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Children Of Men


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I have been playing Half Life 2 recently, so yeah that's exactly what I thought of. I wonder how the society in the movie justifies that? Well it'll be fun to watch either way. And I think Clive looks pretty good in it, I mean... it seems his character is supposed to be like that living in a doomed society, but it looks like he picks up in the end.

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Clive Owen just reeks of awesomeness.

Tell me you didn't just say that?

THE Clive Owen? Cardboard Clive?


It does look pretty good though.

Was I the only one reminded of the opening few scenes of Half-Life 2 during that trailer? The setting looks EXACTLY LIKE IT! Coming in on a train, big screens everywhere, lots of scared people, and cages, etc... There's a swing and everything! And tanks and stuff roaming around. then into things that look suspiciously like shanty-towns in sewers...

(Not saying that's a good or bad thing, just something I noticed and couldn't get out of my head).

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