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I'm going to see Nine Inch Nails + Bauhaus next week


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I'm super stoked, I've never seen a band as big as Nine Inch Nails live. I've been a fan of NIN for a while now, and if And All That Could Have Been is any indication, it'll be a sick show.

I haven't heard a lot from Bauhaus. I seem to remember a song named Telegram Sam..

Anyways, anyone been to any of the With Teeth tour shows? Or any other NIN?

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Bauhaus are incredible, they're the forerunners of goth, and an amazing band. My brother saw them a few months ago, and apparently they're a superb live act too. While I doubt they'll play Telegram Sam (it's a T-Rex cover), they'll quite probably play Ziggy Stardust, and possibly Transmission by Joy Division.

I recommend you check out "She's In Parties" and "Bella Lugosi's Dead", though, you need to know those songs if you're seeing them live.

As for NIN, I saw them last year, and they blew me away. Really good live performance, if they've still got Twiggy on guitar, you're in for a treat there. All I'll say, though, is that if the start of "Hurt" is the same as when I saw them, it's one of the most amazing things I've seen from a live band. Just the music combined perfectly with the lighting and the atmosphere, it's unforgettable.

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Twiggy did not just stand there. I was at the With Teeth show in Edmonton. He was getting feedback from his mic when doing a solo, so he just lost it and threw the mic across the stage like a javelin. He was so into the show it was unreal.

That show is easily the best I have ever been to. The use of the curtain for videos (especially during 'Beside You In Time') is really cool, and sometimes just moving emotionally. That band is note-perfect live, and I don't have a single bad thing to say about it. Every show I've gone to since has been met with a 'well it's alright, but it's nothing compared to NIN' attitude now. I was so impressed it's pretty much ruined larege venue concerts for me now. Trent is amazingly talented.

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Fuck Twiggy man, from what I hear he just stands there. Aaron North is what you really want to go to a Nine Inch Nails show for these days.

Yeah, Twiggy was running around the stage like a man possessed when I saw them. At the end of the set, he just jumped up onto the keyboard and ran across it, I don't know how it didn't collapse under him. I don't think he stood still at any point during the whole show.

I don't really know anything about Aaron North, but it'd be difficult to top Twiggy from the show I went to.

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Yeah, when I saw them they played a couple of tracks off With Teeth, but mostly stuff like Terrible Lie, Head Like A Hole, the well-known stuff. I don't think they did an encore, though, they just went straight from Terrible Lie into Hurt in the middle of the set.

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They didn't do an encore for us really, but it was okay because their set was easily twice as long as any band I've ever seen. They mixed it up really well, can't remember the set list but they opened with Beside You In Time, and they played Only, Hand That Feeds, Right Where It Belongs, and a couple of others of With Teeth for sure. My only gripe was I didn't get We're In Ths Together, but no big deal. It's a crazy show, just watch out for the freak fans during Closer. Things get a little wierd...

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We're In This Together, along with The Perfect Drug, will never be played live, due to them being way to complicated.

The setlists usually stay the same throughout the tour, give or take a few songs. The most recent setlist was...

1. Somewhat Damaged

2. You Know What You Are

3. Sin

4. Terrible Lie

5. March of the Pigs

6. The Frail

7. The Wretched

8. Closer

9. Burn

10. Gave Up

11. Help Me I'm In Hell

12. Non-Entity

13. Only

14. Wish

15. La Mer

16. Into The Void

17. The Big Comedown

18. Dead Souls

19. Get Down, Make Love

20. Down In It

21. Suck

22. Hurt

23. The Hand That Feeds

24. Head Like A Hole

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I can understand the Perfect Drug, there's just too much going on in it to make it work, but We're In This Together? The verse seems to be the most complicated thing in it, and I thought they had played more intricate songs before.

Dead Souls live is amazing, I wish they would have played Deep as well though, I can imagine them doing a lot with that one live. I wasn't dissapointed in any way though, save the fact that it has ruined concert-going for me for the next few years at least.

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