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Now, before I begin I would like to make a few things clear.

Number 1, I am doing this for your entertainment (and to cure my boredom as of late). If you don't like the diary, I can certainly accept your opinion. I'm 100% open to some constructive criticism and will use it to make this diary better. However, flaming and other "B.S" replies will simply be ignored. And While I can obviously do nothing about them, I can assure you, you're just going to look like an asshole.

Numero 2, This diary is not 100% historically accurate as it pertains to ECW in this time period. I don't find this too big of a burden, but some will. So please, bear with me. I'm not sure when my scenario is based, but I'm going to take over in the story as of Dec 1st, 1997. The champions are accurate for the time period. (Although other than Shane Douglas beat Bam Bam for the title, we're kind of going to ignore November 2 Remember 97).

So basically if you're interested in keeping an open mind and just enjoying a different course for ECW through the late 1990's, keep reading. I have a pretty extensive knowledge of ECW from it's infancy to it's prime, so we're not running blind here.

This diary doesn't have much of a back story. We're going to be looking at ECW through the eyes of a fan. The shows will be written almost like a script. There will be dirt sheet reports and interesting news bits throughout. And you'll see I've made a few altercations to the roster.




ECW World Champion

Shane Douglas

ECW Television Champion


ECW World Tag Team Champions

Tracy Smothers & Guido


Al Snow

Bam Bam Big elow

Buh Buh Ray Dudley

Chris Candido

Chris Chetti

Christopher Daniels

Danny Doring

Devon Storm

Donovan Morgan

Doug Furnas

Doug Williams

D-Von Dudley


Jimmy Noble

Jerry Lynn

Justin Credible

Kid Kash

Lance Storm

Michael Modest

Mikey Whipwreck

New Jack

Phil LaFon



Rob Van Dam


Shane Douglas

Simon Diamond

Skull Von Crush

Spike Dudley

Steve Corino

Super Crazy


The Blue Meanie

The Blue Nova

The Sandman

Tommy Dreamer

Tracy Smothers

Yoshihiro Tajiri


Bill Alfonso - (Rob Van Dam)

Francine - (Shane Douglas)

Joel Gertner

Paul Heyman


ECW Hardcore TV

Saturday Nights @ 11:30 PM

Only on America One!

The first Hardcore TV should be in soon
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Static fills the screen and quickly clears revealing Shane Douglas with the ECW World Title around his waist, along with Francine ...

Douglas: "Look at me, Francine. I'm living the dream. I'm the World Champion. I have the hottest woman in the business. And .. I ... know something ... THEY don't know." *laughter* "I've got one up on all the insiders, the locker room, the fans, and everyone here at ECW."

*placing the title on his shoulder*

"You see, this title comes with a price. A big one. When you're the best wrestler in the whole damn industry you've got a target right on your back. So, I've used some of my "World Champ" perks to make sure that my belt stays right where it belongs." *laughter*


Do What Tastes Right

We come back from the break and the action has already started in the ring...

Danny Doring vs Skull Von Crush

Doring with a knee to the gut. Doring hits a hard snap suplex onto the canvas. Goes for the cover. 1 .. kickout. Doring puts Crush into a headlock. Crush pushes Doring into the ropes. Clothesline ducked by Doring. Doring connects with a clothesline of his own. Some kicks to the chest of the lying Crush, and Doring hits the ropes. Fistdrop by Doring. Danny Doring picks up Von Crush but gets hit with a right hand to the stomach. Fallaway slam by Von Crush. The pin only gets a 2 count. Crush complains to the ref as he picks up Doring. Doring goes over the head of Von Crush on his suplex. Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am! 1.2.3

Winner: Danny Doring via pinfall

After the commercial Spike Dudley is making his way around the ring to AC/DC, slapping the hands of fans. He enters the ring ..

Spike Dudley vs Rhino

Spike comes at Rhino hard with rights and lefts to the gut, hardly phasing him. A left from Rhino sends Spike flying. He quickly gets back to his feet and charges at Rhino. A clothesline barely budges Rhino. Spike gets more leverage bouncing off the ropes this time and meets a powerslam by Rhino! Rhino covers Spike but only gets two as he picks up Spike by his hair.

Styles: Oh come on. He's just toying with him now ..

After a brief struggle Rhino goes for a "HYUUUUUGGGEEE" atomic drop, but Spike reverses, running up the turnbuckles for the Acid Drop!

Styles: Huh? ...no. Really?!

1...2...Rhino kicks out after two. Spike is on his feet, half in shock as Rhino comes to his feet. Spike composes himself and goes for a second Acid Drop but is thrown halfway across the ring by Rhino! Rhino is waiting in the corner, lurking as Spike slowly makes his way to his feet. Rhino charges and spears Spike to the mat! Rhino places his hands on Spike's chest as the ref makes the 3 count.

Winner: Rhino via ... death? (pinfall)

Styles: I think .... I think he just broke Spike in two. Yeah, Spike isn't even moving ... someone help.

Backstage Taz is in the locker room with his ECW TV title next to him and a towel over his head. Justin Credible enters the picture...

Justin Credible: That's a nice little chunk of gold you got there. What's it gonna take to get that off your hands?

*lifting his head*

Taz: A helluva lot more than you can spare.

*Credible looks Taz up and down and walks out of view, half smiling*

We come back from commercial while Chris Candido and Lance Storm are making their way to the ring. The F.B.I.'s music hits, and they make their way out to the ring.

Joey Styles: Yeah, Nashville, Italy. IS SMOTHERS EVEN ITALIAN?! God .. and what the hell is with that god damn dance?!

ECW Tag Team Titles

Guido & Tracey Smothers © vs Chris Candido & Lance Storm

Guido and Candido start things up with a lockup. Guido is irish-whipped into the ropes. Leapfrog by Guido. Candido bends over for the backdrop but eats Guido's boot instead. Guido slams Candido and wisely holds onto Chris' arm as he tags in Smothers. Smothers and Guido puts the boots to Candido, which draws Lance Storm from his corner. While the referee tries to stop Storm, Smothers chokes out Candido. The ref turns back to Candido and Smothers, giving Storm the chance to attack Smothers with a boot to the side of the head. Storm backs off to his corner, having given Candido his opportunity to recover. Both men return to their feet and Candido whips Smothers into the turnbuckles. Candido props Smothers on the top turnbuckle, but Tracey Smothers retaliates with a few right hands to send Candido back a few feet. Smothers comes back down and Candido ducks a clothesline. Candido suplexes Smothers. Candido tags in Storm and they get their chance to put the boots to Smothers. Guido gets in the way, only to trade blows with Candido. Guido is sent to the outside by Candido. Storm and Smothers are locked up when Storm lets go. Smothers is grabbed from behind by Candido and Lance Storm connects with Tracey Smothers mouth on a brutal superkick. Chris Candido keeps Guido from coming back to the ring and Lance Storm makes the pin. 1 .. 2 .. 3.

Winners (and new ECW Tag Team Champions): Chris Candido and Lance Storm via pinfall

Candido and Storm celebrate in the ring as the static cuts in, ending the show.

[out of character .. or whatever.]

Well, I guess that could have been better, but it's what I got for now. Matches are harder to write than I thought. I hate sounding repetitive when I write, but in this situation I guess it's sort of out of my hands.

Enjoy, nonetheless.

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ECW Hardcore TV


Static cuts in and out and we see Guido backstage talking with tag team partner Tracey Smothers.

Tracy Smothers: Yeah, but Guido. It don't gotta be like THIS. I mean .. there's gotta be somethin' we could do.

Guido: Y'know what? Yerright. It don't gotta be like this!

Smothers: Ya, see Guido! Wawawawawait ... what are you plannin'?

Guido: Yer gunna love it!

Smothers: Okay den, tell me already. C'mon.

Guido: You, Tracy Smothers, gunna manage ME! GUIDO! I love it Tracy, I love it. Every big name makes it in singles, you know that! I can see it, now, GUIDO with Tracy Smothers. I'm gonna go down with all the Italian greats! Bruno Samartino, David Samartino .. umm

Smothers: Sal Bellomo?

Guido: Nonono I aint goin' down like that, Tracy.

Caesers Palace

Make Caesers Palace Your Vacation Destination!

We come back from the commercial break and ...

Simon Diamond: Simon has a problem! I am absolutely sick and tired of Philadelphia. I'm sick of the Phillies *cheers gets a smug look*. I'm sick of the 76ers and the Flyers. *cheers gets an eyeroll*. And I'm especially sick of losers like the Phi..

"Loser" hits the P.A. sysem as Mikey Whipwreck makes his way out to the ring.

Mikey Whipwreck vs Simon Diamond

Lockup. Hammerlock by Diamond gets reversed by Whipwreck. Diamond pushes Whipwreck into the turnbuckle. Hip-toss by Diamond. Hammerlock is back on Whipwreck. Diamond slaps Whipwreck around and Whipwreck responds with a few well placed elbows. Bulldog by Whipwreck gets a 2 count. Irish whip by Whipwreck, and another hip toss. Kick to the gut by Mikey. Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge sends Diamond down hard. 1. 2. Another kickout. Whipwreck gets up and is tripped by Diamond. Diamond hits a low blow on Mikey. Firemans carry into a seated rear chin lock by Diamond. Diamond drives his knee into Whipwrecks back. Diamond let's go and picks Mikey up. Bodyslam is reversed and Whipwreck pushes Diamond into the ropes Diamond goes backward and falls into the roll-up! 1 .. 2 ... 3!

Winner: Mikey Whipwreck via pinfall

After the match Simon Diamond is complaining to the referee, accusing Mikey of having his tights. The referee ignores Simon. Such disrespect is apparently warrant for a beating as Simon slaps the referee around before leaving.

We come back from a commercial and ..Bruce Prichard is in the ring?

Joey Styles: Hey! Is that who I think ... is that Brother Love?

*already in progress*

Bruce Prichard: ...well, let's keep in consideation most of the people watching this show, and most of the people here are a bunch of internet nerds. You all know who I am and where I come from. But, unlike some other "superstars", I'm not here to whine about my experiences in the BIG LEAGUES. I'm here to bring my clients, the greatest possible success. *booos .. im assuming because he used to be Brother Love?* But enough about myself, I would like to bring out the man I BROUGHT to ECW. A man who now needs no introduction ... Rhiiiino!

Bruce Prichard stands toward the entrance waiting for Rhino's music to come on. But instead we heard AC/DC! Spike Dudley is making his way to the ring holding his ribs. He climbs into the ring and takes the microphone from. After a few seconds he doesn't say anything ...

dudley_spike.jpg (yeah.)

Spike drops the mic and kicks Prichard in the gut. He sets him up and hits the Acid Drop! Rhino is running down to the ring! Spike rolls out and jumps the barrier into the crowd! Rhino is left with his manager in the ring as Spike waves, walking away into the crowd.

Back from another commercial and newcomer Michael Modest is in the ring. "Walk" by Pantera plays in the ECW Arena and Rob Van Dam makes his way to the ring with Bill Alfonso ...

Joey Styles: Oh wonderful. If Van Dam weren't enough, Bill Alfonso has to come along, too ...blowing that damn whistle.

Rob Van Dam vs Michael Modest

RVD starts off quick with an irish whip and a leapfrog. RVD hits the ground and uses his feet to send Modest flying over the top of him. Leg drop by RVD. *thumbs* RVD runs against the ropes and attempts the Rolling Thunder, but Modest has rolled to the outside as RVD catches himself mid-move. Modest is gaining his composure as RVD flies through the air, to the outside with a suicide dive. Modest and RVD both crash into the guardrail, sending it back a foot or two and causing the crowd to erupt in a "EC-DUB" chant" RVD is on his feet first and grabs a steel chair from ringside. Just as Modest is getting to his feet he's doubled over by a chair to the gut. RVD hands the chair to Fonzie, who holds the chair in front of Modest's face. RVD jumps to the ring apron and hits the Van Daminator off of the ring apron! Modest has a small cut on his forehead. He is rolled back into the ring by RVD, who then climbs the turnbuckles, *thumbs* 5 STAR FROG SPLASH! Fonzie goes crazy with the whistle and the ref counts to 3.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Fonzie gets on the mic ..

Bill Alfonso: Yeah, baby! R V D *thumbs*. We'll take anyone baby! Taz, you're next daddy! *whistles*

Last commercial ...

Back in the ring Shane Douglas is standing with the World Title around his waist and Francine at his side, rubbing the title. He has the mic in his hands (hmmm?)

Shane Douglas:*boos in the background* Oh, I'm sorry. Don't you all understand yet? You can't be me, you can't have her and you'll never, ever have this belt. *laughs* But I came out here for a reason. I've been getting bored, sitting back there in the locker room watching a bunch of no talent punks take up TV time. So I've decided I was going to come out and issue a challenge. Not just anyone. I want someone who's "extreme". Someone who will give me a challenge. Someone tough as nails. Someone the fans would love to see me go toe to toe with. *crowd cheering* Yeah, that's right. Get out here. C'mon.

Francine looks worried and is trying to stop Douglas.

Douglas: CHRIS CHETTI. GET OUT HERE RIGHT NOW! *Douglas and Francine both laughing and the crowd booing* C'mon! I said I wanted a challenge. I said I wanted tough! Get out he ..

"Enter Sandman" is blaring! The Sandman makes his way through the crowd with a beer (or six), a cigarette and his trusy cane. By the time he gets to the ring he's got a little blood trickling from the forehead. He steps into the ring toe to toe with Shane Douglas who is backing away from him. The Sandman puts his cigarette out in the ring and raises his cane in the air. But Douglas is seen laughing a little when all of a sudden Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy attacks Sandman from behind! Sandman drops his cane and Douglas picks it up. Gordy is going to town on the Sandman with rights and lefts while Douglas holds Sandman's cane, laughing. Gordy takes a few steps back while Douglas canes the Sandman! Terry Gordy lifts Sandman up and sends him back down with a "HYYYUUUGGGGEEE" Spinebuster.

Douglas: It's an insurance policy, you asshole! And let this be a lesson to ANYONE who wants a part of the Franchise. You're gonna have to see "BAM BAM" FIRST. *laughter*

Static cuts in and the show is over...

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Hey Bro.

I gotta say, this reminds me of Vintage 1998 ECW. Not the crap on Sci-Fi.

You've absolute got the feel of this diary. I hope you continue it.

Sure as hell, Douglas was right when he said he had one in on the insiders.. I didn't expect Terry F'N Gordy.

Hopefully, you bring in Dr. Death sometime soon.. and then we would have a new Triple Threat.

Keep up the good work.

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Thanks, MLW. (Very nice name by the way.)

Anyone else have any opinions? I'm going to continue it regardless, but I would like to hear some constructive criticism. Or just a general opinion.

3rd TV show will be up soon as well as some other goodies.

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(OOC: This spoiler doesn't contain anything that should spoil too much. Just a precaution for your imagination.)


ECW News and Notes

Apparently nothing is set in stone as far as Terry Gordy working in ECW is concerned. He's accepting bookings for independent promotions, but is said to have enjoyed the atmosphere in and outside the ring at this past ECW TV taping.

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ECW Hardcore TV


Static fills the screen and we're inside the ECW Arena ..

Kid Kash is entering the ring. He waits in the corner when Guido's new music "My Way" by Frank Sinatra hits. Guido comes out with Tracy Smothers who is wearing a red, green and white tracksuit.

Little Guido vs Kid Kash

The two lock-up. Guido gets out and slicks his hair back. Guido with a quick kick to the gut. A forearm to the back sends Kash to the mat. Guido applies a spinning toe hold. Kash escapes with a kick to the rear. Kash gets up and whips Guido into the turnbuckle. Kash charges Guido, who uses the ropes to leap over him. Guido acts cocky and plays to the crowd and Kash dropkicks Guido to the outside. Smothers helps Guido up and gives him a word of advice. Kash runs towards the ropes and jumps over them with a flip. Kash misses and hits the ground hard from Guido and Smothers backing away quickly. *EC-DUB! EC-DUB!* Guido and Smothers stomp Kash. Guido lifts Kash and tosses him into the ring. Guido goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Guido lifts Kash to his feet and hits a gut-wrench suplex. Guido covers but gets another two count. Guido tells the ref to count quicker and Smothers yells in at the ref from the outside. Guido lifts Kash to his feet again and attempts and irish whip into the ropes. It gets reversed by Kash and Guido hits the ropes. Kash goes for a hurricanrana but it's stopped half-way through by Guido. Guido adjusts Kash's legs and applies the Sicilian Crab! Kash taps out!

Winner: Guido via submission

After the match Guido and Smothers celebrate in the ring and then make their way to the back.

Radio Shack

Visit Radio Shack For All Your Electronics This Holiday Season

We come back and Mikey Whipwreck is in the parking lot near the ECW Arena by himself. A girl comes into view, very excited. She walks up to Mikey and gets his attention.

Girl: Ohmygod. I can't believe it's you. I can't believe I'm actually talking to you.

Mikey: ...*puzzled*

Girl: Mikey Whipwreck! Ohmygod! I'm so excited. *hugs Whipwreck* Oh, my name is Stacy. I'm just such a huge fan.

Whipwreck: Y .. You're serious?

Stacy: Of course I'm serious! Ohmygod. I've loved you ever since you were with Cactus! Well, umm listen ...

*Stacy leans in and whispers into Mikey's ear and the camera fades away*

Joey Styles: There's no way I just saw that. Mikey Whipwreck has ... nevermind.

Doug Williams is waiting in the ring. Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck hits and Justin Credible makes his way to the ring.

Justin Credible vs Doug Williams

Credible kicks Williams in the gut. European uppercut by Credible. Lock-up. Credible drives Williams into the turnbuckle. Credible uses his shoulder, slamming it into Doug's stomach. A couple of punches by Credible. Credible whips Williams into the opposite turnbuckle, but it's reversed. Williams charges at Credible, but gets slammed face first into the top-turnbuckle. Credible hits a DDT and gets a two count. Justin Credible applies a seated rear chinlock. Williams makes his way to his feet, still in the hold. A couple of elbows to the gut and Williams escapes the hold. Williams hits the ropes but is greeted with a big time clothesline from Credible. Credible stomps Williams and brings him to his feet, playing to the crowd. Justin Credible sets him up ..


Credible makes the cover and gets the three count.

Winner: Justin Credible via pinfall.

After the match, Credible kicks Williams and he's sent out of the ring. Credible pics up a mic...

Justin Credible: And that right there is just a little taste of what's in store for Taz when that ECW Television title goes around my waist. Because that's not just the coolest. That's not just the best. That's JUSTIN ... CREDIBLE.

Credible does a crotch chop and drops the mic as he leaves the ring.

We come back from Commercial and the Dudley Boys are backstage

D-Von Dudley: Buh Buh, how long is it gonna take?! How long will it take for ECW to find some competition suitable for the Dudley Boyz. We are at the top of the ladder, Buh Buh. We've done everything there is to do in ECW. We've held the ECW Tag Team Title 3 times!

Buh Buh: You're god damn right, D-Von. So, here is the big idea. If there is any team in ECW or otherwise who think that they can beat the best f***ing tag team in the business. Come on down to the ECW Arena. Nevermind the smell, and the out of shape pricks. Bring everything you've got.

D-Von: Oh brotha. Tesssstifffffy!

Back to the ring and Shane Douglas makes his way to the ring with Terry Gordy, Francine, his ECW Title and Sandman's cane. The three of them get into the ring and Douglas gets on the mic.

Douglas: *smirking* Oh lord. The hotlines are buzzing The internet is on fire. The Franchise has pulled off the biggest news ECW has seen in years. Who is going to beat Shane Douglas?! He's got Terry f***ing Gordy watching his back. He's bought the best insurance money can buy. And now, the ECW World Title .. no one can take it away from him. NO ONE. I don't care if Jesus Christ himself steps foot in this piece of sh*t, he's gotta get through Terry Gordy first! So come one, come all, I am daring ANYONE with a big enough set to come down here, and try touch The FRANCHISE! *laughter*

Enter Sandman hits and the Sandman makes his way through the crowd. With the help of a few fans he stands on the guardrail and finishes off a beer, smashing it on his forehead when he's finished. Sandman then slides into the ring ..

Styles: There's your answer Shane Douglas!

Douglas and Gordy stomp Sandman as he's getting in the ring. He's able to get to his feet ..

Sandman vs Terry Gordy and Shane Douglas

The bell rings and Sandman is being pummeled by Douglas and Gordy. Sandman fights backs with simultaneous shots to Gordy and Douglas but is once again quickly overpowered. Douglas exits the ring while Gordy lays it in on Sandman. Douglas hands his ECW title to Francine and takes the singapore cane from her. He enters the ring and Sandman is getting a third wind with some hard rights to Gordy but Douglas cracks Sandman in the back of the head with the cane. Another cane shot to the head and Sandman is stumbling. Gordy hits a "HYYYUUUUGGEEE" lariat on the Sandman. They stomp away with Douglas getting a couple more shots in with the cane.

Styles: Oh come on! God god. This is pathetic.

As Douglas continues the beatdown "Man in the Box" by Alice in Chains hits the loudspeaker much to the excitement of the fans.

Styles: Tommy Dreamer! It's Tommy Dreamer! But .. I ... to hell with it. Dreamer is here to even the odds.

Dreamers runs into the ring and brawls with Gordy and Douglas while Sandman lays on the mat. Douglas and Gordy quickly gain the upped hand on Dreamer, too and he's backed into the corned. Doulas wraps his arms around Dreamers waist for a belly-to-belly suplex but is caned by the Sandman! Sandman hits him again and then nails Gordy! Dreamer and Sandman now have the advantage and Douglas and Gordy leave the ring.

Winner(s): No contest

Dreamer and Sandman stare down Douglas and Gordy as they walk toward the back.

Static cuts in and the show is over...

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Thanks for the name comment.

I'm now stuck wondering... who is this Stacy chick? And what the hell does she want with Whipwreck?

I also like how you use, Doug Williams as a jobber.. nothing against the man's talent, but I have seen too many diaries on here.. showcasing the stars of the future as the future in '97.

I love the Terry Gordy stuff is working out. I could just imagine Taz vs Terry Gordy.. HOLY $H!T

Is there anyway bro, you could post your save game data for this, if it's EWR.. Because, I'd like to play it.. all the '97/98 games I play, the wages are WAY too HIGH. Like 'Franchise' getting $150,000 an appearence.


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The ECW Hardcore Hotline is reporting that ECW's Television show "Hardcore TV" has been promoted from an 11:00 PM time slot to 10:00 PM on America One. They will also be running for one full hour as opposed to the 30 minutes they had in their 11 PM timeslot. The change will take place immediately.

Several people have written in saying a number of different cable and satellite providers have confimed these reports on their guides.

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Nice stuff here. I loved ECW during this time.

TERRY F'N GORDY!!!! I feel better now.

Brother Love as Rhino's manager? Better than Rhino standing alone I guess. No network yet either... oh well.

Dreamer and Sandman always gel well together, but I want to see Dreamer vs. Douglas. These two helped make ECW into what it was at the time.

Kid Kash jobbing makes me sad, but Guido is getting pushed, so I guess I am not to unhappy.

Good stuff so far, the show feels right and I was laughing my nuts off when Stacy was talking to Whipwreak, great stuff. Extra segment should help out a lot!

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Your showing good promise in this diary, writing matches is always hard at first but your doing pretty well.

I'm guessing this Stacy chick is Stacy Keibler, either i'm a genuis or completely wrong, either way its all good.

I like the edition of Terry Gordy, something origional and works in well protecting the Heel Douglas.

I like the way your writing the F.B.I especially, keep up the good work man, i'm looking forward to that horribly titled show :blush:

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The static cuts in at a new time and Taz is backstage with his Television title. He looks into the camera...



Taz: There are very few men in this industry that can say they've beaten Taz in the ring. There are even fewer who can say they've been able to take away something that I hold in as high regard as the ECW World Television title. There's a reason I've held onto this title for over 6 months. I've made the ECW TV title everything that it is today. I don't think for a second that someone like Justin Credible should be getting a shot at my title. He doesn't have what it takes to get in the ring with me. But no one likes taking out the trash. So tomorrow night when I get in the ring with you, Justin Credible, I'm gonna choke you out, and make you wish you never got in my way.

The screen cuts out and we go to commercial...

Back at the arena Steve Corino is making his way to the ring to a chorus of boos. He steps into the ring and gets the mic off of the ring announcer.

Steve Corino: Ladies and gentlemen. I have a major announcement. Now, I understand that none of you are going to like this. But it's got to be done. Tonight ... in this very ring ... you're going to see myself and *rolls his eyes, cocky tone* Spike Dudley ... in a WRESTLING match. *boos* Now it may come as a shock to you, but you're not going to see all the garbage you see every Saturday night out here. And like I said, this may be a bitter pill to swallow. But get used to it, because you're going to be seeing a lot of it as long as I'm around!

Spike's music hits and Corino drops the mic. Spike makes his way to the ring, waving to the fans.

Steve Corino vs Spike Dudley

Corino locks Spike in a side headlock. Spike pushes Corino into the ropes. Spikes bends down but Corino locks in the side headlock again. He turns the headlock into a hammerlock and takes Spike feet out from under him, applying more pressure onto the hold. Corino plays to the crowd only to get boos. Corino with a knee to Spike's shoulder. Corino turns Spike over and goes for the pin but only gets a 1 count. Corino picks Spike up to his feet, and Spike fights back. Spike elbows Corino in the gut a few times. Headbutt by Spike sends Corino a few steps back. Spike bites Corino on the forehead. Spike backs up and hits a body press sending them both to the outside. Spike brings Corino to his feet and whips him into the guardrail Spike runs at Corino, who catches him and lifts him up, dropping him throat first onto the steel guardrail. Corino throws Spike back into the ring. Corino goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Corino is arguing with a the referee and Spike is getting back to his feet. Spike is finally on his feet when Rhino comes running down the aisle. He runs into the ring and starts to brawl with Spike. Corino steps back as the ref tries to break them up. Rhino powerslams Spike and then waits for him as he slowly gets back up. Spike is barely standing when Rhino charges and sends him back down hard with a spear. Bruce Prichard is in the aisle yelling "Gore! Gore!". Rhino leaves the ring, still staring back at Spike. Corino makes the cover and the referee counts it. 1. 2. 3.

Winner: Steve Corino via pinfall by interference from Rhino.

Back from the commercial break and Guido is backstage with Tracy Smother. Guido and Smothers are wearing matching red, green and white tracksuits.

Guido: It's workin' Tracy! I been walkin' 'round the city and everyone is sayin' my name! "Guido this, Guido that".

Tracy: Everywhere I turn I got people askin' about ya! Yer a star, Guido! ECW ain't big enough for ya!

Guido: And can you believe I don't even got a match tonight? They must be savin' me for the big show! Who am I beatin'? Jerry somethin'?

Tracy: Lynn.

Guido: Nah. C'mon. That's a girls name, Tracy. I'm tellin you this guys names Jerry.

Tracy: Yeah Guido. It's Jerry Lynn. Gimme a break, big guy.

Guido: Oh it don't matter. He's just gonna be there to make me look good, anyway.

Back in the ring Doug Furnas is with his longtime partner Phil LaFon. Candido and Storm's music hits and the ECW Tag Team champions make their way down to the ring.

Chris Candido w/ Lance Storm vs Doug Furnas w/ Phil LaFon

Furnas sends Candido into the ropes. Furnas with a shoulder block sends Candido to the mat. Furnas runs against the ropes and Candido lays on his stomach and Furnas jumps over him. Candido gets up and bends over for the backdrop. Furnas lands on his feet after the backdrop. Candido turns around into a hiptoss and rolls out of the ring. Lance Storm helps his partner regain his composure. Candido rolls back into the ring and Furnas locks in a side headlock. Back suplex by Candido. Pin attempt gets a two count. Candido lifts Furnas to his feet and puts him in a wristlock. Candido continues to apply pressure and drives an elbow into Doug's shoulder. Candido locks in an abdominal strech. Candido elbows Furnas in the gut a few more times and finishes the move with an abdominal stretch slam. Another near fall by Candido and he's compaining to the ref. He backs the ref into the corner, threatening him. Furnas gets to his feet and Candido turns around into a dropkick. They both get up and Furnas hits another dropkick. Candido gets up with Furnas one more time, but this time Furnas goes for a clothesline. Candido ducks under and hooks his arms around Furnas' waist for a german suplex. Candido holds on with a bridge and gets a 3 count!

Winner: Chris Candido via pinfall

We go backstage and Shane Douglas is with Terry Gordy and Francine who is holding his ECW World Heavyweight title.

Shane Douglas: Tommy Dreamer! I don't know who you think you are. I don't know what makes you think you had any right getting involved in my match last week. Once again you're trying to be a hero and sticking your big nose where it doesn't belong. And if you're not careful it's gonna get broken..

Douglas takes his title from Francine and puts it around his shoulder.

Douglas: If it's my World Title that you're after. You're going to do what everyone else does and get in line. Because it's my title, my ring, and I'm at the top of the food chain when it comes to Extreme Championship Wrestling. And now you're little fifteen minutes of fame are over. You and the Sandman might walk into the ECW Arena with your heads held high. But when Terry f**king Gordy and I get through with you, you'll both be riding out on a stretcher, getting packed into the ambulance, wishing you never crossed The Franchise!


Taz, The Blue Meanie and The Blue Nova vs Justin Credible and the Dudley Boyz

Taz and Justin Credible start off the match. Taz hits Credible with some hard right hands and back him into the corner. Taz with some shoulders to the gut. Taz sets Credible up in the tree of woe. Taz kicks Credible in the face and knees him in the gut a few times. Buh Buh Ray Dudley taunts Taz from his corner and Taz goes over and clocks him with a right hand. Buh Buh and D-Von enter the ring and Credible falls from the tree of woe. Taz is holding his own against the Dudleyz until Credible comes up from behind and attacks Taz. Meanie and Nova come into the ring and all six wrestlers are brawling. Meanie and Nova brawl with the Dudleyz and end up on the outside. Taz and Credible are back to brawling again and Credible slams Taz.

Styles: Well, you should have known a six man tag wouldn't have lasted very long.

Camera goes back to the outside where Meanie and Nova are still brawling with the Dudleyz. D-Von whips Nova into the guardrail while Meanie sends Bubba into the ringpost. D-Von straddles Nova on the guardrail and clotheslines him, where he falls into the crowd and slams his head on the concrete. D-Von goes to help Buh Buh and attacks D-Von from behind. D-Von and Buh Buh double team Meanie with some punches and kicks.

Back in the ring, Credible is controlling Taz on the ground with a sleeper hold. Credible lets go and brings Taz to his feet. Taz fights back and sends Credible into the ropes. Taz hits a "HYYYUUUUGEE" belly-to-belly suplex! Credible gets up but is "out on his feet". Taz hits a T-Bone suplex! Taz stalks Credible as he slowly makes his way to his feet. He's going to lock on the Tazmission but D-Von turns him around and takes a steel chair right to the top of the head! Taz is staggering and about to drop when D-Von lets go of the chair and picks up Taz. The Dudleyz hit the Dudley Death Drop! Credible is back on his feet now and is about to go for the cover but picks Taz up instead. THAT'S INCREDIBLE! Justin Credible pins Taz and gets a three count!

Winners: Justin Credible and the Dudley Boyz

The Dudleyz make their way back to the dressing room and Justin Credible goes to the outside where he grabs Taz's ECW Television title. He goes back to the ring and celebrates. Static cuts in and the show is over.

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The Hardcore Hotline has announced the full card for December 24th's "Better Than Ever"

Rob Van Dam vs Chris Chetti

Guido vs Jerry Lynn

ECW Tag Team Title Match

Chris Candido & Lance Storm vs The Blue Meanie and The Blue Nova

The Dudley Boyz Open Tables Match Challenge

Rhino vs Spike Dudley

ECW Television Title Match

Taz vs Justin Credible

Shane Douglas (ECW World Champion) & Terry Gordy vs Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman

Well, I really don't think that the show is going to be up tonight. It will be up for sure by tomorrow.

Feel free to make some predictions.

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ECW Presents


Live from the ECW Arena

December 24th, 1997


Chris Chetti makes his way to the ring to little reaction from the crowd He gets in the ring and waits in the corner. "Walk" by Pantera hits the sound system and Rob Van Dam comes down the aisle with his manager Bill Alfonso. The crowd is hot for RVD, the first big star to make an appearance, despite normally being not so liked by the crowd.

Rob Van Dam vs Chris Chetti

Chris Chetti goes to lock up with RVD, who ducks under and goes behind with a waistlock. RVD brings Chetti to the ground and leg drops Chetti to the back of the head. RVD picks up Chetti and slams him back down. RVD goes to the turnbuckles and does a split-legged moonsault. The referee counts to two and Chetti kicks out. RVD gets back to his feet and picks up Chetti. RVD kicks Chetti in the gut. Scissors kick by RVD. Van Dam straddles Chetti on ring ropes. Fonzie climbs the apron with a chair in hand. He holds the chair in front of Chetti's face and RVD has climbed to the top turnbuckle. RVD jumps back down with a spin kick and nails the chair into Chris Chetti's face! Chetti falls to the outside! RVD celebrates in the ring, doing his thumb poses. He kills times for nearly a minute, posing and bragging to heckling fans. Chetti is slowly making his way to his feet when RVD runs across the ring and jumps to the outside with a suicide dive! RVD gets up and rolls Chetti back into the ring. He climbs to the top turnbuckle one more time and flies through the air .. 5 Star Frog Splash! RVD makes the cover .. 1. 2. 3!

Winner: Rob Van Dam via pinfall

After Chetti is helped out of the ring RVD grabs a mic. Fonzie is standing in the ring, blowing his whistle..

Rob Van Dam: Once again, everybody's favorite wrestler, Rob Van Dam, has beaten another f**cking jobber fed to him by ECW. Now, I don't know who's bright idea it was to put RVD in the first match of the night, but if I don't see some worthwhile competition soon, Mr. ECW just might become Mr. Monday Night, Rob .. Van .. Dam!

Bruce Prichard is backstage with Rhino.

Bruce Prichard: Spike Dudley. You've made a monumental mistake by agreeing to wrestle Rhino tonight. If you think for a second that you'll be getting away with giving me that .. Acid Drop .. you are sorely mistaken. Bruised ribs will be a walk in the park compared to Rhino breaking every single one tonight!..


Jerry Lynn and Guido with Tracy Smothers are in the ring. Tracy Smothers is doing his normal schtick.

Joey Styles: What the hell is with that god awful dance?!

Guido vs Jerry Lynn

Lynn and Guido lock up. Lynn goes behind and puts Guido in a waistlock. Guido goes behind Lynn and puts him in a waistlock. Guido sweeps Lynn's legs out and they go to the mat. Lynn is on his stomach and Guido straddles him. Guido smacks Lynn around and gets off of him. Guido taunts and Lyyn gets back to his feet. They lock up again and Lynn puts Guido in a headlock. Lynn puts Guido in a chicken wing. Guido uses his leg for a low blow. Lynn releases the hold and is hunched over. European uppercut by Guido. A few right hands by Guido. Guido irish whips Lynn. Guido goes for the clothesline but Lynn ducks and brings Guido to the mat with an amatuer takedown. Lynn straddles Guido the same way it was done to him. Lynn slaps Guido around, which gets a good pop from the crowd. Both men are on their feet and Lynn runs against the ropes. Hurricanrana by Lynn and Guido rolls to the outside. Smothers puts his arm around Guido and starts to take him down the aisle.

Joey Styles: Are Smothers and Guido leaving?

Lynn leaves the ring and grabs Guido from behind. He chops him a few times and then punches Smothers, which sends him to the concrete. He drags Guido by his hair back to ringside. Lynn slams Guido into the ringpost. Lynn hits a snap suplex on the outside! Lynn gets up a little slowly, taking some of the punishment from suplexing Guido on the concrete. Lynn rolls Guido back into the ring and goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Lynn gets to his feet and helps Guido up. Guido plants a few elbows into the gut of Jerry Lynn. Lynn sets Guido up for a DDT, but Guido uses ANOTHER low blow. Firemans carry slam by Guido. Guido locks in the Sicilian Crab in the middle of the ring. Tracy Smothers has made his way back to the ring. Jerry Lynn is crawling toward the bottom rope. Tracy Smothers grabs onto Lynn's arms, and Guido pulls back farther, applying more pressure. Smothers lets go and Guido brings Lynn back to the center on the ring, where he taps out!

Winner: Guido via submission.

Guido and Smothers leave ringside, worn out, followed by Jerry Lynn, showing signs of pain from the Sicilian Crab.

The Blue Meanie and The Blue Nova are making their way to the ring, cheered by the crowd. The ECW Tag Team Champions come out afterwards, taunting the fans on their way.

ECW World Tag Team Titles Match

Chris Candido & Lance Storm vs The Blue Meanie & The Blue Nova

Nova and Storm start the match off with a lockup. Nova locks Storm in a side headlock. Storm counters with a backsuplex. Both men are back on their feet and Storm runs against the ropes. Dropkick by Nova. Standing moonsault misses it's mark and Storm rolls out of the way. Storm applies an armbar. Nova climbs to his feet with Storm still on the mat, clenching the hold. Nova gets the power to lift Storm off the ground, but Storm twists his body forcing Nova to fall face first on the mat. Storm applies more pressure to the hold. He finally lets go and drives a knee into Nova's shoulder. He does this again and helps Nova to his feet. Storm brings him to the corner and tags in Candido. Storm holds Nova and Candido kicks him in the stomach. Candido puts Nova in the corner and Storms goes to the ring apron. Candido cliumbs to the second turnbuckle. Mounted punches by Candido gets to four, but Nova counters with a reverse atomic drop. Candido is bent over and Nova goes for a sunset flip. The ref counts, but Nova only gets a two count. Nova tags in The Blue Meanie. Meanie clotheslines Candido. Candido gets back to his feet and gets clotheslined again. Meanie is on a roll. Meanie suplexes Candido. Meanie goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Meanie brings Candido to his feet. Meanie goes for another suplex, but it's blocked by Candido, who then suplexes Meanie. Candido chokes Meanie but releases after a few seconds. Candido lifts Meanie to his feet. Candido bodyslams Meanie. Legdrop by Candido. Candido runs against the ropes and jumps into the air, coming down with a knee drop to the Blue Meanie's forehead. Candido tags in Lance Storm. Candido and Storm bring Meanie to his feet. Double suplex by Storm and Candido. Storm puts Meanie in a sitting posistion. Candido kicks Meanie in the spine and Storm dropkicks him in the face. Nova is about to get in the ring but is intercepted by Chris Candido. Candido sends Nova to the outside. Storm covers Meanie and gets a 2 count. Storm sees Nova and Candido fighting on the outside and goes toward the ring ropes. He goes to exit but Meanie brings him back in. Meanie irish whips Storm into the ropes. Meanie bends over for a spinebuster, but Storm leapfrogs. Meanie turns around. Superkick by Lance Storm! Lance Storm pins The Blue Meanie. Nova tries to get back into the ring, but if pulled out by Candido. The ref counts 1.. 2.. 3.

Winners (still ECW Tag Team Champions): Lance Storm and Chris Candido

Spike Dudley makes his way to the ring. Rhino's music hits and he comes out to the ring with Bruce Prichard.

Rhino vs Spike Dudley

Rhino hits a quick powerslam! Rhino is stalking Spike as he gets up. Rhino charges and goes for the GORE! Spike moves out of the way and Rhino goes shoulder first into the ringpost! Spike goes to the outside and gets a table from ringside. He's stopped by Bruce Prichard. Spike decks Prichard and climbs back into the ring. Rhino is back on his feet. Spike kicks Rhino a few times and sends him into the ring ropes. Drop toe hold by Spike Dudley. Spike stomps on Rhino. Rhino gets back to his feet and Spike sets Rhino up for the Acid Drop! Spike hits it! Spike goes for the quick cover! 1 .. 2..

Joey Styles: ACID DROP! OH MY GOD!

Rhino powers out and Spike brings Rhino to his feet. Spike goes for another Acid Drop! This time Rhino holds him up. Rhino throws Spike outside of the ring. Spike nearly clears the guardrail but his legs slam against it, and he crashes onto the concrete floor! *HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! chants from the fans* Rhino goes to the outside and Bruce Prichard has slid the table into the ring. Rhino grabs Spike Dudley, who seems to be unconscious. Rhino throws Spike back into the ring. Rhino sets up the table in the corner of the ring. Rhino picks Spike back up and throws him over his shoulder. He's on the opposite end of the ring and runs across, goring Spike through the table! Rhino isn't done. He picks up Spike again, who isn't even moving. Jumping piledriver by Rhino! He finally pins Spike. 1. 2. 3.

Winner: Rhino via pinfall

A short video is played hyping the Dudley Boyz open challenge. They have a few tables outside of the ring and a garbage can full of weapons with them.

The Dudley Boyz are in the ring and D-Von has a microphone.

D-Von Dudley: I can stay here all night and tell all you assholes how much you fucking suck. But tonight me and Buh Buh are all business. Someone has accepted out open challenge. Now lets get this over with!

The Dudley Boyz are waiting in the ring for a few moments when some familiar music hits! The fans go wild as the Pitbulls make their return to the ECW Arena! They've got a shopping cart full of weapons! They leave the cart at ringside and slide in ..

Joey Styles: It's the Pitbulls! The Pitbulls are back in ECW!

Tables Match!

The Dudley Boyz vs The Pitbulls

The Dudleyz and the Pitbulls start brawling immediately with Pitbull 2 fighting D-Von and Pitbull 1 on Buh Buh. Pitbull 1 slams Buh Buh to the mat. He empties the trash can into the ring. He immediately grabs a cheese grater and hits Buh Buh in the head with it. He jabs it into Buh Buh's forehead and grates it into his skin, drawing blood quickly. D-Von and Pitbull 2 have started brawling on the outside and Pitbull 2 has a stop sign. D-Von kicks Pitbull 2 in the gut, and he drops the stop sign. D-Von takes a frying pan from the shopping cart. He slams it into Pitbull 2's gut and then hits him in the back with it. Back in the ring Buh Buh Dudley has gotten ahold of a steel chain and is using it to choke Pitbull 1. Pitbull 1 kicks Buh Buh in the .. yeah. Pitbull 1 takes the chain off of Buh Buh and chokes him with it. He picks up a keyboard from the ring. Buh Buh is sitting up and gets nailed in the back of the head with the keyboard. Pitbull 1 throws it into the crowd. Back outside Pitbull 2 is grinding a fork into D-Von's head and D-Von is showing come color. Pitbull 2 grabs a chair from the shopping cart and hits D-Von on the top of the head! Pitbull 2 picks D-Von back up. He bends D-Von over. Piledriver on the chair! Back in the ring Pitbull irish whips Buh Buh into the ring ropes. Pitbull 1 hits a spinebuster on the trash can! Buh Buh is laid out! Pitbull 2 slides a table into the ring. Pitbull 1 sets the table up over Buh Buh Ray Dudley. Pitbull 2 slides D-Von back into the ring. Pitbull 1 canes D-Von Dudley in the back. Pitbull 2 picks up D-Von and Pitbull 1 climbs to the second ropes, sitting on the top turnbuckle. Pitbull 2 lifts D-Von into the air and places him on Pitbull 1's shoulders. SUPER POWERBOMB THROUGH THE TABLE! D-von comes crashing down onto Buh Buh Ray Dudley! The match is over!

Winners: The Pitbulls after putting D-Von through the table.

The destruction in the ring is cleaned up and we go backstage to ECW World champion "The Franchise" Shane Douglas with Terry Gordy and Francine.

Shane Douglas: We're finally here. It's Christmas Eve. And I'm getting the greatest gift I could imagine. And no, it has nothing to do with Francine. Tonight, Terry Gordy and I get our hands on the two men that have been throns in our fucking sides for too long now. Tommy Dreamer and Sandman. Your numbers are up. And it's just a matter of time before you have to make that long trip down the aisle and take the beating of your miserable fucking lives. You'll need nothing short of a god damn army to stop us ...

Back in the ring Santa Claus has a bag of shirts and other things that he's throwing out to the crowd. Despite giving away free stuff to the crowd, the ECW fans want action and are heckling Santa. *Fuck-you-fat-ass! Fuck-you-fat-ass!* Santa has gotten angry and taken off the beard and hat. He starts yelling back at the fans. Taz's music hits! He walks down to the ring with the ECW Television title around his waist and a black towel over his head. He steps into the ring and Santa gets in his face for interrupting him. Taz hits a belly-to-belly suplex! He waits for Santa to get up and applies the Tazmission!


Justin Credible runs down the aisle with a kendo stick and cracks Taz in the back. Taz releases Santa, who rolls to the outside and leaves the ECW Arena.

ECW Television Title Match

Taz vs Justin Credible

Justin Credible with another cane shot to Taz's back. Taz turns around and takes a cane shot to the shoulder. Credible jabs the cane into Taz's gut. Credible canes Taz in the back. Credible drops the cane and knees Taz in the face. Russian leg sweep by Justin Credible. Justin Credible knee drops Taz. Elbow drop by Credible and he goes for the cover. Taz kicks out at 2. Credible brings Taz to his feet and irish whips him into the ropes. Clothesline by Justin Credible. Taz gets back up and Credible goes for a dropkick. Taz counters by throwing Credible to the mat. Taz stomps on Credible while he's down. Taz lifts Credible to his feet. Taz uses a vertical suplex on Justin Credible. Taz picks up the cane and asks the crowd if he should use it. The crowd cheers and Taz stalks Credible. Taz cracks Credible in the back with the cane. A cane shot to the head open Credible up. Cane to the stomach by Taz and another cane shot to the back. Taz drops the cane and tiger bombs Justin Credible. Taz goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Taz brings Credible to his feet. Taz with a hiptoss brings Credible right back down. Taz starts to work on Credible's neck with a dragon sleeper. Taz let's go and brings Credible to his feet. Taz attempts to irsh whip credible into the turnbuckles. Credible reverses and sends Taz in. Credible charges Taz with a clothesline. Taz staggers out and Credible hits a bulldog. Credible goes outside the ring and grabs a chair. He goes back into the ring and unfolds the chair, setting it up in the center on the ring. Credible brings Taz to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Credible lifts Taz into the air and drops him face first onto the seat of the chair. Credible climbs onto the chair and lowers his knee pad. He jumps off of the seat of the chair with a knee drop onto Taz. Credible goes for the cover! 1 .. 2.. Taz kicks out. Credible folds the chair back up and places it down on the mat. He picks up Taz to his feet. Credible prepares Taz for That's Incredible! Taz counters and puts Credible in the same posistion! Taz hits a sitout tombstone piledriver onto the chair! Taz gets back up and a large cut is visible under his right eye. He brings Credible to his feet. T-Bone suplex! Taz makes the cover! 1 ..2 ..3!

Winner: Taz via pinfall

Taz takes his ECW Television title and walks to the back. A trainer or two comes out and help Justin Credible back.

Shane Douglas' music hits and the crowd boos as the ECW World Heavyweight champion walks out with his tag partner Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy and Francine. They enter the ring and Douglas hands his belt to Francine. "Enter Sandman" begins and The Sandman walks out from backstage. He has a ladder with him. Tommy Dreamer is right behind him with a steel chair. They walk down to the ring to a huge pop.

ECW World Heavyweight Champion Shane Douglas & Terry Gordy vs The Sandman & Tommy Dreamer

Sandman leaves the ladder on the outside and Dreamer brings his chair as they both climb into the ring. Dreamer goes straight for Gordy and hits him in the gut with the chair. Then hitting him in the back. Douglas and Sandman brawl over to the ropes. They exchange posistions a few times, continuing to throw punches. Sandman and Douglas spill to the outside and Dreamer is working on Gordy with the chair. Gordy is bent over and Dreamer has the chair high in the air. Gordy gets a big right hand into Dreamers wide open gut and Dreamer drops the chair. Gordy pounds on Dreamer. Gordy whips Dreamer into the ropes and starts choking him. Outside the ring Douglas is slamming Sandmans head against the ring apron. Douglas attempts to throw Sandman into the ringpost but Sandman blocks it. Sandman throws Douglas into the ringpost and then into the guardrail. Sandman gets a crutch from a fan and hits Douglas over the head. He hits him in the gut and then over the back. Sandman suplexes Douglas on the outside.

Back in the ring Terry Gordy is using the ring ropes to choke Tommy Dreamer. He let's go and backdrops Dreamer. Gordy stomps Dreamer. Gordy brings him back up to his feet. Terry Gordy throws a few punches and Dreamer responds with a few of his own. Dreamer is getting the upper hand and the crowd cheers him on. Dreamer does the Dusty Rhodes Bionic Elbow spot, but Terry Gordy is still on his feet. Dreamer gives Gordy a swift kick right between the legs! Gordy is on his knees and Dreamer picks up the chair. Dreamer hits Gordy over the head with the chair and Gordy falls to the mat face first.

Francine has now jumped onto the Sandman's back and is raking his eyes. He flips her onto the floor, but this has given Douglas enough time to get back to his feet. Douglas attacks Sandman from behind. Douglas DDTs Sandman onto the concrete! Douglas slides the ladder into the ring where Tommy Dreamer has folded Gordy's head in the steel chair! Dreamer is about to stomp onto the chair when Douglas comes from behind and hits Dreamer with the ladder! Dreamer turns around and Douglas throws the ladder into Dreamers face. Dreamer falls to the mat. Gordy is back on his feet and picks Tommy Dreamer up. He hits a spinebuster onto the ladder on Tommy Dreamer! The Sandman is now climbing back into the ring and Douglas uses the chair to hit Sandman in the head. Gordy has Dreamer back up. Sit-out powerbomb onto the steel chair! The referee counts 1 .. 2 ..

Gordy throws Dreamer aside and tells Douglas to finish him off. Douglas brings Dreamer back to his feet. Douglas hits the Pittsburgh Plunge! Shane Douglas makes the cover without hooking the leg and gets the 3 count!

Winners: Shane Douglas and Terry Gordy

Douglas demands his title from the time keeper and poses over Tommy Dreamer with it as the show ends.

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ECW News and notes

Last night's "Better Than Ever" was attended by a sellout crowd of over 1,100 people. Once again fans had to be turned away at the door, despite it being Christmas Eve.

ECW and America One are apparently happy with the ratings for the new time slot of ECW Hardcore TV. ECW got a 0.37 rating, which is about what they were expecting.

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Like I told ya before, Whoo. This is very good my man. I'm sorry, I didn't predict on Better Than Ever. I wasn't on here yesterday. But it was a good, OLD SCHOOL ECW show. Hopefully, we see some RVD vs TAZ in the near future. It will be good. I like the Steve Corino debut, and also I wanna see the "Stacy" storyline progress.

You haven't answered since Friday. Dude, could you possibly post the save game?

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ECW Hardcore TV starts with a new video package, highlighting their top wrestlers. As the video ends we go backstage where Mikey Whipwreck is with .. Stacy?

Stacy: Well, can I do it Mikey?! Can I, pleeeeease?!

Mikey: Well, I don..

Stacy: Pleeease. C'mon Mikey, pleeeeease.

Mikey: You don't really have any experience..

Stacy: Mikey I have plenty of experience.

Stacy gives Mikey Whipwreck a big kiss and the screen fades away.


Back from the commercial Steve Corino is in the ring with a microphone..

Steve Corino: Last time I was on this awful farce of a wrestling show I showed everyone exactly what I made of. Yes, that .. Rhino may have interfered and almost killed Spike Dudley. BUT I DIDN'T NEED ANY HELP. I had Spike Dudley exactly where I wanted. But, I digress. This week I have requested another match. Yes, another WRESTLING match. One with a man who is something of a legend. Skull Von Crush. Now, you may be saying to yourself "THAT MAN IS NO LEGEND!" But that is exactly where you are wrong. Skull Von Crush has a long list of wrestling greats in his family. Why, look no further than his last name. The Von Erichs! Baron Von Rashcke! With a lineage like this, what better place to start my anti-hardcore, old school wrestling revolution in ECW!

Joey Styles: That's not gettin you over in Philadelphia, Steve. Try again.

Steve Corino vs Baron Von Raschke

Corino controlled much of the match, utilizing a less than popular "old school" style. Von Crush had a spot in the match where he gained the upper hand on Corino, but a low blow turned the tide and it was all Corino from there. The end came when Von Crush went for a backdrop. Corino hit Von Crush with a knee to the head. Von Crush then caught a super kick from Corino. Corino got the 1 2 3.

Winner: Steve Corino via pinfall.

We go backstage with The Dudley Boys!

D-Von Dudley: PITBULLS! Last Sunday you decided to make your return to the ECW Arena against the Dudley Boys! And while you may have beat us at Better Than Ever, we've got some bad news. You've opened up a whole new set of problems for yourself that you'll wish you'd never gotten into.

Buh Buh Ray Dudley: Ohh, what a glorious way to to return to ECW! Come back and beat the Dudley Boys. The BEST FUCKING TAG TEAM ECW HAS EVER SEEN. No one is perfect. And no one, no team, will win everything. But Pitbulls, I can guarantee that on Sunday, you signed your own death wish, courtesy of the Dudley Boys.

D-Von: Tessssstiffffyyyyy!


Back in the ring The Blue Nova is with the Blue Meanie..

Blue Meanie: ECW! This here is the BLUE! WORLD! ORDER! And we've got three words for you! WE'RE! TAKING! OVER!

Rhino's music hits and he comes out with his manager Bruce Prichard.

Joey Styles: This sonofabitch. This bastard Rhino, nearly killed Spike Dudley at Better Than Ever. This man sees red everywhere. I've never seen someone manhandle a man, not even Spike, the way he did on Sunday. I can honestly say I feel terrible for The Blue Nova tonight. No one deserves this.

Rhino vs The Blue Nova

Rhino controls all of the match. Nova got a small amount of offense toward the middle of the match after reversing a powerbomb into a hurricanrana. Bruce Prichard tried to interfere during this time which got The Blue Meanie involved. Rhino hit a lariat on Nova in the ring and went to the outside. He speared Meanie on the outside to save Prichard from a beating. Rhino got a chair from ringside and went back to the ring. He hits Nova with the chair. A piledriver onto the chair seals the deal and Rhino gets the 3 count.

Winner: Rhino via pinfall.

After the wrestlers leave Tommy Dreamer's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. He's bandaged up and showing signs of a beating from last weekends show. He takes a mic..

Tommy Dreamer: Last Sunday night, the ECW Arena saw something it hasn't ever seen before. When the Sandman and I got into this ring, we had every fucking intention to tear apart Terry Gordy and The Franchise. But as tough a son of a bitch the Sandman may be, no one in the world can fight when they're out cold. So that leaves myself against the ECW World Heavyweight Champion and his "insurance policy". And there's no denying it, I got my ass kicked. We were all there, we saw the whole thing. I can't stand here and lie to all of you. But the fact remains that it took two to take me down and pin me. And I can assure you Franchise, it will take nothing short of that in the future. And as far as the future is concerned, that is exactly what I came out here to address. Shane Douglas, I will make this very simple for you. I want your World Heavyweight Title. I don't care if I have to go through that cheap slut Francine or Terry Gordy. So if you're watching this, I've put it out there Franchise. It's all on you now. I declare 1998 the year of Extreme Championship Wrestling and the year of The Innovator of Violence!

Dreamer drops the mic and walks to the back.

ECW Television Title Match!

Taz vs Yoshihiro Tajiri

A very good, even match. Tajiri hit plenty of high flying and martial arts type spots which worked very well with Taz's hard hitting, physical styles. Tajiri hit the handspring elbow and even the tarantula. Taz had some beautiful suplexes. The action spilled to the outside and Tajiri hit an Asai moonsault. Taz belly-to-belly suplexed Tajiri on the outside into the ring apron which caught an "ECW" chant. The ending came when Tajiri hit a tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown. He hit the ropes for another handspring elbow but Taz locked in the Tazmission. Tajiri taps out and Taz wins the match.

Winner (ECW Television Champion): Taz via submission

Static cuts in and ECW Hardcore TV is over!

Edited by Whoo
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Well, I tried the new results method and it looks okay, but the shows seem too short now. It's much easier to write, however.

Anyway, you guys tell me which you like better and I guess I'll make a decision from there.

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