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When I went and saw The Omen when it first came out, there was a preview for a movie involving a middle eastern foreigner making the trip to America. The whole theatre practically erupted in a cheer when they saw the preview start, yet I had no clue who it was or what it was. I hadn't thought about it again until now when my boss told me he had the same experience at the Omen. Any info on what this movie is or why it would have gotten cheers like that?

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Excellent. People forget how funny Ali G and Borat were, it's like people stopped liking the show the more famous it got.

The best one is when Borat goes for a new-age rakey massage in some hick American state:

Guy: Ok, now I'm going to give you a rakey massage and it helps with healing.

Borat: Rakey (Ricky) Martin?

Guy: What?

Borat: Is Rakey Martin a healer?

The guy got so pissed off it was hilarious.

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Throw the jew down the well, so my country can be free

You must grab him by his horns, and then we have a big party

Bruno was also a class character, the one where he got all these jocks topless and said "Say Hi to Austrian Gay-TV" was amazing.

The Jew Song

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And of course, the woman answers the door while Borat is campaigning...

"Can I please speak to someone who can vote?"

"I can vote."

"You are a woman. You cannot vote."

"Yes I can."


"You see, in Kazahkstan, it goes like this...a man, a horse, a dog, a children, a woman, a little crawly thing..."

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