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Justice League Heroes


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So my friend and I just bought this game, and we're going to be playing it all weekend. I'm at work for the next 6+ hours though, so I thought I'd start a topic, and ask if anyone else has played this yet, or is planning on it.

Any reviews, tips or whatever would be great too.

Hal Jordan > The Black Guy.

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Yeah, I read the IGN review, but the things they marked it down for are the things that I'm kind of expecting anyways.

Either way, I'm really stoked to play it... but even more stoked to get my friend hooked so that I'll have someone to play Co-Op with in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

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Yeah, its a perfectly playable game, it just pales in comparison to what Marvel Ultimate Alliance is going to be.

Its about on level with X-Men Legends 1.

The fact that for the first 4 or 5 levels you can't choose a character sucks, as does their general lack of powers.

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