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An Albatross is for gays


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I... I can't find the words to describe it. It's like a record skipping over and over while a butch man named... oh let's just say RCOC, rapes a screeching Clawson and a walkman quickly running out of batteries plays some shitty Swedish pop music from the mid-nineties. And then it's over. And that moment is the greatest of my life. Oh it's An Albatross alright. An Albatross that pecks out my fucking ears.

Over to you Fizzy. >_>

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Guest The Ringy Complex

That album gave me a headache. It was like listening to a tiny bird get raped by RCOC over and over, it was just wow, who writes this? Is it like some guy going "Hey guys, make horrible noises, it'll sell"? Because that was horrible and my head hurts.

I'd rather listen to Srar sing.

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I'd say bands like An Albartross are definitely not for everyone. Some people (like me <_<) do like them. The keyboards are good, and I'm used to all that screaming anyway, from listening to bands like The Locust (which are ten times 'worse' than An Albatross).

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Uncle Funky Pants > ** I love the keyboard as well. Besides that...meh, some of it is actually really good. They seem talented. The vocals don't bother me either (I love my fair share of screamo). It's the fact that lots of the 'songs' don't seem to go anywhere. It's no coincidence that songs that actually seem to have a formula, like "The Man Eating Pig of Madidi" are actually really good, and totally stand out against the rest.. Towards the end of the album it gets better IMO. Sounds much better in headphones....shit, I think I like them...well the end of the album anyway.

And speaking of Locust. I remember Skummy recommending them in a music thread to me once, and I like them...there was just something about them that stodd out more than An Albatross have thus far.

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