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Final Fantasy VII


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I considered how well each of the two threads went and realised that really, the best way for this to go for a while, is RPG's, because everyone can develop together and talk a lot more storyline in those. Fans of something other than Playstation, fear not, I'll be doing a second thread later for something else on another console, PM me suggestions. But for now, the Game of the Moment is a game that you either love or hate...

Final Fantasy VII

As last time everyone can move at their own pace, get tips from other members and the such, it's all a group thing, just a note though so people playing for the first time don't get ruined, whenever you reveal a piece of the plot, please point out where you are up to and then insert spoiler tags. For example (don't worry, it won't ruin anything major)...

At the very start...

Cloud and AVALANCHE blow up the Mako reactor.

Don't forget, you can also discuss what impact this game had on not just the industry, but the series itself and the gamers/fans.

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How come you have two GOTMs at the same time? Also, there should be a poll to let us decide. GTA FTW

It's down to PM's, that's why I said that, and I always think the forum looks best with two pinned threads, no point doing away with something that still has a chance to develop.

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I can't be doing with another Final Fantasy just now...especially not FFVII, which I find all the more gruelling an endeavour than, for instance, the playful romp that FFX provides. Besides, now that I've regained my ability to play PC games I've become occupied with them to a somewhat obsessive degree. :shifty:

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I say you do the original Kingdom Hearts. That or maybe Star Ocean III. Somthing easy to come by, you know?

To save my life I couldn't find a copy of FFVII around here. :(

For some strange reason Benji hates that game, so I say we join together and PM him for it to be next time's game.

I don't care what happens, that game will never be GOTM.

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