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Miami Vice Trailer


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"Numb/Encore" by Jay-Z and Linkin Park?

I thought that was common sense.

Oh and as for my thoughts of the look of the movie (since I might as well bring it up in the topic anyway), I have faith that Michael Mann will try to do something awesome even if I'm not digging the Farrell/Foxx pairing.

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Am I the only one that thinks this film looks absolutely horrible? The main pairing is just wrong for Miami Vice, but it's obviously going to make a lot of money unfortunetely.

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"Numb/Encore" by Jay-Z and Linkin Park?

Thats not it. I'm talkin about the trailer that is being show on tv.

Well, there's like a million songs attached to the TV ads. It's either "Numb/Encore", that rock version of "In The Air Tonight" that they made for Coach Carter, or some generic rock song I don't know the name to.

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That cover of "In The Air Tonight" is awful. Anyway, I thought I'd drop my review in here since this is kinda the official topic.


So, I settled into my seat for a midnight showing of Miami Vice not knowing what to expect from it, outside of a longer runtime. I've read all of the horror stories(and since I worked at one of the theaters where they tested), knew about it's length issues. The test screening was over 3 hours in that theater and I had read it got cut down to about 150 minutes. I had to work in the morning, but no biggie. I stay up to watch movies all the time. What I got tonight was decidedly a mixed bag of cop movie cliches and a movie that wanders around more than a drunk looking for his car at the end of the night.

The movie starts out strong in the first 15 minutes with some good setup to the task at hand accompanied by an awesome shot inside a car getting shot up. (The arm was a nice touch)

The next hour or so is filled up with that "mixed bag" I was talking about. Colin Farrell comes off as trying too hard to be the cool, hard guy we expect his character to be....he actually does it in the worst way when he and Foxx(who's only purpose in the movie is probably left out) are supposed to be convincing the dealers that they are legit. The fact that the in-movie characters referenced it as well made me laugh. Other than that, we get more (unnecessary) shower/sex scenes than you can shake a stick at, and Colin Farrell forces out a relationship with Gong Li in between drug moves. That comes to an end when the tables are turned and we get the inevitable showdowns between good and bad.

The action's alright, even if it does seem a little generic. One of the better scenes of the movie has the "good team" moving in on a trailer in the middle of the night. The only thing I have bad to say about it is that one of the lesser characters ruined it for me when she opened her mouth before shooting someone. (You'll know it when you hear it)

To finish this little nitpick of a "review", I'll say that this movie has the biggest twist of the summer and that it is possibly the movie's saving grace for most. IT'S ONLY 2 HOURS LONG. The ending is beyond fabulous and stops the movie at the perfect moment. It was really one of those "wouldn't it be great if the this happened" moments for me. You know, the kind where you're thinking that and then it happens....leading you to obsess about it for another hour after the movie ends.

This thing could've been way better, but I doubt a DVD release with an extra hour added on will help that in any way. As much as it pains me to say it....

I give ** out of ***** to a Michael Mann movie.

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