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Songs that start out slowish, then have a big pickup


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Hmmm let me see here, how to explain this. Think entrance music... there's a few riffs at first and they're cut off by some louder\faster music, at which point the wrestler would come out and do his entrance or whatever. In the past, the use of the following have been useful, but I would like to see a different one... any suggestions?

Senses Fail - Bloody Romance

Avenged Sevenfold - Bat Country

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Suicidal Tendencies - You Can't Bring Me Down (The begining might take too long though. It's a nice clean sounding guitar soloish, then things get heavy).

Even Worse - Rats on Fire (Similar situation to the song above, but the begining is a bit more brief.)

Los Crudos - Unidad Prohibida (If pissed off was a genre of music, these guys would fall in that category. Still, this song goes from sort of soft to heavy.)

Slayer - Reign in Blood (The sound of the rain before the song would make for a cool entrance. I could envision the entrance color being red, with the rain drops sounding. Then the music kicks in as the worker walks out.)

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Not really slowish...but these start quietish then kick in...besides AWS and Survive that seem to fit perfectly for what you want.

"The King Is Dead" by A Wilhelm Scream

"Survive" by Rise Against

"Her Name In Blood" by Strung Out

"My Heroine" by Silverstein

"A Dark Design" by Mew (Would make some weird ass entrance music)

"Analog" by Strung Out (Starts with "They Can't Take That Away From Me" by Billie Holiday)

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All pretty good suggestions guys, at least I am getting some new music out of this. Either way, next time someone makes a suggestion... a little shorter in the way of an intro please.. I'm looking at no more than 20 seconds until the screaming or big guitar picks up.

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I guess "Lucifermotorcade", "Bring Out Your Dead", "Monster", "Faulter", " and "Velvet Alley" by Strung Out could work as well. Velvet Alley. I love this thread. I actually have a reason to whore out Strung Out. :shifty: Again though not really slow start. Merely quiet...and then the main song/riff kicks in.

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That song "So Cold" by Breaking Benjamin. The song really isn't that good (Breaking Benjamin are uh, not that great), but if you're wanting something to suit a long entrance where there's delay before the worker comes out, there's a good minute or so of it at the start of this. And the lyrics work, I think. Although I haven't heard the song in nearly a year.

EDIT - "Cochise" by Audioslave would probably work well. With the uh, "helocopter" style sound at the start for 25 seconds or so.

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Soul of a Vagabond by Stratovarius. I still think that's the best intro music nobody's ever used :shifty:

Almost exactly 20 seconds before the worker would walk out, and then a further minute for him to get to the ring before the vocals start. Although the vocals themselves wouldn't be bad for a music video....

Or Imperium by Machine Head, if you cut off the first 43 seconds. But then you've still got almost a minute until "HEAR ME NOWWWWW!" So maybe a bit long :(

If you don't cut off the first 43 seconds Imperium still works quite well actually. Maybe for someone like Chris Daniels. Enter after 43 seconds, then take the cowl off at "HEAR ME NOWWW!" when you're in the ring. Although that's still one hell of a long time to get to the ring...

Violent Revolution by Kreator? Too vocal-heavy for entrance music I guess. Would still be cool for a hardcore face though.

The Time Of The Oath by Helloween, if you want to steal Chris Benoit's theme by a less shitty band :shifty:

Valley of the Damned is my obligatory Dragonforce reccomendation for this thread, although as entrance music it's a bit crap because it lacks a "boom" moment for the worker to walk out from. Still, have to have a Dragonforce reccomendation :P

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Guest Pringle

Down to the Devil - Edguy

Tears of a Mandrake - Edguy

Prince of the Starlight - Luca Turilli

Panzer Batallion - Sabaton

They aint exactly the best songs for entrance music but they have a slow kinda intro to them and them kicks in with the guitar (Y)

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