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Al Magz Invades WWE


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You know Vince McMahon says his 'The Man', his affairs with Trish and Sable have addedsome credability to this but has Vince McMahon ever gotten his way with more then 3 women (Linda, Trish, Sable)?

Simply put: Yes he has

Her name was Sarah Magz and she was fan of the WWE nearly 30 years ago when McMahon was a young man running around backstage for his father. They met by chance when Sarah was given a backstage pass, to this day she still doesn't know why she was given it, but after a night of talking and drinking, Vince and Sarah got down to 'business' shall we say (I'm guessing someone at some point will say 'Looked like business just picked up'). Well after 9 months Sarah gave birth to a son and a daughter, Al Magz and Alicia Magz. Vince knew nothing of these two until January 2004 when a man in a black suit walked into his office

Man: Hello Mr McMahon

Vince: Hello take a seat would you?

Man: Thank you. Now remember about 3 months ago you said to me that you wanted to find out if you had any other Children out there?

Vince: Yes, did you find any?

Man: Well we found 2 Al and Alicia Magz, their mother is Sarah Magz

Vince: Sarah?! These kids must be nearly 30 by now!

Man: They're both 29

Vince; well get them in here

Man: I've get them plane tickets, they'll be in about a week or so

With that the man left leaving Vince wondering what his two new children would be like and how would Steph, Shane and Linda take it?

Hugo's note: My Al Magz Vs Kandiman thing with Troy will continue, this is just like he said, an alternate universe

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A week later Al and Alicia Magz walked into WWE HQ and took in the site around them

Al: You see little sis? I told you I'd make it someday

Alicia: I still don't know why we're here

Al: It's because of my great wrestling ability

Alicia: Yeah right Al (rolls her eyes)

Receptionist: Can I help you today?

Al: Yeah we're here to see Vince McMahon

Receptionist: Look Vince McMahon doesn't see anyone with at least a appointment made 6 months ago, what are your names?

Al: Al Magz and Alicia Magz

She looks down her list

Receptionist: Ok, you have a appointment to see Mr McMahon in 10 miniutes

Al: Told you we here to see Vince

Once in Vince's office

Vince: Good afternoon Al, Alicia

Al: Look Vince why did you want to see me and Alicia?

Vince: Well you know you never knew who your father was?

Alicia: Yeah Mom never told us

Vince: Well I knew your mother nearly 30 years ago about 9 months before you were born

Al: You mean?

Vince: Yes, Al and Alicia Magz I am your father. Now I'm willing to give you both places on the roster. Al you will debute on Heat and Alicia you will be Al's manager.

Al: YES!!! I knew my wrestling skill would prevail!

Vince: Now after Heat I'll introduce you to Shane, Steph, Linda and Paul

Al: Paul?

Vince: You know him as HHH, Stephanie's husband. Now you two get ready for Heat

With that Al and Alicia left for the locker rooms while Vince thought how great it was going to be to have Al and HHH as his two world champions

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For anyone who doesn't know about Al Magz's stats here are, along with his sister Alicia:

Al Magz

Brawl: 0

Tech: 0

Speed: 0

Charisma: 0

Over: 0


Alicia Magz

Brawl: 0

Tech: 0

Speed: 0

Charisma: 40

Over: 0


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I will only be posting the Heat! Segments that involve Al Magz, as the diary is centred around getting him over, so the rest of the WWE doesn't matter until Al is a bit more over

WWE Heat!

Al and Alicia make their debutes

Some cheesy music plays and Al Magz who is dressed in plain wrestling attire, his sister Alicia is dressed in a garment that is ment to show off her 'assets'. The eye candy gets a small cheap pop from the fans.

Alicia: Hey yall!

The thick Texan accent doesn't do anything for her charisma and the fans are quickly disinterested

Alicia: I'm here in the WWE yall! I'm with my brother yall!

The fact that she seems to say 'yall' every other word get some heel heat from the fans, but this is more 'shut the fuck up you annoying Texan bitch' heat than 'You heel, we boo' heat

Alicia: My brother Al is the greatest technical wrestling in the WWE

Al: Anybody feel like proving me wrong?

This stealing of a Chris Benoit phase gets some more heat, but before they can piss the fans off even more Aaron Stevens walked out and ran into the ring, the fans may not have gave a toos who Stevens was but he had saved from any more of Alicia saying 'yall' so this got a nice little pop

(25) Al and Alicia Magz gained overness

Aaron Stevens Vs Al Magz w/Alicia Magz

This being Al's first match in the WWE he could of be a little nervous and we could have let him off of a bad match but Al looked confident in this one and seems to perfrom to the best of him ability, which is even more worring concidering how bad this match was. Al no sold everything Stevens tried throughout the match, he kick out of any pinfall attempt at 1 if not before 1 in some cases. You thought Triple H was bad at keeping the workers down, well Al Magz takes it to a new level, he no sells everything not just some things like Trips does. Magz also expected Stevens to stay down from a simple suplex and when Stevens kickout at 2 Al went nuts and you could hear Magz yelling 'That's a fucking Magz Plex, that's my fucking finisher'. This was brought to its thankfully mercifull end when Magz hit anouther Magz Plex on Stevens who this time stayed down.

Winner: Al Magz

Match: 30

Crowd: 0

Overall: 13


Al Magz gained Overness

Heat's Overall Rating: 48% (Worst Rating EVER!)

Overness Change:

Al Magz from 0 to 2 (Maybe a crowd reaction someday?)

Alicia Magz from 0 to 2

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hugobomb is back!

I was seriously just thinking "what happened to all the other diaries i used to read?"

Now I just need gazz and BBW to return...

Is this going to be a re-post of the diary, or are you re-starting?

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Oh my...

I found this mildly amusing the first time, so I'll probably check it out this time as well.

Although really, I never found this to be that well written, and some of the "unique" grammar really drives me crazy.

That said, I'm all for some more comedy in the Dome. So good luck.

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After Heat - Meeting the McMahons

After his match and a shower Al Magz and Alicia went off to meet Steph, Shane, Linda and HHH

Vince: Shane, Steph, Linda, Paul this is Al Magz and Alicia Magz, my son and daughter

Al: Hey Step-mom, Step-Sis, Step-Bro and Paul

HHH: What do you mean 'and Paul?'! I'm Triple H! I am the Game! I am technically a McMahon show me some fucking respect

Al: Sorry Paul

Linda; I suppose we should welcome you to the family Al and Alicia, we saw your first match Al and we were erm (you can see her looking for the right but polite word) well Shane can tell you more than I can about your match

Shane: It was .. well interesting to say the least

Vince: Well I loved it! I mean you were great out there son! In a few months you'll be ready to join RAW and give Paul some good competition

HHH: What do you mean competition? He's not going to win MY title is he? Vince?!

Vince: We'll talk about it when the time comes Paul, Steph don't you have anything to say to your new brother and sister

Steph: Hey there Alicia

Alicia: Hey Steph

Steph: You’re not still doing the 'yall' thing are you?

Alicia: What yall talking about? I'm kidding it's just an gimmick

Vince: That reminds me Al, Alicia what gimmicks do you two want?

Al: Arrogant will do for me I think, it comes off my personality easily

Alicia: I can be a Bitch then; it'll work with Al's gimmick

Vince: OK they'll debut at next Heat! Now I saw that Aaron Stevens kick out of you Magz Plex and I've decided to fire his ass

Al: No Vince, what about a feud with him? I can bury him to teach a lesson in wrestling

Vince: Ok we'll do that until the PPV No Way Out then you can move on

Al: But isn't No Way Out a Smackdown event?

Vince: Yes but I'll put you two in the Heat! Main event. Anyway Al, Alicia we can't hang around for long we have to do Raw, we'll see you on Sunday ok?

Al and Alicia: Ok Vince

With that a feud was started:

Al Magz 2 Vs 0 Aaron Stevens (Heat=10)

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  • 3 months later...

WWE Heat!

Aaron Stevens Vs Christopher Nowinski

This one was a lot better than Stevens last match and gave the youngster some confidence in his own ability. This week he was careful to stay down for the right time after each move for fear he would be fired by Vince like Vince threatened after Stevens kicked out of the Magz Plex last week, he may no have know it was Magz finisher but he still got bollocked for it. He looks less uncomfortable this week but was being schooled by Nowinski was trying to shake the ring rust off after so much time out of wrestling. This one didn't have a clean ending as Al Magz ran down to the ring at the end and distracted the ref while Nowinski nailed Stevens with a pair of brass knucks for the win. After the match Magz beat the hell out of Stevens to make his point

Winner: Christopher Nowinski

Match: 66

Crowd: 20

Overall: 43


Magz gained overness

After the match had ended Alicia Magz walked into the ring to join her brother and to talk a bit to the fans

Alicia: Hey Yall!

One collective groan from the fans

Alicia: Now my brother has just shown you all what happens when you mes with the Magz family so unless you want to be next on his list shut up and listen!

About 2 boos from the crowd

Alicia: My brother is the greatest wrestler ever and it's time you all took notice of it yall! Aarom Stevens Al wants to move on from beating you up so at No Way Out in the Heat! main event it will be Aaron Stevens against Al Magz!

Al: I am the best there was and the best there will ever be!

Anouther 2 boos (can this guy come up with an orginal line?)

Alicia: It's Orlando Jordan today, tommorow who know?! Jordan here comes the pain!

Anouther cople of boos for stealing Lesnar's saying

(31) Al and Alicia debuted their gimmicks and Alicia gained overness

Orlando Jordan Vs Al Magz

This one was a first for Al MAgz in that he got a crowd reaction in this match, there was some cheers for Orlando Jordan, it may have been because he looked like Kurt Angle in wrestling terms compared to Al Magz who knows? Al went strait on the attack at the start, when I say attack I mean right hands, more right hands and then some more right hands. This got very boring very quickly and the fans were pretty much dead for the rest of the match. Al never let Jordan get much offence in during this match, if you could call this a match. What offence Jordan did get in was no sold to the extreme by Magz who looked annoyed that Jordan even dared to try to get any offence in on the 'Greatest technical wrestling in the history of the WWE'. This shameful excuse of a match finished when Al Magz hit the Magz Plex on Jordan, after last week Jordan knew better than to kick out of it so Al got the 3. After the match had ended Aaron Steven ran down to attack Magz but got beaten up for his troubles. Al Magz gets the advantage before their No Way Out match

Winner: Al Magz

Match: 36

Crowd: 25

Overall: 30


Al Magz gained overness, Orlando Jordan lost overness

Heat! Overall rating: 56%

Overness Changes:

Al Magz from 2 to 6

Alicia Magz from 2 to 6


Al Magz 4 Vs 0 Aaron Stevens (Heat= 10)

PD: I'll repost this thing, even if it kills me

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Now he brings it back.

After I wiped the floor with him with my Kandiman diary and then smoked him in our split he comes back to what brought him to the dance.

Of course you realise sir, this means war!

If I could be bothered bring my diary back

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No Way Out

A small hype video is shown for the Heat! Main event Al Magz Vs Aaaron Stevens, clips of Al Magz beating the hell out of Stevens are shown before their match starts

Aaron Stevens Vs Al Magz

In the match to end their small feud Al Magz went into this match holding a 4-0 lead over Stevens who was still on punishment from McMahon for kicking out of his Magz Plex in their first match together. This one began like the other ones did, right and more right hands by Al Magz (I'll be so glad when he learns some more moves. Well Al battered Stevens into the corner and then battered him some more almost getting himself DQ'ed from the ref who got the 4 before Magz stopped the beating of Stevens. Stevens again saw every bit of offence he tried no sold by Magz who again looked annoyed that Stevens thought he could even hurt the 'great' Al Magz. Magz got a few 2 counts but was getting annoyed that Stevens wasn't staying down for the 3 and allowing Magz to go on to better feuds and get himself more over at Stevens’s expense. Stevens did finally get Magz to sell something when he kicked Magz in the nuts that got a reaction from Al Magz, it was a wince of pain and then strait into a Magz Plex! Al didn't go for the cover but he picked Stevens up again and nailed another Magz Plex for the 3 count

Winner: Al Magz

Match: 35

Crowd: 0

Overall: 17


Al gained overness from the match and from the feud ending

Overall Now Way Out rating: 80%

Overness Change:

Al Magz from 6 to 10

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Backstage after No Way Out

Christian: Hey Kurt see the Heat main event?

Kurt Angle: You mean Al Magz Vs Aaron Stevens?

Christian: Yeah good god that match sucked, and we thought Paul was bad at wrestling this Al Magz take sucking to a new level

Angle: Why are we even employing this guy?

After this Vince McMahon comes into their view

Vince: We are employing him because I say we are, now unless you two fancy life in Velocity until the end of your contracts you won't complain about Al Magz again, clear?

Christian: Clear

Kurt: Clear

With what he thinks are satified wrestlers now Vince walks off

Kurt: I still say Al Magz sucks

Christian: Agreed, hopefully Vince will see this before Magz gets over enough to make it off Heat!

Elsewhere in the arena

Al: What a match I had out there, I drageed that talentless git Stevens to a great match

Alicia: Damn right you did Al, it's time everyone knew about your skill

With that Vince walks in

Vince: Al what can I say? What a match you had out there! You really are making a good start in the WWE and I think your ready for a higher profile feud, with a better Heat wrestler

Al: Go on

Vince: Well...

Fading screen thingy for suspence purposes

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WWE Heat!

Al Magz Vs Maven

This one was again one of Al Magz best matches and marking the first ever time that someone has had to be carried through a match by Maven of all people. Al again used his right hand to attack Maven who was obviously on orders to sell them to the extreme and sell them he did, and after a bit it looked like Maven had been though a 10lb steak, e.g. tired wanting it to end. Magz did debut a new move in his arsenal the DDT this from now on shall be called the Magz Drop, this was supposed to end the match but Magz picked Maven up and nailed him with another right hand, this got a 2 count and was supposed to make Maven look tough by kicking out of the amazing Magz Drop, but the fans never really brought the Magz Drop as an big move. After the ref was knocked out conveniently, Steven Richards ran down the ring to boos from the fans who think he's here to attack Maven, but those boos change to cheers when Richards nails Al with an Stevie Kick! But Al staggers to his feet basically no selling the kick only to get nailed with a second Stevie Kick, but the fans boos loadly as Al staggers slowly to his feet again. This time Stevens got a chair and threw it at Al who caught it only for Richards to Stevie kick it back into Magz's face. This time Al stayed down and Richards left the ring as the ref woke up to count the 3 for Al Magz's first loss in the WWE but only after 3 Stevie Kicks

Winner: Maven

Match: 34

Crowd: 47

Overall: 43


Steven Richards turn face and gained overness from it

After the match with Al Magz still down in the ring Richards grabbed the mic and started to talk to Magz

Richards: Now for the last 3 weeks I've seen you swanking about backstage because your undefeated in the WWE and the 'greatest wrestler ever' and I'm tired of it. I used to be a censor and Victoria's bitch but now I'm Steven Richards, I am my own man, something that your not yet Al Magz. You haven’t earned the right to be in this ring in front of these fans who want see good wrestlers perform for them. Now people is Al Magz a good wrestler?

'Hell No!'

Richards: See Magz that's what they think of you. Now people am I Stevens Richards an better wrestler than Al Magz?

'Hell Yes!'

Richards: Now Al Magz I have a match next with Mark Jindrak but since you couldn’t beat Maven this week I'll bring some people in over the next few Heat!'s for you to try to beat. Now watch and learn Magz

With that Steven Richards stand Magz and throws him to the corner and takes a pair of handcuffs out and handcuff's Magz to the corner of the ring and then giving him another Stevie kick as Magz's sister watches on

(79) Richards gained Overness

Steven Richards Vs Mark Jindrak

This wasn't really a match that was remembered for the wrestling, it was really more about the fact there was Al Magz handcuffed to the corner of the ring watching on and demanding that the ref release him or face an angry Al Magz, this was ignored by the ref but he had to keep warning Richards for every now and again attacking Magz in the corner. This didn’t last very long as Alicia Magz managed to get a set of keys and unlock Magz from his cuffs. Once free Al picked up the chair Richards used earlier to Stevie kick him and Magz attacked Richards with it giving Richards the DQ win. Once done with the beat Magz yelled 'We'll see who you bring next week!' before walking off

Winner: Steven Richards (By DQ)

Match: 70

Crowd: 61

Overall: 65

Overall Heat! Rating: 73

Heat! Has been dropped! Fucking Spike TV, now I'll have to use Velocity as an both brand show!

Neither Al Magz or Alicia Magz gained overness


Al Magz 1 : 2 Steven Richards (Heat=10)

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