a spear. Foley then climbed to the second rope, and hit an Elbow Drop across the chest of Anderson. Sabu then headed up top with a chair, and came off with the Arabian Facebuster, before covering...1...2...2.9! Somehow, Anderson was able to kick out, as Styles screamed out OH MY GOD! and Tazz went crazy, saying that a lot of men suffer injuries from that move. Suddenly, RVD and Dreamer ran down to the ring, and slid in, before all hell broke loose. RVD took Edge outside the ring with a kick, before climbing out to the apron, and coming off with a Spin Kick. Dreamer and Foley fought one another, before Sabu attacked Dreamer from behind. The two men then sent Dreamer to the other side of the ring, before charging in with a series of strikes. Foley then hit a DDT on Dreamer, setting up a Sabu Springboard Leg Lariat, garnering a 2 count. On the outside, RVD placed Edge on the guard rails, before climbing up, but was met with a Dropkick to the back of the head by Sabu, sending him flying onto the guardrailing. Anderson was back up, but was sent off the ropes by Sabu, who caught him with a Hurricanrana, sending him sliding outside. Sabu then headed up top, and dove off to the outside with a Plancha. Inside the ring, Dreamer and Foley exchanged hard strikes, going at it hard. Dreamer finally capitalised with a DDT, but was met with an Edge Heel Kick, knocking him back down again. Edge mounted him with punches, and dominated Dreamer once again. He placed Dreamer in the corner, and hit him with more strikes, before Foley charged in with a running knee to his head. Foley then show boated, before turning around into a Diving Thrust Kick from RVD! RVD then ducked a strike attempt from Edge, who ran towards Anderson on the apron. Anderson through him a chair, and Edge turned around... VAN DAMINATOR BY ROB VAN DAM!...1...2...2.9!!! Kickout, but barely, by Edge! Anderson then entered the ring, as RVD came off the ropes and hit the Rolling Thunder on Edge. Anderson then picked him up, and sent him off the ropes, catching him with a vicious Anderson Spinebuster! He covered...1...2... Sabu Save! Sabu and RVD then fought to the outside, as Dreamer picked up Edge, and hit him with a Spicolli Driver! He covered...1... Anderson pulled him off. Anderson told Dreamer this was his win, as he covered Edge, but Dreamer pulled him off, at which point, the two men went face to face. Foley then entered the ring with a chair, and hit Dreamer in the back with it. He then went to hit Anderson, but Anderson ducked, and hit a Thrust Kick on the chair into Foley. This allowed enough time for Edge to get up, and catch Anderson with a low blow, before drilling him with the Elevated DDT!...1...2...3! Edge defeats CW Anderson after 14:26.

[Rating: A]

Amy Dumas entered the ring, and kicked Anderson to the floor, as Edge, Sabu and Foley held their arms up in the air. Edge then motioned for a belt to be around his waist, as Dumas went over to him, and planted a big kiss on him. We then went over to Joey Styles and Tazz at the announcing booth.

Tazz said that Edge proved to be a smart opponent in the ring, and will end up beating Kurt Angle, just like he did 7 years ago in the WWE. Styles asked why Tazz was siding with WWE. He has become too WWE! Styles then said that ECW returns to online PPV, as ECW.com presents ECW: Cyberslam on the 24th July, hailing from the Dow Event Centre, Saginaw, MI! Styles then said, that orders are currently being taken on ECW.com in order to witness this special online PPV event, which features, as the main event, a #1 contender match for the ECW World Heavyweight Title, as 'The Rated R Superstar' Edge, takes on 'Mr. Olympic' Kurt Angle! Tazz went to speak again, but Styles cut him off, and quickly said... GET BACK TO THE RING! NOW!


As the WWE boys were standing in the ring, a light started going around the crowd, before spotting the Sandman, making his way to the ring, with Enter Sandman being sung by most of the crowd. He was drinking a few beers, and sharing a few with the crowd, as he walked down to the barricade, and climbed over. He then slid into the ring, and was attacked by Edge, Foley and Sabu! They sent him off the ropes, but he ran back swinging his singapore cane, sending Edge and Foley flying out of the ring, before connecting hard with Sabu, busting him open! Sabu slid from the ring, as the camera showed a close up of The Sandman and Sabu staring holes through one another, as ECW Extreme TV came to an end.

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Two video's showed up on ECW.com last night, depicting two scenes that occurred during the advert breaks from last weeks episode of Extreme TV.

The first video showed Paul Heyman arguing with President Kennedy in the back, which seemed to have occured after Kennedy made Edge versus Kurt Angle for Cyberslam. Heyman said that if Vince thinks he can make the matches around here, he has to learn a few things. Heyman yelled at Kennedy, saying that he doesn't make matches like that, unless he gets Heyman's approval, especially not with two WWE GUYS IN THE FOLD! Heyman then said that he was making his own number 1 contender match for Cyberslam, and then the first Extreme TV! after Cyberslam, the two winners can go one on one for their chance at the title.

Kennedy asked who they were, but Heyman just said that he will have to wait to find out. He said the two men have had a storied rivalry across the globe, going for over 10 years now. Both are former ECW World Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, and both know how to be extreme. Heyman then put his finger on the chest of Kennedy, before telling him to go and tell Angle, that next week on Extreme TV!, one of these blokes will be here to kick his ass.

The second video clip from last week occured after the Nova/Doring versus Kash/Noble match. The four men were brawling in the ring, as some other teams ran down and got into the fray. Suddenly, Chris Chetti ran out from the crowd, decked out in a fur coat, and helped Super Nova and Double D to take control of the ring. President Kennedy then came out from the back, and made a match for Cyberslam, pitting Doring/Nova against Kash/Noble in a round one match in the ECW World Tag Team Title Tournament.

IPB Image

Extreme TV Comes live this Tuesday from the Alumni Hall in New York! Kurt Angle will go one on one against one of Paul Heyman's choices for #1 Contendership for the ECW World Heavyweight Title. Also, stay tuned in as more matches shall be announced for Cyberslam, and an elaboration on the ECW World Tag Team Title Tournament!

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IPB Image

ECW 06/27/06

'Extreme TV'

Alumni Hall drawing 4161 fans

ECW Extreme TV, opens up with Kurt Angle in the ring with his manager, Stevie Richards. Richards welcomes the fans to Extreme TV, with Styles, at the announcing booth saying that was his job! Richards said that Angle is ready for some action, to dismantle an opponent, and to prove why he is 'Mr. Olympic' and the greatest wrestler to ever step foot into a squared circle. Richards claimed the Angle was training all week, to be in peak condition, and to destroy his opponent in under 3 minutes, former ECW World Heavyweight Champion or not. Richards then tells them to roll the opening credits, and before they finish, Angle's opponent better be ready!

>Opening Credits<

As the camera feed returns to the ring, a familiar beat is heard... DANGAN! The fans react, as they know the music of the former ECW World Tag Team and former ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Masato Tanaka! Tanaka steps out onto the rampway, as the fans chant Dangan! Tanaka walks down to the ring, fixing up his elbow pad on his right arm, his Roaring Elbow arm.

Match 1: 'Mr. Olympic' Kurt Angle Vs Masato Tanaka

Tanaka slid into the ring, and charged at Angle, looking for an Elbow, but Angle ducked the attempt, and grabbed Tanaka... GERMAN SUPLEX! Tanaka landed right on his head, but HE WAS BACK UP! Angle could not believe it, with a look of absolute shock upon his face. Tanaka then charged at Angle, and hit him with a big Elbow Smash to the jaw, knocking him to the outside. Tanaka then headed up top, and came off with a big plancha onto Mr. Olympic. Richards, who has had experience working with Tanaka, jumped on the big Japanese native from behind, locking him in a sleeper hold. Tanaka threw him off though. Angle then was up, and charged at Tanaka, but Tanaka caught him with a Front Overhead Belly to Belly. Tanaka then pulled the guard railing up a bit, and grabbed Angle, throwing him over it. He then headed over, and grabbed a steel chair, smacking it over the back of Angle. Tanaka then stood, staring into the crowd, as they chanted in unison 'E.C.dub'. Tanaka threw the chair over the guardrail, and grabbed another two more, throwing them over to ringside. While he was doing this, Angle was back up, and attacked Tanaka from behind, knocking him over the railing. Angle then climbed over, and rolled Tanaka back into the ring. Angle then climbed into the ring, and pulled his straps down, calling for Tanaka to get up. Tanaka slowly got up, and Angle grabbed him, hitting him with a German Suplex, rolling, German Suplex, rolling, German Suplex. Angle then got up, thrusting his arms in the air. He then covered Tanaka...1...2...2.9! KICKOUT! Angle once again, couldn't believe that Masato Tanaka kicked out. The pure wrestling machine, then picked him up, and placed him in the corner, where he slapped him several times, before hitting Tanaka with body shots. Angle then sent him to the opposite corner, and charged in, but Tanaka charged out of the corner with a clothesline, flipping Angle over. Angle showed his own spirit, getting back up after the shot, but Tanaka hit him with the Roaring Elbow...1...2... Kickout! Angle kicked out of the Roaring Elbow! Tanaka headed outside, and grabbed the three chairs, throwing them in. He had one, and headed up top with it. He then came off with a chair shot attempt to the head of Angle, but Angle rolled out of the way, grabbing a chair as he rose back up. The two men then clashed with the chairs. Angle was able to knock Tanaka's chair out of his hands. CHAIRSHOT! TANAKA STOOD THERE! Angle with another chairshot... Tanaka won't go down. Angle could not believe it. Another chair shot, and Tanaka is down... but no! He climbs back to his feet. Angle is in a look of absolute shock, as he swung the chair again, but Tanaka ducked it... ROARING ELBOW INTO THE CHAIR!!!...1...2...2.9!!! NO!!! Angle once again kicked out. The crowd was eating this up, as chants of holy shit, Angle, Tanaka, ECdub, and all rose up. Both men slowly got back to their feet, but Team Angle was down in force, Dinsmore and Haas were on the apron, but Tanaka elbowed them both off. Angle then came from behind, and grabbed Tanaka... ANGLE SLAM ONTO THE CHAIR!...1...2...3! Kurt Angle steals a win from the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion in 14:28, as he hops up, jumping around in victory.

[Rating: A]

Angle pulled his mouth guard out, and called for a mic. He yelled at Heyman, telling him that if this is all he has to offer Angle, he might regret coming here for competition. Even though Tanaka put up a strong fight, and Angle was surprised by his efforts, he was still no match for the pure wrestling machine.

Angle then threw the mic down.

>Extended Advert Break<

We return to the arena mid match, as Psichosis and Dinsmore are battling in the ring. Styles runs down how Richards made the challenge to the Insane Luchadores for a first round match in the ECW World Tag Team Title tournament. This brought out the two men, and Psichosis Vs Dinsmore was started.

Match 2: Psichosis (w/ Super Crazy) Vs 'Mr. Wrestling' Nick Dinsmore (w/ Charlie Haas)

Psichosis came off the ropes with a Corbata, taking Dinsmore over. Psichosis then waited for Dinsmore to pull himself up in the corner, before charging in with a Rolling Heel Kick. Psichosis then hit a Suplex out of the corner, and headed to the apron. He hit a Springboard Dropkick on Dinsmore, sending him flying to the outside. Psichosis then hit Dinsmore with a baseball slide, sending him over the guardrail, as we cut to commercial.

>Short Advert Break<

We return to see Psichosis and Dinsmore at the feet of the crowd, on the ground, as everyone is chanting Holy Shit! Haas climbed over the railing and grabbed Psichosis, throwing him back over, before checking on Dinsmore. Psichosis rolled in the ring, as Crazy was on the outside encouraging him. Dinsmore finally made it back into the ring, but Psichosis stomped down on him, before sending him off the ropes, catching him with a deep armdrag, and then a legdrop, for a 1 count. Psichosis placed him in the corner, and hit him with some slaps, before sending him to the corner. Psichosis charged in, but was met with a boot from Dinsmore. Dinsmore then spear tackled him down, and turned it into a grounded headlock! Psichosis fought the move, trying to make the break, as Haas jumped on the apron, and was pulling the bottom rope away from Psichosis, to stop him grabbing it. Super Crazy then came over and tackled Haas off the apron. In the ring, Psichosis made one last lunge at the ropes, but wasn't able to grab them. He then tapped out to the grounded headlock of Dinsmore at the 8:25 mark.

[Rating: C-]

The two teams then continued to brawl, as we cut to the backstage area.

Candice Michelle is shown backstage...

'Hello Ladies, are you feeling lonely tonight? Are you in the need for some companionship? The strong arms of a well built man? The special attention of a strong man? Well, then visit LadieLovers.com. My group of masculine, young, and ravishing men are waiting for you right now. (Camera pans over to see Super Nova with a ladie). Are you in the mood for some Supernatural Loving from our own Super Nova. (Camera pans again to see Danny Doring) Or how about those big heavy arms wrapping around you, from our own Danaconda, 'Double D' Danny Doring. (Camera finally pans, to see Chris Chetti). Or maybe you are after some of the luscious looks of 'Csquared' Chris Chetti. Visit us now, my boys are waiting for you.'

We then go to the announcers booth, as Styles has a look of bewilderment on his face. Taz asks if Candice Michelle is available on the site, to which Styles says he didn't find her. Taz then asked why Styles was even at ladielovers.com? Styles quickly sent it backstage, where the President of ECW, President Kennedy, had some words for us.

'Just in case you people don't remember me, Tonight, I weigh in...'

'Yeah we know'

Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman appeared in camera shot, with President Kennedy staring at them. Dreamer told Kennedy that he thought that a World Tag Team Title Tournament was a great idea, but so far, there has been one problem. Kennedy just continued to stare, so Dreamer continued. You see, Dreamer and Sandman haven't been placed into the tournament, and Dreamer has a problem with that, as he thinks he and Sandman would make excellent World Tag Team Champions. Kennedy nodded his head, and then said. 'Turn Around, and meet your opponents'.

Dreamer and Sandman turned around, only to be attacked by Sabu and Foley. They brawled past the camera, as Kennedy looked into it...

'I am... PRRREEESSSIIIDDEEEENNNNTTT KKKKEEEENNNEEEEDDDYYYY'. Kennedy then walked off, before his face came back on screen... 'Kennedy'.

Styles is screaming in his mic. to get back to the ring. The cameras cut to ringside, as Sabu and Foley are brawling with Dreamer and Sandman down to the ring. Dreamer and Sandman are in trouble, as Foley and Sabu are laying waste to them. Sabu then sets a table up at ringside, and places the Sandman on it. But CW Anderson runs out with a chair! He nails Sabu, knocking him down, before sliding into the ring, where Dreamer and Foley are brawling. Anderson dropped Foley with a chairshot, and then dropped Dreamer with one! Sandman then slid into the ring, but he also took a chairshot from Anderson!

CW Anderson has laid waste to everyone in the ring, as he stood there with his chair in hand.

>Advert Break<

We return to the Alumni Hall as Dreamer and Anderson are battling in the ring. One of the referees runs down to the ring, and tells them to call the bell, Joey Styles yells out, we have an impromptu match!

Match 3: CW Anderson Vs Tommy Dreamer

The two men are exchanging hard fists in the middle of the ring, before Dreamer takes the upperhand, and sends Anderson off the ropes, catching him with a back body drop. Dreamer then does the Raven sign. He picked up Anderson, and placed him in the corner, before beating him down. He then backed off, pointed at Foley, who was on the outside, and then charged in with a running knee to the head of Anderson. Dreamer was posing once again, as he hit Anderson with a suplex, and then covered...1...2... easy kickout. Dreamer then called out to Sandman for a chair, who slid one into the ring. Dreamer set the chair up in the middle of the ring, and sent Anderson off the ropes, catching him with a drop toe-hold onto the chair. He then picked up Anderson, and hit him with a side russian leg sweep onto the chair...1...2... Kickout again! Suddenly, things broke up again on the outside, as Edge showed himself with Amy Dumas, and Sandman attacked him. Soon, Team WWE took Sandman to the back, as Anderson took control of the distracted Dreamer. He hit him with a left hook, knocking Dreamer down, before slamming him hard against the mat. He then set up a table in the corner, before picking him up for a powerslam. Anderson then hit an Oklahoma Stampede, with Dreamer's arm hooked behind him. Anderson then covered...1...2... Kickout. Anderson continued his assault, and sent Dreamer off the ropes, before going for a Spinebuster, but mid air, Dreamer reversed it into a DDT! Dreamer then backed off, and waited for Anderson to get up. Anderson got up in the corner where the table was situated. Dreamer charged in, but Anderson caught him and hit a Spinebuster through the propped up table!

AWESOME BOMB HIT THE SPEAKERS! Joey Styles couldn't believe what he was hearing, as some of the more hardcore ECW fans started singing the lyrics. CW Anderson looked at the entrance, waiting for, what I guess would be Mike Awesome, suddenly, the crowd erupted, as Mike Awesome showed up on the ring apron, and climbed in. CW Anderson turned around, only be met with a vicious Lariat from the 6'4 Extreme Behemoth. CW Anderson rolled outside the ring, as Awesome grabbed Dreamer, and took him to the apron, where the table was setup earlier by Sabu. Awesome then hit an Awesome Bomb from the apron, through the table on Tommy Dreamer, before escaping back through the crowd. Everyone was in shock, as backstage staff, including Arn Anderson and Dean Malenko ran down to check on the two men.

Joey Styles was going nuts, berating Awesome, while Taz was being more sensible, trying to get Awesome over, by talking about his absolute domination in 1999 and 2000 with the ECW World Heavyweight Title. We then cut backstage.

Rob Van Dam is sitting in his locker room posing with his belt. He talks to the mirror, saying, hey, Masato Tanaka is back, thats cool. Kurt Angle is tough, thats cool. Edge is a loser. Thats cool. Mike Awesome is back. Thats cool... But the main thing... Rob Van Dam (pointing to himself) is the ECW World Heavyweight Champion, thats the coolest thing ever. RVD spoke to the camera, and said that he has been sitting on his ass tonight, waiting for a match, but it seems Heyman, or that Kennedy guy didn't think he should have one. Oh well. Instead, Mr. Tuesday Night (pointing to himself again) has made an open challenge to anyone in the ECW Locker room, for a match next week at Extreme TV. RVD then said, that unfortunately, the contract states that he can't put his title on the line, but instead, he was going to defend this.

Rob Van Dam then held up the ECW Television Title! Taz said that RVD was the most successful ECW Television Champion in history, holding the belt for a total of 23 months. RVD then put that belt around his waist, with both there, as he pointed to himself, and said... Rob Van Dam, as we went off the air!

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This diary is pretty good, love the way your booking this at the moment but one thing I'd like you to do is to introduce some new characters soon, since ECW can't live on their old ones due to their age.

Also, you need to fix up your previews, they seem really unprofessional IMO.

Keep up the good work.

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IPB Image

This Tuesday, the 4th of July, ECW Comes live to your homes, from the Sci-fi Network and the Toyota Arena. Watch all of your favourite ECW Superstars in one hour of hard hitting, chair smashing, action.

Last week, on Extreme TV, ECW fans were left in shock, as former dominating ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Mike Awesome, invaded the Alumni Hall, laying waste to Tommy Dreamer and CW Anderson. What will Paul Heyman, and President Kennedy have to say about this callous attack?

Also scheduled for this weeks edition of Extreme TV, Candice Michelle's LadieLovers.com go out to battle the Full Bloodied Italians of Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke.

Finally, history will be made, as ECW crown their first ECW Television Champion in the new era of Extreme!

Watch all the action, live! 10pm, 4th of July, only on the Sci-Fi Network!

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IPB Image

ECW 07/04/06

'Extreme TV'

Toyota Arena drawing 4382 fans

We are backstage at the Toyota Arena, where Rob Van Dam is admiring himself, and his World Heavyweight Title in the mirror. The TV strap is hanging over one part of the mirror, as he pulls it down, and is about to wrap it around his waist, before a hand reaches over and grabs the belt. The camera pans over to reveal, President Kennedy. Kennedy tells RVD that the ECW Television Title doesn't belong to him... yet. He has to earn it, and tonight, will be the night that ECW crowns a new champion. RVD looks at him, and says that he is Mr. Tuesday Night, and no one else is cool enough to be, the ECW Television Champion. RVD points to himself, as Kennedy gets in his face, and says that he won't just be facing another man tonight, but 3 other men, as the title will be fought for, in a Fatal Four Way match! Rob says, that Kennedy is mistaken, this is ECW, and it will be a Four Way Dance. Kennedy shakes his head, before telling RVD that Kennedy is doing the WWE way, one fall to the finish. RVD just says, thats cool, he will win anyway, who are the opponents?

Kennedy says that he has picked three former ECW Television Champions; Kid Kash, Super Crazy... Kennedy stops, as he turns around, and RVD smiles. The camera pans over to see Yoshihiro Tajiri standing still, looking around nervously. Kennedy continues, and that guy... Yoshihiro Tajiri. Tajiri quickly snatches the belt from Kennedy, before hitting RVD with it. He then sprays the green mist in the face of the ECW World Heavyweight Champion, before taking off down the hall.

>Opening Credits<

The cameras return to the backstage area, where Candice Michelle is sitting around, with her men, Super Nova, Danny Doring and Chris Chetti. A bevy of ladies are leaving, and as they do, they pay Candice a small fee. Michelle begins to speak, saying the guys are doing well, but the more success they get, the more ladies they get, the more money they get. She told them to go out tonight, and take it to hte FBI, before going on to win the ECW World Tag Team Titles. Think of all the ladies who want to spend their time with the ECW World Tag Team Champions!

We then cut away to the announcers booth, as Taz is sitting next to Joey Styles. Taz says that you too, can win a chance to spend some time with the guys from LadieLovers.com. He said that one lucky lady, shall spend the entire Cyberslam weekend with the group, all paid for, by ECW.com.

Joey Styles, said, for your chance to win, when the final card is released for Cyberslam, to predict correctly, and the woman with the highest score, shall be awarded such a wonderful prize.

'What happens if a guy wins?'

Styles just looked at Taz, and shook his head, before telling them that Team Angle is waiting backstage.

We continue the rounds of the lockerroom, as we are backstage with Team Angle, celebrating the 4th of July, Indepndance Day. Angle is talking about how Americans are the greatest athletes in the world, and the three of them... and Stevie, make up the pinnacle in Professional Wrestling. He goes on about how no Japanese guy, or Luchadore can hold their own against the greatness that is Team Angle. At this point, Masato Tanaka and the Insane Luchadores burst in, chairs in hand, but Team Angle back off. President Kennedy then walks in, getting between the two groups. He says that he is here to keep the peace in the back, but next week, the two teams can go at it in the ring, as Team Angle go head to head against Masato Tanaka and the Insane Luchadores.

>Advert Break<

We actually return to the ringside area, as the FBI, of Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke are making their way down to the ring. Their opponents are Super Nova and Double D, Danny Doring, with Chris Chetti and their 'Pimp', Candice Michelle...

Match 1: Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke Vs Super Nova & 'Double D' Danny Doring (w/ 'Csquared' Chris Chetti & Candice Michelle)

Michelle was on the apron, as Mamaluke was flipping her off, the Italian way. She told him to come over and get some, which he did, getting a hard slap to the face, starting the match off, as Nova attacked him from behind. Nova got a headlock on, and was sent off the ropes, coming back with a shoulder tackle, before he flexed. The two then ran the ropes, leading to a Mamaluke armdrag, only for Nova to quickly get up, and hit a facecrusher out of nowhere. Nova then flexed again, as he tagged to Double D. The Danaconda entered the ring, and did a strut, as Guido entered, flipping off the crowd. Doring charged at Guido, but Guido moved, drop toe hold on Doring, placing him on the ropes, before Mamaluke brutalised him with a dropkick to the side of his head. Doring was clutching his face, as Guido started working over his arm, tearing it apart with strikes, and holds. He sent Doring off the ropes, and hit an armdrag into a shoulder hold, pulling hard on the arm. Doring worked his way to the ropes, but Nova had to make the save. Mamaluke then entered the ring, and was met with a kick to the gut from Nova, who DDT'ed him down. Guido then came off the ropes, but Nova backdropped him onto Mamaluke, as the two men rolled outside. Nova then flexed his muscles, before coming off the ropes and hitting a Tope Con Hilo to the outside, onto the FBI. As the action was going on outside, Candice Michelle entered the ring, and took a microphone. She said that if the girls are enjoying what her guys are doing, to get onto LadieLovers.com now and book themselves and hour or two. Chetti then placed two chairs into the ring, and Candice took them, setting one up between the ropes in one corner, and then setting the other one up in the other corner. Nova rolled Mamaluke back inside, and whipped him into the chair. He then grabbed him for a bulldog, and ran up the other chair, using it to push himself to the top rope, before going for a spinning bulldog. Mamaluke pushed him away, before Doring entered the ring. Mamaluke caught him with a kick to the gut, and then used the chair to run up, and hit a Tornado DDT! Before Mamaluke could cover, Nova used a chair, smashing it over his back, before picking him up, and nailing the Super Pimptastic, and covering at 8:01 for the win.

[Rating: B-]

Candice Michelle then posed with her LadieLovers.com enterage, before the group headed to the back, a good preliminary match to the World Tag Team Title Tournament.

>Advert Break<

As we return to the arena, we are taken backstage, where a camera is following the group of Edge, Sabu, Foley and Dumas; the group Joey Styles has happily dubbed, Team Titan. The group are chatting about how sexy Sabu would be in a cheerleading outfit... Don't ask. They bump into President Kennedy, who turns around and eyes off the group. They all nod, as Kennedy eyes them up and down...

'Just in case you people don't remember who I am...'

'We know who you are Mr. President'

Foley interrupts President Kennedy, before Edge tells the ECW President that he has an offer for him. Since all of them are working for Mr. Vince McMahon, he thinks that it would be wise if President Kennedy lends his services to Team Titan, Edge ackowledging the name, and making it official. Edge then asked President Kennedy that in the best interest of Mr. Vincent KENNEDY McMahon, President Kennedy should join Team Titan, and help them conquer ECW.

Kennedy once again eyed them up and down...


Kennedy then proceeded to say that he was not joining their team, as he was not here to destroy ECW, he was here to make Mr. McMahon money, and in doing so, is here to keep Paul Heyman in line. Kennedy then smiled, as he said there is something he can do for them... He can beat their asses. Edge was ready to strike, but the others held him back. Kennedy continued, telling the foursome that he hasen't seen any action since returning from his injury, and so next week, he thought he would... how does he put it... Take it to the EXTREME. He pointed to Sabu, telling him, next week, the two men will meet inside the ring, and Kennedy will show his Extreme Passion.

Kennedy then walked off, as the group all looked at each other, and turned away. They then heard a cough, turning back, as the camera panned, to show Kennedy again.


Kennedy walked away, as the group just looked at each other, with a look of "What the fuck?" on their faces.

We cut away to the announces table, as Joey Styles re-iterates what just happened, saying next week, the President of ECW goes one on one against a man who has been at the top before, the Homicidal, Genocidal, Suicidal sellout, Sabu.

Taz then continues, as they say tonight, they will crown a new ECW World Television Champion, as Yoshihiro Tajiri returns to ECW to take on Super Crazy, Kid Kash and the ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Rob Van Dam in a WWE-esque, Fatal Fourway Match.

>Advert Break<

We return the ECW ring, with Kid Kash and Jamie Noble in the ring, hooked up to a chain, between the two guys. The referee tried to disconnect the chain, but Noble tried to bite him. They finally take it off themselves, as the Insane Luchadore, Super Crazy heads out to the ring, with Psichosis in tow. The crowd then rise to their feet, as Yoshihiro Tajiri heads out from the back, and is accompanied by Jimmy Yang, who Joey Styles calls Akio Yang. Finally, the arrival of the ECW World Heavyweight Champion...

Match 2: Fatal Fourway Match for the ECW Television Title

World Heavyweight Champion, Rob Van Dam Vs Yoshihiro Tajiri (w/ Akio Yang) Vs Kid Kash (w/ Jamie Noble) Vs Super Crazy (w/ Psichosis)

Before RVD even shows himself, the other three men go at it, with some crisp chain wrestling. Tajiri then took control quickly with a series of kicks on the two men, before high kicking Crazy out of the ring. He then grabbed Kid Kash, and drilled him with a Sheer-Drop Brainbuster, covering...1...2... RVD ran down to the ring, and broke up the cover at the last second. He and Tajiri then had a standoff, as the crowd chanted for both men. Crazy then attacked Tajiri from behind, knocking him outside the ring, but RVD met him with some forearms, sending Crazy off the ropes. Crazy ducked a strike attempt, and rolled under a Jumping Back Kick, before going for a Jumping Heel Kick. RVD ducked it, as Crazy kipped up, the two men coming to a standoff. They then shook hands, before Tajiri and Kid Kash attacked the two men. Tajiri and Crazy battling in the ring, as Kash and Van Dam went to the outside. In the ring, Tajiri and hit Crazy with a series of middle kicks, but Crazy withstood them, and came with with elbows on Tajiri. He then sent him off the ropes, but Tajiri hit a Handspring Back Elbow, getting a huge call from the crowd. Crazy went to the outside, as Tajiri lined him up, and hit a Tope Con Hilo through the middle ropes! RVD had Kash on the outside, and placed him on the railing, before climbing to the apron. He then leapt off with a spin kick, but Noble had moved Kash out of the way. The two men then grabbed RVD, and dragged him over the railing, before choking him with their chain. On the other side of the ring, Tajiri had control of Crazy, and went to slam him into the railing, but Crazy blocked it, and took Tajiri head first into the ringpost. Crazy then rolled Tajiri back into the ring, and headed up top. He leapt off with a Missile Dropkick, knocking Tajiri down, before covering...1...2...2.9!! Close fall. Crazy quickly picked up Tajiri and drilled him with a Crazy Powerbomb...1...2...Kash save! Noble was still choking RVD on the outside, as Kash started going at it with Crazy in the ring. Kash was sent to the corner, but he leapt up, and came off with a twisting body attack on Crazy. Tajiri was back up, and charged at Kash, but Kash moved out of the way, and sent Tajiri into the corner. Kash then turned around, and was met with a Diving Thrust Kick from RVD, who had escaped the clutches of Noble. RVD then proceeded to lay into all three men, as they took turns taking punches. Tajiri and Crazy then worked together, as the overpowered RVD, and sent him off the ropes, catching him with a double dropkick. Tajiri then held RVD in a camel clutch, as Crazy came off the ropes and hit a dropkick to RVD's face. Crazy did the same with RVD, as Tajiri came off the ropes, and dropkicked Crazy in the face, sending him to the outside. Kash grabbed Tajiri, and went for the Money in the Bank, but Tajiri reversed, and hit a release German Suplex, sending Kash rolling outside. Van Dam then caught Tajiri, and drilled him with a Jumping Back Kick, knocking him down. He then hit the Rolling Thunder, and headed up top. He dove off with the Five Star Frog Splash, and covered...1...2...3! Mr. Tuesday Night has secured himself the ECW Television Title! Tajiri and Kash are looking on in anger, as RVD is handed his belt, the ECW World Heavyweight Champion also becoming the ECW Television Champion in 13:25 of action!

[Rating: A]

As the other competitors were being helped to the back by their partners, RVD was jumping around with his belts, suddenly, Awesome Bomb hit the speakers, as RVD looked at the entrance way, telling Awesome to come out and get some. From behind though, Mike Awesome entered the ring, decked out in regular street clothes, as he grabbed RVD and drilled him with a German Suplex, sending RVD rolling outside. Awesome then grabbed the referee and yelled in his face, before heading outside, after RVD. The referee then called for the bell, and yelled out to the ring announcer, who called out that this was an impromptu ECW Television Title Match!

Match 3: ECW Television Title

ECW World Heavyweight Champion & ECW Television Champion, Rob Van Dam Vs Mike Awesome

Joey Styles was yelling about Awesome being a cheat, and how he was only contracted to wrestle at Cyberslam against Masato Tanaka. He said that Awesome shouldn't even be at these tapings, as Heyman only wants him for one money match, not the rest of the shows! As Styles was going on his tirade, Awesome waited for RVD to get up on the concrete, before drilling him with a Lariat, sending him down hard. Awesome then went over, and pulled a table from under the ring, sliding it inside. He then pulled another one out, and set it up between the ring, and the railing. He then grabbed RVD, and slammed him chest first over the railing, before placing him on the table on the outside. Awesome then climbed on the apron and headed up top, before pointing to himself, and diving off with an AWESOME SPLASH TO THE OUTSIDE, THROUGH THE TABLE! OH MY GOD!!! A Holy Shit chant broke out, as Awesome and RVD were lying amongst the wreckage of table. Awesome slowly got up, and grabbed the lifeless body of Rob Van Dam, sliding him into the ring. He then propped the table up in the corner, pulling RVD up, and carrying him to the opposite corner. He then hoisted him up, and went for a Running Awesome Bomb into the corner, but RVD slid down back, as the fans cheered hard, and hit Awesome with elbow smashes. He then hit a Jumping Back Kick, and came off the ropes, but was met with another vicious Lariat from Awesome. Mike Awesome then picked up RVD and hit him with a Running Awesome Bomb through the table in the corner! OH MY GOD! RVD IS OUT OF IT! Awesome then made the cover, as the referee reluctantly made the count, and we have another new ECW Television Champion after 5:49, in Mike Awesome!

[Rating: B+]

Some trainers, Dean Malenko and Arn Anderson ran down to ringside, and slid in, checking on RVD, as Awesome bailed, and grabbed the ECW Television Title. Awesome then took a microphone on the outside of the ring, and spoke:

'Hey, Paul! Hey PAUL! I know you can hear me! You just want to use me to get you some more money in the pockets? You just want me for one match against Masato Tanaka at Cyberslam? Well here's the thing Paul, you aren't getting what you want. I just beat your ECW World Heavyweight Champion, and until you recognise Mike Awesome as a man who made this fucking company, and put it on the map, I won't be following any of your plans. The funny thing now is, Paul, that you can't even get rid of me! I will be here, each and every week, destroying your roster, little by little, defending your precious ECW Television Title. This strap of crap is now important to me though, as it gives me the ticket to come here on your stupid piece of shit show, and kick everyones fucking ass. Paul! You better get thinking! Because now your match at Cyberslam ain't happening... FUCK YOU!'

Mike Awesome then took his belt and headed out into the crowd, and disappeared, as we went off the air.

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