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Saving SmackDown!

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DATE: 23rd June, 2006.

LOCATION: Vince McMahon’s office -WWE Headquarters - Stamford, Connecticut.

TIME: 11:51 p.m.

The Great American Bash had not been a satisfactory show for Vince McMahon.

As he sat in his office that evening, Vince decided to take a moment to think about the direction of the company. Sure, RAW was a wildly popular show, but the original ratings spike brought on by the re-incarnation of D-Generation X was starting to ware off, and fans were becoming tired of the act. Even the new WWE champion Edge hadn’t generated much interest in his first weeks of champion, due to the fact that he was in the same old feud with John Cena, only with the roles of champion and challenger reversed. The flagship show it may have been, but it was starting to hit a rough spot.

Vince then thought about the ECW re-birth. Everyone knew that McMahon absolutely hated the first few shows of the new ECW. He made it clear that he wasn’t interested in the shows target audience (the internet fans, they’d always be around) and that he thought the ECW wrestlers were far inferior to his WWE superstars. To try and solve this, he injected ‘hosses’ like Test and Mike Knox onto the programme and gave them hefty pushes, but this didn’t improve the entertainment of the shows. Sure, the last few weeks had been an improvement on the first few, but he still wasn’t sure whether or not he should just can ECW after the twelve-week trial period on Sci-Fi was up.

The final brand SmackDown!, however, was the one Vince was most worried about. At the start of the year, it looked like the show was set for a terrible year when it was suddenly hit with a string of injuries, suspensions and other hindrances:

• Ken Kennedy, rising superstar, sidelined with a torn lat, on 6th December, 2005.

• Hardcore Holly, former WWE Intercontinental Champion, sidelined with a staph infection on 9th December 2005.

• Booker T, WWE United States Champion, sidelined with a strained groin muscle on 26th December 2005.

• Dave Batista, World Heavyweight Champion, sidelined with a torn triceps muscle on the 10th January, 2006.

• Kid Kash, WWE Cruiserweight Champion, sidelined with a broken arm, on 12th January, 2006.

• Gregory Helms, WWE Cruiserweight Champion, sidelined with a broken arm on 10th March, 2006.

• Randy Orton, former World Heavyweight Champion, suspended after ‘unproffesional conduct’ on 4th April, 2006.

• The Boogeyman, rising star, sidelined with a torn left bicep on 4th April, 2006.

• Joey Mercury, one half of the WWE tag team champions, taken off the road to deal with drug issues on 23rd May 2006.

• Chris Benoit, former World Heavyweight and United States Champion, sidelined with ‘plaguing shoulder injuries’, on 26th May, 2006.

• John Bradshaw Layfield, former WWE and United States Champion, sidelined with a ‘serious back injury’ on 26th May, 2006.

• Kurt Angle, former World Heavyweight, WWE, WCW and Intercontinental Champion, drafted to ECW on 29th May, 2006.

• Johnny Nitro, former half of the WWE tag team championships, drafted to RAW on 29th May, 2006.

• Paul Burchill, rising star, sidelined with a knee injury on 2nd June 2006.

• Randy Orton, returned from suspension, drafted to RAW on 8th June, 2006.

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DATE: 24th June, 2006.

LOCATION: Vince McMahon’s office -WWE Headquarters - Stamford, Connecticut.

TIME: 2:19 p.m.

The next morning, at the WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, Eric Bischoff entered Vince McMahon’s office with a grin that even the Cheshire Cat would have been proud to pull off. Vince rose from his chair and greeted Eric with a very strong handshake, before beckoning him into the chair opposite his desk.

“So, Eric,” Vince started, “have you thought about my preposition?”

“Well, yes Vince, I have given it a little thought…” Eric lied; naturally he had been thinking about becoming the head booker of SmackDown! all night.


“And I’d like to accept…under my conditions, of course.”

McMahon’s eyes could have rolled into the back of his head. There would never be anything as simple as a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ in the wrestling industry. Nevertheless, Vince decided to play Eric’s game.

“And what would these conditions be? Money?”

“Oh no, nothing about money Vince…I live in a mansion, I’m set for life, why would I care about money?” Eric snorted a little laugh, “My main concerns here are about how much control I’d get while booking SmackDown! No offence Vince, but I really don’t want to have to answer to a bunch of snooty kids who’s greatest accomplishment is being a writer for Spongebob Squarepants.”

“Trust me Eric, when I asked you to become head booker that’s exactly what I wanted you to be; head booker.” Vince smiled. “Of course, you will have to lead a booking team of writers but at the end of the day, whatever you say goes.”

Whatever I say goes? Are you serious?”

“Well, obviously I’d ask that you run the storylines by me before they go to TV but apart from that…yes, whatever you say goes.”

“Mr. McMahon…”


Eric smiled apologetically. “Vince - you have a deal.”

“That’s great to hear. You’ll start at the SmackDown! tapings tomorrow.”

Both men shook hands once more before going their separate ways. Vince went back to his chair and took a moment to think about the power he had left in the hands of the man who once tried to take him out of business. Before Vince could stew over the possible ramifications of what he had just done, he received a phone call. It was Stephanie, updating him on the condition of her sleeping new-born baby girl.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the building, Eric Bischoff burst out of the doors with a grin even wider than it had been before. As the new head booker of SmackDown!, Eric knew that he had some serious re-building to do. How he would do it, even he didn’t know yet. But he did have a small idea. It was a similar idea to one which helped him kick-start WCW on the road to glory exactly ten years ago, and it involved the return to the company of two of the most infamous figures in pro-wrestling history. When he would return home that night, Eric had two calls to make: one to Scott Hall, and one to Kevin Nash.

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I, like others, like the backstory and the idea of Eric Bischoff being back and having control over Vince, it seems well written and realistic. The only thing I have a problem with is Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, Nash has obligations to TNA and Scott, well he's not in any mental state to be wrestling, from what I've heard he still can't get off the bottle and doesn't want to return to wrestling at any level until he is clean.

EDIT: But yes, it's interesting and I will be reading.

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Cheers for all the feedback guys; mucho appreciated. A few of you said you don't like the idea of brining in Nash and Hall, but that's fine. I was just thinking of who Bischoff would bring in if he did get control of a WWE brand, and those were the first two to spring to mind. And about the whole Nash-TNA thing, I've got it covered, and it'll be explained soon...in a segment near you.
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Guest Clint Woodwood

Very good opening passages, this diary has immediately caught my attention on my first day of joining this forum.

Keep up the good work Sam, I'll be reading.

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Friday Night SmackDown! – 28th July 2006 – Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan

IPB Image


The show opens with a video package from Sunday night’s Great American Bash pay-per-view. We see several stills of events during the match, including Sharmell tripping Rey Mysterio on a 619 attempt, Rey finally dropkicking Booker into the ropes and hitting the 619 and Booker hitting the bookend for a near fall. The final stills show Chavo Guerrero hitting Mysterio with a steel chair, Booker pinning Mysterio, and Booker celebrating with his newly one World Championship.
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Guest Clint Woodwood

Very good show, it is interesting to see where your going with Hardy and Mercury, I hope they don't become a team as I can see Joey doing quite well on his own.

Interesting where you're going with Sylvan aswell, I like him and the gimmick so hopefully you keep it up. Finlay vs. Regal feud is good, I hope they both stay heel though and I don't want Lashley getting the title back, in fact i don't want him on Smackdown at all as he bores me.

can't wait for Nash and Halls debut aswell.

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This diary is awesome.

The back story is great and I can't wait for the next installment.

The way the shows are written are very good as well, keep it out.

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DATE: 28th June, 2006

LOCATION: Eric Bischoff’s home – Detroit, Michigan

TIME: 3:16 p.m

Wrestling Observer Newsletter

- Results from RAW this past week: Shawn Michaels announced that Vince, Shane and Triple H wouldn’t be there…Spirit Squad beat the Highlanders …they announced that Stephanie had given birth…Shelton Benjamin beat CarlitoHulk Hogan and Jerry Lawler beat up Randy OrtonMickie James beat Candice Michelle…Michaels beat Jonathan Coachman by DQ after Umaga attacked Michaels…Ric Flair & John Cena beat Edge & Johnny Nitro in the main event. Overall: Thumbs in the middle.

- Results from ECW on Sci-Fi: Test beat Tommy Dreamer, before being attacked by SabuTony Mamaluke & Little Guido beat Danny Doring & RoadkillThe Sandman turned up with Francine to beat up Mike Knox & KellyBig Show beat Kane, before Angle returned and gave Big Show an Angle Slam. Overall: Thumbs slightly down.

- Results from SmackDown!: London & Kendrick went to a no contest with the PitbullsGregory Helms beat Matt HardyJoey Mercury returned and tried to start a tag team with Hardy…Chavo Guerrero had an interview…Finlay beat Scotty 2 HottySylvan beat TatankaUndertaker challenged Khali to a buried alive match at Summerslam (God help us)…Rey Mysterio & Batista beat Booker & Kennedy. Overall: Thumbs in the middle.

- The rumours are true; Eric Bischoff has accepted the role as head booker of SmackDown! and will start in the job next week. Apparently the decision was made to give Bischoff this new role because McMahon felt that the WWE would need someone with a vast amount of experience to help SmackDown! recover from the latest slope.

- The latest wrestler to join the suspended list is Daivari. Details are not available at this time.

- In good new for SmackDown! however, the Great Khali and Lashley have been cleared to wrestle again. Unfortunately, there is still no update on Super Crazy's test results.

- The injury angle of Kid Kash on SmackDown! was a work. The Pitbulls are expected to return to television in late August.

- SmackDown!’s tag division currently looks really bleak. With only one team (not including the Gymini) active on the show, talk is that the belts might be retired.

- Current talk indicates that Vito’s cross-dressing gimmick will be shelved.

- Talk is that Eric Bischoff is considering bringing Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior back to the WWE.

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This is quite a surprise, I must say. I just happened to poke my head in here as this was at the top of the Dome's topics, and I'm glad to say this is one of the most neatly, well-written diaries I have seen in quite some time. The way you organized the first show makes it that much easier to read, and I enjoyed it a lot. And, as much as I hate it, I give you props for actually doing the Diva Search like you should. A lot of people just end it with no reason. Also, I like the idea of a potential Hardy/Mercury feud or team-up.

Good luck with this, I'll definetely be reading! (Y)

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Well man, i am liking this one so far, i really am, im gonna continue reading this, its a good concept, its wlel written, some good banners for it may help you as well, you shoulsd request some in the Graphcis board if you cant do them yourself (Y)

I hope you dont bring in Hall and Nash, Smackdown needs some good young stars now IMO, not Hall and Nash!

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DATE: Monday 31st July, 2006.

LOCATION: Eric Bischoff’s home – Detroit, Michigan

TIME: 12:51p.m

It had been a very strange day for Eric Bischoff. In the morning he had switched on his computer when the following news headline met his eyes:


Eric was surprised by the news. After all, Piper had been advertised to appear on SmackDown! just this week. Curious, Eric picked up his cell phone and made a call to Vince McMahon.

“Hey Vince, what happened with Roddy and Steve?”

“Don’t play innocent with me, Bischoff!” Vince shouted, “I think you have a damn good idea why they left.”

Bischoff thought for a moment but he couldn’t come up with anything. “Mr. McMahon, I assure you that I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Kevin Nash? Scott Hall?” Vince said, “As soon as they heard that they were coming back they both came to me and demanded I terminate their contracts.”

“That's ludicrous! There has to be some other reason for this! I mean…Austin’s not even going to be on the same show as Hall and Nash and, Roddy, well, he only works every once in a while.”

“Eric, I don’t care,” Vince said firmly, “that’s the reasons they gave me and that’s the reasons I’m accepting. Now, Eric, give me one good damn reason why I don’t fire your ass?”

“Vince…” Eric said, “you son of a bitch! How dare you pin all the blame on me for this! I may have been the ones who suggested it, but you were the one who hired them. So go ahead, Vince, fire me. They had their reasons for leaving, but I bet Hall and Nash were the smallest reason of all. But sure Vince, you need a scapegoat. Why don’t you fire the one guy who can lead SmackDown! back to the top?”

The phone line went dead.

“Damn it!” Bischoff screamed. What the hell had he just done? He’d called his boss a son of a bitch and acted like an egotistical idiot. If he wasn’t getting fired before, he sure would be now.

The cell phone began to ring again. It was Vince.

Bischoff picked up the phone. “Hello.”

“How dare you take that tone with me!” Vince roared down the other end. “How dare you insult me! How dare you insult my mother! How dare-”

“Fire me and I’ll sue your ass for unfair dismissal!” Eric said the words so quickly that he didn’t even have time to think about what he was saying before he said it. He was expecting another eruption down the other end of the phone, but instead he got…

…a laugh?

Vince chuckled. “Eric, I may not like you but DAMN IT, you have balls! I like that. Now listen to me. Remember that I’m your boss and I deserve the ultimate respect. Ever speak down to me again and your ass is going on the unemployment line. But for now, Eric, I’m gonna let you keep your job. You’re right, I need you right now. But let me tell you, you’re on your last chance. If I have any more walk-out’s, any more uproar about Hall and Nash…then you’re out. Got that?”

“Loud and clear.” Bischoff put the phone down and then kicked the wall next to him.

He knew that Nash and Hall were being used as scapegoats by Piper and Austin. Austin quits the promotion every couple of months when he finds something he doesn’t like. He probably didn’t like something to do with his movie so he used Hall being employed as an excuse to leave. Bischoff had never liked Austin, and didn’t really care that he’d gone.

Piper, on the other hand, was a source of worry for Bischoff. He had been scheduled to interview Chavo Guerrero on Piper’s Pit this week, so Bischoff would have some re-booking to do. As for why he left, who knows? He was notorious for his on-off relationship with the company aswell.

His second week as the head booker of SmackDown! had definitely not gotten off to a good start.

Friday Night SmackDown! Preview – 4th August, 2006 – East Rutherford, New Jersey

IPB Image

At the Great American Bash, Ken Kennedy may have scored the biggest victory of his career thus far when he defeated Batista via disqualification. By virtue of his victory, Kennedy became the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam. Or so he thought. Last week, Theodore Long announced that this week the two would clash again in a number one contenders match. This time, however, there would be no disqualifications. How will Kennedy cope with the new stipulation? Will Batista finally get the victory he has seeked for six long months?

Also on SmackDown!, the legendary Roddy Piper will return to interview Chavo Guerrero on Piper’s Pit. Chavo himself had some shocking words for all last week when he revealed that his motivation for costing Rey Mysterio the World Championship at the Great American Bash was his deceased uncle, Eddie Guerrero. Will the Pit have any more shocking revelations in store?

The recent disagreements between Finlay and William Regal will have to be put aside on Friday night when they team up to face Lashley in a handicap match. Can the young rookie handle the two veterans of the ring? Will Finlay and Regal stay a united front? Also last week, Joey Mercury proposed a tag team with Matt Hardy. Will Hardy accept the proposition? We do know that Hardy will be in singles action on SmackDown! when he faces Psychosis.

The tag team champions will also be in action on Friday night when London & Kendrick face the Gymini in a non-title match. On top of this; will we hear anything from the Undertaker or the Great Khali before their Buried Alive match at Summerslam? The Diva Search will also continue when the diva hopefuls face off in a pie eating contest!

Tune into SmackDown!

Confirmed Matches:

No Disqualifications: Ken Kennedy vs. Batista

Matt Hardy vs. Psychosis

Brian Kendrick & Paul London vs. the Gymini

Lashley vs. Finlay & William Regal

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I'm loving this. I really like reading diaries with a continuing backstage story behind them, and this is a fine example of that. And personally, I've enjoyed Nash's recent work in TNA and I'm also a big Scott Hall mark. So I can't wait for their antics, both on-screen and backstage.

I hope you keep this diary running. It's great so far.

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Wow, thanks for all the feedback, I wasn't expecting any!

Clint - thanks for your comments on the show. Glad you liked it: unfortunately for you, though, I'm going to keep Lashley. I hope that doesn't stop you from reading.

Jack - thanks for your comments aswell. Unfortunately when I read the part about you liking the format my heart sunk. I actually decided to change the format because I don't think I'm very good with dialogue in promos. Hopefully you'll like the new format, and if you don't, hey, I might even decide to go back to the old one.

1PWCorino - thanks, and I took your advice about the graphics (as you can see in the SmackDown! preview.) Nash and Hall, as I said earlier, are two people who will be involved in a big storyline in the future. But I'm with you, I like pushing the younger guys aswell. You'll probably see that by how I use Nash and Hall in their first appearances (Y)

Rated R Superstar - thanks again, and I'm glad you like the backstory parts, and I think I've enjoyed writing them aswell, so they'll continue as long as I've got stuff to write about.

Thanks to Rated R Superstar and 1PWCorino for linking me in your sigs. And thanks to whoever rated this ****. I hope I can maintain the quality of this diary to keep it at that level. Now, onto the show...

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Awesome show, loved the way it was written, a nice new style to see. I kinda figured Batista would win, but ah well, I can dream that Kennedy is champ


Also Nash and Hall = a very high happiness rating for me.

But you really don't like The Miz do you?

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