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According to Gigwise.com, Axl Rose has reportedly needed the use of an oxygen mask between each song during GUNS N' ROSES recent tour dates.

Local newspapers in Budapest reported the 44-year-old singer apparently had to run off stage to use the mask in the bands dressing room at a recent gig in Hungary.

The concert, as with the bands recent London gig, was held up by Rose for several hours because he reported wanted to make sure that only his own special oxygen mask was connected to the tanks.

The Sun reports that an ambulance was also on standby in case of any problems with Rose's breathing and technicians in the bands entourage have admitted that he would have got through the lengthy European tour without the oxygen.

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Axl will manage to be trashed for just about anything.

Showing up late? Fine, he's an ass for that, but he's done it for years. It's hardly newsworthy anymore.

Oxygen mask? Are you kidding? He fucking belts out some of the best vocals in rock music still, at 44 years old. Who cares if he uses an oxygen mask? Other people of lesser vocal ability have used oxygen masks.

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