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Papa Roach Are Very Unspecial.


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Just got back from the gig. Just very bland, unspecial, next to nothing good about the show.

The highlight was the impromptu mini-cover of Eminem - Lose Yourself, in the middle of Dead Cell. I love shit like that, mixing it up like that is why I go to gigs. Other than that, just bland. Second worst show I've been to.

Oh and he seems thoroughly ashamed of Infest (Album) the songs they played from it were half-assed, mic in the crowd the whole time.

Poor form.

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I saw them once and was impressed, considering I hate Papa Roach. I think I had a lot of fun because Jacobi was obviously coked out of his skull and was all over the place on stage, very energetic.

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Wow. One of the last gigs I went to was Papa Roach at The Garage in Glasgow and it was fucking great. Although to be fair, it was mainly great because The Garage is about the same size as an actual garage and we crammed a few hundred, maybe even thousands in somehow.

I haven't heard their new stuff though, so maybe that's why it sucked? And I've found televised gigs in London to be the drizzling shits. The crowds suck ass. Unless of course you're not in London for it, in which case, blah.

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I was in London for it. The crowds are normally good. I'm starting to dislike the Astoria now, maybe that was it. I think maybe it was just because I like Infest so much and they seem to hate it. Hmmm. Whatever, just didn't enjoy myself.

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