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Favourite acts your country has produced?


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Thought it might be interesting.

List 5 or so of your favourite acts from your own country.

Now, I tend to prefer stuff that isn't from the UK, seemingly, and I don't really dig any of the classic UK stuff (Beatles, Sabbath, Priest, Maiden....I mean, I like them all, I just prefer other UK acts), so here my list is.

David Gray (....fuck y'all)

My Dying Bride

Depeche Mode

The Smiths


...after a little think, The Streets

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Dual nationality, so yeah...

From England - The Smiths, Rolling Stones, Beatles, and lately Muse and Gorillaz. David Bowie too, actually.

From Ireland - The Pogues, Boomtown Rats, Snow Patrol.

I'd say U2, but they've been criminally awful for years and they've now made more terrible albums than good ones.

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Guest This is classic Ringy

The New Pornographers


AC Newman


The Unicorns


Immaculate Machine

The Organ

The Arcade Fire

Wolf Parade

Sunset Rubdown

The Dears.

There's others too, but these are the best.

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