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Genesis Pro Wrestling -- Featuring Bret Hart

Guest BriFidelity

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Guest BriFidelity

Chapter One: Two Bitter Men

What do you do when someone takes your dream away from you?

You get even.

My name is Brian Burke, and Vince McMahon took my dream. Now, I'm ready to get even

I'm a writer by trade. Freelance stuff, a few magazine articles you may have read and an uncredited rewrite of a semi-successful movie I can't name under threat of litigation. I wrote a pilot for a show that came close to getting picked up by NBC, but they went with Coupling instead. Ecch. After missing out on becoming a part of Must See TV, I began writing specs. For the uninitiated, specs are scripts aspiring TV writers send out to attract attention from studio heads. I tried some traditional shows -- Will and Grace, That 70's Show, Monk, and a few others -- before hammering out an awesome spec for WWE Monday Night Raw.

I sent the spec to my agent, then mailed it out to a few friends, including an indy wrestler who had worked a few dark matches for Vince a while back. While I may have looked at it through the proverbial rose colored glasses, I thought the script was incredible. I had humor, action, titillation, the whole nine yards. I got so into the spec that I broke one of the cardinal rules.

One of the first things a spec writer has to know is that changing the overall plot is strictly forbidden. Don't kill off any main characters, don't have anything permanently life-altering happen either. I wanted to go hog-wild with my Raw script, so I included a new character -- a happy-go-lucky mental midget who happened to be a wrestling savant. I called him Mortimer Mulligan. I won't mince words, Mortimer was to be a mentally retarded character. It's not the most politically correct idea in the world, but I made extra sure to portray Mortimer in a kind light.

Somehow, probably through my indy wrestler friend's business connections, the WWE found my script, and sent me correspondence asking if I wanted to interview for a position on the creative team. I had to fill out a packet of questions regarding my thoughts on WWE Storylines and sign a waiver that would allow them to read the spec without having to worry about a copyright infringement lawsuit. I signed the waiver, filled out the packet, and waited to hear that they needed me to relocate to Connecticut.

A call came, telling me that they weren't looking to hire anyone new. I was disappointed, but rejection is commonplace in this line of work. I went on with my life, continuing to be a fan of WWE.

Until I saw Eugene.

Here it was, the same character I had created for the spec, all over WWE television. They even plugged in William Regal as his straight man, an idea I had prescribed in the spec. I was powerless legally, thanks to the waiver.

I was still sulking about when I got another call. Apparently, the WWE weren't the only people in the wrestling business who had read my script. Another major figure in wrestling was on the other end, ready to invest a cool million in my talent.

I was talking to Bret "The Hitman" Hart.

Sure, Bret had spoken to Vince over the past year. Bret was a student of wrestling tradition, and knew that it was always smart to greet your nemesis with a smile. Shaking a man's hand afforded you an opportunity to pull him in close enough to stab him in the back. Bret informed me that he had been waiting for five years -- ever since he realized that WCW was too inept to ever mount a challenge -- to find a way to take out Vince.

I asked him about TNA, but he insisted that they weren't the answer. Jeff Jarrett was too consumed in building his own star to see clearly enough to battle Vince. Bret had grown to believe that he needed someone from the outside, free of the ego that poisoned everyone on the inside. He also needed someone with an axe to grind with McMahon. I met the criteria.

He saw that I knew how to write a compelling wrestling story, he knew that McMahon wasn't my favorite person in the world -- in Bret's mind, I was worth an investment. Bret offered me a million dollar budget, not to mention full use of him outside of a wrestling capacity. His only two limitations: we had to start small -- real small -- and an ironclad creative control clause for him, which he insisted on, given his past, despite the fact that he wasn't able to wrestle.

The starting small part was another portion of Bret's master plan. Running on a shoestring budget at a tiny firehouse hall would keep Vince off of our scent. Vince wouldn't begrudge Bret trying to promote a few tiny shows, but he'd try to squash him if he started out with big PPV's like TNA. The longer we can stay out of Vince's crosshairs, the better. The hope is by the time Vince recognizes us as a legitimate threat, it'll be too late.

So that's how I got here today, and that's how Genesis Pro Wrestling got its start. Right now, it's just me, a million dollar budget, and a bitter wrestling legend with a seven year old axe to grind. Somehow, someway, I'll turn this into the number one promotion in wrestling.

Promotion Name: Genesis Pro Wrestling

Money: $1,000,000

Starting Roster: Bret Hart ($0/Month, Unsackable)

Public Image: Small, 25%

Next Update: Roster and First Card Revealed.

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Guest BriFidelity

Building Blocks

Bret was gracious enough to give me a one bedroom apartment, a tiny office, and a little help. At the advice of my new assistant Sophie -- a perky, knowledgeable girl Bret hired to help me manage the day-to-day operations of the company -- I decided to hire 13 more workers. With The Hitman working pro bono, I can afford to spend about $27K per worker and still ensure a healthy profit. I managed to put together a talented group on a shoestring budget -- here's the list, including their spot on the card, overness, and best characteristic.

(Note, I'm using RXEWR #25, with an alteration changing Nick Dinsmore to the more over Eugene.)


Frankie Kazarian -- [Main Event, 43 Over, 90 Technical (!)] -- With his amazing skill and amount of bookings, I don't expect Frankie to stick around very long. His amazing technical skill and impressive speed should be enough to deliver the in-ring goods. Kazarian has a good enough look to keep the ladies interested, and should be able to carry just about anyone on the roster to a great match.

Randy Reeves -- [Main Event, 39 Over, 79 Technical] -- A solid wrestler with a promising future, Randy is another in the long line of wrestling musicians... with a twist. Reeves is an awesome wrestler with a quirky enough gimmick to catch on. Definite breakout star potential.

Alex Shelley -- [upper Midcard, 35 Over, 80 Technical] -- One of the newest darlings of the smark scene, Shelley takes the role of Bret's protege, which won't sit well with some others on the roster.

Billy Fives -- [upper Midcard, 28 Over, 79 Speed] -- One of the best speed/aerial wrestlers in the promotion, Fives will play the old-school daredevil. The VERY old school daredevil -- think less Jeff Hardy and more Evel Kinevel

"Extreme" Tony Kozina -- [Midcard, 20 Over, 88 Speed] -- Kozina is a flat out speed demon, the best aerial wrestler on my roster. I believe that you need a face who appeals to the lifestyle of the group he's playing to, and the X Games crowd digs fliers, so Kozina will be the resident skater/BMX type

"Bumbling" Elliott Bumblebum -- [Face, Midcard, 15 Over, 74 Speed/Technical] (Formerly Jeff Roth) -- Elliott doesn't exactly have the most complex gimmick in the world. In fact, it basically consists of him having an odd compulsion to say his last name at the end of every sentence.]


Chris Stylez -- [Main Event, 40 Over, 77 Speed] -- Charismatic and talented in all forms of wrestling, I plan on doing a lot with Stylez (until he inevitably leaves for greener, better paying pastures). A former member of CZW's Irish Drinking Team, Chris will be ditching the alcoholic gimmick in favor of being an overconfident heel in the Chris Jericho vein.

Sean Casey -- [Heel, Main Event, 39 Over, 75 Technical] -- Sean Casey, an incredible speed/technical wrestler, has an annoying habit of misunderstanding things, which makes his interactions with manager Frederick Knight a bit... interesting.

JT Smith -- [Main Event, 35 Over, 78 Technical] -- The Founder of the F.B.I. stable, Ol' Brown Eyes had his best days as an upper midcarder in the early days of ECW. At 36, JT is the senior member of the GPW roster (besides Bret) and he acts like it. He's the grumpy old man of wrestling.

Ash Parker -- [Midcard, 20 Over, 75 Technical] -- Parker, normally an arrogant heel, will still be one of the bad guys in GPW, but he'll tone down the cockiness and turn up the angry resentment, as he's sick and tired of being the little guy everyone else steps on.

Black Dragon -- [Midcard, 12 Over, 83 Speed] -- Insanely talented, insanely cheap grappler with obscenely bad mic skills. Sounds like a recipe for Frederick Knight.


"The Legend" Frederick Knight -- [Heel, Manager, 20 Over, 87 Charisma] (formerly Fabulous Frederick) -- A legend in his own mind, Knight believes that he is a retired legend, ready to pass down his information to a new generation through long, drawn out stories.

Jamie -- [Face, Manager, 35 Over, 82 Charisma] (Formerly Jamie Koeppe) -- Jamie. Sweet, sweet Jamie. WWE missed the boat on this girl. The former diva search winner combines a Maxim girl body with enough charisma to get my entire roster over. Jamie's going to play the girl next door -- completely unassuming, but always finding a way to do something risque.


Bret "The Hitman" Hart -- [Face, 92 Over, 75 Charisma] -- My boss and most bankable commodity, I plan on putting the Hitman to work. He'll announce, do interviews to help make stars out of my less over, able bodied workers. And be the all-around face of the promotion. It's just a shame he can't go in the ring any more.

There's the roster. In addition, I hired two staff members, Referee Mike Hunter and Road Agent Steve Nickerson.

For the hell of it, I sent out a tape to a local independent TV network. Maybe Bret's name value will be enough to get us on the air.

With my workforce complete, it was time to put together a card for the first show, complete with four exciting matches, featuring a tournament to crown the first Genesis Pro Wrestling Champion.

GPW: A New Era

"Extreme" Tony Kozina vs Black Dragon

Don't blink during this one, as two of the best high flying speedsters in GPW go one on one. Who will emerge as the dominant high flier in GPW? Extreme Kozina or The charismatically challenged Dragon?

JT Smith vs Sean Casey vs Frankie Kazarian

The first match in the GPW Heavyweight Title Tournament features former ECW Mainstay Smith taking on former NWA TNA X Division Champion Kazarian and tournament dark horse Sean Casey.

Randy Reeves vs Chris Stylez vs Alex Shelley

The second match in the title tournament features Stylez, talented enough to be the franchise of GPW, taking on Randy Reeves, GPW's resident musical genius, as well as the Hitman's pet project, Alex Shelley.

GPW Heavyweight Title Tournament Final

Bret Hart will be the Special Guest Referee as the first GPW Champion is crowned!

The Genesis begins on July 10th, be there!

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Guest BriFidelity

I plan on doing backstage stuff, but I'm gonna walk a very thin line there, lest this become a ripoff of RF4's LAW.

Speaking of backstage stuff, all backstage doings will be done in blue italics, kinda like this....

The night before A New Beginning, I sat down at the tiny GPW office with Bret and Sophie to discuss the outcome of the upcoming Title tournament.

Brian: I'm trying to come up with a winner for the Title Tournament. What do you guys think?


Bret: I'm kind of torn myself. My heart wants to go with JT Smith. He's been around for a while, he's pretty respected, and he never got that big break he deserved. My head wants me to go with Kazarian though. He's more over than JT, a better wrestler to boot. Plus, he's a face, Hogan and Austin proved that a strong face champion can draw big money. Kazarian could do it for us, he's major league talent.

Sophie: Which is the problem! We have to look at Frankie as a rental. He's too good to be wrestling in tiny American Legion halls for too long. If TNA doesn't sign him to a deal, WWE will get him.

Brian: He won't get snapped up like that. He's too into his Zero One work to be lured away by any deal. I'm just worried that bigger promotions will throw more money at him and we'll get priced out.

Bret: It's a valid concern, but we can't keep our main title off a guy because he's too good. Sophie, what's your plan?

Sophie: I'd give it to Reeves.

Bret: Reeves?

Brian: I'm with Bret. I like Reeves, but he's a little too goofy to be the first champion. He may not be over enough either.

Sophie: Right, he's weird enough to carve a niche with a small audience. If you don't go with him, go with Shelley. Alex has the skill to go far, we just have to get him more over.

Bret: If pressed, I'd go with Kazarian. But remember Brian, it's your decision. I'm the owner, an announcer, and an occasional promo guy. I don't want the book. If I wanted the book, I wouldn't have brought you in.

Going into the discussion, I had my heart set on either Sean Casey or Chris Stylez, but the arguments Bret and Sophie had brought to the table had me seriously conisdering all six men in the tournament. I thought it over for a while, up until the point when our Chinese food arrived and halfway through the meal. I had just finished my third piece of General Tso's Chicken when I arrived at my decision.

Brian: I have the plan.

I told them my plan, a long range storyline that would pay off huge a few months down the road. Bret and Sophie seemed to like the idea well enough. We happily finished our meal, then went our seperate ways. I stopped Bret before he could leave.

Brian: Bret, are you sure you can ref the main event? With the stroke and the concussion, I don't want to jeopardize your health.

Bret shushed me. I'd never been shushed by a six time World Heavyweight Champion.

Bret: If I wasn't able to do it, I wouldn't have agreed to do it. Creative Control, remember?

Bret smiled and left. With the plan in place and our first show a day away, I was so giddy I couldn't even sleep.

GPW Presents: A New Beginning

We got a lackluster crowd of 43, with ticket sales of $860, but should more than break even on sponsorship money alone. Let's hope we give them a good show.

Dark Promo: Sean Casey & JT Smith w/Frederick Knight

The trio of Sean Casey, JT Smith, and "The Legend" Frederick Knight all approached the ring to start the show. Smith and Casey, scheduled to be opponents later tonight, didn't acknowledge each other on the way out. Once in the ring, Knight grabbed the mic and looked at Smith, then turned to address the crowd.

Knight: Do you people know who this man is?

The crowd reaction was mixed. Some people started a "You fucked up!" chant, some people just didn't know who JT was.

Knight: This man is JT Smith! An ECW Legend and one of the most underrated performers in all of professional wrestling.

Casey: Wait, I thought I was going to fight the guy from that cop show. You know, the Star Trek dude.

Knight: What?

Casey: That's what they told me when I came here. I was in a three way with Frankie Kazarian and TJ Hooker.

Knight: Not TJ Hooker! JT Smith! The founder of the Full Blooded Italians! You know, I've known some great Italian wrestlers in my day. I main evented with Bruno in MSG back in '68, I won the tag titles with Domenic DeNucci, and I've never seen an Italian wrestler better than JT Smith.

The fact that JT Smith was a black man, not Italian, appeared to be lost on Knight, as well as Smith himself.

Smith: Look Sean, I'm no cop. It's JT, not TJ. And the only hookers I see in this building are the hosebag skanks out in this crowd.

JT was greeted with boos. Cheap heat is still heat.

Smith: Show some respect! Back when I was starting, fans respected the wrestlers. We'd insult them, and they would smile, nod, and ask to be insulted again!

Frederick took the mic from JT

Knight: Just remember one thing... these two are my main men! And as the saying goes, if you're with Knight, you're all right!

Knight, Casey and Smith left the ring, but Frederick Knight was back out in seconds, escorting Black Dragon to the ring.

Segment Rating: 53

Road Agent Notes: Fabulous Frederick gained 2 points of overness from this segment. Sean Casey gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Opening Match: Black Dragon vs "Extreme" Tony Kozina

Black Dragon was led to the ring by Frederick Knight, who lectured referee Mike Hunter when he checked The Dragon for foreign objects, snatching the mic from Hunter's pocket (Hunter doubles as my ring announcer) and lecturing that "Dick Kroll never checked me for foreign objects, and you, sir, are no Dick Kroll." Kozina came out second, wearing a red Birdhouse t-shirt, black cargo pants, and a pair of Vans brand sneakers. Kozina skated out with moderate skill -- he didn't look like the second coming of Tony Hawk, but he didn't fall on his ass either. Not bad for a guy who had never been on a skateboard until I told him to prepare for this gimmick ten days ago.

Kozina met in the middle, where he offered up a handshake, which Dragon accepted, only to pull the Extremist into a clothesline. Kozina popped up, only to eat a high leg clothesline from Dragon. Dragon set in a hammerlock, which Kozina quickly flipped out of, reversing into a hiptoss. Dragon stood up, ate a dropkick, got up, ate another dropkick, then was about to get up again before he was pulled out of the ring by Frederick Knight.

The back and forth action continued for a few minutes, with Dragon having a slight upper hand without completely dominating. The finish came when Dragon went for a Release German Suplex, but Kozina made a full revolution in the air and landed on his feet. Kozina quickly caught Dragon with a Russian Legsweep, then went to the top, where he hit the Maximum Vert (an EXTREMELY High Angle moonsault a la Kurt Angle.) for the three. Bret was there to provide the hyperbole, swearing that Kozina must have lept fifteen feet into the air

After the match, Black Dragon recovered enough to smash Kozina in the back of the head with a stiff forearm, the followed up by planting Kozina with a fierce Dragon Suplex. To add insult to injury, Dragon swiped Kozina's skateboard on the way out.

Winner: "Extreme" Tony Kozina

Match Quality: 83

Crowd Reaction: 16

Overall: 49

Dames Rating: * 1/2

Sean Casey vs Frankie Kazarian vs JT Smith

JT Smith and Sean Casey came out seperately, with Frederick Knight sitting this one out instead of choosing favorites. Finally, Frankie Kazarian's music hit, bringing out the talented Californian. On commentary, Bret Hart trumpeted that Frankie moved cross country from California to New England at the age of eighteen just to be trained by Killer Kowalski. Hart continued to build up Frankie's love for the business as Kazarian rolled into the ring

Kazarian was jumped at the bell by Casey and Smith, who pummeled him with forearms before whipping him into the ropes and sending him sailing with a double backdrop. Smith hung back while Casey picked up Kazarian and locked on a side headlock. Frankie shot Casey off toward Smith, who instinctively floored the master of mistaken identities with a clothesline. Frankie locked up with Smith, quickly securing JT in a hammerlock. Smith tried to break free with an elbow, but Frankie ducked and released the hammerlock, JT's own momentum spun him around, and Frankie quickly planted him with a Northern Lights Suplex for two.

After about five minutes exciting of back and forth action with all three men targeting each other, Casey and Smith decided to join forces once more, laying Frankie out with a spike piledriver before arguing over who would go for the pinfall. The argument soon became a fistfight, which turned into an all out brawl which ended with Smith going down for the count after Casey screamed out "Death Valley Driver!" before flattening Smith with a Fisherman's Buster. Casey got two before Kazarian broke up the pin.

The finish came when Smith KO'ed Casey with the JT Driver (a REAL Death Valley Driver) only to be pulled off at two by Kazarian, spun around, and hit with The Wave Of The Future (a wilder, spinning version of Edge's old Downward Spiral finisher) for the three.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

Quality: 80

Reaction: 42

Overall: 61

Dames: **

Interview With Chris Stylez

The Dropkick Murphy's "Do or Die" started up, bringing Chris Stylez to the ring. Chris grabbed the mic and looked directly at Bret Hart, who was doing commentary for the VHS release of the show.

Stylez: Who came here tonight to see the Hitman? Come on, give it up for Bret!

That got a huge pop from the crowd.

Stylez: What is wrong with you people?

Cheers turn to boos quickly.

Stylez: Honestly, what would drive you to pay twenty dollars to see a bitter, washed-up jackass who saw his best days eight years ago, let alone a bitter, washed up jackass who can't even wrestle anymore? You people got suckered in by the mystique of Bret Hart, and that's pathetic.

More boos.

Stylez: You don't know it yet, but you're all here to see me. I'm the main attraction around here, not The Hitman, not that overrated piece of garbage Kazarian, me! I'm twice the wrestler that relic in pink and black ever was, I'm three times the wrestler Frankie Kazarian, Alex Shelley, and Randy Reeves are, and I'll prove it tonight when I walk out of here as the first ever GPW Champion!

Styles left the ring, but just as he had got to the entrance, Bret Hart was in the ring with a mic!

Overall Rating: 52

Road Agent Notes: Chris Stylez gained 3 points of overness from this segment.

Interview with Bret Hart

Hart: Chris Stylez, where do you get off?

Huge pop. Bret could read his shopping list and get a huge pop.

Hart: I've dealt with my fair share of ungrateful, degenerate jackasses in my life, so your act is nothing new to me. You're trying to act big and tough, trying to steal the spotlight from the other guys, but you can't Chris.

The Hitman had the crowd in the palm of his hands.

Hart: These people may have bought their tickets tonight because they knew I would be involved, but they're gonna keep coming back because of the great wrestlers. Because of people like Frankie Kazarian!

Pop for Kazarian, which is a good sign.

Hart: People like Alex Shelley, who has every tool you need to make it in professional wrestling -- you'll find that out firsthand later tonight.

Another pop. Good. Bret's got them intrested in Shelley before he ever shows his face.

Hart: You're a talented man Chris Stylez, but you have a bad attitude. What do you people think about Alex Shelley giving this punk an attitude adjustment tonight?

Huge pop.

Hart: Shelley's not doing it alone, either. You'll be going up against another incredible wrestler. Accompanied by the lovely Jamie, here's Randy Reeves!

Overall: 74

Road Agent Notes: Bret Hart lost 2 points of overness from this Segment

Interview with Randy Reeves & Jamie

Randy Reeves and Jamie come out to cheers, partially from the rub they got from Bret, partially from the crowd oggling Jamie, who was dressed modestly in a white blouse and blue jeans. Stylez gives Randy a dirty look before heading to the back.

Jamie: Is this thing on?

Jamie looks at Bret, who nods.

Jamie: Oh. Right, sorry Bret. I'm kinda new at handling the stick. I'm not used to one of these being so close to my mouth.

The crowd laughs, even Randy has to hide his face.

Jamie: Randy, is it supposed to be this big?

More laughter, after which Randy grabs the mic.

Randy: It's fine Jamie. I'll take over from here. Folks, my name is Randy Reeves, and I'm an all-around musical mastermind. I can sing, play a wide variety of instruments, I can even rap. But tonight, I'm gonna rock out with some classic Chilli Peppers, if the sound guy would kindly fire up the music.

The sound guy, better known to the boys as Road Agent Steve Nickerson, presses a button and fills the arena with a knockoff instrumental of RHCP's classic "Under the Bridge."

Sometimes I feel like my waist is just too bare

Sometimes I feel like I need a belt

So Stylez is going down. Shelley is done too

Bring it on Frankie, tonight I'm the king

The music cuts out, replaced once more by "Do or Die" by the Dropkick Murphys. It's time for the next match.

Overall: 72

Road Agent Notes: Jamie gained 3 points of overness from this segment

Alex Shelley vs Randy Reeves vs "The Main Attraction" Chris Stylez

Shelley was out last and shook hands with Bret Hart before entering the ring. Stylez attacked Shelley before the bell, gleefully grinning at Bret as he pounded on Alex, much to the Hitman's distain. Stylez was so caught up in mocking Bret, he was caught from behind by a jumping neckbreaker by Randy Reeves. The wrestling parodist followed up with a snap suplex, then quickly stood up and dropped a quick leg across Stylez's throat. Alex Shelley joined in on the fun, locking Stylez in an STF long enough for Reeves to run off the ropes and plant a missile dropkick into the face of The Main Attraction.

After that, the cooperation was done, as Shelley and Reeves locked up, with Reeves powering Shelley down into a side headlock. Shelley forced Reeves into the ropes, leapfrogged over an attempted shoulderblock, then took Randy over with a hurricanrana takedown. After another minute of classic wrestling, the impressive exchange was stopped after Stylez took Shelley down with an inverted facebuster and locked on a Sharpshooter, gleefully screaming "Ring the bell! Ring the bell!" much to Bret's chagrin.

Chris Stylez continued to enrage the fans (and Bret) for the rest of the match, before being shut up momentarily by Randy's "Parodizer" Implant DDT, leading to another impressive exchange, which ended with Shelley locking a sharpshooter on Reeves. With Reeves looking like he could tap out at any second, Stylez climbed up to the top rope, quickly lept off, and caught Shelley with the Headliner, a Diving Rocker Dropper/Fameasser. Styles covered Shelley, and Reeves was too hurt from the sharpshooter to prevent the three.

Winner: "The Main Attraction" Chris Styles.

Quality: 78

Reaction: 41

Overall: 59

Dames: * 3/4

Interview with "The Legend" Frederick Knight & Black Dragon

Before the main event, Black Dragon, loser in the opening dark match, came out with manager "The Legend" Freddie Knight. Dragon was still holding Tony Kozina's skateboard, cradling it in his arms like it was a child.

Knight: I've seen a lot of things in my day, I'll tell you that. I've seen wrestling garbage men, a guy who masqueraded as a repo man, and a tag team with tiny bells attached to their bodies called the ding dongs, but I have NEVER seen a man who runs around on a skateboard like Tony Kozina!

Apparently, The Legend had never heard of The Dynamic Dudes.

Knight: Kozina, I take wrestling seriously. More importantly, Black Dragon takes wrestling seriously. So when he found out he had to wrestle a Tony Hawk wannabe, he was understandably upset. So he did something about it! He took that skateboard, the symbol of your absurdity.

Black Dragon placed the board on the ground.

Knight: This is what Black Dragon thinks of you Tony Kozina!

Dragon raised his foot, and came down on Kozina's deck, snapping it in half to a chorus of boos.

Overall: 52

Road Agent Notes: Frederick Knight gained 2 points of overness from this segment, Black Dragon gained 1 point of overness from this segment

With that, it was time to crown a new champion.

"The Main Attraction" Chris Stylez vs Frankie Kazarian (GPW Heavyweight Title Match with special referee Bret Hart)

Bret Hart left the announce position and took off his leather jacket, revealing the black and white referee pinstripes. Mike Hunter, still handling ring announcer duties, called Chris Stylez and Frankie Kazarian to the ring. The two combatants locked up to begin the match, with Stylez using a cheap knee to the gut to gain an advantage. Stylez followed up with a DDT, then sat Kazarian up and took him down with a Curt Hennig style jumping neck snap. Stylez tried an Irish whip, but was reversed into the ropes by Kazarian, and caught with a Belly to Belly Suplex off the rebound.

After about five minutes of fierce back and forth wrestling, Stylez caught Kazarian with a kneelift, brought him to the mat with a dropkick, then went to the top, crashing onto Frankie with a beautiful Split Legged Moonsault for a two, which Stylez protested as slow, but he was the only one in the building who thought so. The argument with Hart bought Frankie Kazarian enough time to roll Stylez up for a two count. It was around this time that I started to take note of how well Bret moved for a man who was stricken by a stroke.

At the ten minute mark, Frankie backed Stylez into the corner and plastered him with a forearm. Kazarian picked his dazed foe up and placed him on the top rope. Kazarian climbed to the top, standing Stylez on the top rope as well. Kazarian was going for the amazing Flux Capacitor, a flipping Rock Bottom from the top rope, but the move was broken up by Stylez, who elbowed Frankie in the ribs and came off the top rope with a flying Side Effect for another close two.

Seven minutes later, as both men were tiring, Stylez missed a dropkick and Frankie pounced, clasping on a grounded headlock. After utilizing the move as a resthold for about a minute, Stylez began to stand up, eventually making it to his feet and powering out of the headlock. Frankie was ready, grabbed Stylez by the back of the head and dropped his cocky opponent with The Wave of the Future. The crowd popped huge, expecting a three count, but Stylez somehow got his foot on the ropes at two.

At the twenty five minute mark, Kazarian went for a second Wave of the Future, but Stylez held on to the ropes and Frankie flung backward, crashing into Bret. Bret took the bump well, considering the physical difficulties he's had. Frankie immediately tried to check on The Hitman, buying enough time for Stylez to steal the belt off of ringside attendant Mike Hunter and smash Kazarian in the back of the head with it. Stylez ditched the belt and pulled an unconscious Kazarian off of Hart. Stylez went to the top, hitting another Split Legged Moonsault while Hart regained his bearings.




Reluctantly, Bret called for the bell and handed the GPW Heavyweight Title to Chris Stylez, who ran away as fast as he could, not wanting to be around when Frankie Kazarian woke up.

Winner, and new GPW Heavyweight Champion: "The Main Attraction" Chris Stylez.

Quality: 83

Reaction: 44

Overall: 63

Dames: ** 1/4

Road Agent Notes: The GPW Heavyweight Title has gained in image.

A pretty hot main event caps off a good debut show. All in all, the future should be good for Genesis Pro Wrestling.

Overall Rating: 60

Best Segment: Bret Hart interview (Pretty bad that Bret can lose overness in the best segment of the night.)

Worst Segment: Kozina vs Dragon

Best Match: Kazarian vs Stylez

Worst Match: Kozina vs Dragon (Abysmal reaction, even though it was just as good as Kazarian/Stylez)

Show MVP: Kazarian, for having the two highest rated matches.

Wrestling World Update -- July 2004

Jim Crockett has gotten back into the wrestling business by taking over operations of Zero One affiliate Pro Wrestling World-1. Crockett has kept the core the same, as the top four stars stay the same -- Steve Corino, Jerry Lynn, Low-Ki, and former WWE wrestler Spanky. Crockett certainly has some talent to work with.

Combat Zone Wrestling is now under control of Joseph Miglianico, who has cut some talented stars, including Mike Quackenbush, Ian Knoxx (former tag team partner of GPW Champion Chris Stylez), and Alex Shelley's old partner Jimmy Jacobs. The news isn't all bad for CZW, as Miglianico is bringing in world-class talents AJ Styles and Super Crazy.

Former World Wrestling All-Stars owner Andrew McManus has taken control of upstart California indy Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. Former WCW frontman Bill Busch has taken control of one of GPW's closest competitors, Cutting Edge Wrestling. Steve Lytton took over 3PW, releasing the like of Rob Eckos, Derek Wylde, Mike Kruel, and Striker. Curt Razo assumed control of Assault Championship Wrestling. XPW kingpin Rob Black assumed control of Border City Wrestling as well.

The Axe dropped in WWE for the likes of Paul London, La Resistance, former La Rez member Rene Dupree, Johnny Nitro, Victoria, and many others. They rebounded, however, by signing Kid Kash away from TNA, as well as adding Kevin Martel and resigning the recently released Shannon Moore. TNA responded by adding Super Crazy (who ditched his commitments to CMLL) and inking released WWE star Funaki to a written deal.

YPW had to cancel their last show, that can't be good.

Our closest competition is Ernie Todd's NWA: Canadian Wrestling Federation. Their top star is also one of their most talented, Spyder. Cutting Edge Wrestling, now owned by Bill Busch, is on equal footing with NWA:CWF. CEW boasts a much more over, more talented roster, featuring Shawn Michaels' cousin, Michael Shane, as well as "Hurricane" John Walters and second generation star JC Ice.

GPW News

Our next show, Feel The Heat, will be incredible.

"Extreme" Tony Kozina & "The Daredevil" Billy Fives vs JT Smith & Black Dragon

-Tony Kozina joins forces with GPW's resident daredevil, Billy Fives, to take on the team of Black Dragon and fellow Frederick Knight client JT Smith.

Elliott Bumblebum vs Randy Reeves vs Ash Parker

-Elliott Bumblebum, perhaps the most eccentric GPW Superstar, makes his debut in a three way with Randy Reeves and another man making his debut, Ash Parker.

#1 Contender's Match: Frankie Kazarian vs Sean Casey

-Frankie Kazarian, seen by many as being robbed of the GPW Title, meets the master of misinformation, Sean Casey in a match to determine the number one contender to the gold.

GPW Heavyweight Title: Alex Shelley vs "The Main Attraction" Chris Styles ©

-Speaking of the gold, GPW Champion "The Main Attraction" Chris Stylez defends against Alex Shelley. Stylez defeated Shelley and Randy Reeves at A New Beginning, will the result be the same without the inclusion of the pugilistic parodist?

Next update: Prepare to feel the heat!

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The show was written well but you have 4 matches and 5 interviews. What's up with that? This is an indy show not WWE.

I understand it's a diary but still you should have more than four matches on a show. And you should definitely have more matches than interviews.

The backstage stuff was pretty good too but 4 matches?

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Guest BriFidelity

Four matches may seem a little light, but what ya sees is what ya gets. One of the most celebrated diares ever on this board, and in my opinion one of the two best ever -- Golden Boy Wrestling -- routinely featured four or five matches per show at the small level. That's what you'll get from me most of the time -- four or five matches, at least until GPW gets TV and a core roster under written contracts, then I'll probably load up the big monthly show with anywhere from 5-7 matches.

Now, onto the update...

August 2004 Update

The good news: GPW is a financial success. The bad news: We're so underexposed, we're losing public interest. While a profit of over $100,000 is nice, dropping PI due to a lack of advertising isn't, so I'm dumping an extra 100K into the ad budget. We'll still be profitable, just less profitable, especially since Randy Reeves, Sean Casey, and Black Dragon upped their asking price by 10% each. I've also hired a new talent...

Vanessa King [Tweener, Manager, 16 Over, 86 Charisma] -- Vanessa will be the third person enlisted to help make up for most of my roster's lack of interview skills. Vanessa will be a backstage interviewer type, but she'll look good doing it.

Nothing of importance happened before our August 8th event date, so let's go to...

GPW Feel The Heat 2004

43 people came through the doors today, same as last month, but things should start to swing upward now that I'm spending some coin on advertising.

Interview with Elliott Bumblebum, Randy Reeves, and Jamie

Jamie was out first, with Randy Reeves and Elliott Bumblebum in tow.

Jamie: Hi everyone! We're glad to be here tonight!

Judging by the catcalls and whistles, everyone was glad Jamie was there.

Jamie: Last month, I came out here with Randy, but my other friend Elliott came with us this time. It may seem like too much, but I prefer being with two men!

Some people laugh, some drool, the former confusing Jamie.

Bumblebum: Hello GPW...bumblebum!

Randy Reeves snatched the mic from Elliott.

Randy: Elliott, why'd you say that at the end?

Bumblebum: What are you talking about...bumblebum?

Trying to move things along, Jamie wrests control of the mic from Randy.

Jamie: Randy has another song for you tonight! Are you ready?

The crowd popped as Jamie handed the mic to Randy and a karaoke version of Lenny Kravitz's "Are You Gonna Go My Way?" fired up.


I know you all, came to see

Randy R. and Bumblebum

We've come to find we're gonna face

Some guy I've never even heard of

So what we really want to know is....

Take it Elliot!


Who the hell is Ash Parker...bumblebum?

Who the hell is Ash Parker...bumblebum?

All I know is we'll kick his ass...bumblebum!

Elliott dropped the mic and raised his hands into the air, much to the delight of the crowd and bewilderment of Randy and Jamie.

With Randy R's concert over, generic rock music hit, bringing out Ash Parker.

Overall: 72

Jamie gained 1 point of overness from this segment. Elliott Bumblebum gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Randy Reeves vs Ash Parker vs Elliott Bumblebum

Unlike the three way matches in the title tournament, this match was contested under elimination rules. Parker targeted Elliott to start, while Reeves wisely hung back. Elliott soon fell victim to a neckbreaker for a two count. After the nearfall, Parker whipped Elliott into the ropes and put his head down, which was a big mistake, as Elliott caught him with a big kneelift.

The match was pared down to two around the six minute mark when Bumblebum missed a high cross body on Parker, but Ash ducked and Bumblebum connected with Reeves. Elliott got up immediately and went after Parker, who stunned him with a low blow before hitting him with his "Ashes to Ashes" Tornado Urinage for a three.

The battle almost ended right there, as Reeves rolled up Parker for 2 3/4, which Ash proclaimed to be a fast count. The fight wound up going another seven minutes before Parker missed a diving headbutt. Randy popped up, picked Ash off the ground, and delivered The Parodizer (Implant DDT) for the three and the win.

Winner: Randy Reeves

Quality: 75

Reaction: 29

Overall: 52

Dames: *

Vanessa King interviews Billy Fives and Tony Kozina

Vanessa came out to the entrance, followed by the team of Kozina and Fives. Kozina was wearing a ragged Vans T-shirt and a pair of torn jean shorts. Fives was wearing a red, white and blue jumpsuit and a matching motorcycle helmet. Vanessa looked great in a mini skirt and a tiny blazer pulled tight to expose as much cleavage as possible.

Vanessa: Tony Kozina, Black Dragon attacked you from behind last week and crushed your skateboard. What are your thoughts about this?

A few fans chanted "Bumblebum!" after Vanessa stopped talking. She seemed pissed, but it was the reaction I wanted.

Kozina: It totally sucked that Dragon broke my deck. I have more, but I liked that one, it was killer. What makes me hotter is that the guy had to jump me right after I beat him, that was so uncool.

Vanessa: So you're eager to get your hands on him tonight?

Kozina: Definitely. Beating Black Dragon would be better than hitting The 900 during the vert finals at the Gravity Games.

Vanessa looked lost, she didn't know much about skating.

Vanessa: What about you Billy Fives, what brings you into this fight?

Fives: Getting into the ring is like jumping the Grand Canyon on a motorcycle. It's a big thrill, it draws a crowd, and if you screw up, it can be dangerous. Black Dragon screwed up last month when he messed with my buddy Tony. Now, they'll have to stare danger in the eye when they face the daredevil.

Fives and Kozina raised their hands in a victorious pose to a modestly respectful pop, then continued down to the ring.

Overall: 63 (love those divas!)

Vanessa King gained 1 point of overness from this segment. Tony Kozina gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Black Dragon & JT Smith vs Billy Fives & Tony Kozina

Beethoven's 9th, formerly the music of a certain sledgehammer swinging McMahon family member, fired up as "The Legend" Frederick Knight came out with JT Smith and Black Dragon. Kozina and Smith started off, with JT taking an early advantage by coming out of nowhere with a right cross that'd make Mike Tyson jealous and a shoulder breaker. JT Irish whipped Kozina into the corner, where he was choked by Black Dragon as Smith distracted referee Mike Hunter. Once Dragon was done with choking Kozina, Smith pulled GPW's skate punk out of the corner and whipped him into the ropes. Smith tried a sidewalk slam in the corner, but Kozina managed to turn it into a Tornado DDT, which bought him enough time to make the tag to Billy Fives.

Fives held his own with Smith for a while, before succumbing to the wily veteran's chicanery, by way of a thumb to the eye followed up by a powerslam. That sequence turned the tide, as Smith and Dragon dominated for a large stretch of the match, tagging in and out while keeping Billy Fives from tagging in Kozina. Their plan started to fall apart when Black Dragon missed a flying legdrop, which bought Fives just enough time to tag in Kozina. Kozina cleaned house on Dragon, peppering him with lefts and rights before backing him into the corner and rocking his jaw with a moonsault kick.

The finish of the match came with Dragon and Kozina in the ring. Kozina had knocked Dragon cold with a missile dropkick, then went to the top for his "Maximum Vert" High Angle Moonsault, but wound up crotched on the top rope thanks to a trip from Frederick Knight. Referee Hunter went over to warn Knight, but Frederick slipped something into the ring just out of Hunter's view, which Black Dragon promptly picked up. Kozina came down off the rope and turned around, only to have Black Dragon blast him with a broken half of his own skateboard, which Knight had duct taped a brick to. The pin was academic after that.

Winners: Black Dragon & JT Smith

Quality: 87

Reaction: 28

Overall: 57

Dames: **1/4

Interview with "The Main Attraction" Chris Stylez

"Do or Die" by The Dropkick Murphys brought out the GPW Champion, "The Main Attraction" Chris Stylez.

Stylez: I'm sure a lot of you think that Frankie Kazarian got shafted last month! Don't you think so Bret?

Bret, sitting at the announce position, refused to acknowledge the champ.

Stylez: Well if you did, you would be dead wrong! Did I cheat last month to win this GPW title? You're damn right I did. I cheated, I didn't get caught, and I walked away with the gold. I earned this belt by putting one over on The Hitman AND Kazarian.

Stylez looked right at Bret once more.

Stylez: And what do I get for my accomplishments? A coronation filled with boos and a title defense against Bret's hand picked successor, a guy I've already beaten -- Alex Shelley.

Small pop for the mention of Shelley.

Stylez: Go ahead and cheer him. I have the Alex Shelley situation taken care of, you better believe that. Alex Shelley is a beaten man, he just doesn't know it yet. So Bret, tell your boy Shelley to be ready.

Bret gave Stylez a dirty look from the announcer's table.

Stylez: Not that it'll matter, there's no way he'll ever be The Main Attraction.

Stylez dropped the mic, then waved his prized GPW belt in Bret's face before strutting to the back.

Overall: 54

Chris Stylez gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Interview with Bret "The Hitman" Hart and Frankie Kazarian

With Styles gone, Bret left the announcer's table and stepped into the ring.

Bret: I'd like to ask Frankie Kazarian to come out here.

After a few seconds, Kazarian's music hit, bringing out the man who many saw as the uncrowned GPW Champion, Frankie Kazarian.

Bret: Frankie, I brought you out here to apologize. I've seen the tape, I know what happened to you, and it's my fault that Chris Stylez is the GPW Heavyweight Champion instead of you.

Kazarian: Bret, I don't blame you for what happened last month. Despite everything Stylez said to you before the match, you did everything in your power to call things right down the middle. I respect you for that, and for all the great things you've done in professional wrestling!

The crowd cheered, egging Kazarian on.

Kazarian: I blame Chris Stylez for ruining that title's integrity in its first match! Chris, you got me the first time, but if you get past Alex Shelley and I beat Casey, you won't get me a second.

The crowd went nuts, both for Bret and Frankie, but the cheers turned to boos as Frederick Knight brought out Sean Casey for the next match.

Overall: 67

Bret Hart lost 3 points of overness from this segment. Frankie Kazarian gained 3 points of overness from this segment.

Number One Contender's Match: Sean Casey vs Frankie Kazarian

Sean Casey offered up a test of strength to start, but when Frankie brought up his hands, Casey quickly scooped him up and came down with an Inverted Atomic Drop, after which Casey yelled out "How'd ya like that piledriver?" Even while staying on the crowd, taunting them by (incorrectly) calling out his first move, Casey kept the pressure on Kazarian by working a top wristlock. Kazarian managed to stand up, then roll out of the wristlock and seamlessly transfer into a hammerlock of his own, showing why he is the best technical wrestler in GPW.

The back and forth scientific battle continued for a while before Casey gained the definite upper hand. Casey backed Kazarian into the corner, where he drove an elbow into Frankie's head. Frankie stumbled out of the corner, giving Casey enough time to climb up to the second rope and come off with a bulldog. With Kazarian down, Casey yelled out "Death Valley Driver" then proceeded to take Frankie down with his trademark Fisherman's Buster. Frankie still managed to kick out of Casey's version of the DVD at two.

Casey stayed on the offensive for a little while longer before Kazarian turned an attempted Vertical Suplex into a small package for two. Once both men were up, Kazarian took to the air and caught Casey behind the head with an Enzugiri. With Casey's brains scrambled even more than they were coming into the match, Frankie picked him up, placing him on the top rope. Kazarian stood Casey up on the rope, coming off with the breathtaking Flux Capacitor -- best described as a flipping rock bottom from the top, or a one-man version of Jose and Joel Maximo's Spanish Fly -- for the clean three.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

Quality: 82

Reaction: 47

Overall: 64

Dames: **1/4

Vanessa King Interviews Alex Shelley

As Kazarian and Casey walked to the back, Alex Shelley came to the entrance, where Vanessa King was waiting, microphone in hand.

Vanessa: Alex, tonight you're going for the Genesis Pro Wrestling Championship against Chris Stylez. Stylez pinned you last month, and a lot of people think that his victory over you means someone else should get the title shot tonight.

Shelley: That's a valid point Vanessa. There are a lot of people who deserve a chance at the title, but I think I'm one of them.

Vanessa: Some people think you're only getting this shot because you've had close ties to Bret Hart, what do you have to say to them?

Shelley: I'm not gonna deny that Bret has become a little bit of a mentor to me. Bret sees a lot in me, and I know I can learn a lot from Bret, but I don't think that has anything to do with this title match.

Vanessa: Then why did they give you a shot?

Shelley: Let's go back to last month at A New Beginning. Randy Reeves was about to tap out to the Sharpshooter when Stylez hit me with the Headliner. If Stylez hesitates for a few seconds, he never makes it to the main event against Frankie. If Stylez hesitates tonight, you're looking at the new GPW Champion.

Vanessa: There you have it, Alex Shelley!

Overall: 64

Vanessa King gained 1 point of overness from this segment. Alex Shelley gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

GPW Heavyweight Title: Alex Shelley vs "The Main Attraction" Chris Stylez ©

Shelley went down to the ring, followed by the champ, who rushed down and attacked Alex from behind. Stylez went more with his CZW roots this time around, whipping Alex HARD into the guardrail, then charging in with a boot to the face. From there, Styles brought Shelley closer to the ring, running him head first into the post closest to the announcer's table, then crowing "what do you think of your boy Alex now Bret?"

Finally, Stylez rolled Shelley into the ring, then waited at the top rope for Bret's protege to get up. Once Alex was up, Stylez came off the top with a missile dropkick, but Shelley had good enough instincts to dive out of the way, and Styles only hit air. Shelley stayed on the offensive by popping Stylez with a kneelift, then taking him to the mat with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Stylez had seen enough, and went outside for a breather, but Shelley wasn't going to have it, and took Stylez down on the outside with a suicide dive.

The match continued, brawling for parts, exchanging holds for parts, and becoming a high risk stunt show that Billy Fives would be proud of for parts. The first real solid tease of an ending came about twelve minutes in, when Stylez missed a spin kick and Shelley countered with a Russian legsweep, following up with an elbow smash off of the second rope, and finishing off the sequence with a sharpshooter. Three out of the five moves of doom ain't bad. Unfortunately for Shelley, and the frenzied crowd, Chris Stylez reached the ropes.

Shelley continued to dominate for a while before a DDT out of nowhere stopped his momentum. Stylez dragged Shelley to the corner, where he delivered a Split Legged Moonsault, the same move that technically finished off Frankie Kazarian, though a belt shot to the back of the head helped. Perhaps a belt shot was needed on Alex Shelley as well, as the moonsault only garnered a two before Shelley got his foot on the ropes.

Everything went to hell around the twenty minute mark, when Alex Shelley planted the champ with a big power bomb, bringing out "The Legend" Frederick Knight. Knight's presence drew Mike Hunter's attention to the aisle while Sean Casey came out through the crowd, hopped into the ring, and KO'ed Shelley with the "Death Valley Driver." Knoxx came to as Casey ran off, and made the cover for a three.

After the match, Stylez shook hands with Knight, then got on the mic.

Stylez: Remember one thing Bret, every good champion has an insurance policy.

Stylez cackled in delight as he walked off, the GPW champion for another month.

Winner, and Still GPW Champion: Chris Stylez

Quality: 81

Reaction: 42

Overall: 61

Dames: **1/4

Overall Rating: 60

Best Segment: Jamie, Reeves, & Bumblebum Promo (Jamie is money in the bank)

Worst Segment: Reeves vs Parker vs Bumblebum

Best Match: Kazarian vs Casey

Worst Match: Reeves vs Parker vs Bumblebum

Show MVP: Jamie, for outdoing The Hitman and Frankie on the stick.

All in all, a good show, enough of a critical success to raise our public interest by 3 percent.

Wrestling World News: August 2004

-The big news this month is that NWA TNA has risen to Global status. Good, if Vince is preoccupied with fighting off Jarrett's boys, we can definitely blindside him.

-IWA: Puerto Rico made the jump as well, going Cult.

-Yankee Pro Wrestling went the other way, the cancellation of two straight shows was enough to drive YPW down to small status.

GPW News

We closed August with a public image of 34%, nine percent better than where we started, but things aren't all sunshine and roses...

In the worst news of all, my biggest concern was realized as Frankie Kazarian accepted bookings with Puerto Rico's WWC, meaning that he would no longer have time to work for GPW.

I had an idea for a replacement, but it probably wasn't going to sit well with Bret...

Next Update: I break the news of Frankie Kazarian's departure to Bret, then try to get him to buy into my idea for a replacement. Plus, the full card for GPW's September Showdown is announced.

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Guest BriFidelity

It was 3:30 AM when I called Bret. I probably woke him up.

Bret: Hello?

Brian: Bret, we have a problem.

Bret: What's going on?

Brian: Kazarian's gone.

Bret: Damn. What happened, did he give up Zero-One to work with Jarrett full time?

Brian: No, he went to WWC. He doesn't have time for his commitments with us any more.

Bret: Let's entice him to make time. I'll give you the money to lure him back on top of the million.

Brian: I wish it was that easy Bret, but he thinks we're too small to deal with us. Like Sophie said, he's too good to wrestle in American Legion halls for very long. I would've paid him double to stay if he would be willing to negotiate.

Bret: So what do we do now?

Brian: We do the same angle we were planning, but we plug someone in to take Frankie's place. I have the perfect guy -- he's not as talented, but he's as good of a replacement as we'll get. I'll warn you know though, you won't be happy.

Bret: Don't do what I think you're gonna do.

Brian: I know you'll get pissed Bret, but you gave me carte blanche, and I'm gonna use it. I'm hiring...

I told him. He hung up. Like everything else in the world, working with The Hitman wasn't sunshine and roses.

Next update: GPW September Showdown, September 08, 2004

Black Dragon vs Elliott Bumblebum

Black Dragon puts his rift with Tony Kozina on hold for a little while to take on the man who has to say his last name at the end of every sentence...bumblebum.

JT Smith vs Randy Reeves

The Curmudgeonly JT Smith is set to take on the Weird Al Yankovic of professional wrestling, Randy Reeves, accompanied as always by the lovely Jamie.

Ash Parker vs Billy Fives

The Daredevil goes one on one with Ash Parker, who managed to score a pinfall on Elliott Bumblebum before losing out to Randy Reeves in an elimination match at Feel the Heat.

Alex Shelley vs Sean Casey

Bret Hart's protege Alex Shelley takes on the man who cost him the GPW Title, Sean Casey in a grudge match. Whenever Casey's wrestling, you have to watch out for his manager, "The Legend" Frederick Knight, but Shelley will be accompanied by his new manager, the lovely Jamie!

GPW Heavyweight Title Match

"The Main Attraction" Chris Stylez © vs A Mystery Opponent

Frankie Kazarian is gone, but someone new is coming into GPW, and he'll get an immediate title shot against Chris Stylez. Who will The Main Attraction Face? Why is Bret Hart legitimately mad about this man coming in? Find out at September Showdown.

With only two shows having passed, it may be too early to have a predictions contest, but feel free to make some picks if you want. Also, any and all criticism and other feedback is welcome.

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Guest BriFidelity

Bret arrived three hours before the scheduled start of the show. He immediately seeked me out.

Bret: Brian!

Brian: What is it Bret?

Bret: I wanted to apologize for hanging up on you. I was half asleep, still tired, and in a bad mood

Brian: Well, it is your money...

Bret (interrupting): And you're the one I'm trusting to spend it wisely! If I stopped you, I would be doing the same thing that other promoters screw up and do. Vince gets a grudge against a guy, and he's blacklisted. Jarrett would probably do the same. I can't afford to do that. I'll work with him, no complaints.

Brian: Actually, I was talking about this with Sophie, and we may alter the plan a little bit.

The plan in the beginning was for Kazarian to lose tonight to set up an angle where he works his way up the mountain to finally win the title, the rationale being that if Kazarian stuck with us long enough to see the angle through, he was in it for the long haul. Obviously, Kazarian didn't stick with us, which made me feel right in putting the belt on Chris Stylez.

Bret: So you're gonna hotshot the belt onto him tonight?

Brian: Just hear me out.

Bret listened intently, he seemed intrigued by my plan, which would start to fall into place tonight.

Bret had another reason to be mad, as I went hogwild on the production costs last month, causing a $100K loss in the August budget. I considered myself a decent booker, but I had a lot to learn about the business end of things. Oh well, we're still in the black over the long term. I'm so confident of our financial success, I've hired an announcer,Jack Douglas, to man the booth with Bret.

GPW Presents: September Showdown

The crowd for GPW's third effort was a modest, but improving 45, for a gate of $900.

Dark Match: "Bumbling" Elliott Bumblebum vs Black Dragon

Bumblebum was out first, followed by Black Dragon. Elliott tried to lock up with Dragon, but the Dragon had other ideas and kicked Elliott right in the jaw. Dragon quickly grabbed Elliott by the arm, ran to the corner, springboarded off the ropes, and took Elliott down with an armdrag. Dragon backed off, giving Elliott space to get up, then went for a Shining Wizard, which Bumblebum quickly ducked, sending the anti-skating purist Dragon out to the floor. Elliott quickly came over the top with a tope, wiping out Dragon.

After fighting on the outside for a bit, the two returned to the ring, where the battle continued, with the speed and technical prowess of these two impressing everyone in the back, but leaving the 45 people in the audience sitting on their hands. Even the cynical crowd woke up when Bumblebum took Dragon to the top and yelled out "Lights out...Bumblebum!" before taking The Dragon to the floor with a Outsider/Razor's Edge from the top rope, known as The Bumblebomb. Referee Mike Hunter reached a two count before Frederick Knight put his charge's foot on the ropes.

The action continued at a fever pace, dropping the jaws of a bunch of us backstage. The two fought on the top rope, trading punches before Dragon leapt into the air, catching Elliott in the jaw and sending him crashing to the floor while Black Dragon landed in the ring. As soon as Dragon came to, he rolled outside, brought Bumblebum into the ring, then went to the top. Dragon sailed off the rope with a beautiful Shooting Star Press for the clean three.

Winner: Black Dragon

Quality: 90 (wow!)

Reaction: 20 (damn!)

Overall: 55 (ehhh...)

Dames: **1/4

Vanessa King Interviews Ash Parker

Vanessa: Ash Parker, you looked impressive in pinning Elliott Bumblebum, but tripped up and came up short against Randy Reeves in a three-way dance. What do you think about your future in GPW.

Parker: If it was up to me and my own talents, I'd be the GPW champion from now until the day I retire, but with the forces that are working against me, I don't know if that's possible.

Vanessa: What forces?

Parker: Don't act so innocent Vanessa, you know what's going on! I was had in that match against Reeves. Set up, bamboozled, fleeced, worked...

Vanessa: All right, we get your point.

Parker: Do you get it Vanessa? I don't think you do. Randy Reeves and Mike Hunter set me up. How would you know how it feels to have the deck stacked against you?

Vanessa: Well...

Parker: You wouldn't! Nobody does! It's me against the world!

Ash ripped the mic from Vanessa's hands.

Parker: But I shall overcome, because I'm Ash Parker! I'm the best wrestler to ever put on a pair of boots. Even if it has to be Ash Parker vs The World, I still like my chances.

Ash handed the mic back to Vanessa, then continued to the ring.

Overall: 54

Vanessa King gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

Ash Parker vs "The Daredevil" Billy Fives

Billy Fives was out next, coming out on a motorcycle -- luckily, Bret owned a bikes and lent one to Billy free of charge, as we didn't have enough cash in the budget to bring one in. Fives walked into the ring, where he took off his helmet and leather jacket, opting to wrestle in red, white, and blue motorcycle pants. Fives and Parker locked up to start the match. Fives was quickly shot into the ropes and taken down with a high cross body. Parker followed up with a picture perfect dropkick, then an armdrag, finally slowing things down by clasping on a full nelson. The slowdown didn't last long, as Fives found an opening in the hold and slid out, turning around and nailing Parker with a spinning crescent kick.

Fives kept the upper hand for the better part of the opening five minutes, with the tide really turning when Parker reversed an attempted piledriver into a Kryptonite Krunch for two. Parker fiercely protested that the count was slow and that referee Mike Hunter was working against him before locking Fives in an inverted STF. Trapped in the middle of the ring with no wiggle room, it looked like Fives would have to submit, but wound up swaying left to right on his stomach, eventually forcing the two of them to tip on their side, breaking Parker's perfect bridge and the hold.

Parker's dominance went on for a while, before the action went solidly back and forth around the ten minute mark. The solid, competitive action continued for about seven minutes until Fives blocked a Northern Lights Suplex, deftly turning it into a Double Arm DDT. Fives dragged Parker close to the corner, then went to the top, coming off the top rope with an amazing Shooting Star Legdrop, known as The High Fives for a three count. Parker came to about twenty seconds after the pin, immediately protesting that the count was fast, ignoring the fact that he was unconscious for a half minute.

Winner: Billy Fives

Quality: 93 (!)

Reaction: 29

Overall: 61

Dames: **3/4

Interview with Randy Reeves and Jamie

Jamie: I usually like to stretch things out a little bit, but tonight, I want to get right to the action!

The crowd laughed, of course. Hot girl + Double entendres = Ratings, or ticket sales, or whatever it is we're trying to get.

Jamie: I'm handing this one right over to Randy.

Randy didn't talk, but waited for a musical version of Aerosmith's Eat The Rich to start up.

Well I woke up this morning

Saw I was facin' JT Smith

So I spent all day thinkin'

About how to carry this stiff

He makes Hogan seem like Benoit

And Yokozuna look quick

On the mic, he's a gruesome sight

Makes Brad Armstrong seem charismatic

But I'm sick of the so-called legend

Ruining every bout

If he tries that crap with Randy

I'll knock his punk ass out

And I'm sick of JT yearnin'

For the good old times

If he lectures this great crowd again

I'll knock him on his behind

JT Sucks!

There's only one reason he's here tonight!

JT Sucks!

For Ol' Randy R. to turn out his lights!

JT Sucks!

Watch our match, and you'll see...

JT Sucks!

Parodizer, 1...2...3!!

The crowd reached a fever pitch, Randy dropped the mic and waited for JT Smith, who came out accompanied as always by "The Legend" Frederick Knight.

Overall: 64

Jamie gained 1 point of overness from this segment. Randy Reeves gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Randy Reeves vs JT Smith

JT Smith didn't wait for the bell, running into the ring and pummeling Randy with lefts and rights, visibly angry over Randy R's less than flattering parody. JT planted Randy with a snap suplex, then rolled over and to the side and applied a side headlock. Randy got up to his feet, battled out of the headlock with some elbows, then took JT down with a short arm clothesline, keeping hold of the arm and twisting Smith with a short arm scissors.

The masterful matwork came hard and heavy for most of the match, with Randy wearing Smith down, Smith doing something devious to gain the upper hand, rinse, and repeat. Smith unleashed one of the biggest moves in his arsenal at the nine minute mark. After putting Randy on the mat with a Square Driver near the corner, JT climbed to the top, coming down across Randy's throat with a Moonsault Legdrop -- impressive from a 23 year old, even more impressive from the 36 year old JT Smith -- for a two count.

The impressive technical match continued for a while longer, coming to a close when JT Smith planned on whipping Randy into the ropes, only to have the parodist tripped up by Frederick Knight. The master plan fell apart when Reeves reversed the Irish whip. Knight, looking away as to not rouse suspicion from referee Mike Hunter, pulled the leg anyway, tripping up Smith and buying Randy enough time to hit The Parodizer for a three count.

Winner: Randy Reeves

Quality: 89

Reaction: 45

Overall: 67

Dames: **3/4

Interview with Sean Casey and Frederick Knight

Knight: I've seen a lot of 'em in my day. I have one hell of an eye for talent, and that's why I've amassed the most impressive stable in GPW today: Frederick Knight's Round Table -- JT Smith, Black Dragon, and this man, Sean Casey. Like I said, I know talent when I see it. I saw big, young blonde kid wrestling in Memphis in '79, and I told Vince Sr. that he was gonna be the biggest thing in the business one day, that man's name was Hulk Hogan, and I was right.

The crowd booed, realizing that Frederick Knight was only five years old in 1979.

Knight: I saw a kid in Dallas in '89. Blonde, put together, acted real cocky all the time. I said Kid, shave your head, start drinking beer, and raise some hell. You're welcome, Mr. Austin.

More boos.

Knight: Not long after, I was at a College Football game in Miami with Ron Simmons. I said 'Big Ron, look at that kid out there, Johnson from Miami's defensive line. He's gonna make it to the big one some day.' Ron asked me if I meant The Super Bowl. I said 'No Ron, not the Super Bowl, Wrestlemania!.' Sure enough, Rocky Johnson's kid made it big.

Knight turned to look at his client.

Knight: Trust me when I say that Sean Casey has the stuff that champions are made of, I would know. Sean Casey has more natural talent in his left big toe than any of those men have in their entire bodies. It's only a matter of time before he's wearing the gold. So Stylez, Mystery Man, whoever you are, if whichever one of you wins has any guts, your first defense will be against Sean Casey. Tonight, we make an example out of Alex Shelley, then we move on to the GPW title.

Casey took the mic from Knight.

Casey: That's right Styles! You think you're so phenomenal? Prove it, step into the ring with me AJ, I'll make you regret the day you ever signed up with GPW.

Before Frederick could correct Casey, Alex Shelley's music hit, signaling the start of our next match.

Overall: 54

Frederick Knight gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Alex Shelley vs Sean Casey

Shelley offered a handshake before the match, Casey accepted and (what else?) cheapshotted the Hitman's protege. Casey remained the aggressor, bringing Shelley down with a neckbreaker, then keeping the pressure on with a neck vice. Just as Shelley tried to break out of the hold, Casey laid him down on the mat, stood up, then dropped a knee across the back of Shelley's neck. Casey tried to follow up with a straight-up neckbreaker, but Shelley broke free, turned quickly, then took Casey down with a German Suplex.

In the early minutes of the match, these two proved that they were two of the best wrestlers on the planet, turning in a match that'd keep any audience on the edge of their seats. Shelley started to work the back, Casey continued to keep pressure on the neck. Casey almost ended the match at a relatively short (for GPW) eight minutes with his Fisherman's Buster, which Casey calls the Death Valley Driver, but Shelley worked free and scooped Casey up for a backbreaker.

Ten minutes of incredible wrestling later with Shelley continuing to work the back, Casey tried for a piledriver, but Shelley brought Casey off of his feet with a double leg takedown and locked on The Sharpshooter. Casey was trapped in the middle of the ring, and looked like he was about to tap out before JT Smith ran in attacked Alex Shelley, drawing a DQ.

The beatdown continued after the match, with both Casey and Smith stomping away at Shelley's neck, culminating with Smith setting up Shelley for a piledriver while Casey went to the top rope. Jamie tried to run in and stop them, but Frederick Knight held her back. The Round Table's plan of spiking Shelley into early retirement was stopped by Randy Reeves, who cleared the ring with a chair before any more damage could be done to Alex Shelley's neck.

Winner by DQ: Alex Shelley

Quality: 95 (DAMN!)

Reaction: 42

Overall: 68

Dames: ***1/4

GPW Heavyweight Title: "The Main Attraction" Chris Stylez vs A Mystery Opponent

Chris Stylez came out first, uncharacteristic for a champion, but done for dramatic effect. Ring Announcer/Play-By-Play Man Jack Douglas prepared to announce the challenger.

Douglas: And his opponent, hailing from San Antonio, Texas, and weighing in tonight at 221 Pounds, "The Heartbreaker" Michael Shane!

Jack Douglas returned to Commentary, making sure to mention that Michael Shane was the cousin of Shawn Michaels. The actual match started with a tie up, with Stylez backing Shane into the corner and pasting him with a forearm before giving a break. Stylez strutted to the center of the ring, where he locked up with Shane once more. Stylez tried to back Shane into the corner again, but Shane caught him off balance with an armdrag.

From that point, Shane dominated for much of the early portion of the match, capping off a big offensive flurry with a slingshot into the ringpost. Shane caught Stylez in a rollup as he sailed back off the post for two. Shane brought Stylez down with a double underhook suplex, then went to the top, where he missed his trademark Picture Perfect Elbow. Shane's misfire bought Stylez enough time to take to the ropes himself, where he hit a split legged moonsault for two.

Stylez dominated into the middle part of the contest, when Shane reversed an attempted Russian legsweep into a snap mare, then followed up with a dropkick to the back of the head. Stylez came back up, but was quickly taken off of his feet once more with a hurricanrana, then knocked for a loop with a jawbreaker. Shane dragged Stylez to the middle of the ring, went to the top, and hit the Picture Perfect Elbow this time.




Even Bret Hart had to commend Stylez for kicking out of the elbow. Of course, Bret's reservations about Michael Shane's family made things a bit easier. Shane went to the corner, stomping the ground and signaling for the Sweet Shane Music, but Stylez anticipated the move, ducked, and rose up with a cradle suplex out of nowhere for a two count. Stylez went right back to work, punishing Shane's legs with a spinning toe hold. Shane reversed by kicking Stylez toward the ropes, but Stylez jumped onto the second rope and springboarded off, hitting Shane with a turnaround dropkick.

After 20-25 minutes had gone by, Stylez stunned Shane with a right hand, then went to the top, ready to catch Shane with The Headliner -- his top rope Rocker Dropper, the irony of which was not lost on Jack Douglas. Stylez came off the top, but Shane fell out of the way. Stylez crashed and burned on the mat, allowing Shane time to go to the top for another Picture Perfect Elbow. Before Shane could come off, a beer bottle came flying out of the crowd, hitting Shane in the head, shattering the bottle and knocking the challenger forward. Stylez came to, then nailed his split legged moonsault for a three.

After the bell, a man with two bottles of beer in his hand came out of the crowd. Stylez waived off security and allowed the fan to come into the ring. As Douglas and Bret began to put two and two together, Stylez grabbed the mic.

Stylez: Bret, you know I always come into battle with a plan. Tonight, I couldn't have done it without my old drinking buddy. GPW, give it up for Ian Knoxx!

Winner and Still GPW Champion: Chris Stylez

Quality: 86

Reaction: 45

Overall: 65

Dames: **1/2

The GPW Heavyweight Title has gained in image

Bret Hart Does Some Matchmaking

Knoxx and Styles continued the beatdown on Shane, pounding on the Heart Break Cousin for a while before Knoxx stood him up and Stylez prepared to break another bottle over his head. Before another bottle could be broken, Bret Hart ran into the ring and floored the GPW champion with a clothesline. Bret turned to face Knoxx, who dropped the unconscious Shane and got out of there. Stylez got to his feet, but it didn't last long, as Bret clotheslined The Main Attraction over the top and out to the floor. Stylez got up and wisely began to backpeddle away from the ring as Hart grabbed the mic.

Bret: I know I can't be the only one who's sick of Chris Stylez cheating to win every title match he's in.

The crowd, sick of his antics, cheered.

Bret: You want to bring your friends in, fine. We'll see how good your friends are. Next month at Fall Frenzy, we're gonna have a tag team match. You and that no good hyena Knoxx against Michael Shane and any wrestler of his choosing. The person who gets the deciding fall gets a shot at your belt this November at The Beginning of the End! If you manage to win the fall, you get to pick any opponent on the GPW active roster.

Stylez yelled something inaudible at Bret.

Bret: One last thing Stylez, can you really trust Ian Knoxx? If you can't, I promise that next month will be the beginning of the end of your title reign!

That was enough to bring the crowd to a fever pitch as the show came to a close.

Crowd Reaction: 80

Overall Rating: 66

Best Segment: Hart's matchmaking to close.

Worst Segment: Frederick Knight/Sean Casey promo

Best Match: Shelley vs Casey

Worst Match: Dragon vs Bumblebum

Show MVP: Alex Shelley, with honorable mention to Sean Casey

Wrestling World News: September 2004

NWA East is having the same problems as Yankee Pro, having to cancel their last show and release Daron Smythe.

Other NWA regions have had it just as bad, as NWA: Canadian Wrestling Federation continues to lose public interest. In fact, GPW has passed NWA:CWF in the eyes of the fans. I'm sure that my workers will be proud to know they're not the low men on the totem pole any more -- in fact, we'll pass Bill Busch's Cutting Edge Wrestling any day now. There are some other small feds seeing success besides GPW, Ron Rivera's Revolution Pro and Harley Race's World League Wrestling should be headed for Regional status next month.

Despite the woes of the NWA's smaller feds, the alliance's flagship, TNA, is doing better than ever, making a million dollars a week in PPV buys and gaining PI like crazy, sitting pretty at 25% global and headed for a war with WWE. They've loaded up on good workers with name value like Syxx-Pac and Juventud Guerrera for the war. Speaking of WWE, Bret and I had to smile when we heard that Spike TV had cancelled Sunday Night Heat. Our celebration was to be short lived though, I had to pick up Michael Shane's mystery partner from the airport.

No major news in GPW this month aside from passing NWACWF in PI. The lack of news is actually good, since it means nobody was stolen.

In closing, Here's the lineup for Fall Frenzy.

Ash Parker vs Elliott Bumblebum

What conspiracy will Ash invent this month as he takes on Elliott Bumblebum, the man with the strangest last name in GPW?

Billy Fives vs Black Dragon

Black Dragon avoids his inevitable showdown with Tony Kozina for another month to take on Tony's friend, The Daredevil.

JT Smith vs Alex Shelley

Alex Shelley, who narrowly avoided a broken neck at the hands of JT Smith and Sean Casey, tries to get a measure of revenge against Grumpy Old JT Smith.

Randy Reeves vs Sean Casey

Last month, Randy Reeves insulted Casey's manager Frederick Knight, then saved Alex Shelley from a beating at the hands of JT Smith and Sean Casey. This month, Casey and Reeves go one on one.

Winner of the Fall Gets a Title Shot

"The Main Attraction" Chris Stylez & Ian Knoxx vs Michael Shane & A Mystery Partner

The main event of November's The Beginning of the End will be decided in this match. If Chris Stylez gets the deciding fall, he picks his own opponent. If one of the three others gets the fall, they earn a GPW title shot.

Next Update: A conversation with the Mystery Partner.

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Wow, I'm impressed. I came into this not expecting much, and have been very pleasantly surprised.

I really like the format you've chosen to use for your shows, as it makes things easy to read, yet still gives it a good "look". Kudo's for that. And I'm glad to see that you're not going to let the backstage stuff take over the diary, which can be a problem unless it's planned that way. I know this form experience. :angry:

I do agree that I like to see more matches, but I also know that you have to establish the characters and their motivations, and that angles or interviews is a good way to do it.

On another note, I really, REALLY like Frederick Knight's character right now. I'm also enjoying Randy Reeves, as I can se the gimmick getting over, ont he indy scene at least. Not really digging Jamie too much, as the double entendre thing can get old really quickly, and as for Bumblebum...:ohwell:

I like the fact that you (at least in your in-diary character) seem to have a long range plan for where things are headed. Sucks about Kazarian, but you were expecting that anyway.

Overall, I like this. Good job.

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Guest BriFidelity

I picked the mystery opponent up at the airport. It'd been a while since I'd seen him wrestle, but he looked good, he wasn't eating his way into a hole like some unemployed guys did.

Brian: How's life on the indy circuit been treating you?

Mystery Wrestler (MW): There've been ups and downs. The money's awful, but you get a connection with the fans when there's only 20 or 30 in the crowd.

Good, he won't be too disappointed by Fall Frenzy's projected attendance of 47.

Brian: I'm sure you're getting plenty of work.

MW: Not as much as you'd think. This is probably the first decent paying gig I've had in three months.

He was right, 14 grand was a decent paying gig, but he was worth every penny -- I had workers making 20K a show who weren't as over or as talented. In fact, only Bret and the surprisingly popular Alex Shelley were more over than this guy. Our incoming mystery wrestler was almost as over as Frankie Kazarian, and just as good of a wrestler.

Brian: What about Japan? You can work your ass off, they love that.

MW: I haven't heard anything yet. I've spent a lot of time waiting by the phone, and you're the first person that's called.

I felt sorry for the man. You looked up underutilized in the dictionary, his picture was next to the definition, and I was the only promoter willing to give him work. We didn't talk for a while, but he finally spoke up.

MW: What's your story man? I've heard good things about you from Shelley, Shane, and some other guys I've talked to, but I've never even heard of you, no offense.

Brian: None taken. I was just a fan up until I got a call from Bret three months ago.

MW: So Bret sunk his money into someone with no background in wrestling.

Brian: Basically.

MW: Why? Bret doesn't strike me as someone who would make an investment on a lark.

Brian: Because of a script for Raw I wrote that he got his hands on.

MW: Oh.. I heard something about that. One of the dark match guys was passing it around WWE or something.

Brian: Yeah. Someone at WWE creative got it, stole the Eugene gimmick right out of it too.

MW: Damn. There are enough of those horror stories to go around. Vince just chews people up and spits them out.

I nodded in agreement. The Mystery Wrestler knew as much about that as anyone.

Next Update: Fall Frenzy -- Featuring Knoxx/Stylez vs Shane/???, Sean Casey vs Randy Reeves, and Alex Shelley vs JT Smith.

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I like the Fredrick Knight promo. He's a great cocky heel manager. The way you deliver his promos is just perfect.

Jamie isn't too bad but Reeves' parodies are fairly lame and Bumblebum is as well.

Michael Shane as the mystery opponent was awesome and the Bret Hart conversation about it was great. I can't wait to see who the next mystery guy is.

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Guest BriFidelity

GPW/Misc. News

Our public interest skyrocketed 18 points to 42% last month and we still managed to turn a modest profit. We were in the green long term as well, making $47,000 more than we'd spent.

Bret's old partner Jim Neidhart retired at the end of last month, as did 2-time WWF Champion Bob Backlund and former WWE Diva Tori. This month, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, Tommy Rogers, and ex-CZW kingpin John Zandig announced their intentions to retire.

NWA: East issued a bankruptcy warning while former WWE developmental fed UPW went the way of the dodo, making Randy Reeves, who wrestled as Matrix for the Cali fed, a GPW Exclusive for the time being. It also freed up a booking spot for Frankie Kazarian, but we're still too small for him to consider, prick.

Jamie, Randy Reeves, and Billy Fives all upped their booking fees by a tenth, but all remain reasonably priced enough to keep using.

In other news, GPW reached a milestone by coming to terms on the first written contract in the history of the promotion, a one year deal signed by up and comer Ash Parker, so look for wrestling's foremost conspiracy theorist to take a larger role, as I now have to pay him whether I use him or not.

As you saw with the last show, GPW added two new wrestlers

Michael Shane [Face, 35 Over, 79 Speed, Main Event] -- Much to Bret's reluctance, we'll play up Shane's relationship to Bret's most hated foe by having him use many of his cousin's trademark moves. However, he'll be playing a straight face, owing more of his character to Bret than HBK.

Ian Knoxx [Heel, 29 Over, 74 Speed, Upper Midcard] -- Every big heel needs his lackey, and Chris Stylez has his in his old Irish Drinking Teammate, Ian Knoxx.

Here comes the show.

GPW Fall Frenzy

The show exceeded box office expectations, drawing a record crowd of 58, for a record setting $1160 gate. Let's see if it'll be a critical, as well as a financial success.

Interview with Black Dragon & Sean Casey (with Frederick Knight)

The two members of The Round Table entered the ring, with their manager Alexander Knight leading the pack.

Knight: I have a lot to say tonight, so I'm gonna start off quick. Billy Fives, you want to jump a motorcycle over a canyon, fine. You want to set yourself on fire and jump off a high dive into a pool, fine. Daredevil antics don't impress me, and they don't impress The Black Dragon. Tonight, you embark on the biggest stunt you'll ever attempt. Trust me, it's way safer to try and jump 200 feet on a motorcycle than spend five minutes in the ring with Black Dragon. Fighting The Dragon is like torture, and that's coming from a guy who knows torture -- I had to share a van with Haystacks Calhoun, Andre The Giant, and the Maguire Twins after a trip to the all you can eat buffet. And don't think we've forgot about you either Tony Kozina! We'll see you next month at The Beginning of the End.

His spiel for The Dragon over, Federick turned his attention to Sean Casey.

Knight: Last month, Randy Reeves had some awfully disparaging things to say about me. JT Smith had him beat, but Reeves got off on some fluke! There'll be no fluke tonight, music boy. Sean Casey packs the power of Putski, the speed of Steamboat, and the fire of Flair all into one package -- I should know, I sold out arenas around this great nation with all three of those men, and Sean Casey could wrestle circles around them all.

Casey: And remember one thing Reeve -- I will hit a man in a wheelchair!

Frederick buried his head in his hands.

Knight: No, no, no! Randy Reeves, not Christopher Reeve!

Casey: Yeah... him too.

Knight wisely threw the mic down before Casey could cause more embarrassment.

Overall: 58

Frederick Knight gained 2 points of overness from this segment. Black Dragon gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Interview with Bret "The Hitman" Hart

Bret came out to officially open the show to a huge ovation. He took the mic, waited for the crowd to calm down, then spoke.

Bret: I'm proud of the card we have tonight. Billy Fives and the Black Dragon will have you on the edge of your seats in just a few minutes, so will Ash Parker and Elliott Bumblebum. On a down note, I have to address JT Smith and Sean Casey. Those two tried to break Alex Shelley's neck last month. That's uncalled for, and if left up to me, I would have fired them on the spot.

The crowd approved. Funny, they would be despondent if Casey or Smith were stolen by WWE or TNA.

Bret: Alex Shelley convinced me to keep them around, so he could deal with them personally, so tonight we have Sean Casey fighting Randy Reeves and JT Smith going against Shelley, but it's obvious to me that their issues aren't going to be settled until all four of them meet in the ring, so we're going to have a big tag team tag match next month at The Beginning of the End.

Bret: And after tonight's main event, we'll know the main event for The Beginning of the End -- but whether it's Michael Shane, Ian Knoxx, Shane's Partner, or the champion's pick, I'm hoping that what begins tonight will mean the end of the road for Chris Stylez!

The crowd cheered.

Bret: Before we continue, I want to thank all of you who came out to see GPW. We have a record crowd tonight, and you're showing us why GPW's fans are the best fans there are, the best fans there were, and the best fans there ever will be!

Overall: 70

Bret Hart lost 2 points of overness from this segment.

"The Daredevil" Billy Fives vs Black Dragon

Everyone in the locker room gathered around the television to watch this one. We thought it'd be something special, but we didn't know the half of it. Fives and Dragon started off with a fast paced exchange of kicks, throws, flips, aerial moves, and technical wrestling that kept the boys backstage breathless, but the crowd just didn't care about the two enough to make a huge investment. Dragon hit the first highspot of the night by knocking Billy out to the floor, then taking to the air, mowing The Daredevil down with the best corkscrew plancha I've ever had the honor of seeing.

The two didn't let up, keeping a breakneck pace for ten minutes, never stopping for a resthold, never blowing a spot. In a segment of the match I really dug, Fives knocked Dragon into the ropes with a Roaring Elbow, then sent both Dragon in himself sailing over the top with a Spinning Heel Kick -- a cruiserweight spin on Mick Foley's old Cactus Clothesline. Fives then stood on the apron, waiting for Dragon to get up -- when he did, Billy springboarded off the ropes as if doing an Asai Moonsault, turned in mid-air, and sent Black Dragon crashing into the guardrail full-force.

Dragon and Fives continued their classic, with several captivating near falls highlighting the action. Eventually, the fight made it to the top rope, where Dragon was poised to finish the match in a big way with a Dragon Superplex, but before the Dragon could come off, Billy broke the full nelson and sent the Dragon flying off the top with a backward headbutt. Billy turned around, where he hit the high fives for a three count.

Winner: Billy Fives

Quality: 100

Reaction: 33

Overall: 66

Dames: ***3/4

Billy was the first one back, and we greeted him with a standing ovation. He seemed genuinely overwhelmed and took a seat on a tiny wooden bench to calm down. I had to walk up to him.

Brian: Billy, I've watched a lot of wrestling in my life, and that has to rank up there as one of the best matches I've ever watched.

Billy was too exhausted to talk, but he nodded and smiled. The locker room roared behind me as Frederick Knight and Black Dragon walked through the curtain.

Knight: I may only play an old-time legend, but I know a great match when I see one, and that was one of the best.

Dragon's smile was so wide it stretched his mask. In the corner of the room, Ash Parker and Jeff Roth (Elliott Bumblebum) looked at each other.

Parker: Looks like we have a tough act to follow.

Elliott Bumblebum vs Ash Parker

Jeff couldn't answer, Road Agent Steve Nickerson was calling him out, he was on. Parker was out next, and the second match of the night was on... well, almost on, Parker insisted that referee Mike Hunter check Bumblebum for foreign objects before starting, then patted GPW's senior (read: only) official down, yelling out that he couldn't be too careful. Tired of waiting, Bumblebum saved Hunter from a frisking and plastered Ash with a flying forearm, making Parker stumble into the corner, where Elliott gave him ten punches, the crowd screaming "Bumblebum!" after each punch.

Bumblebum got most of the early offense, but found himself on the receiving end of a single arm DDT after an attempted clothesline went bad. Parker picked Bumblebum up, sent him into the ropes, then followed in with a fierce clothesline. Parker put the dazed Bumblebum on the top rope, then rocked Elliott with a double underhook superplex for a two count, which Parker insisted was a three.

Parker and Bumblebum went on to give us the third incredible match of the night, but the crowd unfortunately sat on their hands. They did come out of their seats when Elliott hit a Shining Wizard -- The Bumbleblaster -- for two, then went back to sitting on their hands when Ash and Elliott embarked on a magnificent old-school exchange that would've made Ric Flair and Harley Race. Bumblebum's ultimate mistake came when he tried a high cross body, but was caught by Parker, then brought to the ground with the "Ashes to Ashes" Tornado Urinage for the pin.

Winner: Ash Parker

Quality: 93

Reaction: 28

Overall: 60

Dames: **3/4

Interview with Chris Stylez vs Ian Knoxx

Styles and Knoxx came out to boos. Styles had done a good job of being enough of an arrogant, cheating ass to make the crowd hate him.

Stylez: When will you people learn that Chris Stylez always stays one step ahead of the competition? When will you learn that no matter who Bret Hart and the rest of the suits in GPW throw at me, I'll always find a way to win? When will you learn that I'm going to have this GPW belt until I decided to leave this company for something bigger and better?

Boos. Apparently, some of these fans had developed a sense of loyalty to GPW.

Stylez: Frankie Kazarian was supposed to be the golden child, but Frankie knew he couldn't beat me. That's why he ran off to Puerto Rico -- so he wouldn't have to face The Main Attraction. Michael Shane was supposed to beat me, but something happened along the way.

Knoxx: I happened along the way. And if Bret Hart thinks he can play divide and conquer with The Prime Time Players -- Ian Knoxx and Chris Stylez -- he has another thing coming. I'm not here to take this man's title, I'm here to make sure nobody else does.

Stylez: That's right, we're a united front. United against Michael Shane and the new mystery man waiting in the wings. Whoever this mystery opponent is, whether he's Bill Goldberg, Barry Horowitz, or Bret the Hitman himself -- he'll just be a supporting player after tonight, because I'm still the main attraction.

Styles threw down the mic, while Bret and Jack Douglas speculated whether or not Knoxx would get caught up in the moment and go for the title shot.

Overall: 54

Ian Knoxx gained 1 point of overness from this segment. Chris Stylez gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

JT Smith vs Alex Shelley

Smith came out first, with Shelley coming out to the biggest pop ever in GPW for someone not named Bret Hart. Shelley came out enraged, throwing wild rights and forcing JT to retreat into the corner, where he pulverized Smith's chest with chops that sounded like gunshots. Shelley whipped Smith into the ropes, then nearly took his head off with a clothesline. Shelley picked Smith up and whipped him in the ropes again, but Smith put on the brakes, slid out under the bottom rope, and conferred with Frederick Knight.

Shelley slid out and cracked Smith and Knight's heads together before rolling JT back into the ring, where he dominated JT for much of the next ten minutes, working the back like he did to Sean Casey a month prior. JT found himself caught in an overhead backbreaker, but broke free by biting Shelley's fingers. Referee Mike Hunter saw it and warned Smith, who protested "Back in my day, we were allowed to bite!" Shelley tried for a clothesline, but missed, and fell victim to a side suplex.

A few minutes of JT Smith dominance later, Shelley countered an attempted running shoulder block with a spinebuster, then locked on The Sharpshooter. While Mike Hunter was looking at Smith, waiting for a tapout, Knight sprayed some sort of substance -- Mace, Pepper Spray, or something equivalent -- into Alex's face, forcing him to break the sharpshooter and grab for his eyes. Smith recovered, Shelley was still blind, which allowed Smith to hit the JT Driver for the pinfall.

Winner: JT Smith

Quality: 80

Reaction: 46

Overall: 63

Dames: **

JT Smith gained 1 point of overness from this match

Randy Reeves vs Sean Casey

The battle between the parody singer and the most confused man in wrestling started off with a simple collar and elbow tieup, ending with Casey powering Randy down into a side headlock, then running and falling with a bulldog. Casey quickly turned and cinched in a front face lock. Randy powered to his feet, then forced Casey into the turnbuckle. Referee Mike Hunter ordered a break, which Randy gave cleanly, only to have Casey reward him for his sense of fair play with a right to the jaw.

Casey kept his cheating ways up for most of the match, but saw them backfire when he went for a low blow, only to have Randy trap the arm and pull him in with a short clothesline, following up with a Cobra Clutch Bomb for two. Instead of getting discouraged, Randy scooped Casey up and fired him to the mat with a snap suplex, then went to the top rope, where he missed the mark on a Bombs Away Kneedrop, damaging his knee and giving Casey some time to recover.

Casey used the time to his advantage, regaining his wind, then going to work on Randy's knee, an assault that went on for twelve minutes, with Reeves having the occasional offensive flurry before his knee went out again. With about seventeen minutes gone by, Reeves tried to come off the top with a Double Axe Handle, but his knee buckled on the landing. Casey pulled Reeves to the middle of the ring, where he placed Reeves in an Inverted STF, which the announcers had been informed was to be called the Modified Reverse Inverted Step Over Drop Toe Face Hold. Randy Reeves held on as long as he could, but eventually succumbed to the elaborately named hold.

Winner: Sean Casey

Quality: 97

Reaction: 47

Overall: 72

Dames: ***3/4

Michael Shane introduces the mystery partner

Michael Shane came out to a good reaction, taking the mic from Ring Announcer/Play-by-Play man Jack Douglas.

Shane: Last month I had Chris Stylez beaten, but then Ian Knoxx had to wing a bottle at my head. Real brave Knoxx, you couldn't even come out of the crowd to fight me, you had to take me out from far away.

Shane: Well, there's no hiding in the crowd tonight Chris, you have come at me in a fair fight, and that's the one kind of fight that you and Knoxx can't win.

Shane: When Bret told me to bring someone in, I knew I had to bring in somebody I could trust, somebody who I could turn by back to without wondering if he'd stick a knife in it, so I went out and got someone I have a lot of history with, a guy who came from the same place I did -- down at Rudy Boy Gonzalez's camp in Texas.

The crowd started to cheer. They had an idea of who was coming.

Shane: He never got his due in the WWE, but he's where he belongs tonight -- in the main event: My partner is Paul London!

Paul London came out to a big pop. He waited in the corner with Shane as The Prime Time Players made their entrance.

Overall: 66

Michael Shane gained 3 points of overness from this segment.

Winner of the fall gets a GPW title shot

The Prime Time Players (Ian Knoxx & Chris Stylez) vs Michael Shane & Paul London

Knoxx started off with London, Bret Hart noted that Chris Stylez looked nervous. London quickly brought Knoxx down with a Japanese arm drag, then kept the pressure on with a cobra clutch. Knoxx fought his way out with elbows, then took London down with a snap mare. Knoxx tried to cinch in with a side headlock, but London countered out with a jawbreaker and dragged Knoxx into the corner, where he tagged Michael Shane.

Shane dominated Knoxx for a while, until Ian turned an attempted side suplex into a bulldog, then made the tag to Chris Stylez. Stylez and Knoxx cut the ring in half for a while, keeping Shane down until he leapt over a double clothesline, barrel rolled, and made the hot tag to Paul London, who springboarded into the ring with a flying clothesline on Knoxx, then hit a dropkick on Stylez, turned fully in the air, and came down on Knoxx with a standing moonsault for two. The combination, called a dropsault, resulted in a two count.

The first sign of dissention came about fifteen minutes into the match, when Chris Stylez hit his trademark Headliner (Rocker Dropper from the top rope) only to have Ian Knoxx tag himself in with a slap on the back. After a brief argument between the PTP'ers, Knoxx made a delayed cover for a close two count. Douglas correctly observed on commentary that Stylez would have scored a pin and had his choice of opponents if Knoxx wouldn't have been greedy and tried to earn the match for himself.

Shane and Stylez found themselves in the ring with each other around the twenty minute mark. Stylez went for a crucifix pin, but Shane stayed up, swung Stylez around, and drove him into the mat with a whirlwind sidewalk slam. Shane went to the top rope, then came off the top with the Picture Perfect Elbow -- which was definitely nice enough to live up to his name. As Shane made the cover, Knoxx came for the save -- more to preserve his title shot than to save the match, but London stopped him.

Jack Douglas: What in the hell is Paul London doing? If Shane gets the pin, he gets the shot. He should let Knoxx break it up.

Bret Hart: He's fighting with honor! He doesn't begrudge his friend another shot at the title.

The title shot wouldn't come just yet, as Chris Stylez found the inner strength to kick out at two. Another five minutes of back and forth fighting came to a crescendo with Paul London and Chris Styles teeing off of each other in the middle of the ring. Stylez missed a right hand, London went for a go-behind, and locked the GPW Champ in a double chicken wing. London lifted Stylez up, dropping him forward in a move he called the Waffle Face. London turned Stylez onto his back, then went to the top. All 58 fans stood in unison as London came off the top with the best Shooting Star Press in wrestling -- The London Calling. Knoxx came in, but Shane returned London's favor and kept him at bay.




Paul London, the new #1 Contender to the GPW Title, popped off of Stylez as the crowd went wild. Michael Shane was the first to congratulate him. Bret Hart, who had left the announce position, was second.

Winner: Paul London & Michael Shane (Paul London earns a GPW Title Shot)

Quality: 87

Reaction: 48

Overall: 67

Dames: **3/4

Overall: 65

Best Segment: Casey vs Reeves

Worst Segment: Prime Time Players Interview

Best Match: Casey vs Reeves

Worst Match: Parker vs Bumblebum (EWR Agrees with you, Bumblebum sucks)

Show MVP: Sean Casey, for winning a match that outdid a Bret promo

Wrestling World News -- October 2004

NWA East cancelled their last show, making bankruptcy only a matter of time, while Revolution Pro and World League wrestling continued to inch toward Regional status. NWA TNA, once showing loads of promise, slid backward, losing 5% of their PI.

As projected, GPW passed Cutting Edge Wrestling in Public Interest by the end of the month. If we keep growing at this rate, we'll be a Regional fed by the Summer of '05.

Going into December, things were looking up, but GPW as I knew it was about to change. The change came in the form of a phone call....

In short, GPW has a television show. It's a block of time in the middle of the night, which'll only be enough time for about 2 matches and three interviews, or vice versa, but it'll get GPW more exposure and catalyze our climb to regional status

We had sent out promo tapes as an afterthought, after so many rejections we didn't expect anything. But, as they say, expect the unexpected.

Stay tuned for GPW Revolution: Friday Nights @ 1:30 AM on The Learning Channel

The first episode of Revolution will feature the new number one contender, Paul London, who'll take on Ash Parker in the main event, plus the debut of a new GPW star with loads of talent and a written contract.

The next big GPW show is The Beginning of the End

Matches announced so far:

Tony Kozina vs Black Dragon

Tag Team Grudge Match: Sean Casey & JT Smith vs Alex Shelley & Randy Reeves

GPW Heavyweight Title Match: Paul London vs "The Main Attraction" Chris Stylez ©

Next Update: GPW Revolution, Episode 1, featuring Paul London vs Ash Parker.

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Guest BriFidelity

The first week in November was an eventful one:

-Harley Race's WLW made it to Regional.

-Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, "Superstar" Bill Dundee, and Bret's brother Bruce all announced that they will retire this month. Bruce will have his final bout with Stampede Wrestling.

-As expected, NWA East went belly up, as did Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling.

GPW News

A new TV show meant that we had to upgrade production values. I've also hired a man to oversee the television production, known only as The Sound Guy. These expenditures probably mean we'll sink into the red this month. Oh well...

Michinoku Pro released their touring roster, which once again included GPW star Black Dragon. Bad news for us, as he's one of the few GPW mainstays with overness low enough for me to sign to a written deal, as the TV shows will be based around people under contract. Elliott Bumblebum signed a one year pact (I can hear the collective groans now), as did all three manager types -- Jamie, Vanessa King, and Frederick Knight (I can hear the collective cheers now). Knight is probably the most important signing -- he can fill in as a passable wrestler if needed. In addition, I added a new talent to a written contract...

Austin Pennington Jr [Heel, 26 Over, 80 Charisma, 74 Technical, Upper Midcarder] (Formerly Austin Lee) -- The classic "born with a silver spoon in his mouth" heel, Mr. Pennington has had every advantage at his disposal, and has the charisma to tell you about it. With Lee's superb mic work, the fans should hate Pennington.

Don't forget this guy either.

Paul London [Face, 50 Over, 88 Speed, Main Eventer] -- With the highest possible overness level for a guy willing to sign and enough speed to leapfrog over Kozina and Black Dragon as the best aerial wrestler in the company, Paul London was a no-brainer to be brought in as Chris Stylez's next, most talented challenger. We're going to be playing off of Paul's illustrious career, and the apparent step back that was an uneventful year-long stint with WWE.

Here we go, it's time for: GPW Revolution #1

Jack Douglas and Bret Hart opened up the show.

Hart: Welcome to the first edition of GPW Revolution! Tonight's main event features Ash Parker taking on the number one contender to Chris Stylez's GPW Heavyweight Title, Paul London.

Douglas: We'll also see the debut of the esteemed Austin Pennington Jr, who will be taking on Elliott Bumblebum, a man who is looking for his first win in GPW.

Hart: Our own Vanessa King is standing by right now with Elliott Bumblebum.

Vanessa King interviews Elliott Bumblebum

Vanessa, dressed a little more conservatively than usual due to TLC's moral code, was standing in front of a black wall with the GPW logo behind her. Elliott Bumblebum was to her left.

Vanessa: Elliott Bumblebum, you've come up short in your first few matches, do you think you can turn things around tonight against Austin Pennington Jr?

Elliott: I'm not happy about losing my first few matches...bumblebum. But I can't let that get in my head, so I have to give it my all...bumblebum.

Vanessa: What do you think about going up against an unknown like Pennington?

Elliott: I would rather go against someone I know, bumblebum, but I know I can win tonight.... bumblebum.

Vanessa: One final thing, about your... affliction.

Elliott: What affliction...bumblebum?

Vamessa: That one...bumblebum... I mean, that one! Now you have me doing it!

Elliott: That was weird...bumblebum. You should go see a doctor...dumblefung.

Vanessa: Did you just say dumblefung?

Elliott shrugged.

Vanessa: Thank you Elliott Bumblebum. Bret and Jack, back to you.

Quality: 59

Vanessa King gained 3 points of overness from this segment.

Austin Pennington Jr. vs Elliott Bumblebum

Bumblebum walked on to the ring, then Pennington came out, dressed traditionally in a blue singlet with his initials on the center. Pennington offered up a lockup to start, then pulled away and went into the corner, where he wiped his hands off with a packet of wet naps hidden in his singlet, then produced a pair of rubber gloves from the singlet and put them on.

Protected from handling Elliott, Pennington came back to the match, where he dazzled Bumblebum and the audience with great chain wrestling. Bumblebum worked his way out of a Pennington Full Nelson by running up the turnbuckle and dropping Pennington onto his back in a pinning position for two. The chain wrestling kept coming, with Bumblebum going for a move, Pennington going for a counter, and vice versa. A few minutes in, Pennington backed Elliott into the corner, but was caught with a headbutt and a flapjack into the turnbuckle. Bumblebum continued by placing Pennington on the corner, then hitting a Splash Mountain, known as The Bumblebomb for the pin.

Winner: Elliott Bumblebum

Quality: 84

Reaction: 32

Overall: 58

Dames: **

Bret: Before we went on the air tonight, the lovely Jamie sat down with Paul London, the top contender to the GPW Heavyweight Title.

Jamie sits down with Paul London

Jamie: Are we on?

London: Yeah. The red light on the camera's on.

Jamie: Sorry Paul. I've never done this before, so I might not know what to do. I'll just follow your lead.

London: Thanks... I think. Just ask some questions, I'll do the rest.

Jamie looked at a few index cards in her hand, where the questions were written.

Jamie: You were recently laid off by WWE. Why do you think things didn't work out?

London: A lot of reasons. I came in as a part of the cruiserweight division, and that wasn't really a big priority there, so when they made layoffs, that's where the axe fell the hardest. I'm not the only one they cut, they let Sho Funaki, and Jimmy Yang go too. Like I said, we weren't a big priority, that's why my good friend Spanky left. In retrospect, WWE wasn't the best for me to showcase my talent.

Jamie: You're regarded as one of the most talented performers in wrestling. How did you get so far.

London: I hate to sound vein, but a lot of it has to do with plain athletic ability. Still, I couldn't have done it alone, I've worked with Shawn Michaels and Rudy Boy Gonzalez in the TWA Academy and spent time training under Dory Funk Jr. Plus I spent a few years wrestling some of the best young talent out there in Ring of Honor, NWA TNA and Zero One over in Japan.

Jamie: I was reading your bio before this interview, and it said you beat former GPW star Frankie Kazarian in a tournament.

London: Yeah, the Super Eight in 2003. That night was what made me "for real" in a lot of people's eyes.

Jamie: What would winning the GPW title mean to you?

London: It'd be a validation. Being fired by WWE was rough, but winning the GPW title would help me prove to myself that I'm still one of the premier wrestlers in this sport. This is the fastest growing company in wrestling today, and I'd love to represent it as champion.

Jamie: What do you think about your opponent, "The Main Attraction" Chris Stylez.

London: Good, promising wrestler, but he's disrespecting the title with the way he's winning matches. GPW deserves a champion who can win and lose on his own merit, not someone who wins by paying off managers and having his buddies throw stuff at his opponents from the crowd. Chris is talented, but immature, hopefully I can teach him a lesson and win the title at the same time.

Jamie: Thank you Paul, I've enjoyed this immensely. Maybe we can do it again some time.

London shrugged.

London: Maybe we can Jamie.

Overall: 74

Jamie gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

Bret: Paul London's going to be in action in just a few moments, taking on Ash Parker. Vanessa King is standing by with Mr. Parker right now.

Vanessa King interviews Ash Parker

Vanessa: Ash, you just saw the tape, what are your thoughts on your opponent tonight, Paul London?

Parker: Shut up! Just shut up! I'm trying to sort it all out!

Vanessa: Sort what out?

Parker: The conspiracy! This Paul London guy is a part of it.

Vanessa: In all fairness Ash, this is Paul London's second night in the company, and he's never even met you before.

Parker: Look beyond the surface Vanessa! Paul London, London, England, Britain, British, "British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith, and who in GPW did the British Bulldog fight alongside in The Hart Foundation back in 1997?

Vanessa: Bret Hart, of course.

Parker: EXACTLY! Bret Hart! He set me up to be the fall guy for Paul London, just so he looks good going into Beginning of the End!

Vanessa: There you have it, the one and only Ash Parker.

Parker walked onto the ring. Once he was there, Union Underground's "South Texas Death Ride" brought Paul London out to the ring, bringing 70 strong to their feet.

Overall: 69

Vanessa King gained 2 points of overness from this segment. Ash Parker gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Ash Parker vs Paul London

Ash Parker got a surprising early edge over the heavily favored London, driving elbows into Paul's shoulders, then going behind and lifting Paul up into a double chicken wing, but Paul managed to wiggle free and fell forward with a Victory Roll for two, which -- guess what? -- Ash complained was a fast count. London got up, taking Parker over with a deep arm drag, keeping hold of the arm, locking Parker into a double chicken wing of his own, then falling forward with the Waffle Face.

London and Parker continued a back and forth battle, with London having the edge most of the way. Parker's biggest offensive sequence came when he slammed London, followed up with a snapping elbow, then went on to hit a swinging neckbreaker, finishing off with a DVD for a two count. Late in the match, Parker tried a backdrop, but London turned in the air and landed on his feet. He quickly grabbed Parker in a double chicken wing and planted him with a second Waffle Face. London flipped Parker over, went to the top, then hit The London Calling for a huge pop and a three count. Guess what Ash Parker did once he finally came to. If you guessed "complained about a fast count," give yourself a gold star.

Setting up Parker to make London look good? You know what, that wacky Ash Parker might be onto something after all.

Winner: Paul London

Quality: 81

Response: 46

Overall: 63

Dames: **

Overall Rating: 64

Best Match: Paul London vs Ash Parker

Worst Match: There were two matches, you figure it out.

Best Segment: Paul London sits down with Jamie

Worst Segment: Bumblebum vs Pennington

We got a 0.00 rating for Revolution, so it can only get better from here. The $15 pricetag got us our biggest live crowd ever, 70 strong, meaning $1050 worth of gate receipts. The show itself was about one thing, putting Paul London over as a force capable of taking out Chris Stylez. Hopefully a candid interview and a clean win combined with London's clean pin on Stylez at Fall Frenzy to accomplish that.

Next Update: the last Revolution before The Beginning of the End. The GPW Champion, Chris Stylez will be in action, defending the title against Elliott Bumblebum. Stylez has also requested extensive promo time at the end of the show to address Paul London. Whether or not he'll get it is up to Bret Hart.

Now, as a reminder, here's the card so far for GPW's The Beginning of the End.

"Extreme" Tony Kozina vs Black Dragon

Their conflict started way back in the first match in GPW history, and could possibly come to an close here at the Beginning of the End.

Tag Team Grudge Match: Sean Casey & JT Smith vs Alex Shelley & Randy Reeves

This one started after Smith and Casey tried to take out Alex Shelley, only to have Randy Reeves make the save. After two months of singles matches, these four will meet at once to try and settle their differences once and for all.

GPW Heavyweight Title Match: Paul London vs "The Main Attraction" Chris Stylez ©

The main event sees Chris Stylez, the first GPW Champion, taking on Paul London, former WWE, NWA TNA, and Zero-One star. Will the crafty champion find a way to keep his title, or will the talented London manage to overcome Stylez's tactics and become the new Genesis Pro Wrestling champion?

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Guest BriFidelity

After a disappointing showing in his first match and his general lack of skill, I cut my losses with Ian Knoxx. With television on the horizon, I need more than two full time wrestlers under written deals, so here comes the newest member of the GPW roster...

Shellshock [Face, Midcard, 16 Over, 80 Speed/Brawling] (Formerly Paul Burchill) -- Incredible worker, possibly the best on the very talented GPW roster, Shellshock will be the resident military man, a British-American Sgt. Slaughter for a new era. A hardnosed, take no crap from anyone babyface.

Shellshock makes his debut on this episode of Revolution, enjoy.

GPW Revolution, Episode 2

We drew a somewhat disappointing 61 paid for a $915 gate, it was the first time we had a smaller attendance on one show than we did for the show before it.

Vanessa King interviews Shellshock

Vanessa:Tonight, I'm with Shellshock, who is making his debut in GPW Tonight.

Shellshock: At ease, Ms. King.

Vanessa: You're going up against Ash Parker tonight. What makes you think that you can keep up with one of GPW's mainstays?

Shellshock: Discipline Ms. King. Pure, simple discipline. I do more before 9:00 AM than most wrestlers do all day. I work hard, I play hard, and most of all I fight hard.

Vanessa: Your opponent tonight, Ash Parker, has some... interesting theories about life. What do you think about him?

Shellshock: Mr. Parker has some issues, that's for sure. He blames others for his own shortcomings, that's not the way to go through life, but it's nothing a little old fashioned Military Discipline can't solve. Cadet Parker! It's time to fall in!

Vanessa: Shellshock is ready to make his debut. Jack, Bret, back to you.

Shellshock continued his march to ringside. Ash Parker was out next.

Overall: 56

Vanessa King gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Shellshock vs Ash Parker

After the bell, Shellshock took the fight to Parker, pummeling him with an onslaught of punches and kicks before whipping him into the ropes and knocking him over the top and out of the ring with a clothesline. Parker tried to slide in the ring, but Shellshock dropped a leg across Parker's back. Shellshock continued to dominate early, but Parker regained the edge when he surprised Shellshock with a powerful right hand and took the military man down with a DDT. Ash Parker got the advantage for good when he scooped Shellshock up and dropped him with the Ashes to Ashes for the three.

Post match, Shellshock punished himself for the loss by doing twenty push-ups on the outside.

Winner: Ash Parker

Quality: 80

Reaction: 31

Overall: 55

Dames: * 1/2

Bret Hart came to the ring to make an announcement

Bret: The Beginning of the End is just a few days away, and the GPW board of directors has taken steps over the past few days to ensure that we'll have an incredible show. One of those steps was to grant Chris Stylez interview time tonight. We gave Paul London time to speak his mind last week, so Chris Stylez will get the same consideration at the end of this program.

Bret: On to the event itself. We're proud to announce that we'll have two rematches from this program at the show. Shellshock's going to get another chance at Ash Parker, while Elliott Bumblebum will get a chance to go against Austin Pennington Jr, unless he can beat Chris Stylez. If Elliott wins the title, he'll face Paul London and Stylez will face Pennington.

Bret: Now for the most important news. Our two grudge matches -- Tony Kozina against Black Dragon and Casey and Smith against Reeves and Shelley, have been tainted by one man over the past four months. That's why Frederick Knight will NOT be permitted in the building!

That gets cheers from the crowd, who now know that Casey, Smith, and Dragon will have to win on their own merits.

Overall: 69

Bret Hart lost 2 points of overness from this segment

GPW Heavyweight Title Match -- Elliott Bumblebum vs "The Main Attraction" Chris Stylez©

Chris Stylez, apparently still smarting over getting pinned by Paul London, came out swinging. He backed Elliott into the corner, where he unloaded on him with a barrage of knees, fists,and elbow strikes before whipping Elliott across the ring into another set of turnbuckles, then ran across the ring and nailed Elliott with a spinning heel kick. The force of the kick sent Stylez up over the top rope, but the champion landed on the apron, then springboarded off, and dropped Bumblebum with a falling DDT.

Elliott did manage to mount a little bit of a comeback, weakening the champion and hitting Stylez with The Bumbleblaster for a two count. Unfortunately, Bumblebum couldn't keep the momentum going, as Stylez surprised him with a Samoan Drop and never looked back. Stylez finished by whipping Elliott into the turnbuckle, followed in with a clothesline, then climbed to the top while Elliott stumbled out. Stylez came off the top, hitting Bumblebum with the headliner for the pin.

After the match, Austin Pennington Jr. ran into the ring, where he pummeled Bumblebum, dropping him down with the Recession (Whirlwind Neckbreaker, a.k.a. The Testdrive) before security broke things up.

Winner, and still GPW Champion: Chris Stylez

Quality: 86

Reaction: 42

Overall: 64

Dames: **1/2

The GPW Heavyweight title has gained in image.

Interview with Chris Stylez

Chris Stylez grabbed the mic, then walked to the black wall with the GPW logo by the banner.

Stylez: I was at home in Philadelphia last week watching Revolution, and I had to sit through a disgusting interview with Paul London. I couldn't wait a week for the next show to come around to get my feelings out, so I took a friend and a camcorder and recorded a little sitdown of my own. Roll it.

Indeed, the show sloppily cut to footage apparently taken on a low grade digital video camera of Chris Stylez sitting on a car in a parking lot under a busy highway overpass. There was a small building behind him: Viking Hall, better known as ECW Arena.

Stylez: Last week Paul London sat down with Jamie and told the world a sad story about how he couldn't cut it in the WWE, and how he was out to win the GPW title to make himself feel better about being canned.

Stylez: Really Paul? You think this title is around to keep your confidence up? Let me tell you what it means to m -- it means that after years of toiling, making twenty dollars a night wrestling in front of a dozen people in a shoddy and unsafe ring, I have finally arrived. The GPW Title would make you feel better about yourself, but it's made me who I am today -- I was a tag wrestler who got cheap pops by acting like an alcoholic for alcoholic fans before GPW. Now I'm the Main Attraction.

Stylez: And I got here without having big name trainers. While you were studying under Funk and Michaels, I was being thrown around by a guy named Eddie Valentine in a run-down gym we had to share with cheerleaders. I didn't have the chances you had, but I've made the most of mine. I took every shortcut I could, and it has given me a place in this industry for the first time.

Stylez: So Paul, when you're fighting to get some self esteem back, I'll be fighting for my very identity. I'll see you at The Beginning of the End.

The video faded out to the GPW logo.

Overall: 55

Overall Rating: 59

Best Match: Stylez vs Bumblebum

Worst Match: Shellshock vs Parker

Best Segment: Bret Promo

Worst Segment: Parker vs Shellshock

We got another 0.0 Rating. Looks like the first run of GPW Revolution will only last six weeks. The show was good enough for another three percent boost in PI though, leaving us at 57%, which is good enough to put us ahead of the likes of Yankee Pro and Steel Domain Wrestling.

Up next, the most stacked show in GPW history: The Beginning of the End

Ash Parker vs Shellshock

The military man tries to do what he couldn't in his debut at Revolution: beat Ash Parker

Elliott Bumblebum vs Austin Pennington Jr.

Bumblebum picked up his first win against Pennington, which drew the ire of the privileged superstar, enticing him to attack Bumblebum after Elliott lost a GPW title match to Chris Stylez. They'll settle their differences at The Beginning of the End.

"Extreme" Tony Kozina vs Black Dragon

This feud started way back in the first match in GPW history, and could possibly come to an close here at the Beginning of the End. Remember, "The Legend" Frederick Knight is banned from the building.

JT Smith & Sean Casey vs Randy Reeves & Alex Shelley

Once again, Knight is banned from the building as Casey and Smith take on Reeves and Shelley. This one started after Smith and Casey tried to take out Alex Shelley, only to have Randy Reeves make the save. After two months of singles matches, these four will all meet at once.

GPW Heavyweight Title: Paul London vs Chris Stylez

The main event sees Chris Stylez, the first and only GPW Champion, taking on Paul London, former WWE, NWA TNA, and Zero-One star. Will the crafty champion find a way to keep his title, or will the talented London find a way to overcome Stylez's tactics to become the new Genesis Pro Wrestling champion?

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I like the new guys and I can deal with them jobbing. However I would have given Austin the promo time instead of Bumblebum to help set up his cocky arrogance.

Shellshock is an iffy name for a wrestler because that's the name of Alex Shelley's finisher.

The Paul London matches seem wrong to me. They just don't seem like Paul London's style. He does the waffle face but it's never been that big of a move in his repertoire. The modified trip DDT is really his secondary finisher plus a northern lights/northern lights/bridging fall away slam combo. That's my main complaint right now.

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Guest BriFidelity

I'm sorry if the intros led anyone to believe that Shellshock and Pennington were being brought in with an immediate megapush. While I do have big plans for at least one of them (don't want to reveal too much), I never wanted to push either one to the moon right out of the box. They will be a big part of GPW because they're under written contract, but the plan for the two TV shows going into BotE was to use the contract guys to put over the more over workers on open deals. Slowly, but surely, the contracted workers will definitely play a bigger role.

As for Shellshock's name, I may eventually expand it to Paul "Shellshock" Burchill, or just keep it as is, considering that Shelley's finisher in GPW is normally the Sharpshooter. Keep in mind that I never intended this to be a straight up indy simulation, hence the more sports entertainment, character driven cards with fewer matches and more interviews to build personalities. I also don't have my thumb on the pulse of the independent circuit, so I didn't really know about Paul London's moveset. Basically, the background stuff I did on him in the Jamie interview makes up about 95% of what I know about Paul London.

I'll take a bit of creative license with these guys from time to time, like I have with Stylez -- I don't even know if he came up through CZW's training school, but it made for a good story. And yes, CZW fans, I know that Jon Dahmer was the principal trainer at their school, but I accidentally put his VD teammate in the promo instead.

I'll definitely agree that Pennington should've gotten the mic time instead of Bumblebum, that was a rookie diary writer's mistake.

Thanks to everyone who has posted comments. Feedback, positive or negative, is always welcome. Now, onto the show.

GPW's The Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End's buildup brought people to the box office, 108 people to be exact and well over double our first crowd five months ago, for $2160 paid.

Dark Promo: Vanessa King interviews Ash Parker

Ash Parker was out to start the show, with Vanessa King directing traffic.

Vanessa: Tonight Ash Parker, you're in a rematch against the man you defeated just a few days ago on Revolution: Shellshock.

Parker: Yes... yes I am Vanessa. I'm pretty happy about it too.

Vanessa: Really? What makes you happy about fighting this newcomer?

Parker: Do I have to spell it out for you Vanessa? Shellshock, Shell, Turtle, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Donatello, Don, Don King. See? A rival promoter has brought this man into GPW to take me out!

Vanessa: So you're saying that Don King has brought Shellshock to GPW to take you out, thus hurting the promotion?

Parker: I'm not saying that's the case, but the evidence speaks for itself. That's why they sent this military guy after me, they know I know the truth!

Vanessa: There he is, the one and only Ash Parker! There's nobody on the planet quite like him.

Overall: 59

Vanessa King gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

Shellshock vs Ash Parker

Shellshock and Parker locked up, with Ash getting caught with a knee to the gut and Shellshock following up with a devastating European Uppercut. Shellshock whipped Parker into the ropes, followed him in and caught him with a knee to the gut, then fired Parker backward, slamming his head onto the canvas with a vicious thud. Hart and Douglas both noted that Shellshock was more aggressive than two nights before at Revolution, and that Ash Parker was in for a bigger fight than he thought.

A few minutes into the match, Shellshock backed Ash into the corner, where he pelted Parker with punches until Ash busted up a flurry with an elbow to the side of the head. Ash followed up with a double leg takedown, then propped his feet up onto the second ropes for leverage, but could still only manage a two count. While Shellshock tried to demonstrate to referee Mike Hunter that Parker was using the middle ropes, Ash snuck up from behind and clipped Shellshock's leg out from under him.

Shellshock continued to dominate until the ten minute mark, clearly frustrating Parker with his improved skills. Things went sour when Shellshock missed a flying clothesline and Parker trapped him in a Mahistrol cradle for two. Shellshock tried a clothesline when he got up, but Parker reached back, grabbed Shellshock by the head, and dropped quickly with a neckbreaker. Ash quickly picked Shellshock up, delivered the Ashes to Ashes, and made a cover with his feet on the ropes for leverage once more. This time, it was enough for a three. Post match, Ash Parker escaped, fortunate to get an underhanded win.

Winner: Ash Parker

Quality: 80


Overall: 56

Dames: *1/2

Interview with Austin Pennington Jr.

Pennington, one of the few wrestlers on my roster charismatic enough to cut a promo on his own, was next on the docket.

Pennington: I think Charles Dickens said it best: it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was nine days ago, on the first episode of GPW Revolution.

Pennington: I was a lot like you people in my youth -- unmovtivated, lazy, and pathetic -- but unlike all of you, I did something about it. Years upon years of training, learning from the masters in the most expensive wrestling schools, staffed with the finest coaches from here and abroad -- men who could have twisted Bret Hart or his father Stu into a pretzel, even when they were in their primes. I had the best instruction in the world -- luchadors from Mexico, the fathers of strong style in Japan, and Olympic-caliber American Freestyle Wrestlers, but it was all for naught because of one word.

Pennington: Bumblebum.

Obviously, the crowd broke into a spontaneous "Bumblebum" chant, Pennington sneered.

Pennington: Go ahead, chant! With the public education system the way it is, you should be proud of yourselves for finally using a word with more than two syllables!

The Bumblebum chant got louder.

Pennington: You filthy peons do not bother me, for tonight I am vindicated. Tonight, I will prove to the world that Austin Pennington Jr. is the best wrestler money can buy.

Having pissed the crowd off sufficiently, Pennington walked backstage.

Overall: 54

Austin Pennington Jr. gained 3 points of overness from this segment.

"Extreme" Tony Kozina vs Black Dragon

The two speediest men on the GPW roster faced off once more, with Kozina taking a quick advantage after a barrage of kicks followed up by a jumping neckbreaker. Kozina continued his blinding offensive with a quick sequence of dropkick, armdrag, hurricanrana, and roundhouse kick. Kozina's onslaught brought Dragon to the ground and Kozina to the top, where he came off with a swanton bomb for a quick two, almost ending the match before it started.

The match didn't end, however, as Dragon eventually took control, wearing down Kozina with vicious side kicks to the legs, hobbling the extreme sports enthusiast significantly. About eight minutes into the match, Dragon began a series of moves with "dragon" in the title -- first taking him down with a Dragon screw before locking on a full nelson and driving Kozina's head into the canvas with a Dragon Suplex before ultimately locking on a Dragon sleeper.

Kozina managed to escape, prolonging the match for another six minutes, featuring Kozina getting the advantage only to have Dragon take out Kozina's legs. The finish saw Kozina come out of the corner with a Tornado DDT, then go to the top for his Maximum Vert (high angle moonsault). Dragon's legwork paid off when Kozina's leg buckled on the top, sending him falling backward onto the mat, allowing Black Dragon time to come off the top with the Shooting Star Press for a clean three.

Winner: Black Dragon

Quality: 94


Overall: 64

Dames: ***

Interview with Alex Shelley and Randy Reeves (w/Jamie)

Jamie: Hi everyone!

A bunch of fans yelled back, screaming "Hi Jamie!"

Jamie: I was never been more scared in my life than I was two months ago when JT Smith and Alex Shelley almost broke Alex's neck, I was pretty shook up after that. What's worse is that Alex went to the doctor to make sure everything was ok afterward, and this doctor was talking about his C6 and C7. Well, I didn't think it was a proper time to be talking about battleship.

Bless her heart, she means well, but she's not very bright. Good thing her and Casey are on opposite sides of the heel/face fence, her stupidity and his tendency to not get the details right would be chaos on the mic.

Shelley: Smith, Casey, the two of you have been hiding behind Frederick Knight's interference since GPW opened its doors, but you can't hide tonight. You've disgraced this company with the way you've handled yourselves. Smith, the way you beat me last month was downright insulting.

Shelley: You beat me straight up, I'll have to live with that. But to blind me with pepper spray, what does that prove? All it proves is that your evil is outweighed only by your cowardice, and I can't respect that. I can't respect either of you. All I can do is lead by example, and Randy and I will do that tonight by beating the two of you the right way, the honorable way.

Randy: I could go off on a rant about these punks, but I can do it so much better with a song. Hit it!

A karaoke version of Guns N Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle" started up, and Rockin' Randy got ready to belt out another one.

Got bad news for Smith and Casey

You're in for a long, hard night

Tried to injure Alex Shelley

Well, tonight you pay the price

You don't break another man's neck

It's a tried and true taboo

If you think the winners will be JT and Casey

You don't have a clue

Tonight ol' Randy

And his buddy Alex Shelley

Will have them b-b-b-b-b-begging on their knees, knees!

Sure as sweet Jamie

Is one fine lookin' lady

They'll be b-b-b-b-b-beggin on their knees, knees!

Get ready to watch them bleed!

Overall: 67

Jamie gained 1 point of overness from this segment. Alex Shelley gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Austin Pennington Jr. vs Elliott Bumblebum

Austin and Elliott locked up to start, with Austin bringing Elliott down into a headlock, quickly doing a standing switch into a hammerlock, then dropping down into a drop toe hold and shifting upward and applying a front face lock. Elliott powered his way upward, then backed Austin into the corner, ramming him spine first into the turnbuckle to break the hold. Elliott found the openings in Austin's defenses with lefts and rights, then brought Austin out of the corner with a Monkey Flip.

Pennington continued to dominate most of the match, using underhanded tactics when he had to, but generally getting by on speed and grappling skills. Bumblebum managed to escape a Cobra Clutch about eight minutes in, elbowing out and going for a bodyslam, but Pennington slid behind Bumblebum's back, grabbing an inverted front facelock on the way down, and spun through with The Recession for a clean and impressive (not to mention rather quick) pinfall victory.

Winner: Austin Pennington Jr.

Quality: 85


Overall: 62

Dames: **1/4

Bret Hart Looks to the Future

Bret: I know everyone's excited about the last two matches tonight. Sean Casey and JT Smith are going to face the music, pardon the pun, against Reeves and Shelley, and then we have the big GPW Title match.

Bret: Beyond that, we have Natural Selection next month, where we'll be keeping the new GPW champion busy. The champion, be it Paul London or Chris Stylez, will face the winner of a four man, one night tournament to be held next Friday on Revolution. I'm not going to announce all four participants yet, but one of them, based on his impressive victory earlier tonight, will be Black Dragon.

Bret: Call me an optimist, but I hope Black Dragon learned a lesson tonight, he really showed me something special, but we'll see what he's really made of next Friday night. Dragon, you don't need Frederick Knight to help you out, you can do it on your own.

Overall: 72

Sean Casey and JT Smith vs Alex Shelley and Randy Reeves

Reeves and Smith started off, Smith tried to offer a handshake, but Randy refused, leading JT to get on the mic and lament, saying "That's the problem with this generation, no respect." While JT was on the stick, Randy Reeves charged toward him, opening up on JT like a house of fire, pounding him with kicks and punches while the crowd gleefully cheered him on. His initial emotional outburst over, Randy launched into one of his favorite spots, taking down JT with a short clothesline, then slapping on a short arm scissors. Randy managed to slither backward into his own corner while keeping the hold locked. Randy reached up and tagged Shelley, who came off the top, driving a knee into JT Smith's ribcage.

The back and forth action continued on for a while, with neither team getting a firm advantage until the twelve minute mark, when Sean Casey hit the "Death Valley Driver" on Randy for 2 & 3/4. Casey stayed on target, lifting Reeves up in a Fireman's carry, then swinging him around with a TKO for another two count. Casey brought Reeves into the corner, where he tagged out to JT Smith. Smith continued the pounding, dropping Reeves with a hanging vertical suplex and applying an Argentinean Backbreaker.

Randy eventually came back, mounting enough of a rally to put his team in control for most of the latter stages of the match. Twenty minutes in, Shelley tried to lock Casey in the Sharpshooter, but Casey kicked him off into the corner, kipped up, then took Shelley over with a Monkey Flip. Casey followed up with a neckbreaker, trying once more to damage Shelley's neck. Casey hit his second "DVD" (really a Fisherman's Buster) for a two, then tagged out to Smith. Smith tagged out to Casey, then lifted Alex up in piledriver formation. Casey came off the top and spiked Shelley.

Douglas: My God!

Hart: This is not good Jack. Not good at all.

Shelley fell in a heap, not moving a muscle. Casey covered the lifeless Alex Shelley for the easy three. After the match, Randy Reeves and Jamie rushed into the ring, checked Shelley, then called for a doctor. A medical crew was summoned out, carefully placing Shelley on a stretcher and wheeling him out. Shelley managed to give a thumbs up gesture before disappearing behind the curtain.

Winners: Sean Casey & JT Smith

Quality: 86


Overall: 69

Dames: **3/4

GPW Heavyweight Title Match: Paul London vs "The Main Attraction" Chris Stylez

The GPW title match started off with London getting an early advantage by tying up with Stylez, working his way into the corner, then pasting the champ with chops that turned his chest a bright shade of red. Stylez came back with a thumb to the eye, then pulled London into the corner and popped the challenger with chops of his own. Stylez went for one chop too many though, with the last one being caught by London, who pulled Stylez into him. It looked like London was going for a Russian Legsweep, but he went forward, flinging Stylez's face into the turnbuckle.

Stylez managed to mount a comeback soon after, hitting a high knee and trapping London in a small package for a one count, then following up with a Michinoku Driver for two. Stylez kept the pressure on, locking London in an abdominal stretch, making sure to grab the ropes whenever referee Mike Hunter wasn't looking. London finally managed to escape when he broke free of the grapevine on his leg, then brought Stylez over with a hiptoss.

The fifteen minute mark saw a large stretch of match dominated by the champion, with Stylez managing to keep one step ahead of his challenger. London tried his trademark Dropsault, but Stylez saw the move coming, sidestepped the dropkick, then drove London's face in the mat with an X-Factor as he tried to land on his stomach. Stylez turned London onto his back, dragged him over to the corner, then came off with a Split Legged Moonsault for two.

Shockingly, Stylez's first attempt at major cheating didn't come until about twenty minutes into the match, when he pulled out a set of brass knuckles. Stylez swung with the knucks, but London ducked and rose with the dropsault. Mike Hunter saw the knucks, but just took them off of Stylez and threw them away instead of ruining a major title match by calling for the DQ. London went to the top rope, but missed the London Calling.

Twenty five minutes in, London caught Stylez in a double chicken wing, then dropped him with a bridging Tiger Suplex for a two count. London picked Stylez off the mat and went for a Tiger Driver, but Knoxx countered with a hurricanrana. With London down, Stylez climbed to the top rope, leaping off when London got up.

Douglas: Headliner! Chris Stylez hit the headliner!

Stylez covered London, hooking the leg, possibly three seconds away from proving the critics wrong by scoring a clean pin on the vaunted Paul London.




No, the shoulder went up at the last second!

The fight continued on for another five minutes, when Stylez got London in position for another Headliner. However, London was playing possum, turned around, and drove Stylez into the mat with a power bomb as the champ tried for his top rope Rocker Dropper. London pulled Stylez out toward the center of the ring, then went to the top rope, where he hit the London Calling!




The crowd went wild as Mike Hunter gave Paul London the GPW Heavyweight Title. London cradled the belt like it was a newborn child.

Winner, and new GPW Heavyweight Champion: Paul London

Quality: 79


Overall: 64

Dames: **

Just after the show finished, I made a few phone calls and hired a pair of writers, Arn Loeb and Aaron Leblanc, to see if we can get Revolution up to .01 rating. Plus, Bret will able to get more involved with angles coming into the mix.

Next Update: Brian and Sophie talk business.

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