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Looking For A Flash Game.


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Ok, at my local they have one of those quiz machines which cost fifty pence a go and you never win.

Anyway, one of the games is a word/puzzle game called Word-Up

It's a bit like boggle. There's a huge grid of scrabble tiles, and you click letters that touch each other to make up words. Those letters then dissapear and the grid realigns itself to get rid of the spaces. Repeat until you run out of time or clear the grid. Running out of time = lose. Clearing grid = win. The only special bonuses are extra time awarded for difficult letters (X, Q, J, Z).

Anyway I wasted like a tenner on this game last night, i'm obsessed, and we didn't come anywhere near beating it. Although we got onto the high score board for a bunch of things. (#1 for Best word = Exquisite)

Anyway, does anyone know of a flash version, or even downloadable version of this game or similar that I can play on my computer for nothing, it would save me a lot of money.

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I might as well post this in this topic because it is relevent.

There was a game i used to play where you had a board of "1/4 circles" the aim of the game was to spin these pieces around and see how many circles you could match up. I know it sounds odd but if you've played it you'll know what i mean, i used to play this flash game ages ago.

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