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I keep forgetting. :( I love me some Steve Coogan (Especially Partridge, but all his stuff is top class.....yes, even "Dr Terrible's House Of Horrible", though I demand more Gareth Cheeseman), he's probably one of my favourite character comedians ever, if not my favourite. But I keep missing Saxondale. I may just not watch it (because I've missed 2 weeks) and just pick it up on DVD eventually.

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Doctor Terrible's House of Horrible was amazing - the vampiresses, the giant scissors cutting off his feet, the drug you get addicted to just by looking at it.....Classic B movie comedy!

Saxondale...Hmmm I'm gonna give it more time as I'm not totally sold on it yet.....

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I loved Dr. Terrible's House Of Horrible.

"And you sir, are a big crab!"

I second the love for Partridge on The Day Today, too.

I have yet to see Saxondale, though. Nor do I know anything about it. I'll keep an eye out for it next time it's on.

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I've been rewatching The Day Today recently.

Partridge as sports reporter is brilliant.


"The goalkeeper has goal pie all over his shirt!"

Edited by BillyGunnPinchedMyBum
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"I was engaged in a particularly tricky word puzzle and 40 people had broken into the pool, playing around, ducking and bombing, doing all manner of prohibited activities. And I'm led to believe someone was killed."

Bwahahaa...the delivery is fucking amazing.


I would have preffered the bit that goes; "Do you like my cones! They're little ones. I got them from a cycling test centre".

Christ. I forgot just how funny Alan Partridge was/is. I haven't watched it in ages.


- I need the other part. Edited by BillyGunnPinchedMyBum
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I've been watching The Day Today recently too, its a great show, but it isn't great for Partridge moments.

"Crazed wolves in store a mistake admit Mothercare"

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The part of that were he smashes a girls head through some glass is hysterical.

And the immortal line

"What next for man raised by puffins?"

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Nah, the thing that probably made me cry, and I still laugh at everytime is the horse racing, just for the names alone...

"Epileptic Fridge Boy"

"Novelty Bobble"

"Immaculate Pasta"

"Christ's Chin"

"Abba The Horse"

"Alf Ramsey's Porn Dungeon"

"Sinead O'Connor"

"Small-Time Gypsy Massacre"

"Astonishing Bum Queen"

"Epileptic Fridge Boy" makes me laugh everytime.

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I like the Alf Ramsey Porn Dungeon one.

My favourite parts are the newspaper headlines at the end. Its where the Crazed Wolves quote comes from, and has the classic "Russia elects Cobweb" headline.

Yeah so, we've gone a bit off topic here haven't we?

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