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The Cat Empire

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What's your opinion on the band The Cat Empire?

Bedouin Soundclash was in town a few nights ago, and I had bought my mum tickets for mother's day, The Cat Empire played first and they were absolutely fucking incredible. They were there the next night also, played 2 sets for free thanks to the Jazz Fest.

Yeah so, The Cat Empire aren't too big over in these parts(Canada) but I've heard they've got some popularity down under and was wondering what anyone else thought of them.

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I'm a pretty big fan of their sound, it's got a habit of putting you in a good mood. They've met with a fair bit of success down here, most notably with 'Hello, Hello'.

They're not my favourite Aussie act (an honour reserved for The Herd), but they do some pretty good stuff. Good to see them meeting with some recognition abroad.

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