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The Man Who Changed The Business


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The Man Who Changed The Business

Prelude: The Early Years

I know you are asking yourself the same question I am. Why? Firstly; why am I reading the biography of the former owner of the gay porn empire, Lotsafucking Entertainment? Secondly; what the fuck does this have to do with wrestling? Thirdly; how come I have never heard of Caleb Hill before, yet somehow you’ve titled your biography “The Man Who Changed The Business (or, The Rise And Fall Of The Czar Of Wrestling).”

It all may be a bit confusing, so I’ll guess I’ll start in 1976. That is a long fucking time ago, ain’t it? 1976 was the year I was born; April 7th, to the exact date. This is kind of irrelevant to the topic of this book, wrestling and business, but I figure I’d better fill you in on everything. I was born Randall Troshki in Trenton, Ontario. You may be asking yourself – who the fuck is Randall Troshki and where the fuck is Trenton, Ontario. Well, when I got into the “industry”, I changed my name. No Randall has ever been a trail blazer; neither has a Caleb, but I figured I’d be the first. And secondly, Trenton is about 2 hours away from Toronto, Ontario. It holds one of the biggest and most important air bases of the Canadian military, CFB Trenton. My father was in the military, my mother a housewife.

Growing up was tough, let me tell you. Being a military brat, ain’t easy. First of all – you are always moving, and that shit ain’t fun. Town to town, school to school, new friends to even newer friends. As a kid, it really grated on my nerves and I think my career in the gay porn industry came to be because of this mistreatment. I needed some way to get revenge at my father for his bad career, so I took a career he wouldn’t be proud of. I am getting ahead of myself, because that’ll come later. Lets just say that a lot of the things I do later on in my life can be traced back to my parents. Freud would be proud.

As a kid, I wasn’t social. I moved every four years; why become attached to some snot-nose kid who is just going to forget about me the second I leave. No, what I did was build on skills that would become important later on in life. I made sure to exercise regularly; this would come in handy if I ever needed to defend my bisexuality (which had become apparent to me at the tender age of eight) or if I ever wanted to pick up. I became kind of a book worm, which helped surprise my parents when I dropped out of school at the age of eighteen to pursue my chosen career. The other thing I did was watch a lot of television. A LOT!

But normal television didn’t quite intrigue me. I know what you are saying – everyone cherishes their television shows and you think your shows are better than mine. But in some parts of my life, television was all I had. Cartoons, soap operas, actions, dramas, sitcoms, everything. You name it, I watched it. I didn’t necessarily enjoy any of it, but it passed the time. I did enjoy one form of television – wrestling. I already told you I discovered I was bisexual when I was eight. This came about at a sleepover, when me and my best friend jacked each other off; ever since I knew that the gate was meant to swing both ways. Wrestling, too me, was a combination of everything that was scared to me; violence, comedy, drama, romance and sex. Of course I wanted to be a wrestler; why do you think I am writing this biography bout wrestling, huh?

But life didn’t lead me down that course of my life, just yet. As I said, I dropped out of school at the age of eighteen to pursue my career at the helm of the gay porn industry. I got my start in my bed room with a thirty something man. I met him at the club, invited him home and we proceeded to film every filth, lucid act you could imagine. My mother heard the noises and was worried about my well-being (I was screaming pretty loudly) and caught me. She gave me an ultimatum; get back in school or get out of the house. I packed my bags and was off. Eventually, that film I made in my bed room with the mysterious married man, titled “Cum Dripping Lust”, would go on to sell 30,000 copies and later become a cult-classic by it’s resurgence online.

After my first film, Cum Dripping Lust, I followed it up with a sequel, starring in it once again, but this time with another fit attractive lad. This fit attractive lad was none other than the boy who I shared my first sexual experience with at the age of 8. His name was Christopher Peele, but the gay porn world knows him as the Ass Of Steele. If there is one thing I am most grateful for doing, it is making Chris Peele into a star. Of course we are meant to be together (legally married in Canada), but instead of stringing him along, I helped make him into something huge. I didn’t realize how far he’d go until… well, you’ll find out. Eventually, the first porno staring Chris Peele, titled “Ass of Steele”, would go onto sell a monstrous one million copies and would help put me on the map.

I decided to bow out of starring in my movies. Not to say I was ugly, or unfit, or any of that junk. I just knew that if I put myself in front of the camera, I wouldn’t be dedicating myself to the off-camera duties, which were far more important. A string of movie releases followed “Ass Of Steele”, including an unprecedented twenty two sequels, as well as eight over highly successful gay porn franchises. At this point, no longer was I making these movies in my house; studios and offices were rented and eventually built. The hobby that had begun when I was eighteen had become a full blown business, international, multi-million dollar business by the age of 25 in 2001.

In 2002, rumors circulated among the gay community that I had checked into rehab and was looking to sell Lotsafucking Entertainment. These rumors were not true, in fact, they were started up by hot shot Darren Karlson, a rising name in the gay porn industry. Darren Karlson in an interview with gay.com and Advocate magazine alleged that I was a homophobe, had served 8 eight years in jail for fraud and fabricated quotes that portrayed me in a less than favorable light. Darren Karlson refutes these points to this day, but my new web site has a transcript of both interviews, as well as the articles themselves, as well as a 10 page rebuttal by myself. To this day, I have received apologies from Advocate and Gay.com for publishing the articles without checking the facts, but Darren Karlson has admitted no wrong in the matter

Darren Karlson would be a thorn in my side, eventually creating a rival company, continually spreading more gossip, and in 2005 started a campaign to bring down my company. Darren alleged that I had placed an underage male in one of my films and that it was a federal crime to do so. I proved myself innocent, but the damage had been done. Many within the company were worried about the direction and financial security of the company (both of course, were secure) and over 30% of the companies labor quit their jobs in a span of 6 months. Many of the top name acts in our movies (with the exception of my partner, Chris Peele), took up contracts with (surprise surprise) a new porn company started by Darren Karlson. At the end of 2005, it was the first year we had registered a net loss – we had lost 2 million dollars in total.

As the months of 2006 progressed, I saw the writing on the wall. My business which was once worth about 100 million dollars had lost about 30 million dollars in a year and a half. I decided it was time to close the doors on a portion of my life, Lotsafucking Entertainment, and to open a new door. I wasn’t sure at the time where my life would be heading – it could go just about anywhere, to be honest. It was May 29th, perhaps one of the most important days in my life, when Lotsafucking Entertainment closed it doors.

At a loss for what to do, I asked my good friend Chris Peele what he was doing. Chris replied that since he had made his fair share for his movies (I had paid him quite handsomely), Peele replied that he was going to follow his dream in life – becoming a wrestler. I told Peele that I was going to pursue my dream – of becoming a media mogul that took the world by storm.

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Chapter #1 : The Queer and Grotesque Days

Start date … September 2006

It was May 30th 2006 when I decided it was time to enter the wrestling world. What? You’ve never heard of me before? Well, I guess you wouldn’t, you aren’t in the scene and you're probably like me and you skip the prelude. Doesn't matter, you heteros are all fucked up anyway. I am the empire of the gay porn industry. Cashing in on gay men’s desires is my choosen profession, but let me assure you I love the cunt as well as loving the cock. And I do make every type of porn you can think of. Twinks, check! Amateur, check! Black, check! Bears, check! Chubs, check! Tranny, check!

I took a dream (that isn’t he right word, is it?) and turned it into a mulit-millionaire dollar corporation (estimates have my net worth at just over 62 million in 2000). But on May 29th 2006, I shut productions down on my films for Lotsafucking Entertainment, and decided to shift my funds towards something else. Of course my bank account was still huge at the end of the day (my networth at the end of 2006 was just over 70 million, although I lost 30 million in a year and a half), but the shock of having no source of income at the age of thirty was a bit much. I mean, I had shipped over a billion copies of Lotsafucking Entertainment's wide selection of porno's. Later on in June after the demise of my former Empire, I came out publicly and stated I wanted to build a media empire and that I hoped by 2009, that I would be on the same level as Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump, and the whole world collectively rolled it’s eyes.

I wanted to bring the fringe, something shut out for so long, to the mainstream. I needed something new and something shocking, which the criteria for any successful business. I opened a web site called “Queer and Grotesque Entertainment” which featured blogs, short movies and MP3’s targeted at the fringes of society. Most of the short movies were soft core porn and the MP3’s were either gay hardcore bands or depressing retail workers making awful dance music. So obviously the site got a lot of hits. But part of me wasn’t satisfied. I was sitting on around 70 million dollars, with absolutely nothing to do. I had been kicked out of the partnership and needed to throw my money at something. As I stated before, I wanted to be a media mogul, a mover and shaker in the world.

Many close to me always knew I had a wrestling fetish. I had always enjoyed wrestling, especially when it was at it’s worst. I was the biggest mark for story lines involving Katie Vick was being humped by Triple H, or Mae Young was giving birth to a hand It was my firm belief that the WWE had managed to translate what I thought was entertaining (black, over the top humor) over to the mainstream and had considerable success. My favorites angles were the most raunchy and vile and I knew that it was a recipe for success.

Knowing this, I announced on July 29th 2006, that I was opening a new wrestling promotion under the Grotesque and Queer banner. From June till May I had started to talk to venues, wrestlers and other staff involved in producing a quality wrestling product. I sent feelers out to just about every wrestler that wasn’t tied up in a contract. I decided thatWeekly shows would be broadcasted on my website starting on Monday night prior to RAW. Caleb Hill scattered updates over the next month and a half, and by September 1st, the entire roster was unveiled :


“Buns of Steele” Chris Peele

Chris Peele had made quite the name for himself under the Caleb Hill Lotsafucking Entertainment as the premier player in the gay porn business. But when Caleb Hill was bought out of his share of the company, Chris Peele realized that he was soon to be shoved out of the porn business. The blonde hair, blue eyed twenty five year old had a reputation of being a back stabbing, callous individual and many in the industry had his number. Chris Peele bowed out of the industry and decided to train as a wrestler for QGWA. Buns of Steele was ready to go when QGWA officially opened its doors.

“Charismatic Engima” Jeff Hardy

His contract with TNA expired in July, and although the WWE didn’t offer him an immediate deal, QGWA did.The renowned super star refused to compete in the lightweight division despite the fact he weighs 215 lbs. Jeff Hardy alleges he is destined for success in the heavyweight division as he can hold it alone with the various other stars in the division. Jeff Hardy has vowed to wow the fans with his borderline suicidal antics and eccentric behavior upon his arrival in QGWA.

Jake “the Snake” Roberts

Jake the Snake is a veteran of the ring, who has been through ups and downs in his career. Once thought as the future of professional wrestling, Roberts has had to battle his personal demons in order to find success in the ring. But in the last decade, Robert’s personal demon s have gotten the better of him and has forced him to become a wreck. QGWA offered Jake the Snake a platform in order to wrestle without borders and he accepted. Only time will tell if Robert’s personal demons work against him in QGWA.

“The G Man” Monty Sopp

The former WWE wrestler had a recent following out with TNA management over the direction of his character, as well as disparaging remarks he made to reporters about the promotion. Monty Sopp decided it was in his best interest to leave for QGWA. The G Man himself was promised an open microphone each and every week in order to air his grievances. The G Man has had many problems with his past friends and enemies and QGWA hopes that The G Man will be able to accomplish much in QGWA. The G Man himself also brings along Tammy Sytch, the

“King Lorum“ Matt Bloom

The former WWE super star (Prince Albert, Albert, A-Train) has found a new guise, Lorum, which is a piercing the underside of the penis at its base. Lorum wants to make an impact on the QGWA audience and is going to go to great lengths to achieve his goals. Lorum has already vowed to take out any body who gets in his way – including his former friends from the big leagues.

“Cum Guzzling, Clit Pleasing, Cock Sucking” Orlando Jordan

The former WWE super star was released at the end of June in a shroud of mystery. The formal reason WWE gave him was that they simply had nothing to do. But OJ came out and stated that being bisexual had rubbed management the wrong way. OJ worked a string of independent dates before being contracted by QGWA about signing a contract. Orlando Jordan promised to bring his good friends Julio and Maria Lopez, stating that Orlando Jordan had returned to the wrestling ring.

“The Last Nigga Alive” Rodney Mack

Rodney Mack, another former WWE super star, had been cut lose along time ago. Many felt that Mack would have success in his post-WWE career, but he did not. Rodney Mack realized that his career was suffering from a lack of options and realized that QGWA was a wrestling promotion that he could climb to the top at. Rodney Mack also brought along his wife, Jazz, a former ECW star.

“The Leader” Horace Hogan

Horace Hogan, nephew of Hulk Hogan, is making his big return to the wrestling world with a spot in QGWA. The Leader hasn’t been featured as prominently since he role in WCW and development deal with the WWE. But The Leader is hoping that his role in QGWA will gain him new-found notoriety and have the fans rallying behind him in no time.

“The Garbage Men” Chaz and Glen

The team formerly known as the Headbangers have returned as Garbage Men. Since their releases from the WWE, the two men have taken on jobs as garbage men in order to pay the bills. When QGWA phoned them, they were enthused to return to the ring, but only of they could continue on their job as garbage men!


“The King Of The X” Sean Waltman

The former WWE super star has been a lighting rod of controversy from the day he stepped in the ring. From underdog to member of the greatest stable of all time to star of his own pornographic film, Sean Waltman has been apart of some of the greatest controversies in wrestling history. And now, QGWA is giving him the chance to bring his skills to the fans once again.

“The Notorious A-S-S” Johnny McMahon

Kid Kash was released from his contract in May following a huge falling out with Vince McMahon. Although the news leaked over a series of weeks, the end story was that Kid Kash agreed to sign his trademarks over to the WWE in turn for a better contract with the WWE. WWE agreed, but eventually stopped using Kash and let him sit out the rest of his contract at home. Kash apparently flew out to the WWE head quarters and confronted Vince, who gave him his release upon request. Kash alleged that Johnny Ace had set him up for a fall and that know he had lost his name. QGWA offered him a contract to play the role of The Notorious F-U-C-K Johnny McMahon and Kash accepted.

“The Juice” Juventud Guerrera

The Juice has a notorious reptuation of being a party animal. The stunning lightweight oozes charisma and after his release from WWE, Juvi was free to be himself in the ring. The Juice believes that QGWA is the place for him to unleash his high flying antics. The only request the fans have is for The Juice to keep on his pants and to not drop any of his opponents on their head.

“Trish Stratuses Real Stalker” Matt Sydal

Matt Sydal has gained a cult following on the internet due to his skills in the ring. But Matt Sydal has decided it is in his best interest to move onto QGWA. Matt Sydal claims to be the real Trish Stratus stalker, debunking claims that any other super star has a bigger fascination with Trish Stratus. In fact, Matt Sydal has announced that his goal in life is to meet Trish Stratus and to take her hand in marriage.

“The Hardcore Homo” Angel

The former XPW wrestler and the queen of hardcore has signed on the dotted line with QGWA in hopes of bringing a queer edge to the light weight division. Angel has been apart of many of the bloodiest battles that have taken place in North America and has put his body on the line to entertain the fans. And now he is hoping to do the same in QGWA. The Hardcore Homo has vowed to make things a little more fabulous and glamorous

“The Ordinary” Pajama Styles

Pajama Styles was former independent worker David Styles. When working a house show with AJ Styles, AJ asked David if he could switch his last name for the house show. David told AJ that he preferred to go by his real name, and that AJ was free to change his own name. When David came to the ring, he was announced as David Ordinary, which sent him off the handle. David vowed to get his revenge from AJ Styles somehow, and decided that going under the guise “The Ordinary” Pajama Styles was the perfect way. When promoters would no longer hire him, David thought about leaving the industry, but Caleb Hill offered him a contract for QGWA, which he signed instantly.

“The Columbine Kids” Eric Kleobold and Dylan Harris

The Columbine Kids originate from Jefferson County in Colorado and have quite the notoriety behind them. The two wrestlers hope to make a splash in QGWA, as it is their first major promotion they are wrestling for. The two wrestlers are half of the stable “The Raze Crew”, alongside Pogo the Clown. The two men are notorious for wearing Slipknot like masks and gothic outfits to the ring.

Scotty Riggs and Lodi

The former Flock Members have returned to the wrestling business as a tag-team in order to make themselves known to the wrestling business. Lodi is the self-proclaimed mouth piece of the duo, while Scotty Riggs apparently gets the work done.


“The Gay Porn King” Caleb Hill

The former owner of the gay porn empire and commissioner of QGWA. He knows what sells and can exploit it from just about anyone. Caleb Hill is going to carry that same attitude to QGWA – exploit his friends, enemies and people he never met! Caleb Hill announced himself as the lead announcer of QGWA’s weekly shows.

“The Dungeon Master” Marcus Bagwell

Marcus Bagwell recently retired from the wrestling world due to nagging injuries after a long and successful career, but that wouldn’t move him away from the wrestling business. Not only would The Dungeon Master be featured weekly on QGWA as an on-screen role, he would be the color commentator of the weekly show!

“Most Hated Man In America” Johnny Fairplay

The former Survivor contestant had the entire world hating him while he lied on the reality television show. When he came to TNA, the hatred spilled over as the fans despised him. Now QGWA has enlisted the help of Johnny Fairplay in order to help get the word out about the promotion.

“Sunny Days” Tammy Lynn Sytch

The blonde bombshell has returned to the wrestling business once again, this time with the help of The King of the X Sean Waltman. Will Sunny prove to be one of the most important managers of all time, or will she burn out as she did almost a decade ago.

Julio and Maria Lopez

The brother and sister combination are the valets of Orlando Jordan. These two have no wrestling experience and Orlando Jordan himself has not alluded to what their purpose will be in QGWA, but only time will tell.

“The Eliminator” Perry Saturn

Perry Saturn hasn’t been the same since he took a bullet to the neck. Perry Saturn has been told by every doctor he has seen to give up his wrestling career, but Perry Saturn refuses. Although he is not medically cleared to wrestle, that won’t stop the former WCW Television Champion from making his presence felt in QGWA.

“China Doll” Joanie Laurier

The wrestler formerly known as Chyna has agreed to sporadically appear at QGWA, but has yet to confirm when she is available. Laurier had a public falling out with QGWA wrestler Sean Waltman. No one is quite sure if that will factor into her involvement on the show, but many believe it will.

Pogo the Clown

The former XPW star has signed onto become a crucial member of the QGWA roster. Pogo The Clown has apparently set his goals on becoming the top super star of QGWA, while also balancing his extra-curricular activities. Pogo the Clown is the lead member of the stable “The Raze Crew”.


The total unknown women has a lot of mystery behind her name. Who is she? Why has she entered the world of wrestling? Who will Mallory align herself with when she returns to the wrestling world?

The format was simple for QGWA. Every week, QGWA would broadcast a live event by the Queer and Grotesque website called VILE Wrestling. The format was 4 matches and 6 segments. The matches would feature not only QGWA, but also outside enhancement talent to put over the QGWA wrestlers. The event would be held on Saturday night’s at 7 and would contain either two or three sets of tapings. The show would than be broadcasted from 8 till 9 on Monday nights, and made available on Tuesday. Than on a Sunday during the month, QGWA would hold a “pay-per-view” extravaganza, that would help to end feuds and to rewards the fans. These would cost the fans around 30$, but the cost would seem rather low since they were offering their product for FREE online. The charge at the door would be around 10$ for regular tapings and 20$ for their pay-per-views. It was my firm belief that the cheap television costs would lead to more successful pay-per-views, in terms of quality and finances.

On September 1st 2006, I uploaded a miniature preview for their very first VILE Wrestling Show on the QGWA.

VILE Wrestling

Monday, September 4th 2006

The rumors are true! The former owner of a gay porn empire, Caleb Hill, has returned with something brand new. It is called Queer and Grotesque Wrestling, where the boundaries are pushed every single show. Some of the biggest and baddest names of wrestling are going to be on hand, including Monty Sopp, Jeff Hardy, Orlando Jordan, Sean Waltman and former gay porn star “The Ass Of Steele” Chris Peele! Tune in live at 8 o’clock on Monday night to witness the very first show!

The first taping was set. Would it be a success? Would it be a flop? Only time would tell…. Well, not really time. It’d actually be the fans reaction, but whatever.

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I'm looking forward to this, definitely. Your backstory is fantastic, and really well-written, and you've got a great roster. A nice group of veterans and WWE cast-offs, without going the "indy darlings" route, which is always good to see in an indy diary. As long as you don't have some of them (Sopp, Saturn and maybe Hardy being the ones that come to mind) partaking in too much extreme and vulgar nonsense, as I can't really picture it from them, then this should be very, very entertaining. I'm definitely reading, anyway.

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VILE Wrestling Tapings, presented by Queer and Grotesque Ent.

Hey, just got back from the first tapings of Queer and Grotesque Wrestling and it was an interesting evening to say the least. The arena is packed full, containing nearly 150 people all ready to see some of the best action independent wrestling has ever seen. Or not. Basically the arena was a glorified bingo hall. QGWA had a make shift aisle way, with some curtains and banners. And their titan tron equivalent? Was literally a big screen television. This reeks of the big league. Here are the results for both shows…

Taping #1 (Broadcasted for September 4th)

Sugar Coated Sour by Dillinger Escape Plan plays as the fans turn to the stage to see that the former owner of Lotsafucking Entertainment. Caleb Hill talked about paying his dues, about rising to massive wealth and about how people said he’d never get the promotion off the ground. He claims that he didn’t do this all to entertain the fans – he did it all for the money. Former WWE super star Kid Kash comes out dressed in a business suit to his theme, Fat Chance. Kid Kash claims that he is Johnny McMahon, the nephew of the greatest human being. Johnny states that Kid Kash died because he didn’t put the asses in the seats by taking steroids, using punches for every single move and for not being over 6’6”. Johnny claims he is still working for the E. Caleb Hill is confused and asks how he is still working for his uncle, but Johnny states that he wasn’t talking about the WWE, but about Ecstasy! Johnny McMahon says that his uncle did send him down here to scout the new wrestling federation, to make sure they don’t take things too far and make the big guys look bad. Johnny McMahon makes fun of the WWE a little with his parody, and than Caleb Hill states that he’d better shut the hell up, because he is gonna get his ass kicked by The Juice! (74%, great way to kick off the very first show. Throwing two known super stars, Kash and The Juice, definitely pumps up the crowd.)

In the first of seven matches for the Lightweight, The Juice and Johnny McMahon clash. Next week, apparently Scotty Riggs and Dylan Harris will clash, the week after would feature PJ Styles taking on Angel, and the final week would feature Sean Waltman taking on Matt Sydal, and the semi-finals and finals would take place at the first pay-per-view, Blood Bath. This six minute match is basically used to hook the fans in from the get go. These two delivered a fine show and got the fans hooked from the get go. At the three minute mark, Sean Waltman comes out and looks disorientated as he pulls up a chair to watch the match. This distracts The Juice who gets on the apron and starts to argue with Waltman. The end of the match comes when The Juice hits the Juvi Driver and climbs to the outside, but Johnny McMahon distracts the referee while The Juice receives a chair shot on the top from Waltman. The Juice struggles to his feet, only to get hit with a stunner from Johnny McMahon for the three count. Post-match, Johnny McMahon hits a Stunner on Sean Waltman as he heads to the back. (73%, great match, especially considering it was for free. Not so sure what the hell was with Waltman coming to the ring, but whatever.)

Out next was OJ with his good friends Julio and Maria Lopez. OJ talks about his release from the WWE and how it was because he was bisexual. He talks about how Vince loved to pray off real life drama, but that OJ being bisexual was too much for the billion dollar piece of shit. OJ introduces the audience to Julio, who he french kisses for the fans. OJ than introduces the audience to his sister, Maria, who he kisses for the fans. And than in the shocking twist, Maria and Julio kiss for the audience. OJ claims that the two love each other very much. OJ calls anyone out from the back who has a problem with their incest ways… ugh… (51% this was a total waste of time. And if Julio and Maria are really brother and sister… uhh…)

Rick Goulet picks up the challenge as he is takes on OJ in a singles match. This was a short, three minute match, that saw Rick Goulet get his ass handed too him by OJ. OJ finishes him off with a complete shot, called the Bell End. OJ covers for the victory. (46%, decent squash match. OJ came across looking better than he ever did in WWE, but that isn’t saying much. Keeping him limited in the ring is a great idea, though.)

After the match, Chaz and Glen The Garbage Men, hit the ring and attack Julio and OJ with bags of garbage. After OJ and Julio flee to the outside, the Garbage Men claim they came to clean up the trash and that the trio was prime candidates for trash. They challenge OJ and Julio to a garbage bag brawl at Blood Bath! OJ accepts and says it’ll be Julio’s first ever wrestling match. OJ isn’t sure what a garbage bag brawl is, but Chaz informs him that it is when challengers bring a garbage bag full of goodies! Chaz and Glen turn their bags upside, revealing a bag of thumb tacks and a bag of barbed wire. Julio jumps into the arms of OJ as he shrieks in terror. (52%, the match is set for the pay-per-view, I guess. You’ve got Chaz and Glen, who were never really that good, taking on a guy who has never wrestled and Orlando Jordan. At the least, someone is ending up bloody.)

The next segment was shot prior to the show and it involves Jake the Snake smoking a cigarette outside, with a hood over his head as he looks dejected. Some fans ask for an autograph, but he ignores him. One fan introduces himself as Chris Peele and Jake asks why he should care. Chris Peele replies that he is Jake the Snake’s new nightmare. Chris Peele grabs him by the head and throws him into the brick wall before he stomps away at him. Chris Peele spits in his face and than explains to Jake the Snake that he is a good for nothing, junkie. Peele tells Jake the Snake that he is going to use him as a spring board for success as he slaps him upside the head and walks away. (75%,, great segment, but it doesn’t come across that way on paper. Chris Peele is definitely a super star that QGWA is going to bank on, because he has the look and the charisma. Rumor has it he hasn’t taken part in an official wrestling match, but whatever. Roberts sold the segment well too, looking like he was in the gutter. Well, maybe that wasn’t so much selling, as it was him being himself)

The next match is Davey Freeman and Jimmy Cross, two enhancement workers clashing in a very short b out. After about a minute of the two going through some typical reversals, King Lorum hits the ring and takes both men out with a double clothes line. He than hits a gorilla press slam to the outside on Davey, and he hits the Bloom Bomb on Jimmy Cross in the center of the ring. (32%, was there a point to this? It wasn’t even a match, really. King Lorum (aka Matt Bloom, aka Prince Albert) is probably the monster of the promotion, and he definitely came across as one).

His manager, Mallory, talks about how the biggest and baddest boy in QGWA. Basically, Mallory was playing up the fact she was a ditz and in love with King Lorum. Jeff Hardy hits the ring and takes King Lorum out of the ring with a barrage of offense. Jeff Hardy picks up a microphone and says he signed up for the Heavyweight division to take out the bullies like King Lorum who throw their weight around. Hardy says that at Blood Bath, he wants a match with him. King Lorum accepts and says that Jeff Hardy has messed with the beast. King Lorum promises that Blood Bath will be the last time Hardy steps into the ring. King Lorum says that starting next week, he’ll give Hardy a preview of the punishment each and every week until Blood Bath. And King Lorum says that each and every week, the stakes will be raised, the punishment worse and worse. (59%, Jeff Hardy didn’t say much, which is good. King Lorum didn’t talk as much, which made the segment even better. Mallory is drop dead gorgeous and can play up the ditz shtick pretty well. And this rather short segment basically just hyped up the fact that these two are going to destroy each other for the next couple of weeks. Genius.)

Caleb Hill comes to the ring next and says that each and every promotion has their trademark matches. And he says that QGWA is no different. It’ll be the Ladder Bedlam match. He says that ten men will enter and one will come out victorious. The title will be hung above the ring and their will be ladders to assist you from retrieving it. Wrestlers can be eliminated by pin fall or submission and the belt may be retrieved at any point in the match. IF you don’t take a risk, you won’t get the belt. But taking a risk can cost you the match! Hill claims that every member of the Heavyweight division will be involved in the match and that every member of the Heavyweight division will have another match that night. Caleb Hill than introduces the color commentator for the show, the Dungeon Master Marcus Bagwell. Marcus comes out with a whip and gag, wearing complete leather and a bondage outfit. Marcus Bagwell says that he came out to install a little pleasure and pain for the audience to see. Marcus puts the gag on Caleb Hill and is about to make him bend over when Monty Sopp come out from the back with Tammy Lynn Sytch. Monty Sopp proclaims that he always likes it on top, because he is Monty Sopp. Monty Sopp says that the freak show going on in the ring is entertaining but the fans paid for wrestling and that is what they will receive. Monty Sopp calls any wrestler out from the back for the main event. Rodney Mack comes out with a towel on his head (ala Taz ). (61%, this was a clusterfuck segment. The announcement of the main event of Blood Bath is buried in between a pointless Marcus Bagwell introduction. And what is with the bondage gimmick? And can Marcus Bagwell really be a color commentator? And than Monty Sopp comes out and tells the fans that he likes it on top?!!? Too much information. Finally, Rodney Mack came out to take him up on his challenge, but he was a total Taz rip-off. Interesting to say the least…)

Monty Sopp and Rodney Mack squared off in the main event as the two put on an average bout. At the seven minute mark, Monty Sopp “accidentally” takes out the referee and goes outside to retrieve a chair. But Waltman hits the ring and stops him from using the chair. This distracts Monty Sopp who ends up getting back in the ring, and Rodney Mack locks him in the Blackout and Monty Sopp passes out. Sean Waltman gets on the microphone after the match and claims that he has a lot of fucking issues to deal with and that he is sick and tired of being a scape goat! Waltman leaves to the backstage area with Monty Sopp wanting revenge. (63%, Rodney Mack has definitely improved leaps and bounds since his WWE departure and Monty Sopp can at least try for a decent match when he wants too. Good way to end the very first show.)

Taping #2 (Broadcasted for September 11th)

Monty Sopp hits the ring at the beginning of the taping claiming that he wasn’t leaving the ring until Sean Waltman came out. Waltman comes out, stumbling and mumbling. Monty Sopp tells Waltman the two go way back, but Sopp isn’t adverse to kicking his ass here tonight. Monty Sopp says that he wants to remind Waltman that he was nothing without his good pals in the E, whereas Monty Sopp made a name for himself wherever he went. The two men are interrupted by the most hated man in America, Johnny Fairplay, who says that it was fun listening to the two men talk for so long, but that Johnny Fairplay has an announcement to make. The first is that China Doll will be making an appearance at Blood Bath. The second is that Fairplay is wants to remind the fans that QGWA isn’t just bringing the same old, boring wrestlers. He introduces the Raze Crew, which consists of Pogo the Clown and the Columbine Kids. Dylan Harris and Eric Kleobold, the Columbine Kids, say they want to knock two of the biggest stars in the company – Sopp and Waltman. They are laying down a challenge for Blood Bath… Sopp and Waltman say they don’t like each other, but the original Outlaws will not back down from a challenge. They accept the match and this leads to a mini brawl, where after Sopp and Waltman clear the ring, they have a brief stare down. (64%, uhh…? Ok, booking on the fly is clearly evident here. Sopp and Waltman hate each other, but Johnny Fairplay somehow convinces them to team up to take on the Columbine Kids at Blood Bath. And China Doll is going to be at Blood Bath, and I’d bet that she is going to involve herself in this Monty Sopp-Sean Waltman-Raze Crew storyline.)

In the first match of the night, we see that Horace Hogan is taking on Rick Goulet. The self proclaimed Leader, Horace Hogan, makes short work of Rick Goulet as this is simply a squash match to put him over as a force to reckon with. Horace Hogan wins with a choke slam in the center of the ring for the victory. (34%, squash match, but no one really knows who Horace is, or who Goulet is. And what is with Goulet being the jobber two weeks in a row. Couldn’t they switch it up a bit?)

Hogan gets on a microphone and talks about being related to the biggest super star in the business – Hulk Hogan. Horace than talks about how there are complete nobodies in this promotion, like Jake the Snake. Jake the Snake comes to the ring, wearing street clothes and he gets in the face of Horace Hogan. Jake the Snake says that at his prime, he was the best in the business. Hogan says that Jake the Snake isn’t in his prime any more. Jake the Snake levels him with a series of forearms and finishes it off with a DDT in the middle of the ring to the fans applause. But wait, Chris Peele enters the ring and takes Jake the Snake out with a stiff chair shot. Chris Peele picks him up and locks him in a torture rack to the fans dismay. But wait, Rodney Mack hits the ring and his presence alone forces Hogan and Peele to the outside. Mack says that the two of them should respect Jake the Snake because he paved the way. Mack says that at Blood Bath, he thinks Jake and Mack should teach Chris Peele and Horace Hogan a little thing called respect! (56%, Interesting segment. You’d think Horace Hogan speaking would be awful, but it was thirty seconds and than Jake came out for some good mic work. If you didn’t see Peele’s interference from a mile away, you must be blind. But Mack coming down to demand respect was interesting. Can Mack pull-off a Taz-like gimmick?…)

In an interesting segment, The Hardcore Homo Angel, is shown standing outside the building later on today. The Hardcore Homo says that many wrestlers got into the business to be wrestlers; but not the Hardcore Homo. He says he is destined for Hollywood and he is going to get his foot in the door right now. The Hardcore Homo dishes the gossip on the QGWA wrestlers in his segment called Hardcore Hollywood – he says that Julio and Maria are actually brother and sister, that Chris Peele is the long time boy friend of Caleb Hill and that China Doll and Sean Waltman are currently trying to rekindle their romance. The Hardcore Homo claims that this was enough for his first week of Hardcore Hollywood, but that next week he will dish even more juicier stories, but about wrestlers who are currently employed by other promotions. (53%, this came across as very rushed and not given the proper amount of time. Angel isn’t the best public speaker and it seems like he may be a little uncomfortable with the tweaking of his gimmick. Although, I am kind of interested to see what gossip Angel is going to bring up. This could either be glorified dirt sheet spoilers or legitimate insider information. I am going with the dirt sheet, but if Angel can bring his A game, it could be decent)

Scott Riggs and Dylan Harris clashed in the next match for the Lightweight title tournament. This match lasts a whole of three minutes before Monty Sopp came to the ring and hit Dylan Harris with a chair shot allowing Scotty Riggs to get the roll up victory. Dylan Harris throws a fit after the match and chases Monty Sopp to the back. (42%, 3 minutes for a Tournament match? For shame! But it did it’s purpose. It put Scotty Riggs over and furthered this Sopp-Waltman-Raze Crew story line. I’d just like to get a little more understanding in the direction and why these two teams suddenly dislike each other, besides Johnny Fairplay’s interrupting them.)

In an odd backstage segment, Pogo the Clown is seen outside an amusement park. Pogo says that he brought his new friend, Johnny Fairplay, along for the ride, but the two men keep getting hassled at the park. Pogo says that he simply wanted to ride all of the children’s ride. Johnny Fairplay doesn’t understand why people keep hassling him. The two decide that they will try to find some other place to enjoy their day. (60%, if you know anything about Pogo the Clown, you know this can only lead to something wrong. And what the hell was with Johnny Fairplay hanging out with Pogo the Clown?… this served no point, but at least it was mildly entertaining, if not for the my imagination of where they are going to take this.)

King Lorum and Jeff Hardy brawl from behind the curtain and make their way towards the ring. Mallory goes underneath the ring and gets a table and sets it up on the outside beside the ring. Jeff Hardy manages to knock King Lorum to the outside onto the apron. Jeff Hardy climbs to the top and hits the Whisper in the Wind off the top rope and onto King Lorum and the two men fall through the table. The fans chant holy shit as Jeff Hardy struggles to his feet and claims that he isn’t going down without a fight against King Lorum. He limps up the ramp, but King Lorum says that next week, he is going to put Hardy through two tables! And than he says the week after, it’ll be four tables! King Lorum than claims at Blood Bath, he’ll put Hardy through 8 TABLES. Jeff Hardy says there is one thing he doesn’t fear and that is death and he plans on defying death at Blood Bath., no matter the consequences! (56%, neither of these two have microphone skills, but they can get the hell beaten out of each other. The Whisper In The Wind spot was surprisingly something we’ve never seen before, and the promise of more and more tables makes me foam at the mouth. 8 tables at Blood Bath is sure looking promising and I am already dreaming up ways they are going to kill themselves)

Chris Peele took on Davey Freeman and Jimmy Cross next in a handicap match. Well, the match lasted less than two minutes, as Davey Freeman was taken out in seconds following a huge running power bomb that saw Freeman land on the padded floor. Jimmy Cross was tossed around the ring before Chris Peele finished him off with the torture rack. Chris Peele posed in the ring as the match finished and he said the winning streak had begun. Tonight he beat two men, so he is 2 and 0! Rodney Mack hits the ring and the two have a brief stare down, where Mack vows to end his winning streak at Blood Bath. Next week, it is announced that the two men will be forced to team up against unnamed opponents. (42%, in a minute and a half, we saw that Peele is alright in the ring, as long as he has someone to throw around. Last week we saw tension between Roberts and Peele, but apparently QGWA might be teasing a Mack-Peele match. They could also be hyping up the fact that the Bedlam Ladder match is, literally, anyone’s game. I am already putting bets on Peele accumulating a winning streak, as he made sure to note in his promo a few times that he was undefeated.)

Orlando Jordan hits the ring with Julio and Maria and they tease making out for the fans, but Chaz hits the ring alone. Chaz says that his friend, Glen, was absent but that he was sure he’d be here in the weeks to come. Chaz says that at Blood Bath, barbed wire, thumb tacks and everything in between would be used to bust each other open. Chaz states that next week, he wants a one on one match with OJ. The Cum Guzzling, Clit Pleasing, Cock Sucking man himself vowed that he’d face Chaz next week, in a teaser for their pay-per-view match. Because the ropes would be replaced with BARBED WIRE! (50%, OJ shouldn’t have a microphone, but the promise of him getting busted open with Barbed wire is hyping me for next week’s show. Also, where the fuck was Glen? He was clearly at the arena due to his involvement in the first taping, but he wasn’t anywhere to be seen on the second taping…)

In the main event, Sean Waltman squares off against Eric Kleobold, one half of the Columbine Kids. It was an entertaining bout that saw Waltman hit all of his signature moves, including the Bronco Buster. Waltman sets up for the Front Face buster, but Eric Kleobold manages to reverse it with a northern lights suplex, with a bridge. A kick out at 2 has Waltman up to his feet, and tries for a round house kick, but Kleobold ducks it and hits a roll up. Waltman manages to kick out and kicks Kleobold in the gut and hits the front face buster for the three count. Waltman is celebrating when Pogo the Clown and Johnny Fairplay hit the ring and take him out with a series of chair shots. The show comes to a halt as the Raze Crew stand victorious over Sean Waltman. (56%, Waltman hasn’t seem to miss a beat since we last saw him in the ring (besides a few botched spots here and there) and Eric Kleobold showed potential to be a good worker. QGWA seems to be going hype crazy for the Columbine Kid versus Sopp and Waltman match, which leads me to believe that China Doll is definitely going to get involved and that more issues will be created than resolved.)

Overall, the two tapings were below average, but it was worth the price of admission AND anyone who is going to watch just has to log onto the internet and download it off their web site. Some interesting angles were started and characters were introduced, but we have yet to see Matt Sydal’s gimmick of stalking Trish Stratus, PJ Styles or Perry Saturn. The second set of tapings is looking promising. Hardcore Hollywood looks to be good, as dirt about major super stars could potentially be dished. A Barbed Wire match as a preview for Blood Bath between Chaz and OJ. Rodney Mack and Chris Peele teaming up to take on unnamed opponents. King Lorum promising to put Jeff Hardy through 2 tables, and than the next week, 4 tables. The Hardcore Homo will take on PJ Styles in the Lightweight qualifying match, and the winner will go along with Johnny McMahon and Scotty Riggs to the semi-finals, and Matt Sydal will square off against Sean Waltman as well for a chance. Lastly, QGWA were hyping up that Perry Saturn would be on hand for the next taping.

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So far so good. Looking like one of the more interesting and original diaries on the board. Some things such as Angel's segment could be gold but there are a few things that perplex me.

I know you made reference to things being booked on the fly/confusing etc but they seem a little too weird but maybe it's just me. My main problem is Rodney Mack and how he just pops up to say a few words and then leaves. This is a man who was never a huge star but everyone seems to be terrified of him and who seems to be running the place. As well as this run ins seem to be pretty excessive and the lightweight tournament looks to be a farce apart from the opening match. It will need work in the latter stages to save it from being a joke.

Also just a few times when the wrong word or name has been put into the write up and it just makes it confusing. I can get around it but it just means reading things a couple of times to make sure I understand it. That's only a very minor criticism/comment though.

Overall looking very promising and I look forward to seeing more of it as it has the potential of developing into...well...anything really.

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You must be asking yourself how did the shows turn out? Well, in a word… alright. Reviews were for the first two tapings were mixed. People called it garbage wrestling, while others called it the recycling of washed up stars mingled in with mediocre wrestlers and a few gems caught in between it all. Personally, I knew it wasn’t the best wrestling show. But what you can ask for? Firstly, the internet shows were meant to be teasers for the pay-per-view, were the action would happen. Secondly, I was hoping that QGWA would be a more story line and character centered promotion. Plus, I thought that many of the wrestlers did great jobs. There was nothing but positive reviews for Chris Peele’s introduction to the wrestling world, as they said he had natural talent. Jeff Hardy and King Lorum were applauded for their dedication to the promotion. Heck, people even said that Jake the Snake seemed to have hit his stride.

But their was some problems. The first being that 4 wrestlers walked out on me; 3 of which were enhancement talent that were supposed to be used on the second taping, but INSTEAD, I had to reuse the same 3 guys from the first taping. These enhancement wrestlers said that the promotion was too risky and not what they were interested in. They said they didn’t want to lower their name value any more than it had. I didn’t really give a shit. These kids didn’t understand hard work and dedication. I sent them on their way and told them to grown some skin on their necks.

But what bothered me was when Glen Ruth walked out on me. Glen was formerly Thrasher in the E. So you could make the argument that he never really was a draw, nor was he ever really important. But you wouldn’t guess that from the cunt’s attitude. The second he walked in, he was a fucking diva and that doesn’t work with me. I don’t like Diva’s who come in and think they are queen of the fucking castle. Well, Glen Ruth walked in and immediately stated too me that he felt he wasn’t earning enough money to justify working for my wrestling federation. Little heads up; if you want to make a good first impression, the first thing you should say is “hello!”, not “I deserve more money for working in this shit hole.” Originally, my plan was for Chaz and Glen to feud with Lodi and Scotty Riggs. But than this cunt opened his mouth. You know how people say booking on the fly doesn’t work? Well it does when you want to fullfill secret fantasies.

I wanted to see that mother fucker bleed.

The only solution was barbed wire and thumb tacks. I told him and Chaz there was a change in plans – they would be facing Orlando Jordan and Julio in a match involving barbed wire and thumb tacks at Blood Bath. I think I called it some Garbage Brawl or something equally as ridiculous and over the top. Glen asked if anyone was bleeding tonight and I said I wasn’t sure what happened in the ring, but I wasn’t sure. He told me that there wouldn’t be any blood because his ex-wife and kids flew down to watch him. I told him that blood should be the least of his worries and he asked me what I meant. I told him that this wasn’t a children’s show, this wrestling promotion was meant for adults.

Well, Glen bit his tongue when we mentioned ecstasy. Glen could not bite his tongue when we had, essentially, a threesome come out to the ring and proclaim their love. And he could also not bite his tongue when two of the three were actually brother and sister. Side note, many people questioned the validity that Julio and Maria were in fact, brother and sister, but doubt no more. You have heard it from the source himself, the man who met them when they were eighteen year’s old. Julio and Maria are indeed brother and sister, albeit, not by blood. Julio was adopted when he was born and Maria and him have had a special bond ever since. When you are the helm of a gay porn empire, you are bound to meet interesting people. Yeah, they might be breaking the law and committing indecent acts, but they are happy people and law abiding citizens (well, except for the incest). I can’t really knock on their happiness, can I?

Enough on that sidenote. I’ll talk about them later. Anyways, Glen was irate when he saw not only two men kissing in the ring, but a brother and sister kissing in the ring. The anger that is evident on his face during his three lines of dialogue during that segment is all real anger. That was the last time I saw Glen Ruth as after he was done he simply left the arena. He didn’t tell anyone he was leaving, he simply took his bags and left the arena. I wasn’t that pissed. The guy couldn’t cut a half decent promo, clearly wasn’t a team player and he was like a bag of barf in the ring. Fun too watch for a second, but too much of it makes you want to vomit.

I decided that in this biography I am writing, it’d be a good idea to close all loose ends. What the fuck do I mean by this? I thought it’d be a good idea that every time I stopped having a professional relationship with someone, I’d give a brief synopsis of what happened after too them. I mean, just because Glen Ruth stopped working for me, doesn’t mean he stops existing… right? I mean, I did single handily change the wrestling business, but I am not the most important person in the entire world. Ok, enough. You want to know what happened to Glen Ruth? Well, Glen pretty much did nothing. He tried to get some independent bookings, but he was pretty much black balled from the business. One of the biggest no-no’s in the business is skipping out on a show, half way through. Glen Ruth later phoned me personally after about 5 months and mended fences with me, apologizing for his behavior. He talked about how he was a little over protective of his kids because he was in a custody battle with his ex. He also told me he was officially done with the wrestling business and was now getting involved with a moving business. I told him it was cool and accepted his apology and wished him well in his ways. But lets be honest here – he is still a cunt at the end of the day.

Enough about Glen Ruth’s walking out on us. Besides that, the show was great. The boys (aka, the wrestlers) said it was some of the most fun they had in their entire life. Sean Waltman came up to me and apologized for botching a few spots in the main event. I told him not to worry about it because Waltman put on a great match regardless and he gave it his best. This was the kind of attitude the wrestler’s loved. Yeah, I did have a standard that needed to be set, but just because two wrestlers have a bad night isn’t any reason for me to get pissed. People have bad days all of the time, but they aren’t performing in front of hundreds of people so they don’t catch the same heat as entertainers too.

One of the biggest problems I had with the entire show was my commentating. But this wasn’t really anyone’s fault except for mine, for a couple of reasons. I have never really commentated in my life, so that was part of the problem. I was also fucked out of my mind on drugs, leading to lots of awkward moments (you know the part where there is thirty seconds of silence and than I chime in and say “I don’t know what the fuck just happened). I also don’t have a strong grounding in the art of professional wrestling, so some of the holds and moves being done were beyond me. Another problem was that it was done live – the commentating would have probably been a whole lot better if it was done in a studio after the event. The last problem was for half of the first taping, I had no color commentary until the end of the first taping and Bagwell was just as new to the idea of commentary as I was. So in short, the commentary was a disaster.

Too go along with the lax behavior, I didn’t install any dress codes or backstage rules. As long as you showed up for your match and didn’t hurt or offend anyone, you could literally do whatever the fuck you wanted. Some of the wrestlers were drinking and smoking backstage. Heck, I won’t name name’s, but there was definitely illicit drugs being used. Heck, at this point in my life, I was using drugs. I vaguely remember the main event for the second taping, because I had been doing blow the entire night and was so fucked up that I couldn’t remember what was going on. After the show was done, we went to a local bar and the drinks were on me. But I don’t remember paying that tab after – I just remember stumbling home with Chris Peele, laughing and joking about the night.

Let me quickly address one other thing. People were worried about Chris Peele sleeping with the boss. But let me assure you, that any push he received was warranted by his skills. Arguably he was the best all around wrestler I had. He could sell a segment, he could wrestle a decent match and could gain more heat than any wrestler in the locker room. Yes, I had him beat up two jobbers in a minute and a half, but without a strong push, no one would know who this guy was. I had hoped that he would be the guy to take the ball and run with it – much like AJ Styles was the face of TNA, and to an extent, HHH was the face of the WWE. Yes, a risky move in putting a former gay porn star as the main figure of my wrestling promotion, but I had gained a career of taking risks.

The day after the show, I came to the realization that I had an empty spot on the roster, leaving me with three options. The first was to simply not fill the spot, and move on. But this wasn’t logical, because I ideally wanted to run the Heavyweight division with 10 people. 3 men for the main title picture, 3 men just outside the main title picture and 4 men for the soon to be tag division. With 9 people, the numbers wouldn’t add up. The second option I had was to replace him with an enhancement talent, but that didn’t just work. None of the enhancement screamed potential and I wasn’t willingly to put my faith behind someone that hadn’t worked out. The third option was to replace him with someone not in the company and this was the most logical answer. The only question was – who?

My first instinct was to add an “indie darling” to the roster. No offense to the roster that I had, but some of them weren’t the best in-ring workers, and adding some to the roster would help bolster the quality of the matches. But I had lost a Heavyweight wrestler, not a Lightweight wrestler. And most of the wrestlers who worked the independent scene and had critical acclaim to their name were mostly lightweight wrestlers. I needed someone who could throw their weight around and make it look legit. I needed someone who was badass and could wrestle if I was going to get an indie wrestler, and the only available choices I had were stiffer, hard hitting wrestlers. But really, the best of the best were tied up in other contracts with other promotion and the only one who was available really, Low-Ki, hadn’t shown any interest in joining the roster.

The next bet was to go with a big guy. I don’t mean tall. I mean fat. I had immense respect for any body who could wrestle and have a bigger body frame. The obvious choice was Salofatu Anoai, aka, Rikishi. He had recently split with his wife Sua, and was looking to relocate and get a new job. His relative, Matt Anoai (aka, Rosey, aka, S.H.I.T) was also fired by the WWE quite some time ago and was looking to pick up another job as well. Salofatu was the better choice, not in terms of work rate, but in terms of pure draw and charisma, he was the better bet of the two. There was also a slew of undiscovered big guys that could be utilized, but I wasn’t necessarily up for taking a risk on those guys. There was also Viscera, who was released by the WWE in June, but once again, I wasn't putting a huge push behind Viscera, no matter how enticing it felt.

The last choice was too simply get behind a former star who needed a job. Of course the WWE locker room was sprinkled with former WWE wrestlers. In fact, I’d say about 50 % of the wrestlers used to wrestle in the WWE. I had a few choices like Matt Morgan, Daniel Puder and some other developmental talent’s that were released, but the best bet was to go with Matt Morgan. He was touted as the next big thing in wrestling when he was wrestling under a WWE contract, but he strangely got released after being given a stutter. I decided that it would be best to announce the new signing at the start of the second set of tapings in front of the live audience.

As I debated who to sign, news came in about how out first show faired. The show was broadcasted on Monday just prior to RAW on the Queer and Grotesque Wrestling web site. On the Wednesday, the site had recorded almost 9,500 more hits on Monday than the week before, which is a gigantic jump for one day and the days after saw about 5,000 more hits than the week before. Apparently word of mouth had spread and made the show a huge success in terms of the numbers. The show was set up so that the fans were forced to load each segment separately, so we could gauge what the fans liked best, and what the fans simply skipped over. The number break down went as follows.

Opening segment between Hill-The Juice-McMahon (8,124 hits)

The Juice versus The Notorious A.S.S (9,641 hits)

OJ Incest segment (19,541 hits)

OJ versus Rick Goulet (2,415 hits)

Garbage Man interrupt OJ/Julio/Maria (4,931 hits)

Peele attacks Jake the Snake (9,312 hits)

Jobber match (1,423 hits)

Hardy confronts Lorum (8,413 hits)

Hill, Bagwell, Sopp, Mack confrontation (6,513 hits)

Sopp versus Mack (7,851 hits)

At the end of the day, it appeared as though the fans selectively choose what to watch. The jobber match received a measly one thousand hits, while OJ’s Incest angle received a gigantic 19 thousand hits. Upon further inspection of the break down, all of the segments saw about a 50% drop off rate per day in terms of views, but OJ’s incest angle saw a 500% increase. It appeared as though through message boards and word of mouth helped boost the segment to double the views of the second most watched segment of The Juice squaring off against Johnny McMahon. It was true that controversy selled, as a brother and sister french kissing was apparently more entertaining than any wrestling match on the card. But it was also true that even though controversy sells, it doesn’t carry over as OJ’s match after the segment received a measly two thousand views. What does this all mean? In retrospect, the first show was a success. The huge numbers would allow me to get bigger and better advertisers for my web site and would allow for my cash flow. But it also meant that the show was inconsistent at best and that the fans would tune out if they didn’t like something. The next week, the numbers were similar too the first.

Opening segment between Raze Crew-Sopp-Waltman (5,412 views)

Horace Hogan versus Rick Goulet (312 views)

Jake the Snake saved by Mack (4,941 views)

Hollywood Hardcore (6,512 views)

Scotty Riggs versus Dylan Harris (3,234 views)

Pogo the Clown and Johnny Fairplay at the Amusement Park (4,412 views)

King Lorum and Jeff Hardy’s confrontation (7,923 views)

Chris Peele’s handicap match (7,154)

OJ versus Chaz next week with barbed wire (4,512 views)

Sean Waltman versus Eric Kleobold (5,641 views)

The numbers were down by a significant number from the first week, but it was expected. People tune into the first show, see what they like, and than tune out if they don’t like it. Some people didn’t like the crash TV, rough around the edges style of our shows and I accept that. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t gain them back. And I knew what was selling – things that people can talk about. People were clearly talking about this new wrestler, Chris Peele, because lots of people tuned into see him wrestle. Lots of people wanted to see Jeff Hardy and King Lorum go at it, so they tuned in. But did anyone want talk about, let alone see, Horace Hogan wrestle some jobber? Hell no! But it is all part of the show. You gotta mix the bad with the good.

I knew that the strongest ally I had was the internet message boards, because all it took was a click. I must admit, I did encourage people I knew to go onto message boards to rave about Chris Peele, about how he was the next big thing on the independent wrestling scene. And it worked. People clearly came to see what this kid had to offer. I knew that ROH was a fantastic promotion, something I was too simple minded to appreciate. But the one thing they did right was to get their fan base interested in their promotion. How did they do it? By giving them something to talk about. By having Matt Hardy show up, or having Lance Storm wrestle, or by shipping wrestlers in from Japan, or by constantly giving away dream matches. And look, ROH is one of the most financially secure companies simply because they know how to stay within their means.

Speaking about financially secure, fuck PWInsider and the rest of those dirt sheets and wrestling reporters. They are a bunch of shitheads who know nothing. When they wanted to report news about my federation, they reported the negative news and treated my wrestling promotion as some kind of joke. Did they hype up my promotions first show and first broad cast? No You know what they did report? Lies. They reported that I had lost close to one hundred thousand dollars on my first show and that I had been rethinking my decisions I made. This of course is the biggest lie I had heard so far in the wrestling business (and I had heard that Shawn Michael’s was a legitimate born again Christian, which is a crock of shit from the stories the boys told me). I had not lost one hundred thousand dollars on my first show – in fact, I had stated to reporters that it didn’t mater if I lost one hundred thousand dollars, because I had money to blow in order to see my pet project succeed. The second quote was taken out of context once again, I had stated that I had been rethinking my decisions, but about my life prior to getting into the wrestling business, but about me starting a wrestling promotion.

At the end of the day, the first two tapings showed me what I had to work on and what I had to improve. I felt as though the set-up I was hoping to use would work. The first show after the pay-per-view would be dedicated to the fall-out, the second show setting up the pay-per-view, the third show a “mega-show” of sorts to gather interest, and the fourth show a lead in to the pay-per-view. It seemed to be what the WWE had planned, that you create a slow build and just a few weeks prior to the event, you give the fans something to talk about (see, I know my shit) so they can tune into the event.

As the date for the second taping was arriving, I realized that I had a lot of work to do. The pay-per-view was coming in due time and I still needed to hash out the entire card, although a bunch of matches were already made. I also knew that I needed to sign another wrestler in order to make the Battle Royale Bedlam Ladder match work (can’t have a battle royale with 9 people, you need 10) . I also knew that I needed to get the fans talking. And the wheels had already been turning. I knew how to get the fans talking – heck, I knew how to get people to buy my pay-per-view and get them to tune in the next day. People needed to start talking about QGWA, and god dammit, I was going to give them something to talk about (me and Shania both).

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VILE Wrestling Tapings, presented by Queer and Grotesque Ent.

Once again, just got back from the tapings of the show and it was a very interesting show to say the least. The arena was packed at about 150 people. The arena, as I said two weeks ago, is a glorified bingo hall, really. Not much room for many people, although the maximum capacity with the ring is 150 people, which is what QGWA crammed in there tonight. Not sure how many people they turned away, but I am guessing it was around a hundred or so people. There was a lot of disappointed faces outside the arena before and after. The crowd was pretty hot all night, especially for the first taping, which was action packed. After the show, all of the wrestlers were open to signing autographs and chumming with the fans. The environment was good the entire show.

Taping #3 (Broadcasted for September 18th)

The show kicks off with Marcus Bagwell and Caleb Hill hitting the ring and giving a run down of what is going down tonight. Caleb Hill says that the rumors are true, that they have a vacancy on the roster, but they have filled it up, already. Caleb Hill says that it wasn’t a long search, because they knew what they wanted. They wanted someone who was big, who could throw their weight around. And they found him. Caleb Hill introduces the newest member of QGWA, Fatu! Fatu walks out wearing his border line thong outfit and doing the same old routine he did in the E. Caleb Hill applauds him and says that since he signed on the dotted line, he’ll get a chance to win the title in the Battle Royale Bedlam Title Match! Fatu says that he also is putting up a challenge at Blood Bath… The Ass In Yo Face challenge. Fatu says he made a name for himself shoving his ass into people's faces, and he is going to keep his legacy alive by finding someone who can withstand the Ass In Yo Face challenge. Caleb Hill says that it sounds intriguing, and that he is looking forward to seeing how it turns out… Fatu levels him in the face with a super kick and he crawls to the corner out of fear. Fatu sizes him up and delivers the Stinkface, but now called the Ass In Yo Face! Caleb Hill barely shoves him off and he crawls out of the ring, all the while, Marcus Bagwell is laughing. Fatu shoves him into the corner and delivers the Ass In Yo Face, but Marcus Bagwell manages to hit the floor quicker than his commentating partner. Fatu says that he is on the search for the man who can withstand the challenge and he ain’t stopping till he has a winner. (62%, Ass In Yo Face challenge? This is why they hired Fatu? So he could put his ass in people’s faces? This better be going somewhere… not that I really care, but I’ll be superbly disappointed if this turns into nothing.)

Another week, another new segment of Hardcore Hollywood. Angel says that he promised the dirt and he definitely has got some. Angel talks about notorious couples throughout history and he brings it up to the current day couple of two people in the wrestling industry. Angel says that due to legal reasons he cannot use their ring names or entail their last name. But he calls them Paul and Stephanie. He says that on October 23rd in 2003, they were married and they saw a baby enter the world this past June. But Angel says that not all is well in paradise. In fact, Angel says he has indisputable evidence that proves there relationship is on the rocks. Paul recently had gone to a professional “dancer” at a “club of fun” and got what be bargained for. Angel pulls up a VHS tape and says that “he has all the proof he ever needs.” He says that legally he cannot show it, but if some how the tape leaked, he wouldn’t be held responsible. Angel says that if everyone is on their best behavior, no one will get hurt. Angel reminds the fans he has a match coming up next! (56%, ooooh, spicy. Rumors had been floating the internet about a possible strip club visit by the WWE wrestlers, but nothing to this extent. The only question remains is if the tape is legit, and how the hell did QGWA get a hold of it. My guess is parody will ensue, but there is a chance this tape is the real thing. Much like when TNA played the WWE’s tape during their pay-per-view, I believe QGWA is going to drag this thing out for a while.)

In the third match-up of the lightweight tournament, we see The Hardcore Homo taking on the Ordinary PJ Styles. PJ comes out with the same hair cut and tights as AJ Styles, but he is a few inches taller and a little less toned. The Hardcore Homo is not well known for being the most competent wrestler in the ring, but he hit his fair share of spots like the flying fairy, which is essentially a frog splash. PJ Styles is essentially AJ, but not as crisp. He hit a kip up hurricrana, a spring board 450, and a few enzgruis much like AJ Styles, but without the same zing that Styles has. At the end of the day, Hardcore Homo missed a bath house bomb off the top, and PJ Styles hit the Styles Clash for the victory. After the match, PJ Styles got on a microphone and said that his nemesis may have the Styles Clash, but he had the Styles Flash. PJ said he called it the Styles Flash because AJ Styles was just another flash in the pain. (49%, decent match-up here. Angel definitely showed potential, but for god sakes throw him in a death match and give him some weapons. This guy was not meant to wrestle in the lightweight division. On the plus side, PJ Styles has an interesting thing going and he definitely is imitating AJ Styles down to the tights. I know AJ Styles is not fond of this at all (the guy probably despises QGWA due to his Christian beliefs) and I am sure some sort of retaliation is in store. PJ Styles joins Johnny McMahon and Scotty Riggs in the semi-finals of the tournament, which has been lack luster so far.)

In another pre-taped segment, we see that Matt Sydal is sitting in an empty locker room with a cell phone in his hand. A montage is shown of him dialing numerous numbers (including 4-1-1) and asking for a listing for Trish Stratus. Matt Sydal turns to searching through dozens and dozens of phone books. Matt Sydal eventually throws them all away and logs onto his computer and searches Trish Stratus. The first listing that comes up is Trish Stratus.com and a smile overcomes his face… (56%, this was gold! Gold!!! Matt Sydal doesn’t have the best acting skills, but he was decent. Much like everything else going on in QGWA, you just kind of wonder where they are going with this. Trish Stratus isn’t a trademark by the WWE, so unless she sends a cease and desist order the angle will continue. But that doesn’t change the fact the angle can never really be resolved since Trish Stratus will never appear in QGWA. Oh the possibilities…)

In the next squash, oh wait, I mean… *ahem* match of the night, we see that Rodney Mack and Chris Peele are setting up to take on the three jobbers known as Tubular Tedd, Mondo Matt and Awesome Adam. They all have a different neon color and have matching arm and head bands. Mack and Peele come out next and you can smell the squash in the air! Mack and Peele play a game of one upping each other as they literally hit big moves on their opponents. Mack hits a stiff triple power bomb, while Peele hits a very impressive double back body drop on two of the jobbers. Peele locks in the torture rack while Mack locks in the Blackout to finish the match. Peele makes sure to indicate he has beaten over 5 opponents since arriving in QGWA, while Mack reminds Peele that he has taken out 4 opponents since arriving in QGWA. (49%, those jobbers were priceeless. You’d have to see it to believe it, but those jobbers sure did their role. They came out to look ridiculous and get their ass kicked, and by god, they did both! Chris Peele once again shows potential, but doesn’t let the cat out of the bag just yet. They are teasing a show down at Blood Bath between two undefeated super stars, but look for them to add a few more victories in the next taping.)

King Lorum and Jeff Hardy brawl from behind the curtain as Mallory is screeching for the two men to stop. Jeff Hardy takes a chair and whacks Lorum over the head, sending him over the railing. Jeff Hardy goes underneath the ring and drags out two tables. He sets them on top of each other and searches for Lorum. But this back fires as Mallory sneaks up behind him and low blows him. Jeff Hardy chases Mallory into the ring and King Lorum levels Jeff Hardy with a bicycle kick. King Lorum picks Jeff up and drops him with the Bloom Bomb. King Lorum scales the top rope, dragging along Hardy for the ride, and than proceeds to power bomb Jeff Hardy off the top rope and through both of the tables. Mallory and King Lorum stand victorious in the ring as Mallory declares that at Blood Bath, Jeff Hardy’s fate will be sealed. Mallory claims that next week, Jeff Hardy will be taking on Davey Freeman in a preview ladder match for Blood Bath! And King Lorum says that Jeff Hardy will have a preview for the pain and suffering he will feel, as he’ll get aquatinted with four tables! (61%, wow, QGWA are definitely giving away some high profile bouts on the Internet, for free. This week we get a barbed wire bout, and in the same night of tapings we get a ladder match with Jeff Hardy. Something tells me that these two are going to pull out a jaw dropping match at Blood Bath. King Lorum has always been a decent worker and Jeff Hardy always comes through on big matches. Look for their bout to steal to the show.)

Next up, we see that Monty Sopp and Sean Waltman hit the ring with Tammy Lynn Sytch by their side. Monty Sopp introduces himself as the cream of the crop, Monty Sopp, the man who likes it on top! Monty Sopp says that in just about two weeks, he is going to have not only the chance to win the QGWA Heavyweight title, but to beat the crap out of two Slipknot wannabes! And Monty Sopp says that he has been to the top of the business and done it all. And Monty Sopp says that it is time to teach these kids a lesson about being a wrestler. Waltman takes the microphone and says he conquered the Cruiserweights, he licked the Lightweights and he is the King of the X! And Waltman agrees with Sopp, for the first time in a long time; he says that it is time to teach the new kids a lesson. Waltman does lay a warning down, though. He says that if his ex, China Doll, comes anywhere near the match, he’ll lay her out! Tammy Lynn Sytch says that her good friends, Monty and Sean, don’t just walk the walk, they talk the talk. And Monty Sopp is going to show that he is the top of the top, by taking out Rick Goulet right here! (65%, shoot me now. Monty Sopp is entertaining. The rhyming with his name, the oozing of cockiness, this loss of restraints on his character has led to Monty Sopp finally finding his place and voice in the wrestling business. Yeah, he may not be Chris Benoit in the ring (and he might almost break Benoit’s neck a few times) but Monty Sopp has got a good thing going and I hope he keeps it up.)

Everyone’s favorite jobber Rick Goulet makes his ring for his weekly ass kicking. Goulet takes a pounding from Monty Sopp for three minutes before Sopp hits the Famasser, which is apparently called the Sopp Drop, and gets the three count. Post-match, Sopp, Waltman and Sytch all celebrate as The Raze Crew come and stare them down from the aisle way. (52%, ok, so maybe I was a little quick to say that Monty Sopp had a good thing, but you know what I mean. As long as the guy is squashing jobbers and oozing this new found charisma, I’ll keep coming to the shows and downloading them online.)

Jake the Snake comes to the ring and talks about respect and how the young guys these days don’t respect him and how the young guys need to earn respect. Chris Peele comes to the ring with Horace Hogan by his side and says that he doesn’t need to earn respect, because he is going to take it from Jake Roberts whether he likes it or not. Chris Peele says that people are already talking about the hottest wrestler in the business, Chris Peele, and that there isn’t a thing anybody can do about it. They start to motion towards the ring, but Rodney Mack enters through the crowd to a respectable pop. Rodney Mack says that if they enter the ring, they’ll be entering a world of pain and that they will soon blackout. Mack says that next week, he wants to take out Horace Hogan. Chris Peele agrees to the match, only if Jake the Snake will square off against Chris Peele. Rodney Mack agrees to the stipulation and says that next week’s Hogan and Peele are in for a lesson in respect. (64%, QGWA ties Mack-Peele into the bigger picture. Peele is the young kid breaking into the big time, kind of like Orton as the legend killer. But Peele is much more believable in the role and is slowly grooming himself into a break out star of the promotion.)

Pre-taped segment in order to set up the barbed wire ropes for the next match. Pogo the Clown and Johnny Fairplay have left the amusement park and are now at a public swimming pool. Pogo the Clown says he always liked the swimming pool, because it reminds him of the things he loves most in life. Johnny Fairplay agrees, and says that he loves to scope the hot chicks out. Pogo the Clown says that ever since he joined QGWA, his life has been lacking meaning and substance. And he knows what the problem is. Pogo says that since his other two accomplices, Eric and Dylan, have grown up, he needs a new accomplice. Pogo the Clown says that he needs someone to look up to him like a father figure. Pogo the Clown watches as a group of young boys walks by and into the change room. Pogo the Clown tells Johnny Fairplay that he is going to start his search for a new accomplice right now. Pogo the Clown leaves Johnny Fairplay by the pool side as he walks into the change room. Johnny Fairplay has no idea what he is talking about, but makes sure to comment about a fine looking girl that walked by. (49%, once again, QGWA is pushing the boundaries of what is socially acceptable with this story. Pogo the Clown is loosely based upon serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Wherever this storyline is headed, QGWA better be careful as to what they do. And why is Fairplay popping up everywhere? Answer me that!)

In the main event, we’ve got Chaz taking on Orlando Jordan in a barbed wire match. The ropes have been replaced with barbed wire and the fans are going crazy. They are blood hungry! OJ is accompanied by Julio and Maria, while Chaz comes to the ring alone. For a barbed wire match, this sure was short. Why was it short? Well, I am pretty sure if the match continued any longer, Orlando Jordan would have died from blood loss. Within the first minute, Orlando Jordan took two bumps onto the barbed wire, too the fans delight. At the five minute mark, Chaz finished Orlando Jordan off with a jumping pile driver. Julio and Maria crawled into the ring after the match and held Orlando Jordan in shock as they realize that their friend has been badly injured from the match. Chaz walks up the ramp with a sadistic look on his face as the first taping ends. (62%, wow. Just wow. Orlando Jordan sure did take a beating. Blood was just about everywhere and the guy took five solid barbed wire bumps, while Chaz came out scratchless. It will make sense at the next taping why he took so many bumps, but wow.)

Taping #4 (Broadcasted for September 25th)

The show kicks off where last week’s show ends. Julio and Maria storm to the ring without Orlando Jordan and they say the rumors are true! OJ was busted open so badly that he may not have the doctors permission to enter the ring. Julio says unfortunately, the match for Blood Bath will have to be cancelled. Chaz hits the ring and says that he ain’t accepting that as an answer, so unless OJ is willingly to give up his Heavyweight title shot, the match is still on. Chaz says that OJ may be injured, but Julio looks fine! Chaz offers up an alternative – Chaz versus Julio in a one on one match. Julio is slow to respond, but Maria steps in and accepts the match for her brother. (49%, Orlando Jordan’s apparently got the night off from barbed wire, but not a ladder, as it seems his beating in the first taping was used to write him out of the garbage bag brawl match Who knows why? All I know is that this match better deliver. You’ve got an untrained professional, Chaz and lots of sharp metal objects. It reeks of fun!)

In a preview for Blood Bath, we have the 3 men who have already qualified for the Lightweight title tournament. Johnny McMahon takes advantage from the get go and plays a very low-pace, mat-centered bout. PJ Styles takes the air a lot, but Scotty Riggs and Johnny McMahon seem to ground him consistently. The Juice comes to ringside and Johnny McMahon and him brawl to the backstage area. This allows for PJ Styles to get the quick roll up victory on Scotty Riggs. Post-match, PJ Styles celebrates and promises he’ll win the Lightweight title at Blood Bath. (62%, decent match-up. Something tells me Johnny McMahon isn’t going to make it to the finals, which is a scary thought. Scotty Riggs as Lightweight champion!? HELL NO! Prediction is that Matt Sydal is walking out Lightweight champion. The guy hasn’t really been featured on QGWA thus far, and a win would put him over huge!)

The Raze Crew hit the ring and are on major hype for Blood Bath. The Columbine Kids talk about how they are going to destroy the old withered veterans to enter the history books. The Columbine Kids say that they have been mentored by Pogo the Clown, to search out and destroy their opponents. They’ll take the to the air, they’ll take to the mat, they’ll take to the floor in order to beat their opponents. Johnny Fairplay states that China Doll is also going to be on hand for the pay-per-view, but that he wasn’t going to spoil anything by revealing what she has planned! Pogo the Clown looks out into the audience the entire promo, looking for young pupils to take under his wing. (60%, major hype for Blood Bath. I am not really sold on the Columbine Kids, nor this feud with Sopp and Waltman. But I am assuming that Blood Bath is going to hopefully give this feud a little more context than we are getting.)

In the least anticipated bout of the entire year, Horace Hogan and Rodney Mack are set to square off. As Mack makes his way too the ring, Hogan blind sides him with a barrage of lefts and rights. The two meander through the audience brawling a bit, and Mack gains control and drills Hogan with some stiff shots. The two make it into the ring and almost instantly, Mack catches him with the Blackout and makes him pass out. Rodney Mack is up to his feet and he signals to the fans that he is still undefeated, much like Chris Peele. But that could change at Blood Bath! (46%, the low rating is more do to Horace Hogan’s lack of skill and draw than a reflection of Rodney Mack’s skill and draw. Mack played his role in the match, but the sluggish Hogan couldn’t keep up. If this is the case tonight, I don’t want to see how bad he does at Blood Bath in two matches.)

Much like Mack’s entrance, Peele blind sides Jake the Snake before he can make it to the ring. But Peele learnt from the mistake of his ally and attacks with a chair. Peele targets the back and rib section of Roberts as he doesn’t let up even when Roberts can barely crawl towards the ring. Peele levels him with a series of shots to the ribs and than rolls him into the ring. The referee refuses to ring the bell, as he says the match is not taking place. Peele shrugs his shoulder and takes the referee out with a huge spine buster. Peele proceeds to work away at the ribs and back of Roberts as the veteran tries to crawl out of the ring. Peele drives knee after knee into the spine of Roberts. Peele signals that it is over as he picks up Roberts and applies the torture rack. He has the hold in for a good minute or two before releasing the hold and staring into the camera. Peele gets on the microphone and says that Mack and Roberts promised to teach him a lesson in respect. Well, Peele learnt something alright. That respect is worth shit and that he just proved that he doesn’t need anyone’s respect to make it big. Peele says that come Blood Bath, he is going to prove to everyone that he is the new generation, the new blood. And there ain’t a damn thing anyone can do about it. (79%, wow. Intense segment. Roberts legitimately looked to be struggling with the beating he took as Peele was relentless in his attacks. The knees looked to be stiff as hell and carried a certain weight to them. Peele proves once again why he is the most bankable wrestler in the promotion, but putting the belt on him at Blood Bath would be too hasty.)

Monty Sopp and Sean Waltman come down to the ring for the second time in tonight’s tapings with Tammy Lynn Sytch by their side. Monty Sopp says that he is the bastard you can’t stop, he is the cream of the crop, the top of the top… Monty mother fucking Sopp! Monty says that the time is coming – that Blood Bath is right around the corner! And Monty says that he is counting the days till he gets to whoop the Columbine Kid’s ass and than climb up a ladder to retrieve the Heavyweight title. Monty Sopp says that Eric and Dylan are banking for an asskicking and Monty Sopp says he is sure to deliver. Waltman takes the microphone and says that the Columbine Kids are the least of his worries, because he knows that China Doll is only showing up to screw with his head! Monty Sopp tells Waltman to cool down and to relax, because that cum covered slut is the least of their worries. Monty Sopp says they better go in with winning on their mind, or else they are going to come out short handed. Waltman says that he has one goal – to watch out for himself, and if that entails working along with Sopp, so be it. Sopp shrugs his shoulder and says that Waltman can do whatever the hell he wants, but at the end of the day, he has to realize he is a step below the G Man, Monty Sopp, the man who will use your face as a mop! Waltman walks away from Sopp, saying he has a Lightweight tournament match to worry about. (64%, dissention in the ranks?!? I kind of like what they are doing with the Waltman character. They are giving him an unpredictable, paranoid, almost drug induced edge. Waltman isn’t sure who to trust and China Doll’s involvement in this angle only sweetens the deal. Blood Bath is going to be interesting.)

In the backstage area, we see that Caleb Hill is shuffling through some papers in a make shift office. Rodney Mack walks up and throws him to the floor, before yanking him up to his feeet and throwing him against the wall. Rodney Mack tells Caleb Hill that he expects Chris Peele to be punished in some sort of way for his actions. Caleb Hill is at a loss over what to do and Rodney Mack throws him across the room. Rodney Mack tells Caleb that he’d better start treating Chris Peele like an employee, not a boy-friend, or else people are going to end up blacking out real soon. Rodney Mack storms away as Hill is clearly scared for his safety. (64%, Rodney Mack came across as total bad ass in this set of tapings. Much like how Waltman’s character was near perfect, Rodney Mack said little and used his force to prove that he isn’t a push over. My prediction right now is that the final three in the bedlam battle royale are Jake the Snake, Rodney Mack and Chris Peele and really it is a toss up between the three of them.)

In a preview for the ladder match at Blood Bath, Jeff Hardy makes his way too the ring to take on Davey Freeman. Jeff Hardy totally dominates and uses the ladder to a minimal amount to tease the match at Blood Bath. Jeff Hardy is nearing the top of the ladder when King Lorum strikes. Lorum stalls Jeff Hardy with a few shots to the mid section while he climbs up on the same side as Hardy. Hardy kicks King Lorum in the head while he climbs to the top of the ladder and hops over to the other side of the ladder. King Lorum and Jeff Hardy proceed to throw punch after punch on the top of the ladder. King Lorum grabs Jeff Hardy by the throat and hits the Bloom Bomb off the top of the ladder and into the center of the ring. The fans explode in a huge holy shit as the two men are lying in the middle of the ring, and Davey Freeman crawls over and drapes his arm over Jeff Hardy for the three count and the upset victory of the year! Mallory makes her way to the ring and she drags 4 tables from underneath the ring and she sets up the first two side by side by herself, but King Lorum drags himself to the outside and helps set the last two on top of the other. King Lorum climbs back into the ring, but Jeff Hardy stages a come back and sends King Lorum reeling with a flurry of punches. Jeff Hardy sets the ladder up in the middle of the ring and begins to climb as he seems intent on taking King Lorum down with a high risk move. King Lorum climbs after Jeff Hardy and the two men are now at the top of the ladder brawling. But wait, Davey Freeman shoves the ladder over and the two men fly over the top and through all four tables! Davey Freeman looks down at the carnage he just caused and he high tails it to the backstage area as Mallory surveys the carnage. (67%, it gets better and better. This show has been top notch in hyping up Blood Bath. Jeff Hardy put King Lorum through one table, King Lorum than put him through two, and the two of them together crashed through 4. The question begins is how can they top this? 8 tables! Davey Freeman’s upset victory will got unnoticed due to the two spots, but he definitely proved that he could amount to more than an enhancement worker.)

As the ring crew cleans up the ring, Caleb Hill and Marcus Bagwell come out to give us a run down of Blood Bath. The card is as follows:

Bedlam Ladder Battle Royale

Fatu versus Jeff Hardy versus Horace Hogan versus Rodney Mack versus Monty Sopp versus Chris Peele versus Jake the Snake versus Chaz versus Orlando Jordan versus King Lorum

Grudge Match

King Lorum versus Jeff Hardy

The Columbine Kids versus Monty Sopp & Sean Waltman

Respect Match

Rodney Mack & Jake the Snake versus Chris Peele & Horace Hogan

Garbage Bag Brawl

Julio & Orlando Jordan versus Chaz

Lightweight Tournament

Johnny McMahon versus Scotty Riggs

PJ Styles versus Matt Sydal/Sean Waltman

The Ass In Yo Face challenge continues as Fatu hopes to find someone who can withstand the power of his gigantic ass.

As well, China Doll is scheduled to make her return to the wrestling world when she makes an appearance at the event!

As soon as they finish, Fatu makes his way too the ring and Marcus and Caleb clear out and head up the ramp as they are afraid of Fatu. Fatu says that anyone who thinks they got what it takes too withstand the lush tush of Fatu! Fatu calls anyone out from the back, but the challenge is taken up by The Hardcore Homo, Angel. Angel says that he didn’t come down here for small talk. He came down here for business. He isn’t entering the Ass In Yo Face challenge tonight, he wants to prove he can do it on PPV, at Blood Bath. Angel says that he has had his face in the asses of many men before, as he loves to give rim jobs. And when Fatu parks that ass in his face, Angel is gonna make sure that Fatu leaves the ring a “hardened” man. Oh.my.god. (53%, you should have known that the former owner of a gay porn industry would have some… *ahem* gay themed storylines. But this is borderline too far. I mean, it remains to be seen how they can pull this off on the PPV, but I am betting they won’t. Heck I wouldn’t even put it past Caleb Hill too feature male nudity…)

Perry Saturn hits the ring and he says he was watching the monitors in the back and he was getting sick and tired of seeing a bunch of guys who weren’t wrestlers and it pissed him off. Pissed him off so much, he wanted to kick somebody’s ass. Saturn calls out Johnny Fairplay, who scoots to the ring by himself. Fairplay asks Saturn how his neck was feeling after getting shot. Fairplay says that Saturn wouldn’t dare lay a finger on him, because Saturn was fragile like a bone. Saturn hoists Fairplay onto his shoulders and drops him with a DVD. Saturn picks up the microphone and says “less talk, more fight. And I’ll make sure of it, Sunday Night!” (57%, weird segment. I don’t know where they are taking Johnny Fairplay, but it is interesting to say the least. He is progressing several story lines, all of which are bound to cross paths one of these days. And Perry Saturn as some wrestling crusader? The same guy who loved Moppy and wore dresses?)

In the main event, we see Matt Sydal come to the ring with the words “I Heart Trish” on his tights. He even has a small teddy bear with her name on it, which he cradles and kisses. Sean Waltman hits the ring and laughs at the ridiculous showing, before taking the bear and attempting to rip it apart, but failing. The match kicks off almost instantly after that with a series of quick reversals. Eventually Sydal has the advantage and hits some jaw dropping moves. Sydal eventually misses a spring board 450 and allows for Waltman to take control. Waltman goes for the front face buster, but Pogo the Clown and The Columbine Kids are at ringside and distracting him. Waltman screams at them to leave, and eventually Monty Sopp rushes down to ringside. Sopp gets on the apron and accidentally distracts the referee, while Matt Sydal takes a pair of brass knuckles out of the teddy bear and knocks Waltman out for the victory. Post-match, Waltman is up to his feet and is irate. Monty Sopp tries to reconcile, but Waltman shoves him aside and alleges he set him up. Monty Sopp tries to calm him down, but Waltman will hear none of it! Waltman and Sopp are on the verge of a break down here with their pay-per-view match just around the corner! (74%, wow, Sydal is amazing in the ring and the fans loved him once he showed them what he had to offer. Waltman once again was decent in his role and definitely is playing up the whole paranoid character. Is Monty Sopp bound to turn on Sean Waltman? With 6 faces and 4 heels being involved in the Bedlam Ladder Battle Royale, a turn at Blood Bath is not out of the question! This was the last segment before Blood Bath and it was perfect. What is going to happen at Blood Bath between Sopp-Waltman-China Doll-The Raze Crew? Well, we gotta tune in!)

Overall, great two tapings; much better than the first two. The characters are getting developed, the storylines picking up steam. Is Monty Sopp a talented wrestler? No, but god damn, he is interesting too watch in QGWA and that is the first time he has been interesting in a long time. Most of the characters seem to be rejuvenated, while a few have new added twists (Fatu, OJ) and the new faces are integrating into the roster. I was a skeptical person at first, but these shows are definitely entertaining too watch and be a part of. Hopefully the rumors about financial troubles are simply that – rumors – and this promotion can do what it does best and that is entertain. But there are a few question marks and hopefully the fans don’t witness a rim job on a wrestling program any time soon.

OOC: The biography portion of the diary won't be updated, so the pay-per-view will be next. The biography portion will be used to describe events that happen outside of the ring and to further give context to events that happen inside the ring. They will usually be used for big events. I expect the next one to happen after the pay-per-view. Check it out.

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Presented on September 6th

The show kicks off with some generic metalcore playing across the sound system in the arena as the camera focuses in on the approximately 150 people who crammed into the arena. Beside the entrance way is a huge curtain covering something that is concealed just behind the fans. The curtain extends all the way to the ceiling and stops just beside a huge balcony holding audio and visual equipment about 25-30 feet above the fans. Just as soon as the feed begins for the pay-per-view, the PPV begins without a formal introduction.

Jeff Hardy versus King Lorum /w Mallory

Jeff Hardy makes his bold entrance coming through the fans as some trance like music beats across the fans. Jeff Hardy celebrates with the fans as he slowly makes his way too the ring. He hops over the barrier and slides into the ring as Jeff look ready for not only one battle, but two battles tonight. One must wonder how he will contend on fighting another match after this one if the eight table promise comes true! Jeff Hardy’s music is cut off by the introduction to Pig Latin by Dillinger Escape Plan as King Lorum makes his way out the entrance with Mallory by his side. But he isn’t going too the ring, he is walking over to the curtain. King Lorum points at Hardy and than rips down the curtain and reveals that eight tables are behind the curtain. The tables are set up as two side by side, stacked four high, making for a scary sight for Hardy. King Lorum makes his way back to the entrance and starts to make his way towards the ring!

As King Lorum nears the ring, Jeff Hardy dives over the top with the help of a chair and lands on King Lorum in the entrance way! Jeff Hardy levels him with a few punches as Jeff Hardy is on a war path. When both men are up to their feet, they don’t waste time throwing each other into the steel railing and just about everything else near the ring. Eventually King Lorum gorilla press slams Jeff Hardy from the outside into the ring through the middle rope. King Lorum gets onto the apron, but Jeff Hardy hops up to the top rope and hits a whisper in the wind off the top, taking both men to the pavement floor! The fans are already chanting “O-M-G”, and when Jeff Hardy gets up to his feet he laughs a little at the nerdyness of the fans. Jeff Hardy grabs a chair and he deliver s a few stiff shots to King Lorum before tossing him into the ring. Jeff Hardy gets onto the apron, but Mallory grabs his leg and tugs on it. Jeff Hardy gets distracts, and King Lorum bounces into the ropes and sends Jeff Hardy flying off the apron. Jeff Hardy flies over the railing and into the laps of the front row as the fans chant “O-M-G!” as Hardy is dazed and confused. King Lorum gets on the apron and yells at the fans to move away from Hardy. They do so without thinking twice, as Hardy struggles to his feet. King Lorum jumps over the top rope and takes Jeff Hardy out with a stiff double axe handle. King Lorum picks Jeff Hardy up before tossing him into a row of empty seats.

Jeff Hardy is slowly up to his feet and King Lorum hits a lariat that sends Hardy reeling into the aisle way. King Lorum follows him with Mallory by his side. King Lorum eyes the balcony right beside the tables and points up towards it. King Lorum and Jeff Hardy brawl throughout the crowd, slowly making their way towards the balcony. All of the sudden, both men are leveled with a chair by Davey Freeman, the wrestler who threw both off a ladder and through two tables on the last episode of VILE wrestling. Davey Freeman raises the chair in the air and it looks like Davey Freeman is trying to make a name for himself by taking out the two men. But wait, Mallory tries to low blow him! But Davey Freeman moves out of the way at the last second and is face to face with Mallory! She shrieks in horror as she runs away! Davey Freeman chases after her as she hops up onto a 5 foot stage just beneath the huge balcony. Mallory proceeds to climb a huge 20 foot ladder all the way to the top of the balcony as Davey Freeman, the jobber, chases after her! She finds herself trapped at the top of the balcony as Davey Freeman has made his way to the top. She attempts to slap him upside the head, but Davey Freeman grabs her by the arm and stares at her for a moment. He sets her up for a power bomb. But wait, King Lorum stops him at the last second with a bicycle kick, as he is now high above on the balcony. King Lorum grabs Davey Freeman and without thinking, literally tosses him off the side of the balcony, and Freeman lands on the 5 foot stage that the wrestlers were just on. The stage collapses and Davey Freeman disappears in the debris.

The fans chant “O-M-G” as Jeff Hardy is half way up the ladder now and nearing King Lorum. When Jeff Hardy is on the balcony, the two exchange a series of blows. Jeff Hardy has King Lorum nearing the edge of the balcony with a series of punches and Jeff Hardy winds up for the final blow that will send King Lorum over the edge. But wait, King Lorum finds it in him to grab Jeff Hardy by the throat and to deliver a Bloom Bomb on the balcony. King Lorum is up to his feet now and Mallory is shrieking to finish him off. King Lorum picks Jeff Hardy up, but Jeff Hardy hits a series of punches, and the two men move away from the side of the balcony. King Lorum rakes the eyes of Jeff Hardy and grabs him by the arm to irish whip him, but Jeff Hardy reverses the irish whip and sends King Lorum towards the edge of the balcony. But King Lorum collides with Mallory, which sends her off the edge of the balcony and through the tables! The fans chant “SHE’S HARDCORE!” in unison as they cannot believe what they saw. The camera surveys the carnage, as Mallory managed to land on about 6 of the tables, and she is lying in the debris of it all as referee’s tend too her. The camera pans up to King Lorum who is standing in disbelief. He turns around to leave the balcony, but Jeff Hardy levels him with a video camera in the face. Jeff Hardy jumps on top of King Lorum while a referee at the bottom of the balcony counts to three and signals for the bell. Jeff Hardy’s music plays as the death defying star quickly climbs down the ladder and heads too the backstage area, perhaps avoiding an aftermath confrontation with King Lorum! King Lorum crawls down the ladder and proceeds to have a tantrum as Mallory lies in the debris of the 8 tables. EMT’s come out and put Mallory on the stretcher as King Lorum holds her hand. He looks directly into the camera and vows to have Hardy’s head tonight in the main event. After about 5 minutes, they stretcher Mallory out of the arena and what a way to kick off the night. Davey Freeman and Mallory taking two huge bumps off the top of the balcony and the show just began!

Winner: Jeff Hardy at 15:12 (76%, holy crap! How in the heck can you top that? Davey Freeman is a trooper for taking that insane bump and I am pretty sure he needs to earn a permanent spot on the roster after that. That was borderline suicidal, and he nearly missed the stage. As the fans said “she’s hardcore.” I can’t think of any woman outside The Fabulous Moolah who has taken an equal bump to that. I am pretty sure she was promised some sort of push for that, otherwise that is one dumb woman.)

Lightweight Tournament Semi Final

Johnny McMahon versus Scotty Riggs /w Lodi

After the debri has been cleared, the show picks up where it left off! Fat Chance plays as the nephew of Vince McMahon waltzes on down to the ring. Johnny McMahon slaps the fans hands before rolling into the ring and gives the fans a cold stare. Out next is Scotty Riggs, accompanied to the ring by Lodi, who is carrying a sign that says “Stephanie McMahon can suck my dick – literally!” Scotty Riggs and Johnny McMahon have a brief stare down in the middle of the ring, but Johnny McMahon catches him off guard with a forearm smash, and than a drop kick. Johnny slides out of the ring and takes Lodi sign and rips it to shreds! Johnny tells him that he won’t insult his family members. Lodi and Johnny McMahon are almost coming to blows when Scotty Riggs takes Johnny out with a baseball slide! Scotty Riggs rolls Johnny McMahon back into the ring so he can take advantage of him.

The two men clash in the middle of the ring with a lock up, that soon turns into a battle of reversals. Johnny McMahon gets the best of Scotty Riggs when he hits a concealed low blow. Johnny McMahon swings around and decks him with a series of elbows. Johnny McMahon dishes out a serving of forearms for Scotty Riggs before tossing him into the ropes and catching him with a hip toss. Johnny McMahon goes to the corner and teases a high risk move, but instead jumps off the second rope and locks Riggs into a head lock. Riggs manages to send Johnny McMahon into the ropes, but McMahon locks him into a head lock once again and takes him down to the mat. Riggs reverses the hold and eventually the two men make it up to their feet.

Johnny McMahon thumbs the eye of Scotty Riggs and than takes him down with a snap mare, before drop kicking him in the spine. Johnny McMahon flips him over and hits a series of knees into the spine. Johnny McMahon signals for the top rope as the fans pop once again. But this time, Johnny McMahon hits an axe handle smash that sends Scotty Riggs reeling as the fans are booing the Johnny McMahon, formerly known as Kid Kash, as they expect the man to take a high risk. Johnny McMahon flips the fans off as he hops onto the apron and waits for Scotty Riggs to get up. Johnny McMahon hops up onto the top, but instead of hitting a spring board move, he hops off the ropes, than bounces off them to take Scotty Riggs out with a clothes line! The fans are chanting boring as Johnny McMahon doesn’t seem to care. Scotty Riggs hops up to his feet and takes Johnny McMahon down with a series of clothes lines, that eventually leads to McMahon being taken over the top. Scotty Riggs shows little regard for his body as he flies over the top and lands on Johnny McMahon. Scotty Riggs has trouble getting up to his feet as he grabs his knee and makes a signal to the referee. He hops into the ring and the referee exchanges some words with him. Johnny McMahon looks to be stalling for time as he hides on the outside and avoiding entering the ring. Lodi jumps Johnny McMahon from behind and levels him with a series of lefts and rights. Johnny McMahon whips him into the steel railing and than clothes lines him over the top of the railing. Johnny McMahon gets onto the apron and than dives off, over the railing and into the crowd, before catching Lodi with a hurricrana, and sending him flying into a fan’s lap! The fans chant “that was awesome!” as Johnny McMahon looks back to the ring and sees that Scotty Riggs is still having trouble. Johnny McMahon yanks Lodi up, before grabbing a chair and just throwing it into his face. Lodi falls backwards and into the lap of a fan. The fan shoves him back up to his feet, only for Johnny McMahon to hit another chair to the face! The fans chant “L-O-L” as Johnny McMahon tries his hardest to stay into character.

Johnny McMahon heads back to the ring where he slides inside. Scotty Riggs can barely stand when Johnny McMahon nails him in the gut with a kick, and than hits a Stunner as he screams ‘YOUR FIRED!’ Johnny McMahon flips over his opponent and covers him for the three count! Johnny McMahon rolls out of the ring and heads up the back as the fans watch in the ring as Scotty Riggs is helped out of the ring by a few ring officials and Lodi as it appears the first injury of the night has occurred!

Winner: Johnny McMahon at 8:51 by pin fall. (69%, the match seemed a little short, but they worked with what they got. It was a legitimate injury, from my perspective, as you could see Johnny stall for time for about two minutes. Was decent for what it was.)

Fatu makes his way too the ring while the fans are giving him a warm reception. Fatu slaps the fans hands before rolling into the ring and taking a microphone. Fatu waits for the fans to calm down a little before he proceeds with the promo.


“I’ve wrestled ah long time, and there iz ah one thing I enjoy more than da rasslin’! Puttin’ da azz in yo face! So Angel, you bring da face, I bring da azz!”

Fatu throws the microphone down as he signals to the back for someone to come out. Angel’s theme music, which sounds like a cheap Madonna imitator, plays as the very queer super star struts his way down to the ring. Angel gets into the ring and sizes up Fatu before he takes the microphone.


“Fatu! I’ve given a lot of rim jobs to a lot of guys. A LOT! I don’t think there is enough time to count on this pay-per-view! I am accustomed to having my face in other men’s assholes. And look at you, you aren’t even going full monty. You are wearing a thong! What a tease!” (The fans begin to cheer “take it off” at Fatu, who simply can’t help by laugh.) “Fatu, there is something you are hiding from the fans and they want the real thing. No imitation! Take your thong off, NOW and let me give you the best rim job you’ll ever receive and give these fans a glimpse of your beautiful fucking ass!”

Angel gets in the corner, preparing for the ass in his face while Fatu begins to undue his thong. All of the sudden a voice blares across the speaker saying ‘less talk, MORE WRESTLE!’ Generic nu-metal blares across the speakers while Perry Saturn makes his way too the ring. Perry Saturn slides into the ring and looks both men up and down before grabbing a microphone.

Perry Saturn

“I don’t’ got anything to say to you, FAGGOT, but I’ve got something to say to Fatu!” (the fans don’t like Perry Saturn’s attitude as they chant “go fuck yourself!”) “I expected a little more from you! You were a world class athlete, wrestling in the WWE. And now you are here, stripping in front of some fucking faggot who doesn’t belong in a ring. Hey, queer, why don’t you back to the hair salon and get a job you belong in!”

Perry Saturn proceeds to shove Angel and grabs him by the throat as he looks ready to punch him. The fans are chanting “fuck off homophobe!” and the combatants all look surprised. Perry Saturn looks at the fans with dismay, while Fatu levels him with a super kick! Fatu proceeds to get in between Angel and Saturn, as he picks up a microphone.


“Youz gotta problem with da faggot, you gotta problem with da azz!”

Angel proceeds to sit down in the corner while Fatu pulls the thong down on his behind, revealing his entire ass as he rubs it against the face of Angel, all the while Angel is slapping his ass in enjoyment! Perry Saturn looks on in disbelief while this is all happening! After the entire scene is done, Angel gets up to his feet and picks up the microphone.


“If you’ve got a problem with faggots, you are in the wrong ring, buddy. Because I’ve put my body on the line for these and lots of other fans! And I may like Cher, and I may have eight conditioners for my hair, but that don’t mean I can’t kick your crippled ass! Now get the fuck out of the ring before I break your fucking neck for good!”

Perry Saturn considers the option of fighting Angel, but Fatu steps in the way between them and puts his hands on his hips. Perry Saturn rolls out of the ring and walks up to the back as he curses underneath his breath! Angel demands another Ass In Yo Face from Fatu, as he gets into the corner and lets Fatu rub his ass along Angel’s face while the fans chant “WE LOVE RIM JOBS!” Wow.

(53%, wow, that wasn’t as bad as I thought, as it was relatively short. But we had to see Fatu’s ass. Angel showed a spine [no pun intended] and stood up to the homophobic Saturn. I think we are going to see these two clash some time in the future, perhaps when Saturn’s neck gets a little better. And I definitely think that Fatu and Angel are now partners and allies, because… well, they have some sort of special connection/bond/friendship/relationship. Weird.)

Garbage Bag Brawl

Chaz versus Julio /w Maria

Before the match starts, 4 garbage bags are tied to each corner. The fans already know that two bags are full of barbed wire and thumb tacks. Another bag appears to only have a box inside of it, and the other bag clearly has 5 fluorescent tubes inside. Some thrash metal plays as Chaz comes to the ring and looks ready for a brawl. He punches the air for a few seconds before he runs down the aisle way and slides into the ring. Chaz looks at the 4 garbage bags with a sadistic smile. Some Mexican music plays as Julio and Maria come out holding hands. Half way down the aisle, Julio places his tongue down the throat of his sister as he massages her chest. Julio proceeds to move his hands closer to her crotch, but Chaz breaks up the kiss in the aisle.

Chaz and Julio brawl to the ring and Chaz throws him inside. Chaz gets inside and stomps away at Julio for a bit, before he picks him up and body slams him with force! Julio barely gets to his feet before Chaz hits a picture perfect Yakuza kick right to the face. Julio falls over and looks dazed and confused after the kick. Chaz picks him up, only to hit another Yakuza kick right to the face! Julio tries to crawl out of the ropes, but Chaz proceeds to drag him to the middle of the ring, but Julio’s pants slowly slip off, revealing him wearing tight whities. Julio gets to his feet, only to get hit with a third Yakuza kick to the face. Chaz proceeds to pick up Julio, before irish whipping him into the corner. Chaz hits a series of shoulder tackles and than proceeds to pick him up to the top rope. Chaz than hits a stiff superplex off the top and Julio looks to be down and out. Chaz goes over to the first corner and opens it up. He shows the fans…

FLOURSCENT LIGHT TUBES! Chaz pulls the first one out and he runs his fingers along with a face of joy. Chaz sizes up Julio as the untrained wrestler gets to his feet. Chaz busts the tube over the top of his head with force, which sends Julio to the mat and cut open. Chaz spreads his leg as he grabs the second tube and than cracks it in between the legs of Chaz! Oh. My. God! Julio is holding his crotch in pain as Chaz grabs the third fluorescent tube. Maria gets on the apron now and she hollars at Chaz. Chaz turns around and she lifts up her top exposing her boobs to all of the fans and the camera. Chaz looks on with enthuasim at first, but when he looks bored with the boobs, he busts Maria open with a light tube shot to the head! The fans chant “make the bitch bleed!” as Chaz claps with the fans. Chaz scratch his head, thinking about what to do. Chaz goes into another garbage bag and comes out with…

BARBED WIRE! Chaz decides to put two together to create a barbed wire, fluorescent tube. Chaz sizes up Julio with the flourscent tube wrapped in barbed wire before he swings. Julio manages to duck the swing and he points to his head saying that he is smart. But Chaz simply turns around and busts Julio from behind with the tube as the fans chant “make him bleed!” Chaz grabs the last two tubes he and places them in the middle of the ring. Julio is a total bloody mess as he gets up to his feet. Chaz kicks him in the gut and than proceeds to hit a pile driver onto the two fluorescent tubes. Chaz gets up to his feet and the back of his legs are bleeding, but he still manages to play up to the audience. Chaz goes into the third bag and he reveals…

LIGHTER FLUID! Chaz rolls to the outside and grabs a table. He puts the table in the corner, but before he applies the lighter fluid, he grabs the barbed wire and he drapes it across the table! Chaz grabs the fourth bag of goodies and he dumps the entire bag of thumb tacks onto the table. Chaz than carefully applies the lighter fluid to the table as he goes back into the garbage bag and pulls out the matches. He applies torches the table on fire as the fans chant “this is awesome!” Chaz grabs Julio and than hits a make shift power bomb. Officials roll into the ring and extinguish the fire as Julio is bleeding a shit load. Chaz pins him as the referee counts to three as the mulling is over. Officials help Julio to the back as he can barely walk out of the ring and is bleeding profusely.

Winner: Chaz at 7:25 by pin fall (36%, this match gets this rating for the blood. My stomach churned watching Julio barely limp to the backstage area, man did he take a major beating. And Maria taking a tube to the head was even more sickening. That is twice tonight that a woman has been at the receiving end of a beating. Chaz was really stiff and nearly broke the neck of Julio with the power bomb at the end. Not a great showing.)

Lightweight Title Tournament Semi-Final

PJ Styles versus Matt Sydal

PJ Styles comes out to almost identical theme to AJ Styles TNA music. PJ Styles tries to slap the fans hands as he rushes down to the ring, but many of the fans don’t want to even touch his hands. PJ Styles slides into the ring and raises his hands in the air, only to receive a boo from the QGWA audience. PJ Styles tests the ropes before he is interrupted by Matt Sydal who rushes to the ring. Matt Sydal slides into the ring and the two men come face to face as they talk trash to each other! Matt Sydal and PJ Styles lock up, and after a quick series of reversals, Sydal has a side head lock on Styles. Styles manages to elbow his way out of the hold, only to hit an Enziguri on Sydal that causes him to stumble to the outside. PJ watches as Sydal gets up to his feet before PJ hits a spring board shooting star press to the outside and lands on Sydal. The fans chant holy shit after the spot as the two men are slow to their feet.

The two men take a minute before getting into the ring and Sydal manages to take down PJ Styles with a stiff drop kick. Sydal sizes up PJ Styles in the middle of the ring as he climbs to the outside and goes for a spring board 450, but he manages to hit nothing but mat as PJ Styles rolls out of the way. PJ goes to the outside now and he goes for his own spring board 450 and he connects. He hooks the leg, but only gets a two count as Sydal manages to kick out at the last second. Sydal is up to his feet and PJ Styles manages to kick his leg from out of him and he applies an STF. Styles eventually releases the hold and sizes up Sydal, only to take him down with a stiff leg sweep. A replay shows that Sydal hit the mat pretty hard, as he looks a little dazed on the mat. When Sydal gets up to his feet, PJ Styles manages to connect with a Pele kick right to the head. PJ Styles hooks the leg and covers, but only a two count.

PJ Styles slows the pace of the match down as he tosses Matt Sydal into the ropes, only to apply a sleeper. Matt Sydal tries to make it to the ropes, but he is not fortunate enough. Sydal manages to break the hold with a concealed low blow and he turns around only to deliver a series of forearms, before hitting a drop kick to the knee. Sydal points to the top rope and he climbs up. He signals for the Dragonrana and he takes off into the air. But when he goes for the hurricrana, PJ Styles reverses it into an impressive hurricrana with force. PJ Style hooks the leg and nearly gets the three count with his cover! PJ Styles is up to his feet and taunting the audience while Matt Sydal is seeing stars on the mat. PJ Styles stalls for time by getting in the referee’s face by claiming it was a three count. The referee and PJ nearly come to blows, but Matt Sydal rolls up PJ and only gets a two count.

Matt Sydal and PJ Styles exchange strikes back and forth and PJ goes for another Pele kick, but Sydal ducks it and grabs his leg. Sydal applies the sharp shooter in the middle of the ring and is using all of his strength to make the move count. PJ Styles manages to crawl to the ropes in the nick of time and breaks the hold. The two men are up to their feet and Sydal grabs Styles leg for a dragon screw take down, but Styles manages to thumb the eye of Sydal. Styles goes for the Quebrada into an Inverted DDT, but Sydal manages to spin around before the inverted DDT and hit a kick to the gut. Sydal grabs Styles by the head, drags him to the corner and hits a tornado DDT in the corner. Sydal crawls over and puts his arm over Styles, but only gets the two count as he kicks out at the last second.

Matt Sydal and PJ Styles are up to their feet and they both hit a roundhouse kick at the same time and both men are sent to the mat. The fans applaud as both Matt Sydal crawls to his feet first. He approaches PJ Styles, who hits a kip up hurricrana out of no where and sends Sydal to the mat. PJ Styles gets up to his feet and starts to brag, but Sydal hits an identical kip up hurricrana and sends PJ Styles to the mat. Matt Sydal gets up to his feet and he signals for the top rope. He goes for the Dragonrana and connects this time, but Styles kicks out at 2. Matt Sydal is slow to his feet and this allows for PJ Styles to gain the advantage and he tries for the Styles Flash! But wait, Sydal manages to reverse it into a roll up and he gets the three count. Sydal rolls out of the ring and raises his hands in victory. PJ Styles cannot believe what just happened and he rolls to the outside and starts to throw chairs around and screams about how he was screwed. Matt Sydal grabs a microphone and he speaks up.

Matt Sydal:

“Wow, I am one step closer to becoming the first Lightweight champion in the history of GQWA! And let me tell you, it is an amazing feat I am accomplishing. I’d like to thank only one person. Trish Stratrus. You have been there for me every step of the way and I have to say that you are amazing. You rock my world. But, I am going to use this chance on pay-per-view to really reach out to you. Return my mail. I mail you every god damn day and you never fucking respond. I email you three times a day, and you give me the same cut and paste response each and every time. I just want to talk, Trish. I just want to hold you in my arms. I just want you to smell your hair and to touch your body. If you respond to my mail, Trish, I will give you a life of happiness that no man can ever match up too. No one!”

Matt Sydal is getting emotional as his celebration speech goes on. Sydal throws the microphone to the side and proceeds to stomp up the aisle way and behind the curtain as the fans chant “W-T-F”.

Winner: Matt Sydal at 13:41 by pin fall (64%, the fans weren’t really into this impressive bout. These two took 13 minutes and pushed it to the maximum, but there was room for improvement. First of all, PJ Style nearly knocked out Sydal twice with his stiff moves and that is just plain not nice. Also, Sydal didn’t seem to really bust out his entire moveset, he stayed subdued the entire match and it seems to be a constant theme in his matches in QGWA. Well, the final is set between Johnny McMahon and Matt Sydal and I am betting on Sydal.)

Monty Sopp comes to the ring with Tammy Lynn Sytch by his side. Monty Sopp gets a respectable pop from the audience as he slaps their hands before rolling into the ring. Sopp is standing tall in the ring while Tammy Lynn Sytch is standing by his side. Sopp’s shirt reads “DAMN RIGHT…” on the front and on the back it says “MONTY SOPP LOVES IT ON TOP!” Out next is Sean Waltman who comes to the ring wearing street clothes and is very disorientated. He rolls into the ring and Sopp implores about his ring attire and his behavior. Waltman shoves him and begins to curse at him before he rolls to the outside and stands there. Out next is Johnny Fairplay and Pogo the Clown with their proteges, the Columbine Kids. The Raze Crew totally ignores the fans as they get into the ring and stare down their opponents. Before the match even begins, Johnny Fairplay picks up a microphone.

Johnny Fairplay

“What is that, I hear? You three wanna know where the China Doll is, don’t you? Well, she is here and she is almost ready to make her smashing debut in QGWA. But she wants to wait a while, so lets kick this match off!”

Sean Waltman picks up a microphone now and he looks irate.

Sean Waltman

“Wait one second you reality television fuck, I ain’t starting this wrestling match till that dumb bitch brings her ass down to the ring and lets me shove my boot down her throat.”

Monty Sopp rolls to the outside and he begins to reason with Waltman, as he picks up a microphone now.

Monty Sopp

“Sean, man, you reek of booze. Are you drunk?”

Sean Waltman

“I had a few drinks to loosen myself up, but that doesn’t change the fact that I ain’t starting this match till that dumb broad brings her ass down to the ring.”

Monty Sopp

“Cool it, Sean. The Sopp is the star of this promotion and if you take that kind of tone with me, you are soon going to find yourself dropping down the card. If China Doll coming to the ring is such a huge deal, than Fairplay, bring that dyke out here.”

Johnny Fairplay

“This is non-negotiable. China Doll isn’t coming down here till the match begins.”

Monty Sopp

“Well than ,the match ain’t beginning, because we ain’t getting into the ring and let me tell you, I can wait all damn night too kick all your asses.”

Monty Sopp lowers the microphone and he grabs three chairs on the outside and sets them up. Waltman, Sytch and Sopp all sit down and cross their arms as The Raze Crew looks confused over what to do. They have a mini-huddle for a few seconds and than they come out of it and Fairplay speaks up.

Johnny Fairplay

“I may be America’s most hated man, but I lack patience. And if you three aren’t going to come down here, than China Doll, you come out here!”

Some very orchestra, very epic music plays as China Doll walks down the aisle to tons of heat. She waves to the fans, unphased by their lack of support for her. She rolls into the ring and Sean Waltman is off his seat now and he rolls into the ring with his microphone. The Columbine Kids get in the way of Sean Waltman and will not let him go by.

Sean Waltman

“Listen here you stupid fucking bitch. You went on the Surreal Life and damaged my career and my life! You turned me into a joke for all of those people and that isn’t what I am. I am not a joke.”

China Doll

“You know what is a joke, Sean? Your penis size. You know what is a joke? The fact that you climax after 1 minute. You know what is a joke? The fact that I never climaxed with you. One Night In China? It was all faked, Sean! But do you know what the biggest joke of them all is?” {China pulls up a DVD case for Waltman to see.) “This right here isn’t a joke.”

Sean Waltman

“What the fuck is that?”

China Doll

“My next feature film. One Night With A Smoking Gun. Do you wanna know who my co-star is?”

Sean Waltman turns around and Monty Sopp takes him down with a steel chair shot! The fans are on their feet booing as Monty Sopp looks down at Sean Waltman who is laying on the mat, out cold. Monty Sopp picks up a microphone and speaks.

Monty Sopp

“That is right, Sean. You were right to be paranoid. Because, I am Monty Sopp, and I like it on top. And all of you mother fuckers can watch me when this baby is released on October 22nd! Including my wife, who is sitting at home watching this pay-per-view. Well, I should say ex-wife now, because honey, I never loved you. You weren’t woman enough for me, not like China Doll.”

Tammy Lynn Sytch gets into the ring and shoes Monty Sopp back as she has a microphone now.

Tammy Lynn Sytch

“Excuse me?!? What about our affair? What did that mean to you? You said you loved me!”

Monty Sopp

“I only told you I loved you after I fucked you. Besides Tammy, you are dead to me like Chris is.”

Tammy Lynn gets leveled with a clothes line by China Doll. China Doll stomps away on Tammy Lynn Sytch as Monty Sopp gives the Columbine Kids a hug and high fives Johnny Fairplay and Pogo the Clown. Monty Sopp screams to kick her harder and harder as China Doll is getting enjoyment out of this. When she is finished, her and Monty Sopp embrace in a kiss in the middle of the ring as the fans are booing now. The Raze Crew has added two new members, apparently, as they celebrate their victory in the ring with China Doll and Monty Sopp. They head to the backstage area as Sean Waltman helps Tammy Lynn Sytch up to her feet and to the back. Sean Waltman is cursing and screaming the entire way back.

(65%, predictable turn, but man, did it make for good pay-per-view. Monty Sopp went from the top babyface to the top heel in no time, putting him in prime spot to take the title tonight. The cheap shot on Chris Candido was not needed and was a bit tasteless, but who cares. The Raze Crew has an impressive range of misfits with a child pedophile, a reality television loser, two porn stars and two characters who are mimicking the kids who were responsible for Columbine. Where else can you get a cast of characters like this? I love it.)

Rodney Mack & Jake the Snake Roberts versus Chris Peele & Horace Hogan

These four wrestlers are going into the Bedlam Ladder Battle Royale with a disadvantage, as they wrestle the last match before it. Heading to the ring first is Horace Hogan who receives a minimal reaction from the audience. He tries to get in the face of a few fans, but they don’t seem to pay attention to him. Hogan rolls into the ring and taunts the fans a little more. The lights dim in the area and Gangsters and Thugs by the Transplants plays as Chris Peele walks out from the curtain. The fans are booing him already, but Chris Peele simply ignores them as he struts down to the ring and rolls inside. Chris Peele climbs to the top rope and raises his hands in the air. Suddenly Chris Peele is cut off by the sound of some generic 80’s music as Jake the Snake comes out with his ribs wrapped up and looking to be struggling as he walks too the ring. Jake the Snake barely rolls into the ring and raises his hands in the air as the fans chant “THE SNAKE” in unison. He waves to the fans and waits for his partner. Rodney Mack storms too the ring, sans music, and simply gets inside to kick the bout off.

At first, fists are flying everywhere and it isn’t too sure what is going on. After a minute or so, it becomes apparent that Mack and Roberts are in control. This becomes apparent when Rodney Mack takes Horace Hogan over the top with an impressive belly to belly, and Jake the Snake opens fire on Chris Peele with a series of lefts and rights. Chris Peele is reeling when Jake the Snake kicks him in the gut and sets up for the DDT! But Chris Peele manages to break the hold and rolls to the outside. The fans are chanting “Jake the Snake” in unison as the legend raises his hands in the air. Everything settles down and the match officially kicks off with Chris Peele and Jake the Snake having a stare down. Chris Peele is talking trash and Jake the Snake simply stares at him and tells him to “bring it”. Chris Peele winds up for a punch, but Hogan enters the ring and blind sides Roberts with a big boot. Hogan goes back to the corner and Peele tags him in. Hogan reenters the ring and stomps away at Roberts who tries to get to his feet. Hogan picks him up, only to send him to the mat with a body slam. Hogan makes the quick tag to Peele, who climbs up to the second turn buckle and drops a elbow drop onto the ribs of Roberts. Peele drags Roberts to his corner, where he levels him with a series of boots. Peele makes the quick tag to Hogan, who proceeds to choke Roberts with his boot, but breaks the count at 4 to avoid a DQ loss. Hogan proceeds to pick Roberts up and he levels him with a series of chops, before whipping him into the ropes. Hogan goes for a back body drop, but Roberts kicks him in the face and than takes him to the mat with a flying clothes line .Roberts collapses to the mat and begins to crawl over to his corner. Hogan makes the tag to Peele, who enters the ring and drags Roberts back to his corner, only to level him with a series of elbow drops to the back. Peele picks up Roberts, whips him into the ropes. Roberts goes for a clothesline, but Peele ducks it and when Roberts bounces off the ropes, Peele catches him with a huge spine buster. Peele covers, but Roberts manages to get his shoulder up in the nick of time.

Peele drags Roberts to his corner before tagging in Hogan. Hogan picks up Roberts and proceeds to lean him up against the ropes. Hogan than hits a series of shoulder tackles to the back and ribs of Roberts as Mack can only look on with anguish and anger. Mack tries to get the fans to rally behind Roberts, but the fans applause doesn’t seem to motivate Roberts. When he gets up to his feet, he walks right into the bear hug of Hogan, which sucks the life out of him. Roberts reaches at the sky, trying to find the strength in him to continue the match, but it appears as though all hope is lost. The referee raises his arm twice, and on the third occasion, life re-enters the eyes of Roberts who tries to break free from the bear hug with a series of forearms! He manages to release the hold, he bounces off the ropes and hits Hogan with a shoulder tackle, but Hogan doesn’t budge. Horace yells “hit me again old man!” and Jake Roberts bounce off the ropes and hits him again to no avail. Jake Roberts goes for the third time, but this time he kicks Horace Hogan square in the groin, which causes Hogan to fall over in pain. Roberts gets a huge reaction from the fans as he moves towards his corner. But Chris Peele enters the ring and tackles him to the mat hard. Peele proceeds to drag Roberts back to his corner, which causes Mack to enter the ring and to go ballistic, levelling Peele with a series of punches. The referee gets in between the two men ,but eventually has to force Mack back to his corner, allowing for Peele and Hogan to stomp away at the fallen Roberts who writhes in pain. Peele is in the ring now and he sizes up Roberts, who is crawling to his feet. Peele takes him down with a stiff boot to the face. Peele delivers several more kicks to the face before he picks up Roberts and hits a side walk slam that sends Roberts to the mat in more pain.

Peele proceeds to taunt Mack in the corner, asking him to come into the ring to get his ass kicked. Mack proceeds to step in towards the ring which forces the referee to get in between the two men. While the referee has his back turned, Hogan proceeds to drag Roberts over to his corner and stomps away at him before he gets on the apron. Peele returns to his corner and levels Roberts with a stiff spinning heel kick that impresses the audience and sends Roberts to the mat. Peele proceeds to get up to his feet and he taunts Mack once again. Mack refuses to step into the ring, which doesn’t seem to bother Peele as he walks over and slaps Mack in the face. Mack refuses to enter the ring, so Peele drags Roberts towards Mack’s corner and extends Robert’s hand for a tag. The second Mack goes to slap it, Peele shoves the hand to the side and takes Mack off the apron with a forearm smash. Peele drags Roberts back to his corner and picks him up. He proceeds to take him down with a stiff knee shot to the back. Peele proceeds to taunt the fallen Roberts before tagging in Hogan and demanding he finish him off with a bear hug. Hogan agrees and picks up Roberts, but Roberts hits a thumb to the eye, bounces off the ropes and goes for a kitchen sink. But Hogan catches him with a huge double axe handle, that sends Roberts to his knees. Hogan goes for another axe handle smash, but Roberts hits a low blow. He gets to his feet, but he is close enough to the ropes that Peele grabs his hair and takes him to the mat with a hair pull. Peele encourages Hogan to make the quick tag and Peele enters the ring. He tells Rodney Mack to enter the ring and Mack does so. The two are brawling when the referee tries to get in between them. Hogan is on the outside and standing behind Mack, when he grabs him from behind and ties him up in the ropes. Mack tries to break free, but he is unable, as his arms are locked in the ropes. Hogan gets in the ring and blocks the referee from releasing Mack from the ropes.

Meanwhile, Peele picks up Jake the Snake Roberts and places him on his shoulder for the torture rack. Jake the Snake is screaming in pain and refusing to tap as the referee tells him too. Mack is yelling at his friend and partner to tap out, but Roberts refuses. Peele seems to be applying more force as he jumps up and down making Jake the Snake scream. Eventually Jake the Snake passes out and the referee calls for the bell and the match is over. Peele refuses to let go of the torture rack as the referee urges him to release the hold. Peele refuses, until his boy-friend, announcer and QGWA owner, Caleb Hill goes on the apron and announces.

Caleb Hill

“If you don’t release the torture rack, Chris, you are going to be removed from the Battle Royale later on tonight!”

Caleb Hill jumps off the apron and returns to the announce spot while Peele releases the hold on Roberts and leaves him lying in the middle of the ring. Peele yells at Hogan that is it time to leave the ring, as the two roll to the outside. Peele and his boy friend Caleb Hill have a brief stare down that ends with Peele and Hogan heading up the ramp and too the back. Meanwhile the referee manages to break Rodney Mack free from the ropes and he immediately tends to Jake the Snake who is lying on the mat in pain. Rodney Mack yells for EMT’s and help, but Jake the Snake refuses and wants to walk out of the ring on his own two feet, beside his partner. The two men slowly walk up the ramp while the fans chant “Jake the Snake”.

Winner: Chris Peele & Horace Hogan at 16:12 by pin fall. (64%, wow, there was a lot of tension in that ring. Usually a match where a tag partner is never officially tagged in is looked down upon, but these guys pulled it off respectively. Too much of Horace Hogan, though, and not enough of Chris Peele. I assume that QGWA is resting up there main players in the match by sparing them lengthy bouts. Good match though.)

Lightweight Title Tournament Finals

Johnny McMahon versus Matt Sydal

Matt Sydal comes to the ring to a respectable pop that comes with a chant of “your gonna win!” Matt Sydal kind of smiles as he rolls into the ring and tests out the ropes and stretches. Coming out next to “Fat Chance” is Johnny McMahon, the nephew of Vince McMahon, formerly known as Kid Kash. Johnny McMahon ignores the fans before he rolls into the ring and grabs a microphone.

Johnny McMahon:

“I am the nephew of Vincent Kennedy MOTHER FUCKING McMahon and you can’t even put me in the main event. I’ll have you know that I can main event a Wrestlemaina in a heart beat if I wanted too. All I would need to do is become 6’6”, lose all the skills I had before and starting sucking my uncles cock! But I realize that I can’t grow in height, so I am a little fucked for stardom in the E! But there is one thing I can do, I can help the E by killing the minor leagues. QGWA is the bush leagues, boys and girls, and I hate to tell you, but you got fat chance. I don’t even know who this Matt Sydal guy is! How the fuck did he make it to the finals.” (Johnny McMahon rolls to the outside and picks up the Lightweight title from the ring announcer.) “You see this fucking title? It is useless to a global star like me! This is yet another notch in my belt and I ain’t lowering myself to cater to your standards. Fuck this shit!” (Johnny McMahon looks at the belt before spitting on the title and throwing it to the mat.) “You can take this fucking title and cram it up your asses, because I wouldn’t want to lower my name wearing it around my waist!”

Johnny McMahon rolls out of the ring and starts to walk up the aisle way, all the while flipping the bird to Matt Sydal. But Johnny McMahon is blind sided by The Juice who attacks him with a series of forearms and throws him into the railing. The Juice drags Johnny McMahon back to the ring with force and throws him into the ring. Johnny McMahon cannot believe what just happened, but he cannot believe what happens shortly after. Sydal sneaks up from behind and low blows him. The referee calls for the bell, but seconds after, Sydal drops McMahon with the Aftershock and rolls him over! The referee makes the quick three count and calls for the bell! In the shortest QGWA match ever, we just awarded the first QGWA title! Matt Sydal picks up the title while Johnny McMahon is on his feet and irate over the loss. Matt Sydal proceeds to drop Johnny McMahon with a stiff shot to the face with the belt before he takes the belt and wipes it off on Johnny McMahon’s face and than lifts it high in the air. The Juice enters the ring and shakes the hand of Matt Sydal and raises his arm in the air. The Juice quickly turns on Matt Sydal though, as he kicks him in the gut and drops him with a Juvi Driver! The Juice picks up the title and rests it on the chest of Matt Sydal before he heads off to the backstage area.

Winner: Matt Sydal at 0:09 by pin fall. (24%, why did this match gain a 54%? Well, this wasn’t so much a match as it was a segment. I don’t think anyone is going to look at Matt Sydal as a legitimate champion after the way he won this belt. What a fucking sham. Would it kill QGWA to give this match some time? They are only about one hour and half through the show and we’ve got one match left. How long can it be? This was a total fucking waste of time. Worst part of the show.)

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Bedlam Ladder Battle Royale for the QGWA Heavyweight Title

Fatu /w Angel versus Jeff Hardy versus Horace Hogan versus Rodney Mack versus Monty Sopp /w China Doll, Johnny Fairplay, Pogo the Clown versus Chris Peele versus Chaz versus Orlando Jordan /w Maria versus Jake the Snake versus King Lorum

Each entrance took about a minute or so, so the entrances equaled about ten minutes, which is more than three of the matches. Fatu came out with his good friend Angel and the two awaited their opponents. The Charisma Engima Jeff Hardy was out next, as he ran to the ring and slid inside and him and Fatu had a brief stare down. Horace Hogan was out next to no reaction, what a surprise. Rodney Mack came down and was just about ready to rip Horace Hogan apart. Monty Sopp came out next with a huge posse behind him in China Doll, Johnny Fairplay and Pogo the Clown. Chris Peele’s theme music played, but no one came out to the ring which lead the announcers to assume he chickened out and left the building. Chaz came out to the ring without a scratch after his very bloody match with Julio. Orlando Jordan came out with Maria by his side, who was wearing a bloodied bandage from where she was hit with a light tube. Jake the Snake proceed to limp towards the ring with the fans applause. Half way up the aisle way, a fan hopped over the rail and attacked him with a chair shot. The fan turns out to be none other than Chris Peele! Chris Peele stomps away at Jake the Snake before Rodney Mack makes his way up the aisle and the two are already brawling. The last man to make his way too the ring was King Lorum, who stormed past the three men in the aisle and had his eyes set on Jeff Hardy. Hardy hit an off the chart swanton splash over top and lands on King Lorum! The bell sounds as the match is officially under way.

And as soon as the match is underway, Jeff Hardy and King Lorum proceed to brawl through the audience. The two men seemingly disappear amongst the bodies and the camera follows them along all the way outside, briefly showing their brawl amongst the carnage unleashing in the ring. For the first two minutes, nothing is really accomplished as each wrestler takes shots at one another. Fatu and Monty Sopp are brawling instantly, while Chaz and OJ are at each others throats. Peele, Mack, Hogan and the Snake are brawling in the aisle way. Chaz sends OJ to the outside with a drop kick and than Fatu and Chaz double team Sopp with a double super kick. Fatu than hits a belly to belly suplex on Chaz that sends him to the outside. Fatu hits a giant leg drop on Sopp and looks to be dominating in the ring. But OJ enters the ring with a ladder and decks him in the stomach, before taking him out with a shot to the upper body, sending Fatu to the outside. OJ quickly sets up the ladder and proceeds to climb up the ladder quickly. But wait, Chaz climbs up the ladder too. The two men meet at the top and exchange a series of blows. Eventually OJ gets the better of Chaz and hits a huge hip toss off the ladder and into the middle of the ring. Fatu crawls over and covers Chaz, and the referee counts to three! Chaz is eliminated!

Chaz eliminated at 4:39 by Fatu (1)

OJ is on the ladder and laughing when Sopp proceeds to climb the ladder. Sopp and OJ go shot for shot at the top of the ladder. But OJ soon leans to the side of the ladder, trying to avoid the punches. Monty Sopp hops up and catches OJ by the head with his leg, hitting the Sopp Drop off the top of the ladder and in the middle of the ring! Monty Sopp covers OJ and gets the three count, eliminating Orlando Jordan quickly from the main event!

Orlando Jordan eliminated at 5:02 by Monty Sopp (1)

In the first five minutes, we have seen two of the not so rumored favorites be tossed out quickly. The match is slow for a minute or so as everyone makes their way back into the ring, sans Jeff Hardy and King Lorum who are no where in sight. Rodney Mack levels Chris Peele with a shot to the head with the ladder. Rodney Mack teases the Blackout, but Monty Sopp grabs him from behind and hits the One and Only! Monty Sopp hooks the leg, but Jake the Snake manages to break the pin attempt, realizing he needs his best ally in the match. Fatu tosses Horace Hogan into the corner and he hits a butt slam! Horace Hogan falls into the corner and he is sitting ready for the Ass In Yo Face. Fatu proceeds to shove his ass in the face of Horace Hogan, but Fatu receives a chair shot from Chris Peele. Peele throws the chair to the side of the ring as Angel gets on the apron. Chris Peele grabs him by the collar and brings him into the ring.

Peele proceeds to throw a few stiff punches on Angel who takes them with a grin. Angel hits a series of head butts that sends Peele reeling. Angel takes him over the top with a clothes line. Angel sets up one of the two ladders in the ring near the side of the ring and he starts to climb. Angel looks ready to hit a body splash on Chris Peele on the outside, but Horace Hogan shoves the ladder over and Angel flies off the top of the ladder and through the announce table! Caleb Hill and Marcus Bagwell cannot believe what they just saw as Angel is down and out! Monty Sopp is on the outside now and he slides 2 more ladders in the ring. Monty Sopp sets the two ladders up a meter apart and than sets up the two other ladders a meter apart to make a diamond/square like set-up. Monty Sopp proceeds to climb up the ladder, while Chris Peele, Rodney Mack and Horace Hogan all go up separate ladders. Jake the Snake shoves over the ladder with Peele and Hogan on them, while Fatu shoves the ladder with Sopp and Mack on them. Peele takes a dive to the outside, Hogan falls in the ring, Sopp ends up straddling the middle rope, while Rodney Mack lands on his feet. Fatu has his back turned when Rodney Mack grabs him for the Blackout! Fatu eventually passes out and the referee declares him unable to continue!

Fatu eliminated at 10:21 by Rodney Mack (1)

Rodney Mack and Jake the Snake are the only two left standing in the ring and they have a brief stare down. Mack and The Snake are getting a great reaction from the fans. Jake the Snake kicks Mack in the gut and tries for the DDT, but Mack avoids it, and tries for the Tiger Driver, but Roberts reverses it. The two come to a stale mate in the middle of the ring and the fans applaud the two. Chris Peele enters the ring and takes both men down with a simultaneous ladder shot! Chris Peele flexes over the two fallen wrestlers with a sadistic grin. The second he turns around though, Monty Sopp takes him down with a leg drop. Horace Hogan slides four tables in the ring and he looks ready to kill someone. But wait, Rodney Mack hits a baseball slide to the outside and Hogan is sent into the railing. Mack rolls him into the ring while Sopp sets two tables on top of each other right beside two ladders set up side by side. Mack drags Hogan up the side of one ladder and than proceeds to hit a tiger driver through the two tables in a huge spot that has the fans chanting “holy shit”. Rodney Mack was inches away from dropping Hogan on his head and paralyzing Hulk’s relative. Mack covers Hogan and gets the three count.

Horace Hogan eliminated at 13:59 by Rodney Mack (2)

Jeff Hardy and King Lorum brawl down the aisle way after their absence from the match. Jeff Hardy throws a chair at King Lorum which rocks him. Jeff Hardy jumps off the railing and tackles him into a row of fans. Meanwhile, in the ring Monty Sopp jabs away at Jake the Snake and eventually takes him down with a stiff shot to the head. Sopp turns around and Mack takes him down with a yakuza kick to the head. Peele grabs Mack from behind and locks him in the torture rack! This could be it for Rodney Mack! But wait, Jake the Snake breaks up the hold and allows for Mack to lock in the Blackout on Chris Peele. Peele is nearing the end when Sopp breaks up the submission attempt.

Jeff Hardy goes underneath the ring and comes out with a gigantic ladder. Jeff Hardy grabs a table and he places King Lorum on it and proceeds to climb the huge ladder. Jeff Hardy makes a quick prayer before he dives off the ladder, but Lorum moves at the last second and Hardy hits nothing but table and padding! King Lorum covers Jeff Hardy, but the referee refuses to make the cover due to Hardy being outside of the ring. As King Lorum goes to pick up Hardy, Mack sneaks up from behind and locks him in the Blackout on the outside! Meanwhile, in the ring, Sopp hits the Sopp Drop on Peele and is up to his feet. Jake the Snake swings away with a chair, but Sopp kicks Jake in the gut, takes the chair and than DDT’s him on it! Monty Sopp sets up the ladder and proceeds to climb nearly to the top rope. King Lorum and Rodney Mack are on their feet on the outside and Monty Sopp decides to jump off the top of the ladder and onto King Lorum and Mack on the outside who catch him and fall over. The fans chant “holy shit” after Monty Sopp’s death defying leap. Basically everyone is down and out after their respected spots and it takes a minute for anyone to stir. Chris Peele is up to his feet and he has the chance of a life time to climb the ladder and win the title. But Jake the Snake is crawling to his feet and Peele gets a better idea. Peele proceeds to beat down Jake the Snake as he crawls around the ring. Peele goes to the outside and grabs a singapore cane and he brings it back into the ring. Peele winds up and takes several shots to the back of Jake the Snake, which has him screaming in pain. Chris Peele picks him up and signals for the torture rack, but Monty Sopp takes him over the top with a clothes line. Monty Sopp is eyeing the belt, but Rodney Mack sneaks up from behind and locks the in The Blackout! There is no escape for Sopp, as he cannot escape the hold and eventually passes out!

Monty Sopp at 21:41 by Rodney Mack (3)

There are five men remaining and arguably all five deserve the belt as much as the next guy. All five men stand in the ring and all look tired after their prior matches and their 21 minute battle thus far. At the 22 minute mark, the five men are all brawling in the ring. Jeff Hardy takes Chris Peele out with a twist of fate and Peele rolls to the outside. Jake the Snake and Rodney Mack are trying to double team King Lorum, but Lorum takes both men out with a clothes line over the top. King Lorum turns around and Jeff Hardy levels him with a chair shot, but Lorum swings at him, showing no signs of hurt from the chair shot. Jeff Hardy wins up again, and King Lorum doesn’t fall over this time, as he kicks the chair out of Hardy’s hand. King Lorum picks him up and hits the Bloom Bomb in the center of the ring! King Lorum covers, but Hardy barely gets his shoulder up at the last second. King Lorum and Hardy go shot for shot as they exchange blows, and Hardy seems to be gaining the upper hand. Lorum goes for a big boot, but Hardy ducks it, grabs the chair and takes him down with a stiff chair shot! Jeff Hardy climbs all the way to the top rope, but King Lorum is already stirring and up to his feet. A mystery man jumps over the railing and into the ring! The mystery man is wearing a generic QGWA hoodie that covers his face. He kicks King Lorum in the gut and levels him with a twist of fate! Jeff Hardy dives off the top and connects with a Swanton Bomb, giving him the 1-2-3 over King Lorum!

King Lorum at 24:51 by Jeff Hardy (1)

The man rolls to the outside and takes off his hood to reveal … MATT EFFING HARDY! The fans are in disbelief as he does the Version 1.0 taunt to the fans as he stands on the railing; King Lorum cannot believe that he just saw as he proceeds to chase Matt Hardy to the back while the fans chant “W-T-F”. Caleb Hill nor Marcus Bagwell address Matt Hardy by his name, they simply say that he shouldn’t even be here, he should be at a house show or something. The match is cool for a minute or so after the fans cannot believe what happened. Jeff Hardy is the only man in the ring and he sets up a ladder underneath the belt. He proceeds to climb and nears the top of the ladder. But wait, Chris Peele enters the ring and shoves the ladder over and Hardy takes a dive to the outside and lands on a table set up! The fans chant holy shit as Rodney Mack walks up behind Peele and tries for the Blackout, but Peele manages to break the hold, spins around and hits a full nelson slam on Mack. Peele hooks the leg, but Jake the Snake breaks up the count. Jake the Snake and Rodney Mack are up to their feet and they proceed to double team Chris Peele who is reeling from the offense. Rodney Mack kicks Peele in the gut and hits the Tiger Driver! Mack covers, but Peele gets his shoulder up at 2. Peele is up to his feet and Roberts goes for the DDT, but Peele reverses it into a northern lights suplex with a bridge. The referee makes the two count, but Roberts kicks out.

After some three way brawling, Peele ducks a clothes line by Roberts and hits a jaw dropping German suplex. Peele has the bridge, but only gets a two count as Mack breaks it up. The three men are brawling in the ring when Jeff Hardy climbs to his feet and takes them down with a Whisper in the Wind. Jeff Hardy tosses Jake the Snake into the corner and Peele gets on all fours before Hardy hits a flying body splash. Hardy and Peele take Mack down with a double clothes line. Hardy goes the outside and grabs a table before he slides it in the ring. Peele sets it up and sets two ladders up beside it. Hardy proceeds to grab Roberts and the two men climb up the two ladders. Mack tackles Peele and throws a few forearms, and this distracts Hardy. Roberts thumbs the eye of Hardy, grabs him by the head and hits a DDT off the ladders and through the table. The fans chant holy shit as Roberts manages to turn over Hardy and drape his arm over him for the 1-2-3!

Jeff Hardy eliminated at 32:15 by Jake the Snake Roberts (1)

The final three are all to their feet and getting a great reaction from the fans. Jake the Snake the grizzled veteran who just may win the title one last time. Rodney Mack the fan favorite who seems to be on a roll that cannot be stopped. Chris Peele, the rising super star who was looking to take respect rather than earning it. The three men receive a huge ovation from the fans. They try to psych each other out as the match is slow to restart. At the 35 minute mark, Chris Peele hits a sunset flip on Roberts and only gets a two count. The two men are up to their feet and Rodney Mack takes them down with a ladder shot. As both men struggle to their feet, Mack sets up Peele for the Blackout. But instead, he shoves Peele down to the mat, grabs Jake the Snake and locks him in the Blackout! Roberts manages to hit a low blow, swings Mack around and hits the DDT! Roberts turns him over and covers. One-two-three!

Rodney Mack eliminated at 38:07 by Jake the Snake Roberts (2)

As Jake the Snake struggles to his feet, Chris Peele levels him with a flying shoulder tackle, taking him to the mat. Peele stomps away at him as he struggles to his feet for a moment. Peele slowly helps him up, only to take him down with a stiff European upper cut. Peele picks up Jake the Snake, whips him into the ropes only to lock him into an abdominal stretch. At the 40 minute mark, Jake the Snake is coughing up blood in the hold and unable to break it. Peele is yelling tap while the fans are on their feet. Roberts manages to toss Peele off and to the mat. Roberts grabs a chair and lines up a chair shot, but Peele drop kicks the chair into the face of Roberts. Peele grabs the chair and he waits for Roberts to get up before taking him down with a shot, which Roberts poorly blocks with his hands. Peele turns Roberts so that he is lying face first on the mat and he places the chair on the mid section of Roberts back. Peele climbs to the top rope and plants a leg drop on the chair, crushing Roberts back and ribs underneath the chair. Peele hits the move once again and Roberts is definitely teetering on elimination. The fans are chanting his name, but Peele will not allow him to gain any sort of momentum.

Peele signals for the torture rack and he picks Jake the Snake up and locks it in. Jake the Snake screams in pain, but he won’t tap or pass out. Jake the Snake keeps struggling to break the hold any way possible, but he cannot. After two unsuccessful minutes in the hold, Jake the Snake rakes the eyes of Peele breaking the hold. Roberts takes Peele down with a huge forearm smash and both men are lying on the mat breathing heavily. Jake the Snake is up first and he signals that he is going to hit the DDT. Roberts waits for Peele, kicks him in the gut and DDT’s him in the center of the ring. Roberts rolls him over and covers. 1-2-KICK OUT! Peele got his shoulder up at the last second and the fans are booing now as Peele crawls to his feet. Peele ducks a clothes line and than takes Roberts down with a huge side walk slam. Peele goes to the outside and grabs a table. Peele sets it up in the corner carefully, before he grabs Jake the Snake and drags him to the corner. Peele ascends the middle turn buckle and helps Jake the Snake up before power bombing him straight through the table. Peele covers and gets the one-two-… not three as Peele breaks up the count by himself!

Peele is saying that he wants to put Roberts through more pain and suffering. Peele leans him up against the ropes, takes off his belt and proceeds to whip Roberts for a solid minute as Roberts can barely stand now. He can no longer stand on his own two feet as he is pretty much down and out. Peele goes to whip him one last time and Roberts low blows him! He was playing possum! Roberts gets up to his feet, sets up a chair and hits a pile driver onto the chair. Roberts is up to his feet now and he carefully sets up the ladder. Roberts proceeds to stumble up the rungs as he motions close to the belt. Peele is up to his feet now and he grabs the legs of Roberts and power bombs him off the ladder and into the ring. Peele screams it is over now as he picks up Roberts and puts him in the torture rack. This time though, Roberts cannot respond to the referee’s instructions and the referee calls for the bell, eliminating Roberts from the match.

Jake the Snake Roberts eliminated at 51:36 by Chris Peele (1)

Chris Peele releases Jake the Snake from the hold and it is pretty self explaintory from here. Chris Peele climbs each rung before he easily rips the title down and into his arms. The bell is rung and we have our first QGWA Heavyweight Champion, Chris Peele! Chris Peele is in the middle of the ring, holding the title high above his head. Most of the heel wrestlers make their way towards the ring and congratulate Peele who is crying. The heel wrestlers hoist Peele onto their shoulders while he raises the title in his hands as the show fades to black!

Winner: “The Ass Of Steele” Chris Peele at 52:00 (57%, holy shit that went long. With the entrances and ending, that entire segment was around 1 hour. Was it bad? No, but definitely dragged on, but it was the type of epic match that the promotion needed. This is definitely going to have people talking – what the fuck was with Matt Hardy showing up? I never heard any rumors of the guy being released, but he has been off WWE television since July. There was rumors floating around of him joining the failing ECW brand, but I guess those are nixed. Perchance, Matt Hardy broke the terms of his contract to join up with QGWA? Or maybe he was released and show up at the last second. Whatever it is, we’ll get an explanation soon. Jake the Snake deserves a fucking award. He was a real trooper. Chris Peele getting the belt so soon is iffy [the guy has been releasing for about a month], but he is solid in the ring and can cut a promo so why the fuck not. He is also, clearly, the most over person on the roster. The question becomes – who will challenge Chris Peele for the title at the next pay-per-view?)

Final thoughts… kind of a short show. Only lasted 2 and a half hours, with a drawn out main event. I guess that certain things couldn’t be foreseen, including injuries, but it seemed a tad rushed. It was also very uneven as there was some fantastic segments and some awful segments. The lightweight title has lost all credibility, in my opinion, while the Heavyweight title gained a lot. A lot of stars were made, a lot of story lines progressed, a lot of entertainment! After the show, a promo aired for Profane Destruction, which is going to be coming live to the fans October 22nd 2006. They hyped up the fact that “they can’t even tell you who is gonna be there – or else we’ll get sent a cease and desist from those sports entertainment pussies.” I guess that is referring to Matt Hardy? Well, whatever, see you next time.

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I just skimmed through the show as I've got to hit the road in a minute but I thought I would let you know my main thoughts.

  • Peel is being made to look like a real star. Good work. And a Mack/Peele feud is really being well done.
  • Sopp as a heel is good but I'm not show sure about the alliance with the columbine kids, Pogo et al.
  • I know the promotion is Hardcore...but maybe a little too hardcore. People who don't seem like they would take bumps are taking bumps. But I'll probably get back to that when I have more time to read it.
  • Main event. Good. But it just seems to be spot after spot after spot. A little over the top in my view. It seems like by the end nobody at all would be able to standup let alone wrestle.

Like I say, these are just my quick thoughts. I'll get back to you when I read it fully but this is by far my favourite diary on the board at the minute.

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I just skimmed through the show as I've got to hit the road in a minute but I thought I would let you know my main thoughts.

  • Peel is being made to look like a real star. Good work. And a Mack/Peele feud is really being well done.
  • Sopp as a heel is good but I'm not show sure about the alliance with the columbine kids, Pogo et al.
  • I know the promotion is Hardcore...but maybe a little too hardcore. People who don't seem like they would take bumps are taking bumps. But I'll probably get back to that when I have more time to read it.
  • Main event. Good. But it just seems to be spot after spot after spot. A little over the top in my view. It seems like by the end nobody at all would be able to standup let alone wrestle.
Like I say, these are just my quick thoughts. I'll get back to you when I read it fully but this is by far my favourite diary on the board at the minute.

I try not to respond to feed back too often, but I just thought I'd kind of clear up the last two points.

I don't want to compare this promotion to ECW because I feel that they are nothing alike, but I think they draw some similiarties. Would Dean Douglas be willingly to take a bump? Would Flash Funk? I know those are two examples, but what I am trying to get across is that under certain circumstances and in different promotions, wrestlers change. Some of the bumps may be a little over the top, but I think given the roster I have created, that they wouldn't be adverse to taking the big bumps. The wrestlers are, for the most part, either rising stars willingly to make a name for themselves or down on their luck, has-been's who desperately want their last shot of fame. Yes, Monty Sopp never took a huge ladder bump when he was Billy Gunn, but that doesn't mean that he wouldn't.

ANd the second point, I think the spot after spot analogy is bang on, but I think that with the match set-up (aka, 10 men, 50 minutes) that it is very logical. Although it seemed like a lot of spots, I don't think that it came as too over the top, considering their was 10 involved and, if I recall correctly, nobody took more than three bumps.

With the next update, the audience will get context and a bit more of an explanation, which is why I went with the biography style of writing. It'll give the fans the more over the top shows, followed by a more grounded/logical explanation.

Thanks for the feedback, I am glad that you are enjoying the diary.

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Ok, ok, ok! I lied. You know how I said in my prologue that it was May 30th 2006 that I decided to enter the wrestling business? That was kinda, sorta a lie.

It was 2000 when I first met Vincent Kennedy McMahon. I was at some sort of business convention and I had heard through the grapevine he was speaking at the convention. Of course, at the time I thought nothing of it. I was the helm of a gay porn business, he was the owner of a borderline homophobic wrestling promotion, with a few exceptions (Pat Patterson, for example). But through fate, somehow we ended up bumping into each other. I was giddy of course, because of my obsession with wrestling and I was always very fond of the McMahon character. He played the role so well. I was also a bit giddy, because like every true wrestling fan, Vince McMahon was a man who deserved our respect. If there is one man who is responsible for the state of wrestling, for better or for worse, it was Vince McMahon.

Of course our meeting was awkward at first. I couldn’t gush too him about my days as a child watching WWE right away. I had to slowly bring it up in conversation. But this was hard, due to the fact that I was at this conference largely due to Lotsafucking Entertainment, which produced gay porn movies. After a mere minute of conversation and me seeing the hesitancy in Vince’s eyes, I decided to admit to being a wrestling fan. Seconds later, Vince was gabbing to me about wrestling and about what I liked. After 5 minutes, I slowly realized that Vince didn’t talk about wrestling at these business conferences, but I got the impression he wanted too. Vince, later on in the conversation, told me that most of the people he met weren’t fond of his rise to success. The sports industry laughed because it was fake, the entertainment industry laughed because it wasn’t “respectable” and lots of people thought that wrestling was for redneck’s and geeks. Vince said that most CEOs or successful business people, weren’t geeks or nerds. Except for Larry the Cable Guy and Bill Gates. And lets be honest here, geeks and nerds go hand in hand with wrestling. God made it so.

Before I knew it, me and Vince had talked for 30 minutes about wrestling. Albeit, he felt guilty because he didn’t have the urge to talk about gay porn for the same time (and hey, I ain’t holding that against him), but he felt as though we had something in common. Both of our fortunes had been obtained against the will of the upper class of society – our business ventures weren’t thought about as “respectable”. Vince gave me his home phone number and told me that we should get together some time to talk about wrestling and too have fun. Me and Vince have never really “hung out” or “chummed” like other business associates, not because he hates me or because he is too scared too hang out with a fag. No,

Vince is dedicated to his wrestling promotion, 100%, and I respect him for that. But that isn’t too say that me and Vince didn’t keep in touch. Any time he ran a show in a venue near I was, I stopped by backstage. And if even if Vince was dealing with a hectic show, or other issues, the guy always found time to hang out with me. Before you start creating assumpations in your head about some sort of sick affair between me and Vince, stop right there. Vince loves Linda, Vince is straight, and we is a fair bit older than me. Not to say that there is anything wrong with that, but I like to have a guy around my age. Kind of like my husband, Chris Peele.

In 2002, I visited Vince in New York I believe. I can’t remember the show, or the venue to be honest, but I do remember what we talked about. Vince was telling me he was hoping to jump start on a new storyline for the promotion. Vince wanted to promote a gay story line and he wasn’t sure the route to take. He bounced a few horrible ideas off me (I am being honest, these were awful ideas) and I told him honestly that I wasn’t a fan. He asked me why, and wanted to know what he should do to improve the quality of the characters. Now, at the time, I didn’t see myself as some sort of wrestling know-it-all (and I don’t know, but if it pisses off the smarts, than I think I am) but I was a bisexual man, meaning I enjoyed the best of both worlds. Being kinda gay and being kinda straight. And the main problem with Vince’s story line, and most story lines he was concocting, was that he was taking the stance of a straight guy. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but sometimes you heterosexuals have a bad run with portraying us fags. Nothing personal, but you guys just don’t get us. And neither did Vince.

Vince agreed with what I was saying and he came up with an interesting conclusion. He wanted me to be on the writing staff, dedicated to this one angle. He said that all ideas would have to be okayed by him, but for the most part he was offering me freedom for the characters. I thought about it for a day and I declined the invitation. I told Vince that I didn’t feel prepared to work for a wrestling promotion of his size and that I was very happy running Lotsafucking Entertainment. Vince wasn’t upset about my decision, but I think in retrospect, he should be. Vince turned this gay story line into Billy and Chuck and we all know how that went down. A gay wedding was staged, except for in the end, Rico was forcing Billy and Chuck to be gay, and … that was about it. Vince actually took the negative press pretty badly, especially from GLAAD (who, for the record, denounced the storyline.) Vince wanted to reach out to a new demographic and thought the angle would help to bridge a gap. And boy was he wrong. It worked the total opposite way, in fact.

This job offer that Vince extended too me was one of three. In 2003, he casually mentioned that the WWE was hoping to hire somebody to run the merchandise department and once again, I declined the invitation. I told him that I didn’t want to enter his wrestling promotion and to fuck it up. Vince is very passionate about the WWE, and he wants to see it succeed. Me and Vince, are friends, but we have two very opposite views of what should happen in a wrestling promotion. Vince wanted to be mainstream, while I wanted to be the fringe. He wanted to reach out to everyone, I wanted to reach out to only a few people. I explained this too Vince and he totally understood and said that he didn’t want to hurt either of our careers or our friendship. The last job offer was in 2006, when Lotsafucking Entertainment ceased to exist. Vince and I had a few conversations during the time span and he kept offering me a temporary spot on the writing crew while Stephanie McMahon dealt with her pregnancy. As I stated before, Vince was supportive of my decisions, both as a professional and as a friend.

When I decided to start my own wrestling promotion up, I thought Vince might perceive it as a bertrayl to our friendship, but it was the opposite. Vince saw it as a great move, something that would help make us better friends. Vince, in fact, gave me lots of advice in the early stages about booking venues, promoting the shows, and obtaining talent. Vince was key in helping me obtain a lot of the wrestlers that eventually ended up on the roster. Vince knew that being “anti-Vince and anti WWE” would help make people tune in, and encouraged me to take pot shots left and right. And boy did I take him up on that offer. Vince even went so far as to call QGWA his “unofficial” side project with all of the ideas he gave me. I knew that Vince had an ulterior motive, because he outwardly stated it. He didn’t see QGWA as competition, because as I said, I loved the fringe. But TNA would see QGWA as competition, because essentially we were much closer in popularity than TNA to WWE. Vince had known about TNA for quite some time, but had never been afraid of the promotion rising. On the other hand, Vince wanted to ensure that they never became a problem, and enter QGWA into the picture. Anything to take the attention away from TNA (by stealing it’s stars like Sopp & Hardy, and potential stars like Sydal & Kash) was going to help the WWE in the long run.

One night, me and Vince were talking after a show and he casually brought up the idea of using QGWA as a developmental territory. Vince, you may remember, had just recently learned that Deep South Wrestling was a failed territory. It was in an awful position and was run into the ground with a huge financial debt. Vince had created ECW as a less formal developmental territory, but once again, this wasn’t the same as OVW or DSW. I tried to emphasize to Vince how it would be a bad move and how it would only hurt the image of his promotion by being associated with a more risky product like my own. But Vince wouldn’t give up on the idea, and eventually, we came to some sort of an agreement.

Vince wanted to use QGWA as an unofficial developmental territory. In other words, the relationship between QGWA and the WWE would be unspoken, but recognized. If the WWE wanted to sign a wrestler, I would let him at the drop of a hat. In return, the WWE would send down stars to try out more risky gimmicks, or story lines, or simply to help them improve on their skills. OVW was good and fine, but it was a pretty tame promotion and the WWE was always trying to be on the edge. How else can you test being on the edge, but going for the most out there promotion and seeing what works? It was a match made in heaven, but required rules.

No WWE wrestler would appear in QGWA for more than 3 months and they must not be evident on WWE programming for one month. This was to ensure that the WWE distanced itself from my promotion. I didn’t want Vince to take heat from any body, including parent groups or fellow wrestling fans alike. By creating this distance between the two, it also allowed for QGWA to push the boundaries further and further.

The second rule was that everything had to be okayed by Vince that involved a WWE wrestler. If I wanted to borrow a wrestler for three months, than I had to okay it from him. If Vince felt the wrestler was fine where they were, he would shoot down the idea. If Vince felt that the wrestler was involved in a story line too risky, he would shoot down the idea. You get the point.

The third rule was that if any wrestler was injured, than the unspoken agreement was null and void if Vince wanted. This was too ensure that I wasn’t putting his wrestlers in barbed wire, exploding death matches. He didn’t want

The fourth rule was that I footed the bill for everything, including travel expenses and wrestler’s pay. Vince wanted to ensure that his wrestlers were being treated fairly, and I agreed. I would pay for the wrestlers wages (on top of their WWE salaries which made the territory popular) and would ensure that no extra financial burden was placed on them.

The fifth rule was that… we didn’t tell any body about the agreement. None of the wrestlers would know (I lied so many times, it isn’t funny) and none of our friends would know. We had to keep this pretty silent for the entire thing too work.

The first question you may be asking yourself is which wrestlers were contracted by the WWE when QGWA initially formed. And the answer is – none. Orlando Jordan and Johnny McMahon (better known as Kid Kash) were legitimately released. No, Jeff Hardy was not under WWE contract when he joined QGWA. The truth of the matter is that Vince wanted to see how things formulated before he made a move. But he did loan me a wrestler for my first pay-per-view, with one stipulation. Matt Hardy joined the QGWA roster for three months, and he would return to the WWE at the end of it all. But, his stay in QGWA would determine if Jeff Hardy was allowed back in the WWE. At the end of the 3 month period, if Jeff Hardy and my booking ideas were grand enough for the WWE, than Jeff Hardy would get his job back.

A lot of people too this day deny the fact that this is true. Many people say that what would happen was pure coincidence and that I don’t actually know Vince McMahon. Well fuck you. Much like the Internet “reporters’ who love to bring me down a peg (and trust me, they don’t bring me down a peg, I am bigger and better than they will ever be), the people who deny this professional and personal relationship with Vince McMahon are full of shit. People constantly try to use the risky nature of my shows as proof alone that Vince would never get behind a promotion like mine. The same guy who made someone dig up a wrestler’s father. The same guy who featured necrophillia on his program. The same guy who made two old men compete in a hardcore even gown match. Vince McMahon lives for this campy, over the top, garbage story lines. And you know it.

Matt Hardy, the first of very few WWE wrestlers to ever appear in QGWA, obviously made his debut at our very first pay-per-view, Blood Bath. Blood Bath and some of the subsequent pay-per-views to come were both the hi-lights of my career and the worst moments of my life. I contemplated which I should list first – the good moments or the bad moments. And at the end of the day, I am an optimist, so lets get up close and personal about what went well before we get into the negative repercussions from the event (and there were many, trust me.) Blood Bath was quite the pay-per-view, let me tell you. You wouldn’t gain that impression from the line-up that was released prior to the pay-per-view. Nor would you gain that impression from reading the results on some third rate web site. Nor would you gain that impression from sitting on your ass at home watching the event. I’d even go so far as to tell you that sitting in the audience during the event wouldn’t have been able to gain that impression. You had to be backstage during the event, watching the events unfold in the ring and in the locker rooms and gorilla areas. The first postive thing you can say about Blood Bath? Well, I broke down barriers. This was ground breaking baby, the first time a World Champion was held by an openly gay professional wrestler. Chris Kanyon was probably kicking himself, the selfish bastard. Chris Kanyon had contacted me about the idea, but than asked me for double what he was worth. Fuck him. Who’s Gayer than Kanyon? Chris Peele. Not only gayer, but he could captivate an audience and could wrestle a hell of a lot better than that hack. Fuck him.

The second postive? Mallory’s huge bump and Maria’s light tube too the face. Mallory, the best valet in the business, took a bump off a balcony through eight tables (ok, only 6 broke, but you get the point). When the match was intitally made, she was all gung-ho on taking the bump but I refused. I either wanted Jeff Hardy or King Lorum to take the bump, and I wouldn’t hear it any other way. Well, needless to say, both men refused to take the bump… even after I hyped up the entire spot. The week before the match, both men said they didn’t want to take it. Jeff Hardy, because he wanted to take some spots in the ladder match (or at least that was his excuse). King Lorum flat out didn’t want to risk the injuries, and he even refused some of the spots in the ladder match. I love the guy, I made the guy into something, but he was a damn pussy for someone with so many piercing’s. When Jake the Snake was out there getting put through TABLE after TABLE, wrestling OVER an hour in one night, and you won’t even take one bump, you are a pussy. So with no one else to turn to, Mallory was the only option. Her and Davey Freeman, who earned himself a spot on the main roster after his hard work and dedication.

The next positive thing? Jake the Snake. Say what you will about the man, and there are a lot of bad things too say, but this guy proved too me that he deserved the Heavyweight title (and he’d get it eventually). But this guy was taking bumps and wrestling an hour. I remember reading reviews after the show about how Jake the Snake was only half way up the ladder when he DDTed Jeff Hardy or that the power bomb by Chris Peele lacked force, but lets be honest here folks. Jake the Snake couldn’t stand on his own will after the match. Literally. When he went to the doctor, he was told that he suffered the same injuries people suffer in car accidents and that he shouldn’t be wrestling for quite some time. For his hard work, I decided that I would give Jake some time off from the ring. But I wanted to take his feud with him and Mack against Peele to the next level. I wanted people to talk about this like it was the second coming of Christ.

Another positive… I took chances. Putting the belt on Matt Sydal? Risky, yes. And yeah, it didn’t pay off in the end, but I still took a giant risk. Putting the belt on Chris Peele? Risky, hell yes and boy did it pay off. He wouldn’t hold the belt for long, but in my eyes, he was the greatest QGWA Champion ever. I threw a non-wrestler into a match with a less than talented wrestler. Did the risk pay off? Chaz and Julio was a great match, in my eyes. It achieved the goal. But a lot of the internet geeks hated it. Loathed it. They said it was everything wrong with the business. Well fuck them. I am bigger and better than them. I changed this damn business for the better and those pussies better stop complaining.

The negatives? Well, we lost a slew of wrestlers after our first show. Lets start off with Perry Saturn, who wasn’t too pleased with his lack of reception. He spoke too me shortly after the show and said he wasn’t pleased with the direction of the company. I told him that it was fine if he wanted too leave, because I didn’t really enjoy over paying him. Me and Saturn have not spoke since, and it is for the better. After doing some research, I found out that Saturn currently teaches a self-defense class, is happily married and has two kids. Good for him. Scotty Riggs was injured live on pay-per-view, and boy did it suck. We lost ten minutes of the show due to his injury. He had surgery in the days too come after the show and was expected to be out for 8 months. Unfortunately, Scotty Riggs became addicted to pain killers and almost two years too the date of his appearance at Blood Bath, he took his own life. I attended his funeral and it was hard to see someone go out the way he did. He deserved a better shake in the business, but never got it. Lodi realized he had nothing to do in the company so he took his notice and left; he still wrestles on the independent wrestling scene too this date.

Another negative? It was really disorganized. You know why Matt Sydal beat Johnny McMahon in 7 seconds? Because the show was a mess. Vince told me, he told me in our very first talks about me opening a promotion, that I’d be disorganized as fuck. But I didn’t realize it would be this bad. I literally booked the show on the fly (with the exception of China-Sopp-Waltman angle), as every match was decided a good 5 hours before the show. Heck, I even thought about throwing the belt on Jake the Snake that night. I lacked the resources in order to pull it all off and I realized that now. But at the time, I thought I was superman, and that I could not only commentate the show, but make sure everything went well backstage.

Another negative? It wasn’t critically acclaimed, it wasn’t a financial success and hardly anybody watched. The internet hated it. Most reviews said they wouldn’t tune into an event produced by QGWA, again. Not even if it was wrestling affiliated (and boy, would they eat their words). At the end of the day (and the month), I had managed to lose about 90,000$ in one month of QGWA being open. 90,000$ is a lot of money, even too a man who was worth 70 million dollars. And do you know what the buy rate was? I think, at the end of it all, the show got 5,000 buys. The show was a total bomb; so much that we were banned from pay-per-view not only due to the risky nature of the show, but also because of the lack of success we had in bringing in viewers.

Another negative? Well, in my poor planning for the pay-per-view, I failed to realize that we were supposed to broad cast a show on the Internet the very next day. The problem? The taping was supposed to happen the day before. Even more of a problem? The taping didn’t happen because I didn’t want to spoil the results of the pay-per-view. Even bigger of a problem? The only day I could possibly run an event in the venue was Tuesday of that week, and for the rest of the month they were book solid (including the date I had advertised the pay-per-view). I realize now that taking on the huge task of Blood Bath had blinded me to the real importance: the entire promotion, not just one, unprepared, over the top, unneeded pay-per-view

But there was one positive that I left off that was probably the most important. Sitting in the audience at Blood Bath was a man by the name of Jonas Lee. Not really important, but remember this guy as a potential savior of GQWA. Jonas was an avid wrestling fan, an openly gay man, and also an employee for LOGO, a gay television network. Jonas got in contact with me about featuring QGWA wrestlers on a show on LOGO called Queer Factor. It was a queer spin on Fear Factor; how adorable. Basically it would pit 3 gay men versus 3 heterosexual men, too see who didn’t let fear be a factor. He wanted to use 3 gay wrestlers to take on 3 straight wrestlers. Well, when the show aired, it received an above average rating (due to the wrestlers involved), which would lead to LOGO offering us a television deal in November for 4 months. And we would take it, even though it would hinder the promotion’s creative freedom.

But I am getting head of myself. I haven’t even finished talking about Blood Bath and I am skipping a couple of months in advance. Where was I? Oh right… Blood Bath ended up, in a word, to be decent. It was the start to something beautiful, and it was a mistake I would learn from. It would be a long time before you saw any Caleb Hill approved programming on pay-per-view, but when you did… it was amazing. With the pay-per-view out of the way, and the possibility of not being able to run a month worth of programming, I decided it was in my best interest to take the only chance I had. I booked the venue for the Tuesday following the show and got the word out using the web site. We’d be holding an event and it would be used for four tapings, which were scheduled to be significantly shorter than the one’s held last month. I also posted that there would be significant news on the state of pay-per-view for QGWA. With September in the books, I could only wonder what October had in store. It didn’t look nice, but QGWA wasn’t nice. It was mean, and boy, did I love it. October would by far be the worst month of my life. Bar none.

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VILE Wrestling Tapings, presented by Queer and Grotesque Ent.

Hey folks, once again I am reviewing the tapings of VILE wrestling; which had a way different feel than the other tapings. By the end of the tapings, you got the impression that the fans were a little worn out. The shows were less than impressive and add to the fact that many weren’t as impressed by Blood Bath as they should have been; but I digress. It was in the same venue as the previous tapings. It is called Doomsday; it doubles as a bingo hall in the day, and a more youth orientated venue at night. Apparently the place was book solid for the month of October, QGWA got screwed out and had to do all of their tapings in one day.

Taping #1 (to be broadcasted October 5th 2006)

The show kicked off with Caleb Hill hitting the ring and demanding that the entire roster come out. They did so and Caleb Hill praises them for their work done at the pay-per-view. Some wrestlers are missing, including Chris Peele, Matt Sydal and Jake the Snake Roberts. Caleb Hill says that they lost some of their wrestlers after last nights show too injuries, and because some of the pussies couldn’t handle wrestling in the best promotion in the World. Caleb Hill says that even Matt Sydal, the Lightweight Champion, handed me the belt back because he couldn’t handle the heat. Caleb Hill says that the Lightweight title is officially held up, but will be awarded by the end of the night. But Caleb Hill says that also tonight starts the trek to crowning the tag-team champions. Caleb Hill says that everybody has been paired up with a partner of their choice to compete in a tag-team tournament unlike any other seen before. Two teams will fight in the first match, and the losing team is eliminated. The winning team than chooses the next two teams for the next bout. The winning team can even choose themselves to wrestle in the next bout if they so choose. The last team standing wins the titles. The teams will be revealed at the time of their matches. Caleb Hill wishes everyone the best of luck in the Tournament. Caleb Hill reminds the fans that Chris Peele will be having his victory ceremony next week. Caleb Hill says there is controversy about GQWA being on pay-per-view and about Profane Destruction on October 29th 2006. Caleb Hill says that the event will be happening, but that QGWA is too hot for Television. Caleb Hill says that Profane Destruction will be occurring in a venue never wrestled before… at his personal house. Caleb Hill says that fans will embark upon his backyard, where a makeshift ring will be set up, too watch the biggest and baddest wrestling event. He tells the fans to visit the Queer and Grotesque web site for directions and other things. (78%, this roster changed quickly. Matt Sydal, Scotty Riggs, Lodi, and Perry Saturn weren’t out there, an Glen Ruth has already left. I am going to guess Jake the Snake is still with the company, but that he has the night off. Interesting tag-title tournament, lets see how it works on TV. Nothing reeks of bush league more than when you are holding a professional wrestling show in your backyard. And, the fact that they hyped Profane Destruction for the 22nd, but now it is changed to the 29th without even a single correction. I give QGWA another month before Caleb Hill realizes the mistake he made and shuts the promotion down.)

The first team out for the tournament is none other than Angel and Fatu, who are clearly fan favorites. The fans chant “we love ass” and “we love fags” as the two walk to the ring and slap the hands. Out next is Jeff Hardy, who comes out without a partner. Jeff Hardy takes a microphone and says that his brother was going to wrestle here tonight, but “he was too hot for that Sports Entertainment” shit, so instead he got a sub. Matt Hardy walks out wearing a mask and the fans can tell right away that it is Matt Hardy. He runs into the ring and the match begins. Angel and Fatu used a spot where Angel was “hulked” up by the Stinkface that Fatu gave too him. The Hardy Boyz seem to have more life than ever before, as the former tag-team champions seem to have an extra zest to their step. In the end though, it didn’t help as King Lorum came to the ring while the referee was distracted and took Jeff Hardy out with a chair shot, unbeknownst to their opponents. Angel hit the bathhouse bomb to eliminate the Hardy Boyz from the Tournament. The Hardy Boyz chase King Lorum up the ramp as Angel and Fatu announce the next match-up for the tag-team tournament. It’ll be Monty Sopp and Orlando Jordan taking on Mondo Matt and Awesome Adam, later on tonight. (71%, the Hardyz were definitely eliminated from the tournament a tad bit early. Boy, that was early… they are our in the first match. But it makes sense, because their feud with King Lorum takes precedence over them winning the titles. Good match; Fatu and Angel definitely have a certain chemistry in the ring that makes them bankable tag-team champions.’)

In a pre-taped segment, we see a camera is following Jake the Snake around too the doctor, too his home, and catching him at candid moments. Jake talks about how his body isn’t what it used to be, and he can’t go at it like he used too. Jake talks about how he tries to take himself to the places he used to before, but that he can’t anymore. Jake talks about how he is currently addicted to pain killers and how it ruins his life. Jake says that he wants to stop, but it is so hard. Because he either ends up going off the pain killers and ruining his career, or taking the pain killers and ruing his life. Jake the Snake says he wants to live a happy life – Jake the Snake says he wants too be able to walk home after his next match and he isn’t sure if he will be able too. Jake says that he cries after every match, not only because of the physical pain, but the emotional pain. Jake the Snake says the business ruined his life. (82%, this was probably the best segment that QGWA has ever produced. It was low in quality, but high in emotion. I honestly believe that Jake the Snake is a mess in real life. Wrestling his entire life coupled with the drug addiction has certainly taken its toll on the guy. I am guessing that Jake the Snake wasn’t present for any of the tapings, thus why they featured him in these segments.)

Next up was a squash match between Jimmy Cross and PJ Styles. PJ Styles hit the Styles Flash after half a minute and covered for the victory. After the match, PJ Styles read off a statement that QGWA received from, presumably, AJ Styles. Basically the jist of the email was that TNA nor AJ Styles found the parody funny and that PJ Styles had better stop the parody or else they will use legal force, or any other means, in order to stop PJ Styles. PJ Styles says that his legal last name is Styles, and he changed his first name to Pajama. Pajama says that if AJ wants to prove that PJ isn’t short for Pajama, he may do so in the court of law. PJ Styles than tells AJ Styles to go back to church and pray to his little God, and maybe something will change. (51%, total squash match that didn’t serve any purpose and than a very bitter promo that wasn’t well received by the fans. I don’t think that the audience are big AJ Styles fans, but I think that PJ (or David, as his real name was) is a little bitter about an apparently very small and isolated incident.)

Monty Sopp and Orlando Jordan take on the jobbers known as Mondo Matt and Awesome Adam. Much like the match before, it lasts for two minutes before Sopp hits the Sopp Drop. Tubular Ted rushes to the ring to save his team mates, but instead takes out Mondo Matt with a neck breaker on the outside. Post-match, Tubular Ted rips off his 80’s hair band and throws it at his former partners (may I remind you, they only teamed up ONCE on QGWA programming). Tubular Ted picks up a microphone and says that his days of being from the 80’s are over. Ted says he did a lot of thinking and the 80’s suck. Ted says that he loved the 90’s and he is going to live it up! Ted says he is “The Shit” Ted Stylin’. Meanwhile, Sopp says that next week’s tag-team tournament match will be Sean Waltman and his partner versus The Columbine Kids. Monty Sopp says rumor has it – Waltman doesn’t even have a partner! (52%, two squash matches in a row? What the hell? On the plus side, we got the creation of “The Shit” Ted Stylin’. Comedy ensues. And Sean Waltman’s tag team partner? A wrestler not featured in the promotion currently, is my guess.)

In the main event slot, instead of a match, Caleb Hill hits the ring with the Lightweight belt. Caleb Hill says that Matt Sydal ditched the company and left the title hanging high and dry. Caleb Hill thought long and hard about what to do, but there was only one logical answer. Johnny McMahon makes his way too the ring and he tells Caleb Hill that his uncle isn’t happy and that things need to change. They need a Champion people can relate too, not some fucking faggot. Johnny McMahon says his father watched Blood Bath, and couldn’t stand the event, but that he instructed Johnny McMahon to accept his title back. Caleb Hill says that wasn’t what he was thinking… The Juice’s music plays, but no one comes out at first. The Juice comes out wearing a towel and it appears nothing else underneath it. The Juice gets in the ring and says that he was at the top of his game when he was in WCW. And he asks the fans what he was most famous for in WCW? For running naked through a hotel lobby. The Juice says that he has decided to challenge Johnny McMahon too a series of matches. The Strip Tease Series. When a wrestler loses, they lose an article of clothing and must wrestle the matches wearing the same articles of clothes.. At the end of the series of matches, one man is left naked, the other man left with the title. Johnny McMahon is about to say no, but Caleb Hill says that it is an awesome idea, and that the matches will start next week! (78%, ughh… Strip Tease Series for the Lightweight title. What a joke. Matt Sydal won the title in 7 seconds and than apparently hands it back too Caleb Hill. Good for him, because the Lightweight division is a joke.)

Taping #2 (to be broadcasted October 12th 2006)

The show kicks off with Sean Waltman taking on the Columbine Kids. The fans rally behind Sean Waltman, who is on the receiving end of a beat down by the Columbine Kids. Waltman eventually stages a come back and takes him out with an X-Factor, but Pogo the Clown distracts the referee and Waltman loses control. The wrestler formerly known as Road Dogg and BG James hits the ring, and he is called by his real name, Brian Armstrong. Armstrong was released from TNA in July, and it was only time before the super star made his way too the company. Armstrong gets tagged in and helps Waltman win the match with a pump handle slam. Armstrong picks up the microphone and says that since he has to choose the next match up, he’ll make it simply! It’ll be Monty Sopp and Orlando Jordan taking on Horace Hogan and King Lourm! (67%, the debut of Brian Armstrong isn’t surprising since it was hyped up on the Internet dirt sheets since Monty signed a contract with QGWA. Armstrong was released from TNA in July after he openly accused TNA of being a racist company, due to the fact they never pushed any wrestlers of race. It’ll be interesting to see how he factors into all of this.)

Chris Peele in the backstage area with the Heavyweight title, and he is shining it up. Chris Peele says that later on tonight, he’ll go in front of all of the fans and show them the most important title in the business. Chris Peele says that the rumors are true: Rodney Mack is too scared to show his face in QGWA. Chris Peele says that after losing twice in one night to Chris Peele, the rookie of the year, he wouldn’t show his face either. But Chris Peele is offering redemption. He is offering Rodney Mack the chance of a life time. At Profane Destruction, he’ll face Rodney Mack, in a one on one affair. And Chris Peele says the Heavyweight title will be on the line. (80%, good promo by Peele here. He definitely showed that he is catching on with the fans, as you could hear the fans chuckle and boo a few things he said. Rodney Mack hasn’t been seen since the pay-per-view on QGWA programming. This show should be interesting.)

Up next is a match between “The Shit” Ted Stylin’ and Davey Freeman, the two men who apparently aren’t enhancement talent anymore and are on the main roster. It is a great match, given they have 4 minutes. Basically, the two men get counted out and brawl all the way too the back. (57%, the fans couldn’t give two shits about these two, but they hit some impressive spots and had some psychology going. I’d like to see what they do on pay-per-view.)

In the strip series, we’ve got Johnny McMahon taking on The Juice. After about 7 minutes of a great bout, much like they had on the opening show, The Juice managed to hit the Juvi Driver out of no where and covered Johnny McMahon for the three count. After the match, Johnny McMahon refused to take off an article of clothing, but eventually took off his boots and said that next week, he’d make sure that The Juice lost more than his chance at wearing the Lightweight title. (72%, these two definitely showed the QGWA fans what they have to offer. Some great spots here and there, and much like the match before, it’ll be interesting to see what they offer the fans.)

In the third match in a row, and the final for the second taping, we see that King Lorum and Horace Hogan are ready to take on Monty Sopp and Orlando Jordan. Sopp refuses to wrestle the match, and OJ gets his ass handed too him. Every time OJ tries to tag in, Sopp refuses. At the 5 minute mark, Sopp distracts the referee while the Hardy Boyz run in and take out King Lorum to the backstage area. Meanwhile, OJ rolls up Hogan and gets the three count. Monty Sopp says that his nemesis, Sean Waltman tried to pull a fast one over on Monty Sopp, but Sopp says he is the cream of the crop and he can read minds. Sopp says that he is going to one up Sean Waltman… because next week’s match is going to be Monty Sopp and OJ taking on PJ Styles and Jimmy Cross. Sopp says he wants to keep the ball in his court and that he isn’t giving Waltman the chance to force Sopp to face anyone! (57%, pitiful match. Yikes. That was just… a train wreck. Horace Hogan and Orlando Jordan in the same ring? There was at least ten botched spots in the span of a minute. Ok, that was exaggerated but you get the point. Interesting and unpredictable strategy by Sopp in choosing the match for next week, which kind of made the entire match worth while.)

In the final segment of the second taping, Chris Peele comes out and holds the title high in the air as he walks down the aisle. Peele gets in the ring and starts to run down his accomplishments. He has defeated 17 men in his short career, two of which were handicap matches, one of which was a tag match with two veterans, and the other a battle royale. Peele says he is undefeated, never having been beaten. Peele says that he is the only guy in the business who boosts such a record one month into his career. Peele says that the streak shall continue, because he is going to take our Rodney Mack at Profane Destruction. Peele says that Mack has been a coward since his losses and hasn’t appeared. Peele says that even Roberts has a better excuse since the crippled son of a bitch can’t walk. Peele says that Mack has one chance to get a free shot on Peele and it’ll be right here during his Championship Celebration. Peele faces the entrance ramp, while Jake Roberts enters through the crowd. Roberts enters the ring, low blows Peele, swings him around and DDT’s him in the middle of the ring. As Peele struggles to his feet, he faces Roberts looking to take him out. But Mack runs down the aisle and chokes him out with the Blackout. Mack picks up the microphone and mutters the words “at Profane Destruction, your belt is mine!” (75%, great way to end the second taping. Peele was cocky as hell and the fans hated him. Roberts showed that he isn’t completely crippled, but he definitely struggled after that DDT. Mack comes across as strong, by saying little and just locking in the Blackout. I am pumped for the main event.)

Taping #3 (to be broadcasted October 19th 2006)

The show kicks off with Monty Sopp and Orlando Jordan squaring off against their opponents PJ Styles and Jimmy Cross. PJ Styles throws a fit about how he is too big league for this and walks out. Jimmy Cross falls victim to a Sopp Drop in literally a minute and loses the match. Monty Sopp claims that the next match up in the Tournament will be the second to last and it’ll feature Rodney Mack and Davey Freeman versus Waltman and Armstrong! (43%, hardly any reaction for this contest as the fans were literally worn down and sick and tired of seeing one minute matches. This tournament would have been more effective if the entire thing didn’t take place over one taping.)

King Lorum hits the ring and he has a microphone already. He calls out the Hardy Boyz and says he has a bone to pick with both of them. King Lorum says that Jeff Hardy threw his girl friend off a balcony through 8 tables and Matt Hardy robbed him of his chance at becoming QGWA Heavyweight Champion. He says that no other wrestler in the match was screwed more than King Lorum. King Lorum says that he wants to settle this ONCE and FOR ALL! King Lorum challenges the Hardy Boyz to a TLC match at Profane Destruction! King Lorum says that his destiny was ruined at Blood Bath, but King Lorum promises there will be SIXTEEN TABLES. King Lorum says that he promised Jeff 8 tables at Blood Bath, but when the stakes have been doubled, it calls for desperate measures. King Lorum says that next week, his tag-team partner will take on Jeff Hardy in a one on one match! (52%, ouch. King Lorum near a microphone without Mallory is a bad idea. But it got the point through. At Profane Destruction, someone is going through 16 tables and it isn’t going to be pretty. Who will his tag team partner be? My prediction; a reject from the WWE.)

Next up is a match between Horace Hogan and Rick Goulet (they fought each other last month, for the record.) The match is relatively short and ends with Hogan hitting a big boot on Goulet and covering him. Hogan says that Peele has gave him direct orders to take out every single jobber in QGWA and he is going too. Rex Silverstone (an enhancement talent) hits the ring and brawls with Hogan, before they are separated. A match is announced for Profane Destruction. Eww… (32%, was this needed? I know Profane Destruction has to fill time, but really, I’d rather it be shorter than have this piece of shit match on the card. If you are there God, end this debacle.)

Next up is the Strip Tease Series between Johnny McMahon and The Juice. McMahon comes to the ring minus his boots and socks. Throughout the match, The Juice steps on McMahon’s toes, causing him to hop around for comedic effect. McMahon eventually gains control, goes for the Pedigree, but The Juice manages to hit a back body drop and than takes him down with a crucifix pin for the surprise three count. Johnny McMahon is forced to take off another article of clothing, which is his t-shirt. This leaves McMahon wearing nothing but his ring tights and presumably some sort of underwear. McMahon shrieks about how he isn’t going to be naked on pay-per-view, and the Juice claims he will be naked for every wrestling fan to see! (76%, nice match between these two, and they definitely varied it from last week. Last week’s bout was more of a spot fest, while they definitely used some more technical, psychology driven holds this match…. Oh, and Johnny McMahon is getting naked at Profane Destruction. Mark my words.)

In a pre-taped segment, we are in an unknown house. The rooms are messy, there are animals running everywhere, and random people lying passed out on the floor etc. The camera pans on Matt Sydal who is crying about how he lost his job because of her. Sydal says that his life is ruined because of this. Sydal said that he couldn’t say her name because of the trademark and now he is FIRED, FIRED, FIRED! Matt Sydal eventually attacked the camera man, telling him to send a message to her that he loved her. Matt Sydal vowed to be at Profane Destruction, regardless of what “the higher ups” thought. (54%, uh? Wait. Matt Sydal was stripped of his title because he no showed. But how did he no show, since this was the only show that has taken place since he won the belt. Ok, so maybe he didn’t no show, they lied about it and now are trying to sell it to the fans that stripping him of the title after a pathetic 7 second title match, and letting it be decided in a series of matches where the loser will end up naked. The lightweight division is dead on arrival, folks.)

In the main event, it is Rodney Mack and Davey Freeman taking on Sean Waltman and Brian Armstrong. As Mack makes his way too the ring, Peele attacks him and the two brawl up the ramp. Davey Freeman decides to fight the match alone and he plays the role of face in peril (against faces, no less and despite the fact, he has been a tweener). Eventually, Freeman makes a come back and takes both men out. As soon as he is going to try to finish the match off, “The Shit” Ted Stylin distracts the referee and Sean Waltman hits the Waltz (front face buster.) Post-match, Sean Waltman says that the final qualifying match will be next week and it’ll be between Monty Sopp and Orlando Jordan versus Sean Waltman and Brian Armstrong. Waltman says that he wants to finish this once and for all and it’ll happen next week. (66%, the crowd was pretty stoked when Rodney Mack came out, but there was a huge chant of bull shit when he and Peele wrestled up the ramp. The card for Profane Destruction is h eating up as we’ll see the Tag-Team finals between Angel and Fatu versus the winner of the next match [which will be Orlando Jordan and Monty Sopp, guaranteed.].)

In between the tapings, the fans are reminded that Profane Destruction will not be held in a wrestling venue, or a venue of any sorts. The event will take place, literally, in Caleb Hill’s yard. Directions would be posted to his house in New York on the QGWA web site. Apparently the maximum amount of people being let into the show is 200. Does this have disaster written all over it? Yes. By the way, the crowd was dead by now, despite the fact it was an amazing show, top to bottom.

Taping #4 (to be broadcasted October 26th 2006)

The first match of the night sees the finals of the tag-team tournament. Orlando Jordan and Monty Sopp come out to take on Sean Waltman and Brian Armstrong. Sopp and OJ have wrestled 4 matches on the card, all of which combined are not longer than 10 minutes. Pathetic. This match was well wrestled as OJ basically stayed out of the ring and let the DX alumini do their thing. At the 6 minute mark, the big screen television beside the ring turned on and began to show a trailer for Monty Sopp and China Doll’s porno tape. Everyone is distracted, allowing for the Columbine Kids to jump into the ring to hit Sean Waltman with a chair shot, and OJ covers for the victory. After the match, the trailer says “COMING LIVE TO PROFANE DESTRUCTION… THE RED CARPET DEBUT OF ONE NIGHT WITH A SMOKING GUN.” The Raze Crew meets in the aisle way and Johnny Fairplay says that Waltman messed with the wrong crew because at Profane Destruction, Waltman and Armstrong would be facing the Columbine Kids in a tag-team match! And Fairplay says that the trailer wasn’t lying… the Red Carpet Debut of Smoking Gun will take place at Profane Destruction… and China Doll will be in attendance! Waltman starts to flip out and starts cursing as The Raze Crew heads up the ramp, once again managing to get in the head of Sean Waltman. (69%, you know this story line SHOULD be completely and utterly ridiculous. You know it should because it has China Doll, Sean Waltman and Johnny Fairplay. But some how I keep wanting to watch. Something tells me the big guns are being pulled out at Profane Destruction.)

Chris Peele hits the ring with his Heavyweight title around his waist and a microphone in hand. Peele claims that at Profane Destruction, he will do the unthinkable. He has already gone through 17 men in order to get to where he is. The top of the top! But Chris Peele wants to prove the skeptics wrong. People have said that he isn’t the real thing; that he is a fluke, a flash in the pan! Peele says that some people can’t believe that a gay wrestler is holding the QGWA Heavyweight title, including Jake Roberts and Rodney Mack, because they are homophobes. So Peele says that wants to prove that no one is going to hold him back. Chris Peele says that he already had stipulations for the title match confirmed. Peele says that their will be a very special guest referee at Profane Destruction… Jake the Snake Roberts. Peele says that people are going to call him crazy because he is appointing his nemesis as the special guest referee. But Peele says that he has never back down from a challenge before and he isn’t going to let people talk. He is going to shut everyone up because he is going to come out victorious regardless of who his opponent is or if the odds are stacked against him. (87%, whoaaaaa… intense promo here. Peele definitely was on his A+ game. He made this match seem like it on quality with a TNA main event, and it really is. Is Rodney Mack the best wrestler? No, but he is being used to the best of his ability. And who knew that Jake the Snake could be a legitimate contender for the title, but I am definitely thinking that whomever comes out on top of this one is going to give him a title shot. And you know what? He’ll probably win the title.)

Up next was the next match in the Strip Tease Series. But it didn’t really pan out, as the match ended in 20 seconds. Basically Johnny McMahon got caught up listening to the fans chant “take your pants off!” that The Juice managed to hit a sunset flip and get the surprise victory. Johnny McMahon threw a tantrum as The Juice demanded he take his pants off. Johnny McMahon took his pants off and was wearing his boxers. McMahon said that people may perceive this as embarrassing, but he wasn’t. He claimed he was going to win the title at Profane Destruction. The Juice re-enters the ring, tells Johnny McMahon he wants to even the odds and put all of the stakes up at Profane Destruction before taking his tights off to reveal a leopard skin thong. The Juice prances around the ring, teasing to rip it off, but decides not too. (79%, leopard skin thong + The Juice = ratings. This is borderline homoerotic, and I strangely enjoy it. Caleb Hill is definitely pushing the buttons of wrestling fans, knowing what to exploit and what to put on his wrestling program. But no one is tuning in to it… yet.)

Davey Freeman takes on PJ Styles next, and the match was hotly contested for the 5 minutes it lasted. Back and forth action, with a series of reversals that was on par with the X-Division. Eventually PJ Styles rakes the eyes of Davey Freeman and takes advantage. PJ Styles hits the patented AJ offense and even busts out a Vertebreaker for good measure. Davey Freeman gets the advantage, but “The Shit” Ted Sylin’ hits the ring and takes out both men. Ted says he wants to get his name out there and he just showed these two bums what he is worth. Ted Stylin’ says at Profane Destruction, the three will compete in a match that is too good for those B-Level Stunt Monkeys at the amusement park. (62%, what these two had going was amazing. They definitely have a certain chemistry, even if it was a purely a bunch spots strung together. One can only salivate over what they are planning for Profane Destruction. Hopefully it delivers.)

Next up is a segment called “Hitting the Road With Pogo and Johnny” which is Pogo the Clown and Johnny Fairplay’s trials and tribulations on finding a protégé for Pogo. Pogo and Johnny are outside some unmarked building. Pogo says that he as searched long and hard, looking for something that is soft and tender. Pogo says that he found it. The camera pans up and it is a youth modeling agency. The two walk into the building and they chat it up with the secretary, and Pogo states “if it is old enough to walk, it better get on his cock!” Johnny Fairplay claims that he needs to talk to the President of the company because his young son is dying of cancer. Pogo the Clown chirps in that he pounded the rectum so hard he created a tumor. He said it went in one end and came out his mouth. The secretary threatens to call security and the two decide to leave. Pogo the Clown says he has a better idea… he knows where to find a protégé who want run away to their parents screaming… (57%, these segments are getting a little better, but this was plain wrong. Pogo the Clown needs to tone down the whole act a little. This is definitely going to raise the eye brows of a few parents and QGWA doesn’t need that kind of attention. Still not sure what Fairplay is doing in these segments beside picking up a pay cheque.)

In the main event of the last show before the tapings, Jeff Hardy makes his entrance with a masked Matt Hardy by his side. I have no idea why Matt Hardy is wearing a mask because everyone knows it is him by now, but I guess they are playing up the fact that Matt Hardy is/was under WWE contract. King Lorum comes out and announces Jeff Hardy’s opponent for tonight and Lorum’s partner at Profane Destruction… his girl friend, Mallory. Jeff Hardy is quite surprised and the fans are too… so much that they chant “she’s hardcore” because of her stunt at Blood Bath, only two days ago. Jeff Hardy is wary to attack a woman at first, but after Mallory slaps him and kicks him in the groin, the match kicks off. Hardy tries for all of his trade mark spots, but Mallory dodges them all. And she hits a few, like a diving hurricrana, a dragonrana and a spring board shooting star press (!!!) to the outside. The fans chant “O-M-G” as Mallory totally surprises the fans. But the end of the match comes when Jeff Hardy levels her with a Twist of Fate, climbs up top and crushes her with a Swanton Bomb. Post-match, King Lorum helps his girl friend too her feet before vowing to put the Hardy Boyz through 16 tables! (69%, when did that girl learn to wrestle? First she takes a huge bump off the balcony in the Bingo Hall, and now she is hitting shooting star presses and dragonrana’s. Color me impressed. Great way to end the show, and I am betting that Mallory sticks it out for the match and that the TLC match is a definite match of the night candidate.)

Before the show formally ends, Marcus Bagwell and Caleb Hill hit the ring and they hype up Profane Destruction.

Profane Destruction live on October 29th 2006, being held in the backyard of Caleb Hill’s house.

QGWA Heavyweight Title Match

Chris Peele © versus Rodney Mack

QGWA Lightweight Title Strip Series

Johnny McMahon versus The Juice

TLC Match

The Hardy Boyz versus King Lorum & Mallory

QGWA Tag-Team Title Tournament Final’s

Monty Sopp & Orlando Jordan versus Fatu & Angel

The Columbine Kids versus Sean Waltman & "The BA” Brian Armstrong

Davey Freeman versus “The Shit” Ted Stylin’ versus PJ Styles

Horace Hogan versus Rex Silverstone

Plus a bonus opening match featuring…

Marcus Bagwell versus Mondo Matt & Awesome Adam


The debut of One Night With A Smoking Gun and the return of China Doll to QGWA!

The return of Matt Sydal (he left?!?) to QGWA.

Overall, the show was pretty hit and miss. The last taping was by far the best product that QGWA has ever put out. But the other tapings were pretty hit or miss. Profane Destruction looks mildly entertaining and I will definitely be attending. Although it looks kind of hit (Freeman/Stylin/Styles, Hardy Boyz/Lorum&Mallory, Peele/Mack) or miss {Hogan/Silverstone, Bagwell/Matt&Awesome), for the most part it looks to be worth the price of admission. But QGWA really has to start something new, since all of the story lines have pretty much extended the last two months. The WWE would get blasted for doing something like that these days.

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October 29th, 2006.

The event is held in the backyard of Caleb Hill’s house. It was pretty chaotic, as it was first come, first serve seating. He had quite the yard which was comfortably able to fit 200 sitting people, while others could stand at the back and watch the event minus a chair. A huge tarp covered a bit of the yard, but it was used for a good reason. There was roughly 300 people there, give or take thirty or forty people. The crowd was hot all night and very rowdy. There was a lot of crowd interaction during the entire show.


Marcus Bagwell versus Awesome Adam and Mondo Matt

The crowd were none too happy to see Marcus Bagwell, who came out to a chorus of boos. Bagwell played up to the audience, and tried to act like a cocky face, but they just booed him constantly. When Awesome Adam and Mondo Matt came out wearing their matching 80’s outfits, the fans gave them a nice applause with a chant of “retro rocks”. The two men get in the ring and size up their opponent. When the bell rings, they rush Bagwell who takes both men down with a clothes line. He falls this up with a double hip toss and a double drop kick on both men simultaneously. Bagwell takes both men over the top with a clothes line and flexes before the fans boo him and chant “you can’t wrestle”. Ouch. That has to hurt.

When both men get into the ring, they take Bagwell down with a series of chops and other various strikes. Bagwell is eventually on one knee, breathing heavily when he gets up to his feet and takes both men down with a double clothes line. The fans chant “you already did that!” Bagwell flips the fans off, which gets him an even bigger boo. Bagwell turns around and Awesome Adam thumbs him in the eye. They toss him into the ropes and take him down with a double super kick. Awesome Adam and Mondo Matt quickly cover Bagwell and the referee counts to three. As the bell rings, the jobber duo roll to the outside and celebrate on the outside. Marcus Bagwell gets up to his feet and demands the microphone from the ring announcer.

Marcus Bagwell:

“Well, folks, you got what you all wanted. This is it. Marcus Bagwell, the total package, the stuff, is hanging up the tights and the head set. I’ve been sidelined with a career threatening injury and I didn’t want to losing the use of my upper body for a promotion that paid me in dimes and nickels and run by a dumb faggot. He probably asked me to dress up in S&M because the faggot wanted to jack off while I was in the ring. And his boy friend, who may I remind you is the Heavyweight champion, isn’t much better. I wouldn’t want to wrestle him, he’d probably get a hard-on wrestling something like me. Doesn’t he know who I am? I wrestled in WCW and the WWE, I am a household name. And than, I became voice of QGWA because of my injuries until Caleb Hill told me to either leave the promotion or take a pay cut. Fuck Caleb Hill and fuck this shit indie federation. And if you are wondering if this is a shoot or a work, this is a shoot. Because you aren’t ever going to see me again in a wrestling ring, because I quit this unforgiving, degrading profession.”

Marcus Bagwell throws down the microphone and storms away. The fans are chanting “fuck you” as Marcus Bagwell rolls out of the ring, hops over the barriers (with no security guards following him). Marcus Bagwell disappears and doesn’t return anytime during the night.

Winner: Mondo Matt and Awesome Adam at :54 by pin fall (50%, he definitely did the job tonight. Something tells me that this wasn’t planned and just sort of happened. Apparently people followed Marcus Bagwell and asked him where he was going. Bagwell told them to fuck off and that he was going home and never coming back. Good riddance.)

Opening bout

Davey Freeman versus “The Shit” Ted Stylin versus PJ Styles

The fans are on their feet the second Ted Stylin comes out from behind the curtain. He slides into the ring and proceeds to do a bit of taunting as the fans boo him. The Shit demands a microphone from the ring announcer and he receives it. The Shit pauses as the fans calm down and await what he has to say.

“The Shit” Ted Stylin

“I don’t want to get anybody worked up in DA HOUSE, but the Shit has a message for each and every fan in attendance TONIGHT. Not only am I the shit, but I am off the hook. I am a trend setting, trail blazing genius. And tonight, I am going to show that only am I the shit, but I be frontin’! Check it!”

The Shit throws down the microphone and hollers to bring out the next opponent. Coming from behind the curtain is Davey Freeman to a mild pop. Freeman slaps the fans hands as he runs down the partial grass, partial padded ground as he slides into the ring. Freeman and Stylin have a brief stare down that is interrupted when PJ Styles enters the house to a chorus of boos. PJ Styles crawls onto the apron and mouths off at the fans. Freeman wastes no time catching him underneath the chin with a super kick. PJ Styles is slow to his feet and when he is up to his feet, Ted Stylin’ hits a huge spring board senton splash to the outside and collides with PJ Styles. Styles is barely able to hold himself up on the railing as he attempts to get back into the ring. But Davey Freeman hits a borderline suicidal suicide dive to the outside as he nearly lands head first on the padded ground. Davey Freeman is slow to his feet and rolls into the ring.

Freeman gets attacked from behind by Ted Stylin’. Stylin drills him with a series of forearms before taking him to the mat with a stiff snap mare. Stylin sizes him up before kicking him in the spine. Stylin picks him up and goes for another snap mare, but Freeman elbows him and reverses it with a Russian leg sweep. Freeman applies an octupus stretch and Stylin yelps in pain. Just as soon as the fans think Stylin is going to tap, PJ Styles breaks the hold and picks up Stylin’ before hitting a back body drop. PJ spring boards off the middle rope and hits a moon sault before covering Stylin’. Kick out at 2 though. The two men are up to their feet and PJ hits a rake to the eyes and stalls Stylin’ from gaining a come back. PJ whips him into the ropes and takes him down with a tilt a whirl back breaker. PJ covers, but only a two count. PJ slams his hands against the mat and starts to argue with the referee when Freeman hits a quick roll up on PJ Styles. 1-2-3! PJ Styles has been eliminated from the match at the 3 minute and 8 second mark. So quickly we bid farewell to PJ Styles.

The match is now a contest of two, as Freeman sizes up Ted Stylin’ and goes for a clothes line. But Ted Stylin’ ducks it, grabs him from behind and crushes him in the middle of the ring with a german suplex with a bridge. Freeman kicks out at 2, but Stylin’ refuses to break the hold as he goes for another german suplex. But wait, Freeman manages to turn it into another quick roll up. The fans almost cry in agony as the match is seconds away from ending, but Ted Stylin’ gets his shoulder up at two. Ted Stylin is up to his feet and Freeman pokes him in the eye and hits a jaw breaker. As Ted Stylin’ is dazed after the jaw breaker, Freeman launches himself off the second rope and takes Ted Stylin’ down with a karate kick placed squarely on the chest. Freeman covers, but Stylin’ kicks out at 2.

The two men are up to their feet after some brawling on the mat, and they are going punch for punch. But Ted Stylin’ ducks a punch and hits a huge neck breaker on Freeman. Freeman rolls on the mat in pain as Ted Stylin’ gives himself a round of applause. He covers Freeman, but only a two count. Ted Stylin’ argues with the referee and Freeman once again rolls him up. The fans give them hell for this as they chant “same spot”. Ted Stylin’ seems generally pissed off about this as he lays the boots to Freeman who was slow to his feet. Ted Stylin’ picks him up and delivers one hell of a stiff suplex in the center of the ring. Freeman no sells the suplex and gets up to his feet and starts bitching at Stylin’ in the middle of the ring. The referee gets in between the two men and tries to cool them down as they are really yelling at each other. A couple of staff members and Caleb Hill are kind of nearing the ring a bit, but staying cautiously away. Stylin’ and Freeman are still yelling at each other, but Stylin’ slaps the taste out of Freeman’s mouth and all bets are off. The two men are rolling around on the mat, clasping each other’s throats and throwing legitimate punches. Some staff members manage to drag Freeman out of the ring while Caleb Hill says something to Freeman and than rolls into the ring and cautions Ted Stylin’. After a few minutes of awkwardness, the match continues.

After a botched moon sault by Freeman, Stylin’ throws Freeman into the corner and begins to legitimately chop him. Freeman throws a stiff European upper cut that catches Stylin’ off guard and sends him sprawling to the mat, looking dazed. Freeman than proceeds to kick him in the face and get on all fours and begins to strangle Stylin’. The two men roll around the ring as the fans chant “W-T-F”. Both men are up to their feet and lock up in the middle of the ring and are visibly seen talking to each other. This leads to a series of reversals that leads to a head lock take down by Stylin’. He pushes his weight back and has Freeman’s shoulders pinned to the mat. The referee counts two, and as Freeman struggles to get his shoulder up, the referee refuses to make the three count. After a couple of seconds of Freeman’s shoulders clearly being pinned to the mat, Freeman manages to break free from the hold. The fans are chanting “BULLSHIT’ now as the two men are up to their feet. Freeman rolls to the outside and starts to walk up the aisle as he doesn’t seem interested in continuing the match. Caleb Hill meets him half way up the aisle and the two are clearly having a vivid argument. In the ring, Ted Stylin’ has set up a chair near the ropes. He gets a running start, using the chair to do a Sabu-like jump onto the top ropes before hitting an INSANE spring board shooting star press and hits Freeman who is at least 12 feet away. The fans cannot believe what they saw as they chant “O-M-G”. Ted Stylin’ picks up another chair and sets it up on the grass. He jumps onto the chair, than onto the railing, before hitting a 630 splash off the railing and onto Freeman who is lying on the grass. The fans once again chant “O-M-G” as the two men are up to their feet. Freeman is tossed towards the ring apron, but he hops onto the ring apron, and goes for an asai moon sault, but in rotation Stylin’ throws a chair square into his face and he nearly lands on his head on the padded floor.

Ted Stylin’ gets into the ring and asks the fans what they wanna see. They all scream ‘THE SHIT’ before he nods in approval. He sets the chair up once again, this time in the corner. He gets a running start, Sabu jumps onto the top rope before hitting a dragonrana all the way to the outside, landing on Freeman and taking him out with the insane spot. The fans cannot believe what they just witnessed as they chant “HOLY SHIT” in unison. Ted Stylin’ gets in the ring and signals to the fans it is over. As Davey Freeman rolls into the ring, Ted Stylin’ kicks him in the gut and sets up for a power bomb. But Freeman isn’t going down that easy, as he reverses it into a Vertebreaker and covers. Only a two count as Ted Stylin’ gets his shoulder up. Davey Freeman points to the top rope as he climbs to his feet. He sizes up Ted Stylin’ before coming off the top rope with a diving spear. He takes Ted Stylin’ down and hooks the leg. Only a two count though as Stylin’ gets his foot on the ropes. Ted Stylin’ is up to his feet and he hits a dropsault on Davey Freeman and covers for a two count. Ted Stylin’ comes up to the top rope and waits for Freeman to get to his feet. He dives over top of him and sunset flips him into a cover, allowing him to get the three count! Ted Stylin’ is up to his feet, raising his hands in the air as the fans give him a modest cheer. Ted Stylin’ rolls to the outside of the ring and walks up the aisle way as the fans watch Davey Freeman become upset over his loss and head up the ramp.

Winner: “The Shit” Ted Stylin’ by pin fall at 13:41 (61%, the fans were kind of into this bout until half way through when their was an awkward stretch. What was with Stylin’ and Freeman almost getting into a fight? Legit or work? My guess is the later, but it really bombed as the fans weren’t interested after that. Although Stylin’ gained them back with some amazing spots that we never knew existed.)

Horace Hogan versus Rex Silverstone

Out first is Rex Silverstone. He is about 6’4”, very buff, but overall looks very “blah” . He comes out to Between The Buried And Me and looks ready to rip someone apart. He slides into the ring and flexes as the fans seem rather unimpressed. Billy Talent’s song “The Suffering” plays as “The Leader” Horace Hogan walks down the aisle way and ignores the fans. Horace Hogan rolls into the ring and sizes up his opponent. The two sorta-big men have a brief stare down that ends with Silverstone edging Hogan out by a whole inch in terms of height. Hogan breaks the physical silence with a rake to the eyes and an irish whip. He picks up Rex Silverstone with a hip toss and plants him in the middle of the ring. Hogan gets a bounce off the ropes and sizes up Silverstone for a leg drop, but he rolls out of the way and Hogan hits nothing but mat.

The two men are up to their feet and Rex hits a mongolian chop that sends Hogan to his knees, and Rex grabs him by the waist and hits a belly to belly suplex. Rex covers, but only a two count. Rex is up to his feet and the big men is going toe to toe with Hogan. But he walks right into a big boot that sends him to the mat. Hogan climbs to the second rope and sizes up Rex. He flies off the second and lands a fist drop on the skull of Rex. Both men are up to their feet now and Rex gets hit with a clothesline that sends him rocking. Rex doesn’t fall over, as Hogan grabs him by the waist and rocks him with a spine buster. Horace Hogan rips down his tights from his shoulder (ala Kurt Angle) and sticks Rex Silverstone in for a power bomb. But Rex Silverstone reverses it into a back body drop. Rex Silverstone waits for Horace Hogan to get up before he hoists him high into the air for a gorilla press slam. He drops him to the mat and signals for a running move of sorts. The fans chant “GOLDBERG SUCKS” as Rex Silverstone chuckles at the fans and sizes up Horace Hogan for a spear. But Hogan catches him with a kick to the gut and than power bombs him in the middle of the ring. Horace Hogan bounces off the ropes and lands a huge leg drop. He covers, but Rex Silverstone kicks out from the destructible leg drop.

At the 5 minute mark, the fans are chanting “boring” despite the fact that these two are producing a bout that is simply below average, not horrendous. Horace Hogan locks in a bear hug and Rex seems to be losing control of the bout. Rex grasps for the ropes, but he loses all consciousness and the referee is about to call for the bell when Horace Hogan releases the hold. He picks up Rex Silverstone, signals the match is coming to an end and hits the fallaway slam. He crawls over and covers Silverstone as the referee counts to three and signals that the match is over. Horace Hogan raises his hands in victory and demands the microphone from the ring announcer.

”The Leader” Horace Hogan:

“Chirs Peele ordered me to destroy any one who got in his way. I smashed Silverstone and anyone who gets in my way is NEXT.”

Hogan throws the microphone to the side and stampedes to the backstage area. Rex Silverstone is slow to his feet and the fans don’t give him quite the reaction as they chant “you suck” at him, without provocation. Harsh.

Winner: Horace Hogan by pin fall at 7:05 (42%, did this have to take part at the show? I guess it was entirely filler, but it was entirely out of place following a decent cruiserweight bout. Whatever. It was better than expected, but only by a bit.)

The Columbine Kids /w Johnny Fairplay, Pogo the Clown versus Sean Waltman & Brian Armstrong /w Tammy Lynn Sytch

Coming out first is the Columbine Kids, who have been fairly quiet in the last month or so. They are accompanied to the ring by their stablemate, Pogo the Clown, and their mouth piece, Johnny Fairplay. The two lightweights slide into the ring and taunt the fans as they adjust their Slipknot like masks and scowl down at the audience. They are interrupted by Brian Armstrong and Sean Waltman who walk down to the ring with the slogan “CAUSIN’ A RUCKUS” on their t-shirts and on the back it says “RUCKUS IS RECRUITIN’”. Before the match can begin, though, Brian Armstrong demands a microphone.

“The BA” Brian Armstrong

“Hold the damn match for one second. I know you two little school shooters want to tango with the two most deadly wrestlers in the biz, but your gonna hafta slow down for two seconds while I break this shit down! My name is The BA, which stands for BAD ASS, Brian Armstrong, and this is my partner, the King Of the X, Sean Waltman. We’ve conquered the globe, we’ve conquered the competition, we’ve conquered each and every one of your ladies and boy did they cream their god damn panties. But my friend, Sean, is a little pissed because you four keep parading that manly slut in front of his eyes. You guys say that you are debuting some sort of sick transvestite, midget porn and we aren’t interested in that bull shit. We came here to kick ass and get revenge for Monty Sopp embarrassing The King Of the X, and we are going to start the path of vindication TONIGHT by whooping your asses.”

The BA throws the microphone aside, but before the match can begin, Dylan Harris picks up a microphone and brushes it off before he stares down Armstrong.

“Columbine Kid” Dylan Harris

“That was a whole lot of talking for some stiff who’s got ONE FOOT in the door at the retirement complex down the street. I know that you are going to look at our appearances and judge us, thinkin’ that we are misfits and that we don’t belong, but we don’t give a fuck. We’re The Columbine Kids and we do things OUR way. And we don’t give a shit about no scandalous sex tape OR about your little scheme for revenge. What we care about is establishing the Raze Crew as the most dominant force in the world of wrestling. So whether we pin your shoulders to the mat, or force you on your knees and execute your asses, we are going to prove that we aren’t washed up has-been’s like you too.”

Dylan Harris throws the microphone to the side and the Columbine Kids meet up with Ruckus in the center of the ring and start talking trash. The two sides have a brief stare down that ends with fists flying every where. Eventually Armstrong and Waltman have The Kids reeling with lefts and rights, but out of no where, Harris and Kleobold hit enzugris in unison, sending their opponents to the mat. The Colunmbine Kids help up Brian Armstrong and whip him into the ropes hoping to take him down with a double back body drop. But he puts on the breaks, and kicked Dylan Harris square in the sterum, sending him flying back and into a spinning heel kick by Waltman, and Armstrong takes Kleobold out with a DDT. The Columbine Kids are on the outside recovering as Armstrong and Waltman celebrate in the ring.

Armstrong decides to start the match off, and Kleobold vows to make his opponents pay as he is the legal man. The match kicks off with a series of reversals, that has Brian Armstrong showcasing more wrestling skill than anyone would give him credit. This all ends with Kleobold taking Armstrong to the mat with a bull dog. He waits for Armstrong to sit up before he hits a drop kick to the chest. Kleobold covers, but only a one count. Kleobold encourages the referee to speed up the counts, but the referee will hear none of it. Kleobold swings Armstrong around and he plants a series of forearms right into the back of Armstrong. Armstrong keels over with each strike and gasps for air as Kleobold has found a weak spot. But Armstrong rakes the eyes and takes Kleobold to the mat with a whip using his mask. Armstrong bounces off the ropes and hits a knee drop to the skull of Kleobold before tagging in Waltman.

Waltman is full of energy as he takes Kleobold to the ropes with a series of unorthodox kicks and punches. Eventually Waltman bounces off the ropes and drop kick’s his knee, before kicking him in the face. Waltman hollars to the fans as he climbs up to the second rope. Kleobold catches this in the corner of his eyes and he flees to his corner and tags in Harris. Harris enters the ring and Waltman and him lock up. Waltman applies a head lock and has the serious advantage as he counters a few counters of the head lock. Waltman has Harris on the mat, as Harris tries to cradle back into a pin fall, but Waltman keeps blocking it and pinning Harris to the mat, only able to get a two count. The two men are eventually up to their feet and Harris manages to hit a concealed low blow, which leads him to hit a spring board drop kick which takes Waltman to the mat. Harris climbs to the second rope and hits a leg drop which has Waltman gasping for air.

Harris tags into Kleobold, and it looks like Waltman might be playing the face in peril role. But wait, Waltman ducks a flying forearm and Kleobold hits nothing but mat. Waltman waits for him to get up before he rolls him up into a small package. Two count. Waltman is up and sunset flips over him. Two count. Waltman hits a crucifix roll up. Two count! Waltman is up to his feet, but Kleobold blocks a pin fall and turns it into a sharp shooter. Kleobold manages to drag Waltman over to his corner while in the hold and tags to Harris. Harris hits a spring board elbow drop onto Waltman while he is in the sharp shooter. Harris stomps away at Waltman and eventually hits a running elbow drop on the back of Waltman before turning him over for a cover. Two count though as it is simply not enough. Waltman is up to his feet and he ducks a clothes line and hits a neck breaker on Harris! Waltman crawls to his corner and makes the tag to Armstrong.

Armstrong enters the ring and takes the Columbine Kids down with a double clothes line. Waltman gains his second wind and he enters the ring and hits a series of double team moves with Armstrong including a back body drop, hip toss and power bomb. But it isn’t enough as the Columbine Kids manage to kick out each and every time there is a cover. Eventually Armstrong is furious and signals that it is over. He sets Harris up for the pump handle slam, but something catches his eye, coming up the aisle way. It is China Doll, holding a DVD case. She smiles as Armstrong shoves Harris to the mat and dares her to step into the ring. But wait, Tammy Lynn Sytch meets her in the ramp and the two proceed to have a war of words. Tammy Lynn Sytch winds up to slap China Doll, but someone grabs her arm and throws her aside. It is Sean Waltman… he and China Doll stare at each other, and than they embrace with a kiss. What the fuck? Johnny Fairplay and Pogo the Clown are irate as they cannot believe what they are watching. Monty Sopp rushes out from behind the curtain, and grabs China Doll by the wrist and demand she come to the backstage area, but she refuses. Meanwhile, the Columbine Kids are clearly in control of the match as Brian Armstrong was distracted. They send him into the ropes and set up for a 3-D type move, but he takes them both down with a flying clothes line. Armstrong yells for Waltman to return to the ring, but he won’t as there is something MORE important taking part in the aisle way.

Monty Sopp and Sean Waltman both have China Doll by the wrist and are tugging in two different directions. Eventually they stop and ask her to make a decision. She slaps Monty Sopp, and turns to Sean Waltman. She slaps Sean Waltman and than walks up the ramp. She slides into the ring and her and Brian Armstrong embrace in a kiss. Brian Armstrong tells the two men that he got the girl and their ain’t a damn thing the two of them can do, BUT suck it! Sean Waltman gets into the ring and he is irate, as he shoves his partner and than kicks him in the gut and hits the X-Factor on Armstrong. But Monty Sopp drags Waltman out of the ring as Dylan Harris covers Armstrong and gets the three count!

Winner: The Columbine Kids by pin fall at 10:44 (69%, this rating is purely for the match, as the comments on the angle will be placed in the next segment analysis. The Columbine Kids came across as kind of weak looking in contrast to Ruckus, but they are a fairly young team in contrast.)

Monty Sopp is on the outside with The Raze Crew, Sean Waltman is on the right side of the ring by himself, and Brian Armstrong is on the left side of the ring with China Doll. Brian Armstrong picks up a microphone to speak, but instead China Doll opts to say something “important”.

China Doll

“Monty, One Night In Smoking Gunn is not going to get it’s debut tonight. I am sorry. I am an emotional wreck since I learned that I was pregnant.”

“The G Man” Monty Sopp

“Wait one second. The love of my life has a bun in the oven? Monty Sopp may have restored his CROP? This is amazing. I am going to be a daddy with the most beautiful woman in the world.”

China Doll

“It may not be yours… that is the problem. I traced back the day and I had sexual relations with more than one person. I had sex with you… Sean…… Brian.”

“The BA” Brian Armstrong

“You got that, Sopp? Or should I say, you got that Monty “I should be cleaning up shit stains at burger king with a Mop” You think that you are any where near able to be the father of a baby? You are self-absorbed, you are moronic and you can’t dance or rap as well as The BA can!”

China Doll

“Well, Brian, I am not even sure you are the father. There is a small percentage that you aren’t the father. You all have an equal chance of being the father of this baby. And it doesn’t come down to biology, because we are living in a tolerant society that taught me that blood may not be thicker than water. I’ve been hurt before and I have shed my tears. I want the father of this baby to PROVE to me that they deserve it.”

“The King Of The X” Sean Waltman

“China, I love you. I love you more than any one, including God, can realize. You may have trashed my heart, but fuck. I am just so fucked up right now. I cry every time I think of you and I together. I cut myself for fuck sake’s. My psychologist wants me to go on anti-depressants. But this can save me. If I know I’ve got something to live for, you can save me.”

China Doll

“Sean, we have a long history together and I love you for it all. But you are in the same boat with Monty and Brian. You have to prove to me that you are deserving. And tonight the search begins for who the father of my baby will be. But I must warn you… that I said that I had sex with Monty, Sean and Brian. But I didn’t say that there wasn’t anyone else. I just don’t think that certain somebody is deserving to be the father of my child. In two weeks, on VILE Wrestling, one of the men will be eliminated from the contest. But by the fans’ vote! Either Brian Armstrong, Sean Waltman or Monty Sopp will be eliminated and will not have the chance to be the father of this baby. And than at next month’s extravaganza, the father will be crowned for the entire wrestling world to see! So you’d better start impressing me boys, or else you’ll lose the chance of a life time.”

China Doll tosses the microphone aside, while the three men proceed to argue from their respected distances, all of whom are quite angry that the fourth men who had sex with China Doll was not revealed. She waves to the audience as she heads to the backstage area and disappears behind a veil of curtains. The three men all leave aruging about who is going to be the rightful father of China Doll’s baby. (68%, a pregnancy angle? *Sigh* is this what QGWA needs? And I don’t want to think of the offspring that would be created with China Doll and any of these three goofs. The mysterious “fourth” man will definitely be played up in the future. I am kind of curious where this is going, only for the sheer “car crash” like affect of it all. You know you don’t want to really watch, but some sort of interest in the horrible quality of it all almost seduces you into watching.)

Strip Series Final’s for the Lightweight Title

Johnny McMahon versus “The Juice” Juventud Guerrera

Before the match starts, it was very noticeable that some police cruisers had arrived. Reports vary that Caleb Hill managed to deal with them, but they would come back later on in the night. The police kept receiving crank phone calls from the venue and complaints, so they stopped by and warned Caleb Hill that they weren’t afraid to shut the show down. Another report stated that they were looking to do a drug raid, but Hill managed to sooth things over until the event was over.

Out first is Johnny McMahon to Fat Chance, and he is already pissing the fans off by handing them pink slips. The fans simply laugh at McMahon who is wearing his patented boxers, as th Johnny McMahon is perhaps the most underused character in QGWA, as the guy could definitely have a future with the gimmick. McMahon slides into the ring and looks the referee up and down and than shoves him. The referee points at the boxers that Johnny McMahon is wearing and begins to chuckle. Johnny McMahon threatens to punch him but he is interrupted by Viscera Eyes by The Mars Volta. The Juice walks out towards the ring and the fans are cheering the Juice, who is simply wearing a thong due to the Strip Series. The two men are in the ring, staring each other down and Johnny McMahon extends his hand for a shake. The Juice turns to the crowd for advice and they all boo. The Juice slaps him upside the head and the two men lock up. When The Juice gets a wrist lock in and goes behind Johnny McMahon he gets worried with The Juice back there only wearing a thong and freaks out.

The two men end up in a series of comical reversals as The Juice keeps thrusting his thong covered crotch towards the face of Johnny McMahon or near his rear. Eventually the two men are up to their feet and The Juice takes him down with a headlock take down. Johnny McMahon considers a head scissor’s reversal, but remember’s that he is only wearing boxers and instead manages to struggle to his feet. He rifles The Juice with a series of forearms and than plants him with a back body drop. Johnny McMahon climbs to the outside and signals for a spring board hurricrana. But The Juice dives out of the way and Johnny lands on his feet, bounces off the middle rope and swings around trying to catch him with a hurricrana, but the Juice dodges it. Johnny McMahon gets a running start off the ropes and third time is a charm as he hits a hurricrana that sends The Juice flying across the ring. The Juice is up to one foot and Johnny McMahon hits a series of forearms. He sets the Juice up in the center of the ring and plants him with a brain buster. He covers, but a kick out at two! Johnny McMahon threatens the referee by saying his uncle will fire him, but the referee tells him to shut up.

After some stalling, the two men return to their match. The Juice tries for some high risk moves, but Johnny McMahon dodges each and every one of them and eventually bails to the outside. McMahon taunts the crowd, signalling he is too smart for them. But The Juice simply hits a suicide dive and lands on Johnny McMahon. As the Juice gets up to his feet, he falls out of his thong a bit which the fans respond too with a “JUICEY PENIS” chant. The Juice readjusts himself and than throws McMahon into the railing before tossing him into the crowd. A few fans try to rip off McMahon’s boxers, but he manages to climb over the railing and to the padded floor. Johnny McMahon is tossed towards the railing once again, but he jumps onto the railing and than hits a diving hurricrana off the railing to the fans delight. Johnny McMahon picks up The Juice and rolls him into the ring. He ascends the top turn buckle and signals for the hurricrana, but The Juice hits the ropes and McMahon lands square on his crotch. He yelps in pain as the Juice climbs to the top rope. He goes for a superplex, but Johnny McMahon shoves him off the top rope and than hits a frog splash off the top. He hooks the leg, but only a two count.

Johnny McMahon drop kicks the knee of The Juice and applies a one legged boston crab. McMahon has the hold in for a good minute before he releases the hold. He is targeting the knee now as he hits a series of kicks to the knee. He picks up The Juice and hits a Dragon Screw. He follows it up with two more and climbs to the top rope. Johnny McMahon flies in the air and lands on The Juice’s knee with a frog splash. The Juice is writhing in pain as Johnny McMahon grabs his leg and sets up for a sharp shooter. But The Juice rolls ihm up into a small package. Kick out at 2! The Juice is struggling to his feet when Johnny McMahon grabs him and hits a stiff brain buster in the center of the ring. Johnny McMahon covers him with one foot on his chest, but The Juice grabs his foot and applies an ankle lock. Johnny McMahon is screaming in pain while he tries to grab the ropes, but he cannot. Eventually The Juice releases the hold, only to apply the Juvi Lock! The Juice has a hard time applying the hold as his own knee is giving out the entire time the hold is in place. Eventually he collapses over in pain and holds his own leg. The two men take a while to get to their feet, but they both go for drop kicks to the leg and both miss. The fans applaud as both men get up to their feet. Johnny McMahon snap mares The Juice, but he lands on his feet. Unfortunately The Juice’s knee couldn’t handle the pain and he collapse’s in pain. Johnny McMahon applies a figure four leg lock and has the hold in tight. Eventually the Juice manages to change the tides of the match, as he manages to turn the hold over and apply the pressure on Johnny McMahon.

After the figure four is broken up, both men are to their feet and Johnny McMahon hits a thumb to the eye. Johnny McMahon goes for a back body drop, but The Juice flips over and manages to roll up Johnny McMahon. Two count. Johnny McMahon is up to his feet first and he drop kicks The Juice in the face while he is sitting on the mat. Johnny McMahon manages to roll to the outside and he grabs a chair. The referee begins to argue with him about the legality of the chair, but as soon as the Juice is up to his feet he hits the Smash Mouth. But the Juice grabs the chair and throws it back at Johnny McMahon almost instantly and it catches him square in the skull! Johnny McMahon falls into the corner and is barely able to prop himself up. The Juice grabs his head and hits a tornado DDT in the middle of the ring. The Juice covers, but a kick out at 2! The Juice is up to his feet and signals for the end. The Juice picks up Johnny McMahon and goes for the Juvi Driver, but his knee gives out and the two men collapse in the middle of the ring. The Juice holds his knee in agony as Johnny McMahon quickly recovers and applies a one legged boston crab! The fans chant “boring” as Johnny McMahon applies more and more pressure. Eventually he changes the single leg crab into an STF, but eventually lets go of the hold.

As the two men stumble to their feet, Johnny McMahon kicks The Juice in the gut and goes for the Stunner. But The Juice manages to shove him off, picks him in the air and sets up for a Juvi Driver! But wait, Johnny McMahon slides off his shoulders, swings him around and kicks him in the gut. Johnny McMahon sets up for the Pedigree, which is called The Glass Ceiling! He plants it perfectly and the match should be over. Johnny McMahon crawls over and drapes his arm over The Juice, but only gets a two count. The Juice is up to his feet and blocks a punch by Johnny McMahon and sets a series of punches that sends Johnny McMahon into the corner. The Juice hits a series of shoulder tackles that sends Johnny McMahon to the mat. Johnny McMahon is sitting up in the corner when The Juice is standing in the middle of the ring asking the fans what they want to see. The Juice proceeds to pull down his thong revealing… everything. The clearly inebriated and disorientated Juventud goes for a nude bronco buster in the corner, but Johnny McMahon rolls to the outside and starts to curse. The fans are in tears laughing as Johnny McMahon is cursing a lot and uttering a lot of homophobic slurs, the Juice putting his thong back on properly. The fans chant “go home homophobe” as Johnny McMahon brushes the cheers off. The Juice tells him to get in the ring, his speech is slurred. Johnny McMahon refuses! Behind The Juice is Matt Sydal though, with the Lightweight title in hand. He swings and busts The Juice open with a title belt shot! Johnny McMahon enters the ring hoping to shake the hand of Matt Sydal, but Sydal drops him with a title belt shot as well! Matt Sydal rolls to the outside and heads to the backstage area, the referee is befuddled about what to do! After thirty seconds, The Juice rolls over and drapes his arm over Johnny McMahon. The referee stands motionless for a second and than makes the three count! The Juice is up to his feet with the title belt in his hand, his theme music playing as well, when he is interrupted.

Caleb Hill

“This ain’t happening! Cut the damn music!”

Caleb Hill is in the aisle way confronting Matt Sydal and ordering him back to the ring as the he looks pissed off. Caleb Hill rolls into the ring and rips the Lightweight title belt away from The Juice.

Caleb Hill

“You guys just had to fuck up tonight, just ten minutes after I had to tell some punk ass police officer to go fuck himself. This isn’t going down like this. We aren’t awarding title belts to unworthy challengers. You didn’t earn this title belt, Guerrera, and you aren’t leaving the arena with it. Not only because you didn’t earn it, but because you are clearly not sober and because you are out here embarrassing yourself. Matt Sydal, you were damaging the image of this belt by stalking woman and getting me cease and desist orders delivered to my door step. I wasn’t going to risk having myself get sued for something you did. The company couldn’t have a black eye like that. What we are going to do is award this title belt next month at the Pay-Per-View, Shed The Blood Of The Innocent. It’ll be a four way dance between Juventud Guerrera, Johnny McMahon, Matt Sydal and…”

“The Notorious A-S-S” Johnny McMahon

“You know what? My uncle would be appalled by this wrestling program. Male nudity!? What true red blooded wrestling fan wants to see that? We need more Horace Hogan and Rex Silverstone matches! Regardless, I’ve got more important business than feuding for this Lightweight title, Hill. I told every body once before, I am above this title belt and tonight I am going to prove it. I am the Notorious A-S-S, The Best Damn Cruiserweight in the business, and I am going to make my uncle proud tonight!”

Caleb Hill

“You can think your above the Lightweight title all you want, but you ain’t. But I’ll let you be delusional. It satisfies my craving too watch you get your ass kicked every single week. But that means we’ve got an opening in the bout.”

“The Shit” Ted Stylin’ hits the ring with a microphone in hand.

“The Shit” Ted Stylin’

“You know what/? I am going to put your search to an end. You want another competitor in the title match next month – make it me. I beat two other lightweight tonight and I deserve it more than anyone else in QGWA. It’ll be me, versus Matt Sydal, versus The Juice, for the Lightweight title.”

Caleb Hill

“Silly little Teddy, I told you that it was a four way dance and I was cut off before I could even finish. It’ll be you three, plus a wrestler who won’t be announced until a later date, fighting for the Lightweight title. And to make sure that a proper champion is crowned, I am making it a cage match for the belt. And once and for all, a proper Lightweight Champion will be crowned.”

Caleb Hill tosses the microphone to the side of the ring and rolls out of the ring. Caleb Hill waltzes up towards the backstage area as “The Shit” Ted Stylin’ argues with The Juice and Matt Sydal over who is going to walk out of Shed The Blood Of The Innocent next month in November!

Winner: “The Juice” Juventud Guerrera by pin fall at 18:45 (84%, the match would have got 100% if it wasn’t for the male nudity. The Juice was clearly intoxicated, because t here is no way a sober person would have done that. McMahon looked genuinely pissed at the Bronco Buster spot and rightfully so. I am still not sold on this whole Lightweight belt thing, but at the least we get a potentially awesome match next month. I do like the name of the pay-per-view though. It pretty much sums up QGWA entire attitude. Oh yeah, the match… it was great; psychology, spots and charisma all in one.)

No Disqualification

Tag-Team Title Match

Billy Gunn & Monty Sopp /w Pogo the Clown, Johnny Fairplay, The Columbine Kids, Julio, Maria versus Fatu & Angel /w Sean Waltman, Brian Armstrong, Tammy Lynn Sytch

Before the match starts, the ring announcer comes out and warns fans about causing mischief, that they will be persecuted under the law and that they will be barred from any QGWA event. Since it is getting late, they turn the lights on. Coming out first is Billy Gunn, who is coming to the ring with the entire Raze Crew behind him. They are all carrying trash can’s full of weapons, not limited to light tubes and barbed wire. Billy Gunn has a cocky smile on his face as he claims “I’m the father” to the fans. Coming out next is Orlando Jordan who comes out with Julio and Maria, who have not been seen since last month. Julio has clearly bulked up since he first entered QGWA, as he has quite a bit of muscle mass. He holds a Singapore cane, as he holds Orlando Jordan’s hand before they get into the ring. And their opponents? Fatu and Angel come out to the same music which is “Signs” by Snoop Dogg and Justin Timberlake. Coming up behind them is Sean Waltman and Brian Armstrong who are clearly angry with each other. As they slide into the ring, there is about 13 people out at ring side for the match. Eventually the ring breaks out into a huge brawl as there are bodies flying every where. Eventually the heels gain the advantage and have Angel tied up in the ropes as they are all taking shots at him with a Singapore cane. Out from the back is Chaz who is ready to take out the garbage and he has a chair to help him! It is clear that he is wearing a shirt with the word "Ruckus” on it. Julio and Maria look scared after they got busted open by Chaz last month in the sickening trash match. Julio and Maria flee the ring as Chaz enters the ring, the faces stage a come back and eventually the only four men left in the ring as OJ, Sopp, Angel and Fatu.

Fatu takes OJ down with a kick to the face and than Sopp is taken out with a hurricrana by Angel. Angel has him on the outside and he hits a suicide dive that is off the charts. Angel is up to his feet and he turns around, only to get busted open with a light tube shot to the face by Julio. Julio is so happy about his job, that he dances around. Only for Chaz to take a Singapore cane and go crazy on him with shots to the head. In the ring, Fatu goes for a Banzai drop on OJ, but Maria is on the apron and she slaps him. Fatu gets off the second rope and grabs Maria and tosses her into the ring. He throws her into the corner and takes her down with a running hip smash. As Maria lies on the mat, Fatu doesn’t waste time before hitting a hip drop! Fatu is up to his feet and OJ takes him down with a chair shot. He covers, kick out at 2!

The entire ring is a mess as the Columbine Kids are in the aisle way brawling with Chaz as he takes them both down with stiff chair shots. Chaz is so enthused about what he did, but Pogo the Clown takes him out with a kick to the face. Pogo the Clown enters the ring and he and Fatu have a brief stare down. Pogo the Clown goes for a stiff lariat, but Fatu ducks it, and hoists him in the air for a Samoa Drop and plants him in the middle of the ring. As Fatu gets up to his feet, Monty Sopp hits the Sopp Drop! He covers Fatu, but only a two count! Monty Sopp goes to the outside and goes underneath the ring, but Sean Waltman tackles him and the two men are brawling every where. Eventually Monty Sopp rolls into the ring. Meanwhile, Julio is on the top rope and waiting for Angel to turn around. Julio hits the most pitiful moon sault ever and almost lands on his neck before rolling around the ring in pain. Angel grabs a trash can and pulls out a string of barbed wire. He lays it on the mat and picks up Julio before slamming him on it. Angel climbs up top and signals for a high risk move. But wait, Orlando Jordan knocks him down and than climbs up to the top rope. Orlando Jordan proceeds to super plex Angel off the top and onto the barbed wire. Angel rolls around in pain as Orlando Jordan is up to his feet. Fatu hoists him into the air and plants him on his head.

All of the extra wrestlers at ring side manage to brawl to the backstage area with the exception of Johnny Fairplay. Fairplay slides a chair to Sopp who picks it up in the air. Fatu kicks the chair into his face. Fatu places the chair on the face of Monty Sopp and goes for a Banzai drop. But Orlando Jordan takes a Singapore Cane and low blows Fatu. Fatu falls backwards and Sopp rolls out of the way at the last second. Sopp is up to his feet and both he and Orlando Jordan are sizing up Angel. They toss him into the ropes and hit a back body drop over the top rope and Angel hits the padded floor. Sopp instructs Orlando Jordan to go to the outside and to get a table. Orlando Jordan obliges and goes to get the table. But Fatu manages to toss Monty Sopp into the ropes and takes him down with a lariat. Fatu climbs onto the apron and takes Orlando Jordan out with a flying axe handle smash. Fatu helps Angel to his feet and the two embrace in a friendly hand shake. Angel and Fatu enter the ring and double team Monty Sopp. They hit a series of left and rights, before they toss him into the ropes and hit a double clothesline. After a series of consecutive elbow, fist and leg drops, Orlando Jordan enters the ring only to get taken out with a jaw breaker by Angel. Angel climbs to the top rope and than hits a split legged moon sault! Angel covers, but a kick out at 2.

At the ten minute mark, Sopp and Orlando Jordan are definitely in trouble when Johnny Fairplay enters the ring with a chair. Fatu rips the chair away from Fairplay and than busts open Orlando Jordan with it. Fatu proceeds to hit three head butts on Fairplay that send him to the outside. Monty Sopp grabs him and sets him up for the One and Only. He can’t seem to lift Fatu and Angel sneaks up from behind and rolls him up. Kick out at 2. Monty Sopp is up to his feet now and he gets knocked onto the apron. Angel is about to take him down when Maria appears on the apron out of no where. She decides to flash Fatu and Angel. Angel and Fatu don’t look to be impressed at all, and in fact, Fatu knocks her off the apron by running into the ropes. Orlando Jordan swings Angel around, only to drop him with a neck breaker. Fatu waits for Orlando Jordan to get to his feet, but OJ ducks a punch and manages to take Fatu out with a few shoulders to the rib section. Orlando Jordan raises his hands to taunt the audience and receives a chorus of boos.

Orlando Jordan stomps away at Angel as he tries to get to his feet. Orlando Jordan kicks him in the gut and signals for a DDT, but Angel drops down and low blows him. Angel climbs to the second rope and grabs Orlando Jordan by the head and hits a tornado DDT! Angel covers, but a kick out at 2! Angel is up to his feet and Monty Sopp hits the One and Only! Monty Sopp signals to the fans that it is over as he hooks the leg but only gets a two count. Sopp proceeds to argue with the referee, when Fatu kicks him in the gut and sets him up for a power bomb. But Orlando Jordan hits him with a chair shot. Orlando Jordan grabs Fatu and goes for the STO! But wait, Angel low blows OJ and than bull dogs him! Angel sets up for the bath house bomb, but Monty Sopp stops him at the last second and eventually tosses him to the outside. Monty Sopp and Orlando Jordan grab Fatu and go for a double suplex on him, but they have a hard time getting the big man up. Eventually they do, and the ring shakes with force after they land. Monty Sopp instructs Orlando Jordan to get the table and he does. They set it up in the middle of the ring and Sopp wants to put Fatu through the table. But Angel enters the ring with a Singapore cane and takes both men out with shots to the head. Fatu is off the table and he drags Monty Sopp to the ropes and he crushes him with the Banzai Drop! Meanwhile, OJ is on the table and Angel crushes him with a bath house bomb! Angel hooks the leg and gets the three count easily!

Post-match, Angel and Fatu are handed the QGWA Tag-Team Titles and they hold them with honor. Meanwhile, OJ is up to his feet and on the outside. Maria and Julio come down and start to soothe his body as they try to make him feel better about the loss. But Monty Sopp is irate, as he shoves Orlando Jordan and calls him a freak! Sopp says that it was all his fault and that Orlando Jordan cost Monty Sopp the chance of a life time! Monty Sopp turns his back and Orlando Jordan hits him with a forearm to the back of the neck, sending him to the ground. Orlando Jordan stomps away at Monty Sopp before Julio and Maria come down to ring side and escort him to the backstage area. Meanwhile, Fatu and Angel have the titles around their waists as the referee raises their arms in the air. The two embrace in a post-match hug and than walk too the backstage area together.

Winner: Fatu & Angel by pin fall at 16:31 to become the FIRST QGWA Tag-Team Champions. (71%, decent match, with lots of spots and lots of wrestlers at ring side to keep it fresh. Although it was a bit crowded, it kept the fans into it just long enough so that the four men could show why they belong in the tag-team final’s. I smell Orlando Jordan and company getting involved in the China Doll/Armstrong/Sopp/Waltman pregnancy angle, and it is definitely going to be interesting to say the least.)

Tables, Ladders and Chair’s Match

The Hardy Boyz versus King Lorum & Mallory

Before the match can even begin, there is a five minute break where something huge occurred. Reports are varying, but the most consistent is that Caleb Hill, and several QGWA wrestlers’ were arrested for possession of a controlled substance. Among the wrestler’s arrested were Julio, Maria, Orlando Jordan and Sean Waltman. I can vouch that Caleb Hill was no where to be seen after the Tag-Team title match. As the bout begins, the ring announcer clarifies that the match will be won by a pin fall victory. After everything settles, The Hardy Boyz music hits and Jeff and Matt come out, with Matt still wearing the mask. As they get into the ring, Jeff Hardy climbs to the top rope and does his signature hand taunt while Matt Hardy demands a microphone.

Matt Hardy

“It has come to my attention that each and every one of you is sick and tired of seeing me wearing a mask each and every week. So I promise you, after I kick in the teeth of that big pin cushion and his girlfriend, I am going to take this mask us off whether those Sports Entertainment assholes like it or not! Because I will not die and I will not be oppressed any longer!”

Matt Hardy throws the microphone to the side and both he and Jeff taunt for King Lorum and Mallory to come out. Some generic heavy metal plays as the two make their way down the aisle way. They make a detour to the area that is tarped off. With the help of some stage crew, Lorum reveals sixteen tables all stacked up together. They make their way back to the aisle as Lorum wears a sadistic smile now. They stop just underneath the ladder and King Lorum folds it up and carries it to the ring. The action kicks off immediately as Matt hits a baseball slide into the ladder which knocks Lorum back. Mallory is on the apron and ducks a left hand by Hardy and hits a shoulder tackle to the gut. Hardy stumbles into the middle of the ring and Mallory hits a spring board hurricrana! Mallory is up to her feet, and Matt Hardy grabs her from behind and hits a back body drop. Hardy climbs to the second rope and does his Mattitude taunt, but King Lorum is on the apron and knocks him off the ropes with a chair shot. Lorum enters the ring with the chair and hands the chair to Mallory. As Hardy struggles to his feet, Mallory holds the chair in front of his face while Lorum gets a running start and bicycle kicks the chair into the face of Hardy. Jeff and Matt are down as Lorum and Mallory stand victorious as they embrace in a celebratory kiss.

Matt Hardy is up to his feet and he takes both Lorum and Mallory down with a clothes line. He helps Lorum up and throws a few punches until he is in the corner. Hardy grabs him by the head and sets up for a Tornado DDT. But Mallory slaps him across the face and Lorum instead places him on the top rope. Mallory climbs to the top rope and hits a hurricrana off the top and sends Hardy down to the middle of the ring. Lorum turns around and Jeff Hardy hits a running chair shot. Hardy throws the chair to the ground, grabs Lorum and sets up for a twist of fate onto the chair. But Lorum shoves Hardy off and as Hardy stumbles backwards, Lorum grabs him only to power bomb him onto the chair. King Lorum and Mallory go to the outside and grab a table. Lorum and Mallory set it up between the apron and the railing. Mallory slides into the ring while Lorum stays on the apron. Mallory shoves Matt onto the apron and Lorum prepares him for a power bomb through the table. But wait, Hardy hits a low blow. Meanwhile, Jeff Hardy knocks Mallory to the outside. He grabs a chair, sets it up near the ropes and than hits a spring board hurricrana to the outside, putting King Lorum through the table. Jeff Hardy is lying on the padded floor as the fans chant “O-M-G”. Matt Hardy cannot believe what he just witnessed.

Meanwhile, Mallory is setting up a ladder in the middle of the ring. Mallory hollars for Matt Hardy to get back in the ring and he does so. Mallory begins to climb up the ladder and Matt Hardy follows suit. The two proceed to brawl at the top of the ladder with lefts and rights. Hardy blocks one, grabs Mallory and hits the Side Effect off the ladder and into the middle of the ring. Matt Hardy drapes his arm over Mallory, but only a two count as she gets her foot on the ropes. Mean while, on the outside, Jeff Hardy has a table leaning up against the railing while King Lorum is slow to his feet. Jeff Hardy hits King Lorum with a chair shot and than leans him up against the table. Jeff Hardy climbs onto the apron and attempts to hit a running Swanton bomb through the table, but King Lorum moves at the last second and Hardy hits nothing but wood. King Lorum rolls into the ring just in time to stop Matt Hardy from getting a pin fall after a roll up. King Lorum tosses him into the ropes and hits a back body drop. Lorum climbs to the second rope and than hits a leg drop off the second rope.

Jeff Hardy is slow to his feet on the outside and Mallory hits an insane suicide dive that takes both men out. Meanwhile, Matt Hardy stages a come back on King Lorum and hits a jaw breaker which sends him into the corner. Matt Hardy grabs a chair and slams it into Lorum’s skull, taking him to the mat. Matt Hardy grabs a ladder and leans it in the corner. He irish whips Lorum right into the ladder and he meets it with a huge force that shakes the ring. Jeff Hardy is in the ring and Matt Hardy gets on all fours. Jeff Hardy gets air born trying to hit a senton splash, but Lorum moves and Jeff hits nothing but ladder. Meanwhile, Matt Hardy gets to his feet, only to get taken out by Mallory with a kick to the groin. Mallory instructs Lorum to hit the Bloom Bomb! He plants Hardy in the middle of the ring and Mallory screeches to Lorum about getting a table. Mallory meanwhile sets up two ladders side by side and she instructs Lorum to set the table at the end of the two ladders. Lorum drags Hardy to his feet and the two climb half way up the ladder. King Lorum proceeds to plant Matt Hardy through the table with a Bloom Bomb off the ladder! The fans chant “holy shit” as Matt Hardy and King Lorum are lying in the debris from the table. Meanwhile, Jeff Hardy is up to his feet and he and Mallory have a stare down. Mallory tells Jeff that he is a glowing freak show and that no one respects him. Jeff Hardy winds up to slap her after taking all of the insults he can, but King Lorum is too his feet and stops him. Lorum tosses him through the middle ropes and too the outside. King Lorum and Jeff Hardy proceed to brawl throughout the audience while Mallory stays in the ring shrilling with her loud voice. It takes nearly 5 minutes of back and forth chair shots, flying fists and Jeff Hardy’s borderline suicidal antics before the two men make their way towards the tables. There is a huge ladder scaling the side of Caleb Hill’s house. Jeff Hardy takes King Lorum out with a chair shot and than proceeds to climb the ladder. He is almost near the top when King Lorum proceeds to shake the ladder. Jeff Hardy has a hard time staying on and Lorum actually stops shaking the ladder while Jeff Hardy catches his balance. Eventually the ladder break’s free and Jeff Hardy and the ladder proceed to free fall. For a second it looks like Jeff Hardy isn’t going to meet his target of hitting the middle of the sixteen stacked tables, but he is able to just barely clip them all and save himself from certain injury. Jeff Hardy manages to break through most of the tables, as the fans chant holy shit. There is a minute of silence as the fans chant “O-M-G” and King Lorum enjoys watching what he created.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Matt Hardy is too his feet and he swings Mallory around, only to plant her with a twist of fate. He teases making the cover, but instead he grabs a chair, places it on the ground, and than hits another twist of fate directly onto the chair! Matt Hardy covers Mallory and gets the 1-2-3! The referee calls for the bell while King Lorum rushes to the ring with anger in his eyes. Matt Hardy is on the middle rope, raising his hands while King Lorum drags Mallory out of the ring and tends to her. Matt Hardy grabs a microphone and stares down at King Lorum and the unconscious Mallory.

Matt Hardy

“You want revenge Lorum, for me knocking your girlfriend out? Well, you just tried to kill my brother by throwing him off the side of a house. So if you want to come get some, get it right here and right now.”

Matt Hardy throws down the microphone and starts to adjust the mask that he is wearing, trying to rip it off. King Lorum contemplates rolling in the ring, but opts out of it. As Hardy is adjusting his mask, Johnny McMahon rolls into the ring and low blows Matt Hardy. Johnny McMahon sets him up and than hits the Pedigree onto the chair! Johnny McMahon is getting mega heel heat as he stands over the fallen Matt Hardy and spits on him. Johnny McMahon picks up the microphone that Matt Hardy through to the ground.

Johnny McMahon

“Hold on one second, Mister. You come out here and insult my uncle and than you try to take your mask off? Let me remind you that you are currently under contract for the number one WRESTLING company in the world. You call it sports entertainment, but that is because it is a little different from the mattresses you set up in your backyard when you were twelve. My uncle asked me to make sure that no one around here screws with his company and I am not going to let you embarrass him here. If you want to embarrass him, you’d damn well do it on Smackdown, when you stink his show up with your god awful matches. Now, I am going to give you one last chance for redemption. One last chance to make things right. Next month, QGWA is presenting Shed The Blood Of The Innocent and I am going to give you the chance of a life time. I’ve already got the match okayed by Caleb Hill; but me and King Lorum are set to challenge the Hardy Boyz in an “All Or Nothing Scaffold” Match! If you win, which will not be happening on MY watch; than Matt Hardy you can take that damn mask off and wrestle here in QGWA; World Wrestling Entertainment will relinquish you of your contract. BUT, here is the kicker; if you lose, you are heading back to the big leagues, baby. And Matt, you aren’t going alone, you’ll be taking Jeff Hardy with you! If you lose, you MUST return to World Wrestling Entertainment, or else my uncle will sue your ASSES so that you are so god damn poor that wrestling in the backyard of some gay porn star is going to seem like a blessing! The ball is in your court, Matt.”

Johnny McMahon throws the microphone down on Matt Hardy and rolls out of the ring. Lorum and Johnny McMahon embrace in a high five and hug. Mallory is a little dazed as the threesome head to the backstage area. It seems as though Johnny McMahon has made a deal with the devil and King Lorum has aligned himself with the fast talking, nephew of Vince McMahon. Jeff Hardy is still be extracted from the wreckage caused from the gigantic bump off the side of the house. Matt Hardy is too his feet and seething in anger as he walks over to where his brother is and watches as the ring crew help him out. It takes about 5 minutes to clean up everything, but as soon as it does, the main event rolls onwards.

Winner: The Hardy Boyz at 14:59 (68%, wow, that was rather, short and uneventful. I was expecting something over the top, with lots of bumps and tables. But we got what a few spots scattered together and Johnny McMahon’s alliance with King Lorum. Could have been A LOT better. But for what it was, it was a decent TLC Match.)

Too big too fit. Part two, aka the main event, coming up soon.

Edited by PunkRockPete
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Main Event with Special Guest Referee Jake the Snake Roberts

Heavyweight Championship Match

Chris Peele © /w Horace Hogan versus Rodney Mack

Before the main event can start, a few police cruisers arrived at the scene. They were allegedly hassling people left and right. The main event kicked off with Jake the Snake coming out to some classic 80’s music as he high fives the fans and rolls into the ring. Jake the Snake waits for the wrestler’s… the challenger comes first. Coming down to Wu-Tang Clan, Rodney Mack has the fans behind him 100%. Rodney Mack slaps their hands and rolls into the ring. Rodney Mack and Jake the Snake have a brief stare down, that ends with the two shaking hands. The fans applaud their showmanship. But it is cut short when Gangsta and Thugs by the Transplants plays. Chris Peele walks out with Horace Hogan by his side. Peele has the Heavyweight title wrapped around his waist as he wears a cocky grin on his face. He rolls into the ring, takes the title off and hands it to Jake the Snake. Jake raises it in the air to the applause of the fans. Jake the Snake wants to shake Peele’s hand, but Peele slaps him across the fans and gives him the finger. The bell rings and Mack immediately hits a double leg take down on Peele. Mack goes for a front face lock and applies it! Mack has it in tight as Peele tries to get to his feet. When he realizes this is impossible, eventually he manages to grab the wrist of Mack and apply a wrist lock. Mack and Peele are too their feet and Peele has the wrist lock in tight. Mack hits an elbow to the face and Peele stumbles backwards. Mack gets a running start and hits a kitchen sink. Mack waits for Peele to get up before hitting another kitchen sink! Mack goes for the third kitchen sink, but Peele rakes the eyes of Mack and than hits a snap mare take down.

Peele sizes up Mack who is crawling to his feet and hits a series of boots to the head of Mack. Peele picks him up and goes for a side walk slam, and plants him on his knee. Peele puts pressure on the back of Mack as he is trying to wear him out already. Mack manages to hit a thumb to the eye and break the hold. Mack is up to his feet and he ducks a clothes line by Peele and hits a full nelson slam! Mack gets a huge pop for the move and waits for Peele to get to his feet before hitting a Yakuza kick and sending Peele to the outside. Mack stumbles to the outside and the two take turns throwing each other into the railing and apron. Eventually, Mack hits a sick t-bone suplex into the railing and Peele is half on the padded ground and half hanging upside down on the railing. Mack enters the ring and the fans pop him huge.

Horace Hogan slides into the ring and takes Mack down with a double axe handle smash. Hogan proceeds to stomp away on Mack, but this doesn’t last long as Roberts takes him down with an elbow smash. Roberts kicks Hogan in the gut and goes for the DDT. But Hogan shoves him and rolls out of the ring. Roberts yells at Hogan to head to the backstage area, but Hogan protests. Eventually, Roberts suggests he will disqualify Peele if Hogan doesn’t leave, which sends Hogan packing to the backstage area. Meanwhile, Peele sneaks up from behind Mack and hits a series of forearm smashes right to the back section. Peele sends him into the ropes and takes him down with a hip toss. Peele turns Mack over so he is lying face down, and Peele delivers a series of knees straight to the back of Mack. Peele helps Mack up and he hits a back body drop. Peele covers, but Roberts only gives him a two count. Peele contests this as he shoves Roberts and says that it was a slow count. Peele eventually slaps Roberts right across the face. Roberts strikes back, as he kicks Peele in the gut and hits a DDT! Peele is out cold and in the middle of the ring as Mack crawls over and drapes his arm across him. Roberts gives an equally timed count, but Peele gets his shoulder up at the last second. Mack cannot believe it, but deals with it.

The two men are up to their feet and lock up. Peele eventually hits a fireman take down and grabs the arm of Mack and applies an arm bar. Peele yells “tap” out to Mack, who refuses to tap. Mack drags both his arm and Peele to the ropes where he manages to grab them. Roberts instructs Peele to release the hold and he does. Peele is to his feet and hits a series of boots on Mack as he stumbles to his feet. Eventually Mack catches one of the boots and hits a Dragon Screw. Mack sets up for a figure four leg lock, but Peele kicks him off and into the ropes. Mack finds himself caught up in the middle rope and Peele gets a running start and drops a leg across the back of Mack, crushing his throat against the middle rope. Peele takes the middle rope and places h is knee across the back of Mack as he tries to strangle him. Roberts tells him to release the hold, but Peele will not. Eventually Roberts throws Peele off of Mack and the two are going to come to blows in the ring! Peele begins to argue with Roberts and the two are going to have a fight. But wait, Mack sneaks up behind Peele and locks in the BLACKOUT! Mack has the hold in tight, in the middle of the ring and it is all over. Peele has no where to go. Peele tries to grab for the ropes, but he cannot. But wait, he manages to hit a concealed low blow that sends Mack stumbling. Peele hits a running bull dog, and turns over Mack, but only for a two count.

Peele sends Mack into the ropes and he catches him with the abdominal stretch! Peele has the hold in tight as Roberts asks Mack if he wants to give up. After a minute in the hold, Peele uses the ropes for leverage and Mack screams in pain. Roberts looks up and Peele releases the hold, ala classic heel. When Roberts turns his attention back to Mack, he once again turns to the ropes for leverage which puts more pressure on Mack. Roberts catches Peele this time and kicks his arm off the ropes, which allows for Mack to toss Peele off. Mack hits a series of clothes lines, each with more force. Eventually Peele is too his feet, dazed and stumbling and Mack kicks him in the gut. Mack sets up for the Tiger Driver, but Peele lifts him in the air and drops him with a Vertrebreaker! The fans are in amazement over the huge spot as Peele crawls over and covers! One-two-KICK OUT! At this point, the police wearing riot gear and equipped to deal with a rowdy audience began to enter the crowd and were basically acting like total assholes, telling people to quiet down or they’d shut down the event. They were talking about noise complaints, etc.

Mack is slow to his feet and clearly winded after the huge spot. Peele kicks him in the gut and sets up for a pile driver. But Peele leaves him hanging for half a minute and finishes it off with a jump in the center of the ring. Peele turns Mack over and covers him, but a kick out at 2. Peele signals that it is over, as he grabs Mack from the mat and applies a full nelson. Mack tries to break the hold, but he cannot. He manages to crawl to his feet, where he manages to break the hold, and reverse it into a Russian Leg Sweep. But while on the mat, Mack applies an Octopus stretch on Peele! Peele is screaming in pain as he tries to grab for the ropes. But any true wrestling fan knows that escape from the stretch is harder than it looks. Mack releases the hold out of frustration due to Peele’s unwillinglyness to tap. Mack signals for the second try of the Blackout. He locks it in, but Peele refuses to fall towards the mat as he is on his feet and unwillingly to succumb to the move. Eventually, Peele manages to grasp the ropes and the hold must be broken. Mack refuses to break the hold and Roberts gets physical with Mack. Mack releases the hold and gets in the face of Roberts. The two have a war of words that ends with Mack turning his attention back to Peele. Mack whips him into the turn buckle and than crushes him with an elbow smash! Mack hoists him to the top rope and than follows him to the top. Mack and Peele set up for the big spot, and than Mack hits the superplex off the top and into the center of the ring. The fans chant “this match rules” as Mack crawls over and drapes his arm across the chest of Chris Peele. 1-2-KICK OUT! Mack is in disbelief that Peele kicked out from the high risk spot.

Mack is too his feet now and arguing with Roberts about the timing of the count. Mack shoves Roberts and tells him to speed up. Roberts tells him not to shove him, but Mack doesn’t listen as he shoves Roberts once again. Roberts kicks him in the gut and DDT! Peele is to his feet now and he crawls over and drapes his arm across Mack! Kick out at 2! Peele is to his feet now and he throws Mack into the turn buckle. He goes for an Avalanche Splash, but Mack pulls Roberts in the way at the last second and Peele takes out the referee instead. Mack hits a huge lariat that sends Peele to the mat. Mack picks up Peele and he plants him with the Tiger Driver, but there is no referee to make the three count. Meanwhile, two police officers wearing riot gear are approaching the ring and talking to the ring announcer. It can clearly be heard that they are telling the ring announcer to tell the fans to go home, because the show was over due to noise complaints. The two police officers tell Rodney Mack to leave the ring, because the match is over. Rodney Mack at first isn’t quite sure what to do, but he rallies the fans in chanting “fuck the police” as the two police officers don’t see the humor in this. They pull out their hand cuffs and enter the ring. Rodney Mack goes along with the police officers instructions, until he kicks the one in the gut and than spears the other. Rodney Mack is up to his feet now, and the smaller of the two pulls out pepper spray and showers him in the eyes with it. The other police officer rips off his helmet and reveals it is former WWE wrestler Travis Tomko! He hits a Yakuza kick with great force that sends Mack to the mat. The other police officer rips off his helmet to reveal that it is none other than former WWE developmental wrestler, Chris Cage. He picks up Rodney Mack, only to plant him with a neck breaker. To add the nail to the coffin, Tomko picks up Rodney Mack and plants him with a tomb stone pile driver. Chris Peele is to his feet and he shakes the hand of the two riot officers and sends them packing. Chris Peele lies on the mat, feigning to be hurt as Jake Roberts recovers. Meanwhile, Chris Peele is to his feet shortly after and helps Rodney Mack up. After a Rock Bottom move that is called “The Nice Bottom”, Chris Peele hooks the leg and gets a three count. Jake the Snake Roberts calls for the bell as Chris Peele has successfully defended his title for the first time in his career. Jake the Snake hands the belt to Chris Peele and raises his hand in the air, with a look of respect and disgust on his face. Chris Peele kicks him square in the groin, picks him up into the air and applies the torture rack. Chris Peele drops him in the middle of the ring while Travis Tomko, Chris Cage and Horace Hogan hit the ring. Chris Peele places the belt on his shoulder, while he grabs a microphone.

Chris Peele

“I was told I couldn’t do it. I was told I was a fluke! But here I am. I am still wearing the belt and there a hundred jealous faces in the audience. You are staring at the single most destructive force in the face of professional wrestling – The Freedom Fighter’s. Some people call terrorist freedom fighters, but we are the real Freedom Fighter’s. And tonight, I proved why I deserve this belt! ”

Chris Peele tosses the microphone to the side and he instructs the Freedom Fighter’s to head to the backstage area. As Rodney Mack gets to his feet, Rodney Mack is on one knee, looking for someone to help him up. But Rodney Mack slaps him across the face and spits in his face. Rodney Mack rolls out of the ring as the fans give him a mixed reaction. Rodney Mack shouts the words “I Quit” as he walks away from the ring.The show ends with a dejected Jake the Snake, sitting on one knee with a tear in his eye, not only unable to prevent his arch-nemesis from retaining his title, but perhaps losing the respect of his close friend.

Winner: Chris Peele by pin fall at 21:04 (79%, the best QGWA match ever. Was there lots of rest holds and was Peele a bit green? Absolutely, but there was something in the air that made this a classic. Peele proved that he isn’t a one trick pony and that he has some good moves, while Mack proved that he isn’t the man we all knew from the WWE. He even used an Octopus stretch, which albeit wasn’t applied the most technically sound, but he pulled it off. Where do we go from here? Mack claims to “quit” and is definitely teetering towards being a tweener, Peele is still the champion and the full blown heel, while Jake the Snake made the mistake of the year and trusted all of the wrong people. Three way dance at Shed The Blood Of The Innocent? I think so.)

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Ok, ok. Did Profane Destruction bomb? Yes, I admit, it was borderline career suicide. The notoriety we would gain after the events that transpire would overshadow the quality of the event. And I dropped the ball, I will wholeheartedly admit. It was all my fault – I can’t point the fingers and blame anyone else. Too often in professional wrestling, people try to shift blame. At the end of the day, it isn’t the wrestler’s fault for having a piss poor match, it all comes back to the promoter. The guy running the shit. Maybe I put together two uneven or wrestler’s who didn’t match. Maybe I gave them too much time or not enough. Whatever the point is, I fucked up and I admit it.

Where do you begin? Well, I think what Profane Destruction will ultimately be remembered for is the Police. They showed up for three different issues. The first was the drug’s. There was murmurs through the grapevine that the copious and excessive amounts of drugs that were being consumed at the event would lead us to get busted and they were right. BUT in the defense of myself, I never once believed that the police would be called to the event. I never once thought the police would want anything to do with my wrestling promotion. Boy was I wrong. They busted not only myself for possession of a controlled substance, but Julio and Maria Lopez, as well as Sean Waltman. We were all found with minimal amounts of marijuana; minimal because we had smoked the rest. Orlando Jordan was wrongfully clumped in with the rest of us because of his friendship to Julio and Maria (note, not a romantic relationship, as Orlando Jordan had no such relationship.) The police were pushing hard to shut down the entire show, but when they could only really charge the four of us with possession they pretty much gave up. At the end of the day, we all walked away with hefty fines and community service. The four of us decided to pick up garbage together, which was a fun experience for the four of us. Moral of the story? Don’t mix drugs with profession.

The next reason they came? My house was broken into by people attending the events. The lack of security around my house (which is worth about 2 mil) seemed to appeal to thieves. They broke into the house and stole some pretty priceless items, which slip my mind. They managed to get away with them, but at a later date we managed to apprehend the criminals. I phoned the police, which led to us getting busted for possession. I know what you are thinking – the same identical situation happened to Boy George of Culture Club fame. I guess I have something in common with that talentless faggot. Any ways, we put a lot of security around the house and broadcasted to the audience about how my house was off-limits. Chris Peele, my boy friend who lived at the house, was legitimately angry about losing some possessions and intentionally tried to piss the fans off.

The third reason? Noise complaints from my neighbors and lets be honest, this all comes down to MY own stupidity. I knew that when Doomsday informed me that they were all booked up for the month of October I was screwed. But the hasty planning of putting a show in my backyard led to not only me getting busted for drug possession, getting my house broken into and pissing off my neighbors. I was handed several fines for the event and was threatened to be sued by neighbors due to the noise. Whatever; they can suck my dick if they are reading this. I know my planning wasn’t the best, but you don’t have to be fucking cunts about it. If they had just come over and asked me to shut the fuck up, I would have. But no, they had to circumvent myself and phone the police. Bunch of no good assholes.

Other problems with the show? Juventud Guerrera. I know that mostly every body has heard about the woes between us, but let me set the record straight. Juventud Guerrera SHOULD have been arrested for possession. Why he didn’t is BEYOND me. The Juice, as he likes to call himself, was a fucking mess. David Cash, aka Johnny McMahon, expressed concern for his safety in the ring. I told David he’d be fine, but he still botched a few spots and there was a few close calls. And the nudity? Not intended, despite the subsequent lawsuit that came out. Juventud, after his stay in the company, would later SUE me for his public acts of indecency. He tried to convince the court of Law that I actually coerced him into getting naked. I will state now, I did own the majority shares of a gay porn industry, but I never discussed the idea of The Juice getting naked. And yes, I did successfully win the case by proving that not only did I have no part in the planning of the match, but also that The Juice was abusing substances at the time of the incident and made those decisions based upon his own intoxication. I received a letter from various wrestlers, INCLUDING Rey Mysterio shortly after the incident took place. They basically tried to pin the entire debacle on me, saying I shouldn’t have sent Juvi out there like he was. As I stated before, I had no control over the actions of Juventud Guerrera.

Another problem? The booking on the fly was killing us. It was literally like Vince Russo on acid. The entire Lightweight division was on the brink of being destroyed, China Doll’s pregnancy coming out of no where, and Johnny McMahon’s involvement in the King Lorum/Hardy Boyz saga were spur of the moment idea’s that came around at the last second. If the promotion were to last, and if I wanted to make a name for myself and some money as well, I needed to ground my booking ideas in more secure, concrete ways. The absurdity of an angle with China Doll having three potential fathers was a good one, but it needed a bit more substance and it needed to be well thought out. Instead, it would become a parody on reality television, which came across as half-assed.

Another problem? Marcus Bagwell shooting on the company. Marcus was supposed to give a farewell speech because he was done with the company. He was asking for far too much money and was quite disgruntled about not being able to wrestle despite clearance from his doctors. Bagwell was dealing with lots of wear and tear from over the years, especially on his neck, and his doctors had told him his wrestling career was done. Shortly after, they revoked that statement and said that Bagwell was clear to wrestle, but he had to take it very easy on his neck. The doctor said that Bagwell should try to wrestle for under 10 minutes and should not take big bumps. Bagwell was enthused, but I wasn’t. Bagwell wasn’t well known for his wrestling skills to begin with and when you restrict a wrestler that much, it isn’t good for the promotion. I told Bagwell he was going to take a paycut after Profane Destruction and was going to stay behind the announcing booth. Bagwell refused and asked to have a farewell match at PD with a good bye speech. I said it was fine and it all kind of blew up in my face. Fortunately, everyone assumed it was some sort of shoot-work and didn’t think much about it.

All of these negatives compiling was not good for the company. It created the appearance that we were on uneasy ground’s. Our roster had distract changes since the company had opened and arguably we had lost some big names (Bagwell, Saturn). No one was talking about financial insecurities (except for the Internet cunts), because they knew that I was a wealthy man. People were talking about wrestler’s simply no-showing events, about pissing off Nazi Parent Groups, about getting caught in an awful story line. I mean, for what it was worth, the Waltman-China Doll-Sopp saga hadn’t been a captivating story line, but it was actually pretty decent. People for the most part were looking at things negatively; but there was some good things to talk about.

The positives about Profane Destructiont? Arguably each match was well wrestled and was well received by the audience. ESPECIALLY Chris Peele and Rodney Mack. I can’t praise the two enough as they stepped up to their game to go out there and prove to the fans that they had what it takes. Rodney Mack has been pegged as something awful since he showed up on Monday Night RAW, but I have faith in the guy. You just got to utilize him right and put no restraints on the guy. And Chris Peele? Well, I am pretty sure he has proven himself time and time again. No one in the world thought he’d pull a Vertebreaker out in the middle of the match, but he did and he didn’t cripple Mack. The internet was actually buzzing a bit about their match and it gained enough interest to help move a lot of sales of the tape.

Another positive? The debut of Travis Tomko and Chris Cage, otherwise known as The Freedom Fighter’s. Travis Tomko still worked in Japan, but every know and again he would show his face in QGWA. I always liked Tomko, especially in his WWE run. He had a unique look and the skill to make it as a big man. He definitely wanted to prove that he wasn’t just another hoss when he went back to Japan to learn the trick of the trade and I respect him for that. Although, I’ll be honest and say that I never really got to utilize him as much as I wanted too, due to his involvement in Japan. These two being added to the roster was a definite plus, as our roster had been running dry since the first show. It was hard to find wrestler’s I was willingly to throw on television and on our big events right away and I was pretty sure that both of these two were ready for the real big leagues.

Another positive? We drew 300 people, which was a fantastic crowd. Before we were drawing about 150 people at Doomsday, due to the size. But 300 people turned out for Profane Destruction. Another positive? The buzz was so big around the internet, I decided to allow fans the chance to watch it before it would come to DVD. I created a new membership portion of the Queer and Grotesque web-site which cost about 10$ a month; it gave the fans the chance to watch all past QGWA events from their computer. Although only a few hundred applied for the membership, it was still more money in my pocket and it allowed for my fan base to please themselves a little more. Consumerism is good, folks.

At the end of October, after a pretty hideous month of events, QGWA was going to have the time of its life. The first and foremost was the rising fan-base. As I stated before, I am all about pleasing the fans; it is what comes first. And I think that is why we caught on with the fans. We were putting on class matches and although we were dismissed as a joke at first, some people were taking us seriously due to our quality and because of the accessibility we had. But the number of people checking out our product online had skyrocketed. We were getting around 7000 hits online, but by the end of November the number was closer to 70,000 people. This number comes because of three things – internet buzz, offline word of mouth and lots of hard work from our advertising department. Hahah, who am I kidding? We don’t have an advertising department.

As I stated before, our wrestler’s appeared on Queer Factor, which led me to have contact with the LOGO Network. LOGO was a network aimed towards gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender programming, and I kind of have a long history in the community due to the gay porn business. LOGO was VERY interested in showing QGWA programming and at the end of November we hashed out a deal. We would begin airing in January of 2007, with the show being broadcasted on Wednesday night’s at 1AM, with our show getting a half hour. Our deal would last 4 months, so our deal would expire in August. We would have an hour of programming with some strict guidelines we had to follow.

The first being that the roster had to consist mainly of openly gay wrestler’s AND/OR of gay character’s. This would be relatively easy; we had Chris Peele, Orlando Jordan, Julio, Angel, Fatu who were all playing gay character’s or were gay. Rex Silverstone was in the closet at the time, but at the urging of QGWA, he would eventually come out. Plus, all of the jobbers and bad guy’s could be “straight” character’s, it was just that the majority of the character’s had to be gay. QGWA were pushing for gay good guy characters and evil straight character’s, and I was willingly to give them what they wanted. LOGO was also pushing very hard for a lesbian character, but I wasn’t sure how I would make it work in the initial stages due to a lack of female roster.

The second guideline was that we had to use a different area than the Doomsday and an entirely different set. LOGO told us that they wanted a classier venue and they would find out. They wanted the set to be far more “gayer”, because the more hardcore orientated sets and banners would turn potential non-wrestling fan’s off. LOGO gave us a hefty sum of money to go design and make new banner’s, while they informed us that they would find a suitable venue in the New York region. Eventually they would settle for a HUGE gay bar called “Stffd” which was supposed to be Stuffed. The venue could barely hold a ring and have about 75-90 people standing. There was not room for seats, but LOGO was comfortable with the entire general standing set-up.

The third guideline was that it couldn’t be overtly violent, that we had to focus more on story line’s than the wrestling in the ring. They wanted the backstage segments to be set up in a very “reality” television type way, with it not seeming overly packaged like the WWE. They wanted the cost to be relatively low for the show and any one in the television business knew that reality orientated programming was the key to both financial success and popularity. LOGO were very vehement on three rules – no blood, no weapons, and it had to be very mainstream friendly wrestling. Eye-catching, quick and too the point.

The fourth guideline was a welcomed guideline for me. LOGO, as you may or may not know, was owned by MTV. MTV had picked up the Wrestling Society X brand and was willingly to run with it. What they thought would garner a huge amount of success was a cross-over show. A huge Sunday night show where the two shows competes on the MTV channel, in a prime time slot. It would be in April and would be the season/series finale for Wrestling Society and LOGO Wrestling. Why was I willingly to do this? Wrestling Society X had a collection of talented and great worker’s and because it was mainstream attention. It’d be the first stage that I would have to really reach out to a massive audience and to actually say something.

The fifth guideline was perhaps the worst possible scenario. LOGO did not want the product that would be shown on their networks to be related to the Queer and Grotesque’s “VILE Wrestling” product. They wanted to create a second “brand” almost, and they liked the ring of “LOGO Wrestling”. They did not want any of the LOGO wrestler’s to appear on the Internet shows at the time the shows shown. It was what I fought most about in discussions, because I wanted a trickle down effect – I wanted fans to get hooked on the LOGO show, to check out the Queer and Grotesque web-site and to check out the clearly better shows. But at the end of the day, it was a tough sell, but I basically caved at the last second because I realized that it was all for the best. I tried to rationalize the decision because I thought perhaps the LOGO show would become a huge hit, and it would help drive the Queer and Grotesque product from a distance. If the show was a big enough success, the head honchos at LOGO promised we’d be signed back for a fall, prime time series with plenty of push on the network. It was my goal to make this work, despite the restrictions and guidelines I was forced to work by.

Of course a lot of our hardcore fan-base would point fingers and say we sold out. That we were on MTV and that we were ditching our fan-base behind. But that is a crock of shit; we were still going to be having shows online. We just had to distance the LOGO wrestler’s and brand from the VILE brand. From than on, the Internet shows would be called the VILE brand and the television show would be the LOGO brand. World Wrestling Entertainment established brands because of a huge roster. Total Nonstop Action kind of created brands with their X-Division. And we had to create different brands out of necessity – we were forced to split our roster.

With November around the corner, it was nearing the New Year. Every wrestling promotion had their “big pay-per-view”; Wrestlemaina, Starcade, and whatever TNA has. We needed our big pay-per-view and I decided the best month to hold it was December. It would be the end of the year not only for the calendar year, but for QGWA story lines. It would also help make the transition into our first television shows. November needed to establish that so enough, we’d be hyping a huge show. With 9 internet shows and one big event before our huge show and the debut of our first ever television show, we had a lot of work to do.

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This to me is the best diary on the board at the moment. Profane destruction, like most of your shows, was excellent not because of the quality of matches or storylines because it is exactly what it should be. The storylines are interesting, good enough to hold your attention but the beauty of it is how they go wrong or how they are so over the top like the China Doll angle. Adding to this is the fantastic memoirs of Caleb which I think are the best of there kind to be done in a diary.

To have a show like you have had with things like the China angle or the nudity would bomb and really wouldn't be worth reading. But with the backstory, the drugs and the problems it all becomes a much more enjoyable and intriguing story. I hope that we see the federation become even bigger than it is and as it does so become a little more professional as Caleb grows into his role as head of a wrestling company instead of a drugged-up pornstar with big dreams and a lot of money. Of course to lose the drug/gay/problem riddled side altogether would be terrible but to see the problem lessen as a proper wrestling federation is built would be great.

With the first big event I did raise comments on the main event and the bumps that were included. After you addressed those and reading the following set of tapings and Destruction I see that it was a huge match and it needed the big spots and in hindsight I give you credit for such a good match.

Also good work on the building of new stars such as Chris Peele and even Rodney Mack and "The Shit" = $/ratings/whatever.

Overall a diary that I'm really loving and I look forward to seeing how you deal with the split into the softer underbelly of the hardcore gay wrestling scene.

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VILE Wrestling Tapings, presented by Queer and Grotesque Ent.

The return to the Doomsday arena for two tapings of Q&G’s wrestling show, otherwise known as VILE Wrestling. The crowd was hot ALL night after a quite impressive event last night. The arena was packed and at least one hundred people were turned away at the door . There was posters all around hyping up LOGO Wrestling. Apparently January 1st, 2007 they are holding a mega taping at a bar called Stffd. From what I gather though, this has nothing to do with VILE Wrestling, as the tapings would take place regardless.

Unto the tapings!

First tapings (to air November 2nd 2006)

The crowd was hot even before the first wrestler came out. But when Chris Peele’s music hits and he walked out with the Freedom Fighter’s by his side, the crowd was ready to go. Peele had the Heavyweight title drapped on his shoulder and he was oozing charisma. He picked up a microphone and talked about paying dues. Peele went into a detailed description, but than at the end said he never paid a due in his life because he was that damn good. Peele said that everything he ever did in his life, he was amazing at. Peele reminds the fans that after last night, he is still undefeated. Peele states that last night, he embarrassed Rodney Mack and he is pretty sure he isn’t coming back to QGWA. Peele says that he did enlist the aid of Travis Tomko and Chris Cage, but he said he won the match regardless of what people bitch and moan about. Peele says that Mack got his two chances at the title, and he isn’t getting any more any time soon. Peele says that he is going to let Jake the Snake Roberts have a chance at Shed The Blood Of The Innocent. But Peele says that he feels Roberts hasn’t earned a one on one match, so he is going to let some other people have a chance at the main title in the wrestling business. Peele says next week, four men who have deserved a shot will battle it out. It’ll be The Hardcore Homo Angel, Rick Goulet, Rex Silverstone anddd… Travis Tomko. Jake the Snake hits the ring and says that he sees the painting on the wall. That Peele is going to stack the odds against Roberts by making it a handicap match for the title. But Roberts says the odds have been stacked against him before, and he isn’t going to let it keep him down. Peele says that Roberts is pretty cocky for a broken down, old man. Peele says that at SBI, he is going to take Roberts out like he did the 10 other men in the Bedlam Ladder Match, and like he did Rodney Mack last week. (79%, I like the Freedom Fighters, they are a diverse group of wrestler’s with Peele at the helm. SBI looks to have an already stellar main event, with Peele taking on Roberts and the yet to be crowned Travis Tomko. It’ll definitely make Robert’s the clear cut face in the feud. Rodney Mack’s involvement in the match is a must.)

First match of the night is Jeff Hardy squaring off against Dylan Harris. The two men have a decent affair, with lots of high spots and Harris pulling out a few unexpected twists, including a spring board corkscrew moon sault. Dylan Harris tries for a Northern lights suplex, when Jeff Hardy reverses it into a Twist of Fate of his own. Jeff Hardy ascends the top turn buckle, sizes up Harris and crushes him with the Swanton Bomb. Post-match, King Lorum hits the ring and two brawl. Lorum goes for the Bloomb Bomb, but Hardy knocks him out of the ring. Jeff Hardy says that he and Matt Hardy accept the challenge of Lorum and Johnyn McMahon. Jeff Hardy says that in 3 weeks, he and Lorum are going to settle their score once and for all – the show before Shed the Blood of the Innocent. (75%, Dylan Harris was impressive in this match and proved why he belongs in the wrestling federation. The All Or Nothing Scaffold Match is basically the Hardy Boyz match too win, as there is no way the two are going to the WWE. Matt Hardy was obviously just released, due to his involvement in the promotion. But I am assuming we’ll get a huge bump out of the match, so the obvious outcome won’t affect my like or dislike for the match.)

Monty Sopp takes on a new jobber, Jesse Kennedy, in a short affair. Basically, Sopp hits his trademark spots, like a One and Only, a body slam, and eventually he teases the Sopp Drop, but instead hits a series of boots to the face. Jesse Kennedy eventually gets a come back, but Monty Sopp stops him in his tracks with a kick to the gut and a Sopp Drop. Post-match, Monty Sopp celebrates as Sean Waltman hits the ring and attacks him. Sean Waltman hits the X-Factor in the middle of the ring and tells Monty Sopp that the fans votes have been tallied for who they think shouldn’t be the father. Waltman says he is 100% sure that the fans chose Sopp, and that he’ll be eliminated from the contest. Sopp tells Waltman to not be so sure; Sopp says that he has friends in high places. (62%, decent squash match with a conclusion that furthers the pregnancy story line. Sopp telling Waltman he has friends in high places makes me think he is going to tamper with the votes or that Armstrong or Waltman is getting screwed and Sopp will be in the finals regardless. I mean, Armstrong and Waltman are both clearly face’s, so they can’t have their show down at the end.)

In the backstage area, Caleb Hill hypes up next show. He says that their will be a 4 way dance between Tomko, Angel, Goulet and Cross to see who is going to the SBI Heavyweight title match beside Peele and Roberts. Hill says that fans will have their voices heard, and either Sopp, Armstrong or Waltman will be eliminated from being the father of China Doll’s baby. And Hill says that the fourth member of the Lightweight cage match will make his debut against “The Shit” Ted Stylin’. Hill says that he is sure the fans will apperciate who will be on hand. (74%, ooh, the next taping is looking stacked. Who will the new Lightweight be? No clue.)

PJ Styles comes out next and he says that for the longest time he has come out here to rag on AJ Styles, but that unlike AJ, he has the skills to pay the bills. PJ calls out a random opponent for tonight, and Davey Freeman takes up the challenge. The two put on a clinic for the fans, with PJ whipping out some german suplexes, moon saults and spring board shooting star presses. He manages to crush Davey Freeman with a Styles Flash for the three count. Post-match, PJ Styles says that he has received numerous letters asking to stop the gimmick; and he has personally been threatened by AJ Styles. So PJ says at Shed The Blood Of The Innoncent, he is uping the ante. He is promising a shoot interview that will embarrass AJ Styles and force him to retire from the wrestling business forever. (57%, the point of this was? Nadda. Nothing. PJ Styles squashes Davey Freeman and promises a shoot interview? What has he been doing the last two months? This entire gimmick is a shoot on AJ Styles, so why waste precious time on pay-per-view to dedicate it to him? PJ Styles is talented, but he has to drop this hatred for AJ, soon.)

The main event for the first week is a rematch from last night, as the Columbine Kids are taking on Sean Waltman & Brian Armstrong. Waltman and Armstrong are still wearing their gear with the words “Ruckus” on them, but they seem to ignore each other and not work as a team. This doesn’t really work as Dylan and Eric manage to target Sean Waltman in the corner and work him over. Eventually Waltman makes the hot tag and Armstrong clean’s house. Johnny Fairplay gets on the apron and tries to interfere, but he gets knocked down. Meanwhile, Orlando Jordan hits the ring with a chair in hand and he takes out Dylan Harris on the outside, while Brian Armstrong this a Pumphandle Slam on Eric Kleobold to win the match. Orlando Jordan stuns Pogo the Clown with a chair shot. Orlando Jordan has clearly won over the fans as he heads to the backstage area after attacking the Raze Crew. Waltman and Armstrong stare each other down, and Waltman tries to leave. Armstrong picks up a microphone and says regardless of what happens next week, the two have to remember they are friends. They are out here to cause a Ruckus and that is what they are doing. Armstrong goes to hug Waltman and Waltman embraces him. The two leave to the backstage area together. (70%, great showing, a lot better than at the pay-per-view. Armstrong and Waltman are not two wrestler’s who should be wrestling for longer than ten minutes, especially considering how broken down their bodies are. The Columbine Kids are probably going to start something with OJ and the incest couple for the pay-per-view after Monty Sopp and the Raze Crew slighted OJ last night at the PPV for losing.)

Second tapings (to air November 9th 2006)

The show kicks off with Ted Stylin’ hitting the ring and waiting for his opponent. Stylin’ jokes about who it possibly could be and a midget comes out. Stylin’ wrestle’s the midget for a minute or two and eventually takes him out with a spring board moon sault. Stylin’ hooks the leg and gets the three count. Stylin’ jokes about how the midget wasn’t going to do well in the cage match and that Caleb Hill must be playing a joke with Stylin’. Do The Evolution by Pearl Jam plays as Stylin’ gives a perplexed stare towards the entrance. The 5’8”, 170 lb, bald headed Low-Ki walks out wearing black tights! Low-Ki hasn’t been seen since his stint in TNA ended a month ago. Low-Ki enters the ring and stares down Stylin’, who tries to shake Low-Ki’s hand. Low-Ki takes him out with a series of Mongolian Chops. Stylin’ tries to fight back, but eventually Low-Ki just plants him with the Ki Crusher in the center of the ring. Low-Ki says he has arrived in QGWA and he is ready to destroy the competition. (61%, Low-Ki in QGWA? Weirder things have been uttered before. Part of me is surprised that Low-Ki would come to QGWA, due to the lack of focus on wrestling. But I guess a pay check is a pay check, and since Low-Ki has burnt a lot of bridges [ROH and TNA], QGWA was the logical alternative.)

In the second match of the night, Horace Hogan is taking on Jimmy Cross. Hogan hits a few of his patented spots, including a spine buster and a power bomb. Hogan signals for the end at the 3 minute mark, but Jimmy Cross hits a jaw breaker. Jimmy Cross hits a spinning heel kick and a running forearm smash. Jimmy Cross goes for a sunset flip, but he can’t get Hogan to fall over. Hogan grabs him by the throat, rips him up to his feet and locks in the bear hug! Jimmy Cross isn’t going to reach the ropes, as Hogan has the hold in tight. Eventually, Cross passes out and the referee awards the match to Hogan. Hogan picks up a microphone and states at Shed The Blood Of The Innocent, he would continue his rampage in the name of Chris Peele. He was laying an open challenge for anyone to stop his undefeated streak. (42%, awful bout, as Hogan could barely hit the spots properly and Cross bumped like mad to make him look good to no avail. Hogan’s opponent will definitely be Rodney Mack, who will show up to punk him out and re-establish himself as the dominant force in QGWA.)

Pogo the Clown and Johnny Fairplay come to the ring with microphone’s in hand. Pogo says that he has felt a void in his life ever since his Columbine Kids grew up. And Pogo tried to find happiness elsewhere, but he realized what was wrong. He needed a new accomplice. And Pogo says he knows the best way to find one. He says that he is opening anybody under the age of 18 to send him audition tapes. Pogo says he wants to see why they should work underneath Pogo … and he means underneath him. Pogo says he wants to see what the applicants have to offer… he wants to see everything. Pogo says that the younger the better, because they learn better. Johnny Fairplay gives the email address, which is pogo_the_clown@hotmail.com. (54%, borderline wrong, and this week it wasn’t even funny. QGWA definitely is going to land themselves in hot water if they keep pushing this angle so hard. And they seem really intent on doing it. They started this shit in September and it is still going on. Either put Pogo the Clown in a death match or just fire the two of them because this is losing it’s entertainment value very quickly.)

Fatu takes on Chris Cage next in a quick bout that lasts 4 minutes. Fatu is in the driver’s seat and hits his trademark spots. After a Samoan Drop, Fatu tries to drag Chris Cage to the corner. But Travis Tomko distracts the referee while Chris Peele levels him with the Heavyweight title. Chris Cage covers Fatu and Chris Peele gets on the microphone. He claims that at Shed The Blood Of The Innocent, Fatu and Angel were going to defend their Tag-Teams against Cage and Tomko. Peele says that the Freedom Fighter’s would hijack all of the QGWA titles and would not be martyr’s for their cause. (63%, ooh, the Terrorism imagery is already beginning. Chris Cage getting the surprise victory over Fatu was quite the shock, considering Fatu is now one half of the tag-team champion’s. Another match made for Shed The Blood Of The Innoncent, which means that QGWA is learning how to properly build up their big events.)

In the last match of the evening, we’ve got Travis Tomko taking on Angel taking on Rick Goulet taking on Rex Silverstone. Tomko kicks off the match against Goulet, but Goulet is eliminated in thirty seconds after a Yakuza kick. Rex Silverstone fairs a bit better, as he manages to last two minutes before Tomko hits a tomb stone pile driver in the middle of the ring. This leaves Angel to take on Tomko. Tomko hits him with a few crucial and big spots, including a gorilla press slam, a running power slam, and a power bomb. Angel manages to kick out of each move. Tomko hits a Yakuza kick, and than follows it up with two more. He could make the cover, but instead he picks up Angel for the tomb stone pile driver. Angel slides off his shoulder and rolls him up for the shocking three count. Angel cannot believe what just happened – he just earnt himself a shot at the QGWA Heavyweight title at SBI. As Angel’s arm is raised in the air, Chris Peele rushes down to the ring and takes him out with a title belt shot. Peele tells Angel that he got lucky tonight and that at Shed the Blood of the Innoncent, he wouldn’t be lucky; he’d be dead. (57%, Angel in the main event at Shed the Blood of the Innocent? Shocking, but I love it. The guy has definitely shown he can keep up, and he’ll definitely be a great addition to help avoid making Roberts bump a lot. Rumor has it that Roberts has been cautioned about the continuing his wrestling career, so hopefully Angel helps take the stress off him for the match.)

Brian Armstrong, Sean Waltman and Monty Sopp all come down to separate entrances. Sopp picks up a microphone and demands for China Doll to come down to the ring. Caleb Hill comes out instead and informs the three men that China Doll was unable to make it to the show tonight, but that she would be at SBI in order to pick the father of her child. Caleb Hill says that he does have the results of the fan’s choice over who to eliminate from the competition .The person who received the least amount of votes to be taken out was Sean Waltman with only 14% of the vote. In second place was Monty Sopp with 31% of the vote. Eliminated from possibly being the father of China Doll’s baby is Brian Armstrong. Monty Sopp gets on his hands and knees and proceeds to worship the fans. Waltman and Armstrong embrace in a hug and Armstrong gets a microphone. He tells Monty Sopp he is a sore excuse for a human being. Armstrong says that something as stupid as this almost ripped the friendship between Sean Waltman and Brian Armstrong. Armstrong says he wants to apologize to Sean and remind him that no matter what, he has his back. Armstrong says that he is pulling for Sean Waltman to be the father of the baby, because he knows that Waltman will do the better job. Caleb Hill says he also has a shocking revelation – that the fourth man that China Doll mentioned could be the biological, but not the real father of her child – would be in attendance next week. He sent Caleb Hill an unsigned fax stating he was coming next week. The show ends with the huge cliffhanger. (72%, something tells me that at the end of all this, everything won’t be settled. I mean, lets be honest; China Doll is going to have to stay pregnant for 9 months to make this angle work. We’ve got 9 long months of this, so there are bound to be more twists and turns along the way.)

Overall, these two tapings showed that QGWA is definitely growing as a product and at the least are hyping each show up to be important. I mean, they are leaving cliff hangers left and right and resolving issues at their big events, but also creating more. The pregnancy angle is cliché and very much a parody of the crash style booking of the WWE, but at the least it keeps me coming out to the shows and tuning in to the shows online. They keep adding twists and turns, albeit some of them out of left field, that make this shit interesting at the very least. Is it captivating? Not yet. But is it interesting and worth checking out? Definitely.

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You know, being such a messiah for the wrestling business means that people j’adore me. I am like the Michael Jackson of the wrestling business; in every sense of the comparison. Ok, I am not a child molestor and I wouldn’t compare any of my wrestling shows to Thriller. But you get the point. I am well-liked, by quite a number of people who worship the ground I walk on. With that amount of admiration, people ask me a lot of questions. And a lot of the times, people ask me the same question over and over again. They usually revolve around “a/s/l, lolz?” or “who is your favorite wrestler?” The answer to the later is Chris Peele – I am probably his biggest fan. And I am 41 at the time of this being published, I am a male (but toying around with the idea of surgery) and my main residence is in New York, but I own residence in Mexico, Canada, and London.

But I figured I’d address some questions I get from the hardcore, fanatic fans. The people who actually paid attention to not only my later success, but my early days cutting my teeth as an indie promoter. These are the people who propped me up and supported me behind every great idea or total bomb I came up with. And there was a lot of bad idea’s I came up, let me tell you that. Ok, ok, so onto the question period.

Q : In the early days of VILE Wrestling, you aired a segment called Hardcore Hollywood hosted by Angel. One of the segment’s left a cliff-hanger, with Angel threatening release a tape of HHH at a strip club. The tape was never released and there was never mention of this. So my question is a two parter – why were the segments stopped and what happened with the tape?

A : Hardcore Hollywood was unique because it was essentially an informed dirt-sheet. I loved reading what was happening in the big leagues from the ignorant wrestling “reporters” because it was exaggerated beyond belief and taken RIGHT out of context. Angel intially loved the idea, but soon after, he kind of realized that the segments would hold him back in the ring more than push him as a wrestler. Angel was totally dedicated to being an in-ring talent and pushed for the angle to be dropped. Around this time, Sean Waltman had went to a strip club with HHH and some other wrestler’s and Waltman had his camera phone. He took a video of the incident. When the news broke early on of HHH attending the strip club, the Internet community at large disregarded the rumors. But when Waltman came forth with the tapes, I had every intention on releasing the tape. As I have stated early on in this biography, me and Vince McMahon are friends. He phoned me personally and asked for me not to air the tape and to destroy it. I did as he asked, because I am his close and personal friend. Shortly after the incident, the infamous RAW segment happened where HHH jobbed cleanly to Val Venis as punishment for cheating on Stephanie. HHH found himself shoved down the card. Eventually, HHH and Stephanie mended fences and would conceive their second child shortly after.

Q : In QGWA, you used a lot of licensed music. Did you pay for the rights?

A : Hahaha, hell no. When LOGO offered to pay the bills for things like that, sure we got licenses. Most of the music was supplied by unsigned bands who saw it as a chance to get free exposure. And the bands like Dillinger Escape Plan, singers like Peaches, and the lesser known rappers didn’t have beef with me using their music. I basically didn’t think about how the music would sound leading a wrestler to the ring, I choose music that sounded kick ass.

Q : Did any of the wrestler’s and promotions you mock get legitimately angry or did they take it in jest?

A : The one person they always ask about is AJ Styles, but I am pretty sure that you know the answer to that. He wasn’t a fan. Vince McMahon actually enjoyed the Johnny McMahon, although Vince didn’t really know that Kid Kash would have punched Vince out if they saw each other face to face. I mean, really in the early days when we pulled off a lot of satires and parodies, not a lot of people were watching. Not that a lot of people were watching later on, but you get my point. Why would wrestler’s get offended since no one was watching. Really, it just came across as the promotion wanting attention and we received hardly any attention for mocking other promotion’s. We received attention because we demanded it.

Q : Which wrestler should have made it, but didn’t?

A: There are so many. I’d put Jeff Hardy, because he really is a tragic story if there ever was one. I mean, yeah he enjoyed a run at the top in the WWE and in TNA he had moderate success. As I stated earlier on in my biography, Jeff Hardy had a shot of landing in the WWE. As Shed the Blood of the Innocent arrived, it was supposed to be his last show before returning to the WWE. But he showed up for a meeting with Vince McMahon, but Hardy was clearly not sober and apparently said some very offensive things to Vince. Three weeks before Jeff Hardy was done with the promotion, he lost his chance at the big leagues. It was his fault yeah, but the guy was a huge talent and his fall from grace was very sad. I am proud to say that I gave him a proper shake and respected him, but he deserved a lot better. Hardy hit the drugs, and he couldn’t escape it.

Another wrestler who should have made it? Val Venis. I never got a chance to work with the guy, but he was a huge talent. He had bundles of charisma and was talented in the ring. When he was eventually released by the WWE, he eventually just decided to return to Canada and retired from the professional wrestling business. Venis could have easily been a HHH orUndertaker; I don’t think he could ever cross over to a mainstream audience, but he could have been well respected in the wrestling community and been a huge draw. Ultimately, he never got the shot though. Shit sucks, eh?

Q : People talk about the Quinte-Tuple and about how you gave them all a chance to make it big. But the members have never really been outwardly stated before. Who are they?

A: Quinte-Tuple was a joke dating way back and I don’t know how the wrestling community got a hold of it. It dates back to the days of Lotsafucking Entertainment. The five official members were : myself, Chris Peele, Julio Lopez, Maria Lopez, and Rex Silverstone. But when I entered the wrestling business, the last member Kelly Stardust was added. I met Kelly when she was twelve years old and a boy. Before the operation, he was always a lacky for the group, but when he got the sex-change done we respected her a lot more. Kelly had done something she had always wanted too. We thought the nicest thing we could do was to make her an official member. Eventually, we would all make national news. One member would make it famous. One member would become infamous (and would lead to the darkest day of my life). Two members would end up victims. And the last member would always be close to my heart and an inspiration. But heck, you know that already if you love me.

Q : What REALLY happened in Juventud Guerrera’s lawsuit against you? The majority of the Internet knows that you won; but the details are sketchy behind the entire suit.

The case in question is Juventud Guerrera’s lawsuit that I forced him to get naked at Profane Destruction and thus, I embarassed him and hurt professional success. After the incident and when he left the promotion, it was hard for Juvi to find work because of that incident and because of this he felt he was entitled to make a law suit. Which is cool by me – he had no grounds for his lawsuit, so he was simply wasting my time. But than he went to dirt sheets and fabricated events that didn’t happen. That I sexually harassed him, that I forced him into partaking in sexual acts, etc. The majority of the people disregarded the claims, because they came out of left field, Juvi was not consistent with his claims and because he was clearly still abusing drugs.

The judge agreed with me. In fact, it was the testimony of people like Mallory who helped me win the case. Mallory as you know took her top off during a QGWA event. But, she stated that she did so without my permission and was not forced into doing it by anyone. Another key testimony was from David Cash (aka, Johnny McMahon, Kid Kash) who stated that during the intial plannings of the match, the spot was not planned. David Cash also recalled myself apologizing profusely for the incident, stating that he was hundred percent sure that I had no involvement in the angle. There was other key issues discussed, but nothing too important. At the end of the day, I won and that is all that matters.

Well, I guess that is it for this question session. I tried to address questions more aimed towards the early start of my career. There are lots of questions aimed towards the later part of my career and I’ll probably address them at a later date. But not today.

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VILE Wrestling Tapings, presented by Queer and Grotesque Ent.

You know the deal. Two tapings left till Shed the Blood of the Innocent. Lets get too it.

Taping #1 (to broadcast November 16th)

The show kicks off with a bang, as Sean Waltman and Brian Armstrong hit the ring. Sean Waltman says that he has recently mended ways with China Doll. Waltman says the last two weeks have allowed him to get to know himself better and he is sure that he is going to be named the father of China’s baby. Waltman says that he and China have spent the last few nights going out for lengthy walks, talking about their past problem’s and about his demons. Waltman says that he is going to make a bold claim right now – Waltman claims that if he becomes the father of China Doll’s baby, he will check himself into rehab right away. Waltman says that he has constantly abused substances, but if he is going to be a father, he wants to be clean. Monty Sopp interrupts as he hits the ring by himself. Sopp says that Waltman is pathetic and that he couldn’t stay clean for a second. Sopp says that he is the cream of the crop, he is the top of the top, he is the G-Man because he always hits the G-Spot. Monty Sopp says that he doesn’t believe Waltman’s claims for a second. But Sopp says he has bigger business – last week the last possible biological father of China’s baby promised to be here. And Monty Sopp says he has seen no sign of this person. Sopp says that Waltman and himself are waiting and want to see this person. The lights dim in the arena and some epic sounding classical music plays as Brian Lawler makes his way towards the ring. Brian Lawler grabs a microphone and declares in his irritating voice that he is the fourth father, but China won’t consider him due to his wild party animal life style. Brian Lawler hypes himself up as “The Prince” Brian Lawler and insults the three men beside him calling them “washed-up”. Pot-kettle-black. Brian Lawler says that he has something important to tell the entire world and that is why he came out here. Before he can reveal the secret, Monty Sopp low blows him and hits the Sopp Drop. Monty Sopp picks up a microphone and says that he doesn’t give a shit what Jerry Lawler’s drug addict son has to say. Monty Sopp says that he only came down here to remind everyone, in two weeks he would be declared the father of China’s baby. (63%, Brian Lawler? There was a few better choices, but I guess this is acceptable. I kind of like the direction of him calling himself “The Prince”, kind of taking a pot shot at his father. Apparently they aren’t on the bets of terms so this should be interesting. Brian Lawler didn’t get to spill the beans, but I am sure he will be involved at Shed the Blood of the Innocent. Sopp is definitely going to be proclaimed the father of China Doll’s baby, with lots of controversy and they will drag this shit out.)

How do you follow up a trainwreck like that? You send Angel and Fatu out to the ring to defend their tag-team titles against Mondo Matt and Awesome Adam. In this two minute match, we see Fatu and Angel totally dominate. Eventually, Fatu powers Angel up with a Stinkface, which leads to a Bathhouse Bomb and a victory for the tag-team champions. Angel and Fatu hold the belts high in the air when The Freedom Fighter’s hit the ring. Peele says they were going to come down and beat the hell out of the queer and the fat-ass, but instead Peele is going to extend an offer to Angel. He can back out of the Heavyweight title match and avoid getting the ass kicking of his life. Peele says that if Angel wrestle’s the match, he will make sure that Angel never wrestle’s again. Peele says that tonight in the main event, he is going to give the fans a taste of things to come. Peele says he will defend his Heavyweight title, for all of the fans to witness. (66%, decent squash match, which seems to be the norm for these shows. It is hard to showcase the true talents of the wrestling federation with one hour on the Internet. But I digress. Something is telling me that Angel is walking out of SBI wearing the Heavyweight title.)

Up next is Matt Hardy taking on Johnny McMahon in a short, but sweet match. The two manage to hit all of their big spots, like McMahon’s endless variations on a hurricrana and Matt Hardy’s totally underrated move list. Hardy goes for the Side Effect, but McMahon rolls him up for a two count. Hardy blocks an unsuccessful stunner and hits the Twist of Fate. McMahon gets his foot on the rope at the two count and the fans cannot believe how close it was. At the five minute mark, Hardy gets kicked in the gut and Johnny McMahon goes for the Pedigree. Hardy manages to back body drop him off, and hit a Twist of Fate for the victory. Post-match, Lorum enters the ring with a chair and hits Hardy in his face, concealed by the mask. King Lorum picks him up by the mask and grabs a microphone. Lorum says that next week, he and Jeff Hardy are clashing in a one on one affair, and he is going to make sure that he doesn’t make it to Shed the Blood of the Innocent. (85%, holy shit these two took 5 minutes and seemed to stretch it out. I was actually in disbelief at how well they used the 5 minutes. They jam packed it full of their well known spots and moves and had the fans on their feet the entire bout. Jeff Hardy and King Lorum will probably end the Jeff-Lorum feud, which has been brewing since week #1. Thank god, it is getting a little stale…)

Pogo the Clown and Johnny Fairplay hit the ring and they say they have received a lot of interesting entries in the past few weeks from young fans wanting to be Pogo’s under study. They show two videos in particular, which involve a young boy eating a hot dog and another video of a boy trying to ride a cow. Pogo says that both video’s touched him and made him want to touch. Johnny Fairplay says that they even received some video’s that they can’t show on the Internet. Caleb Hill hits the ring and says the entire deal has gone on for too long! He says he doesn’t want to run any illegal activities out of his wrestling promotion. Pogo says that is the biggest joke of the year and than mimics smoking a joint. Hill says that he isn’t going to take the fall for Pogo the Clown’s disgusting ways. Pogo says that he just wants to show the winning video entry that he received. The video involves a young boy around fourteen telling Pogo he would do anything for him … and he meant anything. The boy said he was willingly to bare all, on all fours, in order to please Pogo. Caleb Hill demands the tape be stopped and says that Pogo is a dead man. Hill says that it was his nephew and that if Pogo the Clown goes near him, he’ll fucking kill him. Pogo says “old enough to walk, bitch get on my cock.” Caleb Hill warns Pogo the Clown, and Pogo says he has nothing to worry about. Orlando Jordan, Julio, and Maria hit the ring and attack Pogo the Clown and Johnny Fairplay with all sorts of weapons. Caleb Hill hits the ring and he also takes on Pogo the Clown with lefts and rights. Eventually the Columbine Kids hit the ring and drag their partners out of the ring to relative safety. Caleb Hill says that at Shed the Blood of the Innocent, he was going to ensure that Pogo the Clown never went near his nephew or any child ever again. He said that himself, Orlando Jordan, Maria and Julio would take on The Columbine Kids, Pogo the Clown and Johnny Fairplay in a Death Match. The ropes would be wrapped in barbed wire, there would be thumb tacks, there would be light tubes. Heck, Caleb Hill said he was crazy enough to light Pogo the Clown on fire. Pogo accepts the match, and warns Hill and OJ and Crew that he is a veteran of the death match and will make sure that no enemy is left behind. Pogo says that after making Hill bleed, he is going to make his little nephew bleed all night long. Hill wants ot attack Pogo, but OJ and Crew hold him back. (54%, hmmm… so this all lead to a Pogo the Clown getting involved in a Death Match? I mean, I totally dig the idea of blood and weapons, but did we need two months of build up? Something tells me we haven’t heard the last of this. Not by a long shot.)

Horace Hogan is up next and he awaits the arrival of his opponent for the night. It is none other than Chaz, who hasn’t done anything of note in a long time. And his role of doing nothing is furthered, as he gets his ass handed too him in typical Hogan style. Hogan makes him tap out when he locks in the bear hug. Post-match, Hogan vows to crush whomever takes up his open challenge just like he did to Chaz here tonight. He locks in the bear hug once again, but Davey Freeman rushes to the ring and takes out Horace Hogan with a series of lefts and rights. Eventually Hogan takes him out with a big boot and heads to the back. Chaz and Davey Freeman shake hands after the match, and apparently they are allies now. Lame. (32%, awful. Just awful. Johnny McMahon and Matt Hardy should have been before this. Heck, even Angel and Fatu’s squash match. And what was with the random turn of Davey Freeman? Does anyone even know what his allignment is? Heel? Face? Tweener? It changes every single week. Fire everyone involved in this angle, ASAP.)

In the main event for the evening, Chris Peele comes to the ring to defend his Heavyweight title against “The Shit’ Ted Stylin’. Before the match can begin, Ted Stylin demands a microphone and asks Peele “wasssssssup?” Peele doesn’t look impressed as Stylin’ calls him his home-slice and a playa. Peele lets this go on for a minute before he kicks Ted Stylin in the gut and hits a stiff power bomb. Peele hits a few more impressive moves before locking in the Torture Rack. Just when you think Stylin’ is going to tap out, Peele lifts him high above his head and drops Stylin’ directly on his knee. Peele climbs all the way to the top rope and signals it is over. Peele hits a breath taking 450 splash (the guy is 260 lbs) that crushes Ted Stylin’. Peele hooks the leg and gets the three count. Chris Peele slaps around Ted Stylin’ after the match and picks up a microphone. Peele says that next week, he is going to give the fans a treat. Peele reminds them of his undefeated streak – he has never been pinned, ever. Peele says that next week, he is going to give anyone a chance to beat him. Peele says that anyone can step up to the plate, and he means anyone. Low-Ki hits the ring and the fans go CRAZY. Peele and Low-Ki have a brief stare down, and Low-Ki shakes Peele hand before picking up Ted Stylin’ and dropping him on his head with a Ki Krusher. The show ends with Low-Ki and Chris Peele having a stare down! (69%, Chris Peele is making enemies left and right. Rodney Mack, Jake the Snake Roberts, and Low-Ki. And I have to say, that I am looking forward to Low-Ki versus Chris Peele… I think both wrestlers will definitely bring out the best in each other. What does this all mean for the Heavyweight division? That is hundreds times more interesting than TNA’s World Title… or, Jeff Jarrett’s Title.)

Taping #2 (to broadcast November 23rd)

In a preview of the Death Match at Shed the Blood of the Innocent, we see that Julio and Orlando Jordan are taking on The Columbine Kids. Dylan Harris starts off against Julio, who is clearly not a trained professional wrestler. Julio botches the spots left and right. Heck, he even manages to make a lariat look weak. Julio climbs to the top and goes for a moon sault, but he nearly lands on his skull in a scary moment that sees Dylan Harris barely catch him and prevent a serious injury. Orlando Jordan gets the hot tag and cleans house. Dylan Harris and Eric Kleobold try to double team, but Julio hits a spring board clothes line on both men. OJ hits an STO on Eric and hooks the leg for the victory. Post-match, Pogo the Clown sneaks in the ring with a light tube and sizes up Orlando Jordan. But wait, Dylan Harris gets in the way and instructs Pogo the Clown to put down the light tube. Pogo the Clown looks confused and Orlando Jordan takes the chance to hit another STO, this time on Dylan Harris. OJ, Julio and Maria head to the backstage area. Post-match, it seems there are issues in the Raze Crew, as they are having some issues in the ring. (54%, odd segment, considering The Raze Crew needed to look strong going into SBI and a flat out loss didn’t do it for them. I am kind of interested in the whole Dylan Harris angle, but I am sure it’ll get played out at the big event.)

Next up, the Freedom Fighter’s take on Davey Freeman and Chaz, who are wearing matching tights now and high fiving the fans. Chris Cage and Travis Tomko look less than impressed and dish out the offense early on. They manage to keep Freeman in their corner and dish out the pain. Tomko actually shows some improvement in the ring from his WWE days, after a lengthy stay in Japan. He is much more fluid and is actually pretty damn good. Eventually, Chaz is knocked off the apron and Tomko places Davey Freeman on his shoulders. Chris Cage hits a spring board spinning drop kick, knocking Freeman off. Tomko covers for the victory. Nothing happened after the bell, which is a shock and a half. (61%, Chaz and Davey kind of work as a tag-team, if only for the reason that it gives them both something to do. Tomko is definitely a hundred times better than he was in the E. Hopefully someone is watching to make sure that they undo the mistake and hire him back. Now!)

Up next is a backstage segment actually. We hardly see any of those. There is a locker room clearly marked "THE PRINCE”. The door swings open and Monty Sopp comes out wearing a grin on his face. Brian “The Prince” Lawler follows and asks him why he looks so happy. Monty Sopp says that what Lawler told him was old news! Lawler isn’t sure how to respond to that, but Sopp says that Lawler should keep his eyes open at Shed the Blood of the Innocent, because he promises it is going to be DAMN interesting! (71%, interesting chemistry between these two, but I am going to be honest. I have no idea where this is heading. No idea)

A black square appears on the QGWA tron (aka, two big screen televisions placed near the entrance). A voice over states “the shapes are changing. Things are no longer going to be square. Be prepared for the revolution. Coming to you at ‘Surrender to the TakeOver’, December 31st.” The square fades and disappears. (84%, although it sucked for the live audience (due to it being shown on a big screen TV), I can definitely tell that the production values on this little teaser were good. I am not sure where it is heading, but it better be somewhere good. With a teaser like that, it better be good. I assume Surrender to the TakeOver is the December event. And it damn well better be good.)

Caleb Hill hits the ring with the new color commentator (for those who don’t watch the online shows); his name is Chris Flare, and he tries to come across as way over the top. Caleb Hill and Chris Flare run down the final card for Shed the Blood of the Innocent.

Shed The Blood Of The Innocent

November 26th 2006 from Doomsday

QGWA Heavyweight Championship Match

Chris Peele © versus Angel versus Jake the Snake Roberts

All Or Nothing Scaffold Match

The Hardy Boyz versus King Lorum & Johnny McMahon

Who Is The Daddy of China Doll’s baby?

Monty Sopp or Sean Waltman?

Fatal Four Way Cage Match for the Lightweight Title

Juventud Guerrera versus Ted Stylin’ versus Matt Sydal versus Low-Ki

Horace Hogan Open Challenge

Horace Hogan versus ???

Tag-Team Title Match

Angel & Fatu © versus The Freedom Fighter’s

Death Match

Caleb Hill, Orlando Jordan, Julio & Maria versus The Columbine Kids, Johnny Fairplay & Pogo the Clown


PJ Styles shoot on AJ Styles.

And a very special dark match

Davey Freeman & Chaz versus Awesome Adam & Mondo Matt

The second last segment of the night was Chris Peele coming to the ring to defend his Heavyweight title. He cuts a little promo at the start of the match and reminds everyone he is undefeated. He calls out anyone from the back. Low-Ki begins to make his way towards the ring, but out of no where Matt Sydal hits him with a chair shot. Sydal is wearing an “MARRY ME TRISH” t-shirt on as he raises his arms in the air. Chris Peele thinks that he is lacking an opponent, but the Hardcore Homo himself rushes to the ring. Angel slides in the ring and the two men just rip into each other with lefts and rights. Angel takes Chris Peele to the outside, and than hits an senton splash to the outside that has the fans going crazy. They brawl around the entire ring, and Angel eventually climbs onto the apron and hits a hurricrana off the apron. When the two men return to the ring, the referee takes a bump after Peele runs into him. Peele low blows him again and goes to the outside and grabs a chair. Peele enters the ring and takes him out with a stiff chair shot. Chris Peele picks up Angel and locks in the torture rack! Out from the back is Jake the Snake Roberts. He kicks Peele below the belt and picks up the chair and busts him open with a chair shot. But the referee was on one knee and witnessed it all! He calls for the bell as Jake the Snake realises what he just did. The referee awards the match to Chris Peele, who rolls out of the ring and walks towards the back with his Heavyweight title on his shoulder. Angel shoves Jake the Snake and tells him to stay out of his business. Roberts tries to apologize, but Angel lays him out with a stiff forearm. Angel heads to the backstage area, more determined to win the QGWA Heavyweight title. (72%, Angel definitely kicked it up a notch and delivered for the fans and won a fan in me. He definitely showed potential, more than ever seen before. The beast has been unleashed! The main event of Shed the Blood of the Innocent is going to be off the charts. Look for bumps galore and Jake the Snake to walk away with the title.)

The main event for the evening is Jeff Hardy and King Lorum clashing in a huge bout! This has been building since day #1, since the day QGWA opened it’s doors. And it will all be settled here tonight. The only person at ring side is Mallory, who looks more beautiful than ever. Jeff Hardy is the underdog from the bell, as he tries to take Lorum out with everything! Eventually Lorum takes him out with a stiff boot and picks him up, only to toss him half way across the ring. After a bicycle kick and a running power slam, the fans are led to believe that Hardy is down and out. But he stages a come back and takes Lorum to the outside with a clothes line. He uses a chair to catapult himself over the top rope and onto Lorum. Jeff Hardy slides back into the ring and King Lorum eventually follows him. Hardy has Lorum reeling, until Lorum takes him out with some big spots, that ends with a shoulder breaker. Lorum signals for the end, but Mallory gets on the apron and grabs his attention. Lorum walks over and eventually Mallory slaps him across the cheek. Lorum stumbles backwards, stunned and he walks right into a twist of fate by Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy climbs the top and hits the Swanton Bomb and hooks the leg for the three count. Jeff Hardy is celebrating as Lorum looks stunned over his loss and Mallory’s betrayal. She simply picks up a microphone and tells the fans that he was playing Lorum all along. She used him to get noticed and when people saw she could wrestle, she decided to leg the cat out of the bag. Mallory says that she is a dyke and that Lorum better find a new woman, because she ain’t taking his crap any more. Lorum looks devastated over the news and gets on his kneese and tries to hold Mallory’s hand. She slaps him once again and heads to the backstage area. The show ends with Jeff Hardy celebrating his victory over Lorum and Lorum displaying both rage and sadness over the loss of his girl friend. (78%, great match between these two, and I assume it’ll be the last between them for a while. After Sunday, they will have fought 4 times in the last three months. It has been a little overkill if you ask me, but it seems to be finally be wrapping up. I expect the PPV match to last a while, with lots of twists and turns along the way. Since Lorum did the job tonight, I assume he’ll be going on top at Shed the Blood. But who knows. This is QGWA. It doesn’t follow any sort of logical path.)

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