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Major Announcement in the WWE!

Vincent K. McMahon has a few major announcements.

First of all, proabably the biggest surprise, after the revival of ECW, and poor ratings for the last few years, Mr. McMahon has decided to merge Smackdown with RAW, saying goodbye to Smackdown and just having RAW and ECW. These will be split brands just like before.

Also, after the good rating shown for ONS and the past few ECW shows, USA has decided to have ECW TV on their network on Tuesday's 8-10.

There are also some title changes. Every current title has been vacated for both brands. Also some titles have been retired, and some new ones. The current titles are as follows: WWE World, WWE Tag Team, WWE Intercontinetal, ECW Heavyweight, ECW Television, and ECW Tag Team.

Vince has made some roster changes as well. All managers, many women, and some big names like Mark Henry, John Bradshaw Layfield, and Viscera, were all fired. This was somewhat of a suprise. However, some new hirings were made, but Mr. McMahon wants to keep them a secret for now.

"I'm not releasing any information about who our new superstars are. You'll just have to watch RAW and ECW TV to find out."


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AJ Styles - RAW Intercontinental Champion


Big Show - RAW World Champion

Booker T


Charlie Haas






Gregory Helms

Jerry Lawler

John Cena

Jonathon Coachman



Matt Hardy

Paul Burchill

Paul London - RAW Tag Team Champion

Randy Orton

Rene Dupree

Ric Flair

Rob Conway

Shane McMahon

Shawn Michaels

Shelton Benjamin


Spanky - RAW Tag Team Champion

Stephanie McMahon

The Boogeyman

The Great Khali

The Rock

Triple H


Val Venis


Al Snow

Chris Beniot

Chris Jericho

CM Punk

CW Anderson

Devin Storm

EZ Money

Jamie Noble

Kid Kash

Kurt Angle

Little Guido


Paul Heyman

Psicosis - ECW Tag Team Champion

Rey Mysterio



Rob Van Dam - ECW Heavyweight Champion


Steve Austin

Super Crazy -ECW Tag Team Champion


The Sandman - ECW Television Champion

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You fail at reading comprehension, writing, and life in general.

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IPB Image

Michael Cole: Welcome to Monday Night RAW everyone!

Jerry Lawler: And a welcome to you too Michael Cole.

Cole: Yes, since Smackdown is no more I am the new announcer for RAW. Unfortunetly, I have to deliver the news the the WWE has fired Jim Ross, again :shifty:

Lawler: Well he will be missed, but we have to move on with the show.

*"No Chance" plays over the loudspeakers. Out walks WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, with a big smile and doing his usual strut. He enters the ring and grabs a mic.*

Vince: Welcome to a brand spanking new Monday Night RAW!!! I'm sure you've heard all the news, so I won't waste my time with explaining all that. But I do have another announcement. As you know I made Jonathon Coachman the Executive Assisant. He will still have this posistion, however I wil not be on RAW as much as before, as I have ECW TV to attend to aswell. Paul Heyman is already the GM of ECW, so I need a GM for RAW. And who better than my own flesh and blood, my son Shane!

*"Here Comes the Money" plays, as Shane does his usual stuff on the way down to the ring. Vince hands him the mic*

Shane: Thanks dad. I am happy to have this opportunity to run RAW. And as my first act as GM, tonight we will see Edge take on Triple H for the vacated WWE World Championship! Enjoy the show.

Vince: It looks like you can take it from here. After tomorrow night's ECW TV, I will be on a month's vacation. I'm off to the airport.


Paul London vs. Umaga

*We see Paul London in the ring with his music playing. He looks ready for his match. Then a Samoan type music is heard. It's Umaga He runs down to the ring and attacks London immdeiately. This was a quick match, basically Umaga killing London. He finished him with the Samoan Spike.*

Winner: Umaga

Lawler: Well, that was quick.

Cole: Well form what I've seen from Umaga before, it's no surprise. This guy is on an unstoppable streak.

Lawler: You're right. Wait, I'm getting word from Kevin Kelly backstage. He's with former Smackdown Crusierweight Champion Gregory Helms. Kevin.

Kelly: Thanks Jerry. I'm here with Gregory Helms, who wants to tel..

*Helms grabs the mic*

Helms: I can take it from here. Go run along. Now, the reason I am back here with this worthless loser Kevin Kelly is because I want to know why the Crusierweight belt was retired. I was the champion, but Vince thinks that he can just take it from me? This is very unfair.

???: The Hurricane would've never said that.

Helms: What, who are you?

*The camera moves to the left and there stands former TNA star Shark Boy*

Sharky: I said, the Hurricane would've never said that. What happened to you? You used to be just a great guy, saving people and fighting for justice, but then this? Wasupwitdat?

Helms: Listen you nobody, the Hurricane is dead. Soemone prancing around it tights, wearing a mask, having green hair. I'm done with that ridiculous crap. Ever since I dropped that act, I have become successful, and I WAS the Cruiserweight Champion, but obviously, that belt is no more. So leave me alone you reject.

Sharky: Don't be upset because you have no fans. I can help you though. Me and all the fans, the finheads, we'll help you.

Helms: I don't need your help or the fans. I was doing great without them.

Sharky: But mentally, you are nothing without the fans you need them, but you act like you don't want them.

Helms: SHUT UP!

*Helms attaks Sharky as he trys to say something else. He leaves Sharky lying on the ground as walk away*

Cole: Shark Boy in the WWE?

Lawler: He must be one of those newly signed superstars. But it looks like he didn't get a proper welcome.

Cole: You're right. Up next a match in the tournament for the WWE Tag Team Champion!


Goldust & Snitsky vs. Conway & Depree

*Goldust gets big pops. Decently wrestled match. Came to an end when Dupree distracted the ref and Conway hit Snitsky with a low blow. He then got the pin.*

Winners: Rene Dupree & Rob Conway

Cole: Former La Resistance memebers Dupree and Conway get the win, but have to cheat to do it.

Lawler: It's only cheating if you get caught.

*The screen shows Shane McMahon's office. He's at his desk signing some papers. John Cena walks in and gets right in Shane's face*

Cena: Would you mind explaining to me why I'm not in the title match tonight?

Shane: Actually you're in one next week. You're in the tournament for the Intercontinetal title.

Cena: I don't think you understand what I'm saying. I was the champ for over a year. I deserve that title, but I'm in the tounrament for the IC title?

Shane: Well, after seeing recent ratings frankly people don't like you being World champ. And if I remember correctly, you lost the belt at One Night Stand to RVD. So I think it's best that you stay out of the main event for a while.

*Cena turns his head to the side and has a little smile. He chuckles, then jumps the desk and starts throwing punches at the GM of RAW. He grabs a chair and nails him in the head. Cena walks out and slams the door. Shane is seen laying on the floor bleeding from his forehead.*


*Cena is seen in the ring with a mic.*

Cena: I'm sick and tired of hearing about the fans not liking me. I tried to be a good guy and a good champion, but still people refuse to cheer me. I deserve that title shot more than anyone in this building, but our new GM doesn't seem to understand that. So I'm done with being the good guy. I'm going from good guy to bad man. I WILL have that belt around my waist.

*He drops the mic and walks away.*

Cole: I can't believe what I'm hearing. Cena must be furious.

Lawler: What gives you that idea.

*Shelton Benjamin's music plays*

Cole: Well, it's time for the first match in the IC title tournament.Shelton Benjamin is making his way to the ring. He will take on Carlito

Lawler: This will definetely be "cool".

Shelton Benjamin vs. Carlito

*Very good match. Ended when the ref was knocked down and Shelton attempted to use the chair, but Carltio moved and had a mouthful of apple to spit in Shelton's face. He did the Lung Blower and got the pin.*

Winner: Carlito

Cole: Carlito advances in the IC title Tournament!

Lawler: And Shelton is not happy about it. I don't think he can see yet with that apple in his eyes.

*We see Triple H walking backstage*

Cole: And there's Triple H, the World title match is next!


*Triple H does his entrance during the break. Edge enters afterwards.*

Cole: Edge looks ready to win the title.

Lawler: He has a tough match with Triple H though. He's a 10 time World champ.

Triple H vs. Edge

*Triple H dominates most of the match. Just when it looks like he's getting ready to win, Edge grabs a chair and nails Triple H with it. The ref calls for the bell. Edge is mouthing off afterwards, then someone comes to the ring and attacks Edge.*

Lawler: It's Christian! What's he doing here?!?!

Cole: He must be another new superstar to RAW.

*Christian does the Unprettier to Edge onto the chair. He gets big cheers. He looks at HHH who is juts recovering from the chair shot. He realizes what's going on and drops down and leaves the ring. Christian stands in the middle of the ring to end the match.*

Winner: Triple H(DQ)


Umaga beat Paul London

Depree & Conway beat Goldust & Snitsky

Carlito beat Shelton Benjamin

Triple H beat Edge(DQ)

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IPB Image

Joey Styles: Welcome wrestling fans! This is E-C-W TV!!!

Tazz: That's right Joey. What a week this has been, hasn't it?

Styles: You're damn right. Tonight we have a triple threat match between Rey Mysterio, Rhino, and former ECW champ Rob Van Dam. As you all know Van Dam and Rey Mysterio lost their belts when all of them were vacated.

Tazz: Yeah, but he didn't complain like RAW superstars John Cena and Gregory Helms. But I guess that's how it goes when you're the lesser brand.

Styles: We'll let the fans decide that when we see the ratings for ECW TV and RAW.

Tazz: It's kinda obvious Joey.

*No Chance plays as Vince walks down the ramp*

Styles: There he is, Chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon.

Tazz: That's the boss to you.

*Vince grabs a mic. He has a huge grin on his face*

Vince: Well, it's glad to finally be on ECW TV! I don't really have any announcements tonight though. I would like to ask ECW GM Paul Heyman to come out here.

*The ECW theme plays and out comes Paul Heyman. He gets a standing ovation. He has a bigger grin than McMahon.*

Vince: I would just like to say that you've been doing a good job. And even though it's only been a couple of weeks, I see great things ahead.

*Vince and Heyman shake hands*

Heyman: There are a few things I'd like to say befoer we get things started here. First, I would like to thank the two men that made this happen, Rob Van Dam and this man, Vince McMahon. RVD pushed for years to have a reunion show for ECW. He begged and pleaded Mr. McMahon to do this, until we had One Night Stand last year, and it was a huge success. I thank RVD greatly. I also thank you greatly Vince. Because this would have obviously never taken place without your permission. Thanks for giving ECW a chance. And finally, and most importantly, I want to thank the fans. Because f it wasn't for you cheering RVD no matter what he did, chanting E-C-W at WWE events, sending e-mail, letters to the WWE, you name it, you did it. I thank you all. Enjoy the show.

Styles: It seems Heyman is a thanking man tonight. It looks like our first match-up is starting. We have Kid Kash taking on new ECW wrestler Jamie Noble

Jamie Noble vs. Kid Kash

Noble does well in his debut, making Kash tap out for the win. Kash was very unhappy after the match and attacked the ref.

Winner: Jamie Noble


Styles: We're back and our second match is already underway.

Mexicools vs. Little Guido & CW Anderson

Vito could not attend to tag with Guido, so he had to find a replacement partner. The Mexicools took advatage of this and picked up the win. Afterwards, Guido attacks Anderson, with a good bell shot to the head.

Winners: The Mexicools

Styles: The Mexicools advance in the tag title tournament.

Tazz: I think Guido will have a few choice words for Vito next week. I got word during the match that he was attending his nephew's barmitzbah(sp?).

Styles: It seems Kurt Angle has made his way to the ring.

Tazz: He's been perfect since joining ECW.

Angle: Alright, let's make this quick. I have won every ECW match I've been in. And I know that there is a wrestler in the locker room that comes close to the talent I have. And I challenge him to a match tonight. Get out here, Chris Beniot!

*Nothing happens for about a minute, then Beniot's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Angle hands him the mic.*

Beniot: Almost as much talent. Last I knew I was better than you, so I don't know what you're talking about *insert Canadian accent* :shifty: . I accept you're challenge for a match later tonight.

Styles: Looks like another great match for tonight's card.

Tazz: Damn right. These are the 2 best technical wrestlers that ECW has, besides me of course.

Styles: We'll call that an opinion. Next, a mystery wrestler will face Roadkill.


Styles: Roadkill is already in the ring, waiting this mystery opponent.

*The music plays, and out comes... CM Punk! He immeditaely attacks Roadkill*

Roadkill vs. CM Punk

CM Punk shows no mercy, using every weapon possible in this match. He destroys Roadkill, leaving him in a puddle of his own blood.

Winner: CM Punk

Tazz: I think that's a message to ECW from Punk.

Styles: I'll say, he defeated Roadkill with ease. However, we now go backstage with RVD.

RVD: I just want to say a little something before my match later. Rhino, you think that you deserve a shot in the title match just because you were the last ECW Heavyweight Champion? Newflash, that was like 7 years ago. You're not any good now, why do you think you were released by the WWE last year? You didn't deserve it, that;s why. And I'm gonna prove that tonight when Rob-Van-Dam beats your ass all over this arena.

Styles: Strong words by Van Dam.

Tazz: I wonder why he didn't say anything about Rey Mysterio?

Styles: You know as much as I do. Our next match is starting. Look Tazz, it's Tajiri!

Tazz: Yep he's back and looks good, and I don't mean that in a homosexual way.

Styles: Anyway, he also has a mystery opponent, I wonder who it could be. Here he comes, it looks like, Devon Storm? Yes, Devon Storm.

Tazz: I don't think Storm is ECW material, Tajiri will get an easy win here.

Styles: I don't know about that.

Tajiri vs. Devon Storm

Pretty even match, Tajiri quickness counteracted Storm's strength very well. Tajiri went for the Buzzsaw Kick, but Storm caught his leg and tossed him to the outside through the table, he went outside and got the pin.

Winner: Devon Storm

Styles: OH MY GOD!!! He threw him with one hand!!! Amazing strength!

Tazz: Pfft, that was nothing.

*Storm walks up the ramp and stops and stares down Tazz. Tazz takes off his glasses and stares right back. Storm points to Tajiri who's still out from going through the table. He the nwalks to the back.*

Styles: I think that was a message to you Tazz.

Tazz: He thinks he's tough, but he's nothing.

Styles: Ok. Now it's time for a break, but when we come back, Kurt Angle takes on Chris Beniot.


Styles: Our match is about to begin.

Kurt Angle vs. Chris Beniot

Amazingly wrestled match. Close the whole way too. However, it ended in a draw when a suprise guest entered the ring.

Winner: Draw(Interference)

Styles: What's that music? It's Chris Jericho! The Lionheart!

Tazz: Another signing by Vince. Angle and Beniot don't know what to do. Jericho is grabbing a mic.

Chris Jericho: Welcome to RAW IS JER... opps, sorry wrong show. Welcome to Y2J TV!!!! And I offically declare this match over, ring the bell. Now you two look a little confused, but fear not Olympic gold medalist and fellow Canadian friend, because I have an explaination. You two were aruging about who the best wrestler was. Well, I have the answer, neither of you are. And you know why? Because you're looking at the best wrestler. The newest edition to ECW, the Lionheart, the Iatola or Rock'Rolla, the sexy beast, Y2J, Chris Jericho! And I'll prove it too both of you next week in our triple threat match signed by Paul Heyman himself. See you assclowns next week.

Styles: Wow, next week a triple threat match between quite possibly the 3 best technical wrestlers in ECW.

Tazz: Yeah, but Angle and Beniot still look a little confused. Oh, I'm getting word that RVD is in Rey Mysterio's locker room. I bet he wants a little pre-match fight.

Styles: I highly doubt that.

*Camera goes to backstage*

RVD: Hey

Rey: Hey

RVD: So, what's going on?

Rey: Nothing, just getting ready for the match.

*Silence for a minute*

RVD: Look, I'm sure you heard those things I said about Rhino earlier. And I meant every word. But that's not why I'm back here. Now I know that you were Smackdown's champion and I was ECW's, so we both deserve to be in this match. So, I'm here to wish you good luck.

Rey: Good luck to you too.

*They shake hands. Commercial*

Styles: It's time for the main event.

Tazz: Time for RVD to whip up on little Rey Mysterio.

Styles: Righhhhhht.

Rob Van Dam vs. Rhino vs. Rey Mysterio - ECW Heavyweight Title

Rhino alternated pins on Rey and RVD, but the other would break the pin.Rhino was very aggresive, too aggresive. He tried the Gore about 6 times in all. It endd when RVD inadvertenly knocked Rey to the outside without knowing it. He then hit Rhino with the VanDaminatior. Rey looked a little unhappy with the result. RVD celebrates.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Tazz: See, I told you. RVD knocked Rey out of the picture and the ncarptured the when and the belt.

Styles: It was an accident and you know it. However, Rey doesn't seem to like the outcome. What will happen next week? Tune in to USA to find out.


Jamie Noble beat Kid Kash

The Mexicools beat Little Guido and CW Anderson

CM Punk beat Roadkill

Devon Storm beat Tajiri

Chris Beniot drew Kurt Angle(Interference)

Rob Van Dam beat Rhino, Rey Mysterio for the ECW Heavyweight Title

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IPB Image

Cole: Welcome to Monday Night RAW! Boy do we have a night for all of you, right King?

Lawler: That's right. We are only 6 days away from Vengeance, and it's rumored that all the matches for the PPV will be made to night.

Cole: Speaking of which, here comes RAW GM Shane McMahon.

*Shane walks out with a mic. He has a bandage on his head.*

Shane: Now, I'm sure you all seen what happened last week between me and John Cena. So I would like to announce that tonight, Cena will be in a hanicapped match. Against who you ask? The so-called Brothers of Destruction, Kane and the Undertaker!

Lawler: The Undertaker? Nobody's seen him in over a month.

Shane: Also tonight, we will see the return of Christian, when him and Edge have to find partners in a tag team match. And I'm sure you wondering about the World title. Don't worry, because at Vengenance, there will be a 4-way elimination match. The participants are Booker T, Batista, Randy Orton, and the Big Show. So tonight, we will see a little preview, when Show and Batista take on Booker and Orotn in a tag team match. I also have the other Vengeance matches. Rene Dupree & Rob Conway will take on whoever wins the tag tournament match tonight, and it will be for the Tag Team titles. And finally, Shawn Michaels will take on one of RAW's new wrestlers in the IC title tournament. That's all I have to say, enjoy the show.

Cole: What a card we have for Vengeance. A four-way match for the World title. Plus, the other two RAW titles are up for grabs.

Lawler: I've got my money on Booker T. He won the King of the Ring you know.

Cole: The only way you'll find out is to tune into Vengeance this Sunday, live on PPV.


Cole: Our first match is about to get underway. Spanky and Paul London are already in the ring. They will be facing the Great Khali and Umaga. I think there's a slight size advantage fro Umaga and Khali.

Lawler: You think? And remember, last week Umaga destroyed London. I see an easy win for him and Khali.

Cole: Anything can happen, as they will be wrestling for a shot at the WWE Tag Team belts.

Paul London & Spanky vs. The Great Khali & Umaga

Khali and Umaga used their size to their advantage. Khali easily threw them around and Umaga didn't even let them get up. But London and Spanky didn't quit, and it paid off for them. They were able to knock down Khali we a series of dropkicks, and then piled on top of each other to pin Khali.

Winners: London & Spanky

Cole: A big upset here. Even though they were not nearly as big, they used their speed and smarts to win this match.

Lawler: I was sure Khali wouldn't go down, but like you said anything can happen.

*Camera goes back to the locker room were we see John Cena, and he looks very upset. Shawn Michaels walks up to him*

HBK: Hey John. Hey what happened last week?

Cena: I did what needed to be done. But now I have this match later aginast Kane and the Undertaker. Once again I'm getting the unfair side of things, but that's how it's always been.

HBK: Well, you did attack the GM of RAW. I think you should re-think your actions. Maybe give it a chance, and you'll be back in the World title picture.

Cena: What do you mean, back? I'm in the picture and I've always have been. These people just need to realize that. Don't lecture me, I know exactly what I'm doing.

*Cena walks off*

????: He sounds worse than I thought he would

HBK: You must be my opponent for tonght. Glad to finally meet you, as you probably know, I'm Shawn Michaels.

*HBK holds out his hand for a shake. The camera turns to show AJ Styles*

AJ: I'm not shaking your hand. I'm only here to tell you how bad you're going to lose in our match in a minute. You're nothing but a washed-up has been. This will be an easy victory for AJ Styles.

HBK: And you said Cena sounded bad. Well, good luck tonight.

*AJ chuckles and walks off*

HBK: Kids.....


Cole: We're back as HBK is getting ready to take on newcomer AJ Styles.

Lawler: Looks like we're taking all of TNA's stars.

Cole: We are joined by Carlito for this match.

Carlito: Hello you guys, how are things going?

Lawler: Cool.

Carlito: Hey, don't be stealing my lines.

Shawn Michaels vs. AJ Styles

Great wrestling match. HBK showed his athleticism and AJ showed his great young speed and technical speed. AJ was too fast for HBK, and eventually won with the Styles Clash. Afterwards, he pointed to Carlito, saying "You're next!".

Winner: AJ Styles

Lawler: What did you think of that Carlito?

Carlito: That was not cool, but I'm gonna tell him what is.

Cole: Well, Carlito is grabbing a microphone. AJ Styles has made his way up the entrance ramp already. Remember, these two will have a match this Sunday at Vengeance.

Carlito: You know, I was over here watching your match, and I'm not impressed. But I did figure out one thing. My shirt says "Do you spit, or swallow?", and it's obvious that you swallow.

*Styles runs back to the ring. They exchange punches until AJ knocks Carlito down. But while AJ is taunting at the crowd, Carlito takes a bite of his apple, and spits it into AJ's face. AJ exits the ring and runs to the back.*

Cole: Looks like a good match is brewing for Vengeance.

*Camera cuts to Christian backstage. He is talking on his cell phone*

Christian: So, you'll be here? Good. No, that will work great, just great. See you later.


Cole: We're back to RAW as a number 1 contender match for the WWE World title is about to get underway.

Lawler: Who was Christian talking to?

Cole: I guess we'll have to wait til later tonight.

Lashley vs. Chris Masters vs. Ric Flair

Lashley was great in this match. Flair was sluggish, but grew attention from the crowd. Masters was more interesting in showing off. He laid out Flair and was posing for the crowd when Lashley stole the pin.

Winner: Lashley

Cole: Lashley is the number 1 contender for the World title. What an opportunity for him.

Lawler: Speaking of the World title, the participants for the title match are getting ready for their tag match, which will start about now.

Batista & Big Show vs. Booker T & Randy Orton

Great match for the fans, they loved it. Pretty much an all out brawl the whole match. The match ended that when all 4 men had a brawl in the ring as the ref called for the bell. Batista threw out Orton and Show disposed of Booker T. Show and Batista both turned around and had a stare-off with a few words exchanged. The crowd was going crazy. Batista pushed Show, then Show pushed him back knocking him to the ground. They then started brawling. Refs eventually came to the ring and broke it up.

Winner: Draw(Double DQ)


Cole: We're back as Gregory Helms is about to take on "Pirate" Paul.

Lawler: Helms had to deal with a shark last week, and now a pirate?

Gregory Helms vs. Paul Burchill

Paul got big pops throughtout the match, which angered Helms. He took out his agression on Paul, and eventually won the match with a Vertabreaker. He attacked Paul after the match. He went to the outside to grab a chair, but someone jumped out of the crowd.

Winner: Gregory Helms

Cole: It's Shark Boy! He's attacking Helms. And Helms runs away.

Lawler: Looks like Helms is backing down. And Sharky is making sure Paul is ok. Wait, is a shark helping a pirate?

Cole: It appears that way. After this commercial break, we have the "Bad Man" John Cena taking on Kane and the return of the Undertaker.


Cole: Our match is about to get underway here as Kane walks down the aisle.

Lawler: As scary as Kane is, I think Undertaker scares me more. And it looks like Cena's even more scared.

*Taker's music plays the lights go out. When they come back on, Taker is standing right behind Cena. Cena sees him and runs into the ring where he runs into Kane*

The Undertaker & Kane vs. John Cena

Kane was the only one to really wrestle Cena in this match. Basically dismantled him. When he finally tagged in Taker, it was over after a chokeslam and tombstone piledriver.

Winners: The Undertaker & Kane

Cole: Looks like Taker and Kane are a tag team again.

Lawler: That's scary. It was bad enough with just Kane before, but now Taker? who will be able to stop them.

*Camera switches to Edge in his locker room.*

Edge: Ok, I've been looking all night for a partner, but no one wants to help me. They keep saying something about having affairs with their wives. Anyway, you're my last hope, so will you do it? That's great!

*Camera moves to the right to reveal the Boogeyman.*

Edge: Just one thing, could you not eat the worms, it's kinda weird. Ok? Good.


Cole: Here comes Edge down to the ring with his tag team partner the Boogeyman.

Lawler: And he brought the worms. I thought he wasn't going to eat them.

Cole: Let's hope not. Here comes Christian, but no tag partner. What's this? He's saying to go ahead and start the match.

Lawler: I guess his "friend" backed out on him. That puts a big smile on Edge's face.

Christian vs. Edge & The Boogeyman

Edge let the Boogeyman do his dirty work, then came into the ring and took advantage. That is until Boogeyman started eating his worms. Edge confronted him and was telling him to put them down. And Christian came from behind and did a roll-up for a pin.

Winner: Christian

Cole: Even though Christian has won, Edge is going for the chair. What a cheap move. Christian is helpless. Wait, someone is coming down to help him.

Lawler: It's the Rock!!!

Cole: The Rock cleans house! Nobody expected the Rock to be here.

Lawler: I still can't believe it, the Rock is back!!!


Paul London & Spanky beat The Great Khali & Umaga

AJ Styles beat Shawn Michaels

Lashley beat Ric Flair, Chris Masters

Big Show & Batista drew Booker T & Randy Orton(Double DQ)

Gregory Helms beat Paul Burchill

The Undertaker & Kane beat John Cena

Christian beat Edge & The Boogeyman

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Mick Foley In Rehab

WWE super star and former world champion Mick Foley has checked himself into rehab after a troubling problem with cocaine. He says that he doesn't know how long he will be there, but hopes to have a good recovery and return to the WWE as soon as possible.

Vince McMahon had no comment on the situation.


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IPB Image

Joey Styles: Welcome folks, and we are 5 days away from Vengeance.

Tazz: And the ECW part will be the only part worth watching as it will split the card with RAW.

Styles: Well, let's get this show started. Paul Heyman has an announcement for us.

*Heyman comes out to many cheers. He grabs a mic and gets in the ring.*

Heyman: Welcome. Let's get right to the point. As you know, rumors have been going around about a new authority to replace me. Well, it's half right. Their is a new authority, but he's not replacing me. He's going to be my "assistant". Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!

*Glass shatters. Austin does his normal entrance stuff. Then Heyman gives him the mic.*

Austin: That's right, your looking at the new executive assistant to ECW, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Now Johnathon Coachman on RAW says that he is the best executive assistant that there is. Well I think that Stone Cold should open up a can of whoop ass, and show him that I'm better than him. So I've already got a match signed for Vengeance so you can all see me kick his little bitch ass. And that's the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so!

Tazz: Stone Cold, can you believe it Joey?

Styles: No, he was the last person I would've guessed to be an authority on ECW. But we have a tag match starting in the ring.

Nova & Jamie Noble vs. Kid Kash & EZ Money

This was the debut of EZ money to the new ECW. However, Kash was more worried about beating Noble than anything, attacking him any chance he got. EZ Money wasn't eve ntagged in the whole match. Noble won with his modified dragon sleeper on Kash.

Winners: Nova & Jamie Noble


Styles: Welcome back, and we are about to get underway with a 4-way match for the TV title. This will involve CW Anderson, Steven Richards, CM Punk, and Tajiri. Now we had 2 matches last week to determine 2 of the competitors in this match. CM Punk won a match and Devon Storm won the other.

Tazz: Yeah, but Storm is such an idiot, he said he was too good for the TV title. What a moron.

Styles: Actually, he said he would soon be the #1 contender for the Heavyweight title. So the person he beat, Tajiri, will take his place.

Tazz: He's still an idiot

CM Punk vs. CW Anderson vs. Tajiri vs. Steven Richards - ECW Television Title

Punk once again dominates the match. He only fell to the mat once, and that was because he tripped :shifty: .

Winner: CM Punk

Styles: Once again, Punk shows how good he is by becoming ECW's TV champ.

Tazz: He looks like he doesn't even try in the match, but still wins.

*Camera goes backstage to show RVD at Rey Mysterio's locker room door. RVD Knocks. Rey opens the door.*

Rey: oh, uh, hey.

RVD: Look, I know what you're thinking. You think I knocked you down on purpose, but I can honestly say that it was a complete accident. I know that you're upset because you lost the match, but I had no idea I even touched you. So, are we cool?

Rey: Yeah, I believe you. We're cool.

*They shake hands. commercial. When it comes back, Little Guido is in the ring with a mic.*

Guido: Vito, get out here right now!

*There is a pause for a second. Vito eventually makes his way to the ring.*

Guido: So, you missed our macth last week, why?

Vito: I had to go to my nephew's Bah Mitzfah. Didn't CW tell you?

Guido: Yeah, he told me, but that's the stupidest excuse I've ever heard. I happen to know that you don't eve nhave a nephew, and that you were at home watching a taped episode of RAW from the night before!

Vito: Those are just rumors, I swear I didn'...

*Guido nails Vito and assults him. He leaves him lying in the ring.*

Tazz: I think that gave a message to Vito.

Styles: I would sure hope so.

*Camera goes to back where Rey Mysterio is seen lying on the floor bloody in his locker room. Meds and road agents quickly come to help him. EMT's come and put him on a strecher. RVD is by the water fountain near Rey's locker room.*

Agent: Who did this?!?!

RVD: I don't know, I left his room a few minutes ago, and I was just getting a drink, and then this happened.

Agent: Nice story, but I sure as hell don't believe you.


Styles: Welcome back, and it has just been announced that Rey Mysterio will take on RVD at Vengeance for the ECW Heavyweight title.

Tazz: A lot of controversy in around this match as clearly RVD wants Rey out of the title picture.

Styles: I don't know about that. But now we have Devon Storm taking on Rhino, 2 wrestlers that are very alike.

Rhino vs. Devon Storm

Close match, but once again Rhino is overly agressive, letting Storm take the advantage.

Winner: Devon Storm

Styles: He's pointing at you Tazz.

Tazz: .......

*Camera goes backstage to see Y2J getting ready for his match. commercial*

Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle

Excellent match. Best wrestling match that I've seen so far. Ended when Angle pinned Benoit after an Angle Slam. Jericho stays in the ring with a confused look on his face.

Winner: Kurt Angle


Nova & Jamie Noble beat Kid Kash & EZ Money

CM Punk beat Tajiri, CW Anderson, Steven Richards

Devon Storm beat Rhino

Kurt Angle beat Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho

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The only thing I have to say is that either you're breaking a rule of the Diary Dome, or you're extremely close:

-March 13, 2006 Rule EDIT You are required to post something constituting actual results for your matches once you are past the backstory part of your diary. Simply listing who won and who lost is NOT acceptable. Put a LITTLE bit of effort into your diary, please. Diaries that don't do this will be closed from here on out. No exceptions.

Matches don't have to be long, but the only reason why your ECW main event was over a line long was because you described Jericho's confused look.

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IPB Image

Vengeance Preview

RAW Tag Team Title Match

Spanky & Paul London will take on Rene Dupree & Rob Conway in the finals of the 4 team tournament for the RAW Tag Tam Titles.

Executive Assistant Match

The newly appointed executive assistant to ECW's Paul Heyman Stone Cold Steve Austin got a match signed between him and Jonanthon Coachman, the executive assistant to Shane McMahon on RAW. But with no sign of "The Coach", the question is, will he show up?

ECW Television Title Match

New ECW TV Title Champ CM Punk will take on an unknown opponent for the belt. CM Punk has showed dominance since he debuted in ECW. This match was made by Paul Heyman himself. The only clue he gave out for this mystery person is that quote, "He will show CM Punk what ECW really is!"

The Return Of The Rock

1 1/2 week ago, Christian returned to RAW, attacking brother Edge after he got DQed in a match for the RAW World Title. A match was made the next week on RAW, both Christian and Edge had to find tag partners. It appeared Christian had one, and Edge found The Boogeyman at the last second. Christian's so-called parnter didn't show up for the match, leaving Christian on his own. However, this didn't affect him, as he still won the match. But Edge attacked him after the match. Christian was saved though, by none other than The Rock.

RAW Intercontinetal Title Ladder Match

Carlito and AJ Styles will face off in a ladder match for the IC Title. This will be the finals for the tournament for the belt, in which Carlito beat shelton Benjamin, and Styles debuted beating Shawn Michaels. Who will climb the ladder and grab the gold?

RAW World Title 4-Way Elimination Match

The Big Show, Batista, Booker T, & randy Orton square off for the RAW World Title. These four were involved in a tag match earlier this week on RAW, which ended in double DQ with a big brawl between the four. Who will walk away the new RAW World Champ?

ECW Heavyweight Title Match

Rob Van Dam defends his gold against Rey Mysterio in a match for the title. In recent weeks, it appears that RVD is trying to keep Rey from getting the gold, he knocked him off the apron in a 3-way title match, then quickly pinned Rhino, and Rey was attacked by an unknown person. RVD was spotted near Rey's locker room at the time, but he claims to have nothing to do with it. But he will still defend his title at Vengeance.

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Chris Masters vs. Charlie Haas (Dark Match)

Masters makes his off-air return after his steri..... uh, injury :shifty: . Masters showed dominance over Hass with suplexes, bodyslams, and such. Masters got his normal heel reaction, while Charlie got the Haas pop :shifty: . Haas was able to pull off a top rope clothesline in which he though he had won. He was trying to get the crowd pumped up when Masters jumped to his feet, he grined and locked Haas in the Masterlock, thus giving him the victory.

Winner: Chris Masters

*A video is played for Vengeance with it's theme song, highlighting the stuff that leads up to all the matches on the card. Near the end of the song, we see Big Show face to face with Batista, RVD flying through the air, and it ends with The Rock's face with the crowd chanting Rocky.*

IPB Image

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone to Vengeance! I'm Michael Cole and along side I have ECW's Joey Styles.

Joey Styles: Pleasure to be here. Now I bet that you all are wondering where Tazz and Jerry Lawler are.

Cole: Yes. Since those two can't seem to get along, Mr. McMahon has decided for me and Joey to take the reins for PPV's.

Styles: I can stand you, unlike that snake Lawler.

Cole: Easy now, let's leave the tension to the wrestlers. We are starting out with the RAW Tag Team tournament finals.

Spanky & Paul London vs. Rene Dupree & Rob Conway - RAW Tag Team Titles

Conway came to the ring flipping off the crowd with Dupree at his side. Spanky came out in Conway's attire, to his music, had his sunglasses, and his hair slicked back. London laughed his way to the ring. Conway attacked Spanky to start the match. Good mix of speed and brawling in this match. Spanky attempted the Sliced Bread #2 a couple of times, but to no prevail. Conway tried to clothesline Spanky, but he ducked and Conway got hit by a Dropsault from London. Spanky did the Sclided Bread #2 as London took care of Dupree. Spanky and London are the new RAW Champs. They are celebrating, Spanky is doing Conway's taunts. But the celebration was cut short when Umaga's music played. Spanky & London were ready to fight, watching the entrance ramp. The Great Khali made his way out, and walked to the ring slowly. Just as he was about to get in the ring, London & Spanky were attacked from behind by Umaga. We see at ringside the return of Armando Alejandro Estrada. He gets on the apron and breaks the cigar. Khali does the Giant Bomb to both Spanky and London into the corner. Umaga does his running butt-bump thing.

Winners: Spanky & London

Estrada: That's right, I'm back, haha. And in case jo forgot, my name est Armando, Alejandro, Esttttttttttrada! And jo already now about my Samoan Bulldozer. But now I have an Indian Giant. The Great Khhhhhhaalli & Uuuuuuuumaaga!!!

Cole: What a turn of events we've got here. Estrada's back and it looks like Spanky & London have found some new competitors for their belts.

Styles: That's gotta hurt having those buttocks rammed into your face.

Cole: You can say that again. Next we see an interpromotional match between Jonathan Coachman and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Styles: If "The Coach" decides to show up that is. I've heard he stayed home tonight. Probably hiding under his bed.

Cole: Only time will tell. A very short time as Austin is entering now!

Steve Austin vs. Jonathan Coachman

The glass shatters as we see Austin for the first time in a while in his wrestling attire. He gets in the ring, takes off his vest, and waits for Coach by sitting on the top rope. After about 30 seconds, Austin does the look at the pretend watch thing. About a minute later, Coach's music plays. Austin looks suprised, but he bends and goes the bring it taunt. Coach comes out with his jogging pants and the F*ck Fear Austin shirt. He turns around and points to the back of the shirt where fear is crossed out and it says Austin. He gets right outside the ring and flips off Austin! They then start fighting on the outside, trading punches. Asutin didn't do too much, but he did more than expected. He did some of the old moves, takedown and punches, knee drop from the second rope, etc. Coach was impressive too. He shoed off some technical skill with some suplexes and submissions. He did a pretty good Boston Crab, which was his main point, working on Austin's knees. But it wasn't enough, after Austin hit the Stone Cold Stunner. He got the pin, then started to walk down the entrance ramp. Everyone seemed confused. No beer!?!?!? But he stopped, turned with a smile on his face. He headed back to the ring. He reaches under it, and pulled out a cooler full of beer! He drank 5 or 6 of them, then he grabbed two more and poured one on Coach and drank the other.

Winner: Steve Austin

Cole: Stone Cold walks away victorious, and leaves a stench of alcohol in the air of the arena.

Styles: ECW wins again! However, I do have to give it to Coach. He did a lot better than I expected.

Cole: He seemed like he was ready. But is CM Punk ready to face this mystery opponent of his?

Styles: We'll find out real soon.

CM Punk vs. ??? - Television Title

Punk comes out and gets in the ring. He waits impaiently. He keeps saying stuff like "come on" and "let's get started". The lights go out. Everyone starts chanting "Sabu". The lights come back on and there is a beer, pack of cigarettes, and a kendo stick in the ring. The fans go crazy. Then the camera goes to the crowd. There The Sandman is seen with the same stuf that's in the ring. He does the normal beer drinking/smashing/spitting. Punk looks in shock in the ring. Sandman gets in the ring and glares at Punk. Punk looks like he's about ready piss his pants. But he puts his fists up in defense. Sandman turns the crowd, points at Punk, and laughs. Punk attacks him while his not looking. It appears he's more angry than scared now. Punk starts of with some technical wrestling, and always being one step ahead of the sluggish/drunken Sandman. Sandman trys some moves on Punk but he's too fast for him. The fight eventually goes to the outside, where Sandman is introduced to an old friend, Mr. Chair. After a few chair shots, Punk throws him back into the ring, and his cigarettes fall out of his pocket. Punk picks them up, then throws them on the ground, and gives them an angry stomp from hell. He turns to get in the ring, only to be hit with.... THE DRUNKEN PLANCHA!!!!! Sandman lights up one of his crushed cigs, and proceeds to beat the hell out of Punk with a kendo stick. He also uses random weapons given to him by the crowd. He burns it out on Punk's head after taking a couple of drags from it. Punk gets thrown back into the ring where Sandman has thrown a chair to. He quickly grabs the chair while Sandman gets in the ring, and nails him with hit. He waits for Sandman to get back up. It looks like he's ready to do his step up enziguri. He throws the kick but Sandman ducks, and hits Puck with a DDT. He grabs the kendo stick, and does the White Russian Leg Sweep. He pins Punk, getting him the Televison title. He raises the belt in the air. He shouts "give me a beer!!!" No one seems to have one though. Then Stone Cold runs down to the ring with his cooler. They both grab a beer, chug them, then spit it in Punk's face. He rolls out of the ring wiping his eyes with a look of disgust on his face.

Winner: The Sandman

Styles: Sandman picks up the win and the title! How does that beer taste Mr. Straight Edge!

Cole: I think there's been enough beer drinking already tonight, and that's only been in two matches. But the best is yet to come. In mere minutes, we will see the in-ring return of The Rock!

Styles: Yeah. I'm not much of a WWE guy, but even I'm pumped!

*Edge makes his way with The Boogeyman to the ring. He grabs a mic*

Edge: You know, everyone's talking about the return of "The Rock", oh my God!!! But what they're not talking about is how badly he will lose to me and the, uh, Boogeyman.... But anyways, I will claim victory over The Rock and that no-good brother of mine Christian. I am the rated-R superstar I am the bes.....

Edge & The Boogeyman vs. The Rock & Christian

Edge is interupted by Christian's music. He gives somes five's to his "peeps". He gets in the ring as his music fades. The crowd awaits impatiently. Then, an unfamiliar music plays, but it starts of by saying "it's the rock!" Out walks The Rock in his old gear as the crowd errupts. Rocky starts out the match with Edge. He gives Edge the "just bring it taunt". Edge then knocks him down and gives him some punches. Edge then flips him off. Rock does his kick-up. Punches Edge several times, ending them with the infamous spit-in-hand punch. Edge tags in Boogeyman. He takes out his worms and eats them. Rock has a look of diisgust of his face, so he tags in Christian. Christian shows us the great wrestler that he is. Boogeyman tries numorous times, but he never gets to Edge, who never seems to try to get in the ring. Edge eventually walks away from the ring to the back, leaving Boogeyman to get the People's Elbow, and the Rock Bottom. Christian gets the in ring and celebrates with The Rock.

Winners: The Rock & Christian

Cole: The Rock comes back to the WWE with a win! Looks like Edge didn't want anymore of this match.

Styles: He just left The Boogeyman to fend for himself, and that obviously didn't work. The Rock makes his way to the back, but it looks like Christian is trying to help out Boogeyman.

Cole: Yeah, he's helped him up off the mat. Good sportsmanship by Christian.

*Christian and Boogeyman look at each other and nod. They both look to the entrance ramp and point. The lights go out for about 30 seconds. They come back as red lights. Edge is shown on the ramp bloodied. A ring of fire appears and a person arises in the middle of it, Gangrel. He has his cup of "blood" and is laughing, along with Boogeyman and Christian who are still in the ring. Gangrel drinks out of the cup, then the lights go off, then switch back to normal. Gangrel, Edge, Boogeyman, and Christian are all gone.*

Cole: That was very strange. We seen the return of Gangrel, who appears to be joined with Christian and The Boogeyman.

Styles: Very strange, looks like something off of the Sci-Fi Channel. Oh, wait... :shifty:

AJ Styles vs. Carlito - Intecontinental Title Ladder Match

Styles comes out to the ring. He sits on the top rope and points to the belt. Carlito comes out with a ladder of his own, and he uses it as soon as he gets in the ring, nailing AJ in the face with it. This match was expected to be a great show of technical skill and speed. However, this was a great hardcore match, both competetors using weapons a lot. Carlito had a lot of good chair shots, the best when AJ was on the top of the ladder reaching for the belt, and Carlito ran up the other side and drilled him with the chair. However, he wasn't able to capitalize because he fell of the ladder. It was a back and forth battle the whole match, but it appeared Carlito was going to win. He was on top of the ladder and was going to reach for the belt, but he seen AJ laying on the mat near the ladder. He looked at him, and then the crowd. He then jumped off, doing a Shooting Star Press to AJ! This kept both men down for a while. Carlito finally got up and climbed the ladder once again. He got close to the top When AJ got up. AJ grabbed the other ladder and rammed it into the one Carlito was on! Carlito fell to off the ladder to the outside and went through the announce table! AJ climbed the ladder and grabbed the title. He wins the match. AJ celebrates afterwards.

Winner: AJ Styles

Styles: What a match! These guys should go to ECW.

Cole: I highly doubt that will happen. But AJ Styles wins the IC title in an amazing match. There are only two matches left.

Styles: That's right, both of the major titles on the line. It looks like everything is cleaned up from the ladder match.

Big Show vs. Batista vs. Randy Orton vs. Booker T - World Title Elimination Match

All of the men have cool entrances for this match. Orotn starts the match off by attacking Batista when he's not looking. This match was basically face vs. heel the whole time. Booker was dominant over the other three, getting close pins on all three competitors. Show was able to chokeslam him to the outside though. But Orton attacked him from behind and threw him over the top rope. Orton was taunting and turned around to Batista. They traded punches and Batista eventually got the advantage. Booker and Show started fighted on the outside. He did his spinebuster, the nsignaled for the Batistabomb. He hit it on Orton, and got the pin to eliminate him. Booker tried to hit Batista with a chair, but the ref stopped him. After much arguing, Batista tried to knock Booker over, only to knock down the ref. Booker swung at Batista, but missed and Batista gave him a spinebuster. He turned around only to get nailed with the chair by Orton. He left the ring and ran away through the crowd. Booker was able to crawl over to cover Batista, and the ref made a slow three count to eliminate Batista. The ref layed flat after making the count, as his energy was gone. Booker was cheering, thinking he was gonna win. He did the five-tiem taunt, then held up another finger. He smiled until he felt someone behind him. He turn around to get clotheslined by Show. He signaled for the chokeslam, and he did it after Booker got back up. He goes for the pin, and the ref makes the count, 1-2-3. Big Show is the new World Champion!

Winner: Big Show

Cole: Big Show was able to come out the winner in the elimination match for the World title. This has been a long time coming for Show.

Styles: Good to see him get the title. However we have the Heavyweight title on the line up next.

*Video for Heavyweight title match*

Rob Van Dam vs. Rey Mysterio - Heavyweight Title Match

Rey comes out looking ready to fight. RVD comes out holging his belt high in the air. Before the bell rings, RVD offers a handshake to Rey. Rey slaps his hand away and gives him a spinning heel kick to start the match. Rey looked like a man on a mission in this match. It seems like he didn't even care about the title, but only inflicting pain on RVD with many chair shots and use of the stairs. Rey probably could've won many different times, but instead decided to do more stuff to RVD. Rob finally got the advantage when they were on the outside, doing a moonsault of the ropes.This started the high-flying moves of RVD, split-legged moonsault and even a 450 splash, which got close to a three count. Rey was able to hit RVD with a chair though, and Rob landed on the second rope. Rey signaled for the 619 and attempted it. But RVD moved. He was still able to do the West Coast Pop, but it only got a 2 count. He was upset, so he complained to the ref for a while, then turned around and caught a cjair that RVD threw at him. Vandaminator! RVD goes to the top rope and stands up. The corwd says along with him, ROB-VAN-DAM! Five-Star Frog Splash! RVD gets the 3 count, he retains the title! He celebrates as Rey rolls out of the ring and heads for the back. RVD sees him and runs after him. It loosk like he's going to attack Rey, but instead he once again offers a handshake. Rey accepts this time, and they raise their hands together.

Winner: Rob Van Dam


Spanky & Paul London beat Rob Conway & Rene Dupree for the RAW Tag Team Titles

Steve Austin beat Jonathan Coachman

The Sandman beat CM Punk for the Television Title

Christian & The Rock beat Edge & The Boogeyman

AJ Styles beat Carlito for the Intercontinental Title

Big Show beat Booker T, Batista, Randy Orton for the World Title

Rob Van Dam beat Rey Mysterio for the Heavyweight Title

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WWE News Update

Here are a few things to update everyone on recent WWE news.

-Mick Foley is expected to come out of rehab and return to wrestling in two or three months. He hopes that he can continue working for the WWE. Vince McMahon released a statement saying, "I hope everything goes well for Mick. I pray for him and his family for him to get better."

-Armando Alejandro Estrada made his return at Vengeance last night. When things changed in the WWE, it was said by Mr. McMahon himself that every female was fired along with and managers. But Estrada was just on a vacation sources say. He was never fired. It has also been said that there are still female wrestlers in OVW.

-The WWE has made some new signings this week. One was Gangrel, who appeared at Vengeance last night. A couple of younger wrestlers were signed to OVW. It is also rumored that a major manager was signed this week, but no clue who.

-The Rock's new theme music heard last night at Vengeance is called Guns and Roses and is sung by Jay-Z and Lenny Kravitz. This would explain why the lyrics say "it's the Roc", referring to Roc-A-Fella records which is where Jay-Z is signed to.

-Chris Masters is offfically back in the WWE. Accused of steriod usage, he has been gone the last month or so to check into everything, and it turns out the allegations were false. He will make his RAW return against Chavo Guerrero tonight.

-Rumors are flying about the situation between the WWE and Brock Lesnar. Lesnar is currently touring with NJPW, but will be off for from September 2nd to November 11th. It is rumored he will come back for that time span and have a small role on RAW.


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  • 2 weeks later...

IPB Image

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw here on the USA Network! What a night we had at Vengeance. All 3 RAW titles are vacant no more.

Jerry Lawler: It's just too bad I wasn't there, you had to deal with that weasel Joey Styles, I feel sorry for you. I heard the reason I couldn't come was because Tazz was scared of me and didn't want to be in the same arena.

Cole: Well, I never heard that.

*Big Show's music plays and out walks the new World Champion. He gets in the ring and does the hand raise thing, only now he has a belt in his hand. He grabs a mic.*

Show: Tonight, I celebrate winning the World Title.

*Crowd chants "Big Show"*

Show: I'm just so happy to have had the opportunity to win this, it just feels so great to be World Champion once again. It's been so long, but finally, I'm the champ again. So let's get this party started!

*Confetti drops. Everyone continues to chant "Big Show". After about a minute the celebration is interrupted by AJ Styles music. He comes out with the IC belt, polishing it with his hand. He has a mic.*

AJ: Congratulations Big Show on your victory. Now I don't mean to interrupt, but I thoguht you should know that the REAL champion on RAW, is staring you right in the face. Your title may be worth more, but everyone in this arena knows that I could take that title from you just like that.

Show: Listen up boy. I think maybe you just pull your head out of your ass, and listen to this crowd. They'll let you know who the better man is.

*Crowds chants "Big Show" again.*

AJ: You know what, it doesn't matter what these mindless fans think. I'll prove tonight who's the better man when I beat you one and one, that is if you're ready to face me, the Phenominal AJ Styles.

Show: Sounds easy. Sure I'll accept your challenge.

Cole: What a main event we have tonight. But what is AJ Styles thinking taking on the Big Show?

Lawler: I think he's way in over his head. He's in for a reality check tonight.


Chris Masters vs. Chavo Guerrero

Masters makes his return to TV in this match. He got a lot of "steriod" chants. Chavo has been out of action lately, as he is still diappointed about not having gold. The winner of this match gets a shot at the IC title next week on RAW. Masters showed a lot of technical skill in this match with a variety of submissions. Chavo used his speed to his advantage, being on step ahead of Masters, that is until he went for a clothesline and Masters ducked, grabbed him, and locked in the Masterlock to get the win.

Winner: Chris Masters

Cole: Masters is back and shows that he wants that IC title.

Lawler: But Carlito is coming to the ring with a mic.

Carlito: So, Chris Masters, you think that you're the man just because you beat Chavo? And now you are the #1 contender for the IC title? That is why you're not cool. You see, Carlito lost to AJ Styles last night at Vengeance in a brutal ladder match, a match you would never win.

Masters: Hold it right there. You're saying that I can't win a ladder match. Well it looks like I'm gonna prove you wrong when I am crowned the IC Champion next week on RAW, in a ladder match!

Cole: I don't think that Masters can just make the kind of match he wants!

Lawler: We'll have to wait until next week to find out. We'll be right back after this commercial break.


Cole: Welcome back everyone and we are getting right into our next match. Goldust and Snitsky are taking on Umaga & The Great Khali, who have called themselves "The Great Force".

Lawler: And the winner of this match gets a shot at the tag team titles next week on RAW!

The Great Force w/ Armando Alejandro Estrada vs. Goldust & Snitsky

Umaga and Goldust start off the match. Normally we would see Umaga crush someone, but Goldust's weird ways have changed the way Umaga wrestles. He keeps looking at Estrada confused. Estrada tells him to attack, but the blowing and kisses and such must have thrown him off. Eventually, we see Snitsky and Khali square off, which is what the crowd was waiting for. They trade blows, but Khali's size overpowers Snitsky. He finishes the match with the Giant Bomb. Umaga attacks Goldust when he tries to help Snitsky, then does the Butt Bumb in the corner.

Winners: The Great Force

Estrada: Everyone listen haha, to me. My name est Armando Alejandro Esssttttrradddaaa! And with my Samoan bulldozer and my Indian giant, we will take teh tag team titles next week on RAW, haha.

Lawler: He's right, they won the rights to the match next week. I'm calling this one right now, the Great Force wins.

Cole: But remember, Spanky & London already beat the Great Force to go on to win in the finals in the tag team tournament.

Lawler: And it looks like the Lengend Killer Randy Orton is making his way to the ring with a mic.

Cole: I'm sure he's upset about not winning the title at Vengeance, but I bet Batista is even more upset as Orton cost him the match.

Orton: So, last night, I was the first one eliminated in the 4-way elimination match for the title, but I took Batista down with me. No one wants to see his pathetic ass with the title. If you can remember, last year when I tore my quad and was out for 4 months thanks to Batista, I promised to get my revenge. And I did last night. But it's not over yet. I am challenging Batista right now to a match at SummerSlam. Any kind of match he wants. I don't care if it's a cage, TLC, street fight, whatever he wants, I'll beat him.

*Batista comes out with a bandage on his head and a mic.*

Batista: Well you know what Orton, I will accept your challenge, that's for damn sure. As for the stipulation, I'll let the fans decide that. You see, that's what I wrestle for, the fans. I'll do what they want. So get to voting folks, you can choose between one of these 3 matches. Cage, First Blood, or HELL IN A CELL!!!

Cole: Orton got what he wanted, but neither competitor will know what type of match it will be until SummerSlam.

Lawler: It's hard to prepare for something like that.


Cole: We're back and we have Fit Finaly taking on Gregory Helms.

Lawler: Helms has had trouble with Shark Boy in the last few weeks.

Fit Finaly vs. Gregory Helms

Helms looks distracted and off the whole match. The crowd chanted "Hurricane" throughout which gave Finaly the advantage. Even with that, it appeared that Helms was goning to hit the Vetrabreaker, but dropped Finaly when he seen Sharky coming down the entrance ramp. This distracted Helms enough that Finaly grabbed him and hit the Emerard Fusion to get the win.

Winner: Fit Finaly

Lawler: Shark Boy cost Helms the match again!

Cole: Helms it not happy at all. It was said that he would be in the IC title picture, but not after this loss.

*Camera goes backstage to Joey Matthews who's with Helms*

Matthews: I'm here with Gregory Helms who just lost to Fit Finaly, who is now in the picture for the IC title and....

Helms: Let me tell so something, whatever your name is. I got screwed in that last match, and everyone knows it. I was going to go from Cruiserweight champ, to IC champ, but that stupid shark had to poke his nose in my business again. I'm tired of him, so that why at SummerSlam I...

???: Hey, you l-look familiar.

Matthews: Well folks, it looks like Eugene has showed up here.

Eugene: Hi J-Joey! But this guy looks like that one s-super hero. The one with the green hair. The Hurricane! Yay, it's the Hurricane!

Helms: I can't take this anymore!

*Helms walks away. commercial*

Cole: Johnny Nitro is taking on Orlando Jordan right now.

Johnny Nitro vs. Orlando Jordan

Nitro seemed determined to prove some kind of point. Jordan did basically nothing the whole match, while Nitro did all of his speedy/high-flying moves. Nitro made fun of Jordan the whole time, and flipped off the crowd a few times. He ended it with a standing shooting star press.

Winner: Johnny Nitro

Cole: Nitro picks up the win and, what this? Edge is coming down to the ring!

Lawler: And he has a chair! He has to be mad about what happened last night at Vengeance!

*Edge detroys Nitro and Jordan, clearing the ring.*

Edge: Last night at Vengeance, Chritian screwed me in that match with he freak buddies. Turns out him, Boogeyman, and that weirdo Ganrgel have re-formed the Brood.

*crowd cheers*

Edge: Oh, don't cheer those blood-drinking freaks. They think that they can attack me 3 on 1? Well, I'll find a couple of people, and we'll get rid off the Brood for good at SummerSlam.

Cole: Edge is not happy one bit.

Lawler: Looks like another match scheduled for SummerSlam.


Cole: Welcome back ladies and geantlemen, it's time for our main event!

Lawler: It's champion vs. champion

AJ Styles vs. Big Show

Show looks a little upset about Styles interrupting his celebration earlier that night. Styles doesn't seem to care. It took Styles a while to take down Show. He is much faster, but not nearly as strong. Styles tried to do a cross body off the top rope, but Show caught him and bodyslammed him. Show had some vicious chops, Styles' chest was almost bleeding. Styles was able to catch a break after the ref was knocked down. He set up a table outside, getting show to leave the ring. Styles quickly got back in the ring and did a baseball slide to Show, knocking him onto the table. He looked at the crowd and jumped on the top rope, and did a shooting star press through the table! He got up and said "beat that ECW!" He then threw Show into the ring and got the three count!

Winner: AJ Styles

Cole: Styles wins, what an upset!

Lawler: He had to use a table to do it, but the ref didn't see it.

Cole: What's going to happen next week when Styles takes on Master's in a ladder match? And what will the Big Show do?

Lawler: Only one way to find out, tune into RAW next week on USA!


Chris Masters beat Chavo Guerrero

The Great Force beat Snitsky & Goldust

Fit Finaly beat Gregory Helms

Johnny Nitro beat Orlando Jordan

AJ Styles beat Big Show

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Workers Barred From Ringside, Possible Trades, Tommy Dreamer....

Here is some recent news from the WWE:

- Triple H has not been on RAW the last two weeks, and it was found out that Vince McMahon barred him from an arena at any WWE. Many say that Vince is still upset about HHH not taking out Shawn Michaels when he was ordered too. John Cena was also barred from the arena last night on RAW by RAW GM Shane McMahon. This is probably because of the recent attack on Shane two weeks ago. Expect both of these superstars to be back next week on RAW.

- It is rumored that RAW and ECW may be trading wrestlers in the next few weeks. No word on who the wrestlers will be yet.

- A lot of fans have been asking about the whereabouts of former ECW wrestler Tommy Dreamer. He originally intended to wrestle for ECW, but it appears his back problems have got the best of him. He has decided to quit wrestling. However, he is still employed by the WWE as a road agent.


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Guest Cerebral Assassin 10

Workers Barred From Ringside, Possible Trades, Tommy Dreamer....

Here is some recent news from the WWE:

- Triple H has not been on RAW the last two weeks, and it was found out that Vince McMahon barred him from an arena at any WWE. Many say that Vince is still upset about HHH not taking out Shawn Michaels when he was ordered too. John Cena was also barred from the arena last night on RAW by RAW GM Shane McMahon. This is probably because of the recent attack on Shane two weeks ago. Expect both of these superstars to be back next week on RAW.

- It is rumored that RAW and ECW may be trading wrestlers in the next few weeks. No word on who the wrestlers will be yet.

- A lot of fans have been asking about the whereabouts of former ECW wrestler Tommy Dreamer. He originally intended to wrestle for ECW, but it appears his back problems have got the best of him. He has decided to quit wrestling. However, he is still employed by the WWE as a road agent.


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IPB Image

Joey Styles: Welcome everybody to ECW TV! I'm Joey Styles with my friend Tazz at my side.What a night Vengeance was, RVD retained the title, the Sandman returned to beat former TV champion CM Punk, and Steve Austin beat the Coach!

Tazz: It looked like Coach needed a coach, a wrestling coach that is.

Styles: We are kicking off ECW with a special message from Tommy Dreamer.

*Dreamer comes to the ring dressed in street clothes and a mic. He gets in the ring.*

Dreamer: I'm goning to get straight to the point, I'm retiring from wrestling. My back has bothered me for a long time, and it's time for me to stop before I end up in a wheelchair. I know that my family nor any of you want to see me that way. Now don't worry, I will continue to work for the WWE in ECW as a trainer and road agent. I thank you all for the cheers and support throughtout the years. Thank you. Oh, and one more thing. I'm issuing an open challenge to anyone for at Unforgiven. I know that it's about two months away, but I think I can fight in just one more match.

Tazz: Sad to see stop wrestling, but it's probably the right thing to do.

Styles: What I'm wondering is who will be his opponent?

Tazz: I have no idea, but do we have a great match to start out ECW tonight.

Styles: As always. Chris Benoit will take on Rhino.

Chris Benoit vs. Rhino

Benoit seemed upset about losing to Jericho and Angle last week. And Rhino has no win on ECW, building his frustration even more than he is normally. Benoit was on top of Rhin othe whole match. Rhino wasn't able to much to Benoit. The match ended when Rhino went for the Gore and Benoit moved, making Rhino run into the ringpost, he turned around into the Crossface. Rhino reached for the ropes, but couldn't get them, so he was forced to tap.

Winner: Chris Benoit

*commercial. After commercial, the screen shows Little Guido backstage talking with someone.*

Guido: You ready for your debut tonight, eh? Vito won't know what hit him. You're gonna take him down Tony.

Tony Mamaluke: Your damn right. He's going down, no question.

Guido: Yeah, no worries. Forgetaboutit.

*The two laugh as the screen goes back to ringside*

Styles: And it appears that former ECW wrestler Tony Mamaluke has now been signed to the new ECW brand.

Tazz: I love that, "Forgetaboutit".

Styles: And it's now time for the ECW Tag Team title match!

The Mexicools vs. Cash Flow - ECW Tag Team Title Match

Mexicools come out ready to win the titles. Cash Flow is the teaming of Kid Kash and EZ Money. They had a match, but they weren't able to communictae very well. And the same went for this match. They eithre tagged themselves in the whole match, or refused to be tagged into the ring. It seemed that they were going to win with EZ Money's Money Clip finisher, but Kash tagged himself in after the move was pulled off. They argued in the corner, giving Psicosis a chance to tag in Super Crazy, who turned around Kash, and hit the Crazy Bomb to pick up the win. The Mexicools celebrate as EZ walks back to the locker room leaving Kash laying on the mat.

Winners: The Mexicools

Styles: The Mexicools are the ECW tag team champs!

Tazz: Nice win for them, but what's going on in the ring?

Styles: I don't know, but they are setting stuff up. Those things look familiar. Oh no, you don't think?

Tazz: Yep, looks like Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel.

*Y2J comes out struting to the ring. He gets in the ring and takes a seat and grabs a mic.*

Jericho: Welcome everyone, to the Highlight Reel! I am Y2J, Chris Jericho. And on tonight's show, I have a challenge for someone. You see, In my triple threat match last week here on ECW TV, I didn't lose. Kurt Angle pinned Chris Benoit, not me. Here, I'll show you on the Jeritron 3000.

*The Jeritron shows the footage from last weeks show.*

Jericho: So, without further a-do, I bring you my guest Kurt Angle!

*Kurt comes down to the ring looking frustrated. He gets in the ring.*

Kurt: Listen Y2Jack-off, I won that match last week whether I pinned you or not. I won, you and Benoit lost, I showed I was the best wrestler. If you were good enough, you would've broke the pin I had on Benoit. That's it, the end.

Jericho: Not exactly. You see, you used to do the "Angle Invitational" a while back, and this is sort of like that. Only I'm challenging one person, you! So if you don't want to accept, fine. It will just prove you want no part of Chris Jericho in the ring.

Kurt: You know what Jericho, I accept your challenge, but not for tonight. But at SummerSlam, I will break your ankle in two!

Tazz: The first ECW match signed for SummerSlam!

Styles: And it will be a great one I'm sure.


Styles: We're back and it's time for the debut match for Tony Mamaluke.

Vito vs. Tony Mamaluke

Tony comes out with Little Guido. Vito does not look happy as he makes his way to the ring. He turns his back for a second and Tony starts throwing punches at him. Tony was good in his return to ECW. Vito, not s omuch. He botched a couple of moves and didn't sell very well. However, he did do a piledriver off the second rope. After that, Vito went for the pin, 1, 2, Guido pulled him out of the ring! He chased down Giudo as he ran away. He finally got ahold of him, but Tony did a baseball slide to Vito. Guido throws Vito in the ring, and Tony locks in the Sicilian Stretch, and Vito taps out.

Winner: Tony Mamaluke

Styles: And Tony wins in his debut with some help of Little Guido.

Tazz: Looks like the FBI is offically back, and without Vito.

*Camera goes backstage to Paul Heyman's office. Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho are there aswell.*

Heyman: This is a contract for a match between you two at SummerSlam. Now all I need is for you two to sign it. Plain and simple, just sign your name here. Oh, and the winner of this match gets a shot at the ECW Heavyweight title.

Kurt: Consider it mine, there's my signature, I'm getting the hell out of here.

Jericho: Christopher, Jericho, the sexy beast.

*Jericho and Kurt walk out.*

Heyman: My God, he actually signed it like that.....


Styles: Welcome back ,and we now have a match between CM Punk and Tazz's best friend, Devon Storm.

Tazz: Pfft, best friend.....

Devon Storm vs. CM Punk

Punk looks beat up from his match against The Sandman at Vengeance. Storm on the othe hand, looks ready to go as he is undefeated in ECW. And it looked like he plans to stay undefeated. Punk tried to out-quick Storm, but it wasn't enough in this match. Storm threw a table in the ring and set it up. Punk, however, snuck out of the ring and grabbed a table of his own. Punk knocks Storm onto the table with a dropkick. He goes to the top rope and tries for a splash, but Storm moves. He the ngets up and throws Punk onto the other table. He goes to the top and does a moonsault threw the table. He gets the 3 count.

Winner: Devon Storm

Styles: Storm dismantles yet another ECW wrestler. It looks like he staring you down again.

Tazz: ........

*Storm grabs a mic*

Storm: Listen here Tazz, ever since I got here, you've been mouthing off ever chance you get to me. I think it's about time to back it up don't you think? Get your ass down here now, so I can teach you not to mess with Devon Storm!

*Tazz gets up, takes off his glasses and headset, walks up to the apron, then points to the sky. The lights go out momentarily. When they come back on, Sabu is in the ring! He nails Storm with a chair, then points to the sky. He goes to the top rope, Arabian Facebuster! He points to the sky again as his music plays.*

Tazz: Well, that's taken care of.

Styles: Sending Sabu to do your dirty work?

Tazz: Hey, I'm in no shape to get in that ring and wrestle. I figured Sabu would have no problem with this. But anyways, we'll be right back after these commercial breaks.

*commercial. After commercials, screen shows RVD at the door of Rey Mysterio's locker room. He knocks and Rey answers.*

RVD: I hope you know realize that I had nothing to do with the attack on you.

Rey: Don't worry, I know it wasn't you. However, I will find out who did this, and they will pay.

RVD: Alright cool.

*They shake hands and screen goes back to the ring.*

Styles: The Sandman won the ECW TV title at Vengeance two nights ago, and a youngster in ECW who has had success here has challenged him to a match, Jamie Noble.

Tazz: And if he wins, he gets a shot at the title!

The Sandman vs. Jamie Noble

The Sandman looks to beat a beating on Noble. Noble looks ready for this match, he brought a trash can to ringside. Sandman went right at Noble with swings of his kendo stick, but Noble dodged all of them. Sandman eventually knocked him down with a clothesline. They went back and forth the whole match, using various weapons at ringside or handed to them by the crowd. Sandman was able to nail Noble with a trash can. He then set up a table. He pulled something out from under the ring, a can of gasoline. He doused the table with it then pulled a lighter out of his pocket. He was about ready to light it when Noble came from behind and bulldogged Sandman through the table. He went for the pin, 1, 2, 3! Jamie Noble gets the win!

Winner: Jamie Noble

Styles: Noble pulls off the upset! What a victory!

Tazz: Sandman can't believe it! He is pissed!

Styles: What will happen next week on ECW TV? Tune in to find out!


Chris Benoit beat Rhino

The Mexicools beat Cash Money for the ECW Tag Team Titles

Tony Mamaluke beat Vito

Devon Storm beat CM Punk

Jamie Noble beat The Sandman

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RAW Preview, Dreamer Update, RAW Tag Titles

-Next week on RAW, both Triple H and John Cena will be in the house. Be prepared for some heat when these two collide with RAW GM Shane McMahon. Shawn Michaels will also be in a handicapped match, no word yet on the opponents. And the main event will be AJ Styles vs. Chris Masters in a ladder match for the Intercontinental title. Tune in to the USA Network Monday at 9/8ct.

-The announcement made by Tommy Dreamer was a suprise to nearly everyone. He was expected to come out and announce that he would be done with wrestling, but only he and Paul Heyman knew of his last match. Vince McMahon had no problem with it, so a match was signed for Unforgiven. No word yet on who his opponent will be.

-RAW Tag Team Champions Five Star Attraction(London & Spanky) will defend the titles against The Great Force(Khali and Umaga) at SummerSlam. This match was made after the recent success of The Great Force.

-Former Tag Team Champion Joey Mercury was released today by the WWE. He was saod to have not been happy with the way things were going for him, so he decided to part ways with the WWE. Vince McMahon had a rather interesting comment. "Don't expect Mercury to be the only firing, they're will be more to come."


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It has just been announced that the WWE has fired some of it's talent. Mr. McMahon said that quote,"Most of these wrestlers were a waste of money and roster space. However, I do wish the best of luck to all of them." But with firings, come hirings. I number of development deals listed below were signed, and a few big names are rumored to be signed also, but Vince keeps his mouth shut abot them once again.

Active Roster Firings

Chavo Guerrero

CW Anderson

Ken Kennedy

Orlando Jordan



OVW Firings

Brian Myers

Brett Matthews

Chris Rombola

Dice Domino

Freakin' Deacon

Jason Riggs

Johnny Riggs

Justice Smith

Kevin Matthews

Mason Raige



Oleg Prudius

Ryan Reeves

Shad Gaspard


Tommy Suede

OVW Signings

Adam Booker

Great Muta

Ian Knoxx

JC Ice

Ryan Sakoda

Sahne Madison

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Guest Preston

good diary, just make sure the results arent just a line long, even for RAW/sd.

i think randy orton and batista should fight in steel cage

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