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World Championship Wrestling 1994


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February 18th, 1991

I had been a fan of wrestling since the tender age of 5. Only being exposed to the WWF then, was obviously my promotion of choice. And a Hulkamaniac I became. As I got older, Hulk Hogan became dull. The only other real promotion was Jim Crockett's World Wide Wrestling. I grew up watching WWF All Star Wrestling, which later became WWF Superstars. Of course, as a young wrestling fan, I wanted to become a wrestler. Unfortunately, I wasn't blessed with natural talent or a rich family that can pay for training. So my aspirations were quickly shut down.

Even though I couldn't be a wrestler, I wanted to stay around it, as best I could. Today I was hired by a small, but relatively known promotion, World Championship Wrestling. Backed by billionaire, Ted Turner. Now watching a show totally for free wasn't bad at all. However, does anyone realize how hard it is to take down, and set-up a ring, almost everyday. Because if you don't, please try it.

Now in 1991 I became of a fan of the WCW product. Watching Ric Flair work as the top babyface and also as a heel was fun and interesting to watch. But in July, a disagreement with new president Jim Herd, Ric Flair was on his way out. With being on the ring crew, of course we had our usual rumor talks during the set-ups/ tear downs. The latest rumor was that Flair took the NWA World Heavyweight Championship with him to the WWF, because Jim Herd decided not to give him back the $25,000 deposit. So he kept it. Before he left, he was recognized as both the WCW World Champion, and NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

July 13th, 1993

After two years of tearing down and erecting rings, it was starting to take a toll on me. Even though the money was good, as good as it could be without a college education, and enjoyed watching the shows for free, I decided to take my saved money, and go to college. I gave my two week departure notice and watched the final big show of the month before leaving. The latest rumor was, with Ric Flair coming back last month, that he would be getting a title shot against Barry Windham. On that fateful day, we all watched backstage as Ric Flair defeated him for the NWA World Title.

While taking down the ring after watching Flair win in this very ring, a man came up to one of the guys taking down the turnbuckles, and started a conversation. Now being the nosy 22 year old that I was, decided to evesdrop. He discussed things like the creative team not having many ideas for the direction of the promotion, and expressed concern about other NWA promotions wanting to book Flair, in their territories, under their rules. After a while I went over and started to tell him some ideas I had. Like that WCW had to create new stars if they wanted to compete with #1 promotion, WWF. He stayed behind after I finished and we talked for at least 3 hours about anything and everything. When we finished, he told me he might have a job for me. He didn't me what kind of job, but I later found out, he was road agent, Doug Dillinger.

September 3rd, 1993

Doug Dillinger was apparently good friends with the head booker of WCW. He told him about my ideas, and I got a job as a writer for WCW. Now, low on the totem poll as I was, was a very good job. Now taking down and putting up the ring on a regular basis was a physical job, but being on WCW Creative, was at least two times harder, mentally. Currently, we are working on finalizing a deal to break away from the NWA for good. What led to this was that because of WCW taping so far ahead, they taped Rick Rude as champion, before Flair dropped the belt. This was considered a major breach of kayfabe, and was the last straw between the two. I came up with a few ideas for the promotion in recent months such as making Sid Vicious our Champion. So they taped him as Champion on our television show, World Wide, and I was glad my idea worked out. Unfortunately, Sid stabbed me in the back (figuritively) when he stabbed (literally) Arn Anderson, about 4 weeks before Starrcade on a tour in England. Sid's weapon of choice, scissors. The entire footage was thrown out of him being champion, and he was fired. Now this couldn't have put me in a good spot with creative, but I didn't know for sure. Booking for WCW wasn't an easy job by any means, and thinking up good ideas were hard to come by.

May 25th, 1994

One day after our latest PPV Slamboree, where Sting was awarded the WCW International Title (NWA Title) and defeated Vader. Also, Ric Flair defeated Barry Windham and retained. We also had new Tag Team Champions, Kevin Sullivan and Cactus Jack.

**The head bookers are on their way out of the high WCW position. Ole Anderson and Dusty Rhodes are on their way out of the position. Now by no means did I think I would be picked. Eric Bishoff was the Vice President, and I assumed with his business savvy attitude, he would be taking the job. When I found out that he was going to be head of creative, my heart sank, even though I knew I wouldn't get it. But when Ted Turner himself told me that I was head booker I was ecstatic yet confused. I wondered how that was possible, but he informed me that I had complete control, but I had to run all of my ideas past Bischoff.

That night, I went to sleep with a sentence that I never believed would enter my mind, at least in a factual state. I was the head booker, of W...C...W.


OOC: Everything in this backstory should be taken as factual information, other than me being in it. All the wrestling related events are true until the double stars (**) appear in front of the text. Thanks for reading.

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May 25th, 1994

When I woke up the next morning I thought everything that had happened was a dream. That was quickly shot when my phone rang. It was Eric Bischoff, and he wanted to meet me. So I drove down to the building we were at the night before, and parked in the back. After looking around for about 15 minutes and asking at least 10 people, I finally found Bischoff chewing out Bunkhouse Buck, while everyone else was packing up for the move to the next city. It sounded like Bischoff was mad that Bunkhouse Buck sand bagged a powerbomb and no sold Dustin Rhodes' finisher. Buck started to argue that the only reason he was here because of his father, Dusty. Bischoff continued to yell at him and when it looked like he finished, he turned around and look surprised to see me.

"Oh hello. Didn't think you would be here. As you know I'm Eric Bischoff," he said as he reached a hand out to me.

As I shook his hand he pulled me in close to him and whispered, "If you think, for one second, that you run this now, you're dead wrong."

I was a little confused but, nonetheless, he let go and proceeded to talk like nothing happened. When he finished talking about what my job was and the power he held over me, he gave me a piece of paper.

"This is a list of things I need you to do. I'll see you on Saturday at the show," he said and extended his hand again.

This time I pulled him in close and whispered to him, "If you think you can intimidate me, YOU, are dead wrong sir."

When I pulled away he didn't look happy but walked off anyway.


Eric Bischoff's Things To Do:

1. Familiarize yourself with the roster.

2. Get to know the workers and staff.

3. Meet with Creative.

4. Pick up my dry cleaning.

5. Scout and hire 5 new wrestlers.

6. Call and re-confirm Hulk Hogan's oral agreement to come to WCW.

7. Write the next WCW Saturday Night, by yourself.


Wow, I am not picking up his dry cleaning. Okay, better get started then. Familiarize myself with the roster. Hmm...



Face, Heel

Main Eventers

Big Van Vader

Ric Flair (WCW World Champion)

Sting (International World Champion)

Upper Midcarders

Arn Anderson

Dustin Rhodes

Rick Rude

Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat

'Stunning' Steve Austin (United States Champion)

The Guardian Angel


Brian Knobbs

Brian Pillman

Cactus Jack (Half of the WCW Tag Team Champions w/ Kevin Sullivan)

Jerry Saggs

Johnny B. Badd

Kevin Sullivan (Half of the WCW Tag Team Champions w/ Cactus Jack)

Larry Zybysko

Lord Steven Regal (World Television Champion)

Maxx Payne

Paul Orndorff

Paul Roma

Ron Simmons

The Patriot

Lower Midcarders

2 Cold Scorpio

Barry Windham

Bobby Eaton

Booker T

Diamond Dallas Page

Eric Watts

Ice Train

Marcus Alexander Bagwell

Stevie Ray

The Shockmaster

Tom Zenk


Jean Paul Levesque

Terry Taylor

Enhancement Talent

Brad Armstrong

Denny Brown

Ken Kendall

Mike Dibacco

Scott Sandlin

Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker

Tag Teams

Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan

Harlem Heat (Booker T and Stevie Ray)

Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs and Jerry Saggs)

Pretty Wonderful (Paul Orndorff and Paul Roma)

Stars and Stripes (Marcus Alexander Bagwell and The Patriot)


Diamond Doll (Manages Diamond Dallas Page)

Dusty Rhodes (Manages Dustin Rhodes)

Harley Race (Manages Big Van Vader)

Missy Hyatt (Manages Nasty Boys)

Sir William (Lord Steven Regal)

Sister Sherri (Manages Harlem Heat

Teddy Long (Manages Johnny B. Badd)


Nick Bockwinkel


Well that looks good enough for now. Next thing, meet the staff and wrestlers. They're on the road, and well...not here. So I'll have to wait until Saturday to talk to them. Creative is also on the road, moving right along. Wow this is easy. Next, dry cleaning, oh this should be good. I grabbed his dry cleaning with 5 suits. They looked expensive...good. I saw a bum on the street and traded him for clothes. I went back and got his rags clean and then put them back in the bag. I took them over to where Bischoff wanted me to take them, and left. Hopefully, he likes the clothes as much as I did. Scouting and hiring 5 wrestlers.


Bischoff gave me a secretary, Sophie. If she was more of a bitch she would've been Satan. She screamed, whined, moaned, and complained, more than anything in the world. But she was good at her job. She narrowed the search down to 10 wrestlers and gave me the list. I looked over the list and she gave me a stack full of video tapes. They were tapes of matches with all the workers on my list. Awesome.

6 hours later and a 15 minute power nap later, I had my 5 guys.

PJ Walker

Shane Helms

Disco Inferno

Donovan Morgan

Lance Storm

It looked good to me and I was wiped. I went back to my apartment and fell right on my bed. Tomorrow was another day and I still had so much to do.


Eric Bischoff's Things To Do:

1. Familiarize yourself with the roster.

2. Get to know the workers and staff.

3. Meet with Creative.

4. Pick up my dry cleaning. Heh heh

5. Scout and hire 5 new wrestlers.

6. Call and re-confirm Hulk Hogan's oral agreement to come to WCW.

7. Write the next WCW Saturday Night, by yourself.


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Guest DraxTheDemolisher

So far, an extremely interesting backstory of how you worked your wsy into the promotion, i'm glad you havent went with the typical storylines. Picking up Eric's dry-cleaning and trading them was great, keep up the good work. You may just have you first reader...

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May 26th, 1994

I think it might have came in a dream, or I was just crazy. I had an idea, it seemed like it would be a good one. Then I woke up. What a great dream...uh-oh. What was it about?! Damnit! I hate that! Anyway, I got dressed, and took a shower. When I got out my phone rang so, without thinking ran to get it. My foot got bundled up in a towel and I tripped and fell. My face smacked off the doorknob of the bathroom and I was pissed. I crawled my way to the phone and picked it up.


"Is Jimbo there?"

"You've got to me kidding me, wrong number!"

I hung up. I smacked my face off the doorknob, to see if Jimbo was here...AWESOME. I checked my list and decided to call Mr. Hogan. Now this, this being my first conversation with the Hulkster, was very exciting. He answered the phone and I said hello.

"Hello, Mr. Hogan"

"Who's this brother?" Ok he didn't really say brother, but I imagined it.

"This is the new WCW head booker. Mr. Bischoff told me to confirm your verbal agreement to come to WCW."

"Okay dude, there're some more stuff I wanna go over first. I want contracts for ev'ryone that I want in WCW. I want a guaranteed title run, and total creative control."

"Now that I can't, Hulk. As the new head booker I refuse to guarantee anything to anyone. You won't get anything until you show me, that you can work as hard as all these other guys. And I have creative control, not you."

"Listen here son, you don't talk to the Hulkster like that brother. Bischoff made it very clear that I would get whatever I wanted."

"Well sir, Bischoff isn't making the call now is he? If you don't like it, we don't want you here."

"Alright man, the Hulkster doesn't need this, see ya later brother."

He hung up and I couldn't believe I just scrapped with the Hulkster. Bischoff won't be too happy about that call. Oh well. Hmm, what's next on the list.


Eric Bischoff's Things To Do:

1. Familiarize yourself with the roster.

2. Get to know the workers and staff.

3. Meet with Creative.

4. Pick up my dry cleaning. Heh heh

5. Scout and hire 5 new wrestlers.

6. Call and re-confirm Hulk Hogan's oral agreement to come to WCW. oopsie[/i

7. Write the next WCW Saturday Night, by yourself.


Next I have to write the show. Great, this won't be easy. I decided to head to the next city by way of taxi. On the way there I sat with my notebook and scribbled tons of notes and ideas. I think I came up with some good stuff and would have to run it by Bischoff. Should be an interesting meeting with him...muwahahahaha. I arrived in the next city and met with creative.


"Okay everybody. Welcome to the new WCW. This isn't going to be like under Dusty and Ole's reign. This is the beginning of a new era. The NEW WCW! Any questions"

"Yes sir, what qualifies you for this job."

"Shut the fuck up! Next question! Good none. I wrote the next show, look over it."

After that, I had to meet with Bischoff. I showed him my work and told me it was good for my first time. Then he asked me about Hogan...hahaha.

"So did you talk to Hogan?"

"Yes I did sir, we had a wonderful conversation."

"So he's coming?"



"He made a bunch of psycho demands, screw him."

"YOU BASTARD!!!" He screamed and charged at me trying to strangle me. But, thankfully, I was stronger and pushed him off.


"I told him we didn't need him. And we don't now that I'm in charge."

"You sonofabitch! You're fired!!!"

"I'm sorry sir but the only person that can fire me is Mr. Turner."

"Oh trust me, that won't be hard!"

"We'll see," I said and walked out.


After that scuffle that I thoroughly enjoyed, I decided to call and talk to all the wrestlers. I can't wait until Bischoff finds his new clothes. I stayed up late at night talking to everyone in the company. From Denny Brown to Ric Flair. It was 3 in the morning and I was listening to Flair talk about his 16 world titles and how he wants to build WCW's young talent. Finally he finished talking. And with hanging up that phone, the list was done too.

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The Fallout From Slamboree

At Slamboree, Sting was awarded the WCW International Championship and successfully defended it against Big Van Vader in the main event, despite interference from Vader's manager, Harley Race. Vader wants some revenge and made it clear, he will stop at nothing, to get that title. Will he deliver or become another victim on the Stinger's list.

Ric Flair was the victor against Barry Windham and perhaps a new era began at Slamboree as the new WCW champion began his reign. Flair, who returned last month, said that he's back, and better than ever. Could he prove that or will his title reign be short lived?

Also, with World Television Champion, Lord Steven Regal, injured with a broken nose, the title has been vacated. Nick Bockwinkel, commisioner, has announced that an 8 man tournament will begin on Saturday. Who will be in the tournament, and who will take home the championship?

Find out all of this and more on WCW Saturday Night, 6 p.m. on TBS!!!

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June 6th, 1994

Tony Schiavone: Hello and thank you for welcoming us into your home tonight for WCW Saturday Night! After Slamboree just 6 days ago, we're sure to see fireworks tonight aren't we Dusty.

Dusty Rhodes: Oh I'm sure we will. With all the adversitay that Sting 'ad to go true at Slamboree, I was damn suprised to see 'im come out on top. Now whether it was rightowrong for Harley Race to intafere it doesn't matta', 'cause Sting is still our IntanationAL, World Champion.

Tony: Right you are Dusty, now let's get into our first action of the night. We've got a great match-up here for you now with, well I guess you can see for yourself.

Tony gets cut off by the music of Harlem Heat. They make their way down to the ring with Sister Sherri between them and climb in ready for their opponents.

The Nasty Boys accompanied by Missy Hyatt make their way to the ring while snarling at some unruly fans, who don't seem to want to be here.

Match One

-The Nasty Boys w/ Missy Hyatt vs. Harlem Heat w/ Sister Sherri-

The Nasty Boys decide to isolate younger brother Booker T, and seem to not be giving up. Knobbs and Saggs takes turns tagging in and out and beating Booker farther down in their corner. Saggs starts choking him illegally in the corner and Stevie Ray wants to jump in but is held back by the ref. Both Nasty Boys jump in the ring and throw Booker into the ropes. Booker comes back with a huge double clothesline and all 3 men look to be out. Booker T crawls over for a tag to Stevie Ray and he starts off with a few clotheslines. He sends one into the ropes and hits a back body drop. Jerry then goes into the ropes, but counters with a shoulder block. Booker gets in and tosses Jerry outside the ring. Booker and Stevie set up Knobbs, and they hit the Harlem Hangover, and get the three.

Winner: Harlem Heat

Tony: They got it, they got the three!

Dusty: Well a course, noboday survives, da Harlem Hangova'.

Tony: What a match to start us off here on Saturday Night, stay right here everyone we'll be right back.

Commercial Break

Tony: We're back and we've already got Denny Brown in the ring waiting for his opponent.

Dusty: Well that can't be good, ever' time we see Denny Brown, he seems to be gettin' his ass whooped.

Tony: Well here's his opponent and I think your assessment on Denny Brown might be right, Ron Simmons, is a tough customer.


Match Two

-Ron Simmons vs. Denny Brown-

Denny Brown spits in the crowd and for that receives a big right hand from Ron. Simmons takes control and makes Denny beg for mercy before he hits the trademark running powerslam and gets the one, two, three.

Winner: Ron Simmons

Commercial Break

Dusty: I told ya so Tony, but ohhh no, don't listen to de American Dream, Dustay Rhodes.

Tony: I never said I didn't believe you Dusty, in fact I agreed with you. Well it seems like somebodies got something to say in the ring let's listen to him.


World Champion

Ric Flair: I just wanna cut right to the chase. I am the World Champyin, an I am at the top of the mountain. There's one thing, an one thing only, that I came out here to talk about. An that is, RESPECT! I am the WCW World Champyin, an I get no more respect den half of these other losers!

Sting: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, did you say World Champion? No, I'm sorry Flair but you're wrong. This (holds up his belt) is the World Champion. I am the International World Champion. If you haven't noticed, you're only the WCW World Champion. (Sting then climbs in the ring)

Ric Flair: You did not, just interrupt The Naitcha Boy, did you? Tell me you did not, just do that.

Sting: Oh trust me, I did. Now what you don't seem to understand Naitch, is that how can you be on top of the mountain as you say, if there are two world champions? Me, and you?

Barry Windham: Excuse me I think you might've forgotten about me Ric. You see, (steps through ropes) I don't think me and you are quite finished yet.

Ric Flair: Oh really, that's the way you see, huh? (Takes off his jacket)

Barry: Yeah Ric, that's the way I see it.

He throws down his mic and attacks Flair and gets him in the corner. Ric fights back with chops and Sting comes over to help on Windham. Flair pushes Sting away and gets a push right back from Sting. Ric and Sting now trade chops and Big Van Vader comes out from the back!

Tony: We've got a huge brawl out here somebody break this up it's out of control!

Vader gets in the ring stats alternating big rights to Ric and Sting. He throws Sting into the ropes and lays him out with the Vader Bomb. Ric hits him in the back but Vader just turns around and looks angry. Windham comes from behind and lays out Flair with a huge clothesline!

Dusty: Jesus christ get someone out here!

Tony: Would you want get in the ring with these guys!?

Nick Bockwinkel's music hits and the 4 guys look to the stage.

Nick Bockwinkel: You guys wanna fight? You wanna come out here and ruin this show? Alright well you can ruin it in the main event! Tonight all you lucky fans are gonna see Ric Flair and Sting, face Barry Windham and Big Van Vader! And on a side note, the first match of the World Television Tournament will take place. Diamond Dallas Page against Paul Roma, and it's next!

Vader and Windham look mad with Flair and Sting smiling heading back to the backstage area.

Tony: Did you hear that Dusty what a main event?!

Dusty: Uh course I heard it, I'm sittin' right next to ya.

Tony: Whatever Dusty, we'll be right back.

Commercial Break


Match Three

-Diamond Dallas Page vs. Paul Roma w/ Paul Orndorff-

DDP rules this match through and through, feeding off the crowd's disapproval it seems. Paul Roma can't even seem to get a move in until DDP misses a clothesline and Roma hits a back drop. DDP recovers and sets up the Diamond Cutter, but gets tripped by Orndorff on the outside. Roma picks him up and hits the superplex off the top, and pins him for all he's worth.

Winner: Paul Roma

Tony: What a cheater, Pretty Wonderful can't even win by themselves no matter who's in the ring. They always have to cheat.

Dusty: What are you talkin' about Tony? That win seemed Pretty Wonderful to me.

Tony: How can you say you didn't see him do that?!

Dusty: Like this, I didn't see anathing.

Tony: You know Dusty I...oh wait, hold on a second folks we seem to have a camera backstage let's take a look at what's going on.


Bang! Bang!

Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan are backstage getting thrown into the walls and other random things laying around by the Nasty Boys. They're screaming about they want a rematch and how they were screwed at Slamboree. Security comes in and gets the Nasty Boys to leave. Jack gets up with blood coming from his mouth and a huge smile.

Cactus Jack: You know Nasty Boys, I've been looking for a partner in crime to take your titles for months prior to Slamboree. Now I've found him, and there's nothing you can do! Kevin Sullivan and Cactus Jack, aren't giving up these titles. If you want a rematch, you can have it next week in a Street Fight! Bang, Bang!

Commercial Break


Match Four

-Ricky Steamboat vs. Brian Pillman-

Steamboat busts out the technical skills on Pillman and seems to be in control the whole way. Pillman regains control after recovering from a sleeper, but then is upset by a Dragon Suplex, but it only gets two. Steamboat is going up top, we don't see this much, he just fell! Rick Rude pushed him off! Rude runs in the ring and quickly nails the Rude Awakening on Pillman. Ricky Steamboat gets up and they brawl around the ring until Rude hits the Rude Awakening again on Steamboat. Rude grabs a mic.

No Contest via Rick Rude interference

Rick Rude: What is this!? What is this crap!?I get the International Title stolen from me from that bastard Sting! And now I'm not even on this show! What is that!? In fact you know what, at Clash of The Champions, I want you Steamboat! Everyone talks about how you're the one to beat. Well after Clash of The Champions, everyone will be saying that Rude, is the man to beat!

Rude throws down the mic and walks back to the back.

Tony: What a sore loser, he loses to Sting fair and square and thinks he can say he cheated.

Dusty: Well come on Tony, it's obvious he shoulda at least been on the show.

Tony: It's not his choice though Dusty, it's the Commisioners choice.

Dusty: Noboday cares about the commisiona.

Tony: Next up is our main event, don't go away!

Commercial Break


Main Event

-Ric Flair and Sting vs. Big Van Vader and Barry Windham-

Flair and Sting are ready to go and Windham comes out first but waits for Vader to come out. Vader comes in the ring and they go to their respective corners. Sting and Windham are first to lock up and Sting gains the advantage. Sting and Flair isolate Windham and Vader is looking impatient. Vader finally says enough is enough and charges past the referee and nails Flair with a big clothesline. The ref says he'll disqualify him if he doesn't get back and he does. Windham comes over and makes a tag an gives Flair a quick powerslam. Vader and Windham now handling the isolating with Flair getting beaten down.

Tony: We promise you folks this our last commercial break, don't leave us things are just heating up!

Commercial Break

Vader misses a splash before we come back and they're both crawling for tags when we do get back on air. Sting really wants in and he gets the tag! Windham is in too but Sting is on a rampage. Sting hits a couple clotheslines and a couple rights and left and chops on Windham. Vader comes from behind and throws him into the ropes and hits another powerslam but only gets two. Sting is getting beaten down and Windham tags Vader back in legally. Vader hits a splash but again only two. He sets Sting up in the corner, but moves out of the way of the Vader Splash! He's sliding over to Flair, but Flair moves! Flair is walking back to the back with his belt, talking about how he's the only world champion. Sting looks in disbelief and Vader picks him up, Vader Bomb! Vader covers for three, and it's over!

Winner: Big Van Vader and Barry Windham

Tony: Why? Why did Flair do that!?

Dusty: Well shut up a second and find out, Flair's got a mic.

Flair has a mic and is standing at the end of the stage while Vader and Windham celebrate.

Flair: Sting, you said there's two world champyins? Well guess what, how 'bout next month, at Clash Of The Champyins, we see who the real World Champyin is, and unify these titles?

Sting crawls over to the ropes and gets handed a mic.

Sting: You got it Flair!

The crowd cheers loud and we go off the air.


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Good start easy to read and nice main event storyline buildup. Only real negatives I can see is the commentary with Dusty, Rick Rude's interuption and Flair's interview. I saw no 'clobberin' on the mothership of WCW if you weeell which would have been nice but hey there's always room for improvement and it's pretty hard to write, especially without becoming repetitive and sounding authentic.

Rude saying what he did on WCW TV back then wouldn't have gone down well with the Turner empire and no mention of how good looking he is compared to the rest of the audience. He has a right to be angry, it's just I feel he would probably approach is slightly differently. Not that I watched WCW in 1994, I was only 5 lol.

As for Flair his Stylin' and Profilin', Winin' and Dinin', Limosine Riding ways they didn't seem too apparent as nor did the Woo's. Even if he was supposed to be cutting to the chase, he'd never miss the opportunity to Woo if it was ever presented. Anyhow, on the positives the squash matches stick with the times, whilst Schiv is a bit rough on the edges you've got him mostly nailed down. Jack and Sullivan .vs. Nasty Boyz is certainly something I'd like to see progress.


Keep going (Y)

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Yes I know Flair didn't have his usual sayings but he got interrupted, and I kinda forgot to put that in there.

Rude was a hard subject for me because I've never heard him or anything and couldn't find anyhing on youtube, so I just tried to make him a cocky heel.

Thanks for the feedback.

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IPB Image

June 7th, 1994

Tony Schiavone: Welcome to WCW Worldwide everybody. Last night we had a jam packed main event on Saturday Night and Ric Flair made a huge move didn't he Gene?

Gene Okerlund: Well that's right Tony and if you missed the ending of that match-up last night, don't you worry folks because we're going to show it again later tonight.

Tony: That's right Gene but first we have a match between two up and comers, and well here's one of them right now.

Match One

-Jean Paul Levesque vs. 2 Cold Scorpio-

2 Cold gets a big pop from the crowd. JPL knocks down 2 Cold but if Scorpio hits more than 2 punches, JPL bails out of the ring or runs to the otehr side of the ring. Eventually, JPL hits a stalling suplex and covers for only 1. The end comes when JPL goes for the Pedigree, but it gets reversed into a sling shot into the corner. JPL slides down to the bottom of the ropes and 2 Cold sees the Scorpio Splash coming. He goes up top, hits it! He gets the three.

Winner: 2 Cold Scorpio

Tony: 2 Cold Scorpio pulls one out on that snob Jean Paul.

Gene: That's right Tony and I'm glad, maybe he'll be a little nicer now.

Tony: Well I hope you're right Gene. Let's take a look at last night's events leading up to the main event.

Clip of the Flair/Sting/Windham/Vader/Bockwinkel segment airs

Commercial Break


Tony: Welcome back everybody, now Gene what we're about to see here is what Flair did to Sting last night.

Gene: That's right Tony, Flair blatantly bailed out on his partner last night, let's take a look.

Clip of last night's main event ending airs.

Commercial Break


Tony: Now Gene, just one week removed from Slamboree we've already got what looks to be great for Clash Of The Champions, with a HUGE main event in Sting against Ric Flair in a unification match. For the first time in WCW History, we will see a unification of the two world titles. That match is sure to be huge. Also, another big match, Rick Rude layed down the challenge after he beat down Ricky Steamboat and he wants the Dragon, at Clash Of The Champions!

Gene: You know what Tony, this is shaping up to be yet another amazing WCW main event caliber show. And the best part of this is, it's on free cable television.

Tony: Yes it is, only 3 weeks away Clash Of The Champions comes into your living room for free! Let's get to our main event of the night here.

Main Event

-The Guardian Angel vs. Dustin Rhodes-

Dustin Rhodes starts out gaining control over the Guardian. Dustin throws Guardian outside the ring and hits a big cross body out of the ring. They're both slow to get up. Angel is first and he hits a slow right hand. Dustin comes back with one of his own. They brawl outside and Angel gains the advantage. He throws him back in the ring and drives his knee to his face. He covers but for only 2. Guardian throws Dustin into the ropes and hits a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. He covers again but only 2. Guardian throws him into the turnbuckle and mounts him. The crowd counts with him as he gets to ten, but Dustin grabs his legs and powerbombs him to the mat. He covers but again a 2 count. He takes him into the corner again, Flying Bulldog, and he gets the three!

Winner: Dustin Rhodes


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IPB Image

June 3rd, 1994

WCW Parts ways with Dusty Rhodes!
Today, Dusty Rhodes was released from his position on color commentator on WCW Saturday Night, and lefrt the company completely. Dusty was said to be in a sour mood ever since he left his job as head booker, to the new head booker. The current head booker said he "didn't have what it took" to commentate with someone as skilled as Tony Schiavone. Dusty is said to have left on bad terms, and may be heading to the WWF with his son, Dustin Rhodes.

WCW Officials upset with ratings!
After WCW Saturday Night scored a 1.73 in their Early Evening time slot, officials are said to be "worried, but still hopeful" about ratings. WCW Worldwide on Sunday scored a very poor 0.03 rating. Rumors have started that if they don't pick it up next week, we coudl very well see Worldwide, for the last time.

Last week, Flair laid down the challenge to unify the titles, and make sure there was only one world champion. After walking out on Sting and letting him suffer the fate of the Vader Bomb, what will Sting have to say this week, and what sort of revenge could he take?

Also in last week's main event, Vader and Barry Windham defeated Sting and Ric Flair, after losing respectivly at Slamboree to them in their own 1 on 1 contests. Vader has issued a challenge to anyone in WCW to challenge him in a number one contender's match at Clash Of The Champions. Will someone step forward this week or will we have to wait even longer to find out?

Rick Rude came out and was obviously jealous of Ricky Steamboat and attacked him in a match with Brian Pillman. Rude challenged him to a match at Clash Of The Champions, but earlier this week, Rude has hinted at a special stipulation. Will we see what it is this Saturday!?

Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan are now the reigning WCW Tag Team Champions, but last week, the Nasty Boys attacked them backstage and demanded their rematch. A bloody but smiling Cactus Jack kindly accepted, but said it would have to be in a Street Fight! What Bang Bang will we see from the tag champions?

All of this and much more on WCW Saturday Night! 6 p.m. on TBS!

Edited by Mountain Dew Plunge
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Hey no problem, and heck Worldwide was usually like that lol. A few jobs, recaps and that was about it. I never watched it back then, but if the format was anything like it was when I started getting it (admittedly 6 years later lol) you nailed it perfectly. I imagine the jobs would still stand, maybe a few more of em.

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IPB Image

June 13th, 1994

Tony Schiavone: Hello and welcome folks to WCW Saturday Night! Tony Schiavone alongside new announce partner Frank Giovanni. We've got a huge night here at Disney Studios and we're sure to see some fireworks tonight.

Frank Giovanni: That's right Tony and we've got a big main event tonight with The Nasty Boys getting their revenge on those psychos, Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan.

Tony: How can you say that? Jack and Sullivan earned those titles at Slamboree. It's The Nasty Boys who are the psychos, attacking them last week.

Frank: They'll get their revenge you just wait and see.

Tony: That match is for the tag team titles too! Speaking of titles, we've got another tournament match for the World Television Championship, and it's now!


Match One

-Booker T vs. Johnny B. Badd-

Booker T comes to the ring with Stevie Ray and Johnny B. Badd is alone for some odd reason. They start off by locking up. Booker gets behind Johnny and goes for what looks like a german suplex, but Johnny slides around and now he's behind Booker. Johnny looks at his position and smacks Booker in the ass. Booker jumps away holding his cheek and looking at Johnny really weird. Johnny just shrugs and Booker looks madder than ever. He charges him and hits him with a right hand. Johnny fires back and whips him into the ropes and gives him a big DDT! Cover for only two. Johnny keeps Booker grounded throughtout. Booker finally mounts some sort of offense and comes off the ropes with a flying crossbody. It only gets two and Booker looks upset. Johnny jumps up and he's setting up The Kiss That Don't Miss! Uh-oh! Teddy Long grabbed his leg! Badd turns around to argue with Long but gets turned back around by Booker. Booker kicks him in the stomach and comes off the ropes with the Axe Kick! Booker covers and gets the three!!

Winner: Booker T

Tony: What is Teddy Long doing, Johnny had him!

Frank: Booker was just playing with him, he was setting up that kick all match.

Tony: Teddy Long used to be the manager of Johnny, but I don't know what their doing now!

Frank: Teddy Long was probably being held down by Johnny B. Badd. What kind of name is that anyway, Johnny B. Badd? I mean seriously what is that?

Tony: We'll be right back keep it right here on TBS. I don't how me and you are going to get along....

Commercial Break


We come back from commercial and Sting is in the ring with a microphone.

Feel The Sting

Sting: Hopefully, you all saw what happened at the end of last week's main event. Before last week Ric Flair, I had as much respect as a man could have for another man. But when you bailed out on me in that match, just to challenge me at Clash Of The Champions, I lost almost all the respect I had for you. So if you want to be known as the only world champion in WCW, then you will have to go through me. I can guarantee you will feel the sting, at Clash Of The Champions.

Tony: Those are some strong words from our International World Champion wouldn't you say Frank?

Frank: They were but I for one cannot wait for this next match. 'Stunning' Steve Austin has decided to give Mike Dibacco a United States Championship shot.

Tony: Oh come on Frank, this is nothing but a way for Austin to avoid facing anyone who could compete for the title.

Frank: Put a sock in it Tony, Dibacco is a perfect opponent.


Match Two

-'Stunning' Steve Austin © vs. Mike Dibacco-

Austin starts off getting in Dibacco's face and it looks like he's telling him to hit him first. Dibacco looks to the crowd and nails Austin square in the face. Austin reels back and falls back into the corner. He checks to see if there is any blood, none, and gets back up. He gets back in his face and dares Mike to do it again. Mike does it, but Austin blocks the shot. He gives him his own right hand and it sends Mike over the top rope and onto the floor. Austin follows up on him and bangs his head off the post. He slides him back in the ring and hits a stalling suplex. He picks him back up and screams in his face about not ever hitting him again. He smacks him in the face and then he hits the Stun Gun! He covers and wins the match!

Winner and Still U.S. Champion: 'Stunning' Steve Austin

Tony: Oh come on, that was just...

Frank: Awesome?

Tony:...Yes Frank, awesome. (Sigh) We'll be right back.

Commercial Break


Trash cans, chairs, tables oh my!

Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan are seen on the street outside of the building gathering trash cans, chairs and anything else they come across into a dumpster on wheels. As they keep wheeling it along the side, we see Missy Hyatt following them. She comes up to Kevin and starts to talk to him.

Missy Hyatt: Why hello there Kevin. What are you doing back here? Oh wow, I just have to say that seeing you with that title around your waist is really getting me...

Cactus Jack: EXCUSE ME! I'm sorry to interrupt but we have more things to collect before our match tonight. Now if you could kindly, GET AWAY FROM US!

Missy Hyatt looks a little scared but whispers something in Kevin's ear and he nods and smiles.

Cactus Jack: What did she say?

Kevin: Oh nothing...nothing at all....


Tony: What was that about, what did she say to Kevin Sullivan?

Frank: Probably something about a little manage a trois later tonight eh Tony?

Tony: Manage what?

Frank: Manage a trois, when two girls and a...

Frank is interrupted by the music of Rick Rude. Rude strolls to the ring and gets him and grabs a microphone.

Rude Takeoff

Rick Rude: Shut up! Listen here you fat, mickey mouse fans! Watch me, and see what a man is supposed to look like!

Rude starts taking off his robe as the lights dim but he gets interrupted by Steamboat. Steamboat grabs him by the head and throws him to the outside. He follows him but Rude runs away from Ricky. Ricky chases him into the back and Rude has sprinted away. Rude jumps into a car and it speeds away with Steamboat banging on the trunk.

Commercial Break


Match Three

-Ron Simmons vs. Paul Orndorff w/ Paul Roma-

Paul Orndorff starts off taking out Ron's legs in this first round World Television Championship tournament match. Then Paul starts beating on the head and neck of Simmons. Simons mounts an offense after a short while and takes down Orndorff. Roma gets on the apron but Simmons knocks him off quickly and gets right back to Paul. Paul fights back to his feet and throws Ron off the ropes. He catches Ron in a sleeper and Simmons is fading fast. The ref raises his hand once, no response. He raises it again, nothing from Simmons. He raises it a thrid time, he gets it up! Simmons feeding off the crowds energy and comes back with a couple of elbows to sternum. Ron kicks him in the stomach, and hooks up the Dominator! Roma jumps into the ring but the ref is already counting. He gets the three just before Roma jumps on Simmons.

Winner: Ron Simmons

Tony: Get some help out here Roma and Orndorff are beating down Ron Simmons!

Frank: No leave them go, I'm sure they're just messing around.

Roma throws Simmons into Orndorff and Orndorff hits the big piledriver! Simmons is out and Pretty Wonderful are celebrating like they won.

Tony: Pretty Wonderful can't do anything fair, they always have to have some sort of advantage.

Frank: As long as their Wonderful, I don't think they have anything to worry about anyway.

Tony: Let's go to "Mean" Gene Okerlund who's got Big Van Vader backstage, Gene?


Vader Time!

Gene Okerlund: Thank you Tony, I'm backstage with Big Van Vader who as I understand it, issued an open challenge to anyone, anywhere for a number one contender's spot.

Vader: That's right Gene, and that challenge still stands. I want a title shot, and I don't care who I have to beat to get it. Whether it's guys like Rick Rude, Barry Windham, or even a guy like Denny Brown. It doesn't matter, because at Clash Of The Champions, it's Vader Time!

Commercial Break


Match Four

-Diamond Dallas Page vs. Brian Pillman-

DDP goes right after Pillman, backing him into the corner and spitting in his face. After the loogie, Pillman comes out after DDP with a running clothesline. Pillman covers but it doesn't even get one. DDP jumps back up and fights Pillman back against the ropes. DDP whips into the corner and tries to follow up with a splash but gets caught with an elbow. Pillman takes control from there on out and Pillman hits the Flying Crossbody off the top rope. He covers but DDP kicks out! After DDP fights back to his feet he hits the Diamond Cutter and gets the three!

Winner: Diamond Dallas Page

Tony: DDP gets the win after kicking out of the Flying Crossbody!

Frank: That's right my guy kicked out of Pillman's finisher.

Tony: Your guy? What is that supposed to mean? Wait, hold that thought Frank, it's Ric Flair! Flair is coming to the ring!


Stylin' and Profilin'

Ric Flair: STING!!! I'm am gettin' sick an tired, of your crap. Comin' out here, every week, insultin' the Natcha Boy! Ric Flair! Lemme tell ya somethin' Stinger. Whoooo! If you think, for one second, that you are goin' to be World Champyin after Clash Of The Champyins? You are obviously, out of your mind! I've got more money than you Sting. I've got more rides than you Sting. I am the Natcha Boy. I've faced, and beatin' legends, like Harley Race! Like Ricky Steamboat! Like anybody else you can name! The stylin', the profilin', the limousine ridin', kiss stealin', wheelin' dealin' sonofagun! RIC FLAIR! So at Clash Of The Champyins, when you walk THAT aisle. You will be facin' the man on top! So I hope you're ready Stinger! Because on June 23rd, you will walk back down that aisle, a few pounds lighter, because that World Title, is comin' home, to The Natcha Boy!

Tony: What a statement by Ric Flair! I can't wait for that match!

Frank: Who cares about that match, the only one I'm worried about is the main event for the WCW Tag Team Championships, and it's next!

Commercial Break


Main Event

-Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan © vs. The Nasty Boys w/ Missy Hyatt-

Jack and Sullivan roll the dumpster to the ring and start unloading it. While they're unloading it, The nasty Boys come up from behind them and start beating on them. They throw them into the ring and whip them into the corners. Knobbs grabs a trash can and Saggs whips Jack towards Knobbs. Knobbs is holding out the trash can and Jack runs right into it! Sullivan comes from behind Knobbs with a cookie sheet and slams it over his head. Saggs charges at Sullivan and gets his own cookie sheet shot. Sullivan picks up a kendo stick and starts beating Saggs with it. Jack gets up and sets a trash can up in the corner. He whips Knobbs into it and Knobbs comes crashing into the corner and the trash can. Saggs is staggering back up and Sullivan gives him a big DDT onto a chair! Jack picks up a table and sets it up in another corner. He goes to whip Knobbs into it but it gets reversed. Sullivan steps in the way though and saves Jack from crashing through. Knobbs and Saggs come charging them both and drive them through the table like football players. Saggs and Knobbs pick up Jack and start punching him in the head until Kevin gets back up and hits Saggs with a trash can. Sullivan goes to hit Knobbs but he gets kicked in the stomach. Jack spins Knobbs around though and hits a double armed DDT onto trash can and a chair. He goes to cover but Kevin says no not yet. Knobbs comes from behind but gets surprised by a punch to the stomach from Jack.

Kevin is outside setting up a table over top of the dumpster. Jack is still in the ring pounding on Knobbs and he sets up a ladder near the ropes. Jack hits a double armed DDT on Knobbs and Sullivan slides in the ring. Jack and Sullivan pull Knobbs to the top of the ladder, but Saggs is back up and pulls Sullivan down. Saggs starts brawling with Kevin and it seems Knobbs has woken up and is beating Jack on the ladder. Jack starts to pick up Knobbs but won't budge. Knobbs punches Jack and Jack falls!!! Jack falls through the table straight into the dumpster!!!

Tony: Oh my god! Did you see that Frank, he just fell at least 20 feet!!!!

Frank: Holy cow! I cannot believe what I just saw!

Sullivan looks at Jack and gets blind sided by Saggs. Knobbs and Saggs start working on Sullivan and are just punishing him. Jack finally gets up and is bleeding from the mouth and forehead. He's got a huge smile on his face and charges the Nasty Boys with a chair. He hits Saggs and lays him out. He hits Knobbs and then Saggs rises and gets knocked down by the chair. Knobbs is up again and gets knocked down. Sullivan is back up and Jack picks up Knobbs. Sullivan picks up Saggs and they look at each other. Hyatt, who seems to have been hiding, gets on the ropes and starts screaming to Kevin about their deal. Kevin looks her right in the eye and hits the Piledriver on Saggs. Jack hits the doube armed DDT and they cover at the same time! They get the three and are still Champions!

Winner and Still Tag Team Champions: Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan!


Edited by Mountain Dew Plunge
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Loving the Ric Flair speech haha. The Rick Rude speech (if you can call it that since he got interrupted by Steamboat) was pretty much dead on though I did feel the Mickey Mouse bit sounded slightly cheesy lol, though it makes sense what with the location of WCW at the time. Booker and Long should be a good pairing and I don't know why but I have an incling you might expand it into a stable...either way keep going, this diary's getting good.

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June 14th, 1994

Tony: Welcome to WCW Worldwide everybody, Tony Schiavone here all by himself tonight, and we've got a big main event for you tonight. Diamond Dallas Page takes on 'Stunning' Steve Austin for the United States Championship. It's a rare occasion we see a title defended here on Worldwide, and it's bound to be a great one. But first let's get to our first match!

Match One

-Stars and Stripes vs. Brad Armstrong and Ken Kendall-

Marcus Bagwell starts off in the ring with Brad Armstrong. Bagwell locks him up and throws him to the ground. Armstrong gets up and pushes Bagwell. Bagwell pushes back and Armstrong goes down. Brad makes a tag to Ken and Ken doesn't want to go in. He shakes his head but Bagwell throws him in. He delivers a few kicks to the abdomen and drags him into his corner. He tags The Patriot and and Patriot goes to work on him. Five minutes of domination later, Stars and Stripes hits, America The Beautiful, and gets the three!

Winner: Stars and Stripes

Commercial Break


Tony: Welcome back folks, tonight we've still got that main event to come and much more. Right now though, let's take a look at last night's main event for the Tag Team Titles!

Highlights of last night's main event runs

Tony: That was a huge way to end last night's main event, and I don't know how Cactus Jack is still alive after that fall. Nonetheless, Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan remain your, WCW World Tag Team Champions! Next up we've got a match between, oh well here he is now!

Match Two

-Ice Train vs. Jean Paul Levesque-

JPL attacks Ice Train quickly and suplexes him. JPL gets Ice down and starts beating on him. JPL works a technical based style with some cruiserweight moves thrown in. Ice gains back control when JPL misses a crossbody. Train covers but only gets two on several occasions. JPL kicks out of a big powerslam and gives Train a low blow while the ref wasn't looking. JPL hits the Pedigree, and gets the one, two, three.

Winner: Jean Paul Levesque

Commercial Break


Tony: Thanks for joining back with us folks and our main event is just moments away. However, first let's take a look at last night's events that occurred between Ric Flair and Sting!

The Flair, Sting interviews are played with Flair saying a little and then Sting, which goes back and forth until they both show up on the screen with their final words.

Tony: I absolutely cannot wait to see who our very first WCW World Heavyweight Champion will be. That is the official name of the belt everyone and I cannot wait to see that match. Steve Austin is already on his way down to the ring, let's get to the action in your Worldwide, main event!

Main Event

-Diamond Dallas Page vs. 'Stunning' Steve Austin ©-

DDP and Austin get in each other's faces and start their jawing. Austin strikes first but DDP blocks it. DDP scores a right, and so does Austin. They go at it quick and Austin backs DDP into the corner. Austin drives his knee into the stomach of DDP and throws him into the opposite turnbuckle. Steve follows up with a clothesline but it doesn't seem to affect DDP as he charges back out with his own clothesline. DDP gives Austin an elbow and covers for only two.

Tony: This match has just gone back and forth with no one gaining any real control!

DDP throws Austin into the ropes and catches him with a knee lift. DDP picks him up and sets up the Diamond Cutter, but it's reversed into the Stun Gun! Austin covers, and gets the three!

Winner and Still United States Champion: 'Stunning' Steve Austin


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Guest Larry the Mole Man

I just read through and I have to say, you really improved your Flair from the first Saturday Night to this one. Nice length to the matches and easy to read and given Paul Roma a win is an A+ in my book. Nice build up to Clash so far. Just one question, during the Vader interview on Saturday Night, where was Harley Race?

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I just read through and I have to say, you really improved your Flair from the first Saturday Night to this one. Nice length to the matches and easy to read and given Paul Roma a win is an A+ in my book. Nice build up to Clash so far. Just one question, during the Vader interview on Saturday Night, where was Harley Race?

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