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Little Miss Sunshine

The Z-Man

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I went and saw this film last night and... O... M... G!... It's an incredible film. Front the opening seconds, to the quick and yet to the point ending. The movie is extremely funny but, is also extremely sad at the same time, something I've never seen any movie pull off, in the fasion this movie does. The movie never drags on either, as each moment of the film is wisely used and although there may be a little clicheness at the end, it at leats has a very good reason why.

Has anyone else had the chance to see this movie?

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I thought it was incredible, it actually got a standing O when I saw it. Of course, it aired at some artsy film crowd theatre, so that would be why.

Trivia though. When the kid who doesn't talk is first introduced, he's wearing an Obey shirt with a dude with a star on his head on it. Any idea who that character is?

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So far this is the best film of the year. I loved every second of it, and the best movie of the summer.

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