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TNA 2005, Slammiversary & Onwards


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May 31st, 2005

My partner and I worked at Panda Energy for 15 years, eventually working our way up to high executive positions. My partner and I have been friends since we were children. He was married, beautiful wife, beautiful kids, great life. Me, on the other hand, am a drunk sleuth type. Drinking away my sorrows, chasing women, paying lots of hookers. Needless to say, when one day our boss explained to the company they embarked on a new business venture, Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling, we didn't much care. That is, until, some time later, we met our boss' daughter, Dixie Carter.

Now, we always had an aptitude for wrestling and were very educated in the field, but we never expected to be put in any kind of position. Apparently, Dixie had small voice recorders and came across my partner and I's conversations about our ideas for wrestling and such. At first we were outraged that we had been spied on. Then again, when Dixie approached us about a booking job with TNA, as it was affectionatly known, we were ecstatic, yet scared. To be truthful, we had no clue what were doing from the get go. Taking our job as Co-Head bookers, with Dixie Carter at the helm.

Now for our first month, we just sat around basically and got familiar with the business and the position. When they thought we were finally ready, it was only a day before what is considered a big ppv, Slammiversary, where TNA feauture's a very big, and very unique style of match. That match is the King Of The Mountain match. Our job, was to book the winners of these matches. This would be our first challenge, and from there on out, we would become the lead writers and also to secure a TV show, so we can get iMPACT! off of webcast a.s.a.p. The card for Slammiversary was like this.

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NWA World Heavyweight Championship King Of The Mountain Match

AJ Styles © vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Monty Brown vs. Abyss vs. Sean Waltman

Triple Threat X-Division Championship Match

"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels © vs. Chris Sabin vs. Michael Shane w/ Traci Brooks

Tag Team Match

America's Most Wanted vs. 3 Live-Krew (BG James & Konnan)

Bobby Roode w/ Scott D'Amore vs. Lance Hoyt

Samoa Joe (TNA Debut) vs. Sonjay Dutt

Tag Team Championship Match

The Naturals © vs. Team Canada (Petey Williams & Eric Young)

Grudge Match

Ron Killings vs. The Outlaw

Lucha Libre Style Match

Alex Shelley vs. Shocker

X-Division 6-Way

Shark Boy vs. Elix Skipper vs. Zach Gowan vs. The Amazing Red vs. Delirious vs. Jerrelle Clark

Pre-show Match

Simon Diamond & Trytan vs. Sonny Siaki & Apolo

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IPB Image

TNA iMPACT! Free On Webcast!

After the truly historic events of last Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view, this week’s episode of iMPACT promises to be equally as important. The fall out from the now legendary King of the Mountain contest, out of which AJ Styles emerged, still as the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, is expected to occur on this weeks’ iMPACT. Who will step up to the plate to face the World Champion next? And will we find out who attacked Jeff Jarrett, taking him out of last Sunday’s main event, in favour of Raven? Did Raven have anything to do with Jarrett’s demise? Tune in to see if these questions are answered.

Also, Christopher Daniels was victorious last Sunday in his latest X-Division Title defence, beating Chris Sabin and Michael Shane in an eventful triple threat match. With the annual Super X Cup announced to start this week on iMPACT, who will rise to become the winner, and number 1 contender to Daniel’s title? Can anyone put a stop to Daniels domination of the division? Download the iMPACT webcast to see the early stages of the tournament.

At Slammiversary, the trio of the 3 Live Kru seemed to exist no more, as BG James turned his back on Ron Killings and left with The Outlaw. How will the remaining members of 3LK react to BG’s defection? The Naturals also completed a successful NWA Tag Team Title defence against Team Canada, who saw victory in the shape of Bobby Roode, who overcame Lance Hoyt at Slammiversary. Who will the next team be to challenge the Naturals for their tag team gold? And what will Coach D’Amore have in store for his Team of Canadians after their varying success at Slammiversary?

Slammiversary saw a highly impressive debut by one Samoa Joe. Will he continue to create a fearsome impression this week on iMPACT? Make sure you tune in and download to find out.

Tune in and download the TNA iMPACT webcast to find out all this and more.

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Guest Alex Wipper

I like how it's going so far! Styles, Naturals and Daniels as champs was the good move. Im glad you ended the 3LK storyling and reunited the New Age Outlaws. It needed to be done sooner then when TNA did it. I'm also glad to see Jarrett outta the picture for awhile.

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June 24th, 2005. Download On Webcast Now!

Caught Red Handed

Jeff Jarrett is in the ring as iMPACT! opens

Jeff Jarrett: No, stop it. The camera doesn't need to see the crowd. Get the camera on me! At Slammiversary, somebody thought it would be alright, to attack me, and put me out of the King Of The Mountain match. Well guess what, after lookin' and investigatin', we found this little tape. Let's play it on the new big screen here.

A clip of Jarrett lacing his boots for his match at Slammiversary is shown. A man comes into view and hits him with a chair. The guy picks up a kendo stick and beats Jarrett in the back. He then grabbed a trash can and cracked it over his head, leaving him in a bloody mess. When we thought he left, he comes back and hits Jarrett with a chair one more time. He turns around and faces the camera. IT'S RAVEN! He turns and walks away.

Jeff Jarrett: I knew that it had to have somethin' to do with you Raven. I knew that you had to make sure you had a shot at gettin' in that match. You're pathetic Raven! You're an embarrassment to...

The lights go out and Raven's music starts to play

Jeff Jarrett: What? You...you think I'm scared now? W..well...you..you're wrong!

Jarrett lights a lighter in the ring and a small glow forms around him. Jarrett looks around in front of him and turns around. The lighter is right in Raven's face and he's staring at Jarrett!

Raven grabs Jarrett by the throat tosses him in the corner as the lights go back on. He stomps away at him and then goes off the ropes from the opposite side, hitting him with a big boot. Raven grabs Jarrett and drags him to the middle of the ring. He picks him up and signals the Evenflow DDT, but Jarrett escapes somehow and bails out of the ring, putting a hand to his lip to check if he's still got all his teeth. He goes back to the back and Raven's music begins to play again as he exits through the crowd.


Mike Tenay: Well what a start to TNA iMPACT! Mike Tenay, live with my partner Don West, we're at another packed TNA house here in the iMPACT! zone at Orlando Studios. Just a few days ago Don, we saw one of the most historical matches in our short history, the King Of The Mountain match.

Don West: And it truly was, a historical moment. AJ Styles overcame the odds of four other men in one of the most brutal matches I've ever seen! Look at this!

Clip of the King Of The Mountain match highlights show

Mike Tenay: AJ Styles an absolute warrior in that ring. Folks, if you didn't see Slammiversary last Sunday, you missed another amazing TNA pay-per-view. But you're in luck as it is still available for replay. Order it now, you will not be sorry.

Don West: It was amazing as are all of TNA's pay-per-views. Also there we saw Christopher Daniels retain his X-Division championship.

Mike Tenay: That's right Don, and he also had to overcome some odds of 2 other men, Michael Shane, and Chris Sabin. Tonight, we kick-off the Super X Cup tournament! 8 men, only one number one contender.

Graphic of the tournament bracket shows


Super X Cup Tournament

Sean Waltman


Shark Boy

Alex Shelley


Elix Skipper

Michael Shane


Chris Sabin



Petey Williams


Mike Tenay: Well, it looks like we’ve got some company coming out here for our next match…

Christopher Daniels makes his way to the announcer’s table, proudly cradling his X-Division Title belt over his shoulder. He swaggers over to a pre-prepared seat, next to Mike Tenay, and he takes a spare set of headphones.

Mike Tenay: Hello, Christopher Daniels, X-Division Champion…what brings you out here?

Christopher Daniels: Well, I decided to come out here and scout my so-called opposition tonight, Mike Tenay, because you well know that the winner of this prestigious tournament, as well as picking up a nice, shiny trophy, also gets the privilege of getting to step into the ring with the Fallen Angel for my X-Division Championship.

Don West: Sounds good to me champ. What do ya think of the two competitors in tonight’s first round matchup, Shark Boy and Sean Waltman?

Christopher Daniels: Hell, Sean Waltman’s a washed up, has been who should cut his hair and buy a watch, coz the amount of bookings he misses is unbelievable. And Shark Boy, he’s one demented child, who should really be locked away in whatever loony bin Abyss escaped from instead of having any chance of winning my title. Who would want to act like a shark anyway?


Super X Cup: First Round

-Sean Waltman vs. Shark Boy-

Waltman dominates the early proceedings with some expertly thrown martial arts kicks. Waltman whips Sharky into the corner, and continues his assault with vicious roundhouse kick, ending with a jumping kick to Shark Boy’s face. Waltman continues in this vein for the duration of the contest, always keeping control of his opponent with a mixture of snap moves, stiff kicks and general disregard for the rules. However, some time into the match, Shark Boy manages a comeback, knocking Waltman out of his stride with multiple knee lifts, and then a spinning back elbow. Shark Boy continues his attack, ducking a Waltman spin kick and knocking him down with a dropkick. Shark Boy plays to the crowd, feeding on their energy, and he goes for the shark bite, but Waltman surprises him by quickly rolling behind Shark Boy and rolling him up, using the ropes as leverage (unseen by the referee) to pick up the victory and to advance into the next stage of the Super X Cup.

Winner: Sean Waltman

Mike Tenay: Waltman picks up the win and advances on! Thanks for joing us Mr. Daniels. Now later tonight, we'll find out who his opponent is, either Alex Shelley, or Elix Skipper! But that was a great kickoff to the Super X Cup Tournament!

Don West: Yes, it was, apparently we've got something going on backstage, let's go back to see what's goin' on.


No Surrender Match

Jeff Jarrett: Zybysko, I want Raven at No Surrender!

Larry Zybysko: You can have him, but I won't have you two running around here beating the hell out of each other and turning off lights all over the place!

Jeff Jarrett: I want him in a No Surrender match!

Larry Zybysko: Whatever that is, you got it Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett: Good. Oh and Zybysko, I want a title shot when I win!

Jarrett walks away and Zybysko looks troubled

Mike Tenay What's a No Surrender match???

Don West: No clue Mike, but the way Jarrett said it, it must be brutal.


-Samoa Joe vs. Zach Gowan-

Joe dominates his opponent from bell to bell, knocking him senseless right from the get-go with vicious chops, which sends Gowan scampering into the corner, desperately looking for solitude. However, this plays right into Joe’s hands, as he hits Gowan with a running forearm smash, a set up round kick and then a running yakuza kick that nearly takes Gowan’s head off. Joe isn’t finished there, as he throws Gowan out of the corner with a belly-to-belly suplex, before following up with an STO, and then following that with a stiff lariat. Joe, probably realising that he’s had the match won for a long time, picks a motionless Gowan up and hits him with the Island Driver, and he follows that with the modified reverse choke hold, and the referee stops the match as Gowan is knocked out.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Mike Tenay: Well the dominance continues for Samoa Joe, finishing with that rear naked choke, known as the Coquina Clutch.

Don West: Mike when I look at this guy, I see an absolute monster! Not only is he a big powerful beast, but he can move like some of our X-Division stars!

Mike Tenay: Speaking of that X-Division, the next match for the Super X Cup Tournament is your iMPACT! main event, coming up in just a few minutes. Right now we go backstage to Shane Douglas.


The Last Straw

Shane Douglas: 'The Franchise' Shane Douglas backstage with BG James and The Outlaw. Now BG, at Slammiversary, you seemed to have fnally had it with 3 Live Kru, is this the end of the 3LK?

BG James: I think so Shane. At Slammiversary, Ron Killings and Konnan were way out of line attacking Outlaw. I finally had it with them! Always interfering, always starting fights. I'm done. Killings, you wanted me choose a side, well I picked one! And it's not yours!

The Outlaw: Oh hey, BG. I found out, over the internet, that I'm actually a part of your family. So I've decided to change my name.

BG James: Oh that's great. What to?

The Outlaw: Uh...uh...I didn't really choose one. Heh heh...oops.

BG James: Ok, anyway. Killings and Konnan, the 3 Live Kru is done. And because you felt like interfering so much at Slammiversary, we challenge you to a match at No Surrender. That's right, BG James and The Outlaw, against Konnan and Ron Killings, at No Surrender!

Mike Tenay: Don! The 3 Live Kru is done?

Don West: That's what BG says, and he's often at times said to be the leader so I guess that's the way it's going.

Mike Tenay: Well everyone it's time for your iMPACT! main event. Alex Shelley and Elix Skipper are about to square off!


Super X Cup: First Round

-Alex Shelley vs. Elix Skipper-

Skipper and Shelley trade roundhouse kicks to start the match, until Skipper takes control, and he dominates his opponent with a trifecta of snap suplexes. Skipper then jumps to the top turnbuckle, but his attempt twisting leg drop misses, as Shelley moves out of the way. It’s now Shelley’s turn to dominate, and he hits Skipper with a backdrop suplex and follows that up with a Yakuza kick. Both men trade signature moves through the middle portion of the match, shifting momentum between them continuously and seamlessly, gaining some response from the Orlando audience. Towards the end of the contest, Skipper reverses a Shelley Piledriver attempt into a hurricanrana, and he covers for a two count. Skipper then starts busting out more signature offence, avoiding Shelley’s offence attempt with the Matrix Evasion, before going up top and doing the Ropewalk. However, Shelley hits a smooth springboard swinging DDT, sending Skipper crashing to the mat. Shelley follows up with the Shellshock. Shelley then pins Skipper, handing him the victory and advancing him to the semi finals of the Super X Cup.

Winner: Alex Shelley

Mike Tenay: Shelley picks up a win. After a very impressive showing at Slammiversary, but coming up a little short, Shelley wins here.

Don West: Yes and he showed a lot of style in this one. He advances on in the Super X Cup Tournament!

Mike Tenay: We'll see you all next....oh wait hold on a second. Again there's something going on backstage.


Number One Contender

James Mitchell and Abyss are backstage in the hallway

James Mitchel: Look at Abyss. 6 foot 8, 350 pounds of raw power! He deserves, an NWA Heavyweight Championship match.

AJ Styles: Look James. I was just in a brutal match a few days ago. I don't have time for this. I don't make the decisions anyway. That's Larry Zybysko and the champiopnship committee's job.

Larry Zybysko: Excuse me, someone say my name?

AJ Styles: Oh hey, Larry. I was just telling James that I don't say who gets a shot at my belt or not.

Larry Zybysko: That's right that's my job. And next week, I'm going to decide on that.

Out of nowhere Monty Brown hits the Pounce on Abyss, and the throws Styles into the wall, laying them both out. Mitchell hugs the wall scared at a hard breathing Monty Brown and Zybysko walks away shaking his head


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ok so I'll be honest, I didn't really properly read Slammiversary, but I got the main gist of it I think. Kinda interesting that you kept the belt on AJ for the "internet" period. I always thought that Raven was a smart choice to carry the belt while they were stuck runnnig an internet show as he appeals to so many internet fans, plus the whole deal with how it went down at the ppv gave a lot of people something to talk about at a time when TNA needed to fight hard to remain in the spotlight. Keeping the belt on AJ, it's not neccessarily terrible as he's only just won it, but I do have a slight concern as I do any time AJ's been TNA world champ. He's a terrible world champion, and the fact that a guy who you're supposed to be promotion as the greatest wrestler on the planet is made to look small any time he's even stood next to half the non wrestlers on the roster, just makes it a real struggle for credibility. Just watched the first internet Impact on my PC before checking this out, and man did they do a terrible job of making Raven look like a champion on that show. Just one night to let him be a real champion, but instead he just had a horrible mic duel with Mitchell, and got destroyed by Abyss (i remember watching the week after and thinking they did a way better job of making him look like a world champ that night). I'm gonna be really interested to see whether you can do a better job of making AJ seem like any kind of decent champ because any time he's got the belt in TNA, it's a struggle to do it right.

ok REALLY liked the opening segment to the show. at first when you mentioned jeff lighting a lighter i was like "meh, why's he got one ni the ring with him anyway" but then i stopped being so anal and enjoyed the imagery of jarrett turning around with a lighter in his hand and the only thing visible in the whole arena being jeff and raven's shadowy faces looking eye to eye. i liked it a lot. the rest of it played out nicely too, both came across like they do in real life.

by the way, west and tenay sound pretty decent, i wasn't expecting them to either, decent enough job with them

Super X should be interesting, Shark Boy should go straight out as jobber fodder as Waltman actually has some momentum at this point. shelley/skipper's gonna be interesting as you could easily push either guy hard, shane/sabin's the same kinda deal and then you've got petey and some mystery guy. half of me wants to see it be a well recognised name coming in to face petey, but that would likely mean petey loses and you fail to cash in on sabin/petey which ALWAYS produces something hot, they're awesome in teh ring against each other, so i dunno, no idea who's gonna win but it's a great way to build a guy up as a credible threat to daniels right now

Waltman/shark boy was fine and there's absolutely no doubt the right guy went over. there's still value in waltman at this point and i'll be interested to see just how hard you push him or how he gets used

Zbysko's character's coming across well enough, as is jarrett's and some no surrender match between him and raven can not only be really entertaining but is a logical natural feud at this point, which at least briefly, gives jarrett something meaningful to do that doesn't involve the nwa world title

I'm not sure about the next match, i mean, dominant joe just beat a cripple? so what? admittedly in real life we just got him dominating some indie jobber, delirious, but at least he had two legs. that said it's so early in joe's push, like his second match or something, that you can't really hurt him by having him beat up a guy with one leg, i'm just not sure it does as much for him as some other matches could have

douglas still around as an interviewer is great as he's brilliant at it, honestly better on the mic than pretty much anyone i can think of on your roster, his facial expressions when other peopel are talking add so much. the purpose of the outlaw/bg segment was fine and i'm glad they're back togehter and it didn't take so long, but it just didn't quite feel right for me the way it all played out. it's hard to put my finger on, and i'm not ssaying you needed to get all bjizzlejizzle on us, but it was just a little off for me somehow.

Shelley/Skipper was good and came across enough like they do in real life. i like the matches for impact by the way, the way they're written. they're the right kinda length, and the writing's decent enough, emphasising the right points. shelley wins, was a toss up, but shelley/waltman could be really interesting and i'm reall not sure how you'll play it. waltman loses and it's hard not to kill his momentum, but i have a feeilng you want to push shelley so a toughie.

the last segment was kinda ok, but there were some things i didn't like. for AJ to work as champion as a face you kinda have to book him like face shawn michaels. back down form nobody, real fighting, fearless champion, to offset his size. the old, size of the dog in the fight beign less important than the size of the fight in the dog. having him tell them he didn't have time for it, and whining that he came off a brutal match, while it'd seem the smart approach to most people doesnt' make AJ look like the fighting champion he needs to be. Zbysko saying he'll make the decision next week was fine though, and monty kicking ass was too, but, he did kinda make aj look like a pussy too. it all just didn't quite work for me in creating the characters as i think you'd have liked.

but, mdp, compared to the wcw diary you did, where to be fair you would have been 4 years old in the year you were trying to portray, this was sooooooo much better it's untrue. there was nothing out of the ordinary or mind blowing, but it's the first show and had to start building stuff and keeping it feeling liek TNA. in that respect it worked.

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Interesting to say the least, I'm with jayden regarding AJ. Though nobody can question his in-ring ability he always seems to come across as the under-dog no matter which Main Event star he faces, Raven, Abyss, Monty Brown the list continues. BUT I've had AJ as NWA Heavyweight Champ. myself, it's just difficult to sustain a long-reign with him, unless you plan on pushing another high-flyer to ME. I really do wish you luck with this diary, it's good so far, and I like the whole JJ/Raven thing, sounds like it could be a VERY long rivalry between the 2.

Good luck!

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Great show, though I think if your going to write in that format that the matches should be a bit longer

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One thing that I think could have made the whole Jarrett/Raven segment a ton more interesting is if during Raven's beatdown on Jarrett he used the lighter to blind Raven in the eye, in a kinda twist on the old Sandman/Dreamer angle. Then use that to add heat to the Jarrett/Raven deal. Good shows though, just could have been more eventful.

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IPB Image

iMPACT! Preview!

Last week, Raven attacked an irate Jarrett after being ousted from the King Of The Mountain match at Slammiversary. Jeff demanded a match, and Larry Zybysko even let Jarrett choose the stipuulation. A No Surrender match. A what? This week, after Jarrett was attacked in the dark by Raven, will Jarrett reveal what the No Surrender match entails?

BG James and The Outlaw...or whatever his newname is. Have declared war upon the remaining members of the 3 Live Kru. After laying down the challenge to Konnan and Ron Killings, BG and Outlaw look ready to go. The question is, are Konnan and Killings ready?

The Super X Cup Tournament kicked off last week on iMPACT! and saw Alex Shelley and Sean Waltman advance to the second round. The tournament continues this week when Michael Shane and Chris Sabin square off in the first round. And also, rounding out the first round Petey Williams takes on an unknown challenger. Who will advance and who is the mystery opponent?

After Monty Brown surprised Abyss and AJ Styles, Larry Zybysko has had enough. He announced that after Monty Brown hit the Pounce on Abyss, and took Styles out, that this week on iMPACT!, he would be making a decision on the world title picture. What is in the works for these two contenders and champion?

All this and more for free, downloadable on WeBCaSt! On TNAwrestling.com!!!

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IPB Image

July 1st, 2005. Download on WebCast Now!

Mike Tenay: Hello and welcome everybody to TNA iMPACT! Mike Tenay with Don West, live from the iMPACT! zone! Don, we've got a huge announcement coming up tonight and it's got to do with the NWA Heavyweight Championship!

Don West: Yes and Larry Zybysko is backstage right now to make that decision. Let's go to Jeremy Borash.


You want to fight?

Jeremy Borash: Jeremy Borash outside Larry Zybysko's office. I'm here trying to find out who will Larry Zybysko name the number one contender for AJ Styles' NWA Heavyweight Championship.

The door Borash is standing at opens and Zybysko pops his head out

Larry Zybysko: Yes?

Jeremy Borash: Well I was wondering if you have an update on the number one contender situation.

Larry Zybysko: Oh yeah, that. Yeah, I've made my decision. Last week when Brown attacked Styles and Abyss, I could see he wanted to fight. That's exactly what I'm going to give him. Monty Brown is going to face Abyss, in a number one contender's match, TONIGHT!

Don West: Mike, did you hear that?! A number one contender's match, right here on iMPACT!

Mike Tenay: Yes Don, and I can't wait for that. But now, let's continue the amazing Super X Cup Tournament that began last week. Here's what the bracket looks like now.


Graphic of the Super X Cup Tournament shows

Sean Waltman Advances to Semi-Finals


Shark Boy

Alex Shelley Advances to Semi-Finals


Elix Skipper

Michael Shane


Chris Sabin

Mystery Man


Petey Williams


Mike Tenay: And moving right along in that tournament, we've got Michael Shane, who will square off against the young, and talented, Chris Sabin.


Super X Cup: First Round

-Michael Shane vs. Chris Sabin-

Shane and Sabin both started the match off on even grounds but the fan favourite, Chris Sabin, took control after he ducked under a flying lariat and sent Shane into the corner with well placed dropkick before hitting Shane with a Tiger suplex before keeping Shane down on the mat. Sabin went for an early Cradle Shock but Shane slipped out of it and hit a belly-to-belly suplex into the turn buckles. After the two crawled too their feet they fought it out on even grounds again as the fans started a duelling chant with Sabin fans dwarfing the Shane fans. Sabin began putting his fists to Shane and sent him against the ropes but as he rebounded Shane stopped before he reached Sabin and as Sabin pounced forwards, Shane hit Sabin with a super kick right to the chin! The fans gasped as Sabin fell too the mat and Shane began showing off as he pointed to his head repeatedly while he looked at the fans. The crowd suddenly began cheering as Sabin got to his feet but Shane misunderstood the cheers as a reaction to his super kick and when he turned round it was too late because Sabin was waiting for him and he hit a Cradle Shock for the 3 count. Sabin left the ring and celebrated with the first row off fans while Shane held his head before starting at the man who had just beat him to advance to the second round

Winner: Chris Sabin

Mike Tenay: Shane just screwed himself out of the win there. Sabin moves on!

Don West: Sabin took advantage of Shane right there and he's going to the second round.

Mike Tenay: Still to come remember folks, the main event, 'The Monster' Abyss will go one on one with 'The Alpha Male' Monty Brown, to decide the number one contender, to AJ Styles' NWA Heavyweight Championship!

Don West: I'm just as excited as you Mike believe me! I...

Mike Tenay: Hold that though Don, we've got someone arriving here.



Backstage, Raven is arriving at the building with his gymbag and gets nailed in the back of the head by Jaarrett's guitar! Jarrett gets on top of him and starts laying the right hands to him. Raven is knocked out cold and Jarrett finally gets off of him.

Jeff Jarrett: You wanted to know what a No Surrender match was Raven? It's when I beat the living hell out of you, until you Surrender!

Jarrett goes back to beating on him until he busts him open. Raven's forehead is bleeding profusely now ad Jarrett continues to beat on his forehead. Jarrett finally stops and lift his head up. He gets really close so they're face to face.

Jeff Jarrett: Surrender Raven!

Raven shakes is head, no

Jeff Jarrett: Surrender!

Jarrett beats him with a few more punches and then picks him up. He throws him into the wall and then stomps away at him.

Jeff Jarrett: Surrender yet?!

Raven spits blood in his face. Jarrett wipes it off and stomps away at him more. He finally grabs him and hits the Stroke on the concrete floor, and walks away, leaving Raven unconcious.


Samoa Joe vs. Shark Boy-

As Soon as Shark Boy entered the ring, Samoa Joe ran at him like a machine before nearly flipping him right over with a huge lariat. Joe grabbed Shark Boy’s legs and pulled them back into the Samoan Crab. The Samoan Crab lasted enough time to do damage to Shark Boy’s legs when Joe let go and put a stiff boot to the back of Shark Boy which made him cry out in pain but Joe wasn’t going to let his back or legs get off that easily as he threw him into the turnbuckle. He lifted him up and set him up for the Muscle Buster, and gets it. He goes over to Shark Boy, and plants a few stomps on him, then finally locks in the Coquina Clutch which made Shark Boy tap out almost as soon as the move was put on. Joe kept the move going after the bell until referees and security pulled Joe back. Joe didn’t celebrate and he just marched to the back as Medics checked on Shark Boy in the ring.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Mike Tenay: Again this beast has destroyed another TNA star!

Don West: That Rear Naked Choke is just scary Mike! Anybody who would step into the ring with that man is as brave as you can get.

Mike Tenay: Or as stupid Don. Let's take a look at what he calls the Muscle Buster one more time.

Replay of Muscle Buster airs

Mike Tenay: That is just devastating! That's the kind of move that ends careers folks.

Don West: I would definatly not step into that ring with him.

Mike Tenay: After that dominating performance, let's go back to Shane Douglas.


Shane Douglas is backstage with Ron Killings and Konnan

Shane Douglas: Shane Douglas here with what's left of the 3 Live Kru, Ron Killings and Konnan.

Konnan: Quiet down! Listen 'ere BG James. Me and Killin's, we trusted you dog. And you betrayed us. But that's okay BG. 'Cause at No Surrender, we get ya in the ring. And that's fine, we got no problem with that. 'Cause we never needed ya anyway BG.

BG and former Outlaw get in their face

Bg James: Never need BG jizzle James huh? Fine, I've found a partner who can carry his weight. Meet Billy James, and The James Gang!

Billy James: Like my new name don't you BG? I think BG and BJ can go far.

Ron Killings: Shut up! We're not here to talk 'bout names. We all've known each otha' for a long time! We don't need to meet-and-greet! At No Surrender, you and BJ, are done!

Killings and Konnan walk away and The James Gang stare them away

Mike Tenay: There's so much tension you can feel it all the way from here Don.

Don West: The once happy family of the 3 Live Kru has turned into this..this..monstroucity!

Mike Tenay: It was bound to happen Don. Now though, we've got the final first round match between that mystery opponent and Team Canada's Petey Williams!


Super X Cup: First Round

-Petey Williams vs. ???-

Williams came to the ring with the rest of Team Canada. The Mystery Opponent was Leonardo Kendrick (known to RoH fans as ‘Spanky‘.) Kendrick didn’t come out to much of a reaction but as he started, the fans took a liking to him as he used technical moves to shock the team Canada captain by staying on the offensive and showing a good knowledge of the ring. Kendrick called for his finisher, the Shiranui, but he noticed Eric Young enter the ring so he dropped Williams and ran at Showtime, sending him over the ropes with a clothesline which sent them both to the outside and waiting on the outside was Bobby Roode who took Kendrick out with a huge Northern Lariat. Roode sent Kendrick into the ring where Petey Williams waited and as Kendrick got to his feet he was hit with the Canadian Destroyer. Williams didn’t go for the pin however as he locked in the sharpshooter. Kendrick fought the pain but eventually he couldn’t take no more and he tapped. Team Canada entered the ring and Scott D’Amore held a Hockey Stick which sported the Canadian Flag, Roode and A1 lifted Kendrick too his knees as the Team Canada coach, Scott D’Amore, broke the hockey stick in two over the head of Leonardo Spanky. Williams goes through to the next round as Leonardo Kendrick was screwed.

Winner: Petey Williams

Mike Tenay: Team Canada sticks their nose where it doesn't belong again!

Don West: This team, is a straight nuisance! They cannot win fairly!

Mike Tenay: Well Don, the time has arrived. The number one contender's match is finally here! Your iMPACT! main event! Abyss takes on Monty Brown!


Number One Contender's Match

-'The Alpha Male' Monty Brown vs. 'The Monster' Abyss-

Abyss comes out with James Mitchelland climbs in the ring. Monty Brown comes out next and wastes no time. He runs down the ramp and jumps into the ring. He pops up and throws a right at Ayss but it gets blocked into his own right. Brown staggers back and gets another right. Brown falls into the corner but charges out and misses the Pounce. He comes back into a big boot from Abyss. Abyss hits a big elbow on him and covers for 2. Abyss picks him up and whips him into the ropes, but Brown reverses it. Abyss comes back into a clothesline, that staggers Abyss. Brown hits him again and finally knocks him down. Brown covers but only gets 2. He picks him up and hits a scoop slam. Brown controls the action for the next 5 minutes.

Brown comes off the ropes and misses the Pounce for the second time. Abyss whirls around and nails him with a clothesline. Abyss picks him up and puts him on his shoulders for the Shock Treatment, but Brown wriggles free and hits him with a clothesline that sends Abyss outside. Brown comes from behind him and throws him into the steps. He picks him up and whips him into the ring post. Brown rolls him back in the ring and covers for just a two count. Brown looks frustrated and gets Abyss to his feet. Brown hits a low kick and then a high knee off the ropes. Monty goes to pick him up again but Abyss fights his way back to his feet. Abyss sends him into the ropes and gets him up into the Shock Treatment! Abyss goesto cover, but AJ Styles shows up in front of him on the stage. Abyss gets up and goes to the ropes for a stare down with Styles. Mitchell is screaming at Abyss to turn around and he does, right into the Pounce from Monty Brown! Brown covers, 1...2...3!

Winner: Monty Brown

Mike Tenay: Styles just inadvertantly cost Abyss the match!

Don West: Well it's survival of the fittest Mike and Monty Brown took advantage of Abyss' mistake, and he will go on to No Surrender, to face that man, AJ Styles!

Brown throws his arms up in victory and then turns his attention to Styles who's at the stage nodding his head. Brown signals gold will be around his waist and we go off the air.


OOC: KGHBSHA got over-worked, and had to leave the project. Stepping in for him is JKDaRock.

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IPB Image

July 8th, 2005 iMPACT! Preview

Last week, the Super X Cup continued when Petey Williams secured a victory against a debuting Leonardo Kendrick, albeit D'Amore using the hockey stick to do it, he moves on nonetheless. Chris Sabin cashed in on his chance to become X-Division champion by defeating Michael Shane. Sabin and Williams will meet in the Semi-Finals in two weeks. However, this week, it will be Sean Waltman and Alex Shelley in Semi-Finals action. Who can climb another hurdle in the Super X Cup Tournament?

Monty Brown became the number one contender last week when he defeated Abyss, on iMPACT! webcast. Monty Brown wants to make it known that he wants a piece of AJ Styles and he'll get his first chance this week on iMPACT! How will the new Number One Contender go about getting his hand on Styles.

Team Canada has been boiling over several losses as of late, but this week, Scott D'Amore has begged and graveled his way to another tag team title shot for his team. Which two will he choose to take on the NWA Tag Team Champions, The Naturals?

All this and much more, on downloadable webcast!

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  • 3 weeks later...

IPB Image

July 6th, 2005; TNA Headquarters

My friend and business partner of 15 years decided it was time to call it quits. Since he was smart and saved his money, he could afford to. TNA management felt I still needed another person with me, so they gave me another partner to work with on booking. He lasted just one show, and decided this job wasn't for him. So now, yet again this leaves me on my own. With only two days left until the next show, I only have half of it booked, as I expected my partner to finish the other half, however he left unexpectantly. Now, how was I suppposed to handle this? Well if you get some ideas, please let me know. So anyway, I guess until TNA finds a suitable candidate with some sort of longevity, I'll be continuing on my own.

The first few orders of business that we needed to take care of were getting us off the internet. While we thank realplayer for finding some way to reach our fans, we need to get off of it soon. We're currently in talks with stations such as WGN Superstation, and SpikeTv, the current WWE provider. Although right now, neither seem to be leaning towards where we want them to. Less than 2 weeks away from the No Surrender PPV, the first under our new regime, some people seem excited. To tell the truth, I'm a little scared. Having Styles as champion gives me the willies. He doesn't seem like the strong type of person to lead us into the next generation. The only current storyline I'm content with is Jarrett/Raven. They're both veterans of the business and I'm hoping fans receive their feud as well as I hope to. Samoa Joe is a hard subject, part of me wants to push him to the moon right now and just give him the title, but I know that wouldn't be right. I still have no clue where I'm trying to go in the first place. I'm so confuzzled. Why am I talking to myself in the mirror anyway? I knew this job would make me go crazy.

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IPB Image

July 8th, 2005

Mike Tenay: Welcome everyone and thank you for downloading us free on webcast. Mike Tenay with Don West, and tonight we are coming off a huge main event from last week's impact, where Monty Brown defeated 'The Monster' Abyss, to become the number one contender, to AJ Styles' NWA Heavyweight Championship.

Don West: That match was great last week and Monty Brown wasted no time after winning to let AJ know he was coming for the title when he stared him down last week.

Mike Tenay: Well Don, it was quite the match and I for one cannot wait for this match, at No Surrender. Also at No Surrender, the finals of the Super X Cup Tournament. We are now down to four men and here's what the bracket looks like.


Sean Waltman Advances to Semi-Finals


Shark Boy Eliminated

Alex Shelley Advances to Semi-Finals


Elix Skipper Eliminated

Michael Shane Eliminated


Chris Sabin Advances to Semi-Finals

Mystery Man Eliminated (Leonardo Kendrick)


Petey Williams Advances to Finals


Mike Tenay: The next match-up for that tournament is Sean Waltman and Alex Shelley. Now Don, Sean Waltman has been around a long time, and he knows exactly what he's doing in that ring.

Don West: Yeah Mike, but he's in the ring with one of the biggest prodigies of wrestling, Alex Shelley. You know I heard he tapes all of his matches and watches them?

Mike Tenay: Yes Don, and that's exactly what makes him such a great student of the game. And speaking of that prodigy, here he is, Alex Shelley!


Super X Cup Tournament: Semi-Finals

-Alex Shelley vs. Sean Waltman-

Shelley and Waltman meet in the middle of the ring. Waltman pushes Shelley and Shelley pushes back. Waltman lands the first punch and Shelley turns around with a spinning heel kick, but it misses. Waltman picks misses a stomp, and Alex grabs his leg, and hits a dragon screw. Waltman hops back up and they stare each other down again. Waltman lands a kick to the stomach and throws Shelley into the turnbuckle, and Shelley runs up it, and backflips over back into the ring, behind a charging Waltman. Shelley pushes Sean into the turnbuckle and dropkicks him in the back. Shelley goes off the ropes and runs at him, he jumps up on the middle rope and lands a big kick to the face with the other foot. Waltman then slumps down on his back in the corner. Shelley gets on the turnbuckle and misses a backflip, but lands on his feet. Waltman hits a clothesline on him and Shelley gets up, Waltman hits another clothesline, and again Shelley gets up. Waltman then runs at him and nails a big enziguri. Waltman covers, but only gets two. He picks him up by the head and whips him into the tunbuckle. He fires off the ropes and hits a splash that puts Alex sunken into the corner. Waltman signals to the crowd and hits the Brono Buster on him. Waltman is gaining momentum and whips him into the ropes. Shelley comes back and jumps up, hitting a hurricanrana on him, and he ends up over in a pinning combination! 1..2...3!

Winner: Alex Shelley

Mike Tenay: Shelley picks up the win! He scores that hurricanrana and ends up pinning him!

Don West: Mike we've got one in the finals for this huge tournament, it's Alex Shelley!


A clip of Jarrett's beat down on Raven last week runs

Never Give Up

Raven is sitting in a dark room in a chair backstage, with a bandage on his forehead

Raven: Last week, was a defining moment, in my career. Last week, I was beaten, and bloodied, by Jeff Jarrett. Last week, I found out, what a No Surrender match was. But it wasn't when Jeff announced it, no. It was when he was beating me. When I tasted the blood in my mouth! Was when I found out what a No Surrender match was! That's the point, at which I knew, I would never give up! Jeff, you are the one who's going to be giving up. I'm going to show YOU, what you got yourself into. In two weeks YOU....WILL..... SURRENDER! Quoth the Raven, nevermore!

Mike Tenay: Don, Raven doesn't seem to be too worried about that beating he took last week.

Don West: You just heard it Mike, Raven is going to show Jarrett what he just got himself into, by making that match.

Mike Tenay: Uh-oh. Here's a man you always know what you're getting yourself into when you step in the ring with him. He's already on his way out to the iMPACT! zone, he is the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe.


-Samoa Joe vs. Shark Boy & Mikey Batts-

Shark Boy and Batts both try to drop kick Joe and he swats them both away. Joe runs at Batts and hits him with a quick boot to the face, which sends him outside. He turns around and Shark throws a right that gets caught and Joe twists his arm, Shark rolls right into it, and misses a back side kick. Joe grabs the only foot supporting him, and pulls it out from under him. Batts comes off the top with a corkscrew, but Joe moves, and then he hits a big elbow on his back. He goes back over to Sharky who is getting up, and throws him into the corner. He goes over to Batts and throws him into the opposite corner. He turns around and gets a full head of steam and drives his foot into the face of Shark Boy. He recovers and then starts running at Batts now and lands another facewash. Joe goes over to Shark Boy and sets him up in the corner, and then he hits the Muscle Buster! Batts is on his way up and actually nails a dropkick. Joe staggers backward, and Mikey goes for a clothesline, and it goes right into the Coquina Clutch, and Batts taps out!

Winner: Samoa Joe

Mike Tenay: And no surprise here, Samoa Joe another dominating performance over two TNA stars, AND he remains undefeated here in TNA.

Don West: This guy is going to run through the entire TNA roster before he's done, this man is just an absolute beast in that ring!

Mike Tenay: Well Don, we've got Shane Douglass backstage trying to find Samoa Joe.


No Laughing Stock

A vignette begins playing as a dark room is shown with the only light being from a small window which reveals a chair in the middle of the room and upon that sits Leonardo Kendrick who has a Canadian flag in one hand and a small box in the other hand

Mike Tenay: Don this isn't Samoa Joe with Shane Douglas, what is this.

Don West: Quiet, quiet Mike.

Leonardo Kendrick: Everywhere I go, I try the best I can to win my matches and give the fans what they want and I get laughed at as people cheat to put me down. Team Canada tried to be that team as they used their numbers to knock me out of the Super X Cup and if that wasn’t bad enough, they took a hockey stick, with the Canadian flag flying proudly, and they smashed it into two pieces over my already beaten body.

Kendrick got to his feet and pulled out a match from the box before lighting it

Leonardo Kendrick: I am no Laughing stock! Team Canada, I’m coming for my revenge!

He dropped the Canadian flag on the floor before dropping the match on it. As the Canadian flag burnt, Kendrick kicked the chair over in anger and left the room.


Samoa Joe

Shane Duglas: Well, Shane Douglas here, finally caught up with 'The Samoan Submission Machine', Samoa Joe!

Samoa Joe: What do you want Sane?

Shane Douglas: Well you know, Joe. You've been running wild trhough people for a few weeks now, and I was just lookin' for a story.

Samoa Joe: You want a story? Okay, I'll give you a story. The past few weeks, I've come out and dominated. That just shows you how weak, TNA is. How weak, this business has become.

Lance Hoyt comes up behind Joe and swings him around

Lance Hoyt: So TNA's weak huh? I'm not quite sure, but have you seen me?

Samoa Joe: Oh yeah. Hoyt right? Let me tell you somethin' Hoyt. Where I come from, we don't interrupt people. But if that's the way things are done around here, fine. At No Surrender, talk is cheap. We can settle it in the ring.

Lance Hoyt: Yeah, that sounds great.

Mike Tenay: Don it looks like we've got a match for No Surrender! Lance Hoyt faces off against Samoa Joe!

Don West: That is going to be one helluva match, iMPACT! zone favorite, Lance Hoyt, taking on the very impressive newcomer, Samoa Joe. What a match!

Mike Tenay: And it is shaping up to be a great follow up to Slammiversary. No Surrender, July 24th, just two weeks away live starting at 8 p.m. eastern, folks do not miss another great pay-per-view. And a division that we will feature at that pay-per-view is the X-Division, and here's an X-Division match now. Jerrelle Clark faces off against The Amazing Red.


-Jerrelle Clark vs. The Amazing Red-

Red and Clark come out and have a stare down before locking up. Jerrelle puts him a hammerlock and Red inches towards the ropes, and springboards himself off the middle rope, backflipping onto Clark. Jerrelle gets back to his feet quickly and misses a dropkick. Red ducks and misses his own dropkick. Clark gives him a stomp and comes off the ropes, and gets caught in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Red. Red grabs Clark by the head and drags him over to the ropes and climbs out onto the apron. He jumps up on the middle rope and hits a leg drop on Clark's head, sending him outside the ring. Red climbs back in the ring, showboats a little, and then gets a running start, steps up the middle turnbuckle and suicide corkscrews onto Jerrelle! After Red recovers a little he slides him back in the ring. He goes for a cover, but Jerrelle kicks out. Red goes up top, but gets shoved off! Abyss shoved him off the top! He climbs in the ring and hits the Shock Treatment on Red. Clark got up and climbed the ropes. He jumps off for a crossbody, but Abyss catches him with the Blackhole Slam! The ref rings the bell and his manager, Father James Mitchell, grabs a microphone.

No Contest

James Mitchell: Listen up TNA! Abyss, is a destoryer! He deserves a title shot! And if the NWA Campionship Committee won't give him one, we're going to barrel through everyone we have to, to get it!

Mitchell throws the mic down and him and Abyss walk out

Mike Tenay: Abyss wants a title shot Don, what do you think?

Don West: He doesn't deserve one. He had his chance in the King Of The Mountain Match, and last week aganst Monty Brown, in the Number One Contender's match.

Mike Tenay: Well Don, I guess we're going to see Abyss running through TNA then.


Oh, Canada!

D'Amore is backstage with the rest of Team Canada

Scott D'Amore: It took two weeks, for me to get to say this! Two weeks! Just another, dissapointin' discrimination, against us, Canadiens! First, Leonardo Kendrick. I don't care about what you do. You are a laughing stock. Who names themselves after shorts worn under cheerleader's uniforms anyway? You burnin' the Canadien flag is a disgrace, and someone like you, should never even lay your dirty fingers on it. You'll get what's comin' to you Kendrick, you'll get it at No Surrender. When you, and anybody you can pick, take on the the big man, Bobby Roode, and 'Showtime', Eric Young! Second, Naturals. I want you to hear this loud and clear. Next week on impact, we're challenging you to a match. Bobby Roode, and A-1 for the NWA World Tag Team Titles. Beat that, Naturals.

America's Most Wanted walk into the picture

Chris Harris: Hey. You think that you guys deserve another title shot? You've gotta be kiddin' me.

Scott D'Amore: Wildcat, don't worry, after we win the titles next week, we'll give you a shot at No Surrender.

Team Canada goes and steps in front of D'Amore and stares down Team Canada

Chris Harris: How about this D'Amore? AMW, Team Canada, and the Naturals, triple threat tag match, for the NWA Tag Team Titles, next week, right here on impact!?

Scott D'Amore: But, we've already challenged them to a match..

Chris Harris: Get out of my face. Listen, three way tag match, if you don't see it our way, we'll make sure you do.



Monty Brown is backstage inside Larry Zybysko's office

Monty Brown: Larry, I'm not waiting until No Surrender. I want AJ Styles, TONIGHT!

Larry Zybysko: What do you want me to do? Jarrett wants a match before then, you want a match, everyone wants everybody!

AJ walks into the room with the belt around his shoulder. Monty quickly turns and gets in his face.

AJ Styles: You know what Larry? Let him. I have no problem getting in the ring with him tonight. What? You think I'm going to back down from you huh? Anytime, anyplace, Alpha Male. You want it for the belt tonight? Give it to him Zybysko.

Larry Zybysko: If that's what you want AJ, go ahead, you got it.

Jarrett barges into the office

Jeff Jarrett: Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! You're going to give him a match?! No, I want Raven right now.

Larry Zybysko: Ok you know what guys, I've got a lot of other stuff to do. So here's what's going to happen. Raven and NWA Heavyweight Champion, AJ Styles, can take on you, Jeff Jarrett, and you, Monty Brown. Good luck, get out.

Brown and Jarrett don't like the idea of teaming together, but nod in somewhat of approval anyway

Mike Tenay: What a main event for tonight Don!

Don West: Larry just made that on the fly! It's going to be one heated match-up! And it's next!


-Jeff Jarrett & Monty Brown vs. Raven & AJ Styles-

Monty Brown and Jarrett come out seperatly and Raven is out next and he waits outside the ring for his partner. 'I Am' hits and Styles comes out to a huge ovation from the iMPACT! zone. Him and Raven look at each other and jump in the ring. Brown and Jarrett pair off and they start brawling in the middle of the ring. Jarrett throws Raven to the outside and Brown throws Styles into the turnbuckle. Jarrett charges Styles in the corner but misses, and Styles hits a heel kick on Brown. Referee Rudy Charles tries to restore order and it's Raven and Brown who will start. The bell finally rings and Raven runs right into a powerslam from Brown. He covers quickly but Raven kicks out. Brown drags Raven over to the ropes and tags Jarrett in. He steps in and lands a right foot to Raven, who begins getting up back. Jarrett knocks him back down with a clothesline. He picks him up and goes for the Stroke, but Raven reverses it into a russian leg sweep. Raven gets up at the same time as Jarrett and Raven grabs Jarrett and tosses him outside. He jumps out with him and irish whips him into the railing. Brown comes from behind Raven and nails him with a few forearms. He picks Raven up and suplexes him into the rampway. Jarrett has gotten up and begins stomping on Raven, when AJ Styles steps in the ring and suicide dives onto Jarrett and Brown. Raven and Styles throw Brown into the ring. Raven picks him up into a powerbomb position and Styles climbs the turnbuckle. He jumps off and clotheslines Brown and Raven drives him down in a sit down powerbomb! Raven, the legal man, covers Brown, but Charles doesn't count it because Jarrett is the legal man, who stomps on Raven's head. Jarrett and Brown begin to isolate Raven in the ring, tagging back and forth, and wearing him down, while Styles helplessy watches from the other side of the ring.

Raven comes back off the ropes and hits Jarrett with a flying back elbow. They're both down and climbing for tags. Raven crawls over but gets dragged back by Jarrett. Jarrett throws him off the ropes, blind tag in to Styles and Raven gets nailed with a clothesline. Styles gets in the ring and hits a big right on Jarrett. Brown jumps in the ring and runs into a clothesline from Styles. He hits Brown with another clothesline. Jarrett comes from behind him and misses a clothesline to the back of the head, and Styles turns around and hits him with an enziguri. Brown charges Styles and runs into a drop toe hold. Styles springboards off the middle rope and hits a big moonsault on Brown, who rolls to the outside. Raven grabs Jarrett and tosses him outside. The crowd gives them a big ovaton for clearing out the ring and their opponents regroup outside. Jarrett slides back in the ring cautiously, and quickly tags Brown in, who doesn't look happy about it. He gets in anyway and runs right into a DDT by Styles. He waits for him to get up and Styles hits him with the Pele! Styles covers and it gets two when Jarrett breaks it up. Brown is first up and hits a big right to Styles. He picks him up and follows up with a big suplex. Brown is waiting for Styles and he gets up, Brown bounces off the ropes, charges, and misses the Pounce on Styles, but hits Raven with it who falls off the apron and crashes into the railing. He turns around and gets kicked in the stomach, and Styles hits Monty with the Styles Clash! He goes to cover but Jarrett is in the ring and hits him with the guitar! He drags Monty over to Styles and drapes his arm over Styles, and the ref turns around, 1...2...3!!!

Winner: Jeff Jarrett & Monty Brown

Mike Tenay: Do you believe that? Jarrett hits him with that damned guitar illegally and they pick up the win!

Don West: Mike these guys will stop at nothin' to win, and they did everything they could.

Mike Tenay: Styles gave it his all and got real unlucky when Brown hit the Pounce on his partner, Raven.

Don West: Could this be a preview of what happens at No Surrender? Monty Brown the new champion!?

Mike Tenay: Thanks for joining us folks, we'll see you next week on iMPACT!

Jarrett and Brown walk down the apron with Brown signaling gold around his waist again, and Styles trying to pick himself up and staring at Brown, as we go off the air


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IPB Image

July 15th, 2005.

Last week Alex Shelley got the pinfall on Sean Waltman to send him into the

finals of the X-Cup tournament at No Surrender to name the new number one

contender to the X Division championship. But this week, we have Petey

Williams and Chris Sabin, two men who have fought their way to the

semi-finals and will face off on iMPACT! Will we see Sabin versus Shelley or

Williams vs Shelley at No Surrender for the Cup, only time will tell.

Christopher Daniels has not been impressed by the people chosen for the

X-Cup and has verbally bashed everyone in the tournament. This week he says

he has something to say to the TNA fans regarding No Surrender and his

opponent. Who is going to be his opponent, find out tonight on the webcast.

Jeff Jarrett and Raven's animosity has been shown as both men have

brutalized one another over the past month. This week neither star will be

in action with only a few days until their No Surrender Match, but I'm sure

each of them will have some words fo each other this week.

Monty Brown stormed atop the ranks two weeks ago by defeating Abyss and

claimed his prize of a match with NWA Heavyweight Champion, AJ Styles. At No

Surrender, AJ defends his gold against Monty Brown, but first we have

iMPACT! Styles has been infuriated lately and wants a turn to address his

fans. On iMPACT! he will receive that chance. Monty Brown should have a

largely vested interest in what he has to say.

Samoa Joe has been on a roll since he came to TNA, beating everyone that has

been put in his way. Last week dominating Shark Boy with a Muscle Buster,

before making Mikey Batts tap out to the Coquina Clutch once again adding a

victory to his repetoire. Hoyt wasn't too happy about Joe speaking about the

roster as if it was a joke, and has been placed in a match with him at No

Surrender. But will Hoyt have anything to say about it this week as Joe

takes on yet another challenge?

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IPB Image

July 15th, 2005

TNA Is Our Playground

The screen comes on and we see a figure in the darkness which the camera zooms in on mostly before suddenly Abyss's face pops out and he grunts loudly. James Mitchell now comes up in front of the camera as the camera zooms back to get both of them in view

James Mitchell: Last week, my monster had to take out two of TNA's X-Division talents to make an example. He destoryed Jerrelle Clark and Amazing Red with the two most powerful moves that this company has ever seen, the Shock Treatment and the Black Hole Slam. He made an...IMPACT...if you will...

Mitchell has a malicious grin on his face

James Mitchell: See I'm tired of hearing that Abyss isn't deserving of a title shot. I am tired of hearing that people like Monty Brown, Jeff Jarrett, and Raven are the ones at the top of this division. I never hear the name Abyss mentioned even as one of the best challengers for the NWA championship. I have had a hard time making him stop, just last week he pummelled those two X-Division stars and he liked it. The next time, I don't know if I could even stop him so this madness is going to continue week in and week out. Now I bet you can only imagine what it's going to be like when Abyss takes full control of his own personal playground...T...N...A!

Abyss now grunts before swatting the camera as we cut to the announcers table


Mike Tenay: Well everybody welcome to TNA iMPACT! and thank you for downloading us on webcast. Live from Universal Studio 21, we are two days away from No Surrender! And Don, what a bunch of huge matches we have for that night!

Don West: Mike are you kidding? This line up for No Surrender is amazing! Jarrett faces off against Raven in a No Surrender match! Do you know what that is Mike? It's the first person to give up!

Mike Tenay: What about that big main event? AJ Styles defends the NWA Heavyweight Championship against 'The Alpha Male' Monty Brown!

Don West: Oh man Mike that is my top match for that show, and we've got so much more for that, including the finals for the Super X Cup Tournament!

Mike Tenay: Yes Don, and we've got the final semi-finals match, Chris Sabin against Petey Williams! And it's next!


Super X Cup Tournament Semi-Finals:

-Petey Williams vs. Chris Sabin-

Petey Williams is getting a talking to by Scott D'Amore as Sabin keeps himself moving so he's ready to begin. D'Amore pointing at Sabin and saying a few choice words before getting out of the ring. Sabin now points over at D'Amore and retorts which allows Williams to hit him with a clothesline to the canvas. Williams now lifting him up and whipping him into the turnbuckle before running in to get a boot to the face. Sabin now takes advantage with a few quick shots before he bounces off the ropes and slides between the leg of Williams. Petey now turning to get dropkicked down to the canvas which he gets up from pretty quickly, before he rolls out of the ring as Sabin goes to strike again. D'Amore is speaking to Williams as Sabin reaches out grabbing the back of the tights and pulls up giving a wedgie to Petey now as the ref is unsure but then begins to count for him to break the hold. Sabin releases and gets pulled down by both feet as an angered Williams pulls him out of the ring. He bounces his face off the turnbuckle post and then jumps onto the apron as a stunned Sabin turns to get a diving hurricanrana on the outside floor. Williams now rolling him into the ring and going for the pinfall only getting a two count as D'Amore yells at the ref. Petey now picks up Sabin and puts him in position for the Canadian Destroyer, before he gets reversed and flipped onto his back as Sabin is now up. D'Amore gets up on the apron and Sabin goes to strike him but he jumps down. Sabin now turns and is hit in the gut as Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer and gets the victory, advancing to the finals of the X-Cup!

Winner: Petey Williams

Mike Tenay: There you have it, another interference by D'Amore!

Don West: Yeah but nontheless he moves on! It's going to be Alex Shelley againsth Petey Williams, and the numbers game of Team Canada!

Mike Tenay: Well Don, after this sham of a match, let's go back to Shane Douglas.


Tag Gold

Shane Douglas is backstage with America's Most Wanted

Shane Douglas: Thanks Mike, back here with AMW, I'm the Franchise. Chris, last week you said you wanted a triple threat tag match for the titles, tonight!

Chris Harris: Oh yeah Shane, that's right. Three teams, only one of them on top, that sounds like my

kinda match.

Chase Stevens: Wait a second here Chris. You can't just come out and say you deserve a shot at the titles. We don't need to prove anything, we've already got our belts. So at No Surrender, we'll see someone in the ring. But you and Team Canada can fight over that, you don't even come close to us.

James Strom: Oh is that so? Ok fine, if Team Canada's got the balls, we'll pound them tonight, and in two days, we're going to take those titles from you!

Scott D'Amore: Oh we've got the balls baby. And they're Canadian! Petey Williams just proved what a great Canadian can do, in two days he's bringing home a shot at gold, and then after tonight, Bobby Roode and A-1, the powerhouses of Team Canada, will bring home gold at No Surrender.

AMW steps up into theface of D'Amore and then Roode and A-1 get in front of him and they stare each other down as the Naturals walk away

Mike Tenay: Wow did that match just happen tonight?

Don West: I believe it is, and it's going to decide who the number one contender is for the NWA Tag Team Championships!

Mike Tenay: Also, another contender for those titles, BG James & Billy James are coming out now.


-BG James & Billy James vs. The Diamonds In The Rough (Simon Diamond & David Young)-

As the James' are in the ring, Diamond and Young come down and get started right away. Young and Billy decide they're going to start things off and Young wants a test of strength, but Billy hits a kick to the ribs. Billy then nails a knee to the same place and whips him into the corner. He braces himself on the ropes and stomps a hole in David Young. Billy plays to the crowd and receives boos while David crawls and makes the tag to Simon Diamond. The experienced Diamond steps into the ring and get met with a right that knocks him down. Billy throws another right and it knocks him down, then he drags him into his corner, holding his arm for BG., who he tags in. BG nails a leg drop on the raised arm of Diamond and he lands a stomp to the face. Diamond rolls around holding his eye, until BG picks him up and hits a left jab, and another left jab, he hits one more and then dances in the ring before he hits a big right hand! BG goes over to tag Billy, but Young sneaks into the ring and hits a forearm to the back. BG turns around into a pin attempt by Diamond that only gets 1. BG gets up and tags Billy, who comes in and clotheslines David and then Diamond right after. He tosses Young out of the ring and goes to the corner to set up the finisher, but his foot is grabbed by Konnan! Billy turns around and watches Konnan get nailed by a clothesline from BG, who then catches a big kick to the face from Killings. Billy tries to come out to the ring but gets rolled up in the ring by Diamond, 1..2..3!

Winner: Diamonds In The Rough

BG is on the outside getting pounded by Killings and Konnan while Billy looks in disbelief of just getting beaten by Diamond and Young who walk up the ramp out of sight. Killings and Konnan throw BG into the ring where Billy starts stomping away at Killings who enters first, but gets clubbed by the slapjack from Konnan. Killings sets up BG and lands the Axe Kick on him and they're both laid out!

Mike Tenay: The remaining members of the 3 Live Kru just beat the hell out of BG and Billy James!

Don West: Well on Sunday Mike these two teams are going to finally settle all of this bad blood that's been brewing for months now!


Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett is backstage with his guitar over his shoulder

Jeff Jarrett: Last week, the sweetest guitar shot, I'eva laid on someone happened. I swung this thing straight over my shoulders, and pounded it straight into the head of that sonofabitch, Raven! I could see by the way you layed there that you were unconcious, that you couldn't exactly tell me, that you gave up. But I knew, that you were weak. And in two days Raven, I'm going to make you quit! It's all over Raven! All these fans think you've got me. Well let me let you in on a secret Raven, you ain't got nothin'. No Surrender! Is the end, of your career!


-Samoa Joe vs. Sonjay Dutt-

Dutt enters the ring first and awaits his rematch with Joe. Samoa Joe comes out to a big pop and climbs in the ring and Dutt looks ready to go. The bell sounds and Dutt fires off the rpes and hits a quick hurricanrana on Joe, who is stunned for a second and so is Dutt. Joe gets up and has fire in his eyes, when he lands a big boot to the face. He picks him up and begins his slow methodical work. He throws him into the corner and starts slapping him hard in the face. Sonjay slumps in the corner and Joe sets him back up, and starts landing vicious chops to the chest of Dutt, who again slumps in the corner. Joe goes to the opposite end and comes off the ropes with a big facewash. Joe grabs Dutt and puts him up on the top of the turnbuckle. Dutt starts to slip off but Joe stabilizes him just long enough to get him into position for the Muscle Buster, and nails it. Dutt twitches on the ground and Joe then looks up to the rampway for a second and sees Hoyt coming down the ramp. Joe snaps the Coquina Clutch on Dutt who taps out mercilessly after only 2 seconds at the most, and Hoyt stops in his tracks.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Hoyt, who stopped in his tracks, is now looking at Joe with a scared look and he slowly makes his way to the back with Joe pointing at him and saying he's next.

Mike Tenay: Oh geez Don, after seeing that don't you think Hoyt might be a little worried about what he got himself into?

Don West: Hoyt sees exactly what he got himself into now, aand I bet if he had a time machine, last week is the first place he would go back to.

Mike Tenay: Lance Hoyt is in for a world of hurt in two days, at No Surrender!


Leonardo Kendrick, is No Joke

We see Leonardo Kendrick backstage as he is walking down the hallway, he suddenly stops as he passes a door that has the Team Canada logo on it. A smile spreading across his face as he takes a nearby steel chair and shoves it under the handle before wiping his hands. The door is seen being struggled with as a bump is visibly seen. Kendrick looking on satisfied as he see's them struggle a bit more before calling out to try to get someone to open the door.


Suddenly we hear a muffled spout of choice words before Leonardo Kendrick walks off down the hallway with a satisfied grin on his face.


Open Challenge

Christopher Daniels is now shown in the ring with a microphone in hand as he looks out at the TNA crowd. He has a smirk on his face as he brings up the mic and begins to speak, while adjusting the X-Division championship on his shoulder.

Christopher Daniels: So I see that the NWA Champion has his hands full at No Surrender. I see that Raven and Jarrett are butting heads at No Surrender. I see the X-Cup is finally going to be decided so I can have a number one contender for the next pay-per-view. But let me ask you all one question, after this joke of a tournament is over, am I really going to be getting a challenge for this championship?

Daniels now lifts up the championship with his other hands for the crowd as they boo him

Christopher Daniels: It's quite simple really, there isn't a soul in the back capable of taking this away from me. I don't care if your name is Petey Williams, Chris Sabin, or even AJ Styles the current NWA champion. Nobody can take this championship away from me, I'll probably be buried with this belt my dying day. I can beat everybody on this roster bar none with one hand tied behind my back and my eyes closed. So my question of the night is...who is going to come out and challenge me for No Surrender which is only a few shorts days away?

Jeff Hardy's music hits the PA system as he makes his way out to the top of the ramp with the lights out. The fans popping for the Charismatic Enigma who has the glow paint going and he's doing his usual routine of the spazzed out dance. Hardy running down to the ring and sliding in as Daniels bails from the ring with the mic left behind. Hardy picking up the mic as he looks over the ropes at Daniels who is now headed up the ramp.

Jeff Hardy: Me. You. No Surrender. X-Division championship. Welcome to my Imag-I-Nation.

Christopher Daniels pointing down at Hardy as he has a few choice words for him the he can't say on a mic with Hardy merely grinning as the camera has a close-up on him with the gunz taunt displayed out to Daniels.

Mike Tenay: Daniels versus Hardy at No Surrender! Are you kidding me!?

Don West: You heard that correctly there Mike, it's for the X Division title too!

Mike Tenay: What a match! Up next, anotehr match is going to be made, a number one contender's match for the NWA Heavyweight Championships.


-America's Most Wanted vs. Team Canada (A-1 & Bobby Roode)-

AMW is in the ring waiting for their opponents and the camera cuts to the back looking at the door

Scott D'Amore: Break it down you idiots! Come on! You can't even break down a damn door! Use your head get something to open it!

The door finally bursts open when Roode and A-! have picked up D'Amore and rammed him into the door way

Scott D'Amore: You idiots! What in the hell...just get the hell out there!

Finally Team Canada arrive at the ring an Storm and Roode tie up in the center with D'Amore shouting orders from ringside. Roode gains the upperhand with a rake to eyes and gets right into backing James into a corner and firing shots to the body. Roode throws Storm into the ropes and lifts him over his back, and Storm comes crashing down. Roode drags Storm to his corner and gives him a few quick stomps before tagging in A-1, who climbs in through the ropes and kicks Storm in the face. A-1 keeps him isolated in his corner by setting him up in the tree of woe. A-1 puts his foot to the throat of Storm and pushes it back, choking him. The ref breaks it up with a five count and then D'Amore chokes him while the ref isn't looking. Storm falls from the tree of woe, while A-1 tags in Roode. Bobby picks Storm up by the hair and then lands a big stalling suplex. Roode covers, but Harris finally shows up for some action by breaking it up, but then meets a clothesline from A-1. Harris hops back up and then drives a boot to the stomach of A-1 and sends him outside. Harris and Storm now send Roode into the ropes and hit him with a double clothesline. They set him up for the Death Sentence and get it! Storm covers, but D'Amore jumps on the apron and starts arguing with the ref as the fans count the three. Storm finally gets off of him, exhausted and turns the ref around, only to be blindsided by A-1 and a big foot to the face. Harris jumps in and gets flapjacked by the Team Canada powerhouses. Roode picks him up and hits the Roode Awakening, and covers, but Harris breaks it up at a very near three! Rudy Charles finally restores order and arrisand A-1 resume their positions on the apron.

As Roode continues to wear down Storm who has been in this match the entire time, fails another attempt to tag in. Roode picks him up and drops him down with a military press slam. He covers but it only gets two. Roode sends Storm into the ropes, but he counters with a DDT! They're both down and looking for tags! Storm i crawling and he makes he hot tag to Harris! Roode tags in A-1 and Harris runs him over with a clothesline. Roode comes at him and gets his own clothesline. Harris scoop slams a charging A-1 and then hits a leg drop. Roode pounds him on the back but Harris kicks him in the mid-section and sends him outside. Storm is up and hits the Superkick on A-1! And then they set up the Death Sentence, and get it! 1..2...3!

Winner: America's Most Wanted

Mike Tenay: AMW are the new tag team number one contenders! They're going to No Surrender Don!

Don West: Oh yeah. AMW against The Naturals, what a match that's going to be!

Mike Tenay: Well Don, before AJ Styles comes out to say his peace, let's talk a little bit about No Surrender. A match, just made in fact, Leonardo Kendrick participate's in his second match in TNA, and it's against Team Canada member, Eric Young!

Don West: After what's been going on with Kendrick and Team Canada, this is sure to be good. We've also got the undefeated Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe, who takes on Lance Hoyt!

Mike Tenay: The way Joe has looked so far, I don't see an end to his streak Don. Speaking of streaks Petey Williams and Alex Shelley are both on mini-streaks right now, in the Super X Cup finals! Whoever brings home the cup, will also be the number one contender for the X Division title!

Don West: The first meeting for these guys and from watching these two in TNA, this may be one of the greatest X Division match-ups in history! And a number one contender was also chosen tonight, for the NWA Tag Team Championship when we see AMW take on the champs, The Naturals!

Mike Tenay: Will the titles change hands finally from The Naturals!? A long blood feud here, The remaining members of 3 Live Kru, Ron Killings and Konnan, will go against BG James and Billy James!

Don West: I want to see if this feud is finally going to end. These two teams have been at each other's throats for so long Mike.

Mike Tenay: Also a match made tonight, Christopher Daniels who offered an open challenge to annybody on the roster, for the X-Division championship, the returning Jef Hardy accepted and got a huge ovation here in the impact zone!

Don West: The return of Hardy even has me hyped up for that match. Let's talk about this No Surrender Match. Jeff Jarrett seeks revenge on Raven for taking his spot in the King Of The Mountain Match at Slammiversary, and it's the first person to give up Mike!

Mike Tenay: And at Slammiversary, AJ Styles retained his championship against 4 other men, including Monty Brown, who won a number one contender's spot in a match against Abyss two weeks ago! And it's for the NWA Heavyweight Championship!

Don West: It is yet another stacked TNA PPV and don't you dare forget to order it!

Mike Tenay: Well here comes the NWA Heavyweight Champion now! The Phenomenal, AJ Styles!


The Championship

As Styles comes down to the ring, he paces back and forth receiving a huge ovation from the crowd

AJ Styles: Thank you...thank you. Now let's see here. It's just two days away, only my second title defense. Monty Brown deserves where he is right now. He defeated Abyss a few weeks ago, and he deserves to face me at No Surrender. But the title? He doesn't deserve that. I'm going to beat him, just like I beat four other guys at Slammiversary. And guess what? Brown was one of them. So at No Surrender Monty Brown, it's not going to be great, it's not going to be amazing..it's going to be, Phenomenal!

Just then Monty Brown comes running down the ramp and slides into the ring, when AJ drops his title and they start trading blows. Styles gains momentum and and drives him into the corner. Brown comes back out and AJ hits the Pele on him! Jarrett then comes sprinting out of the back, guitar in hand, and gets in and misses a shot to Styles, but nails him with a kick. He goes for the Stroke but Raven interrupts with a kick and an Even Flow DDT! Raven throws Jarrett to the outside and starts stomping away at him. Jarrett finally gets up and is being beaten around the ring, while inside, Brown starts wailing away on the head of Styles. Raven sends Jarrett crashing into the railing outside. Brown has grabbed the belt and he's waiting for AJ to get up, and when he does, he nails him with it! It's busted Styles wide open! Jarrett is getting up and he nails Raven with a surprise chair from the crowd. Raven is also a bloody mess! Brown picks Styles up who can barely stand and nails him with the Pounce!!! Jarrett picks up Raven and bashes the guitar over his head! He picks him back up and nails the Stroke!!! Raven and AJ are bloody and unconcious! Jarrett and Brown share a glare as their bodies heave breathes. Brown picks up the belt and stares at it over top of Styles as the show closes.


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IPB Image

July 17th, 2005.

NWA Heavyweight Championship Match

AJ Styles © vs. Monty Brown

No Surrender Match

Raven vs. Jeff Jarrett

TNA X-Division Championship Match

Christopher Daniels © vs. Jeff Hardy

Super X Cup Finals

Petey Williams vs. Alex Shelley

Grudge Match

Ron Killings & Konnan vs. BG & Billy James

NWA Tag Team Championship Match

America's Most Wanted vs. The Naturals ©

Samoa Joe vs. Lance Hoyt

Leonardo Kendrick vs. Eric Young


Sonjay Dutt & Chris Sabin vs. A-1 & Bobby Roode

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Shane Douglas and Jeremy Borash welcome us and hype the card. They get us to the preshow match of Chris Sabin vs. Shark Boy vs. Elix Skipper. The three X-Division stars show off some moves and have a great 10 minute match. Sabin eventually wins after Shark Boy bit Skipper, which propelled Skipper into the Cradle Shock. Sabin then jumped up, hit a huge kick to the side of the head on Shark Boy, and covered Skipper for the three count. Douglas and Borash talk about thecard once again and send it to the main broadcast team, Mike Tenay and Don West.

IPB Image

July 17th, 2005

After the usual pyro display, a video of what's gone on between AJ Styles and Monty Brown, including highlights from the King Of The Mountain match at Slammiversary. The camera then goes to Mike Tenay and Don West

Mike Tenay: Welcome everybody to No Surrender! We've have a stacked night here as always at a TNA Pay-Per-View. Mike Tenay here with long time partner Don West. And Don, you know a good pay-per-view when you see one, what's your take on tonight?

Don West: Mike, this is going to be a momumental night in TNA history as all of our pay-per-views are. Every title is on the line, and everyone is at risk. We've got huge grudge matches like the 3 Live Kru and the two James'. We've got Jeff Jarrett and Raven in a huge No Surrender Match!

Mike Tenay: And that very match and much more are later to come, however let's get to the action. New comer, Leonardo Kendrick, making his TNA pay-per-view, debut, against Eric Young, of Team Canada.


-Leonardo Kendrick vs. Eric Young-

Leondardo Kendrick is in the ring as he is standing with one foot on the bottom rope and the other on the second as he points up the stage when Team Canada's entrance music hits the PA system and we see Eric Young coming out by himself. He has the hockey stick with the Canadian flag on it proudly displayed as Kendrick is talking some trash. Young slowly walking down the rampway as he tells the referee to make Kendrick back up. The ref pushes back Kendrick as Young climbs up the stairs and sets the hockey stick down on the outside leaning against the stairs. He now turns only to be me with a couple of quick rights before being pressed into the turnbuckle corner and whipped across the ring. Stopping himself with a foot before he hits the other corner across the ring and turning around to meet a leg lariat by Kendrick who now has the fans slightly behind him. Kendrick now lifting up Eric as he hooks him up and a snap suplex on him before making a quick pinfall and Young kicks out.

Kendrick now stomping on him a few times before he lifts him up and whips him across into the ropes, as Young returns he hits a hip toss on him slamming him down to the canvas. Kendrick riling up the fans he slaps his leg and stomps on the canvas with Young getting up. Eric turns around as Kendrick attempts a superkick to him but the foot is caught as Young waves a finger at Kendrick with a smirk on his face before getting a enziguri to his head by Kendrick. Young slumping to the mat as Kendrick now picks him up and points towards the corner rushing toward it while locking around the neck of Young but is pushed off and outside of the ring landing on the floor. Young leaning against the ropes as he taps the side of his head and walks over to the hockey stick grabbing it and pulling it into the ring.

The ref stops him and struggles with him and the hockey stick before Kendrick slides in again this time grabbing Young and successfully hitting Sliced Bread # 2 before he makes the cover with the ref quickly counting the pinfall and giving Kendrick the victory. Kendrick now having his arm raised as he has a smile on his face running a hand through his hair before he yanks the flag off the hockey stick. Now holding it up for the fans before he takes it and runs it over his butt before tossing it over the body of Eric Young who is still out on the canvas.

Winner: Leonardo Kendrick


The NEW 3 Live Kru

Ron Killings and Konnan are backstage standing next to each other with smiles on their faces

Ron Killings: I am, Ron, The Truth, Killings. And this, this is Konnan. Now, in a regula' 3 Live Kru, intaview, we would be introducin' a third member. But a few weeks ago, at Slammiversary, BG decided he didn't wanna be, a part of the 3LK! And that's cool wit' us. It's just gonna be a lil' sad going to the top leavin' him behin'.

Konnan taps Killings on the shoulder and then steps in front of him

Konnan: That's right essa. You betrayed us BG. You cost us matches, you made us lose. Everything's goin' to end tonight though puto. Bring everything you got homes, 'cause, the NEW 3 Live Kru, is comin' for you.

Ron Killings: That's right BG and Billy James. We comin' for YOU, NIGGA!


Abyss Likes A Challenge

Abyss and James Mitchell are shown in the center of the ring as the TNA fans are waiting, Mitchell has a mic in hand but hasn't decided to speak yet. He now lifts up the mic as he points at Abyss and begins to speak finally.

James Mitchell: This man in the ring with me, he is a MONSTER. No, he's not just A monster, he's THEE MONSTER! Now the officials and the committee haven't done a thing for this man to be showcased on No Surrender tonight. Well I didn't see that as a proper presentation of the best that TNA has to offer, so I decided that me and Abyss here, we're going to be doing what we promised.

A cameraman gets close to the ropes on the outside of the ring to get a good shot but Abyss runs at him reaching out to swat the camera away but he falls back just in time for the arm to miss. Switching the view they show a wide angle of Abyss hanging over the middle ropes now as Mitchell continues.

James Mitchell: Tonight we are going to take out whoever we want, and NOBODY is going to be able to stop it. TNA is our playground, and it's time for Abyss to have some fun once again.

Suddenly a man is shown sliding into the ring behind them it's Sean Waltman he tosses Mitchell out of the ring before he lays a stiff kick into the back of Abyss's head. Abyss merely turning and looking him dead in the eyes as Waltman seems to realilze this might have been a huge mistake.


-Abyss w/ James Mitchell vs. Sean Waltman-

Abyss now levels Sean Waltman with a clothesline before we see a referee running down to the ring with a couple of security guys. All of the security guys being levelled by Abyss with clothesline, Waltman sitting back in the corner as finally more security has Abyss restrained. The referee begins to speak to the ringside announcer Jeremy Borash who seems to nod as he lifts up the mic to speak.

Jeremy Borash: The committee has decided that this match will be contested under normal singles competition rules.

Waltman looks shocked at the news as the security release Abyss who runs towards Waltman who drop toeholds him into the second turnbuckle before getting up and laying a couple of kicks into the right leg of Abyss. Waltman now puts the leg on the ropes and jumps up smashing a knee down on the ankle of Abyss. Abyss now clutching at it for a moment before he starts to pull himself up in the turnbuckle corner. Waltman running at him but being piefaced down by Abyss who is now standing up fully. Abyss now picks up Wlaltman and lays a huge right hand into him as Waltman is pressed against the ropes. Abyss now whipping him across the ring before he lifts him up with both arms pressing him over his head before tossing him over the ropes and to the floor. Abyss now exits as Waltman is completely dead on the floor it seems, now being picked up and gets his face smashed into the steel steps before he falls back again. Abyss now tosses Waltman back into the ring as he steps up onto the apron himself.

Waltman now stirring as he see's Abyss on the ropes and runs across the ring bouncing off the other ropes before coming back with a leg lariat knocking Abyss to the floor again. Waltman now looking down at the monster who bounced his neck off the guard rail. He now runs across the ring agains bouncing off the other ropes before jumping over the ropes and Abyss catches him on the outside of the ring. Abyss now in control of him as he lifts him up and drops him throat first onto the guard rail. Waltman now being grabbed by him again as he gets rolled back into the ring and Abyss gets back in as well. Abyss now picks him up again before whipping him across the ring and hitting the Black Hole Slam now for the pinfall as he stands dominant over Waltman with Mitchell coming in to raise the arm of his monster before he points at Waltman and says something to his prone body

Winner: Abyss

Mike Tenay: This looks like Abyss is just on a tirade through the roster now! This is starting to get sickening, they need to just give him a title shot so he can actually leave people to live here in TNA!

Don West: Mike Abyss is exactly what his name says, a Monster! He won't stop until he gets that title, I can guarantee that. Let's take it backstage to Shane Douglas.



The camera's cut to the backstage area as we see "The Franchise" Shane Douglas standing backstage with Christopher Daniels mic in hand as he's ready for an interview before the X-Division is put on the line next.

Shane Douglas: Christopher Daniels, you are about to face the returning charismatic enigma Jeff Hardy. Possibly the biggest challenge you have faced yet since you won the X-Division championship. What are your thoughts?

Christopher Daniels: Jeff Hardy? The charismatic engima? What? A challenge? What? Please Franchise, you've got to think about this for a second. The guy can't cut it in the ring against somebody with the skills of myself, let alone anybody else on the TNA roster. He's been fighting up north for far too long, and I'm about to show him TNA and the X-Division is owned by The Fallen Angel.

Shane Douglas: Well as much as I'd love to think you have the advantage, you seemed hesistant to come into contact with Hardy on Impact..

Christopher Daniels cuts him off as he pulls the mic out of his hand and begins to speak again.

Christopher Daniels: No, Douglas, I...DO NOT...hesitate. Jeff Hardy is another stepping stone in my career, and in my goal of becoming the longest reigning X-Division champion that TNA history has ever seen. I left that ring when he came down because I wanted to make sure he was left intact enough to face me here at No Surrender. You see why should I embarrass him for just the webcast viewers to see, when I can have a wider audience see me take on Jeff Hardy.

Christopher Daniels using finger quotes now.

Christopher Daniels: The "superstar" or "enigma" or whatever else you want to call him. Tonight is going to be the last night he accepts a challenge well past his abilities.

He throws down the mic as he looks intensely into the camera for a moment before throwing the X-Division championship over his shoulder and walking off screen.


The Greatest X-Division Superstar

Petey Williams music hits the PA system as he comes out with Scott D'Amore who is seen talking to Williams about something at the top of the stage before they make their way down to the ring. D'Amore getting into the ring as Williams holds the ropes for him, before getting in himself and getting up onto one of the turnbuckle corners and throwing his arms out to his sides as the fans don't seem to enthused to see Team Canada out here again. Scott D'Amore now has a mic as he points out at the fans and begins to speak.

Scott D'Amore: Tonight, no matter what that little brat Leonardo thinks. Team Canada is going home with a victory, because right here in the middle of this ring we have The Canadian Destroyer himself, Petey Williams. This is the finals of the Super X Cup tournament and if you think that some second stringer is going to beat the greatest X-Division superstar from Canada.

Scott D'Amore laughs now as he pats Williams on the shoulder.

Scott D'Amore: Well then you are all VERY wrong, because Petey here is bringing home the cup tonight after he faces Shelley. Then...well...we're going straight for the strap and Christopher Daniels can forget about being the longest reigning champion because once my boy gets his hands on him...his reign is going to be the SHORTEST reign that TNA has ever seen.

Alex Shelley's entrance music now hits as he comes out onto the stage with a mic in hand laughing as he slaps his thigh before pointing down at the two Team Canada members in the ring.

Alex Shelley: Oh, I wish I had gotten out here sooner. TNA didn't tell me they had Porky Pig out here tonight doing a live performance for the crowd.

Scott D'Amore is fuming now as he looks up the stage at Shelley before he lifts up the mic to speak.

Alex Shelley: W-w-w-w-well it looks like th-th-that's all for tonight folks. Come on, do it Porky!

Alex Shelley now begins to walk down the ramp as Petey Williams holds back D'Amore who is apparently very upset with the comments Shelley has to say.

Alex Shelley: You were always my favorite cartoon charachter, but listen, maybe after I beat Pee Wee here we can talk about you signing an autograph for me.


Super X Cup Finals

-Petey Williams vs. Alex Shelley-

Shelley now tosses down the mic as he gets into the ring with D'Amore running at him, but he merely ducks out of the way as D'Amore gets lowbridged out of the ring by Shelley. Williams now runs over and Shelley lowbridges him out as well, both Team Canada members now on the outside as Shelley is poised in the ring ready for action. Motioning for Williams to bring it as he is in the center of the ring and Williams gets up on the apron to be rushed at by Shelley, now jumping down again. D'Amore and Williams are huddled together now as Shelley points to the other side of the ring and then back towards them and the fans pop. He now bounces off the ropes on the other side of the ring before he jumps onto D'Amore and Williams with a vaulting body press knocking both member of Team Canada down to another pop. Now taking Petey and rolling him into the ring as he gets back in himself D'Amore still out of it on the floor. Shelley now waiting as Williams slowly shakes it off getting up before being grabbed from behind and getting a double knee backbreaker from Shelley who makes the cover and only gets a two count before he slaps the canvas telling the ref it should of been a three.

He now grabs Williams by the hair as he is reprimanded by the ref and whips him into the corner as he bounces back and turns around dazed Shelley hits a superkick once again making a quick cover as the ref makes yet another two count before Williams gets the shoulder up. Shelley now pulling at his hair apparently frustrated that he can't get the pinfall, he now picks up Williams and it looks like he's getting ready to hit the Shellshock. D'Amore now getting up on the apron as Shelley spots him arguing with the ref and shoves Williams away. He now goes over to D'Amore and the two begin to argue before he turns away and then hits him with a right hand knocking D'Amore off the apron. The ref looking down at D'Amore as Shelley turns to be met with a lowlbow from Williams immediately dropping to his knees. Williams getting up now with the help of the ropes as he tries to shake out the cobwebs.

Petey now grabs onto Shelley's legs and locks on the Sharpshooter as Alex's eyes light up with the added pain from his groin and the Sharpshooter hitting him now. He pulls himself towards the ropes as the ref asks him if he wants to give up but he shakes his head. Now stopping as he lifts up his hand for a moment looking like he's about to give up but instead pulls himself forward some more as we now see D'Amore holding back the ropes just out of reach before the ref stomps on the hand of D'Amore and forces Williams to release the hold. The ref now pushing back Petey as D'Amore slaps Shelley in the face before being grabbed the throat by him. The ref now turns as we see Alex shove D'Amore to the ground releasing the choke before getting up and holding his groin which is still feeling the effects of the lowblow.

Williams now rushing forward and hitting a few right hands before pressing Shelley into the corner. He now goes to whip him across the ring but the momentum is reversed and Williams once again bounces off the turnbuckle corner holding his chest before Shelley hooks him up for the Shellshock. Shelley now hitting it perfect before he goes for the pin but we see the ref is distracted by D'Amore once again and Shelley now walks over swinging as Scott jumps down from the apron. Shelley now pointing down at him and turning around to be rolled up by Williams who grabs hold of D'Amore's helping hand with Shelley blocking the view of the referee who counts the pinfall before Petey rolls out of the ring to celebrate with D'Amore. Shelley now has a look of shock on his face as he looks at the two and is obviously upset by the outcome.

Winner and Super X Cup Champion: Petey Williams

Mike Tenay: That sonofabitch just cannot win without cheating, this is a disgrace!

Don West: Calm down ike, there's nothin we can do about it.

Mike Tenay: I'm really getting fed up with this. I'm moving on. The new 3 Live Kru as they proclaimed backstage is now just two members as BG James left to form a tag team with his apparent relative, Billy James.

Don West: You're right on that account Mike, it looks like this blood feud is finally going to come to an end tonight, and I cannot wait.

Mike Tenay: Wait no longer Don, because it's next!


The Beatdown

Medics and backstage road agents are crowded around a wrestler, Andy Douglas. Chase Stevens is then seen in the hallways running around until he finally bumps into Larry Zybysko.

Chase Stevens: Larry, Larry somebody attacked Andy.

Larry Zybysko: And..?

Chase Stevens: Well I can't go out there alone tonight. There's no way.

Larry Zybysko: Ok, hold on. Another pay-per-view match ruined? Amazing, things need to change around here. Next impact, Andy or no Andy, titles on the line, against AMW. You're lucky tonight.


-3 Live Kru (Ron Killings & Konnan) vs. BG & Billy James-

Killings and Konnan dance their way down the ramp, Konnan with the slapjack in hand the James' come out from the opposite rampway and climb in. They want to waste no time getting at them but they get seperated by the ref. When order is restored, Ron Killings and Billy James start things off in the center of the ring. Killings points to BG, but Billy waves a finger and kicks him in the stomach. Billy lands a few forearms to the back of Killings who slumps to the ground. Billy then lands osme stomps and then field goal kicks him in the ribs. Billy drags him to his teammates corner and lands another stomp before tagging in BG James. BG comes in and picks Killings up, then sends him back down with a headbutt. Killings gets back to a knee and lands a punch to mid secton, then gets up, drops back down on his back, and nails BG in the face with a kick. BG ends up on his back and now Killings tags in Konnan. BG gets up to his knees and sees Konnan coming and charges with a clothesline that misses. Konnan grabs the arm and uses it as leverage for a facejam into the mat. He goes to cover 1...2...Billy comes in and breaks it up.

Killings starts to chase after him, but gets held back by the ref as Billy and BG now take the double team advantage on Konnan by sending him into the ropes and landing a flapjack. Billy goes back to the apron and BG covers, the ref turns around and counts 1..2..kickout by Konnan. BG brings him back to their corner and holds his foot on the turnbuckle, and then tags Billy, who comes in, grabs Konnan by the head, and drives his face into the boot of BG James. Billy sends him into the ropes and Konnan misses a clothesline, then gets powerslammed hard to the mat by Billy. Cover 1..2..broken up by Killings. Billy gets up looking irate and chases him back to the apron. Konnan rolls him up though, 1..2..kickout. Konnan dives and tags Killings in, and they both grab Billy and send him into the ropes. He comes back and Konnan flips him over his back with a back body drop, and The Truth nails him in the side of the head with a huge side kick. BG climbs in and Konnan catches him the Tequila Sunrise!

Killings tosses Billy James out of the ring and follows him up with a suicide dive! In the ring, the ref is trying to get Konnan off of BG because he isn't the legal man, actually neither are, and referee Slick Johnson finally relizes that and starts counting them both out. At the 8 count Killings climbs back in and then back out, resetting the count. After Billy hits Killings with a mid kick, he scoop slams Killings onto the floor. Konnan climbs through the ropes and runs across the apron, and comes off with a flying clothesline on Billy. Konnan tosses BG back in and Killings climbs back in behind him. BG and Konnan get back on the apron as Killings picks Billy up, and puts him back own with a jumping side kick. Killings tags Konnan in and hecomes in with a head of steam. He drops a big elbow on Billy and then a drop toe hold on BG James, and then a leg drop to the back fo the head. Billy James starts getting up and Konnan hits the Rolling Thunder Lariat.

Konnan jumps up and screams to the crowd "A reba la raza!" As he finishes screaming, he gets clubbed in the back with a forearm from BG James. James whips him into the corner and follows it up with a huge boot to the face. After dancing a little he drives a knee into his stomach. Killings comes in and clubs BG in the back. He turns around into a spinning heel kick that takes him out fo the ring. Billy nails Killings and it sends him out of the ring. Billy turns around to pose and gets met with a bulldog from Konnan. BG and Killings are outside and Killings gets whipped into the barricade. BG climbs back in the ring and onto the apron. Konnan elbows him and he charges in the ring at him, but receives a right to the face. Konnan turns around and hits Billy with a kick to the stomach.

BG has rolled out of the ring and grabbed the slapjack from the outside. He climbs back in as Konnan has Billy on his shoulders, and nails him with the slapjack in the face! The ref goes to disqualify him, but BG nails him too! Killings comes in and gets greeted with a swinging chair, but he ducks, and gets kicked in the ribs. The chair falls and Killings nails a DDT on Billy onto the chair! Killings hops up and the BG hits him with a left jab, another jab, and one more, then a clothesline! Slick Johnson is starting to come to and he's getting up, disoriented and stumbling. He watches as BG grabs Killings by the hair and sends him into the ropes, he bends over for a back body drop, but Killings nails him with the Axe Kick! He crawls over and covers, Billy James is still out cold! 1..2..3!

Winner: 3 Live Kru

Mike Tenay: Killings and Konnan pull it out even after the James' cheated!

Don West: After that Mike, I don't think any of this is anywhere near over!

Mike Tenay: Well listen Don, we've got something else heated coming up. The undefeated Samoa Joe, goes against Lance Hoyt!


-Samoa Joe vs. Lance Hoyt-

Hoyt looks hyped as he gets to the ring and stretches using the ropes. The look of happiness goes away when Joe enters the arena to a huge welcome from the fans. He slides in and Hoyt gets started right away with stomps, but Joe stands up and Hoyt switches to forearms, and then Joe gets to work with slaps to the face. He drives Hoyt into the corner and the uses the ropes as leverage to stomp him in the chest. After Hoyt is down in the corner Joe goes off the ropes opposite the turnbuckle and lands a huge boot to the face that Joe follows through the whole way. Joe then pulls himself back to his feet using the ropes and then starts the facewashing on Hoyt, driving his foot back and forth over his face. Joe finally gets off of him and plays to the crowd when Hoyt gets up. Joe turns around and charges Hoyt, who drops down and holds the ropes so that Joe falls over the top.

Hoyt gets up and laughs, then rolls out after Joe. He slams his face off the stairs and then whips him into the guard railing. Hoyt delivers a stomp that Joe catches and pulls it out from under him. Joe picks him up and sets him up on the apron where his head is sticking out over it. He goes back towards the stairs and then charges at Hoyt, and field goal kicks him right in the face! Joe rolls into the ring where Hoyt is and then covers. 1..2..kickout. He smiles and picks Hoyt up and stands him up straight. He starts landing big chops to chest and drives Hoyt to the ropes. He pushes him off and whips him into the other side and picks him up with a huge powerslam! Joe screams with a big roar from being so hyped and then drags Hoyt to the corner. He picks him up and then hits the Muscle Buster!!! Joe then drags his lifeless body to the middle of the ring and locks in the Coquina Clutch! Hoyt taps!

Winner: Samoa Joe


X-Division Championship Title Match

-Jeff Hardy vs. Christopher Daniels ©-

Jeff Hardy comes down very hyped up and with green flourescent paint on his right arm. He patiently waits for Daniels inside the ring and Daniels walks down and pops the hood on his robe. Hardy barely gives him time to get it off when he starts landing forearms to the back of the neck and driving him into the corner. Daniels backs out of it and catches a Jeff Hardy kick to the stomach, but he turns and flips upside down with a kick to the face. Hardy, trying to capitalize, mounts Daniels and starts landing rights to his face, as Daniels tries to cover up. Hardy gets off of him and yells with confidence and fury. Daniels slides out of the ring and grabs Hardy by his legs, and pulls him into the turnbuckle by his feet, effecting the groin of course. Hardy grimaces in pain and grabs his...groin area, as one would after something like that. Daniels looks at it as an oppourtunity and gets on the apron. Hardy starts to get up and Daniels launches off the ropes and hits a hurricanrana. Daniels picks Hardy up and whips him into the ropes, and he catches him with a clothesline,ows through with it big, flipping Hardy. Daniels goes to the top for the BME, but he thinks better of it and sees Hardy getting to his feet, so he leaps backwards with his feet out, catches Hardy's head, and does a forward hurricanrana.

Hardy is in a sitting position dazed and Daniels drop kicks him in the back. He then jumps over and covers, 1...kickout. Daniels picks him up and throws him into the ropes, Hcomes back and leap frogs him, Daniels goes under him and Hardy jumps over. Hardy comes back into a drop toe hold that sends his neck into the ropes. Daniels put his head to Hardy's neck and starts choking him against the ropes. The ref calls for a release and Daniels refuses. He threatens to ring the bell and he finally lets go. Daniels lands a few stomps to the back before he picks him up and puts on the Cobra Clutch, and throws him overhead. Hardy is slow to get up and when he does, he gets knocked right back down with a leg lariat. Daniels covers again but it only gets 2.

Hardy is trying to get up and lands a right to the stomach. He starts fighting his way up and lands rights to the face. He starts driving Daniels back into the corner. He gets him back in the corner and starts stomping away. He grabs Daniels by the head and hits a sitout jawbreaker. Daniels goes down and Hardy grabs his legs and spreads them. He signals to the crowd and does the double leg drop to the midsection. Hardy goes to the top rope and waits patiently for Daniels to climb up and he gets the Whisper In The Wind! He covers him 1..2..kickout! Hardy looks exhausted and looks at the ref in disbelief. He grabs Daniels and sets him up for the Twist of Fate, but Daniels reverses into a fisherman's suplex with the bridge on it. 1..2....kickout! Daniels looks pretty determined now and he grabs Hardy by his hair and hits him wih the step up enziguri after standing him up. Chris goes to the outside apron and then gets to the top rope. He calls for the BME and he nails it!!! But he's not done yet, he picks him up to his feet, and he hits the Angel's Wings! 1..2...3!

Winner and Still TNA X-Division Champion: Christopher Daniels


No Surrender Match

-Jeff Jarrett vs. Raven-

Raven comes out to the ring first with a trash can full of weapons. Kendo sticks, chairs, smaller trash cans, cookie sheets and the like. After unloading his weapons in the ring, he waits for Jarrett to walk out of the rampway. Jarrett finally comes out to his music with only a guitar in hand. As he approaches the apron Raven coaxes him in. Jarrett climbs up on the apron and drops back down when Raven would charge him. After trying to enter the ring from several different locations, he throws his guitar in to distract Raven. He then slides in and quickly gets to his feet, only to be met by a left jab from Raven. Another left, and one more, then he spins and clotheslines Jarrett! Jarrett crawls to the corner where his guitar is and tries to grab it, but Raven pulls him away. Raven grabs him by the head and mounts him. He starts to deliver measured blows to the forehead of Jeff. Raven then gets off of him and picks him up, then whips him into the corner. Jarrett staggers back out of the corner and runs into a kick to the stomach, then he hits a rib breaker on Jarrett. Raven goes over to the other turnbuckle and runs at Jeff as he starts to get up. Jarrett turns around and nails Raven with a cookie sheet! Jarrett covers him and the ref quickly tells him he can't win that way. When he looks up in disbelief, Raven hits him with a trash can lid. Raven gets up slowly and grabs a kendo stick. He picks it up and wiats for Jarrett to get up.

When Jeff finally staggers to his feet he ducks baseball swing from Raven, but then gets hit in the back with it! Raven raises it high above his head once again and brings it back down on Jarrett's back. Jeff bounces around in pain and then rolls out of the ring. Raven wastes no time and follows him back outside. Jarrett is sliding along the barricade until Raven grabs his head and smashes it off the top of it. Raven climbs over the railing and then hooks a getting up Jarrett into a suplex, onto the concrete floor. As secruity clears a little room, Raven lands a measured kick to the ribs, and then picks him up and drags him towards the Spanish announce table. Raven grabs him and goes to smack his head off the table, but Jarrett puts his hands on the table, stopping him from hitting it. He grabs the back of Raven's head and slams him into the table! Raven staggers backward and then Jarrett caps it off with another head slam into the table and Raven goes backwards onto the floor.

Jeff grabs him by the hair and starts dragging him up the arena stairs to a balcony overlooking the Spanish announce table. Jarrett kicks out the railing on the balcony and then picks up Raven. Jeff lands a measured shot to the forehead, and then chops him. Raven reels backwards, but regains his balance and lands a shot on Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett kicks him in the mid section and then sets him up for the Stroke off the balcony! Raven elbows him in the side of the head and Jarrett spins around from the impact and then turns around into the Raven Effect DDT through the table!!!! After both men are laid out for at least 2 minutes, Raven starts crawling to the ref following them and grabs the mic from him. e gets on top of Jeff and mounts him. He punches him between the eyes a few times and the puts the mic to his mouth.

Raven: Do you surrender Jarrett!? Huh!?

Jarrett looks up at Raven and screams something unaudible, and then Raven hits him with a big right. Raven then picks up Jarrett and then pushes him towards the ring again. Raven tosses him over the railing and then hops over behind him. When Raven goes to pick up Jarrett, he runs into a big right to the stomach. Jarrett then gets up and throws Raven into the ring. Jeff slides in the ring and then picks up a trash can. As Raven raises himself to one knee, Jarrett nails a trash can over his head, putting a dent in it. Jeff goes over to the corner and picks up two trash can lids. He lays one under his head and puts the other one on his face. Jarrett goes to the top rope and signals to the crowd and screams "it's over". He jumps off the rope and lands a double stomp on Raven's face! Raven squirms in immence pain and grabs at his face while Jeff grabs a mic and stands over Raven, holding his head in the air.

Jeff Jarrett: ...Give it up Raven...SURRENDER!

Jarrett puts the mic to Raven's mouth and he doesn't say anything. Jeff mounts him and then puts a couple rights into him.

Jeff Jarrett: Surrender Raven! Goddamnit surrender!!!

Jarrett looks around him and picks up a nearby kendo stick. He grabs it and then starts choking Raven. As Raven grasps at the kendo stick and his neck, Jarrett is screaming at him to surrender. Raven starts feeling around for anything he can find and ends up with his hands on a trash can lid. He picks it up and swings back behind him into the face of Jarrett! After Jarrett falls backward, Raven jumps out of the ring and pulls out a ladder from under the ring and pushes it in. Jarrett sees it and his eyes bug out and he flees the ring. Jarrett keeps running around the ring and then loses sight of Raven. Jeff looks around himself and looks like he just shit himself when he backs into Raven. He turns around and Raven clotheslines him and then tosses him back into the ring. Raven climbs in behind him and then picks up the ladder. He stands high above Jarrett holding the ladder and then slams it down towards Jarrett, but he rolls out of the way. Raven slams it down near him again but Jarrett barely escapes.

Jeff kicks his leg out from under him and the ladder falls to the side, and Raven goes down too. Jarrett picks Raven up and after three right hands he nails him with a big DDT! Jarrett takes a breather and grabs atable out from under the ring! He gets in and sets up the table. He goes over to Raven who is getting up and he levels him with a chair. Jarrett throws the chair to the side and sets up the ladder on the other side of the ring. He drags Raven to his feet and starts pushing him up the ladder. Jeff goes to the otherside and lands a few right hands to his face, but has to pull on Raven's torn shirt to keep him on the ladder. Jarrett hooks Raven up and picks him up in the air! Jarrett and Raven both go crashing to the mat through the table with a huge superplex!!! The ref is checking on both of them and neither have made a move at all yet! After at least 5 minutes the ref rings the bell! The announcer announces a No Contest ruling!!!

No Contest due to BOTH competitor's being unconcious

Medics come out from the back with two stretchers and put them both on it. Neither move the whole time.

Mike Tenay: Oh my god Don this match doesn't have a winner!!!

Don West: Oh boy Mike, this was amazing! This means we'll have to see these two more to get a clear cut winner I can't wait!

Mike Tenay: Well you know what Don? Here's the match I've been waiting for ALL NIGHT!!! Monty Brown versus the AJ Styles! And of course, that belt is on the line. Can Monty Brown become the NWA Heavyweight Champion!? Let's take it backstage with Shane Douglas!


The Beginning, Of An Era

Monty Brown is lacing up his boots backstage when the camera gets closer to him

Monty Brown: Man get that thing out a' my face! Wait hold up. On second thought, come over here. Listen really close AJ Styles. Here's what I want you to do. Take a look at the NWA Heavyweight Championship, and kiss it goodbye! 'Cause after tonight, it's mine. I'm gonna' take you to the Serengetti and back Styles.

Brown is now standing up and has a hand on the camera.

Monty Brown:You think you can just jump back and forth from the X Division and Heavyweight division? Well I'm gonna let you in on a little secret! You haven't SEEN, the Heavyweight division yet! You haven't even scratched the surface! I am, the Heavyweight division Styles. Look at the clock AJ. Only a few minutes time away from YOU, and ME! And trust me, your night is over and the belt is mine after you feel the POOOOOUUUNNNCCCEE!! PERIOD!


NWA Heavyweight Championship Match

-AJ Styles © vs. Monty Brown-

Monty Brown comes out first and the fans at the impact zone let him have it as he walks down the ramp with a scowl on his face and already breathing heavely. The familiar music of the champion, AJ Styles, hits and the crowd goes to their feet. AJ is shown on the ramp, hood up and his title around his waist. As his music picks up he throws his hood off and points to Brown in the ring. As Jeremy Borash announces us to the match in the ring, Styles climbs through and holds the belt right in front of Brown's face and mouths some words to him. Brown talks trash back and then fires the first shot. Styles drops the belt and blocks Brown's fist. AJ fires back and Brown reels, he hits him with another right and Brown staggers again. Styles pushes Brown against the ropes and launches him to the other side. Monty comes back with the Pounce! But it misses when Styles side steps him and goes flying over the top rope, and he catches himself on the apron. Styles runs at him and hits a high kick to the face that sends Brown crashing to the floor. Brown starts getting up quickly and Styles runs straight at a turnbuckle, puts his left foot on the pad, his right on the top pad, and then leaps off the top with a flying cross body that misses!

Brown gets up and laughs at Styles who is rolling in pain holding his right knee. Monty Brown picks up AJ and rolls him back in the ring to avoid being counted out when the ref is at 4. When The Alpha Male slides back in, he gets a right hand from AJ to ribs. Brown takes it and then kicks Styles in the head. He goes over to Styles who's backed up into the corner with his head resting on a turnbuckle pad and hits him with a forceful splash! Styles slumps back down to laying flush with the mat and then Brown stomps away at him as he taunts the crowd. He picks AJ up and then it looks like he's going to whip him into the ropes, but he pulls him back towards him and levels him with a huge clothesline. Brown picks him up in the middle of the ring and stands him up. He comes off the ropes to the side of of Styles and charges at him. AJ, spins so his back is to Brown and nails him with the Pele! Brown goes down and Styles is holding that right knee again, but he knows that he must keep his momentum going as he gets up limping. He sees Brown get to one knee and he lands a kick to the mid section on Brown. Styles then limps closer and hooks him up with one leg in his arm and delivers the well executed fisherman's suplex. Styles gets back up still light on the right knee and then jumps on the middle rope and moonsaults onto Brown! He hooks the leg and the ref gets close to count, 1...2...no!

Brown kicks out and AJ gets back to his feet and lands a frontflip leg drop. He gets up still favoring the right knee from earlier, and mounts Brown. He starts landing measured shots to the forehead of Monty Brown until Brown finds some energy and flips him over his head. Brown gets up and then kicks AJ right in the face as he tries to get up using the ropes. Monty picks him up and then lifts him high above his head, and then drops him behind him. Styles keeps holding his knee and Brown may have finally realized the injury. He goes over to Styles and puts a huge stomp on the right knee. Styles now rolls around in pain but Brown grabs the leg and then twists it hard to the left. Monty grabs his leg again and then buries his elbow into the inside of knee and then wrenches it across his forearm. After a minute of screaming from Styles, Brown lets go but still holds on to the leg. Styles pulls out something from nowhere with a kick to the face with his left foot. Brown goes down and Styles crawls to the ropes and starts pulling himself up. Brown is now up and slowly making his way over to Styles, but gets a kick to the stomach and a DDT for it. Styles drapes an arm over him and the ref gets down to count. 1...2...no! Brown kicks out and Styles screams that it was three. Brown is on a knee and punches a turning around AJ Styles. Monty Brown picks him up and then throws him backwards over his head with a fallaway slam. Brown rushes over and hooks the leg with a forearm across Styles' face. 1..2..kickout by AJ.

Brown looks mad and lands a stomp to the injured leg. He drags Styles to the middle of the ring and then throws him between his legs, and nails him with the Alphabomb! Brown covers, 1..2..kickout by Styles! Brown looks at the ref in disbelief and then gets in his face. The ref holds up his two fingers and Browm pushes him, and the ref says he's going to get disqualified. Brown looks at him in disgust and then screams that his count was "bullshit". He turns around and sees Styles up top, and he launches off with a flying hurricanrana! Styles keeps hold on him and catches his legs behind him for the cover, 1..2..Brown throws him off. Styles still favoring the knee gets up, and meets Brown in the middle. Styles throws a right and it connects. Brown lands his own right hand and then they both seem to find a source of stored energy and they go crazy on each other with right hand after right hand. Styles starts winning the fist fight and drives Brown back into the corner. He elbows him in the face and then kicks him in the stomach a few times driving him to a slump in the corner. Styles picks him back up and then gets to the top with Brown's head in his arm, and nails him with a bulldog off the top. He covers, 1..2..no another kickout by Brown! Styles looks exhausted and finally decides to finish it, he climbs out onto the apron and waits for Brown to get up. As Brown rises to his feet seemingly in a daze, Styles hops up on the top rope and launches off of it, but runs right into the Pounce!!!! Brown drags him away from the ropes, and covers, 1..2..3!!!

Winner and NEW NWA Heavyweight Champion: Monty Brown!

Mike Tenay: OH MY GOD!!! Are you kidding me Don!!! Are you serious!!

Don West: Oh it's for real Mike! Monty Brown is the NWA Heavyweight Champion!

Mike Tenay: I cannot believe what I just saw! Thanks for being wth us everybody, my god what a shock!

As the ref hands the belt to Brown, he drops to his knees and kisses the belt as the show ends.


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July 22nd, 2005. iMPACT! Preview

No Surrender saw the beginning of an era. Monty Brown defeated AJ Styles after a vicious Pounce that would send fans into shock, that Brown has finally gotten to the top of the mountain. AJ Styles was obviously upset that he failed in his title defense. The rematch clause in Styles' contract is still a remaining factor, however. Monty Brown said backstage after winning, "Rematch or no rematch, this title is here to stay". When will AJ Styles move his clause into effect?

The Super X Cup champion was crowned when Petey Williams overcame Alex Shelley with the ever-present help from Scott D'Amore, grabbing his hand for leverage. Petey Williams moves on to face Christopher Daniels at Sacrifice, who successfully beat Jeff Hardy, to retain his belt. The heat between Williams and Daniels has been hot in the past, this match, is sure to restore it.

Jeff Jarrett. Raven. No Surrender Match. Both competitors were knocked completely out and had to be taken out of the building in stretchers. The match was a no contest ruling, and neither was severely hurt. Both men are expected to be in the TNA Asylum for iMPACT, and things are going to explode.

The 3 Live Kru claimed a new, by announcing that they will live on. The battle in which The James' even resorted to cheating, could not win. The battered James' were very downright pissed at what had happened, and have screamed revenge.

All of this and tons more on iMPACT!

Edited by Mountain Dew Plunge
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