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"The Office: The Accountants", the Webisodes


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From Wikipedia, so I don't need to muster the creativity to describe it:

NBC announced on March 16, 2006 that there will be ten original, stand-alone webisode shorts on NBC.com during the Summer 2006. They first aired on NBC.com on July 13 and will conclude on September 4. Major characters Michael, Jim and Pam do not appear in these episodes. Instead, the focus is on the three members of the accounting department; Oscar, Angela and Kevin, as they try to find $3000 missing from the office budget. Dwight will have a cameo appearance.
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As much as I like American Office, I'm still not very big on these yet. They usually have one gag that makes me chuckle and not much else.

That being said, I'm sure one of the future ones will have Creed and it will be awesome because Creed is possibly my favorite character from either incarnation of the show.

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American comedies either get it right or awful. I've never actually seen the American office, but there was nothing even remotely worthy of even a smile besides the 'beer' exchange in the last one "Ooh, I like red stripe"..."So do I".

I've never seen the American Office. I'm not going to turn this into an America vs British comedy thread, because I can't be bothered with it. I just didn't like the shorts at all. With something like this, it's vital to cram as many gags in as possible, and they just don't do it.

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I agree entirely. That's the inherent problem that they have here; they're trying to do what they do with the actual show in four minutes and it doesn't work. And even then the jokes just aren't up to par.

The show itself, once you get past the first episode which is a complete knockoff of the original's first episode, is good and at times excellent (the sexual harrassment episode was brilliant, as was the finale of the second season). But this really just coasts and is using the wrong formula entirely.

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