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WWE - Road to WrestleMania XX

Guest PoEtRyInMoTiOn

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Guest PoEtRyInMoTiOn

IPB Image

My first diary, started it on another forum a few months ago and it got good feedback. It's based on WWE in 2003, and I hope to keep it running for as long as possible. I will start it from March 31st, the day after WrestleMania XIX. To jog your memory, I will provide a full roster (complete with dispositions, places on the card and brands) and WrestleMania results (credit to Obsessed With Wrestling).




Al Snow/Raw/Face/Midcarder


Batista/Raw/Heel/Lower Midcarder

Big Show/SmackDown!/Heel/Upper Midcarder

Bill DeMott/SmackDown!/Heel/Lower Midcarder

Bill Goldberg*

Billy Kidman/SmackDown!/Face/Midcarder

Booker T/Raw/Face/Upper Midcarder

Brock Lesnar/SmackDown!/Face/Main Eventer

Bubba Ray Dudley/Raw/Tweener/Midcarder

Charlie Haas/SmackDown!/Heel/Midcarder

Chavo Guerrero Jr./SmackDown!/Face/Midcarder

Chief Morley/Raw/Heel/Midcarder

Chris Benoit/SmackDown!/Face/Upper Midcarder

Chris Jericho/Raw/Heel/Upper Midcarder

Chris Kanyon/SmackDown!/Heel/Midcarder


Christopher Nowinski/Raw/Heel/Lower Midcarder

Chuck Palumbo/SmackDown!/Heel/Lower Midcarder

Crash Holly/SmackDown!/Heel/Lower Midcarder

Dawn Marie/SmackDown!/Heel/Manager

D-Von Dudley/Raw/Tweener/Midcarder

Eddie Guerrero/SmackDown!/Face/Upper Midcarder

Edge/SmackDown!/Face/Upper Midcarder

Eric Bischoff/Raw/Heel/Non-Wrestler

Ernest Miller/SmackDown!/Face/Non-Wrestler



Hardcore Holly/SmackDown!/Heel/Lower Midcarder

Hollywood Hulk Hogan/SmackDown!/Face/Main Eventer


Jamie Noble/SmackDown!/Heel/Lower Midcarder

Jazz/Raw/Heel/Lower Midcarder

Jeff Hardy/Raw/Face/Midcarder

Jerry Lawler/Raw/Face/Non-Wrestler

John Cena/SmackDown!/Heel/Lower Midcarder

Johnny Stamboli/SmackDown!/Heel/Lower Midcarder

Kane/Raw/Face/Upper Midcarder

Kurt Angle/SmackDown!/Heel/Main Eventer

Lance Storm/Raw/Heel/Midcarder


Matt Hardy/SmackDown!/Heel/Midcarder

Maven/Raw/Face/Lower Midcarder

Molly Holly/Raw/Heel/Lower Midcarder

Nathan Jones/SmackDown!/Face/Midcarder


Nunzio/SmackDown!/Heel/Lower Midcarder

Paul Heyman/SmackDown!/Heel/Manager

Randy Orton/Raw/Heel/Midcarder

Rey Mysterio Jr./SmackDown!/Face/Midcarder


Ric Flair/Raw/Heel/Manager

Rico/Raw/Heel/Lower Midcarder

Rikishi/SmackDown!/Face/Lower Midcarder

Rob Van Dam/Raw/Face/Upper Midcarder

Roddy Piper/SmackDown!/Heel/Non-Wrestler

Rodney Mack/Raw/Heel/Lower Midcarder



Scott Steiner/Raw/Face/Upper Midcarder

Scotty 2 Hotty/SmackDown!/Face/Lower Midcarder

Sean O’Haire/SmackDown!/Heel/Lower Midcarder

Shane McMahon/None/Heel/Non-Wrestler

Shannon Moore/SmackDown!/Heel/Lower Midcarder

Shawn Michaels/Raw/Face/Main Eventer

Shelton Benjamin/SmackDown!/Heel/Midcarder

Spike Dudley/Raw/Face/Lower Midcarder

Stacy Keibler/Raw/Face/Manager

Stephanie McMahon/SmackDown!/Face/Non-Wrestler

Steve Austin/Raw/Face/Main Eventer

Steven Richards/Raw/Heel/Lower Midcarder





The Hurricane/Raw/Face/Lower Midcarder

The Rock/Raw/Heel/Main Eventer

The Undertaker/SmackDown!/Face/Main Eventer

Theodore Long/Raw/Heel/Manager

Tommy Dreamer/Raw/Face/Opener

Torrie Wilson/SmackDown!/Face/Manager

Triple H/Raw/Heel/Main Eventer

Trish Stratus/Raw/Face/Midcarder

Victoria/Raw/Heel/Lower Midcarder

Vince McMahon/None/Heel/Non-Wrestler

William Regal/Raw/Heel/Lower-Midcarder

*This worker has not yet been debuted

Championships & Holders

World Heavyweight Championship – Triple H

World Tag Team Championships – Lance Storm & Chief Morley

WWE Woman’s Championship – Trish Stratus

WWE World Championship – Brock Lesnar

WWE Tag Team Championships – Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas

WWE Cruiserweight Championship – Matt Hardy


Brock Lesnar – Recovering from a concussion, expected to be out of action for around 1-2 weeks.

Edge – Receiving neck surgery for his broken next, is expected to be out of action for around 12 months.

Hardcore Holly - Recovering from neck surgury, expected to be out of action for around 6 months.

Kurt Angle - Receiving surgery for his broken neck, is expected to be out of action for around 2-3 months.

Lita – Recovering from neck surgery, expected to be out of action for around 3-6 months.

WrestleMania XIX Results

1. SUNDAY NIGHT HEAT: Hosted by The Coach & Lita..

o John Cena did a rap, dissing Jay-Z & Fabulous for turning down his challange, and said he'll main event next year's Mania..

o Backstage, Nunzio tried to steal Nathan Jones' wallet!

o A few minutes later, Nunzio, Big Show & A-Train exit a bathroom where the camera finds Nathan Jones laid out on the floor!

o Footage of Limp Bizkit entering the building -- Fred Durst admits that he's a crack adict, then asks if the audio is on - good job..

o All the usual video build-ups for each match with added emphasis on the Vince McMahon vs Hulk Hogan hype..

o TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Lance Storm & Chief Morely defeated Kane & Rob Van Dam to retain the World Tag Team titles!!

o ~~~The Dudleyz came in and gave Lance Storm the 3D! Then Bubba elbowed RVD, and put Storm on top of RVD for the pin!

o Editor's Note: The atmosphere of Safeco Field is certainly worthy of the Wrestlemania mystic!


3. CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Matt Hardy vs Rey Mysterio..

o Matt Hardy pins Rey after about five minutes while holding the ropes for leverage..


o Limp Bizkit sings their song live in front of a crowd up paid upwards of $400 to see wrestling..

5. HANDICAP MATCH: Undertaker vs Big Show & A-Train..

o Nathan Jones was taken out of the match because he was attacked before the show..

o Nathan had a late run-in, and kicked Big Show out of the ring..

o Undertaker gave A-Train a tombstone piledriver for the victory -- 11-0.

6. BACKSTAGE: Miller Catfight Girls & Torrie Wilson/Stacy Keibler..

o The four beauties meet up backstage..

7. WOMENS TITLE TRIPLE THREAT: Victoria vs Trish Stratus vs Jazz..

o Trish Stratus picks of the victory to win the Woman's title for the 4th time!!

8. WWE TAG TEAM TITLE TRIPLE THREAT: Team Angle vs Los Guerreros vs Chris Benoit & Rhyno..

o Team Angle retains their titles after Rhyno gores Chavo and Benjamin scores the pinfall..

9. BACKSTAGE: Catfight Girls & Torrie Wilson/Stacy Keibler..

o The foursome are giggling backstage having a slutty good time..

o Stacy mentions that Vince McMahon created Wrestlemania, and Torrie says it was Hulk Hogan..

o The Catfight girls also start to argue over the issue and decide to settle it IN THE RING or IN BED?!

10. GRUDGE MATCH: Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels..

o After an amazing hard-fought battle, HBK pulls out the upset victory over Y2J!!

o After the match, Jericho hugged Michaels, but followed by nailing him with a low-blow!!

11. BACKSTAGE: Sylvian Grenier..

o Sylvian Grenier is the guy who refereed the Rock vs Hulk Hogan match last month at No Way Out..

o Sylvian shows up and enters Vince McMahon's office, looks like he'll be referee Vince vs Hulk too..

12. PROMO: Bill Goldberg..

o A short Bill Goldberg promo airs and Jim Ross says that Goldberg has finally signed with the WWE..

o The ring announcer announces that they've set a new record for Safeco attendance with 54,097 people!


o Limp Bizkit sings their song "Crack Addict" because the WWE wants to be a good example for the kids..

14. ADVERTISEMENT: Stephanie McMahon & Torrie Wilson..

o As if we haven't heard enough about it, we get another advertisement for Torrie Wilson's issue of Playboy..

15. CATFIGHT: Tawnya Salenger vs Kitana Baker..

o Just as the catfight is about to begin, Stacy comes out and makes it a THREE-WAY-DANCE!!

o Just then, Torrie Wilson comes out and ladies and gentleman we have a FETAL-FOUR-WAY!!

o This turns into an embarassing fiasco with all four women getting their shirts ripped off..

o Even worse, The Coach got pansed and pinned by all four whores..

16. WORLD TITLE MATCH: Triple H w/Ric Flair vs Booker T..

o Another grueling match, with Triple H, not suprisingly, pinning Booker after a pedigree..

17. PROMO: Wrestlemania XX..

o The traditional advertisement for the next Wrestlemania plays, next years event will be at Madison Square frickin' Garden!!!

18. STREET FIGHT: Vince McMahon vs Hulk Hogan..

o If Hulk Hogan loses tonight, he said he will retire (finally) from wrestling..

o Late in the match, Vince McMahon hit a leg drop on Hogan through a table outside the ring..

o In the shocker of the decade, ROWDY RODDY PIPER comes down to the ring to an ovation!!

o Roddy Piper immediately turns heel, and nails Hulk Hogan with a steel pipe!!

o Heel Canadian Referee Sylvian Grenier comes down and Vince throws referee Brian Hebner out..

o Vince McMahon hits a leg drop on Hulk Hogan, but only get a two-count!

o Hulk Hogan "hulked" up, knocked out Grenier, and pinned Vince McMahon for the win!!

o After the match, Shane McMahon runs out to check on his pops..

19. GRUDGE MATCH: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock..

o The Rock hits Steve Austin with THREE Rock Bottoms to win the match!

o The Rock beats Steve Austin for the first time at a Wrestlemania! (Austin won the other two)..

20. WWE TITLE MATCH: Kurt Angle w/Paul Heyman vs Brock Lesnar..

o Brock Lesnar won the title after two F5s, a brutally botched Shooting Star Press, and a final F5!

o Brock Lesnar & Kurt Angle embraced after the match as a show of respect..

o ~~~The Shooting Star Press was the planned finish of the match, but Brock landed on his head!

o ~~~Kurt improvised and rolled over and covered Brock for a two count, and Brock sucked it up and hit an F5..

o ~~~Brock was bleeding from the nose which is not a good sign, hopefully it was just from bumping his face..

o ~~~Brock appeared to be visibly blury after the match, using the ropes to hold himself up…

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Guest PoEtRyInMoTiOn

More news on Kevin Nash

31st March 2003

One of WWE's newest signings, Kevin Nash, is expected to debut tonight on Raw. It is unknown whether Nash will actually participate in a match tonight, or just appear in a hype promo, though many rumors are speculating a possible Nash/Triple H feud. Tune in to Raw on Spike TV tonight to see what happens.

Credit: PWInsider

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Guest PoEtRyInMoTiOn

IPB Image

March 31st, 2003

As Raw comes on air, a three minute music video is played, highlighting WrestleMania XIX from last night. As it comes to an end, the Raw intro video is shown, with clips of the biggest superstars on the Raw roster. As it finishes, the camera cuts to the Raw arena, as loud pyro shoots out from around the titantron area, the fans giving a huge pop. The camera pans around the arena, zooming in on certain signs that are supporting the big time faces like Booker T and Shawn Michaels.


Before the commentators, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, can even introduce Raw to the viewers watching at home, the entrance music of the man who fell at the feet of Triple H last night hits the PA. Not long afterwards Booker T walks through the curtain in a non-wrestling attire. The fans are puzzled as the five-time WCW champion makes his way down the entrance ramp and into the ring, asking Lillian Garcia to pass him a microphone.

Booker T: Last night, I lived a dream, and headlined the grandest of them all, WrestleMania. I went one on one with Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship – but that’s just the thing, dawg. It wasn’t one on one. That sucka Ric Flair got his assed involved, and cost me the title. Triple H, champ, all I’m asking is for one more match. One more match for that World Title—

Booker T is interrupted by Triple H’s music. Aich makes his way out of the curtain, wearing his suit, followed by the ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair.

Triple H: Booker, Booker, last night… I admit, you did a good job, and I have a tiny bit of respect for you for doing that well against me. You proved to me that you were better than WCW. So, with that said, my answer to use is… Hell no. Say whatever you want, but at the end of the day I hit you with the Pedigree and I pinned you one, two, three, no questions asked. Tell me, why the hell do you think that you deserve another shot? Let me answer that question for you – you don’t. RAW needs a respectful champion, not some ‘dog’ that’s gonna end up in jail. You hear that? So give up junior, quit while you’re behind.

Suddenly, Eric Bischoff’s voice is heard, his face appearing on the titantron.

Eric Bischoff: Hold on, hold on. Let me get this straight, neither of you do the booking around here, I DO! If I say that there’s gonna be a rematch, then dammit there’s gonna be a rematch. So listen up, the pair of you! I’m going to make a match for tonight – it’s gonna be Booker T in one corner, and in the other will be an opponent of Triple H’s choice. If Booker T wins, then he gets his rematch on the 20th of April, at Backlash. If Booker T loses, then he will never get a shot at that title for as long as Triple H holds it!

Jim Ross: Oh my god! That’s huge news, King!

Jerry Lawler: Yes it is, what a main event that’s gonna be!

After a brief commercial break, RAW comes back. Christian is standing in the ring, ready to kick off the opening contest. Just then, Shawn Michaels’ entrance music hits the PA, and the fans go wild. ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ makes his way down the entrance ramp, to a great applause. He gets in the ring and the match kicks of. The opening minutes of the match are very fast-paced, with neither superstar really on top, a lot of athletic moves and counters. About five minutes in, Shawn Michaels hits a flying forearm to Christian, and both men go over the top rope to the outside. Shawn Michaels hangs onto the top rope, then skinning the cat and landing back inside the ring. With Christian on the outside, Shawn jumps back over the top rope, landing on the apron with his back to Christian. He then springboards from the second rope, looking for a flying crossbody, but Christian moves out of the way as Michaels crashes and burns. For the following moments of the match, Christian dominates, all over Shawn Michaels who seems to be in pain after the botched crossbody earlier in the match. As Christian goes for an Unprettier, Shawn Michaels manages to counter by pushing Christian away from him, into the turnbuckle. As Christian turns around, Shawn Michaels hits him with an –out-of-nowhere Sweet Chin Music! Shawn Michaels has Christian out, one… two… Chris Jericho drags Shawn Michaels by the leg to the outside, then nailing him with a fit to the face! The referee rings the bell, Shawn Michaels gets the victory by disqualification.

Jim Ross: Was there any need for that!? Shawn Michaels had the match won!

Jerry Lawler: I guess Chris Jericho wants revenge on Shawn Michaels for last night.

Jim Ross: As if that cheap low-blow wasn’t enough!? Shawn Michaels won the match fair and square!

As Chris Jericho cockily makes his way up the ramp, the view then lowly fades into a black screen. Slowly, a tiny speck of light emerges from the middle, and growing until it is a glowing stripe across the middle of the screen. With a bang, the word ‘Goldberg’ appears, frightening music playing as it begins to show clips of Goldberg’s best moments during his run in WCW. Then, the words ‘Who’s Next?’ appear on the screen. It then slowly fades out into a commercial break.

Raw comes back, and Jeff Hardy’s entrance music hits the PA, the unique superstar making his entrance with huge pops from fans. He waits in the ring as his opponent’s music, Batista, hits the PA. Batista enters and is accompanies by Ric Flair. The match starts off fast paced on Jeff Hardy’s end, with Batista unable to show his power as Jeff runs rings around him. The match was probably the best of the night, with a lot of big spots on Jeff Hardy’s end, and some powerful moves and counters from Batista. The finish comes when Ric Flair gets up on the top rope, distracting the referee and Jeff Hardy, who is on top of the match. Hardy hits a jawbreaker on Flair, but turns around and is met with a devastating Sitdown Powerbomb from Batista, for the three count.

Jim Ross: What a disappointing ending for a fantastic match!

Triple H is in a luxurious room, sitting on his couch with his arm around a woman. A ringing is heard, then Ric Flair approaches Triple H, and answers the phone, passing it to Aich.

Triple H: Who’s this?... Woah, woah, what the hell are you doing?... You’re what!? You’re gonna be here tonight!?... Listen, I have Booker T in my hair right now, can you not just leave it for tonight?... Why is it so urgent?... I don’t give a damn what Shawn said! I don’t want you here tonight! You—

Triple H looks at the phone, whoever he was talking to supposedly having hung up. The camera then goes to back to the arena, as Molly Holly’s entrance music begins, as she makes her way down to the ring. Trish Stratus’ laugh is then heard moments later, and her entrance music begins, the newly crowned Woman’s Champion making her way to the ring for a non-title match. The bell rings, and the two woman lock up. This stays fairly even match for the first few minutes, the whole complex turns when Molly Holly climbs to the top rope, looking for her signature ‘Molly Go Round’. As she stands up, Trish Stratus manages to knock her back down to a sitting position out of desperation by knocking into the ropes and shaking them. Stratus then hits her signature Stratusphere, launching Molly off of the top rope into the mat. Trish Stratus stalks Molly Holly, when she finally gets up hitting a Stratusfaction for the three count. The fans applaud Stratus as she makes her way up the entrance ramp and to the back. Not a great match. The camera then cuts to backstage as Trish walks through the corridor, but is brutally taken down by Victoria on her way! After a few forearms to the back, Victoria drags Trish to her feet, and then drives her into a wall back-first. She then bends down, shouting in Trish’s face, “I WANT MY TITLE BACK!”

Jerry Lawler: Wow, Victoria isn’t all there, is she?

Jim Ross: Certainly not Jerry… Anyway, before that diva match we saw Triple H on the phone to somebody, who apparently claimed that they will be here, tonight. Who’d you think it was King?

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know, JR. We’ll find out later tonight!

After a small WWE Shopzone advertisement, Raw comes back as Lance Storm and Chief Morley are sat at ringside. Lillian Garcia announces that there will be a number one contenders match, and pyro goes off around the arena, the Dudley Boyz’ music hitting the PA. The two make their way down to the ring, and then Kane’s music hits following a loud blast of fire at the top of the entrance ramp. RVD and Kane make their way down to the ring, looking for revenge after the Dudleyz cost them the tag titles in the WrestleMania pre-show. The match starts off fast paced with the two smaller men in, RVD and D-Von Dudley. Throughout the first few minutes Kane and RVD tag frequently, isolating D-Von. About three minutes of the way through, Kane knocks D-Von down with a big throat thrust, and goes for the top rope looking for a flying clothesline. Just then, Rico’s voice interrupts the action, to the fans disappointment.

Rico: Hold on, hold on. By my watch, this match has gone on for a little too long. Matter of fact, about… three minutes too long.

Rico’s partners Rosie and Jamal jump over the barricades, and into the ring, attacking Kan and D-Von. Both Bubba Ray and RVD try to save their partners but to no avail, as Rosie and Jamal power all four men to the mat. They then point at the tag champs, and signal strapping the belts around their waists. The fans boo at the 3 Minute Warning, as Rico gloats. After a somewhat entertaining first three minutes, the match is called a no-contest.

After yet another unneeded commercial break, RAW comes back on air with a bang. The sound of glass shattering is heard, the same sound heard for years to signal the arrival of ‘The Texas Rattlesnake’ Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin makes his way down the ramp in his non-wrestling attire, getting in the ring without his usual taunting on all four ropes and asking for a microphone from Lillian Garcia.

Steve Austin: Ladies and gentlemen, last night, The Rock bought the best in me. I fought a hard battle, as did The Rock, and Rocky – I’m gonna make this short and sweet, I want you to come down here so that I can say it to your face.

Instead of The Rock’s music, which is what Steve Austin was hoping for, Evolution’s theme ‘Line in the Sand’ hits the PA. Steve Austin looks up at the titantron as the youngest member of Evolution, Randy Orton, walks out from behind the curtain.

Randy Orton: Cut the music, cut the music… What do we have here, an old, washed-up piece of crap in the ring! Steve, Steve, last night I think you proved that whatever wrestling talent that you had before is gone. This is my year you has-been, just step down before you get beaten down. Oh, don’t take it personally Steve, it’s just… Evolution.

Steve Austin looks disgusted as Randy Orton drops the mic, smirking before walking back through the curtain.

Jerry Lawler: Well, there’s no better way to make an impact than to lay it on the man!

Jim Ross: Oh please! That was so disrespectful, what Orton did to Austin there!

As Steve Austin makes his way to the back, the camera cuts to the image of a half-closed door, and only Triple H is visible inside the room, talking to somebody.

Jim Ross: Coming up next, Booker T takes on his mystery opponent for one last shot at the World Championship! Who will Triple H choose? We’ll find out after this last commercial break!

For the second time in the night, Booker T’s entrance music hits the PA, and the superstar makes his way down the ramp and into the ring, waiting for Triple H’s mystery opponent choice. Triple H’s music then blazes out of the sound system, the World Heavyweight Champion walking out from behind the curtain, smiling at Booker T in an evil way. There is about a ten minute silence, before Booker’s opponent’s music begins to play.

5.0... 4.0… 3.0… 2.0… 1.0… 0.0

Pyro blasts out of the entrance ramp area and Chris Jericho’s music plays throughout the arena, the cocky superstar walking onto the stage area and smiling with Triple H. Jericho then makes his way down to the ring, with Triple H at ringside, and the match get underway. The match starts quite slow paced, with a lot of technical counters and rest holds being applied. As the fans begin to quieten down, showing signs of boredom, the match picks up a little bit. A very back-and-forth match, with not one superstar really dominating for the first ten minutes or so, not any high spots but some great wrestling. Both men get many near falls with roll ups, or some of their signature moves. As both men begin to get warn out, Chris Jericho begins to use cheap moves like holding the tights of Booker in roll ups and using Triple H for leverage during submissions. As the match progresses, Booker T begins to get in more control over it, getting a lot of offence in. Towards the end of the two-hour time slot, Chris Jericho goes for a clothesline, but Booker T ducks and hits his signature Book End. Booker goes for a cover, but Triple H drags the referee under the bottom rope and to the outside, where he knocks the referee out with a hard right hand. Booker T gets up and walks toward where Triple H is standing, but Jericho hits a Low Blow and takes control of the match. Just then, a familiar music hits the PA, to a lot of confusion and excitement…

Jerry Lawler: Wait, don’t tell me it’s...

Jim Ross: It’s Kevin Nash! What the hell is Kevin Nash doing here!?!

Kevin Nash walks out of the curtain to a huge pop, and walks down the entrance ramp to ringside. Triple H backs away for a bit, but finally decides to attack and goes for a right hand on Kevin Nash. Nash blocks, and big boots Aich to the floor. After a little bit of dominating, Triple H rolls under the ring apron, trying to get away from Nash who has for some reason decided to return tonight. As he drags Triple H out, Trips bares a sledge hammer in his hand, and nails Nash to the floor! Nash begins to bleed, and as Jericho controls the match in the ring, Triple H continues to devastate Kevin Nash on the outside with a sledge hammer, at one point Pedigreeing Nash through the Spanish Announce table! Kevin Nash is left knocked out and bloodied on the outside, as Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho on the inside. After minutes of struggling, out of nowhere Shawn Michaels breaks the hold with a Sweet Chin Music on Jericho! Booker T went on to hit a Scissors Kick, as Michaels rolled the referee into the ring, who made the three count. Triple H was oblivious to it until Booker T’s music played, being caught up with Kevin Nash.

Jim Ross: Booker T gets his title shot! At Backlash we will see Triple H verses Booker T for the Wrld Heavyweight Championship, and it will happen at Unforgiven!

Jerry Lawler: Booker T cheated to get the victory! That’s unfair.

Jim Ross: But I think the real story is on the outside, Nash is unconscious, he’s lost a lot of blood, and it’s all at the hands of Triple H.

Shawn Michaels and Booker T celebrate at the top of the entrance ramp, and the camera cuts to a shot of Triple H with Kevin Nash laying in a puddle of his own blood in the background. Raw then fades out.

Result Round-Up

Shawn Michaels defeated Christian by DQ

Batista defeated Jeff Hardy

Trish Stratus defeated Molly Holly

The Dudley Boyz vs. RVD & Kane ends a No-Contest

Booker T defeated Chris Jericho

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o Limp Bizkit sings their song live in front of a crowd up paid upwards of $400 to see wrestling..

First, people did also pay to see this...

Second, Ah, well, Corino already said that.

Third, who are you and in what way are you connected to WWE?

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Guest PoEtRyInMoTiOn

First, people did also pay to see this...

I got that from Obsessed With Wrestling.

Second, Ah, well, Corino already said that.

Yeah, you guys were right. My mistake.

Third, who are you and in what way are you connected to WWE?

I'm not anybody in particular, this is how I would have like to see WWE go from after WrestleMania XIX.

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Guest PoEtRyInMoTiOn

Released Superstars

2nd April 2003

The following superstars have been released from their WWE contracts:

Bill DeMott

Chuck Palumbo

Ernest Miller

Johnny Stamboli

Rodney Mack

Sean O'Haire

We wish them the best on their future endeavors.

Credit: WWE.com

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Guest PoEtRyInMoTiOn

A few notes on WWE

3rd April 2003

- With WWE Champion Brock Lesnar unavaiable this week with a concussion, WWE are struggling to come up with a main event for tonight's SmackDown!

- After the release of six WWE employees announced yesterday, expect to see a few new signings for the promotion within the next few weeks. It should be noted that many of NWA-TNA's superstars are signed to a open contract, and could be snapped up by WWE.

- After a recent drop in ratings, and ideas among the creative team, it is rumored that WWE are thinking of bringing in two new midcard championships - one for each brand. Should WWE go ahead with this, it is likely that they'd bring in the Intercontinental title in for Raw, though is unknown what championship they might choose to bring in for the SmackDown roster.

- It is also thought that WWE are soon hoping to mix things up among Raw and SmackDown, trading some superstars to the other brand.

Credit: PWInsider

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Guest PoEtRyInMoTiOn

IPB Image

April 3rd, 2003

As SmackDown started, a short music video recapping WrestleMania XIX was played, the same one as shown Monday night on Raw. As it comes to an end, the camera cuts to the SmackDown! arena, where loud pyro goes off around the entrance area. As the camera pans around the fans in the arena, showing their excited faces, as Michael Cole and Tazz introduce Smackdown to the fans watching at home.

Michael Cole: Hello everyone, and welcome to SmackDown! I’m Michael Cole, joined by Tazz at ringside, and boy do we have a fantastic night coming up for you all!

Tazz: Yes we do! In the main event, we will witness a number one contenders match for the WWE Championship!

To kick the show off, Matt Hardy’s entrance music hit the PA, and the cruiserweight champion made his way down to the ring with Shannon Moore. Lillian Garcia announces that the match will be for the Cruiserweight championship. As Matt Hardy reaches the ring, his opponent, Rey Mysterio’s entrance music hits the PA, Rey receiving a massive ovation as he shoots from the ground. The challenger made his way down to the ring, and the match got under way. The match started off very fast paced, with neither competitor staying on the offence, a lot of great counters taking place. The match started to pick up when Matt Hardy went for his cross powerbomb, about 6 or 7 minutes into it, and Mysterio countered into a hurracanrana, Matt Hardy landing on the ropes for a 619. As Mysterio hit the 619, he landed on the apron and set up for a West Coast Pop. The ending came just moments later when Rey springboarded up to the top rope, having his leg pulled by Shannon Moore and hitting the ring apron hard, the referee ringing the bell for a disqualification finish. The fans were disappointed as a great, entertaining match ended with a cheap finish. Bottom line, Matt Hardy walked away with the Cruiserweight championship.

Michael Cole: Are you kidding!? Rey Mysterio had that match won!

SmackDown came back from it’s first commercial break of the night, and the next match was the definition of a squash match. Two young jobbers, going by the names of Travis Bane and Seven are in the ring, awaiting their opponents. Just then, Kurt Angle’s theme begins to play from the sound system, and Team Angle – consisting of Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas – make their way to the ring, receiving boos from the fans. They get into the ring, and the match begins. The tag team champions dominate from the start of the match, tagging frequently and toying with the jobbers, using dirty tactics behind the referee’s back to give them the advantage. The finish came when the illegal Haas choked Bane with the tag rope, causing Seven to try to run in for the save. The referee turns his back on the action to keep Seven out of the match. Benjamin and Haas then hit their signature tag team move, with Shelton leapfrogging over Haas onto Bane’s back, Benjamin the getting the three count. The fans boo as Team Angle briefly celebrate, before grabbing a microphone.

Charlie Haas: Brock Lesnar, last night when you put Kurt Angle out of action, you didn’t just injure a superstar, you didn’t just take away a member of the roster… you took away a piece of our hearts! What do we want? We want what our mentor, Kurt Angle would want… We want retribution!

Shelton Benjamin: Brock, next week we want you and a tag team partner of your choice in the ring.

Team Angle drop the microphone and head up the entrance ramp.

Tazz: Well, there ya go – next week, live on SmackDown, Team Angle will take on Brock Lesnar and a partner of his choice.

Michael Cole: That could be huge! Don’t miss it!

The camera then cuts to backstage, where The Undertaker walks into Nathan Jones’ dressing room, where Jones is sitting and preparing for his coming match.

The Undertaker: Nathan, just so that you know, you had my back last night, so I’m gonna have yours when you go out there and face A-Train.

Michael Cole: Nathan Jones takes on A-Train after the break, be sure not to miss any of it.

SmackDown comes back from a commercial break, and A-Train makes his way to the ring alone. As he reaches the ring, Nathan Jones’ entrance music hits the PA, and he makes his way down to the ring with The Undertaker. The Undertaker stands at ringside as the match kicked off. This wasn’t such an exciting match, both workers performed averagely. Nathan Jones basically dominated from the start, with A-Train not getting a lot of offence in. It seemed like a match used entirely for putting Nathan Jones over. The finish came no long into the match as Nathan Jones almost took A-Train’s head off with a big boot, following it through with a devastating powerbomb for the three count. Undertaker congratulated Nathan Jones on the victory, then raising his hand in the middle of the ring.

Tazz: Nathan Jones is a tough guy, he could have a future in WWE.

Michael Cole: I completely agree, especially while he’s under The Undertaker’s teaching.

After a short advertisement for WWE’s upcoming Pay Per View, Backlash, Jamie Noble’s entrance music hit the PA, and the team of Noble (accompanied by Nidia), Nunzio and John Cena made their way to the ring, to an unpleasant crowd reaction. As they got to the ring, Too Cool’s music began to play to a huge cheer, and the team of Scotty Too Hotty, Rikishi and Tajiri made their way to the ring. Surprisingly, the match was of more than average quality. Frequent tags by both teams, a few high spots from the cruiserweights participating in the match. Scotty, Rikishi and Tajiri played to the crowd throughout the match, which raised the excitement level in the arena. The ending came when Nunzio was given a Stinkface by Rikishi, followed by a Buzzsaw Kick from the legal man, Tajiri, followed by a three count. The match didn’t really have a meaning for it, and was mainly used to get the fans hyped up towards the end of the show. But it turned out to be quite an exciting, good match that effectively entertained the fans. It should be noted that Tajiri and Nunzio had good chemistry during the match.

After the commercial break, Vince McMahon’s entrance music begins to play, but it’s not Vince that comes out from behind the curtain – it’s the referee who was seen at No Way Out and then again at WrestleMania XIX, Sylvain Grenier. Boos almost deafening him, he has a smirk on his face as he gets into the ring. He then gets a microphone.

Tazz: You have to be kidding me, this guy’s a jackass.

Sylvain Grenier: Ladies and gentlemen, I am here tonight on behalf of Mr. McMahon. Hulk Hogan, last night at WrestleMania 19, I was assigned to be the referee of your match verses Vince McMahon. I was the referee of the match, NOT Brian Hebner. Therefore, you did not officially defeat Vince-

Sylvain is cut off by Hulk Hogan’s music, the Hulkamaniacs exploding as the Hulkster makes his way down the ramp, taunting. As he gets to the ring, his music fades out and he stares at Sylvain Grenier. The fans are chanting, “HOGAN! HOGAN! HOGAN!” as Sylvain has an intimidated look on his face. Suddenly, Hulk knocks Grenier to the mat with a big right hand. He proceeds to hit a big boot on Grenier, followed by a Leg Drop. The fans are going wild as Hulk Hogan taunts for a matter of minutes.

Michael Cole: Hulkamania is still running wild!

Tazz: But I tell you one thing, Mr. McMahon is not going to be happy about the beating layed on this referee tonight.

SmackDown came back from it’s final commercial break of the night, and Lillian Garcia announced that the main event will be for a WWE Championship match at Backlash. Big Show’s music hit the PA, and the giant made his way down to the ring. Moments later, his opponent, Chris Benoit’s entrance music also began to play, and he made his way down to the ring. The match started off somewhat slow, with Chris Benoit going for attacks but Big Show using his weight and strength to counter them all. After about five minutes, the match took a turn as Big Show completely took out Chris Benoit with a vicious big boot, and his domination begun. For the next five minutes of the match, Big Show completely threw around Chris Benoit with a series of Choke Tosses, Cobra Clutch Backbreakers, and other powerful moves. It looked as if Chris Benoit was out of the match until a point where Big Show set Benoit up on a turnbuckle, ready for a superplex. Chris Benoit got out of the situation, sacrificing his own head by hitting nine or ten brutal, hard headbutts, busting his own head open! Big Show stumbled down and was knocks off of his feet, and Benoit tried to end the match with a Diving Headbutt. One… Two… Big Show managed to kick out! Th next few minutes of the match were quite even, neither superstar getting more attacking in than the other. The finish came after about sixteen minutes as Big Show went for the finish, lifting Benoit up for a chokeslam, but Benoit amazingly countered into a Crossface, causing Big Show to tap out.

Michael Cole: Chris Benoit did it! He earned a title shot for Backlash!

Tazz: And what a match that will be, Brock Lesnar verses Chris Benoit.

Suddenly, to the fans’ shock, Brock Lesnar’s entrance music hit the PA. The WWE Champion made his way to the ring in a non-wrestling attire, walking up the steel steps and getting in the ring. The fans go wild as Lesnar and Benoit stare each other down. Brock Lesnar offers a hand out to Chris Benoit, and it is accepted. Just then, Lesnar pulls Benoit in so that their noses are just inches apart, with determined looks on both of their faces. SmackDown fades out after a heated confrontation, with both men staring at each other.

Result Round-Up

Rey Mysterio defeated Matt Hardy by DQ {Hardy retains the Cruiserweight title}

Team Angle defeated Travis Bane & Seven

Nathan Jones defeated A-Train

Too Cool & Tajiri defeated Nunzio, Jamie Noble and John Cena

Chris Benoit defeated Big Show

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Guest PoEtRyInMoTiOn

4th April 2003

Steve Austin unhappy

Steve Austin publicly said in an interview for a radio show recently that he is unhappy to be feuding with somebody as low on the card as Randy Orton. Whether the feud will go on is not known at this moment.

Credit: PWInsider

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Guest PoEtRyInMoTiOn

5th April 2003

Backlash poster releaved

IPB Image

Both main events for the PPV have already been confirmed (Booker/Triple H and Lesnar/Benoit) but little is known about what role Kevin Nash (shown in the background) will play towards Backlash.

Credit: PWInsider

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Guest PoEtRyInMoTiOn

7th April 2003

Raw's main event confirmed

WWE.com can confirm that tonight on Raw we will see a tag team contest, as Booker T teams with Shawn Michaels to take on Triple H and Chris Jericho. This is sure to be a classic match, don't miss it!

Credit: WWE.com

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Guest PoEtRyInMoTiOn

IPB Image

April 7th 2003

Raw comes on air with a recap of last week’s shocking main event, which saw Kevin Nash return to a beating at the hands of Triple H, as well as Booker T earning a World Heavyweight Championship shot for Backlash. Raw then opens up with the same loud pyro that’s seen every week, and the camera rotating around showing the excited fans in the arena. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler then announce to the fans watching at home the tag team contest between Booker T/Shawn Michaels and Triple H/Chris Jericho, that’s set to take place tonight. Victoria’s entrance music hit the PA, and the psychotic diva made her way down to the ring, as Lillian announced that the match would be a non-title match. Then, Trish Stratus made her way down to the ring to huge a huge reaction from the fans, and the match got under way. The match started off quite fast, with Trish Stratus countering everything that Victoria threw at her, frustrating Victoria. The whole match changed after Trish hit a Stratusphere, setting up for a Stratusfaction. As she bounced on the top rope, Victoria countered into a devastating Sidewalk Slam, driving Trish into the mat. For the next few minutes Victoria was in control of the match, with Trish getting little-to-none offence whatsoever. The ending came about seven minutes into the match as Victoria went for the Widow’s Peak, but Trish Stratus managed to counter with a rollup. Just as everybody thought that Trish had the match won, Stevie Richards leant under the bottom rope and held both hands of Victoria, helping her push her body up and get Trish’s shoulders down in a roll-up, gaining a cheap three-count to kick off Raw.

Jerry Lawler: Victoria is defiantly sending across her message that she wants a shot at the Woman’s championship.

Jim Ross: And it doesn’t look as if she cares how she wins it – she just wants the gold around her waist once again.

The camera then cuts to backstage, where Chris Jericho walks into Eric Bischoff’s office with an angry look on his face.

Eric Bischoff: Hey Chris, what can I do for you?

Chris Jericho; What can you do for me? I’ll tell you what you can do for me! Last week Shawn Michaels interfered and cost me my match against Booker T, you saw what he did! It’s simple what I want; I want that damn has-been out of my life! I want you to fire his ass on the spot, I want him off of the roster, and if not… I’m walking out of Raw!

Eric Bischoff: Well, you know what Chris? I’m not just gonna fire him. I want you to show me ho much you want him gone. So on the 20th of April, at Backlash, you will go one on one against ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels, in a ladder match. Above the ring will hang a case, with a contract inside – a contract that will seal the other superstar’s fate. Incase you don’t already know what I’m talking about Chris, I’ll sum it up for you in three simple words – Loser Leaves Town. Now, if you’d like to leave my office, I have a show to run.

Jim Ross: Did you hear that King!?!

Jerry Lawler: Yes I did, Loser Leaves Town!

Jim Ross: That means that after Backlash, either Shawn Michaels or Chris Jericho will no longer be part of the Raw roster!

Raw comes back from it’s first commercial break, to yet another promo hyping up the signing of Goldberg. As it comes to an end, the camera cuts to Jim Ross and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, who give an update on Kevin Nash.

Jim Ross: Well, ladies and gentlemen, last week Kevin Nash was taken out by a sickening attack by ‘The Cerebral Assassin’ Triple H. All that we know right now is that Nash suffered a concussion at the hands of the World Heavyweight Champion, we’ll try to give you more information as it’s released.

Triple H’s entrance music hits the PA, and the World Heavyweight Champion makes his way down to the ring in his suit. He gets into the ring, and grabs a microphone off of Lillian Garcia, beginning to speak.

Triple H: Last week, almost as I had finally put Booker T out of the title contention, one man had to ruin the party. One man had to come and ruin it all, getting that drug-dealing punk another shot at my championship. That man was Kevin Nash. Now I taught Kevin a little lesson, and-

Suddenly, to the crowds’ shock, Kevin Nash’s music hits the PA. The fans popped as Triple H had a scared look on his face. Moments later, a midget dressed as Kevin Nash walks through the curtain, receiving some boos and some laughs from the crowd in the arena. Triple H keeps up the act well, looking intimidated as the midget made his way into the ring. The midget stared up at Triple H, and hit him in the gut a few times, Triple H reacting to it like he would a punch from Nash. After a few minutes of mocking Nash, Aich suddenly booted the midget in the head, almost knocking him out. He then dragged him to his feet, pulling him off of his feet in a pedigree position and driving the midget into the mat. The fans boo as the little man lays motionless in the middle of the ring. Aich then picks up the microphone again.

Triple H: Last week, I beat Kevin Nash to a bloody pulp, and put him into the hospital. And Kevin, let me tell you something – I’m giving you a chance to step down, never be heard from again, and things can be the same between us. If that’s not good enough for you, if you come back, then I’ll do the same thing – only this time, I’ll end your damn career!

Triple H drops the microphone and leaves the ring, the fans booing him as he walks up the entrance ramp.

Jim Ross: Strong words from the World Heavyweight Champion, there.

Jerry Lawler: And if Triple H says that he’s going to do something, then there’s a high chance that he’ll do it. If Kevin Nash does come back with his focus on Triple H, then Triple H will try to end his career.

Jim Ross: I don’t doubt it King, but I think it’s gonna take more than words to convince Kevin Nash to stay out of Triple H’s business. Last week Triple H beat the hell out of Kevin Nash, and I’d bet my house that Kevin Nash wants revenge.

Raw comes back from a commercial break, and Jeff Hardy’s music hits the PA, and the exciting superstar makes his way down to the ring. As he is in the ring, Evolution’s music begins to play, and Randy Orton makes his way to the ring accompanied by Ric Flair and Batista. The match starts off slow with a lock up, and a lot of cruiserweight-like technical moves and counters. As the match went on there were some high-spots on both men’s parts. This turned out to be a surprisingly good match, one of the best of the night, as Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton showed good chemistry in the ring. After a good fifteen minutes or so, the match finished after Jeff Hardy hit an Extreme Twist of Fate on Randy Orton, and went up to the top rope for the Swanton, begin pulled down by Ric Flair onto a sitting position. Randy Orton then took advantage as he powerslammed Hardy from the turnbuckle and quickly hooked the leg, getting the three count with a handful of tights. As Randy Orton celebrated in the ring with Flair and Batista, the fans went crazy as Steve Austin ran down the entrance ramp, hitting both Flair and Batista with Stone Cold Stunners as Randy Orton hops out of the ring, running up the ramp to avoid the Texas Rattlesnake.

Jim Ross: It looks as if Stone Cold Steve Austin wants some retribution for what Orton said to him last week.

Jerry Lawler: Can you blame him? If I were Austin I’d want a piece of Evolution.

After another commercial break, Maven is in the ring, warming up for the coming match. Lance Storm and Chief Morley’s music hits the sounds system, and both men make their way down to the ring, Lance Storm set to be in action. This wasn’t a greatly entertaining match, but not horrible either. At some points of the match it looked like Maven might be able to get a win, getting so many near falls that it was hard to count. Maven showed potential in this match, though it also kind of looked like Lance Storm was carrying him through it at other times. Lance Storm managed to get the win after he avoided a big Dropkick, quickly following up with a Superkick for the three count. All in all, quite a good match to put the tag team champions over – it as clearly nothing more than that, though.

Jim Ross: Well, up next ladies and gentlemen, we will see a tables match to decide the number one contenders for those World Tag Team Championships!

Jerry Lawler: That’s sure to be a classic, JR!

Jim Ross: Indeed, and the rules are simple – there will be three teams, and the first elimination will occur when one superstar from any team is put through a table. When one superstar from any team is put through a table, him and his partner are immediately eliminated. That would leave the other two teams in the match, and as soon as one competitors from either team is put through a table, the other team will be the winners.

Jerry Lawler: I can’t wait!

As Raw comes back from a short Backlash advertisement, highlighting the Booker T/Triple H feud, the Three Minute Warning’s entrance music plays, and Rosey and Jamal make their way to the ring accompanied by Rico. Moments later, the Dudley Boyz make their way to the ring, and finally, Kane and RVD. The match started off with the Dudleyz, Rob Van Dam and Kane all teaming up to try and take out Rosey and Jamal. After Kane and D-Von team up, clotheslining Jamal over the top rope as RVD and Bubba Ray do the same to Rosey, the two teams in the ring then square off. After a good few minutes a decent, exciting wrestling action, as Bubba and D-Von go for an Irish whip on RVD, Jamal low-bridges him and RVD flies over the top rope to the outside. For the next few moments Three Minute Warning double team on RVD as the Dudley Boyz team on Kane. The match continues, the fans on their feet in excitement for almost the whole match. The match picks up as the D-Von hits his flying Headbutt to the groin of RVD, Bubba then telling him to get the tables. D-Von set up two tables, side-by-side on the outside of the ring as Bubba sets RVD up on the tables. D-Von goes to the top rope, but before he dives through the tables RVD rolled back into the ring to safety. Just moments later, as Jamal and Rosey went for a double suplex from the apron through both tables to Kane, Kane counters with a knee to the gut of Jamal, then grabbing him around the throat. He does the same to Rosey, and then amazingly lifts both men up and chokeslams them both through the two tables on the outside!

Jerry Lawler: Oh my god!

Jim Ross: And there’s the first elimination! Three Minute Warning are out, leaving the teams of Rob Van Dam and Kane and the Dudley Boyz!

Kane quickly got back into the ring, saving RVD from a Dudley Device through a set up table in the ring. The match continued, edge-of-the-seat action from start to finish. The match for RVD and Kane took a turn for the worse as Kane climbed to the top rope, going for a flying clothesline. Rico distracted him, while the eliminated Rose and Jamal pulled him off of the top rope to the outside of the ring. They completely dominated him for the coming minutes while the Dudley Boyz continued to try and put RVD through a table in the ring, RVD narrowly avoiding on a number of times. On the outside, Three Minute Warning continued to dominate, Rosey connecting with a Samoan Drop through the Spanish announce table! Kane is left motionless as RVD looks to the outside of the ring with a pissed off look on his face. Van Dam then turned around, walking straight into a 3D through a table, ending the match. This match stole the show, without a doubt the best of the night. After The Dudley Boyz had made their way up the entrance ramp, Kane got back into the ring and tried to help RVD up. RVD pushed Kane away, apparently mad at Kane. RVD tried to confront Kane, who just walked away from RVD and made his way up the entrance ramp.

Jim Ross: Why the hell should RVD be mad at Kane? There was absolutely nothing that he could do.

Raw returns from it’s final commercial break, and it shows Kane walking through a corridor backstage. Rob Van Dam catches up with him, grabbing him by the shoulder and spinning him around.

Rob Van Dam: Dude, what the hell happened out there?

Kane: I don’t know what you’re talking about, Rob.

Rob Van Dam: I think you know damn well what I’m talking about Kane. We could’ve won that match, we would’ve won that match. So I’m getting the crap beaten out of me by The Dudleyz, and I’m like, “Where the hell is Kane?” Then I looked over, and I saw you on the outside of the ring, not doing a thing about it. I got 3Ded through the table, and you didn’t do a damn thing about it.

Kane: What the hell are you talk-

Suddenly, Kane is jumped by Three Minute Warning. Rob Van Dam looks on for a few seconds as Rosey and Jamal batter on Kane’s fallen body, before he walks away from what’s happening. The fans boo at RVD’s actions, but just as it looks as if RVD has turned his back on his partner, he comes running back and takes out Rosey with a big chair shot to the head! He then throws the chair into Jamal’s hands, and hits him with a VanDaminator, booting the steel chair into the face of Jamal. He then kneels down, tending to his partner, Kane.

Jim Ross: I guess RVD’s real loyalties are with his partner, Kane.

Shawn Michaels’ music then hits the sound system; the fans know that it’s time for the main event. Michaels struts down to the ring, before his partner, Booker T’s music begin to play. Booker T gets in the ring, and as Chris Jericho’s entrance music begins to play, Booker and Shawn discuss their match plans. Jericho waits on the outside for his partner, who shortly after makes his entrance. The match kicks off with Booker T and Chris Jericho, who lock up and start the match quickly. Frequent tags happen between Jericho and Aich, who do a good job isolating Booker T, weakening him down. About eight minutes into the match, Booker T gets his first tag to Michaels, who has adrenaline build up. He takes down Jericho and Triple H, staying in the match for a number of minutes while Booker T rested. The rest of the match was quite exciting, good action, not quite as exciting as the previous table match but it still kept the fan happy. The match ended when Triple H went for a Pedigree on Booker T, who managed to counter into a big Book End. As he went for the cover Jericho tried to break it, but his face was met with the boot of Shawn Michaels! Booker T got the three count, and the fans were on their feet.

Jerry Lawler: Booker T and Shawn Michaels get the win!

Jim Ross: And will that be the fate of the two at Backlash!?

Triple H and Chris Jericho make their way up the ramp, looking pissed off. The shot then goes to Booker T and Shawn Michaels, with smiles on their faces. Raw then goes off of the air.

Result Round-Up

Victoria defeated Trish Stratus

Randy Orton defeated Jeff Hardy

Lance Storm w/Chief Morley defeated Maven

Dudley Boyz defeated Kane & RVD and Three Minute Warning w/Rico

Booker T & Shawn Michaels defeated Triple H & Chris Jericho

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Guest PoEtRyInMoTiOn

Michael Cole needs to step up

8th April 2003

According to UPN and the creative team at WWE, Michael Cole needs to step up in his announcing quality. Stephanie McMahon told Pro Wrestling Insider, "We have recently been very disappointed with Michael Cole's announcing. Even with Michael's long-term relationship with World Wrestling Entertainment, it is possible that if the quality of his announcing doesn't step up soon, SmackDown! will be looking for a new play-by-play commentator."

Credit: PWInsider

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Guest PoEtRyInMoTiOn

New Development Stars

10th April 2003

World Wrestling Entertainment is happy to reveal the signing of four talents, who will be debuting in Ohio Vally Wrestling soon and maybe given a chance to wrestle for WWE in the future. These four stars are Ken Anderson, Carly Colon, Johnny Jeter and Mike Mizanin. WWE hopes that these superstars will go far in OVW.

Also, as of yesterday OVW star Mark Jindrak was released, after the release of Johnny Stamboli, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire all of who were friends with Jindrak. There are also two or three OVW superstars that having been promoted to WWE, and will be making teir debuts in the near future.

Credit: PWInsider

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Guest PoEtRyInMoTiOn

IPB Image

April 10th 2003

SmackDown opened up with a bang as the usually loud pyro went off around the entrance ramp area. Michael Cole and Tazz introduced SmackDown to the fans watching at home, announcing that tonight we would see a tag team contest between Team Angle and Brock Lesnar, teaming up with a partner of his choice. The show then began as Billy Kidman’s entrance music hit the PA, and the cruiserweight made his way down to the ring. His entrance music was followed moments later by Matt Hardy’s, and the champion made his way down to the ring, accompanied by Shannon Moore. The match started off quickly, very entertaining, with Shannon Moore surprisingly not getting involved in the match. As the match went on, neither man really dominated much, there were a lot of high-spots, keeping the fans entertained from start to finish. The match ended after Billy Kidman successfully hit the BK Bomb, going to the top rope for the Shooting Star Press. As he stood up on the top rope, Matt Hardy quickly got to his feet and shook the ropes, knocking Kidman from the top down to the mat. Matt Hardy then taunted behind Kidman, setting up for a Twist of Fate, and getting a three count. Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore celebrated the victory, with “MYSTERIO!” chants building up. All in all, a great match in which both superstars performed excellently, possibly even a show-stealer. Great way to kick the show off.

Michael Cole: Billy Kidman just came up short there.

Tazz: Yeah, I’m betting that Kidman is disappointed with that loss.

Michael Cole: Well, I hear that we have somebody backstage trying to get a few words with the new number one contender for the WWE Champion, Chris Benoit.

Chris Benoit stands backstage next to the Japanese announcer, Funaki.

Funaki: Ladies and gentlemen, I am joined at this moment by none other than the new number one contender for the WWE Championship, Chris Benoit! Chris, last week you defeated the Big Show in a match that was very important for you career. How did it feel to stand in that ring and shake Brock Lesnar’s hand, knowing that next Sunday you will be going one-on-one against him for his WWE Championship?

Chris Benoit: It felt great. I was honoured that I am being given the chance to take on one of the toughest that WWE has to offer, and that I’m being given the chance to take him on for the biggest prize of them all. But you see, there’s more than respect between me and Brock – there’s a mutual friendship. I’m excited to be going one-on-one with Brock Lesnar for his WWE Championship, but when all I said and done, whatever the outcome of the match, me and Brock Lesnar will shake hands, and be happy that we stole the show.

SmackDown came back from it’s first commercial break, and Nunzio was already standing in the ring as his entrance music played, waiting for his opponent. Suddenly, Tajiri’s entrance music played, and the Japanese Buzzsaw made his way down to the ring. As did the opening contest, this match started off very fast, with neither man on top. Tajiri seemed to score constant near-falls, which eventually got to Nunzio, who went outside and grabbed a steel chair. As he swung for Tajiri’s head, Tajiri ducked and the steel chair bounces off of the top rope, hitting Nunzio square in the forehead! Tajiri quickly applied the Tarantula on the stunned Nunzio, landing on the apron as he released the hold and getting back into the ring. Tajiri then went for his green mist, but Nunzio ducked and the mist went into the referee’s eyes! As Tajiri was shocked at what he had done, he turned around and walked straight into a chair shot from Nunzio! Nunzio then went to the top rope, as the referee began to recover. As both the referee and Tajiri got to their feet, Nunzio jumped off and connected with a Sicillian Slice for the three count. Although there seemed little point to the match, Nunzio and Tajiri displayed good chemistry for the second week in a row, and kept the fans excited following a great opening match.

Michael Cole: Tajiri does not look happy with being screwed out of that match.

Tazz: I know both of these guys very well from back in ECW, and if I know Tajiri a well as I think I know him, this won’t be the end.

SmackDown then cut to yet another backstage segment, Brock Lesnar is standing in his locker room alone in a non-wrestling attire. He get out his cell phone and dials a number, then holding the cell to his mouth, waiting for whoever he is ringing to pick up.

Brock Lesnar: Taker, this is Brock. Listen, I’m still looking for a partner for my match tonight against Team Angle, so if you get a chance call me back when you get this. Thanks.

Brock Lesnar then closes the cell, with an annoyed look on his face as he still needs a partner for the tag team match coming up tonight.

After a short advertisement for WWE’s coming Pay Per View, Backlash, SmackDown came back and John Cena was in the ring awaiting the arrival of his opponent. Suddenly, Nathan Jones’ entrance music hit the PA and a look of fear came across John Cena’s face as the psychotic newcomer made his way down to the ring. The match started off with John Cena going for an attack on Nathan Jones, but it having no effect on him. From the point where Nathan Jones just shoved Cena from his feet to the mat in the opening moments, to the end of the match, Nathan Jones dominated. A below-average match, really, as the two somewhat inexperienced superstars botched a lot of moves, and failed to keep the fans entertained. The finish to the match came less than four minutes in, when Nathan Jones followed up a big boot with a Chokeslam similar to the at of his mentor, The Undertaker. All in all, the match was quite sloppy, and slightly bought the fans’ mood down.

Tazz: Nathan Jones showing shades of The Undertaker there.

Michael Cole: And as you said last week Tazz, with The Undertaker teaching him, Nathan Jones could be the next big thing. I wouldn’t want to be his next opponent.

SmackDown came back from a commercial break, and The Big Show’s entrance music hit the sound system, he and A-Train making their way to the ring. Moments later, Los Guerreros made their way o the ring to their entrance music, as Lillian Garcia announced that the winners would face Team Angle for the Tag Team Championships on next week’s SmackDown. The match started off slowly, with the two bigger men – A-Train and Big Show – showing slight signs of domination in the opening minutes. Frequent tags from Big Show and A-Train meant that they constantly had a fresh man in, as they kept Chavo Guerrero away from tagging in Eddie. Around five minutes into the match Chavo managed to get a tag to Eddie, who quickly took out A-Train with a hat trick of rolling suplexes. It wasn’t long before Big Show got himself involved though, and A-Train and Big Show got on the offence again. All in all this was a great match, with a few high-risk moves on Eddie and Chavo Guerrero’s part, which kept most of the fans excited from start to finish. The match came to an end when Eddie Guerrero knocked A-Train off of the apron, Chavo Guerrero distracting the referee, as Eddie kicked Big Show right between the legs. As the referee turned around, Eddie fell to the floor and acted knocked out cold, as Big Show rolled around holding his crotch. Eddie convincingly climbed to the top rope and hit a Frog Splash, earning him and Chavo a shot at the tag team championships. An entertaining match, and the ending got a huge reaction from the fans, putting over Los Guerreros.

Michael Cole: Los Guerreros lying, cheating and stealing for the victory.

Tazz: It’s a family tradition, Cole.

Michael Cole: And the late great Gory Guerrero is proud of them.

For the second time of the night, WWE Champion Brock Lesnar is shown backstage, this time walking down a corridor. He finds the door that he wants and knocks, whoever is inside telling him to come in. Brock Lesnar opened the door and inside stood Rey Mysterio lacing up the bottom of his mask.

Brock Lesnar: Rey, listen, have you got a second?

Rey Mysterio: Sure, what’s up?

Brock Lesnar: Well, I have a match coming up in not too long against Team Angle, and I still don’t have a partner. I was just wondering if you’re up for a match tonight.

Rey Mysterio: Ooh, sorry man, I just talked to Stephanie McMahon and got myself a match with that coward Shannon Moore.

Brock Lesnar: Alright then, thanks anyway.

Rey Mysterio: Good luck finding a partner man.

Brock Lesnar exits the room, and then leans against it with a frustrated expression on his face.

Michael Cole: Brock Lesnar’s match is not too long away, and he still hasn’t found a partner!

Tazz: It may be a case of Brock having to wrestle Tam Angle alone tonight!

SmackDown cut back to a shot of the ringside area, and Matt Hardy’s entrance music hit the PA. Instead of Matt Hardy, though, Shannon Moore came through the curtain and made his way down to the ring, being welcomes with a chorus off boos. Moments later, the familier, quiet sound was heard throughout the arena, as Rey Mysterio’s pyro went off and he made his way down to the ring. The match started off very fast paced, with a lot of cruiserweight-like moves going on from both Mysterio and Moore. The match wasn’t the best of the night, but was a lot better and more entertaining than many fans imagined, with Shannon Moore performing better than he has ever really done in his past WWE matches. It was quite a quick match, with the finish coming not too far in as Shannon Moore went for a Super Kick, countered into drop toehold and quickly followed up with a 619 and West Coast Pop for the three count. However, it was a good match, and Shannon Moore proved to many that he could perform without Matt Hardy. The match was really used to try and give Shannon Moore a slight push, and show fans that he’s more than just a sidekick, as well as a way of continuing the ongoing feud between Matt Hardy and Rey Mysterio.

Tazz: Rey Mysterio has defeated the loyal MFer, now he’s after Matt Hardy and his cruiserweight championship!

Before SmackDown cut to it’s final commercial break of the night, a short, slightly amusing segment took place backstage. Hulk Hogan was walking down a hall in his usual attire holding a sports bag, when suddenly Chris Kanyon smacked him across the back with a steel chair. Hulk Hogan immediately span around, not selling the chair shot, and Kanyon immediately dropped the weapon and ran out of Hogan’s site. Everybody was very confused by the segment, but got a few laughs out of it.

SmackDown returned from it’s final commercial break, and as Kurt Angle’s entrance music hit the PA, Team Angle made their way down to the ring wearing the WWE Tag Team Championships around their waist. As they entered the ring, WWE Champion Brock Lesnar’s entrance music began to play throughout the arena, the fans immediately getting to their feet and giving Brock a standing ovation for his performance at WrestleMania XIX, defeating Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship. As Brock got to the end of the walkway, he stood at ringside, not entering the ring yet as the fans and Team Angle awaited the arrival of Brock’s partner.

Michael Cole: I wonder if he managed to find a partner, Tazz.

Suddenly, Chris Benoit’s entrance music hit the PA, and the fans gave an even bigger pop as the number one contender for Brock Lesnar’s WWE Championship made his way from out of the curtain in a wrestling attire and down to ringside where he joined Brock Lesnar.

Tazz: It’s Chris Benoit!

Michael Cole: Chris Benoit will be teaming up with Brock Lesnar to take on Team Angle!

Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit slid into the ring, a mini-brawl breaking out between all four competitors. After about half a minute Brock Lesnar clotheslined Charlie Haas over the top rope and then went to the outside to join him, the match starting off between Chris Benoit and Shelton Benjamin as Haas and Lesnar fought on the outside. The match went on like this for a while, both Benoit and Benjamin showing great athletic ability while Brock Lesnar completely manhandled Charlie Haas on the outside. After about five minutes Brock Lesnar got up onto the apron, and frequent tagging began between Lesnar and Benoit, an obvious chemistry between the two. After not too long Haas got up to the apron and the match really kicked off, frequent tagging between both teams, quite an open and exciting match where Team Angle proved that they can hang with the big boys. At points of the match it seemed as if there was heat between Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit as they got into small arguments throughout the match, but continued as good partners. The match ended when Brock Lesnar F5ed Charlie Haas in the middle of the ring, then tagging in Chris Benoit who hit a Diving Headbutt for the finish.

Michael Cole: They did it! Chris Benoit and Brock Lesnar show just how good they can get along, despite having to face each other in ten days at Backlash.

The show faded out in a similar situation to last week, as Benoit and Lesnar shook hands, followed by a staredown.

Result Round-Up

Matt Hardy defeated Billy Kidman

Nunzio defeated Tajiri

Nathan Jones defeated John Cena

Los Guerreros defeated Big Show & A-Train

Rey Mysterio defeated Shannon Moore

Brock Lesnar & Chris Benoit defeated Team Angle

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