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RP games for PS2?

Guest Mighty Mighty Bosstown

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Guest Bosstown Boy

I'm looking for some fun roleplaying games I can get into. I have played Kingdom Hearts I (didn't finish) and I have been playing Dark Cloud 2 (haven't finished), but what games out there should I try? Is Final Fantasy really as good as they say it is? If so, should I get FFX or what?

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Yeah. Just looked on wikipedia.

Well, it's called Dark Chronicle everywhere BUT the USA.

FFX is cool, I think.

.hack games are supposed to be quite good.


Shadow Hearts


Baulder’s Gate: Dark Alliance


and Dark Cloud

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Suikoden. Any of them (Though I haven't played IV, V or Tatics). But Suikoden I and II, although PS1 games, are still two of the greatest RPGs, nay, GAMES I have ever played.

I'm not really a big fan of RPGs at all, but Suikoden I and II interested me the whole way through.

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Xenosaga: Episode I (even though the reviews for II are bad I want to play it so badly), X-Men Legends 2 (fucking FUN multiplayer too), and Radiata Stories (play through on the non-human side first. They have the best characters and it's easier.)

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