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TNA From A Different “Angle”


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TNA From A Different “Angle”

So the year 2007 is here. TNA has gone through a whole lot in just one full year. Christian Cage reigned as Champion for quite sometime, followed up with Jeff Jarrett and capping off with the living legend in Sting. The biggest announcement of the year came at No Surrender though, as Jim Cornette announced that first off, TNA would move to Primetime starting on November 16. Then came the huge announcement of Kurt Angle. Angle has only wrestled once in a TNA ring, but has appeared many times. Now going Primetime of course was big for TNA, but they wanted more, they wanted a two hour timeslot. And what a better way capping off the year with just three days left, it was announced that TNA would move to a two hour timeslot starting on the first Impact of the New Year. UFC just moved to a different night, Tuesday Night, to show Ultimate Fighter and Unleashed to let TNA have Impact by itself for Thursday Nights. It took less than two months to get a two hour timeslot after going Primetime, but with the ratings Impact received, TNA deserved it. Impact has also come a long way here in TNA, but now here is the recap of the last few months.

October 2006

October was the start of some new things going on as it started the hype towards the biggest Pay-Per-View of the year, Bound For Glory, as well as the TNA going Primetime starting in November. Also, there was a huge change to the booking team, Vince Russo was back changing and making a few storylines. Kurt Angle also appeared in TNA the first time in October, two weeks before Bound For Glory hyping the match he will enforce. Bound For Glory was built around the huge feud with Jeff Jarrett and Sting with the Title vs. Career stipulation going on, as well as Kurt Angle being the Special Enforcer. Angle said he would be split on the match and he stuck by his word that was until after the match ended. The biggest Pay-Per-View of the year also held much more in store as Monsters Ball returned as well as the huge feud between LAX and Daniels and Styles continued. Anyway, here is the short recap of Bound For Glory.

Bound For Glory Review

Pre Show Match

Bobby Roode defeats Cassidy Riley

Roode is still in look for a manager to take him to the top. He has turned down TNA managers and a few famous ones. He worked fine without one here though, as he totally manhandled Riley and beat him with a huge Northern Lariat.

Six Way X Division Match

Petey Williams defeats Alex Shelley, Frankie Kazarian, Jay Lethal, Matt Bentley and Sonjay Dutt

These six men are battling for a top spot in the rankings for the X Division Title. Lethal and Dutt basically teamed together as well as Kazarian and Bentley leaving Shelley and Petey by themselves. Somehow Petey Williams battled over all five men and won the huge match by pinning Sonjay Dutt after a huge Canadian Destroyer. Right after the victory though, some new music played and out came the debuting Austin Starr. Starr ran down to the ring getting a huge pop and nailing Petey with a huge Brainbuster followed by a 450 Splash leaving the winner down and out.

Chris Harris drew with James Storm

These two men have been arguing and battling for quite some time now, but they wanted to clear everything up here in just a friendly battle. Everyone got to see how even these two men were as no one could get a victory as it ended with a double pin with the two men. Now both Storm and Harris can go back to their greatness at tag team and forget everything what went on in the past few months.

Monsters Ball 3

Samoa Joe defeats Abyss, Brother Runt and Raven

Abyss and Brother Runt have been having trouble ever since Team 3D left TNA, but then Raven joined in with the two men. These two men battled in all different kinds of matches, but never in the Monsters Ball or with the addition of Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe did get the victory by pinning Abyss after nailing a Muscle Buster on him on top of a bunch of thumbtacks. During the match though, Jeff Jarrett came out and took back his World Heavyweight Title that Joe had been holding for the past month.

Loser Gets Fired Match

Eric Young defeats Larry Zbyskzo

Eric Young originally got fired on the first Impact of the month after losing in a Six Man Match because of Larry Z. Jim Cornette did reinstate Young though, and said he would get one more shot to be in the company and so would Zbyskzo. So these two men battled it out here with Eric Young coming up with the enjoyable victory making him keep his job and Larry Zbyskzo finally gets out of TNA.

Team 3D defeats Diamonds in the Rough

Ever since Team 3D returned to TNA about a month back they were guaranteed title shots, but they wanted to earn them. Every team was basically taken up in action tonight except for one team who didn’t do match for the last couple of months. The only way Team 3D would accept though, was if Young and Skipper lost they would have to split up, but the same thing went for Team 3D. Of course Team 3D got the victory and now Simon Diamond was left with no clients.

8 Mile Street Fight

Rhino defeats Christian Cage

These two men have been having some problems for quite sometime as the two former friends seem to want to kill each other. The end of this feud might have came here as these two men went crazy here. They wrestled all around the arena until the finish where Rhino Gore’d Cage through a table. Cage needed help to get up while Rhino celebrated with the crowd thinking he won the feud.

Number One Contenders Match

The Naturals defeats The James Gang

The Naturals earned a shot at the World Tag Team Titles at anytime after winning the shot at Genesis. The James Gang thought that they didn’t deserve them though, so challenged Shane Douglas’s men to put their Number One Contendership on the line. Douglas didn’t turn down the challenge and put his boys up to the test. Douglas and Stevens made Douglas proud by defeating The James Gang and keeping their shot at the Tag Champions.

TNA X Division Title

Senshi defeats Chris Sabin

Ever since Senshi returned to TNA he has been dominating the X Division by winning the belt not so long after he returned. Sabin tried steeping the way of Senshi, but he got shut down at No Surrender. Then came Bound For Glory with a rematch, but once again Sabin got shut down as it just wasn’t his time to become the X Division Champion once again, it was time for Senshi to dominate.

Six Sides of Steel

NWA World Tag Team Titles

AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels defeats Latin American eXchange

LAX has been trying to become the Tag Team Champions ever since they came into TNA. They finally became Champs a few months back defeating Styles and Daniels on Impact. They did wind up losing them back though, at No Surrender in the first ever tag team Ultimate X Match. Now LAX got another chance at revenge in Six Sides of Steel, but they blew it again as the two very talented X Division stars defeated Homicide and Hernandez in a very good Six Sides of Steel Match.

Title vs. Career

Special Enforcer: Kurt Angle

NWA World Heavyweight Title

Sting defeats Jeff Jarrett

Sting and Jeff Jarrett have really never been on the same page. This was suppose to, of some sorts, end the feud between the two once and for all as the winner would get everything they wanted. Sting would get the NWA Title if he won, but on the other hand if Jarrett won, Sting would have to retire. With all of this, throw Kurt Angle in the match as the Special Enforcer, his first in ring role in TNA and you get an amazing main event. Finally Sting got what he deserved after a very fair and even bout with Angle not cheating for anyone. After the match though, Angle really got the crowd going for the first time. After Sting won, Jarrett tried to nail him with the guitar, but Angle stopped him by nailing him with the Angle Slam out of nowhere! Then down came Samoa Joe who lifted up Jarrett and nailed a Muscle Buster. The Pay-Per-View ended with Angle locking in the Ankle Lock with Jarrett screaming in pain while Joe and Sting celebrated.

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January 2007 Update

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IPB Image

IPB Image

Current Lineup:

Lethal Lockdown

Christian Cage, Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, and ??? vs. Kurt Angle, Rhino, Samoa Joe, and Sting

NWA World Tag Team Title Match

Latin American eXchange © vs. Team 3D

TNA X Division Title Match

Petey Williams vs. Austin Starr

Stipulation to be Announced

Abyss vs. Raven

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January 4th, 2007


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Behold…Two Hours is Here!

This Thursday night on iMPACT! will be a huge night because iMPACT! goes to a two hour timeslot for good. The night will be packed with action up and down the card showing the return of former Tag Team Champions, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels, NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Sting and of course much more of the TNA Roster.


Bobby Roode has been hyping a manager for quite sometime now and was actually supposed to debut with him at Bound For Glory, but Roode couldn’t get the job done finding a manager. Well, now Roode has finally found a manager and will announce him/her tonight as well as being in action.


AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels are two huge names in the history of TNA, names that can be said to carry the X Division in the early days. No one thought they would ever tag together and receive gold, but that did happen and as a matter of fact won the belts twice. They haven’t been seen in TNA though since Genesis when the Latin American eXchange really manhandled them in a Dog Collar Match. Now Styles and Daniels return for the debut of iMPACT! for two hours as they face Black EnterTainment of Monty Brown and Ron Killings.


A few weeks before No Surrender Christian Cage turned his back on his long time friend Rhino. It ended their 10 year relationship and Rhino definitely wasn’t pleased with it. Christian Cage was able to pick up the victory at No Surrender, but in a rematch at Bound For Glory in an 8 Mile Street Fight, Rhino took the second match. Since then, both men have been battling against each other, but along with Sting and Jarrett. At Final Resolution Rhino will be apart of Team Sting and Christian Cage will be on Team Jarrett as both teams meet in Lethal Lockdown. Just two weeks before Final Resolution though, Christian Cage and Rhino collide for a third time.

In addition, more matches will go on as well as hearings from Sting and the rest of his team as well as Jeff Jarrett. Expect more matches to be announced for Final Resolution too.

Don’t forget – TNA Wrestling makes two hour timeslot for good, starting January 4th!

The iMPACT! Lineup:

Christian Cage vs. Rhino

AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels vs. Monty Brown and Ron Killings

Alex Shelley and Johnny Devine vs. Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt

Bobby Roode in Action

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January 4, 2007

Who is the Mystery Man?

The NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Sting walked down the entrance tunnel as iMPACT! began. It was a great way to start off the two hour timeslot. Sting got in the ring and asked for a microphone while his championship shined in the light.

Sting: Owwwww! Stizz-inger in the house! Woooo, baby! Man does it feel good to be the World Champion.

Sting paused as he just listened the crowd chant his name “Stinger” and the Champion was really enjoying it.

Sting: You know guys, I was World Champion before, but I don’t remember it like this. I don’t remember the Stinger whooping Jeff Jarrett’s ass at every single Pay-Per-View! And you know, I am loving it. Jeff, Final Resolution, my team…your team…Lethal Lockdown! It happened before Jeff, but nothing like this. Stinger has the War Machine, Rhino! Stinger has the undefeated Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe! Oww! Oh yea, and the Stinger has the Olympic Gold Medalist, who is waiting for his chance to break you god damn ankle, Kurt Angle! Wooo, baby!

All of a sudden Sting is cut off though, as Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and down walks the King of the Mountain with his backup, Scott Steiner. Jarrett gets in the ring and demands for a microphone.

Jeff Jarrett: Listen here Stinger. I have been in this company from the start and have walked through competition like walking threw grass in an open land. I have beat you before and at Final Resolution I will beat not only you again, but as well as your other boys.

The crowd starts booing at Jarrett as Sting quickly cuts in.

Sting: Hey Jeff, listen here……slapnutz!

Slapnutz got a huge reaction from the crowd and they started chanting “Jarrett Sucks” which Steiner and Jarrett just shook their head to.

Sting: Now Jeff, we have all heard you run your mouth on every single show, but right now we just want one thing…who is your final man! Who is it?!

Jeff Jarrett: You want to know? Sting, do you really want to know? How about all of you, do you want to know?

The crowd starts getting on their feet clapping, but it comes to a quick finish.

Jeff Jarrett: Well…you will know like me and Steiner come next week after he is on iMPACT! kicking your ass Stinger!

Jarrett and Steiner then leave the ring to a chorus of boos as Sting just looks on in shock as if he was actually going to get an answer. Right before Jarrett left threw the tunnel though; he has one last thing to say.

Jeff Jarrett: Oh yeah, Stinger, I have a good feeling, you know this man very…very…well. Now choke on that……slapnutz!

The crowd continues back with the booing as Sting still looks on in shock until he finally leaves the ring looking pretty upset.

-Commercial Break-

AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels vs. Black EnterTainment (Monty Brown and Ron Killings) w/Elix Skipper

Ron Killings rap was heard and down came BET ready to take on the returning team of Styles and Daniels. The beginning of Daniels music hit and then followed up with the rest of Styles as the team walked down to the ring to a huge pop. Before they could even get in the ring though, they were met on the outside by all three members of BET for a pre-match beat down. As the brawling went on, Skipper rolled onto the apron and jumped up onto the second rope then to the third and flew to the outside taking down Styles with a Double Springboard Moonsault. Killings then rolled into the ring and flew to the outside taking down Daniels with a Corkscrew Splash. All of BET then headed into the ring as Daniels and Styles recovered. Brown then called for something and made it like he was flying to the outside, but only faked it.

Styles and Daniels finally got into the ring to let the match begin making Skipper having to leave the ring. After Skipper was forced to leave the ring, Styles and Daniels got in some offense getting the crowd a little loud as they haven’t seen them in the ring for a while now. Everything went down hill for Styles and Daniels though after Skipper got on the apron and distracted the referee. While this went on, Killings dropped to the mat and went to nail Styles with a low blow. Daniels tried to make the save before Killings hit it, but Monty Brown came charging out of nowhere nailing Daniels with a huge Pounce. Skipper then got of the apron and took Daniels to the outside. In the meantime, while Styles got up, Brown charged at him and nailed Styles with the Pounce! Styles went flying into the corner and was being held up by the turnbuckle. Ron Killings finished things off with the Truth or Consequences giving BET the victory.

After the match was over, Christopher Daniels rolled back in the ring and helped up a fallen AJ Styles. They both sat on their knees just shaking their heads not knowing what is next for the two.

Winner: Black EnterTainment (Monty Brown and Ron Killings)

A Hint on the Mystery Man?

Backstage Jeremy Borash is shown running up towards Scott Steiner. It seems he has something important to ask him.

Jeremy Borash: Sting, Samoa Joe, Rhino, and Kurt Angle on one team, Jeff Jarrett, Christian Cage, you Scott Steiner and WHO on the other team? Do you know anything about the mystery man?

Scott Steiner: You know, I have been hearing everywhere I go, who is the mystery man? Well you heard Jarrett. Find out next week before the Big Bad Booty Daddy goes crazy on you. Because, I am about to SNAP! And you don’t want your head stuck in-between these arms of the genetic freak!

Borash is trembling in fear as Steiner walks away and Borash is just lost for words.

House of Fun

Outside in the dark, Raven is shown just looking into the sky. He then looks straight at the camera and has something to say.

Raven: Sometimes…you want to escape your fears, you want to run away and hide, you don’t want to be seen by no one. This is what Abyss should be doing because he doesn’t know who he is messing with. I have been with the best in the ring and they have feared me. They have feared me for many reasons…maybe because I am blood thirsty or maybe just because I am a scary guy. Now Abyss, you might think I fear you, but the Raven doesn’t fear anyone. When someone is coming after you, you will know who it is, that is Raven. Now, at Final Resolution, stipulation to be announced…well, I have something for you Abyss. I am the way to the city of misery. I am the way to forsaken people. I am the way to everlasting distress. How about if you walk with me Abyss, walk with me to a place I love and soon you will fear. Walk with me, to Raven’s House of Fun! Quoth the Raven…Never…

All of a sudden Raven abruptly goes flying off scream as it has been seemed as he has been hit by a train. As a matter of fact it was Abyss with James Mitchell right behind him. The camera zoomed in as Raven was on the ground with Abyss choking him out with a metal chain.

James Mitchell: Raven, you just don’t understand. Nothing can stop my Weapon of Mass Destruction in The Monster, Abyss! For your offering this match, you will pay dearly! Because once I say what is needed, it will be the end of the line for you Raven. Click! DOOMSDAY!

Abyss applies the choke harder with the chain eventually stopping and making his usual pose as the camera faded away.

-Commercial Break-

Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young

First out was Bobby Roode getting chants of “Boring” on his way down to the ring. Eric Young was out next looking really nervous coming down the ring as the crowd chanted “Don’t Fire Eric” which got Eric into the match a little bit. Right when Young got into the ring though, the beat down began as Roode attacked him right away. Bobby Roode got Eric Young in the corner and just started pounding away at the midsection. Soon enough Young kicked away though, and got some offense in on his own.

Young wasn’t paying to much attention to the match though, as after he ground Roode with the Lou Thesz Press and pounded away, Young got up and did his little dance as the crowd chanted “Don’t Fire Eric”. With Young’s mind off the match though, Roode got back up and just wrecked Young with a Northern Lariat. Roode made the cocky cover and won the match against his former teammate who he won two Tag Titles with him.

Winner: Bobby Roode

The Manager is…

After the match was over Bobby Roode grabbed a microphone and got right to the point.

Bobby Roode: For the past few months I have been in search for the manager to bring me to the top. And now I have finally got the person to bring me to the main event. My manager is……

All of a sudden down walks a man with a fur coat and sunglasses on.

Bobby Roode: JOEL GERTNER!

Gertner slowly walked down to the ring getting a few claps from the crowd, but most of the crowd was giving Gertner heat. When he got in the ring he shook Roode’s hand and took the microphone.

Joel Gertner: Well, well, well……look who is back in TNA…it’s the Quintessential Studmuffin, Joel Gertner……ME! Now I am back for one reason and one reason only, to take Bobby Roode to the top!

The crowd starts booing and chanting “Boring”.

Joel Gertner: Heh, funny, I was getting the exact opposite words from all of your mothers last night! Now…before I was rudely interrupted, I said I will be taking Bobby Roode back to the top and win the World Heavyweight Championship. And his first victim with me will be……hey you, you piece shit!

Gertner points at Young who is recovering on the outside. Young looks all excited and points at himself.

Joel Gertner: You want a rematch against my Bobby Roode? Huh? Well to bad…because I am Joel, do whatever the hell want and mom banging, Gertner!

Gertner and Roode then leave the ring as Young looks on with a sad looking face.

-Commercial Break-

The Paparazzi vs. Team Jackass (Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt)

First down to the ring was a bit of the fan favorite, Team Jackass in Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt. The two have been having troubles lately along with Sabin, but they seemed fine as they carted down the ring in a shopping cart. Next down was The Paparazzi and Johnny Devine went and set up the camera while both men got major heat. Right as the bell rang, Jay Lethal got fired up and started things off with Johnny Devine. As the match started they showed Kevin Nash watching the match from the rafters, but a few minutes later he was gone.

During the match while Shelley and Dutt were going at it in the ring, down came Kevin Nash. Nash was just watching the action from the top of the ramp watching Team Jackass take total control. Nash didn’t like he was seeing from his boys so came down near ringside. This helped The Paparazzi dearly as Lethal and Dutt were distracted by Nash. Lethal and Dutt’s problems continued as they argued on who would fly to the outside to try and take down Nash. They argued a bit too long though, and took their minds of Shelley and Devine. Soon enough, The Paparazzi snuck behind Lethal and Dutt and rolled them up getting the Double Pinfall victory.

After the match ended Dutt and Lethal continued arguing in the ring as The Paparazzi rolled to the outside and started talking to Kevin Nash. Nash wasn’t done yet though, and entered the ring. Lethal and Dutt then turned their attention to Nash. Lethal charged, but went flying into the turnbuckle with the Snake Eyes. Dutt then charged, but got hit with a Big Boot. Nash then picked up Dutt and hit a huge Sidewalk Slam. Nash followed up on Lethal and hit the Jackknife Powerbomb and then thought it was enough and left the ring with the rest of The Paparazzi Productions.

Winners: The Paparazzi

The Shazarian Return

Backstage are Matt Bentley and Frankie Kazarian sitting down talking to each other.

Matt Bentley: You know Frankie, ever since I left the name Shane I have been a loser. With you, when we were Shazarian, we were ruling the X Division. I think it is time again for us to be Shane…and…Kazarian. No Matt Bentley, no Frankie, just Shane and Kazarian!

Kazarian: I like what I am hearing……Shane.

Shane: Yeah, now Shazarian will be back on top soon enough.

All of a sudden though, a voice is heard from a dark area.

Mystery Man: Hey, you guys want to be back on top? Let me manage you starting at Final Resolution and I will show you how to be real winners.

Shane/Kazarian: Tell us more…

Shazarian walks off with some mystery man in the dark area talking more about his managerial services.

-Commercial Break-

Who Will Lead Team Sting?

As we come back from break Samoa Joe’s theme hits as the crowd gives Joe a huge pop coming through the entrance tunnel. Joe gets in the ring and grabs a microphone.

Samoa Joe: Final Resolution, Samoa Joe shows everyone how hungry he is. Samoa Joe will be the last man left earning anything he wants. And that anything is a shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. After Final Resolution, Sting, I am coming for you!

The crowd makes Joe pause as they begin to chant his name.

Samoa Joe: Now everyone knows that Joe is gonna kill all of Team Jarrett including that little scumbag Jarrett himself!

Joe is then cut off though, as the music of Kurt Angle plays as the crowd pops as the Olympic Gold Medalist comes down to the ring. Angle grabs a microphone and gets right into the face of Joe.

Kurt Angle: Final Resolution, I will be the only man left and get my shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Title!

Joe then cuts Angle off as things start to get heated.

Samoa Joe: I don’t think you know who I am. I am Samoa Joe and I am pro wrestling and I am the baddest mfer on this planet!

Kurt Angle: Well whoop-idi-dan-do! I am Kurt, freakin’, Angle, I won an Olympic Gold medal with a freakin’ broken neck and I am the only Angle in this six sided ring!

Angle and Joe then get up in each other faces, but they are broken up as Sting comes out once again and is standing on the entrance ramp.

Sting: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Calm down guys. After Final Resolution I am up for any challengers and you two can be the first two on my list! Just get past tonight, next week and Final Resolution and then you can whoop each others asses all you want. Now just listen to Stinger and break this up.

Kurt Angle: Joe! You damn lucky I didn’t break your damn ankle because if it wasn’t for Sting your ankle would have been in more than one piece!

Joe leaves the ring and walks up the opposite ramp then Sting and Angle as everyone can feel the tension between Angle and Joe heading towards Final Resolution.

-Commercial Break-

Austin Starr and Senshi vs. Chris Sabin and Petey Williams

Out first was former TNA X Division Champion Senshi getting some pops, but as well as some heat. Right behind him is the Number One Contender for the X Division Title, Austin Starr. Once both men got in the ring, “Hail Sabin” was heard and down came Chris Sabin. Shortly after, down came the X Division Champion, Petey Williams. Petey and Sabin slid in the ring and Starr and Senshi attacked right away. Senshi started off on Sabin while Starr took on Petey. The action was very hot and fast pace. Things turned for the worst for Sabin and Petey though, when Kevin Nash headed back down to the ring. Sabin saw him coming down and tried to take him out with a dive, but Nash caught him and threw him into the steel barrier. Nash then nailed the Jackknife Powerbomb on Sabin onto the steel steps leaving him down and out.

For the rest off the match it was just a two on one as Sabin had to be helped to the back. Petey tried to show his toughness and fight off both men, but the X Division Champion couldn’t do it himself. He went for the Canadian Destroyer on Starr, but Senshi out of nowhere nailed Petey with a huge kick to the back of the head. Starr then lifted Petey up and hit a Brainbuster. This lead to both Senshi and Starr going up high. First to fly was Senshi connecting with the Warrior’s Way on Petey. Starr then flew and landed right on Petey with the 450 Splash. Starr hooked the Champion’s legs and won the match by pinning the Champion, a little over a week before they collide with the title on the line.

Winners: Austin Starr and Senshi

More Like Bore Machine

Backstage was Christian Cage standing with Jeremy Borash.

Jeremy Borash: A little bit later tonight you will be facing the War Machine, Rhino for a third time in TNA, what are your thoughts on this match?

Christian Cage: War Machine? More like Bore Machine. Rhino, we have been friends for ten years and you haven’t contributed anything in my life. I was the one always helping you out. Always on your side when you needed a friend. When you were in the hospital, or when you were having trouble with relationships. Christian Cage was the man on your side! I never had a Rhino on my side; it was always me, by myself and with my peeps. Rhino, tonight I am going to show you that it isn’t about the Gore, no, you see I am Captain Charisma damn it! After I finish you off all my peeps and all the fools, like you, will be saying this with me, Christian Cage rules! Now Rhino, like I said it won’t be about the Gore because that move is just so dull. Christian Cage will be walking out tonight on top…BECAUSE…that’s how I ROLL!

Christian Cage walks off the screen with a confident look on his face.

Jeremy Borash: Christian Cage…Rhino…meet for a third time…coming up later tonight!

-Commercial Break-

Team 3D is just a Bunch of Gringos

As we get back from break down come the Latin American eXchange from their own entrance ramp. They get in the ring and Konnan grabs a microphone.

Konnan: Orale! Arriba la raza! Man shut the hell up all of you idiots. I told you from the beginning LAX isn’t something you can stop. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels got denied and the same will happen to the bunch of gringos in Team 3D! I told you all before you can stop a revolutionary, but you can’t stop a revolution and that is exactly what LAX is! We are a revolution and LAX is goin’ 5150 on the gringos asses such as Team 3D. Si usted tiene algunas pelotas en sus pantalones then getcha gringo asses down here now and get ready for an LAX style ass kicking!

Down came running Team 3D of Brother Ray and Devon. Both teams started brawling all over the ring with Team 3D getting the upper hand. Once all of LAX was down, Brother Ray called for the tables. Brother Devon went out and set the table up back in the ring. Konnan got up and walked right into a 3D through the table! The crowd was going crazy until Homicide and Hernandez got back up. Hernandez was able to nail Brother Ray with amazing strength with the Border Cross and then Homicide nailed Brother Devon with Da Gringo Killa! Team 3D was left laid out as they rolled to the outside. The Tag Champions helped up Konnan and he picked up the microphone still in pain.

Konnan: You son on bitches. You wanna mess me, put me threw a table. Well gringos next week, if you have the pelotas, why don’t you step into the ring with LAX in a Border Brawl, the same way we won these belts the first time. Now what do you say to that! Orale! Arriba la raza! LAX goin’ 5150 on Team 3D’s ass next week!

-Commercial Break-

Christian Cage vs. Rhino

The rumbling noise played and down ran Rhino from the tunnel getting a huge pop. He had a serious look on his face as he was ready for Christian Cage. The countdown then began and out walked Captain Charisma getting major heat with a cocky smile on his face. He pointed at his peeps as if he was a face even though he was getting booed. He got in the ring very cocky and was ready for Rhino. The match started off very slow with both men going back and forth. Rhino took the early advantage though by throwing Christian Cage into the corner and pounding his shoulder into the midsection of Cage. Rhino then backed up and was looking for an early Gore in the corner, but Cage moved out of the way and Rhino went crashing into the steel.

Cage took advantage of this and ground Rhino with a Spike DDT. Christian then kept Rhino grounded for a bit until the crowd got behind The War Machine and Rhino was able to get back to his feet and fight back. Rhino started slapping and punching Cage around and then threw him into the ropes. Cage came back as Rhino charged at him looking for another Gore, but again Cage dodged it and Rhino went flying out of the ring. Cage then went to look as if he was going to fly out of the ring, but just faked it and then ran up and nailed Rhino with a Baseball Slide. Cage then rolled to the outside himself and continued things on the outside. Soon enough, Cage rolled Rhino back in the ring, but before he went in himself he took two chairs and headed in.

Cage continued playing around with Rhino on the mat. Before he went for the One Man Con-chair-to, he went up high and flew, nailing Rhino with a Frog Splash, but it wasn’t enough for the victory. So then Cage set up for the One Man Con-chair-to, but as Cage swung the chair down, Rhino rolled out of the way. Rhino then got up and lifted up Cage and slammed him down on the chair with a Spinebuster! Rhino didn’t go for the cover though, but instead grabbed a chair and stuck it into the corner. Rhino then picked Christian Cage up and threw him into the corner with the chair. He charged looking for a third Gore, but again Cage dodged it and Rhino went head first into the chair. The referee was checking on Rhino as he was leaned up against the chair in the corner when Christian Cage used some cheap tactics to nail Rhino with a low blow.

The ref didn’t see it and didn’t know what happened as Cage quickly backed away. Christian Cage then called for the Gore, mocking Rhino. Once Rhino got up, Cage charged looking for a Gore of his own, but Rhino tripped Cage up as he charged and took him to the mat and rolled him up. The ref counted and somehow Cage was pinned to the mat for a three count. Christian Cage couldn’t believe it as he was in rage. Rhino got up and looked down at Cage and then left the ring letting Christian Cage throw his temper tantrum.

Winner: Rhino

The Better Man Won

After the match ended, Rhino grabbed a microphone as he headed up the entrance ramp.

Rhino: Bore Machine?! Huh Christian?! Everyone knows me as The War Machine and I think everyone knows you now as Christian Rage!

Christian got on the ropes and started screaming as he was pissed by losing to Rhino.

Rhino: I guess tonight we found out who the better man was Christian, but let me tell you this……this isn’t over Christian…and it won’t be until I do what I want. That is to make you feel the……GORE! GORE! GORE!

The camera slowly faded away as Christian Cage was still shown very pissed off about his loss and Rhino leaving through the tunnel.

Edited by Evansfan1
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Guest CM Pepsi

Ill be reading.

Like it how your giving hints and also playing the mystery man party, Joel Gertner back on TNA is a great move! always loved gertner.

Cage/Rhino feud.. im hoping that this isnt the end of the feud unless your looking to push Rhino and leave Cage high and Dry.

Styles and Daniels losing.. well i dunno! its up to you. To be honnest i miss Styles back in the main event scene and Daniels running the X Division!

but anyway ill be reading.

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Interresting concept... I'm normally never much for diaries which go into the future, but I think this could since you put out a somewhat realistic future about what would happen if everything went right, and I know you so you'll probably work it out.

So the show...

We open up with Sting and Jarrett going head to head once again, a fine opening to the show and the diary that adresses what's going on, but IMO you should really try to push Jarrett a little bit out of the main event picture and give him something else to work with.

I'm a little suprised that you chose to put Killings in this team since I would much rather see Killings go on a single career again and maybe get more into the main event picture, but this could probably work too.

A good little interview with Steiner, served its point.

I like this coccult feud between Abyss and Raven, I really hope you use both men better than they are being used now, because they can both give you something great.

Joel Gertner being back is great xD I'll look forward to see where you go with this.

Ok that segment with Shane and Kazarian was a little weird, but i guess it served its purpose.

I liked the segment with Joe and Angle, it went very well to show a little tension in between the teams and will make for a nice feud.

Ok promo with LAX...

The final match and the show is off.

Overall I felt it was a good show to start the diary off with, I havnt got much to say at this point other than it is looking good.

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Guest slimlayzie

I like how nicely you organized the backstory. It was very easy to read everything that happened til the start of your diary, with no long paragraphs or clusters. That was a plus to begin with.

Some of the booking decisions seem a bit odd...but that's the fun of doing these, isn't it. :)

It seemed rather strange for Petey to win the title almost out of nowhere, espacially with the good lenght run Senshi had with it.

It'll be insteresting to see where you go with Styles/Daniels, seeing as they just jobbed to a new team that isn't really on thier level.

Poor "Maverick" Matt -Michael Shane- Bently...if he could just settle on a name once and for all he might be ok.

I enjoyed the show overall, the Joe/Angle segment was prolly the best done, the Kazerian/Shane one was...odd. but served to give them some direction, although a currently unknown one.

Overall, looks promising. I usually try not to read diary's that r using the same promotion I am, for creative purposes, but with you (and a few others) being in the diary buddy group with me, I shall...but this does look to be an enjoyable one, so should work out fine.

Best of luck, I'll keep checking in.

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As I've said with other diaries, a real conclusion can't be made until your sorting issues are finished. The small bit of spotty booking you have is probably contributed to that, so for now it will go unremarked upon.

Oddly enough, my biggest gripe is something that you had Sting say.

"your god damned ankle" ......... sorry, that completely turned me off of that show .... Sting is a born again Christian and his views on why he wouldn't go to the WWF(E) brought this to the forefront. NO WAY he'd say it, and no way it would be written in for mi to say it ....

character integrity is important not only for the characters on-screen, but for who they are off it

other than that, you've done a great job in getting us to where you're starting .... how you got here is believable, and I can live with your decisions on who's gone over. I like the different angles you've worked on/set up ...

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EF, I've always enjoyed your diaries & even though I don't follow TNA, my feelings haven't changed. I like your booking, you should do another Cage tantrum angle again though, that was gold back in the WWE.

Also, nice work on building to a potential Joe/Angle match, that could be big as Rock/HHH.

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January 11th, 2007


IPB Image

Last Stop Until Final Resolution

This Thursday night on iMPACT! is the last stop before we head towards Final Resolution. It will be one big night as there are three huge matches already signed and also a lot more matches will be announced for Final Resolution. So don’t miss iMPACT! this Thursday as this is what will be going on.


Kevin Nash recruited Alex Shelley quite some time back for them to take down the X Division. Nash took down one man in Chris Sabin at Slammiversary, but Sabin would never quit. Johnny Devine then got added to the group, but that didn’t stop Sabin. Nash wound up leaving TNA, but coming back with the X Division still on his mind. This Thursday on iMPACT! Nash will face Chris Sabin one more time to see if size really does matter.


The Latin American eXchange won the NWA World Tag Team Titles from AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels in a match called a Border Brawl where anything goes. Since then, LAX has been two time Tag Champions are looking to keep the titles this Sunday when they face Team 3D. Before Final Resolution though, LAX is doing something Team 3D loves to do, get hardcore in a second ever Border Brawl. LAX looks take out Team 3D before the Pay-Per-View as Team 3D try to weaken down the Champions.


At Final Resolution the saga between Sting and Jeff Jarrett is suppose to end. It will be something that was in the past for both men. War Games or better known as Lethal Lockdown, but this Lethal Lockdown will be a little different. In this Lethal Lockdown, you have to totally eliminate your team with the remaining competitors get any wish in their choosing. This will happen at Final Resolution with Sting’s team consisting of Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Rhino and of course himself. Jeff Jarrett’s team still isn’t finished though, as he has Scott Steiner, Christian Cage on his side, but still has one more to announce. It has said to be from Sting’s past, but it has been noted we will find out this week and we will also find out who will have the momentum going into Final Resolution.

In addition, more matches will go on as well as hearings from AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels after their loss last week. Expect the final matches of Final Resolution to be announced as well.

Don’t miss it – Last iMPACT! before Final Resolution, 8 PM EST on January 11th.

The iMPACT! Lineup:

Planet Jarrett (Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner) vs. Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe and Sting

Team 3D (Brother Devon and Brother Ray) vs. Latin American eXchange (Hernandez and Homicide)

Chris Sabin vs. Kevin Nash

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Time for Feedback from Me (Second Time Lucky you damn board) - January 4, 2007

Team Stinger

Well what can I say. This was definately an amusing segment. Something about Sting saying Slapnutz, lol, it's just wrong but yet so right. Either way. Joe and Angle on the same page. Thats gonna be gold. Although if they lost, i'd expect rioting in the arena lol...with Jarrett anything is possible

AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels vs. Black EnterTainment (Monty Brown and Ron Killings) w/Elix Skipper

Very solid opening match. Brown/Killings/Skipper together is definately awesome. I've got the strangest feeling in my gut that the end is near for Styles and Daniels. Either way, it's going to be interesting to see if i'm right.

A Hint on the Mystery Man?

Great Promo. As long as it's not Lex Luger, I'll be happy. Randy Savage would definately be humerous mind you......oh yeaaaaaaaaah dig it.

House of Fun

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to freak hour starring James Mitchell, Abyss and of course Raven. Great Segment. I especially like the screaming. Mitchell is always gold although i'm not always sure for the right reasons...he would have been great in Big trouble in little China.

Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young

Well Well Well.......If Joel Gertner isn't Bobby Roode's new manager. Sweet business i'd say. As for poor EY, I think he might be in for a bit of a slapping. Roode is on his way to greatness and i wouldn't like to be in his way. Maybe Gertner can buy himself a new coat now he's got a star on his hands.

The Paparazzi vs. Team Jackass (Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt)

From the moment I saw this match up, I never really had any faith in Dutt/Lethal winning and damn I was right. Shelley and Nash are a great combo, and it's going to be interesting how these boys are used in the future. Maybe we can even get a little Nash shoot on Bischoff down the line. Come on Big Lazy!

The Shazarian Return

Another Mystery Man, wow TNA is so full of Mystery. Either way, it's great to see this back in the fold again and I cant wait for it to get under way.

Who Will Lead Team Sting?

Trouble In paradise. The fans are doubting if they can stay together? Can they work as a team? or will they implode. (is starting to doubt initial prediction of Team Sting winning lol)

Austin Starr and Senshi vs. Chris Sabin and Petey Williams

Just like it's said on the tin. A Great match up that is bound to entertain. Good to see Starr getting over with Senshi. Starr is certainly a popular one.

More Like Bore Machine

All I'm gonna say is, Christian should have kept his mouth shut. But Christian isn't going to do that. I just felt at this time that I was gonna see myself saying GORE GORE GORE! later on. Good booking.

Team 3D is just a Bunch of Gringos

I'm gonna be honest, reading this promo really made me want to play GTA San Andreas. This was a very good segment that would entice anyone into this feud and you can't say anymore than that to be honest.

Christian Cage vs. Rhino

Exciting and entertaining match up that gave me the ending I was looking for...well not exactly but at least Rhino won lol. Certainly makes you wonder about Team Jarrett's quality compared to Team Sting although Sting's team has that implosion factor if you kind of overlook the distate between Cage and Jarrett. I'm totally undecided. Poor Christian though and his mood swings. A Great match to end the show with.

Dude this book is great, you make the show so entertaining, in my opinion, it's probably more entertaining than actually watching TNA lol. Then agan, TNA never excited me much on the TWC but you know what i mean. Keep up this gem and I will continue to follow! Good luck mate.

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Guest dave_ecw

I dont like the fact that you have Jarret and Stenier anywere near Angle as i think that Angles arrival should of been the signal to let these guys slide down to upper midcard level.

I also have a problem with Joel Gertner managing Bobby Roode, it doesnt seem like Gertner would be able to give Roode what he needs in a manager.

Also is Petey Williams a face now, as he is teaming with Sabin?

Other than that this diary is good,

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good solid show, but I'm with Dave on Gertner. Just don't see him being what Roode needs, and being enough of a personality for managing him.

Individually I hate them, but together in Black E .... you've managed to get me to look the way of Killings/Brown/Skipper .... good job.

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IPB Image


January 11, 2007

Team 3D (Brother Devon and Brother Ray) vs. Latin American eXchange (Hernandez and Homicide) – Non-Title – Border Brawl

The explosions are heard and iMPACT! gets started off right away with Team 3D coming down to the ring ready for the Border Brawl with LAX. The gun shots sound and down come the cocky NWA World Tag Champions from their own entrance way. Konnan gets in the ring with Hernandez and Homicide talking crap to Team 3D, but they just toss Konnan out of the way and go right after the Champions. Team 3D toss LAX into the ropes at the same time and then both charging nailing each man with a Clothesline making them flip to the outside of the ring. Team 3D then follows them out of the ring and the brawl on the outside began. LAX was really getting dominated until Konnan helped out his men by bringing in the slapjack and whipping it across the back of both Brother Devon and Ray. This gave LAX the upper hand and soon enough busted both members of Team 3D open.

The action stayed on the floor for a little bit longer until Konnan told his men to bring them back into the ring. LAX then continued the domination in the ring, but action spilled to the outside once again just a little bit later. Homicide nailed Brother Devon with a Yakuza Kick sending him to the outside with Hernandez just tossed Brother Ray over the ropes onto the floor. Homicide then flew to the outside taking down Team 3D with a Tope Con Hilo while Hernandez and Konnan both brought a table in. Back on the outside while Hernandez and Konnan were setting the tables up, Homicide couldn’t handle Team 3D on his own and Brother Ray and Devon wound up tossing Homicide into the crowd and coming back into the ring. It was now a two on two with Konnan getting into the action. Brother Ray took out Hernandez with the Bionic Elbows followed up by hitting a Clothesline making him flip to the outside. It was now Konnan in the ring by himself surrounded by Team 3D. They called for the 3D, but Homicide made the save by Springboarding off the ropes back into the ring and nailing Brother Devon with a huge Ace Crusher through the table! Konnan then nailed Brother Ray with the K-Factor (Sitout Facebuster) out of nowhere leaving Homicide able to cover Brother Devon for the victory.

After the match ended, Hernandez got back in the ring and LAX celebrated right above Team 3D who were left laid out. Konnan then grabbed a Mexican Flag and Homicide grabbed a Puerto Rican Flag and they covered the fallen Team 3D with both flags. LAX left the ring with smirks on their faces, but happy of what they did with Team 3D

Winners: Latin American eXchange (Hernandez and Homicide)

-Commercial Break-

The Mystery Man is…

When we return from break Jeremy Borash is standing backstage with Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner.

Jeremy Borash: Jeff, can we get the latest scoop on who your mystery man is? We waited from last week and now we are waiting for the announcement.

Jeff Jarrett: Well the mystery man is…

Scott Steiner then steps in front of Jarrett cutting him off.

Scott Steiner: JB! What did I tell you last week about annoying the Big Bad Booty Daddy. If you come in my face one more time…you don’t even want to know what will happen to you.

Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett walk off laughing as Jeremy Borash once again is left shaking in fear from Scott Steiner.

David Young vs. Lance Hoyt

Out comes David Young to a large amount of heat getting boos from about every single person in the crowd. The slashing is then heard as the crowd is chanting his name, out from the tunnel steps Lance Hoyt. Hoyt charges down to the ring to get the match started right away. David Young jumped on the Texan early, but that would be all the offense he would get. Lance Hoyt reversed a Powerslam from David Young by sliding off and then bouncing off the ropes and coming back with the Boot From Hell. Hoyt then called for the finish and lifted up David Young and slammed him down with the Texas Tower Bomb. Hoyt made real short work of Young.

Winner: Lance Hoyt

Hoyt Wants More

Lance Hoyt doesn’t leave the ring after the match though and stays in and grabs a microphone.

Lance Hoyt: I am sick and tired of being treated like crap here in TNA. I am a Ticked off Texan and ready to kick some ass! Now I demand an opponent for Final Resolution!

All of a sudden some strange music plays, but out steps from the tunnel Simon Diamond as he is back in TNA. He has a microphone in his hand and has a few words to say.

Simon Diamond: Whoa, whoa! Simon has problem…but the solution to that problem has arrived. I left TNA after my boys couldn’t get it done, but I have trained and got my ass back in the ring to beat down guys like you! Now Simon says…Lance Hoyt, you Ticked off Texan…I will cool you down at Final Resolution and everyone here in the peanut gallery will witness it first hand. This is coming from yours truly, Simon Diamond!

Diamond walks back through the tunnel as Lance Hoyt just looks exciting ready for some action at Final Resolution.

-Commercial Break-

It’s a Celebration

Backstage is the Latin American eXchange celebrating their victory from defeating Team 3D earlier tonight. There is some good looking Latina ladies as well as some champagne.

Konnan: Orale! Arriba viva la raza! I told all ya gringos last week that LAX would go 5150 on Team 3D’s ass and that is exactly what LAX did. Now this was just a preview to Final Resolution. This Sunday we will officially end the careers of Team 3D!


LAX continues to celebrate until Brother Runt walks onto the screen silencing LAX.

Brother Runt: I wouldn’t celebrate too much because this Sunday you will be losing those titles to my brothers……TEAM 3D!

LAX just laughs and then walks up to Brother Runt. Konnan puts his arm around Runt’s shoulder and then tosses him towards Hernandez and Homicide. They lift Runt up and toss him right into the wall leaving a crack in the wall.


LAX then walks away just laughing at what just went on.

Three Man Tag Official

America’s Most Wanted with Gail Kim are in the office of Jim Cornette and talking business.

Chris Harris: Come on Mr. Cornette, we worked our asses off the last few months to get a Tag Title Shot, we deserve one!

Then all of a sudden in steps in The James Gang.

BG James: If I may interrupt for a moment, I do believe us, The James Gang, are in need for a Tag Title Shot. Team 3D gets an automatic shot, but not The James Gang, what is with that!?

Then steps in the newest team of them all, Black EnterTainment.

Ron Killings: Yo! Quit hattin’ on us, just cuz we black don’t mean we can’t wrestle. We da next Tag Champs, so don’t hate.

Jim Cornette: Will you all shut up and just get out of here. You all got what you want! Final Resolution three teams, winning team gets a Tag Title Shot. And also, tonight two three way matches, the first one is up next!

All three teams are leaving when BG James accidentally bumps into Ron Killings.

Ron Killings: Don’t make me jump ya man!

BG James: Yo, quit hattin’ man. It’s B to G to the Jizzle along with K to I to Pizzle! Come on man, remember us, we love hang…if you don’t remember us man, we The James Gang.

Ron Killings: Man! Back out ma grill!

-Commercial Break-

Chris Harris w/Gail Kim vs. Kip James vs. Ron Killings w/Elix Skipper

First down to the ring was Kip James as “No Body Moves, No Body Gets Hurt” was heard. Kip got a good reaction from the crowd. Down next was Wildcat, Chris Harris with Gail Kim right by his side. They got some heat, but not as much as when Ron Killings came down with Elix Skipper right by his side. All three men were in the ring and the bell rang with Harris and James going right after Killings. The double team mainly was a key part of this match as the two guys who were apart of veteran tag teams, wanted to take out a new member of a new tag team. Killings worked well through everything though and with Skipper helping him out things turned out fine.

Harris and James started having problems near the end of the match when both men started to complain on who would put Killings away. While the argument went on, Killings was able to get up and recover. Killings nailed both men with a Dual Dropkick making them fly to the outside. Killings then talked to the ref distracting them while Skipper got on the apron and springboarded off the ropes and crashing down on both Harris and James with a Moonsault. Gail Kim tried to go over and help Harris out, but Skipper made her run back to where she belonged. Once Harris and James got back up, Killings then turned his attention back to them and Corkscrewed out of the ring right into them. Killings then got to his feet and took Kip James into the ring. Skipper held Harris back while Gail Kim looked on in shock. Killings then hit Kip James with a nice Axe Kick, but that didn’t finish off James so Killings then hit the Truth Conviction getting the victory as Chris Harris was just a little bit too late getting into the ring.

After the match Gail Kim got into the ring with Chris Harris and they looked pissed as Elix Skipper and Ron Killings backed up the ramp with a smile on their face looking very cocky. You can see Harris motion with his mouth, “It is time for a change” as this is maybe hyping a turn back to face for AMW.

Winner: Ron Killings

The Monster will Destroy Raven

Backstage in a dark area was James Mitchell with his Monster, Abyss behind him in some sort of cage in front of him.

James Mitchell: Haha. Raven, I don’t think you understand. Come Final Resolution, the real Monster in Abyss will be unleashed and he will destroy you in your little House of Fun Match. It might sound like fun for you Raven, but you will pay dearly for making this match because Abyss is your worst nightmare and he will sure have fun in this match. Once I set off my Weapon of Mass Destruction, there is no stopping him! Click! DOOMSDAY!

Mitchell doesn’t hear Abyss screaming like he normally does though and turns around as Abyss is down and out. Mitchell is in shock when he hears laughter in the dark. The laughing gets closer and closer until it is Raven right in the face of Mitchell.

Raven: What happened to your Monster here, the same will happen this Sunday Mitchell!

-Commercial Break-

A Finish off to Final Resolution

When we return from break down comes the Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels to a huge pop. He poses for the crowd and gets in the ring grabbing a microphone.

Christopher Daniels: AJ Styles, I, the Fallen Angel, have teamed with you, have wrestled you, have hated you, basically have done everything possible with you or to you. One thing I believe never happen was me and you in a ring just for pride, for us. No hatred, just to see who the better man is in one night. That is why I am proposing to you AJ, me and you, Final Resolution, one more time?

All of a sudden the music of AJ Styles hits and down comes The Phenomenal one. Styles gets a huge and gets into the ring shaking hands with Daniels and then grabbing a microphone.

AJ Styles: Well you know Chris. It has been a while since The Phenomenal One got in the World Title Picture I am looking for that to happen once again. So with a victory over you, it can push up in the rankings. So, Final Resolution, Fallen Angel, The Phenomenal One, to see who the better man is!

Christopher Daniels: You know AJ, for a while I have been the X Division and with seeing your great success here in TNA, being a Triple Crown Winner, I want to be the same. The Fallen Angel wants to step out of being the X Division and become truly Mr. T…N…A!

AJ Styles: There will only be one Mr. TNA and you are looking at him right here, but this Sunday, we will see for sure who the better man is!

All of a sudden though, Jim Cornette steps out from the tunnel with a microphone in his hand looking a little bit angry.

Jim Cornette: Whoa, whoa, whoa! You guys think you can come out here and make a match for Final Resolution! I don’t think so!

The crowd starts going crazy getting all over Cornette and booing him.

Jim Cornette: Hold on just one second. I do have a few plans going on at Final Resolution though. Early tonight I announced a Three Team Tag Match and I have much more coming for Final Resolution! First off, last week Bobby Roode, you announced Joel Gertner as your manager! I see where you’re coming from, but Gertner doesn’t control TNA, I do! So at Final Resolution, Gertner, get your boy ready, he will be facing Eric Young once again! Also, we have a huge Six Man Tag Match. Kevin Nash, Alex Shelley, Johnny Devine! You think you guys can ruin the X Division, well excuse me! This Sunday you will be facing a huge part of the X Division, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt!

The crowd likes what they heard so far, but Cornette still wasn’t done.

Jim Cornette: Now it comes down to Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles. You know, I can just leave you off this Sunday’s Pay-Per-View, but that wouldn’t be the smart thing to do. So that is why I will be agreeing with you guys as this Sunday it will be the Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels facing off against The Phenomenal, AJ Styles in a NWA World Heavyweight Contender’s Match! Good lucky fella’s!

The crowd loves what Cornette just said and chant TNA as Cornette leave and AJ and Daniels shake hands in the middle of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Chris Sabin vs. Kevin Nash w/Alex Shelley and Johnny Devine

Hail Sabin was heard the crowd got on their feet giving a nice pop to Chris Sabin. Down came Kevin Nash with Alex Shelley and Johnny Devine by his side showing the unfair advantage. Before Nash could get in the ring though, Sabin started things off by diving to the outside taking down all of Paparazzi Productions. Sabin then quickly brought Nash into the ring and called for a quick finish. He nailed Nash with a quick Enzuigiri and went to hit the Cradle Shock, but he couldn’t get Nash fully up. Instead, Sabin hit Nash with a quick DDT and waited for him to get up. When he did, Sabin springboarded off the ropes and came back looking for a Tornado DDT, but Nash caught him and slammed him down. Sabin got quickly and charged at Nash, but he ducked down and nailed Sabin with a Flapjack.

Nash stayed in control for basically the remainder of the time, but he just could never put Sabin away. So then Shelley and Devine tried to get involve by distracting the referee. Nash then went to hit a low blow, but Sabin blocked it. Sabin came back looking for another Enzuigiri, but Nash ducked that. Then down came the rest of Team Jackass to try to take Shelley and Devine out of the match. They got on the apron with The Paparazzi, but got thrown into the ring right into Sabin. This lead to Sabin getting hit with the Jackknife Powerbomb and then Nash putting his foot on Sabin’s chest for a cocky pinfall victory.

After the match ended, Nash just played around more with Sabin until Lethal and Dutt recovered and ran Nash and the rest of Paparazzi Productions off. Lethal and Dutt tried to help Sabin up, but he just pushed them away looking very upset at them.

Winner: Kevin Nash

An Important Arrival

In the parking lot, Christy Hemme is standing back there waiting for the mystery man to arrive. A limo then pulls up and Hemme believes it is the mystery man. She opens the door, but out steps the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Sting.

Sting: Owwwwww! Woooo, baby! Thanks Christy for being so polite and welcoming me to iMPACT! tonight.

Christy Hemme: Well, um, we are looking for the mystery man, who do you think it is?

Sting: Well honestly, I can care less who Jarrett brings in now. I don’t care if it is from my past. I have put down everyone in my past and will put them down if I have to again.

Christy Hemme: How about working with Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle, can they work together?

Sting: Stinger has been doing everything he can to get them to work together and Stinger knows starting tonight is something new with Joe and Angle. They will work as a unit with Stinger to come out victorious this Sunday! Owwww!

-Commercial Break-

BG James vs. James Storm w/Gail Kim vs. Monty Brown w/Elix Skipper

Down first to the ring was the Tennessee Cowboy, James Storm with Gail Kim who looked a bit nervous. Next down was a member from Black EnterTainment, Monty Brown with a confident Elix Skipper on his side after winning the three way earlier. They got major heat, but once BG James stepped out from the tunnel, the crowd gave him a huge pop. Once all three men were in the ring, it started as a three man brawl. Soon enough Brown fought off both men, and then like the previous three way match, James and Storm teamed up to take down Monty Brown. It worked early on in the match, but a little bit down the line Storm and James just couldn’t work together and the pushing and shoving began.

Elix Skipper would get involved every so often getting on the apron and distracting the referee or an opponent, but soon enough James Storm thought it was enough. Storm got thrown against the ropes by Monty Brown and Brown went for a Clothesline, but Storm ducked it, but continued moving and dove to the outside with a Crossbody taking down Elix Skipper. Like the other three way match, Elix Skipper got involved with another member from AMW. This kept Storm occupied the whole time leaving the match to a basic one on one. James got a good start by hitting the Shake, Rattle and Roll, but Brown wouldn’t fall to the mat. So James then called for the finish and went for the Pumphandle Drop, but Brown slipped out of it and pushed James to the ropes while he bounced off the ropes himself. They met back in the middle of the ring with James flying across the ring getting hit with the Pounce. The Alpha Male covered BG James with James Storm and Gail Kim being held back by Elix Skipper.

BET took both matches and members of The James Gang took both falls. BET wasn’t done though. Out ran Ron Killings helping Skipper take out Storm. They then headed into the ring and started a one on three beat down on BG James. Finally down ran Kip James from one entrance ramp and down ran Chris Harris from the other. AMW and Kip James entered the ring surrounding BET, but they were able to escape without any harm. It seems like at Final Resolution it won’t be a Three Team Tag Match, but it will be a 4 on 2 Handicap Match.

Winner: Monty Brown

It is More Than Personal Now

Backstage Jeremy Borash was standing by himself waiting for the arrival of the mystery man.

Jeremy Borash: Well we are still waiting for the mystery man to arrive, but before the main event starts we would like you to know that Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle have yet to be seen! This is crucial as now it seems as the tides have turned for Sting with no Joe or Angle.

All of a sudden up comes Christian Cage not looking very happy at all.

Christian Cage: Get out of here JB. Last week, I get embarrassed by one of the worst workers in this company. Rhino use to be my best friend like everyone knows, but last week Rhino got lucky. Rhino didn’t beat me; no one beat me last week. Everything that happened to me last week was pure luck. Like I said Rhino is a Machine, but he is a Bore Machine! I know this, all my peeps know this, heck, and even you JB, you know this! Now Rhino, you have awoken an angry Canadian and you didn’t want this to happen. Now that I have awoken, I will be taking this to a different level as now, it is more than personal. At Final Resolution, with my peeps on my side, I will eliminate you from Lethal Lockdown whether you like it or not. Christian Cage will overcome you Rhino because THAT’S……how I roll!

Jeremy Borash comes back on screen looking a little curious on what just happened.

Jeremy Borash: Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner team up to take on Sting, Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle in a 3 on 2 Handicap Match, if Angle and Joe show up! NEXT!

-Commercial Break-

Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner vs. Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe and Sting – 3 on 2 Handicap Match

The classic alarm sounded and down came The King of the Mountain, Jeff Jarrett along with The Big Bad Booty Daddy, Scott Steiner getting major heat. They waited in the ring as down came the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Sting getting a huge pop. Sting got in the ring waiting for Joe or Angle to show, but he got nothing and soon enough, Jarrett and Steiner attacked from behind. The 3 on 2 Handicap Match turned into a 2 on 1 into Jarrett’s and Steiner’s favor.

The match started with Jarrett and Steiner in control after jumping Sting from behind. The wasn’t even a real Handicap Match as referee, Mark Johnson didn’t even make Jarrett and Steiner tag each other in, instead just let both men stay in. Jarrett and Steiner switched off hitting moves on Sting and then just played around with him. Steiner set Sting up in the corner and Jarrett did the classic Stinger Splash, which Sting always performs. Jarrett then called for the early finish and locked in the Scorpion Deathlock. Sting fought his way towards the ropes though, as he wasn’t finishing fighting yet.

Jarrett and Steiner continued the beat down for a little bit more until Sting got an extra boost of energy after the crowd got really behind the Champion. Sting came back to his feet getting both Jarrett and Steiner in the same corner. He then nailed a Double Stinger Splash on them making both men drop to the floor. Sting then called for the finish and nailed the Scorpion Death Drop on Steiner and then went and locked in the Scorpion Deathlock on Jarrett. Right when Jarrett was about to tap and let Sting overcome the odds, on the big video screen there was Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle in chairs tied up. Sting let go of the hold and heard a voice. “I’m back Sting! And I’m not done with you yet!” Sting didn’t understand what was going on, but then on the video screen, Rhino came in and helped Joe and Angle out of the ropes and they headed down to the ring.

From one tunnel down ran Angle, Joe and Rhino and from the other down came Christian Cage. Everyone was up in the ring and it was about to be a 4 on 3 brawl as the referee called for the bell for a No Contest. Then all of a sudden the lights when out. The crowd was screaming and when the lights turned back on Angle, Joe and Rhino were down in the ring and in stood VAMPIRO with Sting’s signature baseball bat in hand. Vampiro then knocked down Sting with the bat and the beat down began!

Winners: No Contest

The Past is Back

Scott Steiner locked in the Steiner Recliner as Vampiro mocked Sting right to his face. While this was going on, Christian Cage and Jarrett made sure the other three men stayed down. Vampiro then told Steiner to stop as he wanted in on some. Vampiro then lifted Sting up and nailed him with the Nail in the Coffin! All four members of Sting’s team were left down and out in the ring as iMPACT! was coming to an end. Right before it did end, Jeff Jarrett grabbed a microphone.

Jeff Jarrett: I told you Sting, I told you it would be a return from your past! Remember Vampiro? Well guess what he is back! I would like to welcome you the last member of my team, VAMPIRO!

As iMPACT! came to an end, all four men of Jarrett’s team raised there arms in the air as all members of Sting’s team were down and out on the mat.

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