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The Ship


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I think this version is a standalone game, not a mod.


What happened to the Half Life 1 mod?

The Half Life 1 Mod is still available however as the team are now working on the full game ‘The Ship’ there will be no further work done to improve the mod beyond its current status.

Why do I have to pay for the new version of 'The Ship' when the original mod was free?

Because the full version of 'The Ship' is not a mod. The game is a stand alone product and you do not have to own a copy of Half Life 2 in order to play. The game is based on the Source engine but the development team have licensed the technology for 'The Ship'. ‘The Ship’ is also a product with a depth of gameplay which far surpasses the original mod version and graphically, it’s beautiful. We believe it is excellent value for money.

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Just got this, it's a decent game, although it's a bit too deathmatch-esque just in a different scenario. There's a lot more of a Sim's aspect to it too which is cool, although half the time you're too busy looking for the person you have to kill or dodging the person who's trying to kill you to enjoy the other aspects of the game.

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