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FIFA World Cup 06


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IIRC it comes up before you start a match/tournament. It should come up with a window with some square boxes above another row of square boxes which you have to use the trigger buttons to go through all the different options (difficulty, match length, which ball etc). It can be pretty easy to miss. I don't think there's just a place you can access to change the options from the main menu which is gay.

I'll check it when I get home if you can't find it.

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Ah! Found it, thanks LBTN. I've only played one game from the "Play Now" section and I obviously hadn't realised I could switch settings (first go with the 360 and everything, getting used to the controller let alone the game). I presume once you set it up to your liking for a "Play Now" game it will apply those settings to your other games? Because you don't get that option in a World Cup or anything.

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So, which is better? This or Winning Eleven 9/PES? I got this a few weeks ago for Xbox, and it's quite nice, but I may order WE9.

Oh, and I know that WE9's rosters aren't accurate, but I can import the correct ones.

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Anybody know how to have a player attempt to charge down a free kick (X360)? I've done it before, but I can't remember how I did it :ohwell: I know Y makes the wall jump and B brings an extra attacker, but I can't figure out how I made my defender charge the kick down.

I'm enjoying the qualifying campaign with the USA at the moment. In the first phase I lost to Panama twice, 4-2 and 2-1, but two wins over El Salvador and a draw and win against Jamaica got me through. I've had a bit of a goal drought in the second phase, a few 0-0 draws (I finally managed to beat Panama, though, 1-0) but that ended when I changed my formation, and a few players, and destroyed Mexico 4-0 :D

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