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Chappelle's Show - Lost Episodes

Riceman 4K

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George W.....Smith he ran for local in California....you probably wouldn't know him. The wheelchair throwing and the baby kick was hilarious. Hopefully they're all like this. It's a shame he won't do more after seeing how well this premiere probably did.

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What's the whle deal anyway. I know he quit and all but did he ever give a reason. It was an ok show but it didn't feel the same. Sad realy Chappelle's Show was my favorite show when it was on . I have season 1 on dvd and will be gettting season 2 soon

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In all honesty, I did not expect to like it. The appearances of guest hosts started a downward slide for me, but I'll be damned if some of the skits weren't hilarious. To me, a lot of the humor comes from the satirical look at fortune and fame is such a breath of fresh air from everything I get shoved down my throat every time I pass by VH1, MTV, or have some tard next to me at the red light blasting generic rap song #57.

Note that I have no animosity towards rap music, so long as it brings originality to the table. I hold it to the same regard I hold all music.

I hope the skits remain as funny as they were on the premiere, because it can ultimately gives a nice reminder to all parties involved that the show can both portray the humor Comedy Central wanted and the messages Dave wanted to convey.

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How can you guys hate on Charlie Murphy?


Nothing agains the elder Murphy, but the usage of guest hosts just seemed...odd. Like they were doing it to acknowledge that Dave wasn't arond, without coming right out and talking about it on-air. I'd rather them have avoided the situation completely and simply aired the sketches.

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