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The Departed - Anyone Seen it? *SPOILERS*


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So, anyway just wondering if any of you had seen this movie yet. I'm just back, and it was bloody good; probably on par with Infernal Affairs, despite being more Hollywood (which was most noticeable in the scenes where Martin Sheen & Jack Nicholson died).

Great acting all round (Baldwin was probably the weakest), with DiCaprio and Wahlberg both really surprising me. Nicholson was the star of the show, of course, and without him, it really wouldn't have been the same film (At the start I thought Pacino could have played him, but at the end, I realised no one else could have).

The ending's different from Infernal Affairs too, and I don't like it just as much, but still, best movie I've seen in a while (other than Dog Day Afternoon, which is pure awesomeness).

So, anybody else got an opinion?

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I loved it too. I kept watching it and thinking, "Damn, if only DeNiro wasn't directing his movie then he could be Martin Sheen's character." Which is what was supposed to happen. Don't get me wrong, Martin Sheen is great in it, but something about seeing DeNiro and Nicholson together even for that one scene would have been awesome.

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I just got back from seeing it. Awesome, awesome movie. I really enjoyed it. Damons character dying at the end was pretty shocking to me, but I liked the fact that most of the main guys died at the end.

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I really liked it. A lot of my friends thought it dragged until about the last 20 minutes, but if I were to chose I'd put that those two sections the other way round in order of preference. I enjoyed the tension that dominated the majority of the film, and then the ending (which I still liked, though) was pretty much "well, we've got the effect of a guy being shot in the head down, let's see how many people we can do that to in quick succession". >_>

That said, I've still yet to see Infernal Affairs (I almost picked it up in HMW for £7 the other day but didn't)...so they might do it better for all I know.

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I haven't been around here in a while, a long while, but while browsing around I saw this thread, and I just have to say this movie was awesome. Best movie I've seen in a while and I mean that. I really enjoyed to storyline, the cast, as loaded as it was, did not let down. I thought DiCaprio did a phenomenal job, I usually think he's a weiner, but he's earned my respect here. (Although I did like Gangs Of NY) I had no idea this was based on a previous film. I don't know about you but going into the movie and the whole time watching it was thinking along the lines of, "Oh Wahlberg's gonna end up the mole, Sheen will end up the mole, blah blah blah" when in the end they didn't really fool you. Everyone just becomes departed. A surprise, not a twist. Great movie that I'd go see again.

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