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TFA's SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 Royal Rumble Tournament


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O.K. this is how its going to go.

We will need at least 15 people for this tournement. You can pick 2

I will have 6 Royal Rumbles and the winners of these Rumbles will be face in a Elimanation Chamber. After the Chamber match, the people in the chamber match will get title signatures for there postition in the chamber.


1. Triple H and RVD (Heroin Bob)

2. Kane and Batista (Raven52)

3. Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle (Mattman)

4. Undertaker and The Rock (Nefarious)

5. The Hurricane and Shelton Benjamin (TFA 2.0)

6. Edge and Shawn Michaels (LdE1986)

7. John Cena and Big Show (JoeMimic)

8. Chris Jericho and Christian (The Prototype)

9. Randy Orton and Andre The Giant (Subbed for Batista, who was already taken) (iamdanielj)

10. Bret Hart and Mankind (Pepsi Punk)

11. Muhammed Hassan and JBL (oldskool)

12. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Paul London (Mortified Penguin)

13. British Bulldog and Hulk Hogan 80's (Testicle numba 2)

14. Present Hulk Hogan and Rey Mysterio (The Future)

15. Booker T. and Tajiri (timmayy rave)

That is all that can be taken, I will have the results for the Royal Rumble's later tongith or tomorrow.

Edited by The Fallen Angel 2.0
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