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Vengeance Championship Wrestling

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I had been a regular at the Davis Arena since OVW started, and I had the priveledge of watching many future WWE stars learn their trade; names like Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, Batista, John Cena and more. I was there every single week, come rain or shine. During my time as a fan, I got the chance to get to know several of the OVW stars, including Promoter/Booker Jim Cornette, a true wrestling legend whose vision was revolutionising the local wrestling scene. I eventually started working for cornette, not just behind the scenes at OVW, but at his house, doing oddjobs and yard work. Cornette is a fascinating man, and a joy to watch at home and in wrestling, and I learned the business from observing him.

When the unthinkable happened, Cornette was fired by the WWE, I knew that I was never going back to OVW. I continued to work for Cornette at home and got to see him away from the business, itching to get back into it. As I finished up one day, we got talking and he told me that he planned to promote shows again. I told him that it was an excellent idea, and I'd help in any way I could. VCW was born.

From that moment on, the yard work was very much on the back burner as we began planning shows. We rented a warehouse for the shows, bought a ring and installed bleachers for the fans. By the end of June 2006, the VCW arena was ready. We printed posters for the debut show, which we scheduled for August 5th. Then it came down to a matter of hiring the talent.

"One of my reasons for starting this promotion was revenge," said Cornette, "Revenge for being so unceremoniously fired from WWE after all I've done for them. I want to take the guys that Vince so carelessly discards in the future and turn them against him. I've ordered the new VCW title belt form Reggie Parks, it should arrive before the end of the week. I've been told that Vince is planning to trim the roster in the next week or so. I want EVERYONE. We're going to show him the error of his judgement!"

I kept my computer logged on to WWE.com for all the latest news of releases. The first came on August 2nd. I had three days to put the VCW roster together.


VCW Live! - The Debut Show

Saturday 5th August 2006

Louisville, KY

Back... With a Vengeance.

[The show begins with Jim Cornette making his way to the ring, microphone in one hand, shaking the hands of various fans with the other.]

Jim Cornette: "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for coming out tonight. You've taken a big gamble on me tonight, you came out to see my show in spite of the fact that not one person had been named to appear on the poster. You came along to see this show based on the 'Jim Cornette presents...' on the marquee. That's why I love Louisville, Kentucky. You never, ever lost faith in me. Now let's look back nearly one year, just across town, in the Davis Arena. I was involved in an incident that I'm not exaclty proud of, and it lead to me being fired by Vincent Kennedy McMahon from my job at Ohio Valley Wrestling. I gave more than 6 years of my life to OVW, creating stars for the WWE. I gave decades more to the WWE and ot this business. And I got fired, handed my pink slip, over a minor incident that nobody would've batted an eyelid at 10 years ago.

"When you watch on Monday and Friday nights, you're watching stars I taught, that I helped to develop. John Cena, Randy Orton, Dave Batista, each of them now a World champion. Each of them learned their trade at OVW. Brock Lesnar, another former World Champion on two continents, learned this business at Ohio Valley Wrestling under my tuteledge. I've created dozens of stars that have earned Vinny Mac millions of dollars, and the thanks I get is being fired?

"Well, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, you made your choice. You chose to piss on me from a great height. You fucked me over just like you fucked over each and every one of the great young stars that now form the VCW roster. Well, your actions have consequences, Vinny. Your decision to fire me, and everyone else in VCW is about to turn around and bite you square in your jumped-up, silver spoon fed ass. You signed up each and every one of the guys on the VCW roster to developmental contracts because you thought they could be turned into stars only to turn round to the same people you so brazenly praised ot their face six months earlier and slap them in it. Well, each and every one of them is pissed, Vinny. They were promised a shot at glory and, by God, I'm going to give it to them. And that's the last goddamned thing I've got to say to or about you, you egotistical, clueless asshole.

"I apologize for that outburst, ladies and gentlemen, I had to get it off of my chest and that'll be the last vulgarity you hear from me. On to tonight. Tonight, we begin the long hard road to crowning the first-ever VCW Heavyweight Champion. All 42 members of the VCW roster are waiting in the back, 16 of them are going to get their chance at glory. In this tombola, I have the names of every single one of them, wrestlers, managers, males and females. And I'm going to draw the brackets for the first 16 live tonight. So without any further ado, let's get on with the first match:

[Cornette spins the tombola and draws out the first name]

"The first man drawn in the first match in VCW history is... CM Punk!

[Cornette spins the tombola and draws again]

"And he'll be going one-on-one with one half of the Thrillseekers, Matt Cappotelli! Enjoy the show ladies and gentlemen!"


VCW Heavyweight Title Tournament

CM Punk vs. Matt Cappotelli

CM Punk dominated this match, but Cappotelli showed signs of being a threat to Punk. He seemed lost in the ring in singles competition without Johnny Jeter to tag out to. CM Punk wins with the Devil's Lock DDT.


Cornette: "Next up... Shawn Daivari versus... The son of the British Bulldog, Harry Smith!"

VCW Heavyweight Title Tournament

Shawn Daivari vs. Harry "Bulldog" Smith

Freed from pretending to be a Middle Eastern terrorist/manager, Shawn Daivari went all out to try and leave a lasting inpression on the Louisville fans, coming desperately close to winning the match on several occasions. A clash in styles spoiled this match somewhat, so both men will be looking to prove they can do better in future. Harry "Bulldog" Smith advances to face CM Punk next week, pinning Daivari following a Brainbuster.


Cornette: "Who have we got next? It's... The Masterpiece - Chris Masters. Now who will he be facing tonight?... It's Sargeant Bobby 'Blaster' Lashley!"

VCW Heavyweight Title Tournament

"The Masterpiece" Chris Masters vs. Bobby Lashley

These two young powerhouses clashed violently in the ring in an all out brawl, Not a technical masterpiece, no pun intended, but with two smashmouth stars in the ring, you couldn't expect anything else. Chris Masters wins, after countering the Dominator with a chain-wrapped fist to the head of Lashley, followed by a roll up with his feet on the ropes.


Cornette: "Three down, five to go, who's next?... It's another tag specialist... Mike Shane! His opponent will be... Al Snow!"

VCW Heavyweight Title Tournament

Mike Shane vs. Al Snow

Much like Matt Cappotelli in the opener, Mike Shane looked lost in singles action. Giving up both technical ability and experience to Al Snow, it doesn't take a genius to figure out who came out of this mis-match of styles on top. Al Snow wins after making Shane tap with the Beast Choker.


Cornette: "That's one half of next week's show decided. Let's find out who will be in the other half. Out first... Trevor Murdoch. So it's the Texas redneck Murdoch versus... the British monster, Paul Burchill!"

VCW Heavyweight Title Tournament

Trevor Murdoch vs. Paul Burchill

Two men who have recently received a lot of exposure on Raw & Smackdown respectively didn't deliever the good as well as they should've. Worse still, they managed to garner no crowd reaction from this one whatsoever, much like the Masters-Lashley match. Perhaps nobody in Louisville watches the WWE? Paul Burchill takes home the victory and stays in the tournament after hitting a sloppy looking C4, which wasn't helped by Murdoch virtually refusing to sell it, or at all during the match


Cornette: "Just three matches left to draw. Up next... Johnny Swinger! Who will he draw?... It's the other Thrillseeker, Johnny Jeter!"

VCW Heavyweight Title Tournament

Johnny Swinger vs. Johnny Jeter

The first match of the night to produce any real flashes of quality, helped by the similar styles of Swinger and Jeter, and perhaps a saving grace for the show as a whole. Jeter thankfully didn't suffer the same problems as his partner, adapting well to singles competition and missing out on getting the win because the referee was out cold. In attempting to revive the ref, he left himself open to the Swing Thing, and the referee recovered just enough to count the pin fall.


Cornette: "That was one hell of a match... Next, it's Todd Shane, hopefully he'll have better luck than his brother against... Oh my Lord - it's 'The World's Largest Love Machine' - 300-plus pounds of Big Vis!"

VCW Heavyweight Title Tournament

Todd Shane vs. Viscera

Anyone expecting this match to be a classic was to be disappointed, but the Shane twins had a plan to try and counter the massive size of Big Vis, as Mike Shane ran in and hit Vis with a chair while Todd had the referee distracted, allowing Todd Shane to roll him up for the 1...2...3. But another referee came to ringside and explained to the ref what happened, causing him to call for a DQ victory for Viscera. Outraged, the Shane Twins beat down on Viscera until Al Snow and Head ran in for the save.


Cornette: "I've heard that cheaters never prosper, but I've never known cheaters to get Head! One match left to draw. Who goes on to face Viscera? Could it be this man... Jerry "The King" Lawler?... Or will it be his opponent... Son of a gun. Or should I say "Son of the Superfly?" It's Jimmy Snuka's boy, Deuce Shade!"

VCW Heavyweight Title Tournament

Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Deuce Shade

Wrestling legend vs. the son of a wrestling legend should have produced a real old-school wrestling classic, and it wasn't far away. Shade looked like a real main-event star of the future, but he couldn't overcome the experience of The King and left himself wide open to fall victim to the Piledriver. Lawler moves on to face Viscera next week.


Overall Rating: 46%

Attendance: 667

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The Sunday Morning Meeting

Cornette and I agreed that we would meet over brunch every Sunday morning to discuss the week's shows. After the poor quality of the previous night's show, I wasn't looking forward to it...

Cornette: "What the hell was that? Last night's show was the most God-awful show I have ever seen. And I watched Vince Russo book Nitro!"

Me: "What do you expect? We did draw the matches at random. Just thank God we got a handful of the guys we wanted in there."

Cornette: "I knew we should've rigged the draw..."

Me: "It was your idea to do it legit. Look at the positives... There are a couple of matches that should come off okay for next week. Punk vs. Bulldog should be a good match and I'm betting that Burchill vs. Swinger will be something special. Lawler and Vis have wrestled each other hundreds of times and if anyone can drag a decent match out of Masters, it's Al Snow."

Cornette: "You're right. What else should we do next week?"

Me: "I was thinking perhaps we could throw in a women's match, Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James and use the rest of the time to do some promos, start getting some of the other guys over with the crowd."

Cornette: "Sounds like a plan. Who do you want to give promo time to?"

Me: "I'm thinking maybe we should team up Ken Doane and Nick Mitchell and give them some time..."

Cornette: "After the Spirit Squad? I thought the idea was to save these guys form the shitty gimmicks they've had to endure?"

Me: "I'm not talking Kenneeee! and Miiitch! - I'm talking just plain old Ken and Nick. Team them up with Kenny Bolin and it can be the rebirth of Bolin Services. We've only got two tag teams, what harm can forming another do?"

Cornette: "You're right, and if anyone can get those two over, it's Kenny Bolin."

Me: "I'm also thinking we give Punk a minute or two before his match, let him really grab the crowd with his promo skills. Perhaps have Maria interview Miz"

Cornette: "Do we have to? I like Miz and everything, but that Hoo-Rah shit just makes my skin crawl..."

Me: "Yeah, but he's over with the kids. We should probably send The Boogeyman out there, too. Just don't hit me if I laugh..."

Cornette: "I've still got my tennis racket, you know..."

[Nothing much happened over the rest of brunch]

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VCW Live!

Saturday 12th August 2006

Louisville, KY

Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James

A wise man once said that all women truly hate each other, and this match proved it. These two women started out with no previous history between them. This wrestling match quickly degenerated into an uncontrollable brawl, leading to the referee DQing both of them and declaring it a draw. But that wasn't enough to stop them fighting, as they brawled all the way to the back and out of sight.


CM Punk comes out to the ring for his match with a microphone in ring. He looks like he has something to say before his match.

Punk: "Last week, I disposed of one half of the Thrillseekers, Matt Cappotelli. And in doing so I got the only thrill that ever seek. I got a victory in the ring. You see, I don't get my thrills from drink; I don't get my thrills from drugs. I get my thrills from wrestling. Now only three men stand between me and my one true destiny, the only thing I have to aspire to. Three men stand between me and the VCW Title. So, Harry Smith, get your ass down to the ring and let me show you why 'Straight Edge' means that I'm better than you!"


Heavyweight Title Tournament: Quarter Final

CM Punk vs. Harry "Bulldog" Smith

This match was arguably the most anticipated of the night, and it proved to be justly so, trumping any of the previous week's matches. Not quite a technical classic, but it kept the crowd entertained as Punk and Smith battled hard to try and advance to the Semi-Finals. With pure wrestling failing to give either man any true advantage, Punk took advantage of a ref bump to hit Harry Smith with brass knuckles. The referee recovered just in time to administer the three count.


The arena lights went red, and The Boogeyman's voice is heard throughout the arena.

Boogeyman: "Tick, tock... tick, tock... muahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ha hahahahahahahahahahahahah... I'm The Boogeyman... and I'm coming to getcha! Muahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..."


Heavyweight Title Tournament: Quarter Final

"The Masterpiece" Chris Masters vs. Al Snow

The Masterpiece came down to the ring looking confident, but Snow came out all fired up and dominated his larger opponent. Masters struggled to get any kind of offence in at all as Snow just beat down on him, completing the humiliation in just 4 minutes by hitting the Snow Plow for the victory.


Maria Kanellis comes to the ring to interview Mike Mizannin, who races his way to the ring, typically over-excited.

Maria: "Miz, welcome to VCW! Now you know there's one thing we've all been dying to know... Why do they call you The Miz?"

Miz: [Looks confused] "Well, Maria, because my name is Mike Mizannin. You know... Miz-annin?" Anyway, that's not why The Miz is in Louisville tonight, Maria. The Miz is here to tell you all that tonight is the beginning of your Reality Check! That's right. You all know me as the happy, smiley face of the WWE's diva search, but I'm here to show you all that I know how to wrestle. That's why, next week, right here in Louisville, I'm going to be offering an open challenge to anybody who wants their reality checked. HOO-RAH!


Heavyweight Title Tournament: Quarter Final

Johnny Swinger vs. Paul Burchill

Going into this match, many expected Swinger to come out with a win, but his experience was no match for the strength of Burchill. Burchill spent the match just beating down his smaller opponent, mercifully ending it quickly by hitting the C4 for the win, leaving medics to check on Swinger's condition. Swinger was stretchered out with his neck braced as a precautionary measure.


Kenny Bolin comes out, leading his two charges, Doane and Mitchell, to the ring.

Bolin: "For those of you who don't know who I am, I am Kenny Bolin, owner and proprietor of Bolin Services. These two strapping young men are my clients, Ken Doane and Nick Mitchell, two men who will soon establish themselves as the greatest tag team in professional wrestling history. You see, I am the manager of champions and these two men have a lot of gold in their futures. So watch out VCW, because Bolin Services are taking over!"


Heavyweight Title Tournament: Quarter Final

Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Viscera

These two veterans have clashed hundreds of times in the past and this one was nothing less than, to quote Gordon Solie, a pier 6 brawl. Not a match for the purists, but nobody was expecting it to be and both men were left battered and bloody by the end. Lawler got the win, shocking the crowd by lifting Viscera for a huge piledriver.


Overall Rating: 59%

Attendance: 630

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The Sunday Morning Meeting

Cornette: "Well, the show was better this week, but the attendance was down. I think we lost some people with the first show. We really need to pull out all the stops next week."

Me: "With what we've got planned this week, we should produce one hell of a show. We've got The Miz and his open challenge, which should be great if we pick the right man to face him. And we've got the two semi-finals, they should be great. Which reminds me, I think we need to get a psychiatrist for CM Punk. He' not quite right upstairs..."

Cornette: "How do you mean?"

Me: "Well, you know how the tournament has panned out so that the semi-finals have Punk vs. Al Snow? [Cornette nods] Well, he came to me after the show and complained about the match with Harry Smith, said they didn't click - which I can't deny - and asked for a match with, yes, you've guessed it - Al Snow."

Cornette: "He might not need a psychiatrist quite yet; he might just be one stupid son of a bitch... Talking of which, the crowds aren't reacting to Jerry Lawler the way we hoped, so we should send Punk & Snow on last."

Me: "I was thinking the same thing. We should crown some tag champs, as well. We've only got three regular teams, not enough for a tournament, but what I was thinking is we could have a qualifying match to find a fourth team to put in a mini-tournament. What do you think?"

Cornette: "You want random teams? No chance."

Me: "I wasn't thinking random. We've got a few guys who have other wrestlers in their families. Why don't we play off that? Bring a relative and challenge for the title. We'll put two of the teams in a match to preview on Saturday, and announce the other two."

Cornette: "Who are you thinking?"

Me: "Well, for Saturday, Jerry Lawler could bring both his sons as a team, and we could put them against Mikey Batts and his cousin..."

Cornette: "Batts has a cousin in the business?"

Me: "As I was saying, Mikey Batts and his cousin... Billy Kidman"

Cornette: "Who else would be in this 'qualifying match', just those two teams?"

Me: "Well, we've got a team of brothers, and one of cousins. Why don't we use the father-son team of Deuce Shade and Jimmy Snuka [Cornette nods again] and Harry Smith could bring one of his uncles... Bruce Hart or Jim Neidhart..."

Cornette: "It's your choice. We'll probably get a better match using Bruce, but the crowd are more likely to recognize Jim."

Me: "I'll get to work on it right away..."

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The Dreaded Midweek Phone Call

Me: "Jim, we've got a problem. Kevin Lawler just checked into rehab."

Cornette: "Oh crap. It's okay, we'll work around it, I'll find Brian a new partner, he'll be there Saturday."


VCW Live!

Saturday 19th August

Louisville, KY

Beth Phoenix & The Thrillseekers vs. Mickie James & The Shane Twins

This week's show opened with Beth Phoenix and Mickie James trying to get the upper hand over one another in a six-person inter-gender tag team match. From the moment Mickie introduced her partners she looked to have the winning formula over her opponent, as the two heavyweight powerhouses known as The Shane Twin would surely trump the cruiserweight Thrillseekers. But the speed and tenacity of the former OVW Tag Team Champions proved too much to deal with for the Shane Twins, while Beth Phoenix once again proved more than a match for Mickie James. Much to the chagrin of her nemesis, Phoenix was proved to have outsmarted her rival when Johnny Jeter hit Mike Shane with the Spinning Heel Kick and covered him for the three count.


Jim Cornette made his way to the ring to a massive reaction from the crowd. The buzz of anticipation could be felt in the air as he took a microphone in hand, ready to address them.

Cornette: "For the last two weeks, you have been watching and, I hope, enjoying a tournament to crown the first VCW Heavyweight Champion and we're down to the last four men in the tournament: Paul Burchill, CM Punk, Al Snow and Jerry "The King" Lawler. Tonight, we'll discover who the last two men in the tournament will be. Which leads me on to my next announcement: As of next week, ladies and gentlemen, Vengeance Championship Wrestling will be going out live, every week, on Pay Per View! The fans in the VCW Arena are amazing and now we're all going to be seen all over the United States on Pay Per View every for the low price of $9.95!

"But that's not the only announcement I have to make. Over the next few weeks, we will begin the hunt for our first-ever Tag Team Champions. However, as you may have noticed, there are only three regular teams in VCW. So tonight, we begin our hunt to find a fourth team, leading to a one-night mini-tournament two weeks from now. What I can tell you is that the four teams competing for the fourth spot will be made up of relatives, and you'll meet three of them tonight. You were scheduled to meet all four, but Kevin Lawler went and put himself in rehab, leaving his brother Brian high and dry. The original plan for tonight was for you all to receive a preview ahead of next week, with the Lawler Brothers to face..."

The music of Brian Lawler - a vaguely hip-hop remix of his father's familiar entrance music - fills the arena as he makes his way to the ring.

Lawler: "Cornette, never you fear. When I heard Kevin left you in a hole, I took the liberty of making alternate arrangements. I do have a partner here tonight and we're more than ready to take on anybody you might have in mind. He's not a relative, but he is like a brother to me. So what was it you had in mind?"

Cornette: "If you'd just held fire before interrupting me, you'd have found that out already. I'll let you have your new partner while your brother gets rid of his demons, and tonight, the two of you can go two on two with Mikey Batts..."

Lawler: "Mikey Batts? Who in the hell is Mikey Batts? Who's he teaming with? His brother Baseball? His sister..."

Cornette: "If you stopped interrupting me, you'd already have the answers to your questions you moron. You're going to face Mikey Batts and his cousin, the former WWE and WCW Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman! So if I were you, Lawler, I would drop the god-damned attitude, grow up, get serious and get ready for your match. Now you'd do well to get out of my sight before I do what your daddy never had the balls to do, and take you to the wood shed myself!"


The Miz's Open Challenge

Mike Mizannin makes his was to the ring for his open challenge, but comes out with a microphone ready to talk to the crowd.

The Miz: "Last week, I came out here and laid out an open challenge to anyone in VCW to come out here and get their reality checked. Well, I'm here and I'm ready. So let's find out who is about to make the biggest Miz-take of his career. HOO-RAH!"

Some familiar music plays and the crowd immediately erupt into a rapture of boos. Miz looks terrified; the man making his way to the ring clearly isn't someone he wants to face.

Mike Mizannin vs. "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters

The Miz looked like he didn't want to face The Masterpiece, and this match showed why. Masters, enraged after his humiliating loss to Al Snow last week, just laid into Miz, leaving him such a battered and bloody mess that by the time Masters applied The Masterlock, Mizannin didn't have enough energy left to tap out and passed out instead, giving Chris Masters a submission victory.


As The Miz was being carried out by medics, Deuce Shade came out to address the crowd.

Shade: "When I got the phone call this week from Jim Cornette, saying he was offering people the chance to choose a relative to team with and compete for the final slot in the tag team title tournament, my eyes lit up. You see, when I came to VCW, when I accepted the contract with this company, I did it because it was a second chance to establish my family’s legacy in the big time. So when this shot came together, I knew exactly what I had to do. I called up my father and I said 'Dad, I want to win the VCW Tag Team Titles and I want you as my partner.' So he ummed and ahhed for the best part of last week and he called me back last night from the airport to say that he was on his way to Louisville, Kentucky. So without any further ado, I would like to accept the invitation to try and win my place in the Tag Title tournament, and introduce you all to my tag team partner, my father, "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka!"

The familiar music of the Superfly played throughout the arena and Jimmy Snuka came out. The father and son duo played to the crowd for a while before leaving the ring.


Heavyweight Title Tournament: Semi-Final

Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Paul Burchill

The King came out, typically over-confident, and arrogantly under-estimated his young opponent. He offered Burchill a free shot at him and, much to the delight of the crowd, flattened Lawler with one punch. Realising he was in a war that he wasn't prepared for, Lawler took advantage of Burchill's playing to the crowd to get a cheap shot in from behind, beating down on Burchill until it looked like we had a clear winner. Lawler went to the top rope and hit Burchill with a perfect Fist Drop, but Burchill stunned the fans by kicking out at one. Lawler couldn't believe it, and reacted by immediately hitting Burchill with a Piledriver, but still only got a two count from it. Despite taking Lawler's best moves, Burchill wasn't beaten. All The King had done was to make the massive Englishman angrier. Burchill nipped up and immediately laid into his veteran opponent, hitting him with a barrage of big moves before devastating Lawler with a huge belly-to-belly overhead suplex. Lawler staggered to his feet, straight into the C4 as the crowd went insane, but still Burchill wasn't satisfied. He was angry and wanted to well and truly dethrone The King. He added insult to injury with a Standing Shooting Star Press and covered for the three count. Lawler learned a valuable lesson about angering a monster and took out his own anger on the unsuspecting and defenceless referee.


Harry Smith came out to the ring to announce his entry into the Tag Team Tournament qualifier.

Smith: "When I heard that Cornette wanted teams of relatives for his tag team tournament, I knew I had to enter. See, I come from one of the biggest families in professional wrestling, the Hart family. But my choice of partner isn't a brother, because I don't have any. My partner isn't a cousin, because my cousin Teddy couldn't make it. And my father, the British Bulldog, is sadly no longer with us. That left me with a choice of my uncles. And in my family, that's a tough choice. Sadly, the uncle who would've naturally been my first choice, Bret, can't wrestle anymore, so that left me with three uncles to choose from. Do I choose Keith? Or Jim Neidhart? No. I went with the man I'm proud to introduce to you tonight. So, ladies and gentlemen, without any further ado allow me to introduce my uncle: Bruce Hart!"

Bruce Hart makes his was to the ring and shakes hands with his nephew before they climbed the turnbuckles to play to the crowd, making title belt gestures around their waists to really fire up the crowd.


Billy Kidman & Mikey Batts vs. Brian Lawler & JC Ice

When Lawler introduced JC Ice as his partner, the crowd was not pleased. Many remembered his runs in WCW and ECW and he was someone they despised. The introduction of Billy Kidman was a popular one, however, with the crowd, especially the youngsters, really hyped up for the debut of the popular former Cruiserweight champion. They were made even more excited by the great match that they were about to witness and they weren't disappointed, as it produced the best match in VCW so far. Four great high-fliers made for one great match and the VCW Arena was exhausted by the end from screaming their lungs out at such a great match. More importantly, they were delighted when Billy Kidman pinned JC Ice following a BK Bomb.


As Lawler left the ring, leaving his partner behind, he was met by his father, Jerry "The King" Lawler.

King: "That was embarrassing. You're a Lawler, damn it. If you're going to win the tag titles, you're going to need some help. So you and me, son, we're going to enter that match as a team next week."

Brian nodded his head in agreement and they left together, all smiles and discussing plans for next week as JC Ice desperately followed behind, trying to keep up.


Heavyweight Title Tournament: Semi-Final

CM Punk vs. Al Snow

The main event saw the hotly-anticipated semi-final match between CM Punk and Al Snow. Two of the finest performers on the VCW roster going head to head for their chance at glory. These two men thrilled the crowd with a classic battle, a perfect mix of the aerial, technical and brawling styles as both men put every ounce of energy and pride they could muster into getting the advantage in the match. For nearly an hour, the two looked to be locked in a stalemate as Punk's innovative moves and high-paced style was countered by the experience of Snow. But the youthful exuberance of Punk allowed him to find the opportunity to get the advantage over his older opponent, and he managed to get Al Snow set up in the corner for a devastating Pepsi Plunge. Punk covered for a three count celebrated as though he had already won the belt. He shook hands with his fallen opponent before leaving the ring triumphantly.


Overall Rating: 60%

Attendance: 648

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The Sunday Morning Meeting

Me: "So... Pay-Per-View? I don't remember you mentioning it to me last week..."

Cornette: "I didn't. I only finalised the deal on Friday night. But it's one hell of an opportunity for us."

Me: "It is, but so was the deal I'm working on with MTV."

Cornette: "Well, there are no guarantees on the TV deal, so we'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

Me: "I guess. So next week well have a new champion. How about we make it two?"

Cornette: "Two?"

Me: "Yeah. We should debut the Internet title, crown a champion in a thirty-man battle royal."

Cornette: "But an Internet title? You want to cater to the computer geeks?"

Me: "I want to make the fans feel like they're part of the company. The battle royal will crown the first champ, and then we can put a poll online each week so they can vote for the challenger for the title, or the stipulation for the title match."

Cornette: "We'll try it out. If the response is terrible, then we kill the belt, okay?"

Me: "No problem. So any ideas for this week. I'm thinking we use some vignettes to introduce the crowd to Carlucchi and debut the big man."

Cornette: "Carlucchi? A big man? The guy's smaller than I am!"

Me: "No... Carlucchi will just be in vignettes, but we're going to debut 'the big man'..."

Cornette: "The big man? God? I don't think he'll show up. I mean, Vince already tried that one and he no-showed. You've got more chance of getting Jeff Hardy to show up..."

Me: "Still the wrong big man. Don't worry about it, you'll see on Sunday. I'm going to go write the show. See you later..."

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I really like the concept behind this diary, and the writing is good too. I've enjoyed the shows and I like who you're giving pushes to (Punk, Birchall, Harry Smith) but I think you need to start incorporating storylines pretty soon. Still, a good start, and I'll be looking forward to the next developments in the diary.

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VCW Live! on PPV - Week One Preview:

Vengeance Championship Wrestling make their PPV Debut this week with the following exciting line-up:

The Thrillseekers vs. The Shane Twins

What looks, on paper, to be a warm up match for next week's Tag Team Title tournament could become so much more. An injury to anyone in this match would be a major blow to his team-mate and an even bigger advantage to their opponents. Warm-up match? Yes. But the repercussions could be major.

Beth Phoenix vs. Melina Perez

Phoenix has found herself embroiled in a blood feud with Mickie James in recent weeks, so will be glad to have some respite from her nemesis in this match. The only question is: How long will it be before the battle between them continues?

Internet Title: 20-Man Battle Royal

20 men will compete in an over-the-top-rope battle royal for the right to become the first-ever Internet Champion. The winner is the last man standing in this one and they will take home the gold.

Four Team Elimination Match: Harry "Bulldog" Smith & Bruce Hart vs. Mikey Batts & Billy Kidman vs. Brian Lawler & Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Deuce Shade & Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka

Four teams of relatives compete for the fourth and final spot in next week's Tag Team Title tournament. Jerry "The King" Lawler, fresh from losing last week in the semi-finals of the Heavyweight Title tournament, teams with his son Brian in pursuit of gold, but will have to go through three hungry teams to get there.

Heavyweight Title Tournament Final: CM Punk vs. Paul Burchill

16 men started on the road to the gold. Now, only two remain. In one of the most highly-anticipated title matches - from any promotion - in recent years, the "Straight Edge" superstar CM Punk takes on the English monster Paul Burchill. Both men have had rocky roads to the final, Punk being forced to go through Matt Cappotelli, Harry "Bulldog" Smith and Al Snow to get here. Burchill has dominated in matches with Trevor Murdoch, Johnny Swinger and Jerry "The King" Lawler - All former champions in their own right. Can Punk get the measure of the monster, or will he just be another victim on the Englishman's warpath?

The only way to find ut is to tune in to VCW Live! tonight. Call your cable operator for details of how to order this great event for the low, low price of just $9.95!

[Note: Predictions are very welcome. In fact, who ever guesses the most correctly can pick the opponent and stipulation for the new Internet Champion's first defence.]

Edited by Chasing Lamely
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The Thrillseekers vs. The Shane Twins

Just because I think you're pushing the 'Seekers more than the Shane Twins.

Beth Phoenix vs. Melina Perez

Looking for Mickie James to interject herself into this match in some way.

Internet Title: 30-Man Battle Royal - Al Snow to win

I just based it on the fact that you've pushed Al Snow over the past few shows.

Four Team Elimination Match: Harry "Bulldog" Smith & Bruce Hart vs. Mikey Batts & Billy Kidman vs. Brian Lawler & Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Deuce Shade & Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka

I really like all the family ties in this match. Can't see Harry and Bruce winning, because Bruce isn't really a wrestler. Don't think Batts and Kidman will win either. That leaves it to either of the father and son combos, and I've gone for the Lawlers because they're the heels and if they win then it can lead to the babyfaces chasing them for the titles for a few weeks.

Heavyweight Title Tournament Final: CM Punk vs. Paul Burchill

I went with Punk because he seems the most marketable as a first champ. However, I don't think you've told us everything we need to know about this match, and I think some kind of swerve will happen here. Maybe it could be the debut of the 'big man' (I'm thinking that will be Khali) or maybe one will turn heel.

Overall, I think the card looks good. You've got some big matches on the card (although the fact that all three of the titles will be decided helps that somewhat) and you've built up some suspence with this whole 'big man' business. Looking forward to it.

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[Note: Only two of the titles are on the line. The Tag champs will be decided next week.]


VCW Change PPV Main Event!

by Dave Meltzer

Vengeance Championship Wrestling owner Jim Cornette has announced a late change to tonight's scheduled main event.

The CM Punk vs. Paul Burchill match for the VCW Heavyweight Title has become a 60-minute Iron Man Match.

"I want this title to become known as the most prestigious title in all of professional wrestling." Said Cornette "These men have worked hard to get to the final. Now they're going to have to give that extra ten per cent to win the gold."

Credit: WO.com

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VCW Live! On PPV

Saturday 26th August 2006

Louisville, KY

The show opens with a large pyrotechnic display as announcers Kevin Kelly and Todd Grisham welcome us to the show.

The Thrillseekers vs. The Shane Twins

The Thrillseekers and The Shane Twins, two of the team participating in next week's tournament, started this match at a frantic pace. The Shane Twins began to dominate, cutting off the ring and preventing Jeter from tagging out to Cappotelli. Eventually the Thrillseekers made the tag and Cappotelli was a house of fire, exchanging lefts and rights with both of the Twins before clearing the ring with a pair of explosive dropkicks, much to the delight of the crowd. As Cappotelli and Jeter prepared to finish the match off, Bolin Services appeared from out of the crowd to lay out the Thrillseekers. The Shane Twins came back into the ring and a three-team brawl ensued, leaving the referee no choice but to call for the bell to signify a draw.


We go backstage to the office of Jim Cornette, who is sat at his desk with the show on a monitor filling in paperwork. He gets startled by the door banging open and looks up to see "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters stood in front of him.

Masters: "What the hell is this supposed to mean? [He waves a sheet of paper at Cornette] I'm not on the card? I'm not even in the God-damned battle royal? I'm "The Masterpiece" - I'm the best damn physical specimen in this business!"

Cornette: "The best physical specimen... you might well be, but you're not right mentally. I didn't book you in the battle royal because you're not right in the head, Chris. You're a danger to everyone around you. Last week you injured Mike Mizannin. He got carted out of here on a stretcher and he's not going to be back for weeks, maybe even months. He only got out of the hospital last night because you damn near broke his neck. So why the hell should I put anyone else in that kind of danger? You've got the night off. Go and get some damn help."


Beth Phoenix vs. Melina Perez

Both of these women went looking to advance their careers with a win. Beth Phoenix came out of the blocks quickest and was dominating until she kept getting distracted by something near the entrance. Melina took advantage and started to beat down on her but Phoenix gradually fought her way back into this contest and started to take over, looking just about ready to win. It was at this point that Beth's suspicions came to fruition as Mickie James came running down the aisle. As the referee tended to a seemingly-injured Melina, Mickie hung Beth throat first on the ropes and she turned around straight into a Kyrapractor. The referee counted the fall, giving Melina the win, and she and Mickie combined to beat down on Phoenix, until Angel Williams ran to the ring with a chair for the save.


Next, we see a video package, beginning with an Italian flag. We cut to a smartly-dressed man wearing a tailored suit in what looks to be a restaurant.

Man: "Hey, I'm Brian Carlucchi. Welcome to the finest restaurant in all of Little Italy. You know, my momma always said that I was going to grow up a successful man, just like my pops. I tried a few things [We see a brief clip of him robbing a truck] but nothing ever seemed to work out, so I took over the family business, Momma's Italian Restaurant. And I love it here, I really do. But recently, I been getting the urge to make something of myself. I saw the wrestlin' on TV and decided to get myself a piece of that action. Now I ain't dumb enough to get my own hands dirty. My Pops always used to say that only an idiot does their own laundry, that's why I still get Ma to do mine, but I don't think that's what he meant. So that's me, Brian Carlucchi, professional wrestling manager. And I'm on the look out for the next big thing, and Italian stallion to win himself some gold and put some green in my pocket. If you think you got what it takes, come to Momma's and we'll see what you've got. Now yous guys can get outta here..."


Internet Title Match

20 Man Battle Royal

Most battle royals are nothing spectacular, but every fan had their favourite to win it as the men came down the aisle. It took just ten minutes for this match to get down to the final thee men - Aaron "The Idol" Stevens, Jerry "The King" Lawler and Al Snow. Lawler arrogantly leant against the ropes as Snow and Stevens brawled around the ring but got caught out when he turned to play to the crowd when his two opponents brawled right into him and knocked him out of the ring in the process. That left Al Snow and the debuting Aaron Stevens. Few had expect the arrogant wrestling who calls himself "The Idol" to get this far when he came down the aisle so he had earned the grudging respect of the crowd. But even this plucky young upstart couldn't handle the veteran Snow. After so long without national recognition, let alone a title match, there was no way that Snow was going to let this one slip through his fingers. After countering Stevens' initial offensive flurry, Snow went on a rampage, beating down on his adversary. Try as he might though, Stevens refused to go over the top rope. Frustrated, Al Snow took advantage of his determined opponent's weariness to hit him with a Snow Plow and dump him unceremoniously over the top rope to claim the gold.


As Snow celebrated his victory in the ring, playing to the crowd and generally overcome by the emotion of winning the title, he was entirely unprepared for the attack of Chris Masters. Snow, who had been preparing to address the crowd, fell victim to a vicious lariat to the back of the head and was defenceless as Masters locked in the Masterlock. When Snow finally passed out, Masters picked up the microphone:

Masters: "So Cornette, I'm not mentally ready to be in the match? It looks out I just took out you new Internet champion and it was far too easy. And Al Snow, you think you're something special because you beat me in under four minutes? You wouldn't have lasted four seconds if I was in that ring tonight."

Seeing that Snow was struggling to his feet, Masters dropped the microphone and picked up the Internet Title belt. He spit on the belt and slammed it right into the forehead of Al Snow, leaving him down, battered and bloodied as "The Masterpiece" left the arena.


Four Team Elimination Match - Winner Qualifies for the Tag Team Title Tournament

Harry Smith & Bruce Hart vs. Mikey Batts & Billy Kidman vs. Brian & Jerry Lawler vs. Deuce Shade & Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka

This match started out with Brian Lawler and Billy Kidman in the ring as The King looked tired on the ring apron following his participation in the previous match. This match had many different changes and variations in pace as every combination of these teams got to face each other before any eliminations took place. The team of Smith & Hart was the first to be eliminated from this bout after being pinned following a Tennessee Jam/Hip Hop Drop from Brian Lawler. Down to three teams, the two legends found themselves face-to-face as Snuka and Jerry Lawler began to brawl. These men fought with every ounce of strength and experience they could muster but Jerry Lawler was able to pin Snuka following a Piledriver, after Brian Lawler contributed a knee to the spine from an Irish Whip to set it up. Down to the final four and the tiredness of Jerry Lawler was really beginning to tell as he tagged out and virtually passed out against the turnbuckle on the outside, leaving his son Brian to take on the combined forces of Batts and Kidman. The cousins beat down on the former "Grandmaster," who was quickly in desperate need of tagging out to his father. He battled against the assault from both opponents but was quickly overwhelmed. JC Ice came to ringside and tried to wake up the King, but to no avail, so he decided to try and do something about it himself. He grabbed a steel chair and slid into the ring with it, but Kidman saw him coming and dropkicked the chair into his face. Mikey hit Brian Lawler with a Batts Beater as Kidman ascended the turnbuckles and hit the Shooting Star Press for the victory. Kidman and Batts now have their shot at the Tag Team Titles next week!


We cut backstage to see CM Punk stood backstage with Maria. She asks him about the title match but he takes the microphone off of her and she runs away.

Punk: "Paul Burchill, tonight you and I have reached the end of a long, hard and winding road that has brought both of us to this point, stood face-to-face with one thing to both unify and divide us. That one thing, that single object, is the only thing that can truly separate great warriors and that one thing is gold. The Heavyweight Title gold has brought us both here tonight, and yet we find ourselves divided in battle over it. It seems like a strange place for us to be, fighting over an inanimate object in that ring, but it's not the title that we are fighting over. It's everything that comes with it. The money, the power, the fame and the glory - everything that a man truly seeks - can be gained by winning one match and capturing the gold. Everything I have been fighting for, everything I've worked and trained hard for in the gym has been to bring me to where I stand now; the cusp of greatness. But with my training has come great discipline, a discipline that I know you don't have. See, wrestling is my driving force, my passion. It's all I have and everything I need in life. And to achieve it, I have to make my body a temple. I don't drink. I don't smoke. And I don't do drugs. I'm straight edge right to the core. Tonight you have the privilege of spending one hour in the ring with me, but it won't be a pleasure. Paul Burchill, you're about to find out why 'straight edge' means I... am better... than you."


Heavyweight Title Tournament Final

60-Minute Iron Man Match

CM Punk vs. Paul Burchill

This match started out as a brawl but Punk, realising that he had no chance in a straight fight with the Englishman, began to use his technical prowess to counter everything that Burchill had to throw at him. For twenty minutes there was nothing to tell between them until Burchill started fighting way back on top in the match and dominating again. Punk was down and tired but had his wits about him enough to duck a huge lariat attempt from Burchill and counter it with a Devil's Lock DDT for the first pin fall.

CM Punk 1 Paul Burchill 0

After the 30 second rest period, Punk went straight back to work on the stunned Burchill, keeping him on the mat with submission hold after submission hold and gradually wearing him down. As the clock ticked down, Punk had total control until the ring announcer announced that there were 10 minutes remaining. This seemed to light a fire under Burchill, who battled his way to his feet, much to the delight of the crowd. He got up and whipped CM Punk to the ropes, answering his return with a huge overhead belly to belly. The fired-up monster continued on his rampage as the seconds ticked away. He hoisted Punk onto his shoulders and hit him with a big Samoan drop before hitting the Standing Shooting Star Press to tie the match.

CM Punk 1 Paul Burchill 1

Burchill spent the 30 second rest period stalking Punk as the clock wound down to just 6:20 remaining. Punk struggled to his feet and turned straight into Burchill who hit him with the C4! Burchill covered for the pin as the crowd went insane at the monster's comeback.

CM Punk 1 Paul Burchill 2

Another 30 second rest period passed and Burchill was straight back on top. He threw Punk around the ring like a rag doll determined not to let his lead slip. As the ring announcer called a two-minute warning, Burchill decided to end the match once and for all, setting Punk up on the top rope and signalling to the crowd that he was going to hit him with a C4. But Burchill spent too long playing to the crowd and as the clock ticked around to just 45 seconds left, Punk started firing in some stiff punches to the mid-section of Burchill. With just 15 seconds remaining, he got Burchill just stunned enough to hit him with the Pepsi Plunge! 10 seconds left and Punk crawled his way to the cover. The referee counted the three as the crowd finished their countdown of the clock and the refs hand hit the mat at the same time as the bell sounded for the end of the match. The crowd were stunned. Did the pin count or had Burchill won? The referees conferred on it and viewed several video replays which seemed to confirm that the fall had been counted a split-second before the bell was rung. Punk had done it! CM Punk tied the match literally at the death!

End of Match - CM Punk 2 Paul Burchill 2

Jim Cornette came to ringside and announced that there must be a winner so this one was going into OVERTIME!

Both men were still down, neither had the energy for overtime and the decision to allow the fall seemed to have knocked the wind from Burchill's sails. Punk was up first and went straight in with a dragon sleeper on Burchill, trying to make him submit or pass out. Burchill appeared unconscious as the referee checked Burchill's arm. It fell one... them twice... but Burchill got his wind back and started fighting back when the ref checked the third time. He struggled to his feet from the dragon sleeper and somehow managed to do it without breaking the hold. Punk was on Burchill's shoulders with the dragon sleeper locked in! Burchill looked to be weakening but he got a look in his eyes that said he would not be denied. He gave the crowd the throat-slitting gesture known to the whole world to mean 'It's over' and hit CM Punk with a devastating Michinoku Driver! The referee counted the fall and we have a new VCW Heavyweight Champion, Paul Burchill!

OT - CM Punk 2 Paul Burchill 3

The referee handed Burchill his belt and he proceeded to show it off to the crowd. He turned around to give everyone a good look at the belt but missed the big man coming out of the crowd! He turned round, straight into a Big Boot! The big man pulled down the hood on his top to reveal... Test! Andrew "Test" Martin attacked the new Heavyweight Champion. He picked Burchill up and dragged him to the centre of the ring before hitting the Test Drive right on the title belt. Paul Burchill had won the belt, but when Test left the ring, he didn't look much like a champion.


Overall Rating: 59%

Attendance: 1557

Buy Rate: 0.06

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The Sunday Morning Meeting

Cornette: "I can't get over that main event last night. That has to have been the best Iron Man match I have ever seen."

Me: "That was definitely a good one. And we more than DOUBLED our attendance! If this keeps up, we'll be laughing all the way to the bank."

Cornette: "Maybe not quite. I spoke to the bank. With the money we've got going out on wages next month, we're going to go into serious debt. I've taken out a million dollar loan to cover most of it, but the bank wouldn't give me any more. We need to get ourselves some house shows running soon or we'll be in serious trouble financially. And if we go out of business, we can't get teach Vince his lesson, can we?"

Me: "No. We'll have t get these buy rates up, too. We only had 15,000 buys last week. We need to be doing at least 60,000 to make the move to weekly PPV worthwhile. Or get this TV deal. We're supposed to find out this Friday. We could be on MTV next week. I'll call you on Friday night so we can make plans."

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Friday Night...

Cornette: "We've got ourselves a problem. The bank called. They've issued a bankruptcy warning. We're four-point-six million in the hole. How the hell did we manage that?"

Me: "I don't know, but I think I can get us out of it. We're only going to run one Pay-Per-View this month."

Cornette: "You want to cut down to one show this month? You've really gone mad this time."

Me: "Actually, we're running 21 shows this month. 16 House shows, one Pay-Per-View and four TV shows. We got the deal with MTV. We go out live late tomorrow night for one hour. I think you and Kevin should do the commentary on it, as well, we need to hard sell the angles right from the top if we're going to get out of this mess."

Cornette: "Good work. So what's the plan? We were going to have three tag matches, the women's tag and the internet title match this week, but there won't be enough time."

Me: "I've got that covered. We'll make the tag title match a TLC match, open with the women's tag and have the Internet Title Match for the main event. We’ve got Terri Runnels starting tomorrow; I think her first assignment should be a sit-down interview with Test. If it goes well, we'll make it a regular thing; give Terri her own interview segment."

Cornette: "Okay. You put all this down on paper and come up with a name for the end-of-month Pay-Per-View. I'll see you in the morning."

[Note: Sam_Van_619 won the prediction competition, so he gets to choose Al Snow's opponent and the stipulation if he wants one.]

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VCW Live! On MTV - Preview

Saturday 2nd September 2006

Last Saturday VCW made their Pay-Per-View debut and it was a night that saw the crowning of the first two titlists in VCW history. First, Al Snow beat 19 other men to win a battle royal for the Internet Title, only to be attacked and bloodied after the match by "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters - An act of retaliation after Snow humiliated Masters by knocking him out of the Heavyweight Title Tournament in just FOUR minutes. That tournament culminated last Saturday with the crowning of Paul Burchill as the first VCW Heavyweight Champion after an epic hour-long iron man match with CM Punk, which he won in dramatic fashion in overtime. But it was to be a bad night for the new Heavyweight Champion as well, as he was the victim of a totally unprovoked attack from Andrew "Test" Martin. Why did the former WWE superstar attack the champion? Tune in tonight to find out as VCW presents the following exciting line-up:

Mickie James & Melina Perez vs. Beth Phoenix & Angel Williams

Mickie James and Beth Phoenix have been tearing each other apart at every available opportunity in recent weeks, as what started as a professional rivalry has turned into a blood feud between these two women.

Test has "A Moment with Terri"

Following the heinous attack on the new Heavyweight champion last week VCW's hottest property, the incomparable Terri Runnels, has invited Test to be her first guest on 'A Moment with Terri' to explain his actions last week.

Tag Team Title TLC Match - The Thrillseekers vs. The Shane Twins vs. Bolin Services vs. Mikey Batts & Billy Kidman

Last week on Pay-Per-View, Batts & Kidman bested three other teams to qualify for the final spot in tonight's TLC match, where the winning team will become the first-ever VCW Tag Team Champions.

Internet Title Match - Al Snow © vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler

Following his title win last week, Al Snow will defend his title for the first time one-on-one with Jerry "The King" Lawler. While Snow has been having problems with Chris Masters in recent weeks, Lawler has had his own problems. After first losing out in the semi-finals of the Heavyweight Title tournament, Lawler finished third in the battle royal for the Internet Title last week, before losing, alongside his son Brian, in the qualifying match for tonight's Tag Team Title Match. Lawler is a man who wants gold more than anything in the world. Will it be fourth time lucky for the true King of Memphis?

VCW debuts live tonight, ONLY on MTV!

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VCW Live! On MTV

Saturday 2nd September 2006

Louisville, KY

Mickie James & Melina Perez vs. Beth Phoenix & Angel Williams

An uninspiring tag team match that definitely wasn't a technical classic. Mickie and Beth avoided each other for the most part, which didn't help matters, as they're the two best female workers in the company, but when they did get in the ring together 'business picked up' as the hatred the two women have for each other really came to the fore. Mickie James stole the win, rolling up Phoenix with a handful of her tights.


We cut backstage to Jim Cornette's office, where Cornette is laying on a couch reading the latest issue of WWE Magazine. There's a knock at the door and Brian Carlucci walks in. Cornette stands up, throwing the magazine in the bin in the process.

Cornette: "Can I help you?"

Carlucci: "I think you can. I'm Brian Carlucci..."

Cornette: "I know, the guy who sent in the video..."

Carlucci: "Yeah, that's me. Anyway, my search is over. I've looked at hundreds of young talents and I finally found my Italian Stallion."

Cornette: "Good for you. Now you've got 10 seconds to tell me why I should care before I call the cops."

Carlucci: "You should care because I'm here to ask you to give me, and my client, a chance. Just one match next week. If you like us, hire us. If you don't, you never have to see me or my client again."

Cornette: "Okay, I'll try your boy in the ring next week. I've got someone new I wanted to try out next week anyway, his name's Mike Taylor. If your man wins, I'll hand him a two year deal, okay?"

Carlucci: "That's all I ask. I won't let you down."

Carlucci leaves and Cornette goes back to work. The camera tilts down to the copy of WWE Magazine and zooms in on the headline "Jim Cornette - The Real Story" before fading to black.


We then go elsewhere backstage to what looks like the set of a daytime chat show, where we find Terri Runnels sat in a comfortable leather chair.

Terri: "Good evening and welcome to 'A Moment with Terri.' On tonight's show, I've got an interview with a big man who mad a big impact on Pay-Per-View last week, Andrew 'Test' Martin.

Test's music plays and he comes onto the set through a sliding door and takes another leather chair, next to Terri's.

Terri: "Test, welcome to the show. Last week, you ruined Burchill's celebrations by attacking him just moments after he won a gruelling Iron Man match, in overtime, to become the first-ever VCW Heavyweight Champion. Now, the two of you have no prior history. In fact, until now, you've never even worked for the same company at the same time. So what made you attack Burchill?"

Test: "You see Terri, it's very simple: I didn't attack Burchill for personal reasons. I've got no beef with him. Like you said, we've never even met properly. I attacked Burchill because of what he represents - A hungry young superstar with all the potential in the world, getting all the opportunities he deserves and taking them with both hands. Six years ago, I was that young, hungry superstar. I was a star in the making, a main event star of the future with the potential to be a legend in this business. Did I get my opportunities? Sure, I got title shots. And every single one of those title shots, every opportunity I ever got was snatched out of my hands. When I was in the WWE, I was the victim of screw job after screw job. Every time the World Title was within my reach it was a God-damned McMahon that took it away from me. And then they started to bury me. They moved me down the card against weaker and weaker opponents and did everything in their power to keep me as far away from being a World champion as possible, until they finally put me out of my misery and sent me my release papers. And every day since then I have to read in magazines and on the internet about how I 'wasted my potential'. I DIDN'T WASTE MY POTENTIAL; MY POTENTIAL WAS WASTED FOR ME. That's right, Terri, I never got a chance to waste my potential because of people like Vince McMahon holding me down. Which brings me to where I am right now, right here in VCW. I heard that Jim Cornette was looking to help guys like me, guys that were buried and treated like crap by Vince McMahon and I decided that I wanted to work here. I decided that I was going to come to VCW and become the champion that everybody knows I'm capable of being. But to get a title shot, you need to get yourself on the champion's radar. So to answer your question Terri, No, I don't have a problem with Paul Burchill, but I attacked him to make him notice me. I attacked him to get under his skin because he's in possession of something I want. He's in possession of the VCW Heavyweight Title. So Burchill, I'm calling you out. I want you title and I'll fight you for it any place, any time, any way you want to do it. September 24th at Uprising, live on Pay-Per-View, I want the first shot at your title. One-on-One, Mano-y-Mano. Let's see if you're the fighting champion that everyone thinks you'll be."

At that moment, Burchill rushed onto the set and dived on Test, pounding him with lefts and rights mercilessly until security comes to drag him away. Before he leaves, he grabs the microphone.

Burchill: "So Test, you want to ambush people, to attack them when they least expect it? How does it feel when it happens to you? You want a title match? That's fine with me. I'll defend this belt against anyone who wants to try and take it from me, any time. If it were up to me, I'd fight you for the belt right now. But I don't make the matches around here. So if you want me at Uprising, you're going to have to ask Jim Cornette for a title shot, and if he agrees then you've got yourself a match."

Burchill walks off surrounded by security as Terri examines the damage to her set.


Tag Team Titles

TLC Match

The Thrillseekers vs. The Shane Twins vs. Bolin Services vs. Mikey Batts & Billy Kidman

What many hoped would be a fast-paced spot-filled contest broke down into a hardcore brawl as these four teams battled hard to win the gold. Though they fought for close to 20 minutes, it wasn't long before every one of the eight men in the ring was tired. When the end finally came, Billy Kidman and Ken Doane were the only two men left standing and Doane was in bad shape, lying on a table while his opponent climbed the ladder. With the gold within reach, Kidman - who should have known better - decided to try and make sure of the win by hitting Doane with a Shooting Star Press, but Kenny Bolin saw it coming and pulled his man off the table just in time to send the former Cruiserweight champion crashing through the plywood. As Doane struggled to realise what was going on, his partner Nick Mitchell rolled into the ring and together they struggled to climb the ladder to pull down the gold and claim the Tag Team Titles.


We go backstage to Jim Cornette's office once again to find him standing with Jerry Lawler, whose arm is in a sling.

Lawler: "C'mon, Cornette, I know I'm scheduled for a title match but the doctor says I just can't do it. You've read the note; I'm not going to be fit until Uprising at the earliest."

Cornette: "But damn it Jerry, I promised the fans that you and Al Snow would be in the main event tonight. What the hell am I supposed to do?"

Lawler: "Well, it says Lawler vs. Snow on the marquee, right? Why not let Brian take my place? That way the fans are still getting Lawler, just not "The King." It's a win-win and since I can't wrestle tonight, you've got nothing to lose."

Cornette: "Okay. But if your son wins, he's the champion, you understand?"

Lawler: "Yeah, I understand."

Cornette: "Good. One more thing: If Brian doesn't win tonight, then at Uprising, YOU have to face Snow for the belt. Now get outta my office."


Internet Title Match

Al Snow © vs. Brian Lawler

With so little time to prepare for the change of opponent, Snow found himself on the back foot as Brian Lawler came out at full speed in his quest for the gold. Eventually Snow adjusted and fought his way back into the match, dominating the younger Lawler and tying him up in submission hold after submission hold, giving him no time or opportunity to wriggle free. Lawler fought to his feet from a headlock and whipped Snow towards the ropes, but Snow clashed with the referee, leaving the referee down and Snow dazed. Lawler, taking advantage, picked up Head and hit Snow with it before going to the cover, but the ref was still down. Lawler shook the ref to wake him, but the ref was slow in waking up and Snow was stirring, so Lawler went up top to finish him off, signalling for the Tennessee Jam. JC Ice came running down the aisle and looked caught in two minds as Lawler ordered him to keep waking the referee up, but he didn't listen. Instead, he jumped up on the apron and shook the top rope, crutching Lawler on the top turnbuckle as Al Snow got to his feet. Snow picked Lawler up from the top rope and hit him with a Snow Plow for a cover and a three count. Al Snow retains the gold, and must face The King at Uprising! But there was someone else running down the aisle as Chris Masters ran in and locked Snow in the Masterlock. Snow tried to tap out but Masters was relentless with the hold, keeping him trapped until Snow passed out and was left in a heap on the floor.


Overall Rating: 56%

Attendance: 353

Rating: 1.45

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The Sunday Morning Meeting

Me: "Have you seen this? We did a 1.45 last night. A 1.45! That's about one-and-a-half million viewers!"

Cornette: "Yeah, that's not bad, but look at the competition. IWC's 'Ignition' did 0.25, TNA's 'Xplosion' did a 0.55, and HWA’s 'Main Event TV' did a 0.68..."

Me: "Yeah, we beat all of them, what's your point?"

Cornette: "My point is that we got beaten by Velocity. Our ONLY TV show got beaten in the ratings by the WWE's 'B' Show's 'B' show. They got a 4.41, that's about three times the number of viewers we got, for people to tune in and watch their lower card guys beat jobbers and repeats of matches from Friday night. We need to do something about this. We need to get out of their shadow and get prime time."

I called MTV and begged them for a prime time slot, explaining the situation to them.

Me: "Well, I got us a new time slot; we're no longer directly competing with Velocity. Trouble is we don't have prime time. We're doing the graveyard shift. But we're completely unopposed, so if we can score a great rating this week we might be able to jump into an unopposed prime time slot."

Cornette: "That's not good, but it's something. Make sure word gets out that we're going out at midnight this week, and make sure we've got a good show lined up."

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VCW Live! On MTV - Preview

Saturday 9th September 2006

Last week on MTV, we witness an action packed show that saw the crowning of Bolin Services as new Tag Team champions and the feud between Beth Phoenix and Mickie James intensify. What have these two events got to do with each other? Well, this week VCW Chairman Jim Cornette announced that he was going to allow Beth Phoenix and Mickie James pick a tag team each to team with in six-person inter-gender tag team action, and ruled that whichever team wins will get a shot at the Tag Team Titles at Uprising on September 24th. Last time these two women chose a tag team to compete alongside, it was Beth phoenix who came out on top by teaming with The Thrillseekers. This week, she's chosen the Thrillseekers to be her partners once more, while Mickie James has replaced her losing partners from last time, The Shane Twins, with her own experimental combination on Johnny Swinger and Trevor Murdoch. Can the odd couple team of New York 'city slicker' Swinger and Texas redneck Murdoch prove to be successful? Tune in on Saturday night to find out.

Last week also saw Brian Carlucci approach Cornette asking for an opportunity for his new client, a supposed Italian Stallion. Who is his client and can he win a place on the VCW roster?

Also last week, Test revealed his motives for attacking Heavyweight Champion Paul Burchill when he was Terri's guest on "A Moment with Terri" only to find himself brutally attacked by the champion and told that all he has to do to get a title shot is ask Jim Cornette for one. With the tough Canadian swallow his pride and ask Cornette for a title shot, or has he had more than he can handle from the champion already?

And finally, in a shocking turn of events last week, Al Snow successfully defended his Internet Title against Brian Lawler, whose father Jerry couldn't compete due to an arm injury. As a result of that match, Snow will face The King with the title on the line at Uprising, but it was the events of the match that have set up this week's tag team main event. Snow got the pin fall victory after JC Ice interfered, crutching Brian Lawler on the top rope and setting Snow up for the victory. Ice and Lawler have been friends since they were children and nobody was more shocked than Lawler to see Ice turn on him, but the fans were delighted. Following that shock revelation, the blood feud between Al Snow and Chris Masters boiled over, with Masters running in after the match and making Snow pass out with his patented Masterlock. As a result of that chaos, Chairman Jim Cornette has signed a tag team contest pitting Al Snow and JC Ice against Brian Lawler and "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters as this week’s main event.

This week's matches (recap):

Contract Match: Brian Carlucci's client vs. Mike Taylor

Winning Team Gets a Tag Title Shot: Beth Phoenix and The Thrillseekers vs. Mickie James, Johnny Swinger & Trevor Murdoch

Grudge Match: Al Snow & JC Ice vs. Brian Lawler & "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters

VCW Live! On MTV - Saturday, Midnight (Eastern), only on MTV!

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VCW Live! On MTV

Saturday 9th September 2006

Louisville, KY

The show opened up with Brian Carlucci making his way to the ring.

Carlucci: "Ladies and gentlemen, by kind permission of Jim Cornette, tonight you will see the debut of the finest professional wrestler you have ever seen. This is Marco... Corleone!"

Some music plays and a familiar man makes his way to the ring.

Carlucci: "I can tell that some of you recognize this man. He is a man who has been oppressed by those of you who hate Italians. For years, he has been forced to deny his Italian heritage and pretend to be just like you. And you stood in awe as you watched him. But now he is back, no longer ashamed of his Italian roots. You may know this man as Mark Jindrak, but this man is an Italian Stallion. This man... is Marco Corleone!"

Marco Corleone (w/Brian Carlucci) vs. Mike Taylor

This match was short and sweet as the newly-rechristened Marco Corleone made short work of his fellow debutant. This one was ended by the Mark of Excellence (Now known as the Mob Hit) just as the clock ticked past 2 minutes on the match.


We cut backstage where we see CM Punk.

Punk: "Since the beginning of VCW, I've been working hard to try and capture the VCW Heavyweight Title. I battled my way through three guys, then I took Burchill to overtime before he could beat me. Then last week, I'm told that I have the night off, only to find that Test has jumped ahead of me in line for a title shot? I have the title within my grasp and yet nobody thinks to give me a rematch? Well, that's not going to happen. If anybody wants a title match, they're going to have to go through me first. But I see what's going on here, Cornette. I see your plans. You want to put as many men, and as much distance between me and title as possible. But I've come to expect that. You see people don't always like what they don't understand, and you people don't understand me. You don't understand straight edge, and you're jealous of my lifestyle. I keep telling you that straight edge means that I'm better than you, and because you don't understand what that means, you're naturally going to get jealous of me. I have something you want, and you can't have. But now, we're at a stalemate. It seems you have something I want, and you're going to hold it hostage until I give you want you want. Touché. So let me educate you all about straight edge. You see, to be straight edge means that you have to stop abusing your body. I make my body a temple and I don't abuse it with cigarettes, alcohol or drugs. Yes, it really is that simple. All you have to do to be straight edge like me is to get off your ass, get in a gym and stop abusing yourself. Put out that cigarette, stop drinking that beer and take that needle out of your arm and you too may experience the joys of straight edge. Now you know my secret, you have no need for jealousy. Now, Cornette, that I have enlightened you and your fans; you can give me my rematch."


Beth Phoenix & The Thrillseekers vs. Mickie James, Johnny Swinger & Trevor Murdoch

With two women at war and a tag team title shot on the line, this match was a powder keg waiting to explode. Phoenix and James kept themselves separate throughout the match, as the two tag teams did most of the work. That was Mickie James downfall, however. By letting an untested tag team do all of the work for her, she made herself the victim of their inexperience and when their personal differences caused them to erupt, she had nowhere to go, and ran away when she realised this. Left with nobody to tag out to, and caught in the middle of an argument with his team mate, Johnny Swinger fell victim to the Flying Elbow Drop from Matt Cappotelli as Murdoch just left him to be covered. Chalk one more up for Beth Phoenix and The Thrillseekers are the number one contenders.


Backstage, we see Test in Jim Cornette's office, where he's asking for a title shot.

Cornette: "You want a title match; CM Punk wants a title match... You know how many people have asked me for a title match? If I had a dollar for every title shot request I've had in the last couple of weeks, I could have a night off. But since the champ wants a match with you, I'm going to give you a chance to earn it. Next week, we're going to have a fatal four-way match. And the winner will get their shot at the title at Uprising. It's going to be you... CM Punk... Bobby Lashley... and after what I saw earlier tonight, Marco Corleone. Make no mistake, Test, if you want your title match... You're going to have to earn it."


Al Snow & JC Ice vs. "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters & Brian Lawler

After last week, there was a lot of bad blood between these two teams, but it was only going to get worse as this match descended into a brawl right from the start and it took several referees to get some order. But eventually they did and the match got started properly and the two teams battled for nearly 25 minutes until the match broke down into a brawl again. In amongst all the confusion, however, Al Snow managed to hit Brian Lawler with the Snow Plow and get the victory while JC Ice and Chris Masters battled on the outside. After the match, Masters locked JC Ice in the Masterlock, but Al Snow made the save, leading to Snow and Masters brawling through the crowd and out of sight, leaving JC Ice all alone to beat down on Lawler in the ring as we go off the air.


Overall Rating: 56%

Attendance: 342

TV Rating: 1.62

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The Sunday Morning Meeting

Cornette: "A 1.62? We get moved back to midnight and we pick up one-hundred-and-seventy thousand viewers? That's brilliant. Where do we go from here?"

Me: "Well, I spoke to MTV, and they aren't willing to move us up to prime time yet. We've only got 10 weeks left on our deal, so we can't afford to mess around here, we need prime time."

Cornette: "We'll stick with what we've got for now. With the financial problems and the ratings we're getting at the moment, we don't need any unnecessary risks right now."

Me: "True. I think we need to announce some matches for this Pay-Per-View on next week's show as well. As good a match as it may be, Al Snow vs. Jerry Lawler and The Thrillseekers against Bolin Services won't sell pay-per-views on their own, and we've got some great matches lined up for the show."

Cornette: "We have? [i nodded] I'll announce at least one of the remaining matches next week then. And everyone will know who's facing Burchill in the main event. What will we have left to announce after that?"

Me: "As I have it planned so far? That'll be four matches announced with two to go."

Cornette: "Good. Let's have a good show this week then."

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VCW Live! On MTV Preview

Saturday 16th September

Last week on MTV is was announced that this week's main event would be a fatal four way match between Andrew "Test" Martin, CM Punk, Marco Corleone and Bobby Lashley. What's more, the winner will find himself facing Paul Burchill for the VCW Heavyweight Championship at Uprising on September 24th. This is a huge main event with huge repercussions and it's EXCLUSIVE to MTV.

Also this week, The Thrillseekers will prepare for their title shot against Bolin Services with a warm up match against The Shane Twins. These two teams have met before, though never in two-on-two competition, and last time the Thrillseekers came out on top. Will the Shane Twins avenge that loss or will The Thrillseekers continue their winning ways? We'll find out on Saturday.

We'll also have ladies action as Beth Phoenix and Mickie James meet one-on-one in a bra and panties match. These two ladies have been tearing lumps of hair and flesh out of each other, and now they'll have to tear off each others clothes. Can these two women put their hatred of each other to one side and focus on the match at hand? Tune in to find out.

This week's matches (recap):

The Thrillseekers vs. The Shane Twins

Bra & Panties Match: Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James

Number One Contender's Match: Andrew "Test" Martin vs. CM Punk vs. Marco Corleone vs. Bobby Lashley

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