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Kingdom Hearts II


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So when is this game actually coming out in Europe!? Play.com says 4th August but then HMV says 29th September which is a big difference!

Also does it follow on directly from Kingdom Hearts or does it follow on from Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories? If so is it needed to have played the latter game in order to understand what is going on in the game?

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I didn't play Chain of Memories and I found the experience better that way.

It's not really ruining anything, but Sora (along with Donald and Goofy) don't remember anything of what happened during that time. Which for me, was an absurd experience trying to figure out what's going on for the first bit. Allows deeper immersion into the story since you're on the same level playing field as Sora and company.

I checked it out later, and I feel it would be a mistake to have played it before. It's not essential at all. Best left to play (or better yet, just looking up a story FAQ somewhere) afterwards if ever.

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Because I played the game after I beat Kingdom Hearts II.

That would make sense, non?

Going by what they reveal in Chain of Memories I would have hated playing Kingdom Hearts II if I had played it first. The sense of mystery and trying to figure out what's going on would just be null and seemingly void. A lot of the twists in the plot (particularly regarding Riku) would be nonexistant, because after Chain of Memories they wouldn't even be twists.

Also from everyone I have spoken with about the game the consensus seems to be people who played Chain of Memories first didn't like the story as much as if they never played it or played it after.

The way I see it, Sora figures out over the course of the game, so should I.

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