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WWE - The Challenge

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In the mood for something different, I decided to hit Reflecto up on MSN for a challenge. Seeing my recent interest in resurrecting the Plankton WWE scenario, he went one better. Not only did he release the high over workers and a number of ECW affiliated workers – he then organised three mega tournaments.

One sixty four man tournament to decide a WWE Champion.

One thirty two woman tournament to decide a Women's Champion.

One thirty two team tag tournament to decide a Tag championship pairing.

In addition to this, the Cruiserweight title would go to the last surviving cruiserweight and the Intercontinental Title would go to the runner up from the first tournament.

Workers were hired to fill the gaps and the following rules were applied.

Workers would be divided into groups of four and wrestle each other once. The top two workers would progress to the finals as well as earning contracts, the third placed worker earned a contract, and the last placed competitor would be released or sent to development. After the initial round robin stage, the tournament would progress to straight elimination to decide title holders.

The rules of the challenge were quite simple. I would have to 'make do' with the roster I was left with. I would have to find characters or gimmicks for any new faces, and maintain the gimmicks and overness of the workers Reflecto had built up through the tournament. In effect, I've been given a random roster. I can't go out and hire workers I'd like to fill the gaps, nor can I just job out the guys he's given the gold too.

To prevent me from purchasing everyone back later, I've also added in a new global promotion (WCW) who will undoubtedly snap up everyone who has a high over.

Suffice it to say, the tournaments left me with the following:

World Wrestling Entertainment


Billy Gunn – 81/Face

Carlito – 94/Heel

Charlie Haas – 82/Face

Chavo Guerrero – 85/Face

Chris Kanyon – 90/Heel

Gregory Helms – 91/Heel

Johnny Nitro – 94/Heel

Ken Kennedy – 90/Heel

Kenny – 89/Heel

Lance Cade – 85/Heel

Lashley – 95/Face

Mikey – 84/Heel

Paul Burchill – 85/Face

Snitsky – 94/Face

Umaga – 94/Heel


Brian Kendrick – 78/Face

Bryan Clark – 77/Heel

Chuck Palumbo – 71/Heel

Doug Basham – 74/Heel

Finlay – 80/Heel

Hardcore Holly – 78/Face

Jerry Lynn – 77/Face

Lance Storm – 80/Face

Luther Reigns – 78/Heel

Orlando Jordan – 72/Heel

Paul London – 78/Face

Rene Dupree – 78/Heel

Road Dogg – 75/Face

Rob Conway – 77/Heel

Sylvan – 72/Heel

The Boogeyman – 72/Tweener

Trevor Murdoch – 80/Heel


Andy Douglas – 56/Face

Ashley Massaro – 61/Face

Austin Aries – 58/Face

Brazo de Oro – 60/Tweener

Chase Stevens – 59/Face

Chris Hero – 59/Heel

Chris Masters – 69/Heel

Colt Cabana – 70/Face

Elix Skipper – 59/Heel

Eugene – 70/Face

Funaki – 61/Face

Homicide – 56/Heel

Johnny – 67/Heel

Jonah Edelman – 57/Face

Kurrgan – 59/Heel

Matt Cappotelli – 65/Face

Michelle McCool – 66/Face

Michiko Omukai – 63/Face

Mickie James – 66/Heel

Nicky – 61/Heel

Scotty 2 Hotty – 62/Face

Shark Boy – 59/Face

Sonny Siaki – 58/Heel

Tatanka – 60/Face

The Great Khali – 63/Heel

Trinity – 60/Heel

Val Venis – 64/Face

Victoria – 67/Heel


Ace Steel – 55/Face

Antonio Thomas – 45/Heel

BJ Whitmer – 54/Face

Bobby Roode – 51/Heel

Chris the Bambikiller – 41/Tweener

Claudio Castagnoli – 49/Heel

Davey Richards – 45/Face

Deuce Shade – 54/Face

Eric Young – 55/Heel

Harry Smith – 55/Face

Jay Briscoe – 45/Face

Jimmy Jacobs – 52/Face

Jimmy Rave – 55/Heel

John Walters – 46/Heel

Johnny Devine – 53/Heel

Koko B. Ware – 46/Face

Kristi Myst – 45/Face

Lacey – 47/Face

LuFisto – 43/Face

Mark Briscoe – 43/Face

Matt Striker – 46/Heel

Mikey Batts – 49/Face

Mitch – 55/Heel

Mizuki Endo – 41/Face

Prince Nana – 55/Heel

Ray Gordy – 49/Tweener

Roderick Strong – 53/Face

Romeo Roselli – 45/Heel

Shannon Moore – 52/Face

Super Dragon – 54/Heel

Super Porky – 45/Face

The Miz – 45/Face

Tony Mamaluke – 42/Heel

Current Champions

WWE Cruiserweight: Johnny Nitro

WWE Intercontinental – Gene Snitsky

WWE Undisputed – Umaga

WWE Women's – Melina

WWE World Tag Team – The Spirit Squad

There's also a substantial developmental talent region, but I'll touch on them later. Suffice it to say – this is a very unusual WWE roster, there's a WCW on the fringe about to purchase every marketable and recognisable star on the market, and I'd hate to see Reflecto outwit me.

Let's see what we can do, shall we?

NOTE: If anyone has a worker they think is desperately in need of a push, let me know. Right now I can't make head or tail of that roster :lol:

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Current Champions

WWE Cruiserweight: Johnny Nitro

WWE Intercontinental – Gene Snitsky

WWE Undisputed – Umaga

WWE Women's – Melina

WWE World Tag Team – The Spirit Squad


You set yourself up for quite the challenge, huh. You have an intriguing roster no doubt, but man oh man do you have a shitty group of champions. Well, aside from Nitro, Melina, and whomever is in TSS still. Okay, Snitsky and Umaga are your two shitty champions, but they are your top two, so it says a lot. Seems funny to see a Main Eventer like Nitro holding the Cruiserweight strap, but maybe you can actually bring a distinct division to the weight limits. We'll see.

Other than that, I don't really know who to tell you to push right off the bat. You have a very interesting assortment of wrestlers here, so i will be curious to see what direction you take with so many of them.

Question: Is the split active or done?

Well, as always good luck. I'll be reading.

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"If I can be serious for a minute", I think you should push Lance Storm to the moon and beyond!

I always loved him as a heel playing the Canadian butthole character.........

Also, it's about time that somebody gave under the highly misused Val Venis a break.

Find him another gimmick and give him a decent push.

I would love to see you hire Stevie Richards (if he's available) and bring back the RTC stable.

Venis could be the main enforcer and get his push in that way...........

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CWB...you are stuffed.

But I mean that in a nice way.

List of names to be pushed


Charlie Haas

Chavo Guerrero

Chris Kanyon

Gregory Helms

Johnny Nitro

Ken Kennedy


Paul Burchill

Lance Storm

Brian Kendrick

Paul London

Colt Cabana

Val Venis

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To give the answers to most of the questions on this:

It is not an active split diary- the only work I did was booking out the tournaments and leaving CWB with the results.

As far as hirings:

The only hirings that were not directly chosen by me were the "Wild Card" tag teams. Everyone else who were hired by me were hired under the following rules:

-All the women hired had to have the "Diva" stat checked, then I closed my eyes, moved the scroll button, and picked (in effect, the EWR equivalent of picking out of a hat.)

-All the men in it were given a similar rule, only with the ex-factor of all hired workers had to be over 25 overness (the result of the lowest two workers promoted from development- Ray Gordy and Tytus having that option.)

The result of main eventers holding the titles is as a result of the rules for the booking, which were as follows:

Rules of "my side" of booking:

Arsenic was used in the following situations to make the diary:

1) If the random draw pulled up a non-wrestler,

2) If a tag team worker was injured AND there were no available workers who had also teamed with the healthy partner.

If a singles worker was injured, they were not fired, but a new worker was chosen at random to take their place. (However, If a tag worker was injured and a suitable tag team partner was found, the injured tag worker was fired.)

If a worker put on an incident or admitted a drug problem, I was required to ignore it.

At every "juncture", the workers were rewarded as follows:

Surviving the round robin and making it to the tournament in any grouping- +5 overness. (Exception here: The bonus was upped to +20 when a worker with under 10 overness made it past the round robin.)

Making it to the round of 16 [men], quarterfinals [women/tag]: +5 overness (exception: The bonus was added to +10 if the worker was below 20 overness.)

Making it to the quarterfinals [men], semifinals/finals/win [women/tag]: +5 overness.

Semifinals [men]: +10 overness.

The only other clarification goes to CWB:

You can hire some people (specifically, developmental workers.) However, there are two clauses to this:

1- You can ONLY hire workers to development if they've never had an "official" (read: non-jobber) debut on WWE programming. (So no hiring someone like Richards to development, keeping him in for six months, and debuting him.)

2- If you hire someone to development, you also must promote anyone who the game says is ready for WWE TV. This is the ONLY exception you have to the traditional "injury/rehab" problem of this.

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Once again, it's the madman behind this challenge giving an extra bonus to you (and the diary's writer.) You see, CWB hit me up and said he wanted a diary split for Raw and Smackdown at random, so as a result, I was right here to do that for him. Just so everyone doesn't think I'm just giving him impossible demands, I gave him one little treat for this one:In order to get his Undisputed World Champion over, I allowed him a freebie rehiring of Armando Alejandro Estrada so that Umaga and his manager are allowed to stick around (Estrada, like all other managers, was treated as a worker in the tournament and finished last in his bracket.)

So, without further adieu...the Roster split for them:

(*all are done on my CPU which has a different "roster spot" than CWB's game with the same file.His card position may vary.)

On both shows:

Undisputed World Champion Umaga/Armando Alejandro Estrada

WWE Women's Champion Melina


GM: Jonathan Coachman

Main Eventers:



Snitsky- WWE Intercontinental Champion


Gregory Helms

Upper Midcarders:


Charlie Haas

Paul Burchill


Ken Kennedy

Kenny- WWE Tag Team Champion

Mikey-WWE Tag Team Champion



Brian Kendrick

Jerry Lynn

Lance Storm

Matt Cappotelli

Paul London

Val Venis


Chris Masters

Chuck Palumbo

Doug Basham



Luther Reigns

Orlando Jordan

Rene Dupree

Rob Conway


The Great Khali

Trevor Murdoch

Lower Midcarders:


BJ Whitmer

Bobby Roode

Chase Stevens

Harry Smith

Jimmy Jacobs

Koko B. Ware

Kristi Myst



Michelle McCool

Michiko Omukai

Mizuki Endo

Roderick Strong

Shark Boy

Super Porky


Brazo de Oro

Ray Gordy


Claudio Castagnoli


Sonny siaki

Tony Mamaluke

Openers (which I noticed someone forgot last time...):


Brett Matthews

Ken Westbrooks

Mike Hettinga

Mot Van Kunder


Aaron Stevens

David Young

Jason Riggs

Johnny Riggs



Dice Domino

Monica Mansfield

Managers: (All unattached managers have randomly selected clients at this one...Oh yeah, you better BELIEVE CWB has to keep these going)

Candice Michelle (manages: David Young)

Jamie Koeppe (manages: Roderick Strong)

Kharma (manages: Mike Hettinga)

Leia Meow (manages: Jason/Johnny Riggs)

Maria (manages: Shark Boy)

Torrie Wilson (manages: Chris Masters)


GM: Theodore Long

Main eventers:



Johnny Nitro-WWE Cruiserweight Champion

Upper Midcarders:


Billy Gunn

Chavo Guerrero


Chris Kanyon

Lance Cade




Colt Cabana



Hardcore Holly

Road Dogg

Scotty 2 Hotty


The Boogeyman


Bryan Clark

Mickie James



Lower Midcarders:


Ace Steel

Andy Douglas


Austin Aries

Davey Richards

Deuce Shade

Jay Briscoe

Jonah Edelman

Mark Briscoe

Mikey Batts

Shannon Moore


The Miz


Chris the Bambikiller



Antonio Thomas

Chris Hero

Elix Skipper

Eric Young


Jimmy Rave

John Walters

Johnny Devine

Matt Striker

Prince Nana

Romeo Roselli

Super Dragon




Beth Phoenix

Brian Myers

Jack Bull

Jay Fury

Osamu Nishimura

Sal Rinauro


Danny Inferno



Cherry Pie OVW (manages: Deuce Shade)

Jillian Hall (manages: Prince Nana/Jimmy Rave)

Lady Victoria (manages: Osamu Nishimura)

Shelly (manages: Chris Kanyon/Bryan Clark)

Valentina (manages: Romeo Roselli/Antonio Thomas)

Also, as a result of this one, in an effort to be fair to him following this one: Four teams that were split up happened to have members who would only merit being on the main roster as part of the team they qualified with. As such, I will allow CWB to demote Brett Myers, Brian Matthews, Aaron Stevens, Danny Inferno, Sal Rinauro, and Dice Domino back to development and take six new workers at random, who will be:

Marty Jannetty, Luc Poirier, Scorpio Sky, Stan Lane, John Dixon, and tag team The Heartbreak XPress.

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IPB Image

Angle Goes Extreme!

In a bizarre turn of events, Kurt Angle has followed up his recent very public resignation from the WWE by signing with relatively unknown Canadian promotion, Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling. In a major coup for the regional hardcore promotion, Angle is not the only former WWE superstar currently on the books. Rob Van Dam, Paul Heyman, Sabu, and Shelton Benjamin are also surprise additions to the roster. Will this signal the beginning of a new force in professional wrestling? With the WWE at an all time low, it couldn't come at a more opportune time.

Lyon to Debut?

Ohio Valley Wrestling star, Kevin Lyon is expected to debut in the WWE in the very near future. The masked luchadore is said to have been impressing the likes of Jim Ross and Ted DiBiase with his recent high flying matches - and with the WWE now committed to a more competitive Cruiserweight Division, the time is right for a young star to make a name for himself.

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IPB Image

Monday July 3rd 2006

Raw opened with the arrival of new general manager, Johnathan Coachman and 'The Coach' certainly didn't waste any time getting on the wrong side of the fans. Alongside the cocky general manager were Orlando Jordan and Luther Reigns.

"You'll forgive me if I don't remember the name of this town," Coach began, "I'm a very busy man". Jordan held up a full schedule book to emphasise his boss' point.

"As you can see, my assistant Mr. Jordan here is keeping track of the many, many, many important meetings I have to get to tonight. Mr. Reigns here is making sure that none of you fans get too grabby when you see The Coach out in the street. Ladies, I understand that it's hard for you, but if I were to give you the brown it'd mean steppin' down, got it?"

The crowd don't appreciate Coach's poetic flair at all, forcing Luther Reigns to yell some choice words at them.

"Like me or hate me," he goes on, "You're stuck with me. Now, I've been informed that WWE Undisputed Champion Umaga needs opposition for the upcoming Vengeance pay-per-view. Since this is a Raw event it falls on me to select a number one contender. Now I agonised over this, I honestly did. There's so many talented workers on the Raw roster and I spent hour after hour mulling it over. I was up all last night, wasn't I?"

Orlando Jordan leans in to the mike. "That's right, three pots of coffee, boss".

"Three pots of coffee! But by morning I still couldn't find a single person worthy. A single person who deserved the honour. The honour.... of stepping into the ring to face Ken Kennedy for the contendership".


The crowd boo as Ken Kennedy struts down the ramp to accept the #1 contendership from The Coach. The four men exchange back-slapping and hugs of congratulations before Kennedy grabs the mike.

"I'd like to say it's an honour, I really would. I'd like to say it's a surprise too but I can't lie to you. I can't lie to you fans. It'd be like lying to a mentally handicapped kid. I just can't take those accusing, vacant eyes! The truth is, I'm not surprised. I'm the Mr. Freakin' Kennedy for Christ's sake! I'm the best damn wrestler in the WWE and it's about damn time that I got the recognition I..."

The fans erupt as Lashley's music hits and the one man army appears at the top of the ramp with a microphone in hand.

"Kennedy...Coach....you seem to be forgetting something very important. Now either you give me a chance to prove that I'm worthy or I come down there and I tear Kennedy's arms off and I beat you to within an inch of your life with them"

It's not convincingly delivered, but the Coach seems to get the point.

"You want a match, Lashley? Alright, alright - you make a good point. In fact, I was thinking of making a match tonight anyway. Sorry, Ken, I forgot to tell you. You see, tonight I've decided we're going to have ourselves a #1 contender's match! It'll be Ken Kennedy vs. Lashley for the #1 contendership!"

Kennedy doesn't look at all impressed with The Coach's decision, but Coach and his posse are already making tracks. We cut to commercial with Lashley looking suitably impressive at the top of the ramp.



We're backstage where Chris Masters is excercising his impressive physique with a pair of weights. Joey Styles and Jim Ross inform the fans at home that he's got a match with Jimmy Jacobs next. As he works out the door to his dressing room opens and Torrie Wilson walks in. Masters doesn't notice his presence immediately and she has some time to admire his steroid induced physique before clearing her throat.

"Oh, I didn't see you there Torrie" Masters hastily puts down the weights and begins to towel himself off.

"It's quite alright" Torrie's eyes haven't left Masters' chest and arms yet, and he's noticed.

"Can I help you with something?"

There's an awkward silence. Torrie still hasn't noticed that he's said anything to her.


"Uh... what? Oh! Oh! I just... came in to say good luck tonight, Chris"

"Yeah? Thanks," another awkward silence, "Well, I'd better get out there".

Chris Masters steps past Torrie, who mouths 'wow' after he's left.

"Did you see that!?" Joey Styles does his best to imitate Jerry Lawler.

"That jezzabelle was eying him off like a good steak"

"She sure did look hungry!"

"Joey! Mind out of the gutter, please! There are women and children watching"


Chris Masters vs. Jimmy Jacobs

The opening match of the evening sees Chris Masters dominate the smaller, faster Jacobs. Even the power of the berzerker boots aren't enough to combat Masters' superior strength - and despite some promising offence early in the piece, Jacobs is forced to tap out after Masters locks in the Master Lock.

WINNER: Chris Masters by submission after 6:01

Backstage we see Torrie Wilson, Maria, Candice Michelle, and Michelle McCool all watching the match on the monitors - all with the same impressed, awestruck looks. Looks like Chris Masters has got himself more than a few admirers!



The music stars and the red carpet is rolled out as the WWE's golden couple are ready to make their appearance on Raw. The paparrazi flood the carpet as Women's Champion, Melina and Cruiserweight Champion, Johnny Nitro strut down the ramp and into the ring. After several seconds of posing for the cameras, Melina calls for a microphone.

"You are looking at the hottest couple in the world. Forget Brad and Angelina. Forget Katie and Tom. Melina and Johnny are the most attractive, most successful, and most talked about couple in the world!"

The crowd boo as Nitro and Melina exchange a kiss especially for the cameras.

"You can boo all you like," Melina's screeching begins anew, "But you know it's true! Every man out there is thinking about the things they'd do to me if they had the chance. It makes my skin crawl!"

One of Melina's trademark screams rips the air, setting teeth on edge and irreversably damaging the front row's ability to hear. She composes herself as Nitro stands protectively at her side.

"But tonight isn't all about me. Tonight's about my wonderful, charismatic, talented man as well. Johnny here is the WWE Cruiserweight Champion. To all of you idiots who came expecting to see juiced up monsters, a cruiserweight is someone with actual wrestling ability! He's not like that ogre, Lashley."

The fans boo her trashing of the company's #1 babyface, and Paul London's entrance music ends the aural assault from Melina's voice.


Johnny Nitro © vs. Paul London for the Cruiserweight Title

London doesn't waste a second in getting in on this, and he has Nitro at a disadvantage as Melina bails out of the ring and Nitro struggles to remove his expensive fur jacket. London sends him to the mat with a dropsault and it's one way traffic early on as the plucky former tag champion keeps the pressure right on the champ. After a number of near falls, Nitro is able to get back into the match thanks in no small part to Melina's presence at ring side. When she's not screaming like a banshee, Melina manages to twice trip up London and interrupt his momentum. The first time leads to an inside cradle and a near fall, and the second does the job - Nitro lining London up with the superkick! The cover is made and Nitro manages to retain the title thanks to his girlfriend at ringside.

WINNER AND STILL CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION: Johnny Nitro by pinfall after 11:14



We return from the break to find Johnny Nitro celebrating backstage in his dressing room with a glass of champagne and what looks to be caviar. There's a timid knock on the door.

"Come in!" Nitro is in understandly high spirits, and they get higher when the edible Maria enters.

"Oh," she blushes, "I'm sorry. I was looking for..."

"Love?" Nitro puts down the glass and saunters towards the confused diva, "Baby, you found it. Now, we've gotta be quick, Melina will be back soon".

Nitro begins to fumble with his belt but thankfully for Maria (and the fans at home) Melina returns. Seeing the situation she makes the only logical decision - Maria is a tramp. Melina throws herself at Maria and it soon becomes a cat-fight. Nitro doesn't look as bothered by the situation as he should. Melina eventually comes out on top and throws Maria out into the hall.

"What a tramp!" she says as she fixes her hair and accepts a glass of champagne from Nitro, "I can't believe she was hitting on you like that! While you were trying to get dressed, no less!"


The cameras remain backstage, cutting to another dressing room where Johnny, Mitch, Mikey, and Kenny are seated in their dressing room. A fifth, empty chair sits between them. Draped over it is a Spirit Squad shirt with the name 'Nicky' emblazoned across the front.

"For Nicky" Kenny says, toasting with a glass of what looks to be Cool-Aid.

"For Nicky" Johnny echoes

"For Nicky" Mikey and Mitch finish the toast.

"Now get out there and do us proud," Kenny says, slapping Johnny on the back. Ross and Styles remind the fans at home that Johnny is about to face Snitsky for the Intercontinental Championship.


Snitsky © vs. Johnny for the Intercontinental Title

Snitsky's arrival gets the second largest pop of the night (after Lashley's earlier appearance), and the heat is turned up as the Spirit Squad (sans Nicky, who was drafted to Smackdown) strut out to the ring.

The match starts off perfectly for the challenger when Snitsky gets distracted by yelling at the Spirit Squad - allowing him to roll Snitsky up schoolboy style for a two count. Snitsky doesn't get back his momentum right away, allowing Johnny to ground him again with a dropkick. The Spirit Squad member gets cocky however and, in attempting a flying crossbody, is given a fallaway slam by the much bigger man. Snitsky gets in firm control as a result, whipping the challenger to the corner before connecting with a big body splash. He signals for the pump-handle slam, but Kenny and Mikey are up on the apron to distract the referee. Snitsky takes them and, unfortunately, the referee out with a running clothesline - allowing Mitch to hit the ring with one of the World Tag titles. He clobbers Snitsky!

The big man doesn't go down, however, and he picks Mitch up... CHOKE BOMB! He's crushed Mitch with a brutal choke bomb! He tosses Mitch out of the ring as the referee comes to. Johnny's up though... SUPER KICK OF FUNK! Johnny hits his jumping spinning roundhouse and Snitsky goes down! Cover! 1-2-3! Johnny and The Spirit Squad have added more gold to the stable!



The Spirit Squad bail out and celebrate their way up the ramp as a furious Snitsky fumes in the ring. We haven't heard the last of this!



The fans boo as Ken Kennedy appears at the top of the ramp


Ken Kennedy is on his way out for his #1 contender's match against Lashley, but he's got a microphone and we all know what that means.

"Ladies and gentlemen, introducting to you the first competitor. Weighing in at an astonished 245 pounds, I hail from Greenbay, Wisconsin and in a matter of minutes will be your NEW #1 contender. MIIIIIIIIIISTER KENNEDY!"

He ascends the turnbuckle and pauses dramatically.



Lashley vs. Ken Kennedy for #1 Contendership

There's an intense staredown in this one as the two young bucks circle one another. The fans are firmly behind Lashley in this, but it's Ken Kennedy who gains the ascendancy after a blatant thumb to the eye. He follows it up with a knee to the ribs. He proceeds to beat on Lashley without much effort before coming off the ropes to attempt a clothesline. Lashley picks him up and drills him with a big spinebuster to get the crowd really going. He comes off the ropes with a knee drop before hefting Kennedy to his shoulders for the Dominator.

Kennedy slides to the mat and hits a reverse neckbreaker to halt Lashley's momentum before rolling to the outside. He's heard to yell "SCREW THIS" before grabbing a chair and sliding back into the ring. The referee is quick to wrestle it away from him and Lashley takes the opportunity to make a running spear attempt. Kennedy pulls the referee into the way and he's out! Kennedy then football punts Lashley in the groin! He signals for... the Dominator! He's stealing Lashley's finisher! He attempts... no... Lashley's too heavy! Back body drop and Lashley looks fired up. Kennedy stumbles to his feet and he looks dazed. DOMINATOR! Cover.

The crowd counts it: 1....2....3!

But the ref's still out! Lashley doesn't look at all happy and it gets worse when Luther Reigns and Orlando Jordan jump the barrier and enter the ring. Jordan rushes at Lashley... SPINEBUSTER! That one had authority. Reigns lays Lashley out with a clothesline and goes for the discarded chair. He bats it on the ground as Lashley gets to his feet and rushes in for the swing. Lashley ducks it! Belly to back suplex on Reigns! Lashley tosses the chair to the outside as Kennedy again comes to his feet. Another Dominator! The referee's up this time! 1-2-3!

WINNER AND #1 CONTENDER: Lashley by pinfall after 10:11


Luther Reigns and Orlando Jordan have bailed out of the ring and back up the ramp talking trash, whilst Kennedy looks to be out cold. Lashley flexes his muscles and looks like he'll sort the pair out next week.

"Wait a minute, it's Umaga!" Styles screams as the Undisputed Champion slides into the ring! Armando Alejandro Estrada is there directing traffic! Umaga spins Lashley around and nails him with the belt!

"Samoan Spike!" JR cries, "Bah Gawd it's a Samoan Spike!"

Lashley is born to the mat by Umaga and the Samoan Spike! He may be #1 contender, but Umaga finishes the night standing tall!





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I hate you both.

so So SO hate you! BOTH!


Hatey-hate-haterize you!

ECCW is my local promotion.

You've ruined it for me.

HATE! :Crying.gif:

EDIT: And you took the title off Snitsky. I hate you cubed now!

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Summary of the opening segment, if I read correctly:

Coachy: OK like, the #1 contender is Mr. Kennedy because nobody else deserves a shot.


Coachy: LOL k.

So he stayed up all night to deem nobody worthy of a #1 contendership match with Kennedy...and it took Lashley approximately one sentence to change his mind completely and make the Lashley/Kennedy #1 contendership match. Nice.

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So he stayed up all night to deem nobody worthy of a #1 contendership match with Kennedy...and it took Lashley approximately one sentence to change his mind completely and make the Lashley/Kennedy #1 contendership match. Nice.
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IPB Image

Last week's Raw saw major developments in the title scene with Lashley defeating Ken Kennedy to become #1 contender for this month's Vengeance pay-per-view. But Lashley wasn't the choice from General Manager, Johnathan Coachman. Will Lashley face punishment on this week's Raw for crossing the boss?

Also, last week The Spirit Squad added to their gold haul when Johnny scored an upset win over Snitsky for the Intercontinental Title. Johnny's set to make his first title defence against Charlie Haas - but will Snitsky let sleeping dogs lie?

Maria and Melina crossed horns last week on Raw over Johnny Nitro. Will the two divas be able to remain civil when Johnny Nitro is in town for a Cruiserweight title defence against Shark Boy?

Plus we also see Chris Masters in singles action against Val Venis and Umaga is certain to be in the house to address the new #1 contender.

IPB Image

Carlito become United States champion last week when he defeated Billy Gunn and The Boogeyman in a triple threat match that saw Billy Gunn end the night with more than just mud on his face. Can Gunn redeem himself in a one on one match with the self proclaimed coolest man in the WWE?

Chavo Guerrero and Johnny Nitro clashed in a classic last week and this week General Manager Theodore Long has announced there will be a ten man battle royal to decide the #1 contender to Johnny Nitro's Cruiserweight gold. Will Chavo take part?

It's tag team chaos as four of the hottest young tag teams in the WWE clash to perhaps earn a title shot. The Second City Saints, Heartthrobs, The Embassy, and the LAX will all do battle under elimination rules.

Plus we'll see Lita in action against Beth Phoenix, we'll hear from Umaga about his brutal beating of Hardcore Holly on last week's edition of Smackdown, and Super Dragon takes on Tatanka.

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So he stayed up all night to deem nobody worthy of a #1 contendership match with Kennedy...and it took Lashley approximately one sentence to change his mind completely and make the Lashley/Kennedy #1 contendership match. Nice.

It's Lashley. Would you argue with him if all you could afford for personal protection was Luther Reigns?

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I'm curious how this brand split works - Spirit Squad is split up by it, but yet, from what I saw from the preiver of SmackDown, a lot of talents are bouncing between shows, without hassle? I'll have to read up on what it is I'm missing here...some key element that explains that.
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I'm curious how this brand split works - Spirit Squad is split up by it, but yet, from what I saw from the preiver of SmackDown, a lot of talents are bouncing between shows, without hassle? I'll have to read up on what it is I'm missing here...some key element that explains that.

All of the titles bar the Intercontinental and US Titles are 'shared' titles, so the superstars holding them can go wherever they please. It was explained, I think, in Reflecto's final post.

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Monday July 10th, 2006

We open Monday Night Raw with replays from last week's Intercontinental Title win from Johnny against Snitsky.

"What a blatant case of cheating by the Spirit Squad!" JR exclaims.

"Cheating? It's a dog eat dog world, JR. Live with it!"

The two bicker incessantly as Johnny stands in the ring, gold over his shoulder, soaking up the crowd's combined hatred. Nobody knows quite why, but Snitsky is everybody's favourite wrestler right now. In fact, just last week, 'It Wasn't My Fault' was used as the catchphrase on Wheel of Fortune.

"Last week," Johnny begins, but is stopped by booing, "Last week I defeated Snitsky to become WWE Intercontinental Champion. To celebrate this momentous occasion the Spirit Squad have a special cheer. This one goes out to Snitsky!"

Mitch, Mikey, and Kenny come out to the Spirit Squad's music - dancing and hooting like idiots. They compose themselves, stand in a line, and cheer:

"On Raw last week

We got the job done

Our boy Johnny is now #1

So this cheer's for Snitsky

Whose name doesn't rhyme

Your title reign's over

Your back acne's a crime!

Our boy Johnny

He bought your run to a halt

But don't feel bad

It wasn't your fault".

The Spirit Squad start cheering, leaping around, and back-slapping. There's even a little grab-ass going on.


The celebrations are cut short as Charlie Haas' music hits and the former World's Greatest Tag Team member comes out, scattering the Squad like pigeons as he sprints down to the ring.

Charlie Haas vs. Johnny © for the Intercontinental Title

Haas' rushed entry gives him the early ascendancy, and he tackles Johnny and begins to lay into him with punches. He drags the stunned champion to his feet and whips him, drilling him with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Johnny scrambles to the outside where his Spirit Squad companions pat him on the back and offer words of wisdom. Haas doesn't wait for him to get back in, slingshotting himself over the top rope and taking out all four members of the Squad!

Haas is the first to his feet but finds immediate problems when he's surrounded by four very angry Spirit Squad members. He takes out Mitch with a stiff right and gives Kenny the same treatment, but he gets blindsided by Mikey - who bounces his face off the announce table. He then attempts to whip Haas into the stairs, but it's reversed! Haas sends Mikey crashing into the stairs, only to cop a blatant low blow from Johnny! Johnny rolls Haas back into the ring. Covers. 1-2-Kickout!

Johnny doesn't look at all impressed and he wastes valuable time arguing with the referee. Haas is to his feet and hits a bridging German suplex for two, but Johnny manages to kick out. Charlie Haas remains on the offensive, hitting the Haastile Takeover before locking in the Haas of Pain! This one's got to be over! Johnny's stranded but in come the entire Spirit Squad! They leap onto Haas and lay into him with boots! The referee's called for the DQ after Haas had it won!

WINNER: Charlie Haas by DQ after 9:13

The Spirit Squad continue to beat on Haas as the bell rings, but here comes Snitsky! The big man clears house! He lays out Kenny and Mikey with a big double clothesline before hitting a big boot on Mitch. Johnny's left cowering in the corner! Snitsky gets in his face then picks him up. PRESS SLAM! Snitsky's taken out the entire Spirit Squad!



We return from the break as Shark Boy makes his way out to the ring, fans mimicking his 'fin' as he and his manager, Maria enter the ring. Maria's barely had a chance to pick up the microphone when Melina's music hits and the WWE Women's champion appears at the top of the ramp.

"Maria," she begins, "What do you think you're doing? Standing out there with that...thing, like you weren't hitting on my man last week! I'm Melina, you bitch! I'm the WWE Women's Champion and the most wanted woman on the planet! Did you really think you could seduce my Johnny away from me? Did you!?"

Maria looks confused, but she begins to respond.

"Melina, I don't know what..."

Johnny Nitro's hit the ring from the crowd and he uses the title belt to lay out Shark Boy! Maria turns around in shock, and this allows Melina to hit the ring and strip off her blouse! The male fans love it!

"Is this where I'm supposed to say puppies?" Joey asks, but gets no response from JR - who is in the process of using the word jezzabelle again.


With Nitro in the ring, the referee calls for the bell and it's time for the match.

Johnny Nitro © vs. Shark Boy for the Cruiserweight Title

With Nitro having the advantage following his blind-siding attack on Shark Boy, he immediately goes for the cover. Shark Boy somehow finds the strength to kick out. Nitro drags him to his feet and hits a swinging neckbreaker before taking some time out to cockily talk with Melina at ringside. Maria is still ringside as well, her shirt in tatters as she tries to cheer Shark Boy on. Johnny goes back over to the fallen challenger and gets rolled up with an inside cradle! 1-2-kickout! Nitro almost got sucker punched by Shark Boy there!

Shark Boy and Nitro are both to their feet and Nitro swings at the challenger, who ducks underneath it and bites Nitro's ass! Nitro oversells it like the ~FINGER POKE OF DOOM~ Shark Boy goes to the top as Nitro falls to the mat and he signals for the Deep Sea Drop. He flies.... and misses! Nitro rolls away! As Shark Boy comes to his feet he eats a mouthful of superkick! 1-2-3! It's over.

WINNER AND STILL CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION: Johnny Nitro by pinfall after 7:13


We go to commercial with Melina and Nitro celebrating while Maria tends to her fallen client.


The fans immediately begin booing as Chris Masters' music hits and the cocky superstar begins to walk down the ramp. Torrie Wilson is with him, the WWE Diva fawning over him like a lovesick puppy. When they get to the ring, Masters grabs a microphone.

"You can boo me all you like," he gives the crowd his permission, and they accept it, "But I know you're all just jealous of me. Jealous of my impeccible physique... jealous of the fact I'm twenty three and richer than all of you losers.... and jealous of the fact that Torrie here likes what she sees".

Torrie nods her agreement and Masters pulls her in for an overly theatrical kiss.

"Bring my opponent out here," he yells, "I want to get this done so Torrie and I can... 'talk'".


Chris Masters vs. Val Venis

Porn-star Val Venis comes out to a nostalgic pop from the fans, spending a little time flirting with Torrie before entering the ring. Masters greets him with a clubbing blow to the back as he enters the ring and, like last week, it's a case of one way traffic from there. Masters beats on Venis, lays him out with his Polish Uppercut, and then locks in the Master Lock for another easy win.

WINNER: Chris Masters by submission after 2:13

Masters doesn't stop with the victory though, accepting a chair from Torrie Wilson and using it to brutally beat on the fallen star. He even stretches out Venis' arm and clubs it repeatedly with the chair. When he finally finishes, Venis is unconscious and the medics have to take him out on a stretcher. Masters has made his message clear!



The fans boo again after the break as we're backstage with Gregory Helms and Todd Grisham.

"Gregory Helms, you requested this..."

Helms snatches the mike from Grisham and roughly shoves him away.

"Get out of here, chump," Helms barks, "I can conduct my own damn interview. This 'new' WWE makes me sick! This 'new' professes to be different from the old one - yet the same oversized idiots are still hogging the spotlight! Lashley! This kid is all muscle and no brains. He was still trying extra hard to figure out which end of a pencil to write with when I was winning championships in WCW! When I was beating The Rock 1-2-3 in the WWE he was being taught how to do up his shoe laces! So, I went to see The Coach and I demanded a shot at the #1 contendership. And you know what? He gave it to me. Coach respects that I am the greatest cruiserweight champion in WWE history and that I'll be the greatest Undisputed Champion it's ever had as well. Lashley, you'd better bring your A game tonight, because I'm going to bring my C game. I'd bring the A game, but you're just not ready for it. I want to humiliate you - not kill you".

Helms storms off as we cut to another commercial



Back from the break and Gregory Helms is already out in the ring for his #1 contender's match against Lashley.

Gregory Helms vs. Lashley for #1 contendership

Lashley comes out looking switched on and ready for a fight, and he definitely brings one. Helms' obvious size disadvantage is evident from the beginning, as Lashley tosses him around like a rag doll. Helms' little offence comes in the form of heelish eye rakes - one of which allows him to signal for the Nightmare on Helms Street, but Lashley powers forward and crushes Helms against the turnbuckle. DOMINATOR! 1-2-3! Lashley is still #1 contender and Helms had better bring his B or maybe A game next time.

WINNER: Lashley by pinfall after 6:11


Lashley looks pumped with his victory when suddenly The Coach's music hits and the Raw General Manager struts out.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute," the fans are booing as his bodyguard and personal assistant appear at his side, "You're not done yet, Lashley. Last week you threatened me and that doesn't sit right with The Coach. So, tonight you're going to get your punishment. It's going to be Lashley up against Luther Reigns and Orlando Jordan!"

Lashley looks furious as Coach laughs and ducks back behind the curtain. Lashley's got another match!



Lashley vs. The Coach Killers (Luther Reigns and Orlando Jordan)

Lashley is cautious not to get cornered in this one, with Reigns and Jordan both in action at the same time. The three men circle for a while, and then Reigns and Jordan break for Lashley. Lashley lays out Jordan with a clothesline but a raised knee from Reigns winds him - allowing the big man to bear him to the ground with kicks and punches. Jordan gets to his feet and together the two sycophants are able to put a real beating on Lashley. Together they whip Lashley and Reigns catches him with a big boot on the rebound.

Jordan waits for Lashley to stand before doing his Johnson Shuffle punch combo, but on the last punch Lashley grabs his throat in both hands and lifts him up! Reigns puts an end to the fightback with a clothesline to the back of the head - and Jordan hits Black Ice to bring Lashley down. Reigns covers. 1-2-Kickout! Lashley has strength in him yet!

Jordan shoves Reigns aside and attempts to cover himself, but Lashley lifts him off and tosses him to the side like a rag doll! He battles to his feet, sending rights into Reigns' stomach before hitting a spinning belly to belly suplex on the big man. Jordan rushes across and into a powerslam. Lashley's in firm control but wait! Umaga hits the ring! He and Lashley collide and there's an old fashioned stare off as the two immovable objects stand in the centre of the ring. Lashley talks trash as Umaga stands tall. Jordan's across for a schoolboy rollup! 1-2-3! Orlando Jordan steals the win!

WINNERS: Orlando Jordan & Luther Reigns by pinfall after 8:04

Umaga takes the opportunity to join Reigns and Jordan in beating down the fallen contender, and the night end as last week did - with Umaga standing tall over his #1 contender.




MOST HEAT: Gregory Helms

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I think I've only got one, tiny problem with the last Raw episode - the ending to the handicap match. I think instead of just staring down, Lashley and Umaga should be throwing down, and Umaga hitting his Samoan Spike leading into Jordan's roll-up. I think that would at least make the roll-up really catch him off guard, especially having taken him down with his trademark. Especially seeing as the show ends with him standing tall - it just seems weak that a roll up is the sole reason Lashley remains down.

Other than that, really am enjoying this diary.

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